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Chapter 4

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On a side note: I will change a few things about Twilight's version of vampires and other species. Most of these changes will only be introduced in later chapters but one or two will not be explicitily mentioned in the story itself. One of these changes is that vampires don't sparkle. I don't like that concept and I really can't imagine Jane or any other Volturi member sparkling. Long exposures to the sun aren't very enjoyable for vampires though. The older a vampire the longer she/he can bear it without burnings etc. If Stephenie Meyer hasn't elaborated on something in her guide book (I have absolutely no clue what it's called in English but you can most probably find it online) I may spin my own little backstory or characteristics so don't be irritated when some things seem different than in the movies or the book series.

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~Bella's POV~

Jane. I've finally found her and without the Cullens' help nonetheless!

I try to subtly take in all that is well… Jane. The constant longing has completely vanished ever since we first bumped into each other and now it's only completeness and satisfaction ringing through my body.

I know I should probably be concerned that she just bumped into me and is now dragging me away from the rest of my class and quite possibly the rest of life back home in Forks but I can't seem to care when Jane is the one doing all that.

She looks back at me. Her big red eyes, which showed hesitation and even a bit of suspicion only moments ago, now watch me with curiosity and warmth.

I let my eyes trail down towards her lips and then to our intertwined hands.

"Isabella?" My eyes find hers again. "Huh?"

Jane tries to look annoyed but chuckles lowly at the same time and it's the sweetest sound I've ever heard.

After we share another long look her face turns serious.

"Try to stay close to me, Isabella." My heart flutters and I feel a blush creep on my cheeks. She wants me to stay with her.

"I'll never leave you again, Jane." I can't help but to respond. Her eyes widen in surprise and she is seemingly speechless. Cute.

A few moments pass and I begin to regret my words when Jane remains quiet.

"Isabella, I…" Suddenly someone appears in front of us. Startled I try to make a step back but stumble instead and nearly fall (again). Fortunately Jane has vampire reflexes and catches me right before I can hit the ground. Blushing I straighten myself with as much grace and dignity as possible which probably doesn't succeed in either regard.

Internally swooning about Jane coming to my 'rescue' I turn my face in her direction to thank her but her eyes are focused on the person who blocked our path only moments ago.

It seems to be a young boy. Perplexed I glance back and forth between Jane and this stranger. "Your brother, I presume?" My eyes widen. Did I just say that out loud?

The boy turns his head in my direction upon hearing me speak. His red eyes wander over my face and he growls lowly and very, very angry.

"What is the meaning of this, sister? What do you want with this… this girl, a human no less? You weren't supposed to bring a drink back with you."

"Brother, it's not what it looks like. This human isn't food. She's…" Her brother interrupts her again still glaring daggers at me. Uncomfortably I try to press even closer to Jane. She shoots me a glance which seems both worried and desperate. For what I can't tell.

"No matter what that human is, you are not taking it with us." The boy appears right in front of me faster than I can blink but Jane is already there to stop him from coming any closer.

"Alec, it's enough. You won't touch her." She growls lowly now looking even angrier than her brother.

With a confused look in his eyes Alec stops his conquest of trying to get to me and locks eyes with his sister. Then, with a final shake of his head, vanishes out of my sight.

I release a breath I didn't know I've been holding in and relax.

"Well, that went well." I joke trying to lighten the heavy silence that has washed over us.

"Isabella, we are not normal people." She starts walking again and I follow her nodding. "You're vampires." I state.

She shoots me another look confused and maybe a bit angry. "How would you know, human? Who told you that?"

Remembering what the Cullens told me about certain laws that have to be respected - like not telling random humans that vampires exist - I just shrug looking as innocently as possible.

"Pale skin, red eyes, inhuman speed and strength… You being beautiful beyond compare… It just seems like a logical conclusion to me."

I really hope she buys that. I don't want the Cullens getting in trouble because of me and my damned blabbermouth. Who knows what awaits those who break laws in the vampire world.

Deliberately ignoring my comment about her beauty Jane eyes me suspiciously. "We'll discuss that further at a later time. You're coming with me to Italy where you will meet my masters. They will hopefully know what this weird connection between us is."

My face falls at her words. Weird connection? She has been the bane of my very existence for years now and all I am to her seems to be an annoyance. A crushing silence spreads between us and Jane almost looks like she regrets her words before she masks her emotions and her expression turns unreadable.

At least she feels something towards me, I guess. I just have to convince her that we're meant to be together then.

With new conviction I rush to open the door for her and take her hand again afterwards.

Slowly we make our way towards a small plane. Nervously I look around for her brother or any other vampire friends Jane might have. Being killed by an angry vampire before Jane and I have the chance to get together isn't really on my agenda.

"Don't be afraid, Isabella. No harm will come to you."

