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Meeting Some Old Friends

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Naruto sat on a rock atop a hill overlooking the valley in the distance. He wasn't moving or really doing anything of note other than just sitting there. Yet while he might be doing nothing in his mind, he was nothing short of a massive calamity of emotions right now…

This war had been hell for far too long. While it was true that the other Shinobi Wars had gone on for far longer than the few months this one had been going, this one trumped those given what everyone assumed was the end battle going against a man who nearly single handedly destroyed everything. But even when the great evil was defeated, when the part of the story where the heroes usually celebrate their victory, the war did not end. Their guards had been dropped, and because they did more people died than should have.

Naruto had lost far too many friends in his lifetime, and what made it all the worse for him was that he didn't have many to begin with and he cherished each and every one he had. Gaara had died protecting his family, as did Killer B before his Biju was extracted from him. Konohamaru and his gang all died in the fight against Obito. Itachi died to his brother. And now there was Iruka…

The list of those he could call his friends was short, but above all others, Iruka was the closest thing to family he had. True Minato was his biological family, but Naruto refused to call him that given the situation he had put him through with the raping of his mother Kushina simply starting it all off. Naruto had been basking in the personal glory of eliminating a massive thorn in his side by killing off not only Jiraiya, but the Toads as well. By doing so, he had weakened Minato given he no longer had a summon. And what made it far crueler was that he couldn't get a new summon even if he wanted to get one. The way it worked was that people only get one summon, and the summoning beast has to be the one to cancel the contract for it to become void so you could get another one. The toads were all dead, consumed and digesting in the bellies of his children, who spared not one of them as they were told to do. Since there were none left to cancel the Toad contract, Minato was stuck on it and couldn't get a new one. Plus since Jiraiya was dead, he couldn't come back to their land either since Jiraiya was their Sage and only he could freely go back and forth without the Toads summoning him.

But as he had been basking in that glory, it was like the world spoke to him, and the words it spoke told him something that made his world stop entirely. It spoke of Iruka's fading life, and using all the power he could muster, he used it to locate exactly where he was before he teleported to save him. But the problem was that Iruka was far too gone to be saved. All Naruto could do was prolong his life by adding a constant flow of energy into the man, but it didn't numb the pain he was in since Naruto couldn't do both. Iruka had been truly happy to see him, and then asked Naruto to let him go.

Naruto had at first blatantly refused to do that, going through his mind to think of some possible way to save Iruka, but even with all the power he had, he understood only a small fraction of the power gifted to him. Iruka had simply looked at Naruto with a smirk and asked for one thing.

'Let me see you smile one last time…'

Those had been his final words, and with tear stained eyes Naruto granted his request. He then stopped channeling power into Iruka and felt as the man went fully limp as he passed on. Naruto felt the pain of his loss, and cried out loudly from it. There were two Konoha shinobi who heard him and came to see just what the hell had made such a racket given the only one still in this section of the prison was Iruka, and he should have been far too weak to actually be that loud in the first place. Imagine their surprise when they opened the cell door and saw Naruto of all people there on his knees with Iruka's corpse in his arms. That surprise didn't last long though since the men were quickly captured in a Shadow Possession Jutsu before their shadows began to strangle them and then snapped their necks.

Naruto had taken Iruka's body from the cell and teleported out of that cell back towards Spring Country. He used his senses to find a spot on a large cliff overlooking a large flat plain that you could see out from for miles. He then used a few Earth Jutsu to form a perfect burial area that was lined with rock. While in time it would degrade and the worms would get to his body, at least this way it would be far longer before it came to that. He placed Iruka's body inside his final resting place, and folded the man's arm to make him seem at peace. Once he was in position, he then buried his old sensei.

Naruto saw a boulder in the distance and walked over towards it and took the time to roll it uphill, which wasn't much of an issue given his godlike strength, but he wanted to take the time to do this right. Once he got the boulder near Iruka's grave, he formed a chisel and a hammer to hit it with. While at first he was going to take the time to chisel out the statue in his head bit by bit, the reality of the situation made him smirk since he didn't have such a talent to do so. He was more on the destructive spectrum of things over the artistic. But he still had an idea, which he implemented by chipping the boulder just enough to crack it. Once he did that he placed his hand over the crack and concentrated fully on the image he wanted to create in his mind. The water he shot out of his hand was compacted and strong so it was able to cut through the rock, albeit slowly. It took a while, but when Naruto felt that the statue within was perfectly formed, he erupted the water outwards, leaving the work of art inside intact.

The statue was flawless, and was exactly how Naruto imagined it would be. What it was was a perfect recreation of the moment that Iruka had given him his Hiate. The level of detail that went into making this statue made it seem almost lifelike, and it made Naruto remember that moment perfectly. There he was at the age of 13, with Iruka kneeling over and placing a hiate on his head. The memory brought a tear to his eye, one he wiped away before he finished the statue. It was still incomplete given there was no inscription. So using his finger, he carved out the words that would forever be etched into the statue that marked the grave of one of his closest friends:

Here lies the remains of Iruka Umino

In a land that had over time lost the light it once held, he never let his fade away and helped pave the way for a more peaceful world…

It was after he said a simple prayer before he left the grave that his mind was fully made up on just what to do now. Minato had taken nearly everything from him, so Naruto would do the same to Minato, and he knew just where to start which leads us to this point of time.

