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"A Song for Them"

A/N: Computer issues is why this was so late. *Shrugs helplessly* In completely unrelated news, I won't be active on my Deviantart account for the foreseeable future, but I did manage to upload a certain picture of a cheongsam-wearing OC before weird stuff began happening.

When I first sat down to write this I was deciding between 'The worst three-legged race' and 'Naruto's School of Revenge' to start off this Arc, but instead I got this.

I'm sorry. I hadn't meant to do this. I was rewriting this OVA to fit with Sora and it. Just. Happened! My imagination showed up in the middle of the night in a trench coat and fedora and threw a canvas bag over my head, slung me on it's shoulder and just ran off into the night... I'm also pretty sure there is crack somewhere in here. I honestly have no idea how the hell this chapter came about.


EDIT, 3/10/2018: Stupid jutsu names being all different. Ice Release is not used here. People just named it wrong. It's a Water jutsu.

DISCLAIMER: -Is on strike- Wait, what?

WARNING! RATED M! For violence, Sora getting her ass kicked and probably cursing too. Ah. Suggestive themes? I've never known what that exactly means. It covers a broad range of things.

Formula Arc,

Chapter Nineteen: "Crossroads"

"If you always expect the unexpected, doesn't that make the unexpected expected?" -Anon E. Muss

"You... are bound with death."

And that pretty much set the tone for my whole week.

Before heading to meet up with the rest of Team Seven for training, I had decided to stop by The Golden Treat to pick some of Takara-san's delicious green tea cookies for lunch.

Takara-san with her curly locks and all her freckles had greeted me warmly and went back into the kitchen to get me a bag of the confections. As I was waiting for the young woman to return, an extremely elderly woman had come out of nowhere and raised a finger to point in my face.

"You... are bound with death." She croaked, sounding creepy as fudge almighty.

Terra began yelling at me to get out right now. I wouldn't of course. I still didn't have my cookies yet.

...they were really good cookies.

The ancient-looking woman lowered her leathered hand. Her expression was hard, I couldn't see her eyes as they seemed to be closed in an effort to squint at me. The woman's small civilian chakra was completely calm and flowed without disruption. What's interesting is that there was no intent or malice fueling her words. It was just as if she was stating a fact.

Which only served to creep me out more.

"Obā-chan!" Takara-san's come back out. "What did I tell you about scaring the customers!"

The elderly woman -who must be Tomiko, Takara-san talks about her grandmother often- cracked one eye open to stare at her granddaughter. "Ehh? What're you talking about Takara-chan? M'not doin' anything..." I blinked in mild shock at the coy tone of voice the old woman suddenly turned on.

"Obā-chan..." Takara-san said warningly as she came around the counter holding a paper bag-Ooh! She has my cookies!

Your priorities leave something to be desired, Sky-girl.

'No they're not. Sweets are always a top priority. Second only to Naruto.' I told my other half semi-seriously. 'Sasuke, Kakashi and Neko can share a close third on the list.'

They would be so heart-broken if they heard that. You are a cruel, cruel girl. Terra said with mock disapproval. I snorted a laugh when I thought about what their reactions would really be like.

Naruto would be ecstatic and just a little -lot- smug. Sasuke would roll his eyes at me and begin to pretend that I didn't exist. Kakashi wouldn't be hurt but he'd probably make me run 'till my legs fell off out of pure spite and Neko would wonder why there was a list in the first place.

I smiled warmly. Ahh... my boys.

Takara-san turned to me with apologetic brown eyes. "I'm so sorry Sora-san, please ignore whatever hoo-doo nonsense she was speaking. She actually thinks that the yokai speak to her, you can't believe a word she says! My Obā-chan can make a deadly Yatsuhashi but when it comes to customer service then she's a bit ehhhh..." The young woman didn't pause for breath during that entire thing. I was quite impressed actually.

I gave the curly-haired girl a nod and reached for my coin purse. She promised me some free animitsu the next time I visited for the trouble. Giving a short wave goodbye, I ducked under the blue curtains and started walking towards Training Ground Three.

Naruto and Sasuke were already there and I promptly sat down under a nearby tree and opened my storage book to retrieve my latest notes and Stasis barrier drafts. I spared only a rueful glance at my Silencing seal formulas.

The first thing Kaa-chan had ever taught me in Fuinjustu was a silencing seal, and for the last few weeks I've been trying to improve upon the original formula. As it is now, it can't actually silence anything, just muffle the sound generated by the object the seal is placed on. I wanted to create something that could actually seal away any vibrations created by the attached object/person.

Sigh... just another project for another day. This is exactly why I write down my current train of thought when experimenting. I'll pick up on it again when I have the free time. I clicked open my pen and began sketching my latest idea of Stasis. I had all of three hours to theoretically combine various Force and Release characters with the skeleton of a simple one-walled barrier design, only to fail epically when I followed the logic through. The end results of these drafts?

Fiery explosions the lot of them. Which is exactly why I don't apply chakra to the drafts until the logic falls into place.

During the three-hour wait, the Hero had groaned and moaned and tried various ways to pull my attention away from my work, Duckie had glared sulkily into the distance with only the occasional snip at Naruto for his over-abundance of energy. Then our Scarecrow showed up.

Today's ridiculous excuse?

"Maa... all of my clothes were stolen and I had to go buy this outfit to wear." The ex-ANBU drawled.

I smothered a snicker into my hand. That's a pretty funny image to picture, and even sounds like something Naruto might try to get a look under our teacher's mask.

"LIAR!" The blonde accused.

"Mm-hm. Alright team, today we're doing friendly spars." Oh, nooo... this only meant bad things for me. Friendly sparring day really and truly sucks. "I need to see where each of you are at skill-wise after our time in Wave country."

Friendly sparring day meant Taijutsu. Taijustu and I do not have a good relationship. Not whatsoever. 'Friendly' spars have only ever ended bad for me, whether it's against Sasuke or Naruto I'll always end up with bruises and gasping for air on the dirt floor.

I quickly raised my hand to excuse myself, Kakashi always folds when I claim 'girl problems' regardless what I define as such. Bad hair days can totally count as a girl problem.

Scarecrow raised his orange book to his face and spoke in a overly cheerful tone. "Sora! You're lacking the most in Taijutsu, so you'll be sparring with both the boys today."

