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Prologue: Starting Over

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"A Song for Them"

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WARNING! RATED M! There will be blood, violence! Not here but soon enough. We just have some swearing and massive mental trauma this time.

New Leaf Arc,

Prologue: "Starting Over"

"I wouldn't mind dying - it's the business of having to stay dead that scares the shit out of me." -R. Geis

The screen on the center console changes followed by a ringtone, the caller ID reads; 'Sexy' Calling... I smile at the sight and turn the car radio down to press the answer button, a charming voice greeted me.

"We're out of milk."

I gave a short laugh, "Well, Hello to you too, sexy."

There was a sigh on the other end. "Hi. We're out of milk. And eggs and flour, butter, too."

"I just bought eggs the other day." I retorted, I almost didn't want to ask what happened. Almost. I tried to keep the smile out of my voice but I totally failed. "What happened?"

"Your daughter happened, is what."

"Now, how come she's only ever my daughter when she's in trouble? I seem to remember you having quite the hand in her coming about." I smirked slyly, dropping my voice an octave. "Or hands I should say..."

I could practically hear the blood rush to his cheeks as he sputtered adorably. "You—That's—Jeez, babe! What'd if I'd been on speakerphone and our very impressionable parrot of a daughter had heard you?!"

"That sounds an awful lot like a you problem, dearest one." I replied cheekily. His responding groan prompted me to snicker at his misery before another, younger voice popped in from the background followed my small feet pounding down the hall.

"Is that Momma? I want to talk to Momma! MOMMA! IT WASN'T MY FAULT!" she cried, near shrieking even over the line. Yikes!

"No! You're in the middle of a time-out! Back to the wall." my husband replied firmly, but knowing our daughter...

"But... Daddyyyy~" she cooed sweetly. Oh, yeah. Here it comes...

"No." he repeated, a little less firm now. Ah, he's weakening. No! She'll be able to sense it!

"Daddy... I wuv you."

Oh, he is so screwed! I imagine she then did something incredibly cute because my dear husband made a noise remarkably similar to a small animal. Yeah, he's done for, she's broken his very will to go on.

"…alright. You can go back to playing." he said quietly, defeated.


"Hey, is the phone on speaker?" I ask.

"No... why?"

I stopped holding in my laughter. "Bwhahaha! Y-You are so whipped...!"

There was scoff of disbelief and then he gifted me with a very dry laugh, "Oh, har-har! I'd like to see you stand your ground against her baby blues. The damn—uh, darn things are deadly weapons."

I smiled because, yeah, my baby girl has the biggest, bluest eyes you'd ever seen. I just know she's gonna be a heart-breaker when she grows up, just like her Momma. Maybe like her Dad too, he is on the pretty side.

Tucking a stray lock of honey-brown behind my ear, I glance into the rear-view mirror. My denim-blue eyes glare at the asshole in the red pick-up behind me. He's practically riding my ass! I step on the accelerator a bit more to put a safe distance between us.

"Mm. So, milk?" I asked distractedly.

"Yeah, milk. Can you pick up some other stuff at the store on your way back?"

I'm already making the turn onto Michaelson, headed towards the nearest market. "Stuff like what?"

It sounds like he just ran his hand over his face, "Like, everything required for baking?"

"Oh. The fallout was that bad? Jeez, babe next time, don't let her treat you like a doormat. Take charge, man!" I teased.

"If your quite done mocking my manhood, I've got two trays of double-chocolate fudge in the oven."

"That sounds... decadent. I won't lie. I just drooled a little bit. Why are they going to the bake-sale instead of my face!?"

"Hahah, I'm told double-chocolate fudge is a 'must have' for all the kindergarten elite of today." I smiled at his dry tone as I came up on Harvey boulevard, it was a red light.

"Alright, I'm on Harvey now. I'll be there in a minute. Hey babe?" Green light, I pressed on the accelerator. "I loooove you~"

He huffed a soft laugh and I could hear the smile in his voice on the other end.

"Yeah, we lov—"

It was dark.

It was cold too.

I think I was falling.

I really couldn't tell you, honestly. It felt a lot like falling but I couldn't see anything.

How long was I falling for?

How long had I been there?

Was I forgetting something?

...did I leave the stove on?

No, no... I'd been driving, hadn't I?

