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Horrific Declaration of War

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Naruto walked quite easily through the snow of the mountain as he carried Koyuki on his back. She was nestled in quite comfortable as he carried her since he was using chakra to warm up his surrounding area like if he was in a bubble of some sort. Koyuki held on and as she did she couldn't help but blush as she felt the muscles he had acquired since they had last met. He had been a kid then who wore too much orange, but had this air about him that made friends wherever he went in life with a mentality to keep pushing forward even when others had all but given up entirely.

But as he carried her through the snow back to her palace, one major thing came to the forefront of her mind that she wanted answered…

"So where have you been this whole time," asked Koyuki since she genuinely wanted to know. She had heard that he had died three months ago, and the news had brought tears to her eyes since it hurt her to hear such a thing had befallen her as well as her countries hero.

"Another planet," said Naruto simply as he continued to walk without missing a step. There was one point where he stopped for a bit and smirked as the memories of his shadow clone flooded his mind, but other than that he never stopped. "And before you ask, I will explain things later when I can explain to everyone at once. It's a long complicated story that I really only want to tell once instead of multiple times to everyone."

"That's understandable. But what is the plan when we get back?"

"Well the plan is fairly simple," said Naruto as he smiled about it as he played it out in his mind, "we get close to your home, but then I will drop you off and let you finish the rest of the way on foot. Tell no one about me since word will spread too fast and the element of surprise is needed complete the plan I have in mind. Just say some creatures killed the shinobi who captured you and escaped while they fought them off."

"What were those creatures anyway," asked Koyuki. She had heard stories of monsters and such in her youth, but never heard of anything even remotely resembling those she saw protect her not too long ago.

"I'll explain that all later. But don't worry since they will not hurt you."

"So where will you go once you let me go?"

"Oh don't worry about that," said Naruto with a chuckle, "I'll be around to watch you from the shadows twenty four seven."

"So even when I'm asleep or showering?" asked Koyuki with a raised brow as well as a bit of a blush to think about her hero peeping on her while she was all wet and naked in the shower.

"When you are asleep yes, but when you are in the shower, well I'll let you decide whether or not you want me to watch you there. I don't mind if you want me to watch you naked." When Naruto said this, Koyuki's face lit up as her blush intensified since the more perverted thoughts began to seep out. But she quickly quelled those thoughts since now was not the time to think about such things. The rest of the trip was in complete silence, and Koyuki was fine with that since she got to hold on to her hero the whole way…

The trip took an hour and a half, but when they reached near the city limits, Naruto put Koyuki down to walk the rest of the way back on her own. She kissed him on the cheek as a sign of gratitude, and Naruto simply smiled as he disappeared in a gust of cold wind that made Koyuki cover her face for a few seconds. Once alone she made her way back to the palace under heavy escort. The allied forces had been looking for her literally everywhere in town and were shocked to hear that she was kidnapped under their noses like she had been. So once she had returned she made sure that they all knew what happened and explained that the shinobi sent to capture her were killed by a creature that she did not know and she made her escape as it killed them. They bought it since in their minds she had no reason to lie to them so they accepted her explaination on face value. And for the next week, nothing more had happened…

But while in Snow Country, nothing major happened, in Konoha Minato was having a major hissy fit due to recent events. All four teams he had recently sent out to acquire certain things had all not returned with said thing or at all in general which meant they were more than likely dead. Those he sent to Whirlpool had died, and even the second group he sent to see what happened had perished as well. Those he sent to capture Hinata ahd been killed, and he wondered just what the hell happened there. There were so many strong shinobi slaughtered and yet his enemy was trapped in Snow, which led to the last problem since the machine to counter the snow itself was still not activated, which meant Kakashi and his group had failed as well. HOW!

The only piece of information he had been able to gather was what the tracker nin he had scout the area were able to tell him. They found the bodies of the Inuzuka who had been crushed under a boulder, and to make matters worse, what they senses and smelled was not human in the slightest that did the deed. And while he was at first skeptical about that, he began to wonder about it. But now he made plans to have Inoichi once more use the chamber that enhanced his clan's jutsu to see what the hell was going on in Snow and try to once again capture Koyuki to turn on the machine if able. So here Minato was as he saw Inoichi sit down in a cross-legged position as he activated his clan's jutsu once more. He again infiltrated the mind of the maid he had used the first time and when he had complete control he began to snoop around and question what the hell happened.

