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New Leaf Arc, Growing Pains

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"A Song for Them"

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New Leaf Arc,

Chapter One: "Growing Pains"

"Excuse me, I understand that you like taking naps. But I don't." -Henry, age 3

"Are you ready, Clever girl?" Called out a beautiful voice.

I glanced over to the side and saw Kaa-chan standing under the plum tree with her arms crossed over her chest. I nodded in the affirmative and turned my attention back the sheet of vellum in front of me. My pudgy five-year old face was as serious as I could make it. Which, wasn't all too impressive if Kaa-chan's giggles were any indication.

"Kaa-chaaan..." I whined. She wasn't taking this as seriously as I was! This was a very important moment for me! She raised her hands in a pacifying manner from her seat on the rock.

"Okay! Okay! Ehehehe—Sorry! Ahem. You may proceed." she waved her hand regally and bowed her head in apology. Giving her one last stern look, I turned back to the paper in front of me. I lifted the sewing needle and pricked my thumb, drawing out one single drop of blood. I smeared the blood across the ink and the writing on it began to glow a beautiful pale blue color. The bundle of flowers I collected earlier disappeared in a fantastic 'poof!' and a wisp of white smoke.

It was gone before my very eyes.

I... did it.

The realization sunk in.

I did it!

"I DID IT, KAA-CHAN!" I cheered, excitement overtaking me. My mother was next to me in a moment, lifting me up in her arms and spinning around, her lips pulled into a brilliant smile.

"Yes, you did, my Clever girl!"

Let's start with the basics, shall we?

My name is Sora. Just Sora, no last name, I had asked. But my name wasn't always that, I know. I've just forgotten that bit. There are lots of other things I do remember though.

I remember a time from Before. A time when I was a little girl the first time.

I haven't lost you, have I? No? Still there...? Good, 'cause I'm still working it out myself. I'd always been one of those oddball types that believed in life after this one. All the millions of souls had to go somewhere after all, and as it turns out I was right! But, I seriously do not recommend dying to find out.

So, after the terrifying and emotionally scarring miracle that is birth - most of which was a blurry haze of confusion and denial by now - I came to the conclusion that I was, in fact, reborn after my apparent into a new body and somewhere in Japan if I'm going by the language. I don't know exactly how long I was like that. In the new-born stages, I mean. Unable to do anything at all for myself. Unable to speak, unable to walk, unable to even wipe myself. It felt like was I was practically blind for weeks, and I was unable to even sit up without assistance! I learned that being a newborn is both a humbling and frustrating experience. Anyways, in the first weeks of my life from the things I could see, all I ever saw was the woman.

She was the one who would care for me. She was pale and had red hair. She often smelt like ink, but she was very kind to me. I call her Kaa-chan. It was by her insistence mostly. The first month or two of my - new - life were spent traveling on the road. To where, you ask? I don't know. Not only were the sights blurry as all heck, I couldn't understand Japanese without the captions or google translate. And neither were readily available to me, unfortunately. Yeah, it sucked to be me.

We'd started out on a wagon by the sounds of it, rickety wooden wheels on dirt roads. Then Kaa-chan traveled on foot until we arrived at a smallish house in the middle of the woods. I had to wonder why anyone would let a woman who had just given birth travel alone into the wilderness. Our new home wasn't very... nice, per say. But Kaa-chan tried to make it comfortable for us however she could. It was really a cabin in the middle of nowhere. There were two rooms altogether, the main room with the fireplace and a very old-fashioned kitchen with the sparse wooden furniture we owned spread around and then there was our bedroom. We had one trunk of clothing and one bed. It wasn't nice but it eventually became home.

Soon - but not soon enough in my opinion - I regained my eyesight, and everything just seemed to be... sharper than I remember it being Before. Clearer. I used to need reading glasses because I screwed up my eyes staring at computer screens too long...

Anyways! In other news, there's this thing in my stomach now. Something I know didn't used to be there. It's actually more like a feeling than a 'thing' but that's besides the point. Because it didn't stay in my stomach for long, it spread all across my body. I could feel it in my fingers and all the way to my toes. It freaked me out at first but after a while I got used to the feeling of it moving throughout me. It was still weird. I wanted to call the feeling something like an itch but it was more like a thrumming than anything else, it's like... I dunno. Like sitting in a warm bath and having the cool water from the showerhead pour on your body? Like that... kinda.

