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America Okie dokie, I know it's probably cringy, but I didn't have time to rewrite it. Enjoy you nerds.

The internet had decided to call the countries National Personifications, or Nps. America checked his phone for more tweets about the countries.

OliverT: What do you mean there are living countries. #Nps

HaileyL: More important who are they? Are they cute? #Nps

Jbear: Who cares if they're cute they aren't natural and should be destroyed. #NomoreNps

America was wondering when he should reveal his nation status. More important how would he reveal himself. The media had said that America would reveal himself soon. That usually wouldn't matter, but the president told him to reveal himself by the end of next week. He said that last week, now America only had five days.

Jbear: There's a AntiNp rally today in front of the White House at 5:00. If anyone is interested. #NomoreNps

HallyL: *An AntiNp*

Perfect. America thought. Go big or go home. It was 4:00 at the time so it was a perfect plan. He would need fireworks and a motorcycle.

An hour later America was getting ready. The president shot down his awesome idea of riding a motorcycle over the crowd while fireworks shot off behind him. He had causally tweeted with an anonymous account that America would be revealing himself at the AntiNp rally. Outside the crowd was filled with with protesters, the media, and people who wanted to see history in the making.

America hid himself in the crowd, wearing his usual attire. He made sure he was properly over the spotlight before giving the signal. He did a small, two-fingered salute to military men at the gates. The men changed their gun positions to signal the president that he was ready.

"Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to introduce to you," the president began, "The United States of America!"

The spotlight under America's feet lit up into the sky.

"Sup people I'm Alfred F. Jones or the good old U S of A!" America yelled.

Part of the crowd cheered, the rest booed. America waved to his citizens and a few asked him to sign objects. The news reporters asked him a few questions. America talked with the crowd until he heard a rumbling sound.

Across the street was a man on a motorcycle coming right at him. People started running away. Come on he gets a motorcycle but I don't? No fair.

The motorcycle seemed to be coming at him in slow motion. Jason Barry. America thought. Works at a chemistry lab as an intern. Has a girlfriend, Linda. Has a kid from a previous marriage that he doesn't know about. The motorcycle ran over America as he went into a duck and cover position. Red-hot searing pain shot over his back. America clenched his teeth, it wasn't the worst he had experienced but it still hurt.

"Crap," he muttered.

A kid burst out crying.

America reached out a grabbed the back wheel of the motorcycle and Jason tumbled out on the ground.

The crowd gasped as America rose up with only a torn jacket.

"Really dude. Do you really want to try to kill your own country. I mean come on." America said.

"H-how are you alive?" Jason asked.

"A: I ducked to that I wouldn't die and I would only be harmed. B: Nations do not die," America explained.

He paused. "Well I can die, but I'll just get back up in a day or two."

Jason gasped.

America walked off to find the nearest McDonalds. Cheering out behind him. He turned around and did a fist pump. He started chanting. "USA! USA! USA! USA!"

The crowd continued chanting.

"There you have it folks. The United States of America," Jane said.

"Good to know that we have a tough Np to represent us," Bill replied.

"Here's a picture of USA, or Alfred, later at a McDonalds. Goodnight everybody," Jane ended.

"That stupid bloody wanker!"

Hope you liked it, I promise I've improved since then, but I don't have time to rewrite every single chapter.
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