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Chapter 10

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~Bella's POV~

I know.

Jane seems to think that I don't notice the change, but I do. I know something's up with her.

And I can't really blame her for keeping secrets.

Not after I chose to keep my discussion with Alice and Edward to myself.

Not after I lied to her face when the blonde vampire asked me what they wanted, if everything was okay.

Now we dance around each other, around the topics we really ought to talk about. I really need to talk about.

A failing relationship always starts with communication issues, doesn't it?

I don't think anyone out of the Volturi clan has actually noticed the change in our interactions with each other, well except Alec and Demetri maybe. We still talk and spend most of our time with each other. I crave her physical presence even more since Alice and Edward told me not to let her turn me.

I know I have to tell her about Alice's vision but both Cullen siblings begged me not to discuss this with her until they have more information on what could possibly happen for my transformation to fail.

They both know they have to hurry though. The Volturi won't let me go and I don't want to leave.

The Italian vampires are surprisingly hospitable. The Cullens were assigned two large rooms, filled with all sorts of books, knick knacks to pass the time and even several blood packs from various animals, for their stay and even though most guards still keep a watchful eye on them no one voiced any sort of ill will against them. It's a bit suspicious if you think about it.

I don't think anyone really bought their story about wanting to 'visit' their dear old human so why are they allowed to stay? Why do they not have to face any sort of punishment for revealing the vampire world to an outsider? Why won't Aro read Edward's or Alice's thoughts?

"You haven't kissed me in a while, Janie" I grab onto the beauty's arm and try to pull her on top of me. We spend most of our time alone in her room reading or outside in the gardens at night more or less enjoying each other's company while a heavy silence settles over us.

At first, she doesn't budge, of course, being the stronger one out of the two of us, but then she closes her book, "the Outsider", and moves so her body weight rests on top of me.

Her expression is still wary but softens when she notices my soft grin.

I bump our noses together and try to press a quick kiss against her lips, but she evades my advances and scrunches up her nose.

"You still smell like them."

I pout and move closer again. "Well, I bet you could help with that." My hand moves behind her neck pulling her towards me. The urge to feel her pressed close to me is almost overwhelming. Her crimson eyes darken another shade making her eyes almost look black.

This time she moves closer to me out of her own volition. I close my eyes expecting to meet her lips with my own but Jane's face advances past mine towards my neck. Her teeth slowly graze up and down my bare skin. I feel goosebumps rising where her body meets mine.

A bolt of excitement rushes through me until it abruptly stops when she pulls back and out of my embrace.

My mate sits up and runs her fingers through her hair before sighing softly.

"What do they want, Isabella? Why won't they leave?"

"I…" She holds up a hand to stop me. "Just… the truth, please. I can't listen to you lying to my face any longer."

Her words feel like a stab to my heart. At the same time, I'm a bit relieved that I can finally be honest with her. There is no use in lying to her any longer.

Alice and Edward are too late, and I should have told her right at the beginning that they are simply worried about something happening to me.

"I want to trust you, Isabella, but as your mate I believe I deserve to know the truth. Do you want to return to your life in America? Or are you here for… other reasons?"

My mind can't even begin to catch up with her words and decipher what she could possibly mean with 'other reasons'. Jane already continues with her rant. Her voice never wavers, never depicts any sort of emotion. She has retreated back to her guard persona.

"My masters think your so-called family is here because of nefarious reasons. If you know anything about it or if you are… part of it, it would serve you well to come forth with the truth before anything serious happens."

We regard each other for a moment. Jane waits for my answer. I can just stare at her open mouthed. 'Nefarious reasons'? Do they think the Cullens want to harm then?

My body can't help it. I start to giggle a bit. Jane's eyes narrow and she hisses angrily: "Is that funny, Isabella? We are taking about treason. You can imagine the punishment for that. Even being my mate won't help you if you seriously think you can…" Now it's my time to hold up my hand to stop her.

My laughter stopped midway through her angry speech after I realized she's serious about her allegations.

The room is absolutely silent for a moment, well, at least for me. Half of the Volturi guard is probably listening outside of the room. Another giggle makes its way through my body, but I don't give in to the urge.

"Janie" I take her hand again. She watches me, still suspicious, but doesn't pull back. I take that as a good sign. "Are you really telling me that Aro and his creepy friends think that the Cullens want to usurp the Volturi? Do you think they want to force feed you animal blood?"