Back to Kaa-chan and I. The woman doted on me all of the time. Whatever I would want, she would get without hesitation. When I finally gained enough motor-control to will my small and pudgy body to crawling, she would set me on a blanket in the kitchen and then she would start drawing on some of her papers with a pot of ink and a paint brush. Calligraphy, I think it's called? One eye always trained on me so I couldn't get up to anything. So, for months this woman who was my mother, she would always refer to herself as 'Kaa-chan' and I complied well enough. But it wasn't actually until a long while that I could actually form the words - even then it was more or less still baby babble - but she was ecstatic when I finally called her by her name.

...now that I think about it, pretty much anything I did made her ecstatic. Totally New Mom Syndrome.

I also couldn't understand what she was saying most of the time, which became frustrating. Fast. Though I would try and speak in English to her, it would always come out as babbles as my tongue would not cooperate. I'd finally understood why babies would get so fussy sometimes. Other than those things, I noticed that Kaa-chan didn't really like letting me outside. From what I could spy out our small windows was that we were in the middle of a dense forest. No one ever came by and our food came from the garden in the back. It made me wonder where my 'Father' was.

It wasn't all that weird though, having this woman as my new mother that is. Before I was an orphan raised by my grandparents, they had passed away when I was a teenager. I did a stint in a boarding school to finish my education that my Paps had set up before he passed. 'Just in case' he'd told me. I've no complaints though. I had a better childhood than most all-in-all.

But this? This was something new.

"...Kaa-chan." The red-haired woman said.

I gurgled.

She was trying to get me to say my first word. How cute. Too bad for the both of us that it's not really up to me whether or not I could form coherent syllables.

"Kaa-chan, Sora. Kaa. Chan." she insisted.

I ended up blowing a bubble this time.

She began to pout, feeling sympathy for the woman, I pat her cheek with my tiny and pudgy fist. And like a light had turned on, her lips pulled back into a blinding smile. She picked me up off the blanket and nestled me into the crook of her arms.

"Kawaii...!" She cooed softly. I had a vague guess as to what that meant. She walked us over to the small bed and laid me atop her chest before she began to hum a lovely tune, paired with the steady, rhythmic beating of her heart I was quickly lulling into unconsciousness. I didn't know the words but the soft sound of her voice is all I needed as it turned out. I found out early on that was becoming my favorite sound from this life.

"Mori mo iyagaru, Bon kara saki-nya... Yuki mo chiratsuku-shi, Ko mo naku-shi. Bon ga kita-tote, Nani ureshi-karo~ Katabira wa nashi, Obi wa nashi..."

More months past and we celebrated my first birthday. Not long after I got crawling down pat did I start toddling around our little home and was beginning to learn to speak Japanese. Which was an utter pain, by the way. My little tongue refused to work right half the time and I now knew why babies have temper tantrums. I also made note that Kaa-chan obviously had no experience with children to know that I was little... off for an infant my age. And at the rate I was learning things she should've been a little more alarmed. But no, most of the time she would just call me her 'Clever girl' and just go with it.

Over time the feeling in my body stopped thrumming so much, and I realized that it was an energy of some sort and that it wasn't just in me, but that it was everywhere around me! I could feel it outside in the trees and in the animals, in the very walls of our house. It was even in the ink that my Kaa-chan used! But, it was the strongest and the brightest in Kaa-chan. I couldn't quite describe the energy that came from her but I could describe the feeling that came from being near her.

Enveloping, Warm like a soft blanket in the winter-time. It was a feeling like napping under the sun.

One day when I was three years-old, Kaa-chan was drawing as usual when I thought that I would try and ask her about the energy around us. I sat across from her at our low table, hoping to gain her attention. "Ne, Kaa-chan...?" I prodded when she didn't look up.

"Yes, my dear?" she hummed, her eyes stayed on her paper.

"Um," I fidgeted, reaching up to tuck a long strand of hair behind my ear. "...can I ask something?"

"You just did." She replied with a playful smile. Yes, my Kaa-chan had a teasing and playful nature. So in response I gave her the flattest, most unimpressed look my three year-old face could muster. She then laughed in said baby face. I couldn't really be angry with her though, her laugh was like windchimes. "Haha... alright, ask, my dear."

"Um... in tummy there's..." I struggled from the right words with my limited vocabulary. "What, feeling in tummy?" I then poked at my stomach to try and convey my point further.

She gave another soft, melodic laugh. "We just had lunch a little while ago, Sora. You can't be hungry already...?" she looked up at me through her bangs, river-blue eyes filled with mirth.