From what he was able to learn, Kakashi and his group had died by the hands of wild beast they were not prepared for in the mountains and that Koyuki had escaped while they were killed. Knowing that he could not get close using the same person as last time when they sprung their trap, Inoichi transferred over to another maid to use this time. Once inside he walked over to her room and opened it up under the pretense of delivering fresh blankets to Koyuki personally. Once inside, he made his move to try and transfer into her mind. They had tried to do this when they set up the complex seals in the chamber within Konoha, but there were those whose minds were naturally resistant to manipulation, and unfortunately she was one of them. But in person it would be so much simpler since this sealed room worked to let her use his jutsu long distance, but it made it far weaker as a result so only the weak minded could be controlled like this.

Once he tried to take over Koyuki's mind, that was when Naruto made himself known and pounced on the maid. He slammed his hand onto her head, using his own abilities to infiltrate the mind of the maid he was on. Inoichi was terrified that somehow this person, since he had no idea who it was, was able to enter the mind of the maid as well and began to retreat back through the doorway that symbolized his entry point. Naruto ran through the corridor of this young woman's mind as he chased Inoichi through it, and saw Inoichi escape through the doorway back to his own mind. But he never got the door closed all the way because Naruto charged energy into his hand that made it jet black and smashed the doorway so that Inoichi was launched backwards as Naruto entered his mind. The gap left by the shattered doorway closed up seconds after he entered.

"Ah Inoichi," said Naruto as he cracked his knuckles as well as his neck, "it has been a while since we last saw each other. But then again you were reported dead when the Juubi blew up our allied headquarters so I never thought I would see you again."

"Wait a second," said Inoichi as he got back to his feet. He tried to exit his own mindscape, but for reasons that were beyond even him he was unable to do that. "Naruto? You are supposed to be dead!"

"So are you," said Naruto as he pointed at Inoichi, "but unlike you I didn't fake my death."

"How are you even here in my mind? You are no Yamanaka!"

"True," said Naruto with a chuckle, "but then again I prefer to be an Uzumaki since we are honorable to the end. You are a liar, plain and simple, and as such are pathetic!"

"You will pay for this monster," growled Inoichi as he was insulted by someone who was supposed to be nothing more than a weapon for the village to use. "You made a mistake coming here brat. This is my mind and within it I am a god!"

"What is it with clan members from Konoha and their oversized egos," asked Naruto as he laughed, "because this may be your mind, but I know of its one major flaw."

"My clan's jutsu has no flaw to it!"

"The Hyuga say the same thing. The Byakugan gives a near three sixty diameter field of vision, but there is one blind spot at the back of the neck above the first thoracic vertebra that not many people know about. Unfortunately for them I do know about it though."

"Oh yeah," said Inoichi before he summoned spikes to appear that pierced Naruto all over to keep him locked in place, "and so what is my clan's jutsu flaw?

"It's simple," said Naruto with a sinister smile as he blasted the area with his chakra. The energy disitigrated the spikes in his body, and continued onwards past Inoichi. The area changed from a simple field of sorts into an elaborate castle of grand design with the front door open. There were lit torches on the wall, and Naruto rose up into the newly formed balcony that overlooked the grand hall they now found themselves in. "Your jutsu can be overpowered if the one you used it on has a higher willpower. And dear kami don't I have an abnormally large amount of willpower. I had to have such willpower to survive what the village did to me in my youth. Otherwise I would have commited suicide by the age of five from all the attempts on my life mixed in with all the hatred. But why am I telling you of all people this in the first place, you should know since it was your job to erase all the abuse I suffered from my mind as well as place the markers that would be used when I was meant to be forced into submission. But little did you know that the demon sealed within me kept all my memories backed up so whatever you erased, I immediately remembered once you left my mind. And it is because of that that I think it is only fair that I fuck with your mind as you did mine, but unlike me you don't have a nine tailed fox demon to repair the damage done when it is all over."