I run my thumb over her smaller hand. "I don't want to leave you and my friends don't want to hurt you. They are just worried about me. You did more or less kidnap me from the Mexican airport." Her stony façade melts a bit and a small twinkle appears in her eyes. I grin softly. "Besides, no one can beat my Jane. You could incapacitate them in a second!"

"Damn right!"

I laugh and tension leaves my body. But I still have to tell her. It's not fair to leave her out of this since it directly concerns her.

"There is something you must know though. Alice and the others are… concerned."

Is there a way to gently broach the subject that you might very well die if your mate tries to turn you?

"You told me about gifts, right? Well, Alice is also pretty gifted."

Jane nods her head impatiently. "Yes, yes… the girl with visions of the future. What of it?"

I sigh and run my other hand through my hair. I guess it's no use beating around the bush, right? The quicker I tell her the better.

"Alice doesn't see a future for us, for me transformed more precisely."

My blonde mate scoffs. "What? That's preposterous. Whatever gives her that idea? It better not be that stupid bunny muncher." She only mumbles the last part. Then she visibly takes another second to really comprehend my words and asks again, more desperate. "What did she see? What… What is going to happen?"

"I don't really know. They told me I just… disappear. Edward and Alice think it best if I return to Forks with them."

There is no time to react. Jane at once vanishes right before my eyes. I jump up from my half sitting half laying position.

There is no doubt in my mind about where she's headed. Hopefully I can reach them in time before something bad can happen.

I get lost. Of course, I do.

Naturally because of that it takes me slightly longer to get to the Cullen's rooms than Jane. At least I don't hear any screaming or other concerning sounds coming from them. These doors seem pretty thick though, so I better not take my chances.

Without knocking - they all know I'm here anyway - I push open one of the massive oak doors and enter the room. A huge fireplace with a plush carpet decorates the left side of the chamber. On the right side are two bookshelves and several chairs placed between both sides. The room is near the outer walls of Volturi castle, so the walls are made from massive stone. That might explain the freezing temperature. Or it's the showdown currently occurring.

The only Cullen present is Edward who's standing only inches before Jane. Both of them obviously didn't care that I just stormed in. Edward is nearly a head taller than my mate and seems to be towering over her petite body. But the blonde isn't intimidated by his appearance at all. She knows better. We all do.

"What did you tell her? What stories did you put in her head?" Edward throws his arms up and glares daggers at Jane's small frame. "Why won't she come with us even though she knows it's dangerous and stupid to stay with you? If you value her safety you'll send her with us back to where she belongs."

Jane actually growls at that.

Before the situation can escalate any further, I pushed myself between them without realizing that this position might not be the safest place to be if a fight breaks out.

"Now, now. Let's all come down. Ed, Jane, this is all just a huge misunderstanding and a whole lot of bruised egos, okay?" Where are the others when you need them? The whole Cullen family put their noses into my business when I didn't want them to and now, they're all suspiciously absent.

"She doesn't understand the danger she puts you in! This is not the way for you, Bella." - "Don't talk to her like she's your property. She wants to stay, and she will stay." So... the situation didn't really calm down upon my intervention.

I'm actually surprised that no one has come looking for us yet. Both angry vampires aren't exactly quiet.

Before I can seriously contemplate if I should fake an injury and if that would make it better another voice rings over the fighting duo.

"Why do I always find you in the middle of brawls, Bella?" Alice. Her almost child like cheery voice nearly takes on an amused tone while she makes her way further into the room. Nobody else is with her.

At that Jane and Edward abruptly interrupt their quarrel and turn simultaniously towards Alice who - now that I see these two standing right next to each other - is even a bit shorter than my Jane.

"You told her?", Alice asks but there's not a hint of disappointment or anger in her voice. She's just curious even though the situation is quite obvious. I can only nod.

"Then you know why you can't turn her, right, Jane? Bella can't just vanish." The blonde hesitates for a moment before answering clearly conflicted.

"It is worrying", Jane reluctantly agrees. "But that doesn't mean you can take her back against her will."

Edward then pushes himself past Jane and stands beside me. "We want to protect her! Something you're clearly failing at." Oh, no. They are back at it again.

"Did you think about the possibility that Alice not seeing my future is caused by an enhanced effect of Edward and Aro not being able to read my thoughts? Why do you automatically think about me dying? Well, more so than the normal amount during the transformation.. you know what I mean."


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