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Chapter 5

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~Jane's POV~

Her scent surrounds me like a blanket. All that is her, my Isabella, makes my dead soul hum with contentment. I can see her lips coming closer and closer. Excitement rushes through my body and I lean in as well. Only inches separate us.

"Do you plan to get out of this car at some point, Jane?" Startled I look up. Alec, Demetri and Isabella have already left the car. The drive from Pisa to Volterra took us another hour and a half in which I've been thinking about the girl next to me mostly while said girl continued to talk with my brother and Demetri.

Every once in a while I could feel her eyes on me and that warm feeling spread quickly throughout my body.

Isabella gives me another one of her gorgeous smiles and holds out her hand to help me out of the car. Tsk. Silly human, thinking I can't get out of the car myself…

Still, I take her hand, get out of the car and lead the brunette to a side entrance of the Volturi's castle.

Making our way towards the throne room we pass a few fellow guards. All of them stare at Isabella and our joined hands bewildered. One angry –pain-filled- glance later they all hurry to get away from our group but not without whispering about who the human might be and why she would hold onto one of the witch twins' hands.

In front of the throne room I turn to face Isabella. "Listen, Isabella, inside you will meet our masters, Aro, Marcus and Caius. Treat them with the utmost respect." My voice softens at the end and I automatically give her an affectionate smile. "No harm will come to you." What the hell is wrong with me? Even Alec doesn't affect me like this one human girl does.

Isabella, Alec, Demetri and I enter the throne room.

Inside our masters reside on their usual chairs with their respective wives beside them. All eyes immediately fall on the girl by my side. They better not touch her.

Master Aro only lifts one eyebrow and smiles broadly. "Ah, welcome back. It is so good to have you back here with us. I trust our problem has been… solved, yes?"

He beckons Demetri closer and takes one of his hands closing his eyes eagerly.

Everyone else remains silent. Isabella shuffles closer to me clearly uncomfortable.

A few moments later Aro opens his eyes again and looks at the brunette. "Bella, it's a pleasure to meet you." In a mere second he moves to stand before her but I reflexively push her behind me and have to suppress a growl.

As realization hits me what I am about to do, I bow my head and take my spot to Isabella's right again. "I apologize, master. That was uncalled for."

The older vampire just shakes his head happily and continues to smile. "No need to apologize, my dear Jane. Under these circumstances you really had no other choice."

Confused I just stare at him. What circumstances? Does he know about that feeling pulling me towards her? What has he seen in Demetri's thoughts?

Aro holds his hand out for Isabella to take. She probably thinks he wants to 'officially' greet her but his goal is actually to read her thoughts. Even though I'm still not entirely comfortable to let him touch her I don't stop her when she takes his hand.

Instead of closing his eyes like he did with Demetri only moments ago he just keeps staring at her with wide eyes.

Suddenly my master starts laughing loudly and almost hysterically. Isabella rips her hand from his grasp and grabs onto my arm making my insides feel warm again.

Everyone else – even the other guards and Aro's wife - looks back and forth between our king and the human girl wondering what may have caused the outburst.

"I see absolutely nothing. My, my, dear Jane, you have truly chosen someone as special as you are."

Bewildered I try to make sense of his words. "What do you mean, master?"

Aro turns to me and grabs my hand reading my thoughts while answering my question. "Dear Jane, your precious Isabella seems to be a mental shield of some sort. I cannot read her thoughts and I very much doubt you could influence her with your gift as well."

Even the thought of hurting Isabella immediately lets my whole body clench with aversion.

"As to your question, my darling, this girl is most probably your long awaited anima gemella." Aro faces Marcus and looks at him questioningly.

The other king only nods and even gives me a small smile.

Mia anima gemella? My soulmate? Could that really be possible? This human girl is my mate?

I throw another glance at Isabella and can't help but to think back to our almost kiss on the plane and how I wanted to protect her from Demetri and now Aro. Her being my mate would also explain the visions I've had about her.

The longer I look at her the more I accept the possibility of her being my destined partner. Our eyes meet and the brunette gives me her slightly crooked smile again. Goodness, she's so beautiful.

~Bella's POV~

"…your long awaited anima gemalla."

So I have to admit that my Italian is pretty much non existent. So I really have no clue what Aro just said but the way Jane looks at me now - first with a hint of doubt but then her crimson eyes soften and I nearly tackle her here and now – lets me hope that it might be something very good.