Naruto was looking out at the village of Nadeshiko Village, all the while coming up with a plan on how to eliminate those within without anyone escaping. While he was not one to fully decimate a village and willing to grant mercy to those who deserve it, these women did not deserve that. In the Fourth Shinobi War, they had stayed out of it and had even attacked the survivors who were weakened from fighting when they least expected it. So those who would literally slaughter weakened shinobi who fought to preserve their very way of life did not deserve mercy, and he wasn't going to give it to them.

The village was naturally fortified given the fact that the village was on two hills with the only means of entering them being via a bridge. He guessed that the first, larger section of the village was the business section while the smaller section was for the more important people. While at first he planned to just send his children up the side and attack from all angles, he saw that there were numerous seals all over the place that would kill them if they tried since they were highly explosive. While the older, far more stronger ones would not die, their younger siblings weren't as durable quite yet. So Naruto decided to use their protection against them. Placing his hand onto the base of their village, he channeled so much chakra out into the ground. His chakra seeped into the ground and infested every last one of the seals, making them far more powerful than they used to be. The village's protection was just about to become its destruction…

Once all the seals were modified, Naruto summoned his children to surround the area fully. Given their numbers, they were easily able to do just that. Once everything was in place, he smirked as he made the hand sign to detonate all the explosive seals at the same time. The damage they did was massive, with the ground fully disintegrating until there was only a small bit holding up the top area where the village was. Picture an apple that had nothing but the core left and you get the picture.

Naruto heard the screams of the people within as the ground gave way. It was not enough to keep the village afloat and so it tipped to the side and toppled over. The damage was devastating given not a single building got out unbroken. So many people, mainly the children, died from the buildings falling sideways on them. Those who survived tried to figure out just what the hell had happened, but it was only then that their bad luck reached its peak.

As the various kunoichi tried to help any survivors get out of the wreckage, that was when Naruto's children struck. They were merciless in their attacks. They tore everyone they saw apart and ate them while they were still alive. The kunoichi tried to fight back, but they were not prepared to face such monsters, and it showed with the fact they couldn't even manage to kill one of them. Out of the entire village, only two people survived, which was a kunoichi who was running as fast as she could with her son on her back. The kunoichi in question was none other than Shizuka. She didn't get very far though, since she slammed right into an invisible force field that Naruto had erected the moment Shizuka was within range. He had improved the old design a bit since this one you couldn't see where the force field was unlike the last one which was clearly visible.

"Well isn't this a nice reunion," said a voice behind Shizuka, who quickly looked behind her to see just who was talking to her. She just knew that said person was the reason she was stuck behind some field of some kind. Yet while she looked, there was apparently no one there. But then she looked up and saw a figure sitting on a large tree branch, his back towards the main part while swinging one leg off the side lazily, like he had not a care in the world. And given what he was going up against he really didn't.

"Naruto…" said Shizuka simply, but that one word was laced with so much fear. She had been told by Minato about his plans for Naruto, and while she had thought his actions were monstrous, she couldn't say anything given their clan traditions made her subservient to her husband.

"Glad you remember my name Shizuka," said Naruto as he hopped off the tree and landed onto the ground, "so we can skip re-introductions. But I have to ask, what is the child's name?"

"Mother?" asked the boy, who while he was hugging his mother tight, could feel her shivering in fear. He didn't know why she was, but it spelled trouble.

"His name is Menma," said Shizuka as she pulled out a kunai to at least make some sort of attempt to defend herself. But going by past events she would lose this fight. Naruto beat her before, and she could already tell he was stronger right now.

"Well hello there Menma," said Naruto with a friendly looking smile as well as a wave, yet Shizuka could easily see that his eyes spoke the complete opposite.

"Why are you here?"

"Why am I here," said Naruto in a quizzical manner that seemed like he was talking more to himself than her, "oh right. I'm here to avenge the shinobi your village killed after the fight with Obito was over and done with."

"Oh…" said Shizuka as the color left her face.

"Your village was not part of the Alliance to fend off a threat that would have been the death of all of us." Said Naruto angrily, "you chose to wait until our forces were weakened fighting a threat you could not. And in the end you slaughtered so many people that had just saved our world. So this is nothing more than payback. Plain and simple really."

Shizuka looked at Naruto and then her son. "I can understand your hatred towards me and those of my village, but why are you showing such hatred in your eyes towards my son?"

"Really?" asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow, "you can't even take a guess as to why I have such hatred towards your little brat? Man, now I know how Iwa shinobi felt. I owe them such an apology when I next meet them."

"You won't lay your hands on my son!" Shouted Shizuka in rage. She made sure that Menma was behind her as she got into a defensive stance.

"You are right," said Naruto with a smirk, "I won't lay a handon your son."

Shizuka didn't have much time to ponder on just what he meant by that when she heard Menma cry out for her from behind. She looked back and saw one of Naruto's shadow clones holding him by the neck, and no matter how much he struggled he was unable to break free from its grip.

"See," said Naruto with a cruel chuckle, "I am not the one doing anything. My clone though is another matter altogether."

"Let him go!" shouted Shizuka in anger as well as fear since she was not fully equipped to handle this sort of situation right now. She had the bare minimum of her kunoichi gear, but then again her village was literally toppled over so she was not expecting this sort of thing to happen.

"And give me one good reason that I should," said Naruto simply, "if you can give me one good reason I will honestly let him go. Of that you have my word."

"He is a child! He is innocent!"

