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Chapter 1

Hey, guys! I don't know if anyone is still reading Twilight-fanfic but I definitely got into it lately again and even though I've been a die-hard Team Edward member until about a week ago I really like the Jane/Bella-pairing. For any of you still out there reading I hope you enjoy. English's not my native language so feel free to correct me and I'll try to correct my mistakes as soon as possible.

~Bella's POV~

The moment our eyes first met I knew. I knew that my life would never be the same as before.

It didn't make sense really. I couldn't even see their face properly while this person was standing in a dark alley.

It was a girl, pretty short as well. But I couldn't tell much else from that one short look.

I couldn't nearly see anything else except for her red eyes that seemed to stare right into my soul. Uncovering every secret I've ever harboured.

Then the moment was gone and so was she.

And she remained hidden from me for the next three years.

The memory still haunts me after all these years. I can't and don't even want to forget this one moment of … peace. For that one moment my heart seemed to stop, the whole world ceased to exist and only that mysterious girl and me remained.

I sigh and get out of my car. There's no sense in still living in the past.

"Bella, how are you today?" Alice's hugs still catch me off guard at times. I've never been the touchy-feely kind of person but I don't think you can teach Alice anything about personal bounds after all these years of her not caring about them.

"Fine, as always, Alice. What about you? How's Jasper?" She smiles at that, always happy to talk about her boyfriend/soul-mate.

While we're making our way to the school gates Edward and the rest of his family catches up with us.

It hasn't been very long since I found out about their secret. I have to admit that I've been shocked once Alice told me about this vision she had about us being as close as sisters once I'll finally discover their vampirism but after her family, mainly Charlisle and Edward, finally stopped berating her about telling me – a simply human – their biggest secret we've gotten along fairly well.

I probably wasn't quite as shocked and scared as I should have been but after my holiday in Volterra, Italy, three years ago that revelation left me too hopeful to maybe see her again to be really upset or astonished.

I always had a knack for the supernatural and while I'm not convinced anymore about having magical powers I still like the thought of it.

"You look really beautiful today, Bella." Argh, Edward. He's really sweet and he obviously has a little bit of a thing for me. I'm sure in another lifetime he'd be the perfect boyfriend.

But while he's very charming, attractive and most of all very polite, I could never lead him on with images of those red eyes still burnt in my mind.

"Not half as pretty as you, Ed." I tease and Emmett bursts out laughing next to me.

"Well, he spent his good time today in the bathroom styling his hair, right Edward?"

We all share a laugh and make our way to our respective classes.

The day slowly moves on. At some point Alice sent me a message asking if I want to check out her new clothes after school. Of course, I agree. There's nothing for me to do at home anyway and maybe, just maybe I'll finally find the courage to ask her about vampires that may or may not live in Italy.

"What do you think?" I look her up and down. Well… what am I supposed to say? "You look gorgeous, Alice, as always." She flings another dress playfully at me. "That's what you said about the last five dresses I showed you as well!" I held my hands up high to show my surrender. "I can't help it. You ARE gorgeous in everything you wear."

"Now you're just buttering me up." Alice pauses, thinks for a moment and then plops next to me on her bed.

"Maybe you could tell me at some point, what you really want to ask me, alright Bella?"

For a second I could do nothing but simply stare at her. Then I slowly feel the blush reddening my cheeks and I look away.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Alice. What would I want to ask you about?"

"Bella, you're my best friend. Hell, I've seen us together for many, many years to come. Believe me, when I say that I want nothing more than look out for my bestie." She nudges me and grins. "But I can't answer your questions and help you if you don't tell me what's going on with you." Her stare bores into me. Trying to focus on literally anything else I can't help but look around Alice's room even though I've seen every little detail a hundred times.

The huge window front often creates the illusion of standing right in the forest. The other walls are lined with book cases and a bunch of pictures Alice painted herself and of course there's another door that leads into her walk-in-closet that holds more clothes than I've ever owned and probably will ever own.

"Don't think I don't notice you spacing out from time to time with that longing almost pained look of yours." I focus back on her words.

She's still staring at me and is now taking my hand in her cold ones.

"I see you, you know Bella. In my visions. You're searching for something. So let me help you."

I sigh and finally meet her stare. Everything she said is true and I can't help lying to her or myself any longer. I just have to know if the Cullens have a connection to this girl.

"You're right, Alice. There is something I haven't told you and it's been on my mind for quite a while now."

She smiles and urges me to go on. "Well you see, three years ago I went to Italy with my mother and her boyfriend back then… and then well… I met someone."

