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Chapter 2

Hello again. Thank you all for your kind words. I really didn't think that anyone is still interested in Twilight. Now it's time to pick up the pace a bit. I'll try to update weekly but I can't promise anything. Uni's a bitch sometimes. Anyway I don't own anything but I do enjoy messing with the characters.

~Bella's POV~

"What? What is it? Why are you looking at me like that?" Then my stupid little sliver of hope comes back full force. "Do you know her? What's her name?"

None of them says a word. All of their eyes are wide with shock and disbelieve.

Finally Alice seems to snap out of it first. She slowly takes my hand again and rubs comforting circles with her thumb.

"Are you absolutely positive that you've met this girl in Volterra?"

I stare at her dumbfounded. "Yes, of course I am." How could I ever forget something like as important as where I met the person that changed my life with a simply stare.

"You see, Bella, there actually is a clan of vampires located in Volterra, but I don't think that any of them could be the girl you're searching for."

Taking my hand out of her grasp I angrily stand up and (try to) glare at them.

"What do you mean? Why can't one of them be that girl I saw? Dark red eyes that seem to uncover your entire being? Blonde hair that creates the illusion of an angel descending down upon you? Not ringing any bells here?"

"Look, Bella, just forget about her. If she really was in Volterra at some point she's either dead or not the person you think she is or rather want her to be." Edward. Well, I guess I don't like him as much as I thought before.

Crossing my arms I put as much distance as possible between the Cullens and me almost backing into the wall. "What do you mean she's not who I think she is? Can you help me or not?" Even I can tell I sound a bit childish but I simply can't help it. It's my life they're talking about here not theirs.

Every single one of them – even Esme and Alice – slowly shakes their head. I don't even know how to react at first. Disappointment boils in my stomach and my shoulders sag in defeat. They obviously know something though.

So why won't they just tell me? If there's even the slightest chance of seeing her again… or maybe… just maybe even talk to her or touching her….

A pleasant shudder runs through my body leaving me feeling warm and tingly inside.

I absolutely have to try and track her down somehow, even if my supposed-to-be second family won't help.

I square my shoulders and let my face slip into a cold unreadable mask without any signs of emotion showing my resolve.

"… I'm just gonna go and… think." Slowly I make my way through their house (Mansion would really be more fitting but I'm mad so I just degraded it to a house.)

What's the point in making friendly conversation and pretending that everything's fine when they won't even help me with finding the love of my life?!

I pause.

Did I really just think that?

This girl I haven't even truly looked at is the "love of my life"? Is that even possible? Do I want her to be?

I continue my way downstairs and towards my old pick-up. No sense in thinking about that now. It's not like I'll probably see her again anyway. The thought alone nearly brings me to tears and the constant longing is amplified at least tenfold.

Before I can reach my car Alice calls me back.

"Bella! Bella, wait! I'm sorry!"

I stop and let her catch up with me.

"What aren't you telling me, Alice? I thought you said 'sisters for life'?" Well and death obviously but no matter.

The look she gives me can only be described as one full of guilt and emotional pain.

"It's true, Bella! You have to believe me! But there are some things I'm simply not allowed to tell you… for now at least. But if this girl really lives in Volterra you should really stay away from her."

I take a step back. I'm just so sick of this. The way they keep talking about her is just plain wrong.

I don't know why but I just have the feeling that I've known the girl and her entire being, her character, her fears, everything about her ever since I first laid eyes on her and that that connection will only grow stronger with each passing day. I can't give up on her. I just can't.

"Alright. I guess I'll see you around." Then I'm off. She calls after me but I pretend to not hear her pleas.

~Two months later~

My relationship with the Cullen family cooled down considerably after our fall out a couple weeks back.

I just don't know why they won't even try to understand me and my feelings.

Especially Edward had tried to take my mind off her before I finally told him off a month ago.

It's the last period of the day. I promised Dad to go fishing with him today after school because of his rising concern considering my lack of interaction with Alice and her siblings.

"Before I'll end the class I have an announcement to make! As you all know there'll be a week-long excursion to celebrate your graduation in summer. The school council has finally agreed on a date and the place we'll visit."

Everyone perks up but I'm still pretty uninterested. As long as we won't go to Italy I'm not exactly thrilled to be on a seven-day trip with my classmates and so called friends.

"We're going to Mexico City in about a month's time! Aren't you all excited?" Everyone cheers. I sigh. Oh well, I guess it could be worse.

I get up and make my way towards the door.

"Bella, hey! What do you think about our trip?" I turn around surprised.

"Well, it's not like you'll come with us, right Alice? It's pretty hot and sunny there."

She grins at me and winks. "Maybe we won't go there officially but I wouldn't miss our first best-friend-vacation-time for anything!"

~Jane's POV~

Her brown hair is cast around her head like a halo as she lies beneath me on our bed. For a while we just stare at each other. I can't help but smile. Her beauty and her happiness radiate in waves from her body and I do my best to remember every little detail there is about her. "Jane" There's no sweeter sound than my name being spoken by her. Nothing else could ever matter more than her. Our eyes find each other again and I can't help myself and lean down to kiss her.

"Jane!" Alec's voice lets me snap back into reality. I glare at him and make sure he feels really uncomfortable under my gaze just adding a small tweak of my gift.