"So what if he is?" asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow, "this is war, and death cares not for such trivial things. Kids die all the time everywhere so that is not a reason to stay my hand. But even if he is a child, he is the offspring of Minato, and thus has to be erased from the earth."

"You would kill him for reasons like that?!"

"Indeed I would," said Naruto, "since my hatred of the man is so great. I vowed to take everything from him. Down to the very last thing. Which unfortunately includes you and all his children."

"Minato doesn't have other children," said Shizuka in confusion. As far as she knew, her son was the only one he had other than Naruto. Naruto looked at her for a moment before he began to laugh hard to the point of near tears. He could not help himself at all.

"You mean to tell me," said Naruto as he calmed himself down from laughing so hard, "that you honestly believe that a man who is a proven rapist, with me being the living proof he is, would remain faithful to you?"

Shizuka opened her mouth to say something, but no words came out since Naruto had a good point with that statement really. Somewhere in the back of her mind she had always known that Minato wasn't a faithful husband, but she never openly questioned it until Naruto pointed it out.

"But in a way you are right though," said Naruto seriously with a grin, "you are his only woman… now that is…"

"What do you mean by that," asked Shizuka who had that inkling in the back of her mind that she was not going to like the answer that was given to her.

"What do you think I mean," said Naruto as he pulled out a scroll that he casually tossed in his hand.

"What is that?"

"This is a scroll that contains every last one of the heads of the women Minato has ever slept with or seduced. There were a lot of them so it took a bit to get to them all, plus they were from all over the place so it is a lucky thing that I am capable of moving around the place as quickly as I can. Especially the few that were in Konoha, but with the village being in a destructive panic right now it was way easier than I expected to get them."

"Just how many are in that scroll?" asked Shizuka, who again was most likely not going to like the answer given to her.

"By my count… 49." Said Naruto with a straight face. His response caused Shizuka to feel her heart sink. To know that her own husband, the one she had a child with, had not only gone behind her back and slept with other women, but so many of them made it worse. "Which leads me to my other scroll." Said Naruto, this time whipping out another scroll.

"I… wha…"

"Don't even ask the question Shizuka," said Naruto simply, "since you already know what I have in this scroll. I will admit that it hurts a bit to snuff out such young lives, but I will not allow that man's progeny to exist after what he has done. In cases of such monsters who would go to such lengths to screw over everyone in a vain attempt to become some sort of god, all traces of him must be erased to ensure it does not happen again."

"And yet you yourself are one of those so-called progeny!" shouted Shizuka in rage, all the while still trying to find a means to get out of this situation. If it weren't for the fact that her son was in the hands of one of his Shadow Clones, this would have been far easier to escape.

"I, nor Minato for that matter, considered me his child," said Naruto matter of factly. "He raped my mother only so she would give birth for a vessel to use to make his ultimate weapon. There was no love involved between us. To my dying day he would have never said those words. So no I am not his progeny, I am just one of his plans that has not only failed, but has quite literally blown up in his face twice."

"I'll kill you!" Shouted Shizuka, who in a move of desperation charged forward to attack Naruto with the kunai. Naruto simply smirked as he swapped places with his clone, thus the one holding her child appeared before her and her kunai pierced Menma's throat. Shizuka stopped cold as the realization that she had just killed her own child hit her like a sack of bricks.

"Like I said," said Naruto with a chuckle from behind her while the clone disappeared since it was no longer needed given the hostage was wounded in a way he would not recover, "I'm not the one doing anything. You killed your child, not I."

"You… you monster," said Shikuka with no emotion to her tone. Her mind was cracking under the weight of her actions. She slowly grabbed ahold of her son and felt as his blood flowed from his wound onto her hands and cried out loud in pain and despair as she felt his die in her arms.

"Indeed I am a monster," said Naruto simply, "but I was made into one by the actions of a madman. You are the woman who just killed her own child so what does that make you?"

"Kill me," said Shizuka finally after a long silence.

"What was that?" asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow.

"I said kill me!" shouted Shizuka as she glared at him, "What are you waiting for! I know that you want to!"

"Indeed I do wish to kill you," said Naruto with a chuckle, "but I think it is far crueler to see you live with the guilt of killing your own child. See how long until you end your own life."

Shizuka at this point was having none of this and screamed like some possessed woman as she charged forward to strike him. Her mind was too far gone to fully grasp the fact that she didn't have any weapon in her hand as she did this, but it mattered not. Naruto waited until she was close, and when she was within striking range her vision became blinded since a massive seal activated unde the both of them. Naruto had prepared multiple seals like this all over the place in hopes she would end up at one of them and luckily for him she did.

The seal caused the ground to fall from beneath them, though only Shizuka fell since Naruto was floating in midair on a small cloud of sand. As he did, he vividly remembered his late friend Gaara, and it only made him want to continue with his plan even more than before.

"Well looks like you are trapped now," said Naruto as he sat down in a manner that his legs were dangling down while he was sitting on the floating sand. The area was basically one big pit with the walls being so smooth which was weird given it was rock and dirt. But the walls were high up and so escape would be a tad bit difficult given Naruto could counter any means to try and do so from where he was sitting. "But since you are here, I have a challenge for you to complete."

"GO TO HELL!" shouted Shizuka at him as she got back to her feet.

"Good," said Naruto with a smirk, "embrace that hatred towards me. Use that anger since you will need it to complete this challenge."