Naruto jumped down from the balcony and landed in front of Inoichi, who moved back a bit in fear before he gained the courage to attack instead of retreat. He punched Naruto in the face, but Naruto didn't even flinch when it happened. He just kept looking at him with a creepy smile on his face. Inoichi tried to strike again in hopes that this time it would do more damage, but once more it did nothing. It was at this time that a jet black tail of energy popped out from behind Naruto and smacked Inoichi upside the head so that he was sent back with a spin. Inoichi spit out the blood that had pooled in his mouth. He looked and saw Naruto slowly moving towards him, and his fight or flight instinct was kicking in right now which in itself was weighing heavily on the flight side. So he got up and attempted to escape out the still open front door, but he didn't get far since Naruto laughed maniaclly as he clicked his finger. The sound echoed through the hall, and as Inoichi neared the doors they slammed shut in his face.

Inoichi was unable to do anything else, since a straight jacket engulfed him and tightened up. The jacket was attached to a chain, which he saw Naruto begin to pull towards him. All the while Inoichi was struggling in an attempt to escape his bindings. When he was only a few yards away he used all of his mind to conjure up a simple kunai that he used to cut his way out of the jacket. He then began to run off into one of the hallways that branched off from the main hall. The way he took forked into two paths, which he quickly chose the left one and ended up at the base of a staircase. He ran up them in hopes that there was some sort of exit up there. But as he neared the top of the stairs he saw Naruto standing there, still smiling that sinister style. He stomped his foot down hard, which caused the stairs to change into a stone slide that forced Inoichi to slide back to the ground floor.

Inoichi hit the ground running, this time taking the right path. But the further he ran the darker the passageway became until there was nothing more than darkness surrounding him. He looked around and found nothing.

"And in the end the darkness shall consume you," said Naruto in a demonic voice that sent shivers down Inoichi's spine as he heard it since he could not physically see him. "But do not worry about it, for I'll make sure to have Ino suffer the same fate so that you will forever be together within the abyss I made just for the two of you."

"You stay away from my daughter you demon!" shouted Inoichi in pure rage as he heard the threat. But out of the darkness came Naruto, who within his right hand held an orb of what could only be described as pure darkness that was somehow even darker than the darkness that surrounded them.

"No," said Naruto simply with pure malice in his voice before he slammed the orb into Inoichi, doing so used the power of the Rinnigan that he possessed to suck his soul out of his body into a personal hell he made to forever torment him as well as his daughter in the near future. This left Inoichi as nothing more than a hollow husk, but one he planned to use for his next phase of the plan. And with a grin on his face he pulsed his power out to control the body like one does a puppet…

(Real World)

As all this took place in Inoichi's mind, Minato stood watch as he saw him begin to spasm a bit for reasons he was unclear of. He was just about to find another Yamanaka as well as a doctor to try and help his friend, but then he stopped as his head jerked up and he opened his eyes to look at Minato.

"Hello Minato," said Inoichi which disturbed Minato since the tone of voice was wrong. "Good to see you again."

"Who the hell are you," asked Minato in anger, "and what has happened to Inoichi."

"To answer the latter question first," said 'Inoichi' with a grin as he stood up and dusted himself off, "Inoichi is gone. He tried to control the mind of the wrong person and suffered majorly for the attempt when I crushed his soul literally, leaving him as nothing more than an empty husk for me to control for the time being."

"So who exactly are you," said Minato through strained teeth as he gripped his hands hard in rage that his friend had died in such a way.

"I'm surprised you don't recognize the tone of voice, but then again you are not the genious you claim to be."

"Silence your tongue before I remove it personally!"

"Like I care if you do that," said 'Inoichi' with a shrug, "since this is not my body and I won't even feel it. Kind of like any woman you have been with."

Minato took great offense to that statement, and in his rage he punched him. But like 'Inoichi' said he felt nothing from it.

"You really don't listen very well do you?" asked 'Inoichi' with a raised eyebrow. "Luckily for me I didn't inherit your ego."

"Wait," said Minato as he heard him say that and paused for a second, "what?"

"Well obiously I didn't inherit deafness either since I can hear clearly unlike you."

