Nations Revealed @nickythenerd

The nations were shocked. Or course they were, it was astounding news. America had choked on his hamburger while Canada absentmindedly slapped his back. England spewed tea all over France. Every single country had heard within the hour, and they knew nothing would ever be the same.

"Bill, this is concerning new," anchorwoman Jane said.

"It took a while," Bill began, "but the world leaders have finally acknowledged it as the truth."

America kicked his feet up onto the coffee table. "Heh, I wonder what they've been called out on this time."

"America! You're scuffing the table!" Canada tried to get his brother's attention.

Bill started talking again. "The UN has just confirmed that human personifications of countries exist."

After a couple minutes of choking on fast food, America speed dialed the President. "Bro! How do they know?"

"Don't ask me," the President replied. "We can't go back now."

""Oh my hamburger!" America panicked. "Do they know it's me?"

"Not yet, but they will have to at some point," the President said. "It would be best coming from you."

All across the world, each country was facing the same dilema. How would they reveal themselves to the world? To their citizens?

The North America twins turned their attention back towards the television.

"Who are these mysterious countries, and who is the United States?" Jane asked.

"We will find out soon enough, the president himself said that America will be introduced at some point whenever they feel like it," Bill said. "The rest of the nations will probably follow suit."

"Goodnight, New York, goodnight."

No nation would sleep well that night. Not with their future hanging in the balance.


Zuko here! Haha, no it's just Nicky. I hope you enjoy this. I wanted to revamp this piece of writing a bit for the transfer to the new site. If anyone is on .net, my username there is Hetafan27. This is an old piece of writing, so while I may improve it here and there, the skill level isn't where I currently stand. But! As members of this awesome new platform, you get exclusive content!

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