Naruto was just about to say what the challenge was but Shizuka had tried to climb the walls to escape. Yet the second she got high enough, a hidden seal activated and shocked the hell out of her before launching her back towards the center of the pit.

"You will find that climbing the walls will be impossible given I placed seals on them to electrocute you if you try." said Naruto, but once again before he could say anything else he saw Shizuka make a move, but this time she attempted to Shushin out of the pit, and once again found herself electrocuted but by what appeared to be some invisible barrier that topped off the pit itself. For all things, Shizuka was trapped inside with no means of escape.

"Did I forget to mention that trying to simply hop out would result in the same sort of response?" Asked Naruto in a very discernible sarcastic tone, "I didn't? Well that was probably because you didn't let me warn you about it."

"What the hell do you want from me!" Shouted Shizuka, who was far more angry now that she was trapped like this.

"I want to see just how much you want to live," said Naruto as he performed several hand seals. All around Shizuka, multiple mounds of dirt arose from the ground, but it didn't stop there since they then formed themselves into more human looking shapes and became realistic looking like clones usually did. Yet these clones were not of Naruto himself, no these ones were various people she had never seen before but none of them were wearing any sort of ninja attire which only made this confusing to see. "Before you are 100 bandits of my own creation. They don't use chakra, nor do they know jutsu. I want to see if you have what it takes to single handedly kill them all."

Naruto held out his hand, and from it appeared a fine looking kitana with a dark handle to it. He simply let it fall out of his hands and drop until it pierced the ground below.

"So either you kill them," said Naruto, "or they kill you. Either way, this should prove entertaining to watch."

Shizuka looked at Naruto like he was insane, but then her instinct kicked in and she dodged as one of the 'bandits' attacked her from behind. She dodged easily given she was trained to do so, and quickly made her way to grab ahold of the kitana Naruto had dropped for her to use. The moment she grabbed it, she had expected it to do something that would either kill or harm her in some manner. Yet that didn't happen. Naruto had actually made her a very fine crafted blade to use. So with blade in hand, she began to cut down her opponents one by one. She would have used jutsu, but she had a feeling that she needed to save her strength for a fight she was guessing she would have against Naruto.

She didn't take long to kill the bandits that Naruto had conjured for her to fight, but the more she killed, the more Naruto smirked. Yet it wasn't until she decapitated the last one, with a look of a crazed mad woman plastered all over her face as she glared at him that he laughed out loud.

"Well congratulations Shizuka!" said Naruto with a smile, "You have passed my challenge! And now for your reward!"

Shizuka was expecting many things to happen ranging from more enemies conjured up to Naruto attacking her himself, but she didn't expect what actually happened…

Her body went fully stiff as a seal, one she had only ever seen the one time used in her life, appeared on her chest as she screamed in pain. Multiple strands of chakra strings tied around her arms and legs tightly so that she could not break free from their grip. She was still in pain as she felt herself starting to lift off the ground and move upwards towards where Naruto was sitting. But she only got halfway to his location before she stopped in midair, yet another (who she assumed was the real one given his frequent use of clones) appeared in front of her also sitting on a floating mass of sand.

"Man," said Naruto as he chuckled to himself, "doesn't this bring back bad memories for you? Remember when you were last affected by that seal?."

"How are you able to use Koykuyo"s Hundred Puppet Bind!?" Demanded Shizuka, who was still in pain but not as much as when the seal activated.

"Is the 'how' really important right now," asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow. "Since no matter what I say, you are still caught in my jutsu and unlike last time there isn't anyone to break you free from it. I did it the last time, yet why the hell would I do it again after all that has happened?"

"What are you going to do to me?"

"I said in the beginning of all this that this was to avenge my friends plain and simple. Yet death is too quick for someone like you." Said Naruto darkly. All pretense of any friendly tone was just gone right now and that genuinely disturbed Shizuka fiercely. "Like for instance, I don't like it when people play with my emotions, like you did after our fight and you expressed some sort of feelings towards me. Yet since you have a child, I'm sorry, had a child who was five, that was all a lie!"

Shizuka's screams were very loud from what Naruto did next. He had the chakra strings on her left arm twist it in a manner where she felt her bones shatter and her muscles rip inside. But that wasn't the end of it since after she experienced the pain of feeling her arm ripping to shreds, the pain was only worse as he ripped her arm off entirely. The strings wrapped around the stump and glowed red from the heat as they cauterized the wound so she didn't bleed out.

"Then we get to the second part that I hate, which is you were married to a known rapist and did nothing to get some sort of justice for the woman he raped. I know the views of your village enough to know you would have normally cared about that."

"I couldn't go against my husband," said Shizuka in pain, "my village's traditions…"

"Oh right," said Naruto sarcastically, cutting her off since he didn't really want to hear her bullshit about how her village's traditions prevented her from doing anything. "Traditions. Well, here is what I think about your traditions." Naruto then repeated the same thing he did to her arm, but to both her legs this time simultaneously. "But now we get to the worst part. You and your village didn't help us when you were needed. We fought against something that would have been the death of us all if we failed, and yet you hid like cowards and stabbed us in the fucking back after we saved your asses!"

Naruto then had her swing around so she was no longer looking at him but was still strung up by the one arm she had. He then pulled out an explosive kunai and stabbed her deep into the back.