"Naruto?" asked Minato with eyes filled with shock. He was still processing the fact that Naruto had somehow managed to defeat Inoichi of all people in a battle of the minds. In his own mind that shouldn't have been even remotely possible.

"It's so good to see that you remember my name after so long,"

"Where have you been hiding your cowardly ass for the past three months?"

"Cowardly," asked Naruto, since now his father knew who he was even though he was using Inochi's body as a puppet to deliver a message like he was now. "This coming from the man who faked his death and hid himself for the past sixteen years, all the while manipulating events so that you would have a godlike weapon to use at all times. So tell me, how did that plan work out for you in the end?"

"I don't know how you were able to break free from my control or how you broke free from the seals that have been on you since birth, but I promise you that in the end you will kneel before me! And for disobeying me as such I will make you suffer til the end of your days by any means nesecary!"

"You think I am scared of you?" asked Naruto with a laugh that pissed Minato off to the point of ginding his teeth as he heard it, "because I am not if you actually think that I am. Now while we could stand here and do this whole song and dance of you threatening me and me just laughing harder as you try to intimidate me in one way or another. But allow me to explain what is happening as we speak. Your group you sent out to capture Hinata in an attempt to turn her into a sex slave to that mutt Kiba, I killed them all personally and burned Kiba alive as he screamed like the little bitch that he was. So feel free to tell his mother Tsume this bit of information. I only wish I could be there to see it personally but I can't have everything I want now can i?"

"You will pay for this!"

"Just like Kakashi and his group did when I killed them as they dreddged through the thick blizzard to try and turn on the machine to rid Snow country of said element? Because he did no better than Kiba and his group. But before I ended him I let him know that you were using him all his life after you killed his father and made it look like a suicide all those years ago."

"How do you know about that?" asked Minato with a look of even more shock on his face from hearing that. No one, and he meant no one knew of his involvement in the death of the White Fang

"There is so much that I know," said Naruto with a sinister grin, "and I am going to use this information to aid your enemies against you. You made me a weapon to wage war, but you failed to control me like you initially planned. So what do you think are your odds, because I can tell you they are not good bordering on impossible as they are now."

"You will submit to me in the end!"

"Yeah yeah," said Naruto as he stood up and folded his arms, "but the reason I am here is to tell you that I am back to aid my friends. But that is secondary to my primary reason."

"Which is?"

"Destroying this fucking room in a manner that you won't be able to use it anymore," said Naruto as his body began to turn crimson red as his chakra built up to explosive levels, "so now how do you choose to die oh infamous Yondaime Hokage? In a massive explosion that will leave you buried under so much rubble that they will not find your body? Or run away like a coward and ready yourself for our eventual confrontation that will end with your utter demise? Take your pick since I am fine with either since you mean nothing to me." And with that, the red energy within him turned jet black as his body began to bulge in a grotesque way as various limbs filled up like a balloon. Minato looked on in horror to see his friend end up like this, but he quickly decided to retreat and used his Hirishin to a preset location out of harm's way.

"I knew it," laughed Naruto as his puppet finally exploded in a massive burst of energy…

(Hokage Office)

Minato teleported to his office and braced himself for the inevitable explosion that was going to rock the foundation of the building. The chamber that they had made to control people from a far off distance was built underneath the tower itself since it was one of the most secure places in all the village. It was also connected to a few tunnels that led to those used by his ROOT agents, but that ws okay since only ROOT was ever in those tunnels and they were completely loyal to him in every sense of the word. But just as he thought that there was no explosion to come, it happened…

And all hell broke loose from it…

A beam of black light shot up into the air that punched through all floors of the Hokage tower. Minato screamed in pain as his arm up to the elbow was consumed in it and simply vanished as a result, but that wasn't even the worst of it. Minato saw at the tip of his now stub of an arm was a black fire that was beginning to burn his flesh away, so he used his blade to hack off the bit that was burning before making a tournaquete out of a torn piece of his shirt to stem the flow of blood. He then jumped out the window as the building began to collapse in on itself since about sixty percent of it was gone all centered around the center so there was nothing to support the walls of the building anymore. As he jumped out and landed on his feet outside, he saw just how much destruction had been caused by his bastard child.