"No. Not hungy but... the, the—" I couldn't find the words, my eyebrows knitted together, "—it in tummy, and yours and, and in the anibals! And in drawrings!"

I pouted miserably at my baby speak. At that, she stopped her writing and gave me her full attention. "...you..." She paused, looking at me oddly now. "Can you tell me more about the 'feeling' Sora?"

I frowned in thought, "It feel... like warm water and, and it everywhere." I threw my arms wide to exaggerate.

"And you can feel it in the ink...? In my... drawings?" Her voice was hesitant, cautious. I nodded, hoping that I wasn't making a huge mistake bringing this up. The corners of her lips twitched up and turned into a wide grin. Kaa-chan reached over to pluck me from my seat and settle on her lap.

"That feeling, my Clever girl, is called Chakra." she told me.


The word felt familiar.

Wasn't that like Chi? Like spirit energy or something, I can't remember if it was Buddhism or Hinduism. Both? I was never paid that much attention to it Before. "Cha-ka?" I asked with a tilt of my head. Darn you, baby tongue.

She laughed softly, I relished the sound of it. "No. Chak-ra." Kaa-chan corrected gently. "It's the lifeforce of our world, love. It's in everything around us, it's in you, in me. Nothing in our world can live without it."

I nodded sagely, as if I understood every word with perfect clarity. Then tilted my head at her again. "Why I see it?" I was really curious as to the why now that I had a basic explanation as to the what. Could Kaa-chan see it too? Kaa-chan gave me something of a proud smile.

"Because your Kaa-chan and your Otou-san are what's known as Sensors. We both are very sensitive to the chakra around us. Though we had to practice for a very long time to be able to. And if you can feel it in my ink—" She then picked up her ink pot and brought it over. "—then that means you are very sensitive and are a special girl."

Well that's interesting, my Father was too? She never speaks about him. Kaa-chan then leant over and kissed my forehead with a loud smack, I let out a surprised giggle. "But I already knew that!" She laughed.

After that day Kaa-chan explained more about chakra and how it affected our world. That lead to me asking about why her ink had chakra. She told me that it was ink mixed with her blood -that our chakra is in our blood- and she would use it to practice what she called 'The Art of Sealing'. Something started niggling in the back of my mind as she explained all of this but every time I thought too hard about it would slip away... just out of my reach. After showing an interest in her 'Seals', and after a large amount of begging and pleading, she agreed to teach me her Art of Sealing.

It took many, many days to learn the basics of Calligraphy, my pudgy fingers often made a horrible mess of things but weeks passed and I was able to write complete sentences that didn't look like chicken scratch! I was very proud of myself at that point.

"Sora." Kaa-chan had her hands on her hips. Uh-oh. That wasn't a good sign. "Do you call that writing? It looks a lot like a bird got into the ink and had a good dance on the page."

I puffed up my cheeks indignantly, "Not!"

"Do it again. And again and again until you get it right." she demanded, taking away my chicken scratch and setting another page in front of me. I sighed miserably, feeling my tiny hand begin to cramp up again that day. Kaa-chan saw the look on my face and relented, the lines on her face smoothing away as she leaned down and scooped me into her arms effortlessly. Her blue eyes began to shine as she smiled at me.

"How about we break for some music, neh?"

My resulting grin was ear-to-ear.

My Kaa-chan was a beautiful woman. A natural beauty to be sure, a sharp chin, elegant eyes, her cheeks were just the right amount of round. Long, silky reddish-brown hair, entrancing dark-blue irises. She always wore her long hair tied up with one long red ribbon, letting her ponytail hang down her back and sway around her hips. Kaa-chan had pierced ears, they were clasp-like and decorated her ears from top to bottom. She had told me that everyone of them marked a milestone in her life and when I got older she'd pierce mine. Her skin was smooth except for the calluses and tiny scars on her hands and fingers. I was never one for tattoo's but, Kaa-chan was covered in them. And they were works of art. They covered her back and shoulders, designed as white-capped waves, they were intricate with various Kanji intertwined with the strokes, like they were being washed away. And in middle of her back, in-between her shoulder blades was a funny little symbol that I'd seen before.

It was art in every sense of the word.