"So how do you like it Shizuka?" asked Naruto before he kicked her away from him. As he did, the chakra string let her go, and she began to fall back to the ground. Yet she never made it there, since the kunai he had stabbed into her back exploded and the only thing left of her was ironically the arm she still had in the end. Smiling that his job here was done, he stood up and looked down. In all the chaos, Menma's body had all but been forgotten and was just lying there. So Naruto jumped down and took out the scroll that contained the remains of all his half siblings and unrolled it to seal another one inside. Now that he had all the necessary things, he had somewhere else he needed to go.

And dear Kami was he looking forward to the aftermath of it…

(Minato's house)

Minato laid on the ground in pain as he had for who knows how long now. Where he was was a room without windows as well as the door closed so he had no means to tell the time given he couldn't see the change of lighting. The room was dark, which made it hard to tell just where the hell his brat of a future weapon sent him. Even though their initial plan as well as their secondary plan had failed he would not stop until Naruto was under his control. He just needed enough time to make a proper seal and then everything afterwards would run so smoothly.

His body was still in so much pain at the moment. Whatever electrical attack Naruto had hit him with had essentially paralysed him, but for how long was the main question he had. He couldn't move or even speak as he was, and what made it worse was the fact he had both pissed as well as shit in his pants in the time he had been stuck like this since he couldn't move to find a bathroom of any sort. So he had to suffer that horrible smell as well and it was only pissing him off more that Naruto put him in this position. But after what seemed like forever, the room finally illuminated itself.

Minato's eyes opened in shock since he saw that this entire time he had been in his own study in his house back in Konoha. How the brat had managed to send him here of all places was going through his mind more than the fact that he was literally suffering in his own home like this. What made the situation worse was that there were few people who could enter this place since the seals prevented others from intruding, and he assumed Jiraiya had been killed, and if that was the case he would make Naruto pay for that. The only other person he could think of getting in here was Tsunade, but she had left to go to the Fire Capital along with a group to get the resources they would need to fix the damage done in the massive explosion that destroyed the ROOT facility underground. But after a bit, Minato's eyes widened in shock further. The seals that illuminated the room were not automatic and had to be activated manually. And since he was unable to do so, and Tsunade and/or Jiraiya would have helped him already, that only left…

"So this is what has become of the famous Yondaime Hokage Minato Namikaze," said a voice behind him. Minato knew whose voice it was but was unable to move to look the man in the eyes. Yet the man knew this and picked up the nice comfortable chair that was behind Minato's desk and placed it by the door so that Minato could see him. "And to think that so many people feared you for your strength. Man, if only the rest of the world could see you as I am now they wouldn't be afraid of you anymore since you are nothing more than a mortal man."

"Gieufhis" said Minato, in a garbled voice that no one could understand just what the hell he was talking about. He couldn't make out proper words as he was.

"So not only did me electrocuting the fuck out of you mess up your ability to move," said Naruto with a smirk, "but it also made it so you can't speak? Not gonna lie, didn't expect that but I am enjoying this. Now I can talk and you can't say shit back."

"Gfdssfdfs," stammered Minato, trying to convey his rage but failing to do so since he still could not talk properly.

"I just came by to let you know about the state of the Elemental Countries right now," said Naruto. "The blockade you had surrounding Snow Country's capital city has been destroyed. There are no survivors so your forces have taken a major hit with no proper means to recover. Jiraiya is dead, I know this since I killed the man, and the Toads have been eliminated down to the very last one so you no longer have any of them to summon. I have to hand it to you Minato, you are a narcissistic rapist with the delusions that you are some sort of god, but you do know how to make a weapon. But the only problem with your plans is that I am fighting against you instead of for you. Years of hard dedicated work you have spent countless time in the shadows of society to achieve are all becoming worthless."

Minato didn't even try to speak since he knew he couldn't but he glared as hard as he could at Naruto in some vain hope that by doing so it would solve everything. He knew it wouldn't but he couldn't leave or even move to anything else so this was all he had.

"But I came here not to gloat about your plans failing," said Naruto with a chuckle, "but to enlighten you about a bit of a side project I was working on. Thankfully I finally completed it, so allow me to show you the fruits of my labor in full."

Naruto then pulled out the two large scrolls he wanted to show off and with a quick whip they opened up and unrolled fully on both sides of Minato. Naruto then bit his thumbs and wiped the blood from his bleeding fingers onto the scrolls. Minato's eyes widened as much as they possibly could the second he saw the bodies that were sealed inside.

"I am fairly certain you know what these are," said Naruto with a smirk, "but to make it fully obvious allow me to state what it is that you are looking at. To your left, the bodies you can see, are all the women you have ever slept with that are still alive, or rather were still alive. But if you look to your right, which I know you can't, you would see the bodies of all your children. Every. Last. One."

Naruto then walked over to Minato, who was still incapable of speaking and kicked him so he was now fully on his back instead of his side. He held up his hand and sliced his palm with one of his fingers. His blood seeped out from the deep cut, but healed instantly as well. The blood formed into a ball of medicine. He kneeled down and opened Minato's mouth wide enough to get the medicine ball inside it, which he did by slamming it into his mouth hard. Minato had no choice but to swallow the ball that he was forcibly given.