Curse that sadistic Scarecrow. I lowered my hand sullenly, already preparing myself to eat dirt.

You're such a wimp. Terra scoffed.

'And would you like to take charge for this?' I threatened.

My other half wisely stayed silent after that.

The Hero slapped a hand on my shoulder and gave me a encouraging grin, "C'mon Sora-chan! It isn't so bad. Sure you suck now," I snorted, "but if you keep training with me then you'll be awesome in no time, dattebayo!"

It really not fair of him to say that. I've never been able to beat the Hero in a real spar and he's pretty bad at Taijutsu himself! Doesn't matter that I know he's going to get way better than pretty much everyone else -excluding the obvious forerunners- but it's really not fair. Whenever we spar it always turns into a battle of endurance that I always end up losing.


"You and Sasuke'll fight first." Scarecrow said as he made himself comfortable in a nearby tree. Just great... I don't think I even need to explain why Sasuke wins.

I reluctantly trudged to the center of the field and stood opposite of a very bored looking Duckie. I took a moment to observe my teammate. He had his arms crossed over his chest and was leaning back, his expression was relaxed but he still kept his shoulders tense. It furthered my opinion of him being bored and told me that he was also annoyed. Annoyed means bad for me. Duckie likes to end these things quickly when he's annoyed.

...I really don't like friendly sparring day.

"Kick his ass, Sora-chan!" My Hero cheered from the sideline. Naruto is such a sweetie, even though I know no one here believes that's gonna happen.

Well those aren't helpful thoughts. If I think like that then this whole exercise is pointless, I have to learn from this.

Deep breaths.

Learning. I'm good at that. Learn Sasuke's movements, learn not to get hit. I'm setting some high bars here.

"Well...?" Drawled the Uchiha. "Are you going to attack me or not?"

I slid my right foot back into a defensive stance, trying to prepare myself for this. He rolled his dark eyes at me before intent spiked in his chakra. I was so not prepared for this.

He came at me and my body moved subconsciously, ducking to the side as Sasuke's leg went over my head. He spun around with his momentum and began throwing punches aimed for my face, I lifted my arms to block, he was moving faster than I could try and deflect so I just took the hits. He was steadily pushing me back with every throw and my arms began to hurt pretty quickly.

I was so going have bruises tomorrow.

The hits stopped coming and I realized that Sasuke had stopped attacking, annoyance flared high in his chakra. I lowered my arms to peek at the Uchiha boy, he'd taken a step back and was scowling at me.

"This is a waste of time unless you're going to fight back!" he snapped. I frowned as I rubbed my battered forearms, both at his crabby attitude and at the soon-to-be bruises.

"He's right, Sora. Try being a bit more assertive!" Scarecrow oh-so helpfully chimed in.

"C'MON SORA-CHAN! HIKE UP YOUR SKIRT AND KICK HIS ASS!" My eyes snapped to glare the loud-mouthed blonde. He gave me a sheepish smile in return.

'That is your influence, Terra.' I accused hotly.

Yup~ He can learn from me too! My other half said unashamedly. I rolled my eyes at them all.

Fine then. They want assertive? I can be assertive!

Gritting my teeth, I charged at Duckie. If I had a voice, I'd probably be pulling a Naruto and shouting a war cry. I just needed to keep Duckie on his toes. Come at him at unexpected angles.

Fight like Naruto.

I think I can do that.

Probably... maybe.

In front of Sasuke I shifted my weight onto one foot, lifting my other to kick him. I just need to put him off-balance. My leg swung and he easily leaned back, avoiding it.

My leg still in the air, Sasuke crouched down and swept his own leg under me, snagging my ankle with his foot. Then he pulled. I twisted around and fell hard onto my face, becoming reacquainted with the training grounds floor.

I repeat: Friendly sparring day sucks fudgicles.

I tried not to sigh.

Day two of Team Seven's mandatory rest and I found a note on my door as I was leaving to drop off Duckie's lunch, it was from Hinata. She and the rest of Team Eight left last night on their own C-Rank mission that was expected to last an entire week.

I listlessly pushed my eggs around my plate, not all that hungry.

I suppose I should be thankful. The note had been last minute and I was lucky to have even got it. Still... no Mouse for another week in the least.

...trying not to sigh.

"Umthin' wrong Sora-ch'n?" The Hero asked, his mouth full of breakfast burrito. Or as close as I could get it, I never learned how to make tortillas so I had to adapt a flat bread recipe that was originally from Kaminari no Kuni to make something similar.

I waved my hand dismissively in response before just sucking it up and taking a bite of my breakfast, I needed the energy to finish healing from yesterday's beat-downs. The Hero hadn't shown me much mercy either, saying that it was all for my sake and I'd thank him for it one day. Speaking of, Scarecrow didn't make any mention of meeting up for training again so we actually had a day to rest should we so choose.

Naruto was eyeing me curiously from across the table, chewing thoughtfully. "So, what'cha gonna do today, 'ttebayo? Got any plans?"

I shrugged one shoulder. I didn't really have anything in specific planned. If anything I would probably spend the day at library researching Yin and Yang chakra again. I hadn't really gotten anywhere with my Stasis barrier yet. The Hero stood up suddenly, knocking his chair over and I looked up in surprise.

"Okay! It's decided then 'ttebayo!" Naruto was grinning wide. "Sora-chan, let's train!"

I cocked a questioning brow at the blonde then signed. 'What kind of training?'

"Perfecting my ultimate secret jutsu, dattebayo! I need your help giving it more... range."

Oh boy...

I narrowed my eyes at him warily. '...how?'

Something mischievous began shining in those baby blues before the Hero raised his hands into the Ram seal. There was a 'poof!' and an over-abundance of white smoke filled the kitchen. I coughed and waved it out of my face and when it cleared away...

There she was...

Naruko was standing in the middle of the kitchen now. The jazzy background music was distinctly lacking which was a shame, I thought. It was always amusing to hear Before and brought a certain showy element to the jutsu.

Maybe I should teach Naruto a minor auditory Genjutsu? Heh. I wonder how well that'll go over.

Her blonde pig-tails swung lazily around her hips which were, thankfully, clothed. It was an itsy-bitsy thing but she was wearing a red two-piece pulled right out from Terra's closet.