I was kinda jealous of her beauty, then it occurred to me that I didn't know what I looked like now. We didn't have any mirrors so I had to settle for looking at my reflection in the water, luckily we had a small pond out back, I looked... strange to put it mildly. I had wavy strawberry blonde hair, it was dangerously close to being pink, like, grapefruit pink. It curled over my round baby face and I had, wait for it... purple irises! Not just a deep violet or dark blue but, bright, shiny, violet irises. I looked a lot like Kaa-chan, though maybe... my father had blonde hair and... red eyes? And I was a mix of them? Yeah, I know that wouldn't be right, but I had no idea how genetics worked so, maybe I was just a mutant with odd eyes? I know from my other life it wasn't that unusual to have an odd eye color. Besides I quite liked having violet eyes, it made me seem more, I dunno... exotic?

After my third birthday and the beginning of my calligraphy lessons, Kaa-chan decided that she would teach me what she called 'Chakra control'. She said that I was a bit too young, but I could probably do it because I was her Clever girl! It was something like meditating for the first few weeks, breathing exercises and such. Showing me how to feel the fire in my core. It went like this until one day. she held up her hands and they began to glow blue.

I promptly, and very understandably, freaked the heck out.

She grinned slyly and said that I would be able to do the same after enough practice. Then she gave me a big oak leaf and told me to keep it stuck to my hand using my chakra. And there was that niggling feeling in the back of my head, and again it would slip away before I remembered whatever it was. I found focusing was much easier in my new life than it was in the last one, I think I have a kinda one-track mind here. After a couple weeks of practice I was able to stick my leaf to my forehead! Without using my hands! I found out pretty early on that using chakra would exhaust me completely, wiping me out. And if I'm being honest, it was pretty annoying to worn out all the time. It basically meant more naps but Kaa-chan said that if I push my limits then my 'chakra coils' would get bigger the more I practiced. But she was very strict when it came to not pushing myself too much, and as a result I started to recognize the signs of near exhaustion. I found what my limits were and just how far I could push them.

She explained that as I got older my chakra coils would grow with me and it would get easier to use more and more of my chakra! She said she would teach me more things but for now she limited it all to just control exercises. I took note that when she walked around she wouldn't make a sound, I saw the particular way she balanced on her feet and would try to mimic her, which she found all too amusing to find me toddling after her on the balls of my feet. She then started to wake me at the crack of dawn for stretching and light exercises, funnily enough I was NOT a morning person from Before, but now I don't seem to mind it too much. I somewhat feel the need not to waste any extra hours I have by being asleep. After all sleep is for the dead... unless you're me.

Hah, I can joke about my death! Only took four years... I have a morbid sense of humor I suppose.

Pity no one else will ever get my jokes.


"SORA! PUT THE PAN DOWN!" Kaa-chan shouted, my panic affecting hers.

"WHERE!?" I screeched with my squeaky voice.


I quickly toss the flaming pan of my complete failure back onto the stove and Kaa-chan swiftly pulled me behind her as she rushed over to the shelve and took down a scroll. It was one of her storage scrolls. She opened it and a spray of water came out, dousing the flames. There was a moment of stunned silence as the ruined fish smoldered in the pan.

Kaa-chan was the first to let out a giggle. I followed not long afterward. Soon enough I was wrapped in her arms as we let out howls of laughter together.

It was times like this when I was okay with my new life.

By my fourth birthday I'd memorized some of the most common Kanji - when Kaa-chan said just how many Kanji there was, I wanted to cry - and was able to made my hands glow consistently, effectively turning me into a walking nightlight. Kaa-chan praised me and said that I had excellent control, I had to take her word for it. As a birthday present she finally pierced my ears and gave me three pairs of the clasp-like earrings - two on the cartilage part of my ear near the top and one in the middle of my lobes - they looked just like hers! I didn't wear earrings much Before, it felt weird now, I tucked my wavy hair and looked at my baby face. Purple eyes, orange hair, and a bunch of piercings... that's... huh. Niggling. Kaa-chan said it was a tradition in our family. Her father had pierced her ears when she was my age, and now it was my turn! She said that as I would get older I could get more for the milestones in my life, such as, becoming a woman, getting married, having my first child, etc..

I often tried asking about the world outside our little home in the forest but Kaa-chan was constantly vague and would deflect my questions, but we both found out that I was extremely curious about everything and anything - I mean, who wouldn't be after finding out they could make their hands glow!? - and whenever I would bring up my father she would be particularly cagey about her answers. Another thing I learned about myself was that I am more observant than I was Before, I could tell with alarming accuracy just what my mother would be feeling not just by her expressions but by her chakra, it would... fluctuate and change, and kinda... flicker when she would lie. Like that one time when I asked her if we were hiding from someone? Yeah. She was quite disturbed by my apparently accurate question. But, hey! I found out that my father was blonde like I had guessed! And that he had violet eyes like myself, that he was handsome and charming...