I can't remember to where anymore.

Where was I now?

I feel like I was forgetting something important. Or was it someone?

I knew I was forgetting things, but it was getting really hard to think clearly.

Had I left someone behind?

Green cat-like eyes and dirty blonde hair. His laugh is my favorite sound in the world.

A woman's voice. My voice? I've forgotten the sound of my own voice?! And there's a face now. I remember a man's face, with a smile like a sunrise.

I know him, he's my wife. No, wait—I'm the wife and he's the other one. Yeah, that sound right.

What about a name? Shouldn't there be a name for the face?

I remember, names are important...

What's my name?

Handsome, witty, thinks himself an artiste. Thinks the tattoo's on his arms make him look cooler but I see right through him. He's just another nerd, like me.

I love the way he always has a smile.

I love him.

What's his name? I see the face but where's the name?

Silky soft blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a grin on her face so wide my cheeks are aching just looking at her. She's our world.

A... girl? A little girl, not older than five. She's gotta be the cutest gawddamn thing I've ever seen!

Beautiful little girl, sweeter and kinder than I could ever be. She must have gotten it from her Dad. She's carrying a stray cat she found somewhere outside. She asks if we could keep it, I told her no but she wouldn't hear it.

Defiant blue eyes challenging me.

I love those blue eyes.

We kept the darn cat.

My daughter. My beautiful baby girl, the light in my life and all the other cheesy crap parents say because it's true! I didn't believe any of it before my idiot husband got me knocked up.

I can't remember many things now... it's all getting hazy.

Things are fading now...

If his smile is like a sunrise her's is the sun itself! So bright and warm, they will always able to pull me out of the darkness.

It's cold here, everything is so cold.

...the faces are fading... but I...


I don't want to be alone...

Alone, in the darkness...




The fading stops, the smiles are still bright and warm.

I feel warmth.

The falling had stopped, now I'm surrounded in warmth... when did that happen?

I was warm so long. I felt so safe... It was like being back in His arms... but it didn't last. Of course it didn't. Because, why the heck not! The next thing I knew, something was happening. I wasn't quite sure what was happening, but that it was happening quickly. Suddenly there was pulling and pushing and SQUEEZING! OW! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!


I was pulled from the warmth, now it was COLD—so cold! I tried to cover myself but I felt so weak. When I opened my eyes everything was blurry and a mess of bright colors. Was I drugged? Had I been saved then? I wouldn't have to go back to the darkness? I felt so tired, like I had just gotten done running a marathon on my hands. The only thing I wanted at that moment was to go back to the warmth and sleep again. Before I knew it I was being carried.

Being. Carried. Like, my whole body.

Standing outside our new flat, "'Ya think you can carry me over the threshold there, Superman? G'ahead and try then." I taunted Him. He gave me that handsome smirk and picked me up bridal style, he called me his 'Princess' and then proceeded to trip over our new doormat.

I laughed at his blushing, sputtering face.

I was in a strangers arms. Why were they so big? Then I was wrapped up in something coarse, it felt rough against my skin. I didn't want it on me. I was moving now. I felt the air blow over my face and then I was in someone else's arms. They were warm. Sweaty actually. They smelt pretty nice though. I heard people speaking around me but couldn't understand anything over the loud thump-thump-thumping right next to my ear. It was successfully lulling me back to sleep, at least it was warmer now. Then, I heard a hoarse voice, it was a woman's voice. She was crying too. I felt her fat tears drop onto my face. Hers was the only voice I could hear over the thumping.

"Sora." she whispered, "Anata no namae wa Sora... Anata wa watashitachi no jinsei no yami ni shibararenai wa… jiyū ni narinasai."

Isn't... isn't that... Japanese?

What the, actual, fudge?!

New Leaf Arc,

Prologue: "Starting Over"


A/N: There! Not too much longer but you get a glimpse into what happened right before... IT happened. Here's what the last text in black said:

"Your name will be Sora... you will not be held down by the darkness of our life... and you will be free."

Author Question!

"What is your favorite set-up for a SI fic? Do you like 'Reincarnation', 'Waking up in the Narutoverse', 'Magic Portals' or something else?"

This is a old question, but I'm leaving it! I happen to love Reincarnation. Everything else is usually a little too crazy for my taste.

Wuv yew!


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