Hey. He asked. My other half defended. I wasn't in the mood for it though. She was slowly but surely corrupting my Hero.

Naruko had entered my personal space now and was moving closer, she did a 'seductive' pose, leaning over the table towards me with pursed lips. "Whad'ya think... Sora-chaaan? Does this... effect you?" she purred.

I was entirely unamused as I lifted my hand and flicked her button nose.

"Owie!" She was quick to cover her nose and straighten up. I was resisting the urge to roll my eyes so hard when her baby blues began to water. "...you're so mean to me 'ttebayooo... don' yew wuv mwe?"

There. I rolled my eyes.

'What do you mean by 'perfecting' it?' I asked instead of responding to that ridiculous question.

Naruko crossed her arms over her chest and there was another 'poof!' as the Hero dispelled the henge and returned to normal. His expression was thoughtful as spoke.

"Like just now, it doesn't work on everybody 'ttebayo, it's only ever gonna be useful when going against pervy guys. You said once before that it's a good jutsu for stunning people, but if it only effects one kinda person then it's useless, y'know?"

'Wow. He's been giving this a lot of real thought.' I felt a smile curl my lips. 'I'm so proud of him.'

Y'know you could-



-'I'm SO not going to be the one responsible for creating the Reverse Harem jutsu. He can get there on his own.' I said firmly. I got the impression that my other half sagged with depression. I couldn't find it in myself to really care at the moment.

I placed my chin in my hand and returned to the problem at hand. The Hero had asked for my help so I wasn't about to ditch him. And it's always fun messing around with his Sexy jutsu. I snorted a laugh when I thought back to the day we spent arguing over hair color. Can you believe Naruko didn't start out as a blonde? It practically blew my mind.

The question. How to improve upon the Sexy jutsu to effect more than grown men? It's not about to effect me 'cause I've been around since her conception. So... 'We need someone to be our guinea pig.'

Naruto nodded in total agreement. "But who can we get that won't pass out from blood loss or scream, 'ttebayo?"

Another good question. From Iruka to Hiruzen, men have been affected by the Hero's special Sexy jutsu on some level. Most women tend to scream/attack on sight when faced with it, there were only a couple of nosebleeds. Naruto is correct when he says it effects someone based on how pervy they are, regardless of which sex they are attracted to.

So for the Sexy jutsu to reach it's upmost potency then we need to test it on someone who has zero interest or desire in-Ohhhh.

I lifted my hand to my forehead and face-palmed. The answer was so obvious! I looked back at my friend and signed, 'I know just who we need.'

Contrary to what most believe the Uchiha did not have their own private training grounds. The Clan compound was just located so close to Training Ground Twenty-Six that it was just convenient to go there all the time, and as a result you used to always be able to find a dark-haired ninja training around the area.

That's not the case nowadays of course. Still, everyone tends to give TG-26 some space when out here. Making it very easy for a certain Duckie to disappear when he wants to.

How on this earth do I know this? Simple. The SFN spilled the information.

Sasuke Fangirl Network.

...it's actually terrifying how much they know.

Following the direction of the Thunderous chakra signature, Naruto and I headed deeper into the thick forest that was settled along the Naka river. To my pleasant surprise it wasn't too difficult to convince the Hero to try and use Duckie as our test subject. He'd been a bit confused at first but after I explained how Sasuke has never shown any interest in girls and is basically made of metal, he'd busted down laughing.

Oh, there's our Tin-man now. It was around nine in the morning before we found Duckie, he was in the trees practicing with his wired shuriken.

I was about to wave him down from where he was jumping around like caffeinated squirrel when Naruto suddenly pulled us behind a tree. I gave the blonde a bewildered look and he was grinning like a loon, he lifted a finger to his lips and peeked his fluffy head around to spy on the Uchiha boy.

Then oh-so slowly, he reached into his tools bag and pulled out two of his smoke bombs. Just as Sasuke finished flipping through the air and touched ground again, Naruto threw. Smoke obscured the area around Sasuke and I faintly heard him curse under his breath, Naruto was trying not to laugh as he raised his hands into the Ram seal and jumped in.


Huh. I'm gonna have to sit him down and have a talk about that later. I heard a distinct 'poof!' and the sounds of a scuffle shortly after he announced himself.

"AIEEE!" Squealed a very feminine voice from within the smoke.

The smoke cleared away and I was met with the sight of Sasuke kneeling over a half-naked Naruko. Excluding the kunai leveled at the blonde's button nose, their positions were fairly suggestive and a little bit scandalous.

"You don't shout 'Surprise Attack', idiot." Sasuke scoffed, not lowering the kunai yet. "What are you even doing here, loser?"

"Noooo! Stop it, Sasukeee~" Naruko cooed, making a show of looking quite submissive and alluring.

The expression of utter deadpan on the Uchiha's face was truly priceless. He must've heard my huff of laughter because he looked over at me next.

"So you're both here." His tone was as dry as Suna but his chakra remained relatively neutral which was a sign he was in a good mood. I gave him a two-finger salute in greeting.

Naruko huffed prissily from her position still on the ground. "Reeeally, 'ttebayo? No reaction at all? Not even a little trickle of blood?!"

Duckie looked back at me for a sane response to his earlier question. I raised my hands and signed, 'We're training and we wanted your help testing something.' Naruko was quick to say that I wanted his help and that she was totally against it.

"Hn." The raven-haired boy removed the kunai and stood before turning back towards his net of wires. "I don't have time to play around with you two."

Naruko sat up with her whiskered face scrunched up cutely with anger. "We're not playin'! We're working seriously hard to improve a jutsu used for distraction and diversion, you bastard!"

Well that was mostly how I described it. Sasuke looked back at us over his shoulder as he was dislodging his shuriken, he raised a brow at the blonde.

"Really." Duckie sounded skeptical.

"Really 'ttebayo!" Naruko said mockingly.

Sasuke began scowling and I stepped forward to circumvent a fight. 'We really could use your help.' I subtly kicked Naruko in the leg as she prepared to protest.

"Why don't you ask Kakashi for help?" Scarecrow would be a truly terrible person to ask for help with this particular thing.

'Not even Kakashi can be of any help. You are probably the only person who could.' Maybe if I appeal to his ego a bit he'll bite? Duckie gave us long considering looks. I could practically see the cogs in his head turning.