The explosion had not only traveled upwards as he had thought, but it had traveled through the various tunnels that spanned the entire village, and it was because of that fact that most of the buildings in said village were beginning to crumble and break as they sank into the ground since the ground below them were no longer secure like they used to be. There were so many people in the streets shouting and screaming, all wondering just what in the hell was happening right now, but couldn't come up with an answer to their valid question. As the destruction and terror filled the streets, Minato summoned up a toad and told him to tell Jiraiya to get his ass back to the village immediately. Minato then just stood in place as the destruction ranged on around him and could do nothing more than glare as he made plans to force Naruto into submission so that he would suffer for this act against his master…

(Snow Country)

As soon as the body had exploded in Konoha, Naruto cut off his connection to it and let go of the maid that he had used as a medium to do what needed to be done.

"It is done," said Naruto simply as he used his abilities to channel a bit of chakra into the maid to make her forget all this had happened so that here mind was of sound mind after being invaded like it was. She was no Yamanaka so such a thing would leave some traumatizing affects if not treated like he had done.

"So what now," asked Koyuki as Naruto got up and lifted the maid in his arms. Koyuki was a bit pissed that he wasn't carrying her like that but the maid needed to be placed in a bed somewhere so she couldn't really be mad that Naruto had decided to carry her into such a thing.

"Well first let's get this young lady into a proper bed to rest this all off and then meet with the rest of those who lead what is left of the major villages nowadays." Naruto then made his way out of the royal bedroom while Koyuki did the same. Naruto went left to take the maid to the servants quarters while Koyuki went right to meet with the leaders and tell them to meet for a very important mission. Naruto made it to his destination easily without any problem, as did Koyuki. But as the leaders followed her to the War room for the meeting, they happened upon Temari herself.

The young woman had been no more than a poor lost soul ever since her brother Gaara died. But her despair had only intensified as she was almost captured by her ex-boyfriend to be used as a breeding sow and it was only because of Gaara himself intervening that she was still free. But her mood solidified after she heard that Naruto, someone she adored and damn well loved in time, had perished in battle after saving them all from Mandara and his group. She spent most of her days endlessly shambling through the halls as she cried to herself in despair for losing so much. But Koyuki grabbed ahold of her and told her to come to the meeting since she had an announcement that would break her from her funk once said. Temari came along in the end, and as they arrived, none of them looked up to see Naruto standing on a pole looking down at the proceedings so as to surprise his friends with the news of his survival.

"So why have you called us all into this meeting," asked Ao as he sat down in his assigned seat.

"I have called you all here since I have some news that will help us finally turn this war into our favor," said Koyuki with a smile on her face.

"And what news is this," asked Kurotsuchi. In her mind any means to inflict a loss towards her village's number one enemy was a good thing.

"A new ally has agreed to help us in our fight."

"While any and all sorts of help is appreciated in this conflict," said Samui with a groan as she was hoping there was more to this than that but she wasn't going to get her hopes up. She was a realist and in her mind they were more than likely going to lose this war in the end, and while she was willing to accept this she would still fight like a woman possessed to kill as many Konoha shinobi as possible to avenge not only her sensei Bee, but her former leader A as well. "One person isn't much of a difference."

"I have to agree with Samui on this," said Kankuro. "If said person was a Jinchurriki then it might, but they are all dead with their Biju dead with them."

"But I can assure you that this one person is exactly who we need to aid us in this fight." Said Koyuki, who had yet to lose her smile as she said this.

"Okay," said Kankuro as he looked at the other leaders with a quizzical look on not just his own but their own faces as well, "I'll bite. Just who the hell do you think can turn this war around in our favor once more? This person is essentially being asked to do the impossible against an army that will show no mercy to anyone other than those with bloodlines, and that's just so they can be captured and used to breed more in the future."

"Way to be such downer," said a voice from above them that made all the people jump in their seats since they were not expecting it. Naruto chuckled as he saw them do so and hopped down from the bar he was on and landed on the table that had the map they used to plan tactics on it. "But to be honest, this isn't the first time I have been asked to do the impossible and managed to do just that."

"Just who the hell are you?" asked Kankuro as he readied a kunai as well as the other leaders who prepared their own weapons to deal with intruder.