Though Kaa-chan never said whether he was dead or just gone, but I had a guess that he left her. She really didn't like talking about him. And she didn't seem to miss him all that much, so I wasn't really too interested in learning about the kind of man who would leave such a gentle and beautiful woman like my Kaa-chan. Besides my father, I would ask about any other family we had. Kaa-chan downright refused to talk about my father's family and only said that she was one of the last of her family and that the village she was born in was gone now... but that was okay because I was the only family she could ever need!

She's cheesy like that...

When asking about the other people in the world and about where we lived, she would only ever say 'Dangerous people' and that she'll teach me about the countries when I was older. Which I couldn't really refuse, it wasn't like I could tell her that I had a whole 'nother life and I wanted to find and check on my husband and my own baby girl...

Who had probably already mourned my death.

Who had probably moved on without me.

Who could have grown old already.

Who said I was immediately reincarnated? It could have been minutes or it could have been years. That line of thinking would cause me to become unresponsive and extremely depressed for days on end. My skin would go cold and my eyes glassy. I would refuse to even move, I didn't have the energy for anything. I was probably a worrisome child now that I think about it. It was harder in the earlier days, right after... it happened... Right after I lost Them.

I'd dreamt of Them again, of my husband and daughter. The people I loved most in the world that I'd never get to hold in my arms again. Never.

Kaa-chan had me wrapped tightly in her arms, rocking me back and forth while whispering words I couldn't be bothered to understand right now. I had woken up screaming again, my face wet with tears as they ran freely down my cheeks. My chest ached and I couldn't hole in my wailing, just wanting nothing more than to wake up and be home. In my real home.

Kaa-chan pressed a kiss to my head and began to gently hum a song under her breath. It was a sweet tune even though it told a sad story about a fisherman who'd lost his love to the sea, all the songs she sang sounded sweet.

I cried even harder.

Years slipped away from us as my mother taught me more advanced control exercises. She taught me to mold my chakra to bend things to my will. For example, sticking leaves to myself -already knew that- sticking the leaves to other things for a short time, the same applied to dirt or mud -that was a fun day- or I could-wait for it... bend water! Oh yeah, I really got a kick outta that. Kaa-chan would have me sit at the edge of our pond and push my chakra into a bit and then pull the water out, shape it and let it go. It was challenging at first but eventually I was able to pull out globs of water and suspend them in the air!


I was ecstatic to be able to do this, needless to say. We progressed from suspending the water mid-air to moving it and then making shapes out of it. I used it to make some pretty awesome water balloons - minus the balloon part - and get into trouble with Kaa-chan. Often. After I became a proficient water bender, we did the same thing but on our ink. Kaa-chan explained it was necessary to infuse my chakra into ink for my seals work, apparently it's a 'bad idea' to bleed yourself dry to ink seals. Go figure, right?

Kaa-chan described to me the kind of seals she would make. They are apparently very dangerous, but Kaa-chan promised she would start by teaching me a 'Silencing' seal that she learned when she was just a little older than me. After she was thoroughly satisfied with my ability to make a functional silencing seal - it was lots of hard work - she moved on to teaching me the basics of how to create my own seals!

She explained that seals have the potential to do anything the seal master imagines. For an example she created one that could keep water cold and the food refrigerated, which granted, wasn't all that flashy but was very practical in use! We didn't have electricity so it kept our food from rotting away. For another example she showed my how to make a 'Storage' seal, which is basically time-lord bull-wiki in ink form. I mean... come on! First water-bending and now paper that hold... well anything by the way Kaa-chan explained it.

I denounce you Physics! You no place in my little world!

Anyways, she showed me some of the different 'Base' characters and patterns of a seal that set up the general purpose of the seal. And in the various 'Schools of Seals' she taught me the 'Space-time' bi- tri- and hexagrams, there's different styles but Kaa-chan said that our design was a family style that was unique and much more effective than the others. There was also the 'Force and Release' penta- and bigrams, in her explanation it added up in my mind to 'EXPLOSIONS!?'. To say the very least, I was eager to learn how to make things explode with ink and paper. Niggling feeling, once again. Then the varied 'Barrier' bi- tri- qwazi- penta- and octagrams. That was an extensive lesson but, by the end I could create and catch rabbits and other unsuspecting woodland creatures in a fairly sturdy cage.