"...and what do I get in return for spending more of my time with you two?" He finally asked. That was odd. He wouldn't be asking something like that unless he wanted something already.

'What did you have in mind?' I ignored Naruko's expected protest and continued to watch Duckie.

"That storage seal that Naruto used against Zabuza. Do you have more of those?" My waterfall seal, huh?

I shook my head in the negative and signed, 'But I could get another.' It'll be tricky but I can manage it. I just can't fill up many seals because that is a lot of water to relocate and someone might start to miss it.

Sasuke nodded, apparently satisfied with that. Yay. "So what is it you need help with specifically?"

I waved a hand towards our resident blonde. He raised an unimpressed brow at me before turning and scrutinizing Naruko. The blonde, sensing her cue, leaned forward onto her hands and knees, incidentally pressing her breasts together with her arms. Sasuke saw this and then slowly raised his eyes to the heavens, as if he was asking for patience with us silly humans.

Duckie wasn't impressed whatsoever as Naruko continued trying to get some kind of reaction out of him, slipping one of her bikini straps down her shoulder.

Naruko groaned in frustration when he didn't bite. "Jeez, you really are made of wood, bastard. What is it? Are these not big enough?" she looked down at her chest and completely missed how indignant Sasuke became with that comment.

Self consciously, I stole a glance at my own endowment. I held in a sigh at the sight. I swear that each time I check my measurement my bra has literally shrunk since the last time. For now, I'm a solid B-cup and I'm hoping it can stay that way.

I mean, I've got nothing against big chested girls. Hinata and Tsunade, the amazing women they are, are prime examples that come to mind. But I have no actual desire to be one myself.

Really! Being top-heavy isn't going to help my already terrible Taijutsu skills, I'm barely keeping upright when walking as it is.

...it's just as sad as it sounds.

"Ne, Sora-chan..." Naruko grabbed her breasts and moved them up and-Oh, dear kami she squeezed them. I'm fairly sure any man other than Sasuke would've died just now. "...do you think I should up the 'Ka-Pow' size some, 'ttebayo?"

I gave the blonde's breasts a considering look. Trying my best not to laugh at the absurd question. This was not the first time my best friend has come to me with questions regarding the opposite sex, for obvious reasons. I'm not sure if it's due to my influence or what, but the Hero has kept Naruko fairly modest in size in comparison to Before. She was still a knock-out but she was less... bouncy, this time around.

I locked eyes with the blonde again. 'You want to go double D? You really think you're ready for that?'

Naruko nodded solemnly. Duckie was becoming steadily annoyed with us. There was a 'poof!' and the blonde was posing with a different bikini to fit her new size.

"Can you handle all this, Sasukeeee~" Naruko cooed.

The Uchiha was completely unaffected by the display, his eye was twitching like mad at this point as he contained his irritation with us.

"Sora-chan!" She cried melodramatically as she turned to me. "We have to raise the bar even higher 'ttebayo!"

I played my part well, placing my hand over my mouth in mock astonishment before signing. 'No! You're not ready for that! You can't!'

"I can!" She shouted, sounding determined.

Sasuke groaned, probably regretting ever giving us the time of day.

There was another 'poof!' and I smothered a smile. I raised my hands into the Bird seal and focused on the crystal clear memory, on the tune playing through my head. Focus on my chakra. Mixing and expelling it.

Then I heard jazz.

The smoke began to clear and... yep. That was a very familiar looking busty blonde.

"Aaaaah~" Naruko sighed.

We both turned to look at our guinea pig.

He was seething now. Not a trace of blood or attraction in sight. Well, pooh! I though he was supposed to be a teenage boy. Naruko swore, she was as disappointed as I was in the results.

"This is what you two dolts consider training!?" Duckie shouted with indignation.

I turned to the blonde next to me. 'Maybe he's just not into blondes?' I offered, completely ignoring Duckie. Naruko looked contemplative as she mulled that over, tapping her bottom lip with a manicured finger.

"Brunettes 'ya think? Maybe with blonde highlights?" She wondered aloud. I placed my chin in my hand and pictured it.

"You are complete idiots!" snarled the raven-haired boy as he stormed off towards the exit.

As we watched the retreating Uchiha's back, there was a 'poof!' as Naruto dismissed the henge and fell to the ground laughing. I cracked as well and joined my best friend, holding my gut as I gasped for air.

Mission: 'Troll Sasuke' Complete!

Our last rest day was used for actual rest and now we had our first mission after our grand misadventure at Wave country. I had been expecting to do some more baby-sitting and dog-walking so I was surprised when we showed up at the Mission Assignment Desk and were told to meet up at the eastern gate for today's mission.

Naruto groaned as he folded his arms behind his head. "Maaan... why is Kakashi-sensei always so late?"

I shrugged from where I was sitting against the side of the building, busy drafting my latest attempt at my seal that disrupts Language Processing.

...I really needed a shorter name for that.

'It's just one of his endearing quirks.' I signed without looking up.

"It's not endearing, Sora-chan. It's annoying." he said empathetically.

'Well if he started showing up on time now, then we'd think something was wrong.' I reasoned.

The Hero looked thoughtful for a moment before nodding in agreement. "It's still annoying."

"What's annoying is you going on and on about it. Relax already." Drawled the Uchiha.

"I can't help it if I'm pumped to get a B-rank mission 'ttebayo! It means we're gonna get to fight!" Right. The chuunin at the missions desk had mentioned it was a B-rank before he gave us Kakashi's message to meet here. The Wave mission began as a C-rank... all our missions can't turn out like that, can they?


"Just because it's called a B-rank doesn't mean we're going to see any action." Duckie pointed out.

"Whatever! Even if we do run into trouble, I'll save the day!" The Hero boldly proclaimed.

Duckie scoffed derisively, "You're the one who got in my way in the last fight."

Naruto rounded on the other boy. "Me!? You were about to get your ass kicked by Haku before I showed up 'ttebayo!"

Sasuke scowled and I smacked Naruto's arm, he grabbed at it and gave me a look. I signed with a frown. 'You shouldn't be so hostile, Hero. Before I raised the barrier, Sasuke was about to take a serious hit to protect you. He could have died.'

Emphasis on could have, he wouldn't've, but that's not the point I'm trying to make. Thunderous chakra spiked with surprise and onyx eyes snapped to me, there was fire in them. Clearly telling me to shut my big mouth.