"You are now probably wondering what I just made you swallow," said Naruto as he got back onto his feet, "well don't worry about it. That wasn't poison or anything like that since If I wanted to kill you I would do it with my bare hands while you were helpless to stop me. What I had you swallow was medicine that will make you good as new in about 12 hours give or take. You are probably now wondering why I would give you medicine at all, but the reason for that is just pure curiosity really. I want to see just what you will do with what little you have left. So Minato, plan away, I look forward to your desperate attempts to win this war you started. Let's see you put your legendary tactical mind to the test shall we? You already did what many deemed impossible once and ended a war with basically one jutsu, so let's see if you can pull off another impossibility and win this one as well. Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go home. This past week has been fairly busy so I think I deserve some rest."

And as Minato was still stuck there on the floor of his study, now on his back as well as surrounded by the corpses of his sexual conquests and his progeny. He didn't know how he would do it, but he swore to Kami herself that he would make Naruto pay for this…

(Spring Country)

Karin, Ayame, and Hinata had been traveling from Fire Country for quite some time after Naruto's clone had eliminated their pursuers. They had done as he asked and made their way towards Spring, but were delayed a bit given they had to find a rowboat to get there. The only other types of boats were merchant boats and Konoha was in control of them for the time being to cut off resources to the people of Spring to starve them into submission. Last they had heard about it, the plan was working, but from what little Naruto had said they questioned if it still was.

It didn't take as long to row towards Spring as they had initially thought, since there were three of them they were able to alternate who got to rest so that they were rowing nonstop. They made landfall and immediately set off inwards towards the Capital city since Naruto had told them not to worry about any sort of hindrance. And so far there was none so his words spoke true, but they all knew him and knew he wasn't one to lie. Hell, they came across what remained of one of the posts that had been occupied by Konoha shinobi, but not only was it abandoned, but it was destroyed as well as in a pit of all things. They wondered just what the hell had happened here, but they would ask someone later when they got to the capital and could rest without fear.

Judging by the map that thankfully Karin had with her, which she was so glad she had one in the first place, they were still about a day's journey away, so they rested at a makeshift camp and continued onwards in the morning. They would have probably arrived by now, but Ayame was not a shinobi so she wasn't as fast as the other two who were. Everything was going smoothly, but when the Capital city's walls were within sight in the distance, that was when they finally ran into trouble…

And that trouble's name was Neji Hyuga…

You see, the chain of command for the forces of Konoha was in a major disarray. The groups that inhabited the multiple posts were supposed to wait until Kakashi kidnapped Koyuki and forced her to turn on the generator once more so they could advance. In the snow they were at a major disadvantage since they didn't have those who used ice jutsu like the shinobi of SPring could. While it would have been simpler to just kill Koyuki and take the key instead, Minato had been adamant that she be taken alive. It didn't take a genius to know exactly why the man wanted her alive, but he was their leader so they would not question or disobey. But after the main forces invaded the Capital once their main advantage was gone, then they would have waited until the secondary group arrived to take back any prisoners they had at that point of time.

Now the problem was that the main forces were all dead, devoured by the various monsters that were under Naruto's command, and Konoha itself was in turmoil given the large explosion that caused so many buildings to sink into the ground. So no one had been able to contact the secondary group to state otherwise, and they didn't know what was happening themselves given they were posted on the piers near the ship they would use to transport the prisoners. So now that the timing was right, or at least they assumed that was the case since the generator was on and the snow was gone, they all began to move out. Within their numbers were the members of Neji's squad, with Tenten and Rock Lee right beside him. Might Guy was not there since he was part of the forces that had blockaded the country, so he was dead by this point and his team had no idea that he was deceased.

Their group had been quick to move and made it to where there was supposed to be an outpost, but all they saw was wreckage all over, which made no sense. The enemy wasn't able to make a proper counterattack since they were surrounded so this shouldn't have happened. Yet as they continued further towards the Capitol, Neji saw three people in the distance, one of which made him stop in his tracks in fury.

For as long as he could remember he had hated his cousin for two reasons. He blamed her inability to fend off her kidnapper when she was a child and because she couldn't he had lost his own father when he sacrificed himself since Kumo wanted a Hyuga, so they gave them one with the Cage Bird Seal. His father had died enroute, and he couldn't do anything more than blame Hinata for it. Then there was the second reason which was she went against family traditions by loving the demon of all people. Naruto was meant to be a weapon for the use of the village, so openly admitting her love for him like she had done was idiotic. He had laughed hard when he had heard that she was going to become nothing more than property to another, and laughed harder that it was Kiba who was going to own her since he knew his cousin hated the mutt. To be honest Neji did too, but that was because he knew what type of person Kiba was and so he didn't associate with his type. Yet to hear that Hinata was going to be owned and more or less defiled by him only made it all the more sweet in his eyes.

Last he had heard, she was in a jail cell with seals being placed on her. So why in the hell was she here of all places? This was nowhere near Konoha. No matter, for Neji would correct this mistake himself, and he would make sure that Hinata was not only brought back but was punished severely before she was whored off to Kiba. So he led the group in the direction of Hinata and her group, who were running through a field of large rocks. Neji and his two squad mates made it to the other side before they heard screams behind them.

Neji and company, Hinata and hers included, all looked back to see why there was screaming. And the horrific image they saw would haunt them for years. They saw the other Konoha shinobi being attacked by large monsters, who apparently had been the rocks that were in the ground, but sleeping. The shinobi tried to fight them off, but they were no match and were killed without mercy of any sort.