Alice lets out a small laugh and claps her hands excitedly. "You did? That's amazing. What's his name? How does he look? When will I meet him?"

I hesitate again, not sure if I should continue. Obviously I kind of went in the wrong direction with my explanation. But there's no use in giving up now. Alice probably wouldn't let me anyway.

"Well you see, I didn't really meet them. It's uh… kinda complicated." Gosh, why must I always be so awkward?

"I just kind of saw them and not really long as well. But they had the most beautiful and mesmerizing eyes I've ever seen and you know, since you told me about your diet and that there are other vampires who prefer other uh… food sources and their eyes weren't exactly like yours I thought maybe your family would know them…"

I awkwardly stop talking and hide my face with my hair. Dear goodness, could that have gone any worse? I have to get out of here before Alice thinks I'm a complete idiot. She probably already does after my rambling.

I try to stand up and get the hell out of the Cullen house but my utter incompetence leaves me tripping on absolutely nothing and I'd have hit the floor face first if Alice hadn't been there to catch me.

I don't think my face could get any hotter and I slowly sink back onto the bed before I manage to kill myself trying to flee.

Alice still stares at me while we both get back onto the bed and finally takes a deep – not necessary – breath which only manages to discourage me further in my futile attempt to hold onto the small hope that she knows who I'm bubbling about.

"Well, that was unexpected, Bella. So you've known another vampire before you met us?" I'm not sure if that's a question or just her stating facts but I nod anyway.

"Knowing is too strong a word perhaps though, Alice. I just saw them for a moment."

She giggles slightly. "You can stop calling her 'them' by the way. I don't have anything against your preferences, Bella."

Before I can answer Alice holds up her hand and continues in her speech.

"Well, I'm sorry to tell you that, Bella, but there are a lot of vampires with red eyes and also a lot in Italy. Where have you seen her?"

I think back to that moment three years ago.


I groan. When will this hell finally be over? The unbearable heat is something I will definitely not miss at home and here I thought Arizona was bad.

"Bella? Bella, where are you?" My mom, Renee, shouts loudly across the whole square. Several people turn around and stare at us as she makes her way over towards me.

"There you are, buttercup. I told you to not run off on your own."

"Mom, I'm fifteen. I don't need a babysitter. I can take a walk on my own, you know." Renee sighs and pets my head. "I know, darling, but this is a family vacation. So we should spend it as a family."

I don't bother to correct her that her new boyfriend and us will probably never be a family.

While she still talks about family values and spending time with loved ones I take a look around. Besides the searing heat Italy sure is beautiful.
Especially this town, Volterra, has the prettiest squares and buildings I've ever seen. The landscape right out of town is also one to remember. Thankfully I took my camera with me.

I let my eyes wander around the square for a moment longer. It's not too busy this time of the day but still buzzing with energy.

And that's when I see her.

Her eyes meet mine and our stares lock for just a moment. It might be my imagination but I swear her eyes widened for a short second as well.

As she's hiding in a dark alley I can only see so much. She's short that's for sure and her eyes are a deep crimson red that should frighten me but only strengthens the pull I feel towards the girl. A few strands of blonde hair fall over her pretty eyes.

Before I can take a step forward my mother catches my arm trying to get my attention.

When I look back towards the alley those red eyes are gone and I'm left feeling empty inside.

~End Flashback~

"Did you say Volterra, Bella?" I slowly nod and continue to watch Alice.

"A short, blonde girl with red eyes in Volterra?" A movement catches my eye and I look towards the door where the whole Cullen family stands and stares at me.

"Oh shit."

~Jane's POV~

I feel her touch along my arm. My once dead soul yearns for closeness, the feeling of holding her in my arms, her scent, and her eyes getting lost in my own.

Every moment spent with her is a moment that I live happily on this planet that I once called my unending prison.

Whenever I see her I am complete and I'll never let her go.

I feel her lips softly touch my own and a small giggle escapes them. Still touching my arm, holding me close to her, I feel more than I hear her whisper against my skin: "I love you, Jane, for all eternity."

"Jane!" My eyes snap open and I'm alone. I curse myself silently. Ever since that fateful day three years ago my mind seems to drift to this pathetic human more and more.

I simply can't understand why she would be different than the rest of those selfish beings.

"Jane, master Aro has called for you." My brother Alec doesn't even bother to knock or enter my room. He just continues on his path without bothering to check if I'd follow orders. He and I both know I will. We've done so for the last 1,000 years and probably always will.

"My beloved Jane, I have a mission for you."

I smirk at the kings. Time to have some fun.

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