Whoops, bit too late for that.

Cerulean blue widened before looking at the other boy with surprise and a hint of denial. Sasuke looked away, obviously uncomfortable with the sudden change in topic.

"Yo." Greeted the tardy sensei we'd been waiting on.

Naruto was quick to be distracted. "You're late!"

"Yeah, sorry 'bout that. But today I was..." The silver-haired man actually paused to think about it, placing his hand on his chin.

'Really...? He's not even going to try and pretend he already had a good reason for making us wait?'

Who knows. He might be giving real thought to this excuse.

"...trapped in the labyrinth of love."

What the actual fudge.

Duckie and I gaped at the ex-ANBU's bizarre excuse and the Hero raised an angry hand to point at him accusingly.


We left the Village walls around ten and were currently walking at a comfortable pace towards wherever Kakashi-sensei was headed. The boys kept to themselves -Thankfully- with a awkward air between them and I was busy arguing with the voice in my head.

'Pro: Naruto wouldn't be desperately chasing after Sasuke trying fruitlessly to save him from the snake. He could focus on training other than the Rasengan. He could potentially get stronger than he was.'

Con: Naruto would have no obvious motivation to get stronger unless he finds out about the Akatsuki earlier And as far as we know, Jiraiya knows next-to-nothing at this point. And Whiskers wouldn't even have any reason to come up with the Rasenshuriken if there's no Duck to chase! He could end up getting kidnapped and killed instead of getting stronger. I rolled my eyes. There was no way that was going to happen.

It's perfectly within the realm of possibility. My other half countered.

'I repeat: Not. A. Chance. There are way too many people they would have to go through first and I really can't imagine Pein just showing up one day, just 'cause.'

Not to mention the fact that I'm going to do my best to make sure that doesn't happen. I'm not about to let the boys out-strip me in that regard, I'll become stronger too in my own ways.

I'm pretty sure the universe will spite you just for thinking that. My other half drawled. Just watch. Pein and Tobi'll show up, knock down the walls, blow up the mountainside and sit on the burning rubble to have tea and dango.

'Do you have to be a wet blanket all of the time?' I asked wearily.

Do you have to be such an optimistic, sunshiny, goody-two-shoes? Terra retorted.

'Am not.'

Are too.

'I am not!'

Are too~

I huffed angrily and didn't respond further as Scarecrow began briefing us on the details of out mission. "We've got a missing person. A man named Genmai of Inaho Village vanished in the hills."

The ex-ANBU threw a picture over his shoulder and I managed to catch it, I turned it over and looked at it. It was of a dark-haired man in his late thirties. He was smiling and holding a young boy who had to be his son.

"'Ya mean he got lost somewhere?" The Hero asked.

"Not exactly. I heard there are lots of bandits around here. Might even be an abduction."

"Big whoop." I looked at the blonde from the corner of my eye. "I'm going to be Hokage. I need a worthier challenge 'ttebayo!"

Frowning, I ended up smacking his arm again. Harder than earlier. 'Don't say something like that. This is important!'

Naruto frowned at me as he rubbed his arm. "Important to who?"

Lifting the picture again, I pointed at the boy who's father was missing. I became satisfied when his shoulders drooped and he looked properly ashamed of himself.

"...sorry." he mumbled. I pat his head. I knew he was the Hero, but he still had a lot to learn yet. He managed a half-smile and blue eyes glanced backward. Naruto began scowling again. I followed his line of sight and saw Duckie glowering at the blonde intently.

"Hey, what're you lookin' at 'ttebayo?!" He shouted as he raised a fist. Sasuke's own scowl deepened.

"You better control yourself this time." he said.

"And just who made you the boss, 'ttebayo?!" The boys have stopped walking now, I paused as well.

Sasuke looked away from Naruto dismissively. "I did. Things always end badly when you get excited."

Well... I should really disagree with him... but...

"Why you...! Bastard!" The Uzumaki lunged towards the Uchiha boy and I had to make a last second grab for the boy in orange.

This mission was already off to a great start, wasn't it?

Scarecrow didn't sigh but it was close. "Put a lid on it. We're on the job here."

"Tell that to Sasuke!" Naruto shouted as I began dragging him forward.

"He simply spoke the truth." Naruto made an offended noise and I gave the silver-haired man an exasperated look.

We traveled across the grasslands for another hour before we came to a forest, I'd managed to calm Naruto down along the way and stood in-between the boys, blocking any direct eye-contact that might occur. Eventually we stopped in a nice sized clearing and Kakashi-sensei turned towards us.

"Okay, we'll make this our reconnaissance point."

I nodd-jolted like ice water was poured down my spine.

Kakashi and I turned towards the flare of chakra in the distance at the same time. I felt very, very cold all of a sudden. I recognized the feeling of that chakra all too well.

It was twisted and dark.

I clenched my fists to stop them from shaking. Naruto and Kakashi said something but it sounded oddly muffled to me, I kept my eyes locked in direction the chakra shot up from.

Kakashi then jumped away towards it. My eyes followed the back of his flak jacket as he disappeared into the leaves. I followed his White-Hot chakra with my sensing until it faded out of my range.

No, wait. That's... it...

...don't go.

"Hey..." Sasuke's voice. I didn't respond, still looking at where Kakashi-sensei disappeared. A hand came up and tugged on one of my bangs. I didn't take my eyes off the direction the chakra came from. "Is something wrong?"

I really don't know. Something was wrong here, it always is whenever I feel that chakra. Naruto noticed my behavior and stayed quiet. We all watched the direction our Teacher went.

There was an explosion of light and a ringing through the air.

Right where Kakashi had disappeared.

My stomach dropped and I felt sick.


"What was that?" Naru-

-Three signatures. Ten meters. East. Hostile.

My head snapped around as chakra was pushed into the ground and started coming straight at us. Tearing up the earth in it's path. Crap!

Sasuke reacted first, kicking Naruto out of the way and grabbing me from the side before jumping away. I felt only a little offended. I can save myself, darn it! The ground beneath us exploded as we leapt away. We landed at the edge of the clearing as clods of dirt rained on our heads.

Naruto groaned in the distance. "Why'd you do that!?"

Sasuke stood, "Show yourselves!" he ordered.