Hinata and her group saw this horrific image and ran as fast as they could away from the monsters. They had no clue as to what the hell they were, but dear Kami they weren't going to stick around on the off chance that they made chase and tried to kill and eat them like they had the Konoha shinobi. But they still had Ayame with them, and that slowed them down a bit, and Neji's group was capitalizing on that fact.

Hinata was able to look back as they got close and saw the murderous rage in her cousin's eyes as he was so very close to them. Hinata as well as Karin told Ayame to keep running as they took up defensive stances to buy her time. At the most she would be able to make it and send aid from the Capital so long as they could hold out. But it was three against one here so the odds were not in their favor. Neji didn't really give them a chance to make any sort of plans though since he went to strike Hinata with a a strike from his Gentle Fist style, but his attack never connected…

To Hinata that is…

Neji's hand was caught by a dark cloaked man with a mask on that showed sharp pointed evil looking teeth in a grin with devilish red eyes. This man had simply held up his hand to block the strike with his palm, and didn't seem like he was affected by it in the slightest. Neji went to attack this stranger more, but no matter where he tried to strike, the man was able to block his strikes with just his palm without moving anything else. It ended though when the man slammed his head against Neji's in a headbutt that hit hard enough to draw blood from the wound it caused in the center of his forehead. The headbutt had literally cracked the Hiate Neji wore down the center.

"Hinata, Karin," said the man as he pointed towards the capital, "head towards the capital. I'll take care of them." The man then pulled his hood off as well as his face mask so that they could see that it was Naruto who was once again helping them. Though via Shadow clone or in person this time they had no idea. He did wink at Hinata before she left, which made her blush heavily, but as he saw them leave, he went back to being fully serious for the fight. He saw that Lee and Tenten were going to try and capture Hinata and Karin, most likely to be used as hostages of some sort, which while it seemed like a good idea wouldn't be a good one given that Naruto had so many different methods of countering such a plan. Naruto put a stop to their attempts by stomping his foot. What this did was summon a wall of darkish pink crystals that surrounded the four of them, but then they grew to the point they became a dome so that there was no escaping from the area by jumping over them.

"So the demon has made itself known once more," said Neji with arrogance in his tone, "last time I had heard you had been killed by the Yondaime Hokage."

"I could say the same to you Neji," said Naruto with a chuckle, "since I saw you die on that battlefield. But then again it was all one elaborate hoax to make the other villages unaware of the true numbers Konoha still had so when the end of the war came they weren't prepared for the full might of a single village. So that makes us both wrong in our knowledge of the others demise."

"Well I aim to rectify that here and now," siad Neji as he and his squad got into offensive stances.

"Apparently time has dwindled your mind old friend," said Naruto mockingly, "since the last time we fought ended in your loss."

"That fight didn't count demon!"

"Whether you admit it or not Neji, you still lost to me, and that was when I only had the Kyubi inside me and was untrained on how to use it. So now that I have literally the combined might of all Biju at my command as well as the training on how to use it, just how the hell do you plan on winning this?"

Neji said nothing, yet he and his squad all attacked at once to try and end Naruto here and now before he could retaliate in some manner. Yet judging by the smirk Naruto had, it was already too late. Their attacks simply phased through him without so much as inflicting a scratch, and with a simple kick, he sent all three of them back hard to the point they slammed into the crystals behind them.

Yet Naruto wasn't done yet, since he summoned up a chakra chain, one with a barbed tip on the end of it, and launched it into Lee's shoulder. Once he was hooked, Naruto pulled him back towards him, where he then proceeded to stab into Lee's stomach with his bare hand.

"I remember all the hassle I went through to get Tsunade to come back to Konoha so that she could heal you," said Naruto with a growl, "and yet all this time you were never my friend as I once thought, but were in fact my enemy. I hate liars above all else Lee, so allow me to take back the labors of my hard work with added interest."

Naruto heard Neji and Tenten call out to Lee as he stabbed him with his other hand. Once inside Lee's body, he grabbed ahold of his spine, turned him sideways and then ripped him in half before throwing him to the sides with enough force to splatter him against the crystals. To make this horrific scene more so, Naruto then slowly licked the blood off his fingers to the shock of both Neji and Tenten. It tasted horrible, but he was going for the disturbing imagery here to mess with them. The more horrified they were of him the better in his mind.

"Monster!" shouted Tenten in horror.

"Can't you keep your insults towards me consistent," asked Naruto as he flung the rest of the blood on his hand off of it into the ground. "People keep going back and forth from demon to monster. Pick one and stick with it people. But either way I won't deny what I am since I enjoy being what I am since it gives me the power to actually live a life worth a damn instead of one that is nothing more than a lie so as to control me. I am the literal force of nature itself and I will not be bound."

Naruto then inhaled a lot of air so that his cheeks puffed out, and as they saw him do this, both Neji and Tenten knew what he was planning was an area jutsu so they couldn't dodge it. They were surrounded by this crystal so retreat was not an option, but luckily Tenten had the means for defending against this attack in her arsenal.

As Naruto blew out a large stream of fire, Tenten whipped out her recently forged shield. It was not heavy, yet still strong given it was made with chakra absorbing metal. The materials were usually hard to get one's hands on, but since all major villages had been evacuated with the people who resided inside them fleeing to either Spring or other places, it was easier now to get said material from the abandoned villages. Tenten had always wanted to make some sort of protection from frontal assault jutsu like this, and she forged a shield that was painted with the symbol of Konoha on it. The shield did its duty and protected them from the flames, with the fire bouncing off the shield harmlessly and avoiding them altogether.