I am woman. Watch me snuggle kidnapped bunnies.

Other than those three big ones, there were other smaller, less adaptable ones like, 'Elemental Manipulation' and the 'Physical Manipulation' ones. The elemental one can be used in something as basic as the refrigerator one, and the physical bends the actual physics of the world like, changing the weight and resistances of something or when applied to someone, can render them unconscious. She moved on to the 'Practicality and Uses' of seals and the building of them. Say for example, I take a Physical base and add lightning Elemental characters and parameters of size, power, etc.. I could make a taser!

Yup. Awesome.

Kaa-chan schooled me hard in all the basics and made sure I was well-rounded in all the sealing schools. She was a very strict teacher when it came to this stuff, considering how easy going she usually was, it just showed me how dangerous this stuff really was. Once she was satisfied with quality of my seals she would go through testing it properly and showed me all the precautions needed for safe seal testing. We would spend our days like this, mixing in some household lessons on cooking, sewing and gardening as well. As much as I loved the sealing lessons my absolute favorite time spent was our music lessons.

Kaa-chan would lay down a blanket on the edge of the pond where we would sit and listen to the water lap gently and birds sing softly in the trees... and she would play the Ocarina. She would always play sweetest melodies, she taught me the songs from her childhood and she told me stories of when she would preform in the village center in front of all her family. What I loved most about this time was listening to her play, it... it made me feel safe. It reminded me of my old life. Of all the nights I shared with Him. When I'd first met him, he had thought that Zelda was the guy. And boy... did we have words.

The music made me feel like I was truly at home.

The first time my mother let me try, the first thing I did was play the 'Song of Storms.'

I ended up crying as I played.

Eventually I grew to enjoy my new life here. Even though I would still ache for Them, I loved my Kaa-chan, I loved our lessons, I loved our little home, I loved our forest... I was beginning to love my new life.

But, like everything else in the world, all things have to pass. At seven years of age it was during one of my 'Fits', as I call them, that my world would be irrevocably changed, again.

It was night. One of the many nights where I lied awake, staring out of my window, sleep would only cause me to wake choking on tears and dusty memories. I didn't hear her come in, but I felt her chakra, she was standing next to the bed. I looked up in the darkness and saw that Kaa-chan was dressed differently. Her hair tightly braided and wound into a bun, her ribbon was tied around her right arm and instead of her usual sundress, she was dressed in...


A chest plate and what looked to be like arm and shin guards. I didn't understand what was happening. She had a large scroll slung around the small of her back and leg holsters filled with smaller scrolls and other pouches strapped to her body. My brow knitted together as I tried to look at her face, the little moonlight was casting dark shadows across it.

"...Kaa-chan?" I dared not to speak above a whisper, her chakra was distressed. Something was very wrong. She shook her head and put a finger up to her lips, signaling me to be silent. I nodded in understanding. She then turned around and kneeled down, gesturing for me to climb on her back in my white nightgown, I sat on top of the large scroll and then we crept out the window, oh so quietly.

Once we made it out of the glade Kaa-chan made a dash through into the woods and then we were flying through the trees! She moved like a ghost, silent and fast, very, very fast. Before we had gotten too far from home I sensed all Kaa-chan's seals flare to life, they were spread across our house along all the walls and the floors. The winds whipping by us caused my hair to slap me in my face, I closed my eyes and I could see our little home glowing blue-green in the distance. If I focused I could feel what kind of chakra was converted into, it was...


My mind's eye was filled a glowing blue wave... It was like looking at a star. Blue, fiery and powerful, but, it wasn't like looking at the sun it was dimmer, more like a campfire. If the flames were, blue. My eyes shot open at the sound of a roar, I twisted my neck around to see. Kaa-chan's grip on my legs tightened. I stared as the black sky burned blue, soundlessly, it pulsed upward and expanded out, then there was a sound like a plane taking off and the ground started to shake, the leaves fell from their trees. I clung tighter to Kaa-chan in fear. The lights receded and there was a deafening, 'BOOM!' that shook the earth below us.

Kaa-chan kept her face straight and just kept weaving her way forward, through the trees and away from our home.

New Leaf Arc,

Chapter One: "Growing Pains"


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I would choose the founding of Konoha, honestly. There's just so much to explore there, it sounds amazing.

Alright guys, wuv yeeeew!


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