The dust settled and three ninja were there now. Two men and a woman. They obviously were together if I was going by their fish themed outfits. The man in the center spoke, the one with the fish hood and purple markings under his eyes.

"You're with Kakashi, aren't you?" Red flag. He knows who Kakashi is when Kakashi isn't here. Why does he even know Kakashi is here in the first place? Were they responsible for that light? Red flag and warning bells. Trap.

This was a trap.

"What if we are?" Sasuke said. Naruto made his way over to our side. Fish-hood smiled. It wasn't a nice smile.

"We were wondering if you'd like to play?" he asked and... hell no.

They didn't wait for a response before they moved, running towards us now. Pretty fast too. Not Haku fast though. Fish-hood jumped into the air and raised his fist, we jumped away and the ground shattered.

Fish-hood pursued me and I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the big guy went after Naruto and Sasuke was facing off with the chick. They succeeded separating us!

Intent spiked and my body moved on it's own, I fell to my knees and Fish-hood's fist passed over my head. I rolled to the side and leaned my weight onto my hands and kicked out. He jumped over my attack and I got to my feet. I didn't have time to pull out a kunai because he was already swinging his fist at me. The one that smashes the earth! I lifted my hands to deflect the blow. He kept on the offensive, pushing me back. I tried to deflect every one I could but I was losing. He was bigger and stronger than me.

Craaap, crap, crap, crap!

This guy is good at Taijutsu. Of course I'd get the Taijustu guy. I'm a mid-ranger fighter, I can't even get an attack out as it is! I need-what do I need to get him off-bombs! My explosive tags! if i can reach them I ca-

-my head snapped to the side as his fist connected with my jaw. I saw stars. I folded over in pain as he lodged his fist into my gut. There was a weightlessness before my back hit against something hard, the back of my head collided with it too.

There was a cracking sound.

I hit the ground and I couldn't lift up my head.

My vision was getting darker along the edges and I felt something warm and wet slide down my scalp.

"Aw... you didn't last long at all." He crouched down beside me. "I wonder if the other two will give me more fun?"

I saw his fist again and it all went black.

追跡 Chase

His fist hit my face and I flew backwards and hit the ground.

"Ouch!" I sit up quick and reach for my face. Shit, that really hurts! Just wait, I'll get that fat-ass back! Where are they!? I look around and see the three of them were standing up on a branch and-

-"Sora-chan!" The bastards have Sora-chan! How the hell did that happen!?

The asshole holding Sora-chan said something to the other two that I couldn't hear before he raised his voice, "I know! How about a game of 'Try and get her back'?"

That asshole! Sora-chan isn't some kind of toy to use in a game!

"You're on, asshole!" I shouted as I ran towards them. I applied the chakra to my feet without thinking about it as I ran up the side of the tree. "You asked for it!"

I jumped and-they threw a smoke bomb! When it cleared they and Sora-chan were gone! "Dammit!" I cursed.

I heard fish-head's voice from further in front of us, "You'll have to play a little harder if you want her alive." he laughed.

I'm gonna kick his ass!

"You bastards! HERE I COME!" I got ready to jump but Sasuke grabbed my arm, stopping me from going after Sora-chan!

"Wait! Hold up, Naruto."

"Why!?" I snapped.

"They're expecting that. We wait for Kakashi." Did he just say wait for Kakashi-sensei!? Has he lost his mind!?

I slapped his hand away. "No way! We've got to keep Sora-chan in our sights 'ttebayo!" Then I started jumping towards the direction I last heard the fish-head.

I felt myself scowling. I can't believe Sasuke! Sora-chan's in trouble and he wants to wait around for Kakashi-sensei to show up!? We could be waiting forever while they get away with Sora-chan! Who knows what kinda things they'll do to her!

Argh! Who needs Sasuke anyway! I'll kick all their asses and rescue Sora-chan all by myself! I'm the Hero here!

I won't lose Sora-chan.

Not ever again.


The trees shook around me as a bang echoed through the air and there was a cloud of smoke not far ahead! That explosion just now meant... I grinned wide.

Sora-chan's awake!

Picking up my speed I run faster towards the smoke.

Don't worry Sora-chan! This time I'll be the one who saves you. Count on it!

Jumping high I can see them! I'm confused when I see that Sora-chan isn't awake but I don't have time to think about it because they're still trying to get away! I reach into my pouch and grab some shuriken and throw at the fish guy's head.

Dammit! He moved at the last moment.

They stop running and I land on a branch above them and point a thumb at my chest as I get the assholes attention. "Hey-hey-hey! Uzumaki Naruto is here! The fun and games are over, dattebayo!"

Fish-head spoke slowly. "...what a strange ninja. He stands in the open and even introduces himself."

What? He's the weird one. Who dresses up like a fish? "Shut up and fight like a man!" I shout instead.

"You serious?" Fish-face asked. Of course I'm serious! Is this guy stupid? "You're either supremely confident in your abilities..." He snapped his fingers and the other two jumped up! Crap! "...or too stupid to know your limits."

Both the guys jumped up and had their fists raised, they were gonna swing-but I saw blue and it was Sasuke! He followed me! He spun around and kicked the two guys away into a tree!

"I definitely agree with the latter." Damn him!

"Shut up!" I snap. Why the hell does he always have to show up and act like he's so cool!?

The Bastard turned and looked at me from the corner of his eye. "Thanks to you, we've lost the element of surprise."

Oh... whoops.

The guys were saying something before Fish-face jumped away with Sora-chan again! No! "Not so fast! Give back Sora-chan!"

"She's the least of your worries." Said the girl with the mask before she-she just disappeared!

"They've vanished..." How... how can they do something like that? I start looking around but no! They're gone!

"No, they're still around." Sasuke said. "And coming."

We stood back-to-back with each other and I cursed under my breath. We were wasting time with these guys when we should be rescuing Sora-chan! "Well we can't just stand around here 'ttebayo. Fish-face is getting away with Sora-chan!"

"What then?" Sasuke snapped.

I don't know! Why is he asking me? If those two are still around then we need to find them quick before that other guy gets away! We need a way to lure them out so we can see where they are and-

-I got a really good idea just now.

I crossed my hands into a seal, "We take it to them. Ready? Uzumaki Naruto secret technique!"

"No, don't!"

"Sexy justu!"