"Be that as it may, the fact remains that she is still a human and humans are not tolerated here for anything else than a source of food." The blonde haired angry looking man glowers at me.

"Dear Caius, that is something very easily rectified. Another matter is how she knew about the existence of vampires before our darling Jane found her. She has not said anything else regarding this issue?" Aro responds.

They are talking like I'm not even in the same room. I would probably be a lot more terrified if I hadn't met the Cullens but since that's not the case I can't help but to butt right into their argument. "It's not very hard to figure that out though. You all look like you embrace this vampire cliché rather well."

There are several sounds at the same time: a snort from Alec, more laughter from Aro, an angry hiss from Caius and a few gasps from other vampires. Only Jane looks at me with a mixture of amusement and disbelief.

"Truly, Bella and Jane do seem to fit together perfectly." Aro speaks again. "You are a very brave human, little Bella."

He then turns to Jane and pats her hand –the one I'm not holding onto- affectionately. I can't help the little spark of jealousy running through my body at his actions but my blonde vampire squeezes my hand reassuringly and everyone and everything else is quickly forgotten.

"Now take Bella to rest and then explain everything she needs to know. We will expect you back tomorrow with a final decision on the matter."

A few minutes later Jane and I come to a stop in front of a massive wooden door. She opens it and leads me inside. The rather large room is painted in a neutral white color without many paintings or a window on the wall.

Most of the space is occupied by a beautiful grand piano and several string instruments but there are also two big bookcases, a couch and a chest, in which she might keep personal belongings since there seem to be no other private items anywhere else.

I take a deep breath and feel instantly at home. It smells like my Jane.

"I would love to hear you play someday." Instead of commenting on her room I choose to rather focus on her extensive instrument collection. I wouldn't have really pecked her as the musician type but it makes sense in a way.

Living as long as she has and with her closeted character the blonde is bound to have different outlets for her otherwise hidden emotions.

"Then I will, tesoro mio, but for now you should really rest. It has been a long day for you."

Jane leads me to the couch and we both sit down. "I am sorry that I have no other sleeping options at the moment. I will ask for certain accommodations to be made. While on this subject I will also…"

"Will you stay with me?" I interrupt her.

Her crimson eyes wander over my face. A small smile plays at her lips when she sighs dramatically and slumps back further into the couch's cushions.

"I guess I have no choice in that matter, do I?"

I have to giggle and snuggle into her side. Jane stiffens at first but soon puts her arm around my shoulders allowing me to come even closer. "I don't think you do, Janie."

She huffs and pinches my cheek. "You did not just call me 'Janie'."

"I guess I did." I stick out my tongue at her.

Another sigh. "What am I going to do with you, Isabella?" My playful mood vanishes in an instant and I look up to meet her eyes. "You did promise that you'll stay with me."

A small laugh escapes her lips but she keeps the eye contact.

"I did not." After a small pause she continues very silently. "But that could be arranged."

~Jane's POV~

I can't help but stare at her. Isabella fell asleep only moments ago and instead of returning to my other duties or find my brother, I stay rooted to my place beside her and watch her relaxed face. I comb my hair through her dark brown hair and sigh silently.

My mate. My Isabella.

A wave of possessiveness washes through me. I can't wait to turn her and claim her as my own.

While I had a few difficulties to accept her as my other half before and I still am a bit hesitant even now, it feels like I can't stake my claim fast enough.

It's her bravery as much as it is her wit and her complete unaffectedness by anything supernatural. I can imagine her as a vampire with a bit of a sadistic streak.

A perfect fit indeed. A match made in hell.

A few hours pass. No one dares to interrupt my time with Isabella but there are no doubt already the wildest rumors going on about our relationship. The Volturi is much like a giant family. There are always stronger and weaker ties between the individual 'family' members but they all center around our masters who encourage us to communicate with and trust each other as long as we all remember who to answer to if push comes to shove.

I am interrupted in my thoughts when the brunette begins to stir. Slowly opening her eyes it takes her a few moments to realize that she's slept the whole time on me.

After the realization hits her a blush quickly makes its way across her beautiful face and she hides further in the crook of my neck.

"Have you slept well, Isabella?" I decide to take mercy on her and change the subject. She nods shyly and sits up.

With my inhuman speed I also get up from the couch and offer her my hand.

"Then we can proceed with a little vampire history if you feel up for the task." I can't help but tease her a bit. All of her sleepiness instantly dissolves and she takes the offered extremity.

"I feel up to anything when I'm with you, Jane."

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