"What a nice shield you have there," said Naruto from beside Tenten and Neji, which made them jump in shock since he shouldn't be there if he was the one spitting fire at them. But the second he appeared next to them the fires stopped. "Strange to see a shinobi of all people wield a shield, given they are meant to be stealthy so why would you need something to defend with if your enemy shouldn't even know you are there?"

Tenten made to unsheath her kitana she had strapped to her back so as to slash at him, but Naruto wasn't having any of that. He grabbed her arm hard and with a pull ripped it off entirely. Tenten screamed in pain as she felt her arm ripped off, but her screams were quickly silenced with a simple swing of Naruto's hand. It was coated in razor sharp chakra, and it easily decapitated her to Neji's horror.

"Do you see now," said Naruto to Neji, who was paralysed in shock over Tenten's demise, "you're not dealing with a weak shinobi anymore. I have had time to hone my skills to get to this point Neji, and even the three of you never had a chance to win."

"I'll…" seethed Neji in rage as literal tears slid down his eyes, "I'll make you pay for this!"

"I can tell by your expression that you and Tenten were close," said Naruto with a smirk, "So I am guessing you were going out or something? Well not now obviously…"

Neji's eyes filled with pure hatred over the tone of Naruto's voice. The way he mentioned their relationship pissed him off so much since it was like Naruto was mocking them for it. But unfortunately for Neji, Naruto wasn't done since he picked up Tenten's severed head and shoved his hand in from the bottom.

"I'm sorry Neji," said Naruto in his girliest tone of voice he could manage. He probably could duplicate her tone of voice if he tried hard enough, but he really didn't care enough to try. He literally was using Tenten's head as some sort of hand puppet and was moving her lips to match the words. "But I no longer love you. You have an ugly face and a small penis. I am going to get double teamed by Rock Lee and Might Guy since they are more man than you will ever be. I'm gonna go get creampied by our sensei and name our bastard child Neji because he will be as worthless as you are and I want to remember that every time I call out for my useless child."

Neji at this point was seeing only red, but it only got worse as he saw Naruto blow up Tenten's head with some sort of jutsu from the inside.

"Well you heard it from her own mouth Neji," said Naruto with a laugh, "apparently Lee is more of a man than you. And considering I ripped him in half and then turned him into paste, I have no proper way to measure how much of a man you really are, but it is not even 1%."

Neji finally attempted to strike Naruto, which he was surprised the guy just stood there and let him do all that in the first place. He was trying to get a rise out of the man this entire time and yet he just stood there and let him talk shit about him as well as defile his girlfriend's literal corpse. Man Neji was slow sometimes.

Naruto though, once more blocked the Gentle Fist strike aimed at his heart this time since Neji was apparently angry enough to go for the killing blow off the bat. Even though he was angry, he was still skilled, but those skills would not help him here given his opponent had godlike power to use as his own. But Naruto wanted to take this humiliation of Neji to a whole new level, and he knew just how to do it.

Naruto smirked as he slammed Neji with an open palm strike to the chest, with enough force to literally cause a shockwave that blasted him back like his kick had earlier. Neji fell to his knees and coughed out blood since there was plenty of internal damage. Yet even though he was in a tremendous amount of pain, he got back up and into a aggressive stance, though his eyes did widen in shock at what he saw.

There stood Naruto, Byakugan in both eyes activated, in a Gentle Fist stance like his own…

"You dare defile our fighting style!" shouted Neji in rage.

"Apparently," said Naruto with a smirk, "but enough talking. More fighting Neji."

Neji rushed forward to put this demon down here and now, yet no matter what attack he threw at Naruto, Naruto countered it flawlessly. It enraged Neji that things that he had to train to the point of either sweat or blood coming out was being duplicated by a non-Hyuga of all people. This did not make any sort of sense in his mind, and thus it must be eliminated here and now! But try as he might nothing was working!

"I am bored with this," said Naruto as he leapt back to put some distance between them. "You are too predictable. I know all your moves before you make them. There are so many flaws to your style that it is nothing short of a miracle that your clan still is alive to this day."

"Our clan's style is perfect! There are no flaws!"

"Well Neji," said Naruto as he took a calm deep breath to finish this. He had played with his food long enough, now was the time to end it. "I'll be sure to put those as your final words. But allow me to enlighten you a bit. The one major flaw in your style is that you don't adapt it in any way. So allow me to show you how it can be done better. Consider this a parting gift." He then disappeared from Neji's sight. Neji tried to find him, but was too late since Naruto was behind him and slammed a Gentle Palm into Neji's back with enough chakra to literally destroy his heart by exploding it inside his body. Neji felt as his heart exploded and fell first to his knees, but then face first onto the ground as the life left his body.

"Poor Neji," said Naruto as he shook his head a bit. As he did his eyes returned back to their red coloring. "He died as he lived, like a dog." Naruto then walked over to the crystal dome and slammed his fist into the wall. Within seconds the crystals all shattered and then disappeared. Naruto whistled for one of his children to get rid of the bodies, and it was a Wraith that heeded the call. Naruto whistled a tune as he walked away from the sounds of organs being slurped up by his child, and he could only chuckle a bit since there was so much more food for them where that came from.

But as he walked back to the Capital since he was in no hurry at all given the place was not under attack of any sort, he could only wonder just what plans Minato would come up with now?

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