I didn't use the swimsuit this time. It was all bare. Like Terra said before: Desperate times call for desperate measures.

"Get a load of this, scoundrels 'ttebayo!"

Nothing!? Damn! Have'ta up the stakes! '

"Not enough? How about this!? Harem justu!" I made some clones and henge'd them too! Take that! Even the most closeted perverts can't resist the Harem jutsu!

A drip.

There! Nosebleed! I pulled some kunai from my bag and threw at the perv! Shit! He deflected them!

"Drat! Little punk." he growled as he made himself visible. The girl came out of hiding too! Ha! My plan worked!

"Did you see that 'ttebayo? I rock!" Sasuke, the ass, just sighed and pinched the middle of his nose. Can't he even acknowledge that it worked?! It was a damn good plan! Metal scraped as the other two got their weapons ready.

Sasuke pulled out a kunai, "Look sharp."

I balled my hands into fists. They can't catch us off-guard like last time. "Heh. They really don't stand a chance, bastard."

Sasuke was standing right beside me. "Hn."

We moved.

損失 Loss

The plan should work. It should give us the advantage we need.

After dealing with the two grunts, we'd tracked the leader to a cave system near a waterfall. It had been so easy Naruto could do it, the guy hadn't even bothered to mask his trail at all.

After stopping the Idiot from rushing in and giving away the element of surprise again, I came up with the plan to disguise his shadow clones as the grunts and make it seem like we'd been captured. That way we'd be able to take full account of the situation.

Entering the main cavern I could see Sora. She was strung up on a pillar in the center, still unconscious. I noticed that her head was bleeding earlier, she could have a concussion. Or worse. I'd seen the leader had burn marks on his clothing, and the fact there was that explosion earlier tells me that she woke up at some point and had to have near blown herself up trying to escape.

...if she had brain damage then she could at least have an excuse for her actions now.

The clones were walking forward. The leader took notice of them and one of the clones began talking. I was hidden behind a large rock, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

"Har-Har." The leader's voice echoed. He threw shuriken at the clones-Shit!-Dispelling them before throwing a kunai with a paper bomb attached directly at me. I jumped away from the explosion and my cover was blown to bits.

He started cackling. "Your feints need work."

There was a sound coming from behind me. I turned around to see a glob of water rise up and take shape. Water clones, huh? I pulled out a kunai as the clone attacked. I deflected his attacks as he came forward. Our weapons locked and he tried to overpower me.

I heard Naruto shout before I heard the sounds of his clones appearing before all of them started shouting and obviously charging at the guy. The shouts stopped suddenly and I looked over to see something orange fly past. Naruto skipped along the water like he was some kind of stone before he slammed into a wall.

"Naruto!" Damn! This guy's better than the ones we fought outside. I pushed away and broke off from the clone and jumped up as he swung, he sliced empty air.

"Ready to play serious, Uchiha Sasuke-kun?" He called.

What? Is it me he wants? All this talk of games and he's just been after me? How annoying. I glared at him. "Stop beating around the bush, you pest. What do you want?"

"I just want to be useful to someone I respect. Our Lord ordered me to go see what kind of strength you have."

"Your 'Lord'?" I repeated. Who the hell wants to test me?

"Yes, The Wonderful One..."

The clone then dispersed and blasted towards me like projectiles, sinking into the ground like weapons. I blocked and jumped backwa-I sensed him appear right next to me!

"Over here."

He spun around and kicked me, launching me into a rock. No time to rest. I climbed right back up and weaved my hands into Rat, Tiger, Dog, Ox, Rabbit and Tiger!

"Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!"

Calling on my chakra, I felt the heat rise into my throat and jumped. Activating the Sharingan the world came into perfect focus. I calculated the distance and hurled five fireballs at him. He ran across the water, dodging the first two before diving and avoiding the last three. I swore under my breath.

He jumped back out and his hands formed one seal, "Water Style: Water Dragon Justu!"

Then a fucking water dragon rose up and charged. I'd sworn I saw that Kakashi had to preform fifty-something seals before being able to do that! The attack blasted into me and I slammed against rock, something sharp dug into my left arm. The impact caused me to lose what little breath I had been holding.

The water stopped and I rolled onto my hands and knees, much to the protest of my muscles, and coughed up the water that managed it's way into my lungs.

Fire Style doesn't match up against Water Style. I knew that. His Taijutsu skills are superior, even my Sharingan can't respond quick enough. What's more... I grabbed my now bleeding arm. There wasn't so much blood that it hit anything important but I can't lift it. That last attack killed my arm. My dominant arm.

My Sharingan faded, so did the sharp clarity. I couldn't weave signs. Naruto was down. Sora was unconscious and Kakashi was AWOL.

At this rate... we'll be destroyed.

"Seems your arm is useless." The asshole's voice carried over the distance between us. I looked up and saw he was standing on a pillar of water, he pulled out a kunai from his sleeve. "Shall we say game over?"

He threw the kunai and I knew I wouldn't be able to react in time. Another collided with it, deflecting it from me. Where did that-

Naruto? He's up! "Far from it, fish-face! I'll say when it's over dattebayo."

"Naruto!" He's okay then? The Idiot can't go against this guy! He'll get himself killed if he does! "Forget it, Naruto! You're no match for him!" I shout over whatever the hell the asshole was saying.

"I told you before, didn't I?" He raised his hands into a seal. "To sit back and leave this to me."

He said something like that?

He was grinning like an Idiot. "Whatever! Even if we do run into trouble, I'll save the day!"

"Shadow Clone Justu!" It had to be at least a hundred clones he spawned. They all rushed towards the enemy. The water raised and took out the clones with ease but he didn't notice one of them dive into the water instead of charging. The water lowered down again and Naruto jumped out from right behind him, his hands folded into the Tiger seal.

When did he learn a Katon jutsu?

"Konoha's Hidden Secret Taijutsu Technique: One Thousand Years of Death!"

Oh... Kami...

The hooded guy yelped as he was propelled away.

...idiots. All of them are idiots.

"Ha! Take that!" The King of Idiots shouted triumphantly.

The asshole's face twisted, "I'm gonna... kill you! You can count on that!" he snarled. His body turned to water and he launched at Naruto, Naruto jumped away and I jumped towards them. I knew what was going to happen next.