"What is it?" He grins at me and pets my hand. I angrily slap his away and get up from my seat on the Volturi's private plane.

"We're here. Welcome to Mexico."

~Bella's POV~

"Now we're here in the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral. Amazing, isn't it? Now here are some important facts about it. Did you know that it took over 250 years to build it?"

I suppress a groan. This has been going on for three days now. Our teacher just drags us from tourist attraction to tourist attraction. I even start to miss Alice. She did tell me that she'd be there but I've yet to see her.

I can't say I blame her though. I regret not faking sick at this point.

"Now to our next destination!"

Two hours later we are finally released and are actually allowed to explore on our own.

I don't really want to join any of these little groups heading towards a bar or a restaurant so I head to Chapultepec Park. The only place I really want to see here.

But before I can reach the park I feel a pull in my gut. There is something like an invisible force leading me away from the park towards a dark warehouse.

I know it's a bad idea and I know I probably should turn right back around but I can't seem to help myself.

An unknown excitement builds within me. I quicken my steps nearly running towards the building now.

I have to get there. There is something or someone waiting there.

Then it hits me. It's her. She's there. A smile spreads across my face and I scan the building for an entrance while still making my way towards it.

After all these years I finally have the chance to get to see her again.

I try to leap over the small fence nearly smashing my head on the ground in the process.

Well, that could've gone better. As cautiously as possible I detangle myself from the chicken wire and make my way towards the side of the building in hope of actually finding an open door or some other sort of entrance.

But before I can even reach the back of the building something slams into my body nearly toppling me over… again.

Irritated I turn around.

"Where do you think you're going?" I stare at Alice and Jasper casually standing right in front of me while Alice still holds onto my arm to prevent my escape.

"What the hell are you doing here, guys? It's not even dark out yet. Someone might see!"

They just shrug and continue to stare at me clearly waiting for an answer to their previous question.

"Nowhere. Now leave me alone. We can meet up later, okay?" I try to move out of Alice's grip but she doesn't even budge.

The pull is threatening to overwhelm me at this point. I've never felt anything even remotely as strong. I have to get to her.

"Let me go! Please, Alice, I have to get inside."

She frowns and then slowly retracts her hand. Before I can continue my search for an entrance she slings an arm around my shoulder and tries to steer me in the other direction.

"No, you don't, Bella. Come with us. We'll bring you back to your hotel."

"Alice, please hear me out. I absolutely have to get inside that building. You have to help me. Please, Alice, please!" I can't help but let the tears stream down my face. The prospect of not getting in there and maybe seeing her again makes me feel like my whole world is about the crumble down.

"I know you don't want to understand it, Alice, but I have to do this, even if it kills me. Let me see her again."

Something in her eyes changed and she finally let me go.

"Fine, but you're not going alone. We'll accompany you."

~Jane's POV~

Our lips nearly touch. My heart would skip a beat at this point if it still could. Her hand slowly trails up my arm and cups my cheek.

Her newly crimson eyes lock on mine and we both smile softly at each other.

"Forever?" I smile softly at her and nuzzle against her neck breathing in her delicious sent.

"And beyond, my love."

"Jane! You really have to stop just spacing out on us! We're on a mission for crying out loud!"

I growl lowly at Demetri and catch up with him and Alec. It's not like I know why these sort of visions keep on happening more and more often.

The heavy feeling in my chest that's weighed heavily on me ever since I first saw that girl keeps on getting stronger and stronger as well.

"Let's just kill her and get back home." I nod at Alec and we make our way inside this all abandoned warehouse. It's dark and musky inside. Right after we enter we hear a low growl. Nearing that sound we easily spot our target backed up in one corner of the building.

We've been tracking her for weeks now and she always seems to just slip out of our grasp.

"Well, well… Who do we have here? Do you know why we're here?"

Her growling gets louder for a moment but then ceases and she makes her way towards us now.

"No, I can't say I know why the Volturi would chase me through whole Mexico. What is your business with me?"

I smile and she immediately goes down screaming in pain. A low chuckle escapes my lips. For all her bravado her pain tolerance isn't very high.

"Now, now… We don't like lies. Surely you know that."

"I… I don't know what you mean." Her screaming intensifies as I inflict more and more pain. "Let me help your memory then. Do you remember last time you tried to raise a newborn army, Maria?" Just a pinch more pain. "Aro didn't really like that, you know." Even more pain. Suddenly she falls quiet only twitching in pain on the floor.

"We really don't believe in second chances, you see, but we never grant a third one."

I nod at Demetri. He slowly makes his way towards her.

Alec and I only watch as he tears her apart limp from limp though I never stop inflicting mental pain.

"You can start the fire, dear brother. I'm a bit busy right now. Let's burn this whole thing down."

There's not much else to do as we watch Maria's remains burn, the warehouse already catching on fire as well.

After we leave property I can't help but stop and look back.

Did I forget something? There's suddenly that pull. I turn around already on my way back but Alec grabs my arm and holds me back.

"Are you insane? Let's get out of here."

Shooting a lost longing look back I choose to ignore my gut feeling and follow Demetri and Alec into the dark that slowly descends upon Mexico City. Did I just make a mistake?

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