The blonde must feel my unease because her grip on my hand strengthens a little bit and I take comfort in her soothing presence.

Even though, she may have rejected my feelings earlier her company still has an incredibly calming effect on me.

Jane and I enter the plane and are immediately welcomed by another vampire. He has an olive complexion and black hair. Compared to both Jane and I –even though I am quite a bit taller than her- the man is very tall and possesses an intimidating presence.

"Alec already informed me about our… guest." His burgundy colored eyes roam over my face and body.

Thankfully Jane takes the silence to step in front of me shielding my body with her own and glaring at the black haired vampire.

"Then you are aware that she is not to be touched, of course." For a moment it seems like a flicker of pain flashes through his eyes but I may just imagine that.

He's now smiling broadly at me and holds up his hands in a surrendering manner.

"Why, of course, dear Jane. I'd never want to harm our precious friend." He then extends his hand towards me and looks me straight in the eye.

"My name's Demetri. It's a great pleasure to meet you…" I sidestep Jane and take his hand slowly shaking it. Might as well go for it.

"Isabella, but people usually call me Bella. It's nice to meet you as well."

"What a lovely name and it really suits you as well, Bella." I have to blush a bit at his words. In an instant I feel a cold arm wrap possessively around my waist and a deep growl sounds through the plane.

"You should tell the pilot that we are ready to take off, don't you think, Demetri?" Jane's voice is cold and her crimson eyes seem to pierce right through the tall man.

My heart flutters and my blush intensifies. Her arm around my waist ignites some deeply hidden flame inside my body and her commanding tone lets my arousal skyrocket.

The blonde's beautiful eyes immediately find my own after taking a deep breath most likely smelling my excitement. A small gasp escapes my lips. Her eyes turn almost black and her arm pushes me even closer to her.

Her scent engulfs me completely now. All I can see, hear or smell is her, my Jane.

Suddenly I'm pushed inside a seat with the small woman on top of me. She leans even closer. Only inches separate our faces now. We both take deep breaths to inhale each other's unique scent.

"What is this?" Her eyes seem to search mine. Her face comes even closer. I can feel her breath on my skin. "What is it that you do to me, human?" Her tongue darts over her lips. If I just move my head a little bit we'll definitely kiss.

My eyes rise up to meet hers again wanting to ask for permission to finally press my lips on hers but those red pools are already fixed on my lips. "Isabella…"

Jane leans even closer and my heart beat if possible picks up even more.

I try to close the last remaining distance between our faces but suddenly she's gone from my lap and pressed against the opposite side of the plane.

"How do you keep doing this?" Jane's breath is labored even though she doesn't even have to breathe. Then in an instant she's in front of me again almost whispering as she continues to stare at me with accusing black eyes. "For all these years you have kept on sending me these… visions. Now you, a mere human, are standing right in front of me and you still have this power over me…" I cautiously take her hand in my own and search her eyes secretly overjoyed that I don't just seem to be an annoyance to her.

The blonde stares at our joined hands and squeezes mine slowly adding pressure. Then with a sigh she releases my hand. "It's no use trying. I couldn't physically hurt you."

I abruptly stand up and join our hands together again.

"I feel it, too, Jane." My other hand slowly grabs her waist and pulls her closer to my body giving her time to accept or reject my 'advances' -not that she needs that time- but she doesn't push me away. Instead a low chuckle escapes her lips and she relaxes under my touch making me smile in return. The whole atmosphere seems to loosen its edge a bit.

"How are you so… undisturbed?" Jane's question further eases the mood and I even have to laugh a bit. "I've heard that quite a few times actually. My friends say I have no sense of self-preserve." The blonde narrows her eyes in suspicion. "Your vampire friends?"

"I've never said that." I don't want to get the Cullens in any trouble but the way she looks at me… I can't lie to my Jane.

Alec chooses this moment to suddenly appear in our compartment. We jump apart and I can feel the now familiar blush already creeping up my face.

I spot a grinning Demetri right behind Jane's brother. "Seeing as we have a lot of time to kill I think we should become more acquainted with each other, don't you think?"

The next thirteen hours pass by in a blur. After we all take our seats we begin trading stories back and forth, Demetri being the driving force in the beginning, but after a while later even Alec seems to warm up to me and tells me about that one time when he had to rescue Jane from the top of a tree with her being to afraid to come down on her own back in their human existence. Jane's response is to only roll her eyes and tell me that this is actually the only thing Alec even remembers from his human life and that she's still not sure that it actually happened. In return I tell them about my childhood, my parents' divorce and my recent move to Forks without spilling anything about a certain other coven though.

I don't know when or even how it happened but when we leave the plane thirteen hours after our departure in Mexico in Pisa, Italy, Jane's arm has found its way around my waist again and we all sport relaxed smiles.

Life's good.

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