Just as the hooded guy appeared behind Naruto I tackled him and we dodged the attack. We skid across the water and landed hard against rock. I'm really starting to hate all this damn rock everywhere.

We sat up and Naruto looked at me strangely. "You..."

"Bad idea leaving it to you." I told him. I can't believe I actually entertained that insane thought for even a moment. Maybe I'm the one with brain damage.

The hooded guy was looking down at us. "Two against one, eh? Better make it worth my while, then." he said as he disappeared like the grunts from earlier.

"He vanished again!" Naruto is always the first one to point of the obvious, huh?

"That silly technique of yours won't work on him." I said right away. If he tried it here, I was going to hit him. I don't care if we are in danger. I had a better idea in mind anyway. I stood. "Have any smoke bombs?"

"Smoke bombs?" He searched himself and pulled out three. "A few."

It'll have to do. "Scatter them around." he did as I asked and the cavern filled with white smoke.

The hooded guy said something taunting that I really couldn't be bothered to listen to as I signaled Naruto to follow me. We jumped away from our former position and took cover near a rock. Naruto complained about not being able to see and I explained that if he could see us, he's be able to pick us off easily. This way the field was slightly in our favor.

If we had any chance of all getting out of this, then we needed to work as one. I told him that my arm was useless but that I could still see chakra flows. I just needed his arms.

I reactivated my Sharingan and unstrapped my kunai holster, holding it out to him. "Work with me. Together, we'll get Sora back."

He grinned at me. "No argument there 'ttebayo!"

"Let's go!" He took a kunai from my pouch and I positioned myself directly behind him. "I'll be our eyes. Just throw where and when I say."

"Yeah. Just don't get used to being the boss, got it?" I didn't roll my eyes. There were more important things to do at the moment. Like surviving this. Instead I turned him towards the blue glowing chakra in the center of the cavern.

"Throw directly ahead of us." Naruto did. The guy leaned forwards and easily dodged it. "You missed, loser! Take better aim!"

"Shut up. Your guidance is off." He snapped.

The blue chakra moved, it swung more specifically. "Incoming ahead!" we jumped, avoiding the kunai that lodged themselves into the rock. I was at Naruto's back with every leap. "Keep moving. Every attack reveals our position."

"I know that 'ttebayo!"

The hooded guy is talking again but I still don't care. All I care about is where he's currently jumping to. We've stopped behind a rock and he's tauntin-Kunai! I grab Naruto's collar and yank him back before he could get hit. We started moving again.

"We're sitting ducks dattebayo!"

"The fog saved us back there. Be thankful, lunkhead."

He shot a glare over his shoulder. "Listen, you..."

"Stay focused! Ahead!" Naruto shouted and threw two more of my kunai. They hit rock.

"I didn't even have to move." The guy informed us through the mist.

My tone was as flat as possible. "Did you hear that?"

"Yeah, shut up!"

"Two o'clock! Let'em rip sure shot."

He pulled out four this time. "Ooooh! You make me SO MAD!" he threw.

"Four o'clock!" "Yah!" "Eight o'clock, clumsy!" "Who're you calling clumsy!?"

More rock and the target stopped moving, so did we. "I'm growing a little tired of this." he informed us dryly. I watched at his chakra wound around his coils and-

-"Damnit!" Won't be able to dodge!

"Water Style: Cold Sky Water Attack!" Ice-like water shot out from his mouth and blasted the earth around us, sending us flying backwards. We hit more-I am so sick of rock!

The target was taunting us again, not even paying any attention to just where it is he jumped. I tightened my fist around the wire wrapped in my left hand.

"Game over."

"Guess so..." I lifted my hand and pulled the wires attached to the kunai now scattered across the cavern taut. Immobilizing the asshole. "Go Naruto!"

Naruto launched forward, hands in a seal. "Shadow Clone Justu!" he summoned a horde of orange and the rest was history. The clones beat on the guy until Naruto exhausted himself, he fell to his knees panting. I tied off the wires and jumped to his side.

"That's enough, Naruto." I told him. Sora was still unconscious and I wasn't about to carry anyone out of here with this arm. I didn't need him passing out too.

He looked up at me with a tired grin and gave me a thumbs-up. "That was... some pretty good teamwork... huh?"

It was actually.

...not that I'm about to say that aloud. And to him.

Naruto pushed himself to his feet, turning towards the pillar Sora was tied up at. "C'mon Sasuke! Let's wake up Sora-chan!" he shouted as he jumped away.

The hooded guy was struggling in the wires. He'll get himself killed doing that. "Careful. You'll end up losing you head." I warned.

"It's... not over yet." he rasped.

I felt the corner of my mouth twitch up. That was funny. I opened my mouth to retort but he started choking and coughing up blood. That's wrong. Naruto didn't beat the guy that badly. His body suddenly sagged in the wires.

"What's going on?" I demanded.

His body began to twitch and crack! When he looked back up, his eyes were wrong and his chakra had changed. The feeling of it gave me a chill in my bones. What's with this creepy chakra?

...it's not the same guy. He leaned forward, straining the wire. His skin began to bleed.

"Heheheheee... Thanks for showing it all to me, Sasuke-kun... though it was a bit sloppy of you not to check your surroundings thoroughly. I'd like to commend you-"

Sloppy? What the hell is that suppo-

-No. He'd been expecting us. He lured us here. This was all a trap from the beginning.

Naruto and Sora.

I turned away-not fast enough-Sharingan-I could see the chakra now it was-"Sora-chan~ Wake up! Sasuke and I came and-"

"NARUTO! STOP!" I tried. I tried to move closer. He turned too late.

I was too late.

The paper bombs around the pillar activated.


The force of the blast knocked me backwards, I landed on my back. My head was ringing. Dust filled my lungs.

Too late.

I pushed on the ground and I forced myself to stand before moving to where they-they-TooLate-IWasTooLATE-


I heard someone coughing. I rush towards it and see orange. The pit in my stomach lightened immeasurably. I clear away some of the debris off of him and help him sit up. He was still coughing and was covered in burns, I had no idea how bad they were.

"Naruto, are you-" My words caught in my throat.

Naruto was staring forward with eyes wider than I've ever seen them before.

His voice was hoarse.

"S... Sora... chan...?"

Formula Arc,

Chapter Nineteen: "Crossroads"


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