"I'm hurt Kankuro," said Naruto as he looked at him, "since I always thought of you as family along with Gaara."

Kankuro was stunned as he heard this, along with everyone else sans Koyuki who knew who he was already. It was Temari who broke the uncomfortable silence as more tears poured out of her eyes, but unlike the usual ones these were in joy and not sadness.

"Naruto," said Temari simply as Naruto chuckled and pulled his hood off to show the others who exactly he was.

"Good to see my friends again after so long," said Naruto as he full on laughed this time.

"It's only been three months since we last saw each other," said Kankuro.

"For you maybe," said Naruto with a chuckle, "but for me it has been ten years."

"How is that possible," asked Ao, who was just as lost as everyone else on such a thing since it didn't make sense at all.

"Allow me to explain things from the beginning, but before I start does anyone have something to drink?" asked Naruto. Ao tossed him a flask he had on his person, since he had begun to take up drinking again after so many years sober in these dire times. Naruto took the flask and downed the continents in a few gulps before he tossed the flask back. "Thanks, I really needed that. But allow me to explain. When I vanished here three months ago, I didn't die as everyone expected."

"Well obviously," said Kankuro before Temari punched him for interrupting.

"Thank you Temari. But what had happened was that Minato, who I regretfully am related to by blood since he is my father, and please wait before you do something rash Kurosutchi since I know of your entire village's hatred towards the man due to his actions in the third Shinobi war."

Naruto was glad he said that since the woman had just pulled out a kunai to try and attack him since he was Minato's son, but she would wait until the end of his story before she passed judgement.

"Minato raped my mother Kushina Uzumaki in the past to conceive me so that his master plan could come to fuition. She tried to escape with me once I was born with the help of the freed Kyubi, who helped her in a mixture of genuine caring and a sense of self preservation since he did not want to be sealed away again. But in the end she was captured and killed when she refused to go along with their plan for me. The Kyubi was sealed into me and my life became the hell that many Jinchuuriki unforunatley suffer. But Minato manipulated events to instill a sense of loyalty in me as well as a drive to make friends. And in doing so had be taught by his old sensei Jiraiya, who taught me the bare minimum, but he did teach me a techique to use as a last resort to sacrifice myself to rid the world of the Biju so that the enemy would not be able to use them in the Fourth Shinobi War. This was the jutsu I used in the end to defeat Madara and I fully expected to die as a result, but that was not the case. What it did was seal them all into my person and then a secondary seal I was unaware of entirely activated. What I was unaware of was the numerous seals on my person that were meant to control me when activated, and Minato activated them once I had all that power within me. He unsealed some memories of my past that showed me what had really happened to my mother that fateful night so as to distract me long enough to finish his seals against me. He nearly had me, but a gift my friend Shion had given me a while back had a seal that countered the ones put on me and broke me free from his control. In my rage my power was amplified and I used it to teleport away, but since I had no set destination in mind I teleported to a place that I had never been."

"Where did you go," asked Koyuki, who was interested as to where this story was going since it was fairly interesting.

"A new planet entirely that I came to learn was named Shear."

"Wait a minute," said Samui as she waved her hands to signal Naruto to hold on for a second before he continued on with his story. "You were on another planet? Were there people there?"

"Not at first," said Naruto, "but five years after my arrival people did show up and colonized it to mine it for resources. And I'll get to that in a bit, so allow me to continue my story. While I was on that planet, I hid myself away and meditated to find this planet so that I could return home and aid you in this fight. And while I was able to find home, I didn't have the power to return so I started to gather the energy to get back. I sealed myself away in a crystal to protect myself, yet used Shadow clones to train myself in my new abilities that I had acquired because of the sealing I did. Five years past, and yet for reasonsi have never understood time went faster there than here since only a month and a half had passed. I kept tabs on what has happened and it drove me forward to return home. Five years into my isolation humans came to the planet and began to kill he wildlife and began to mine the planet. The creatures found the cave I hid away in and began to leech off of my energy, and doing so evolved them into large rage filled monsters that began to fight back and kill the colonists. It go so bad that they evacuated the planet and hired hunters from all over to kill them, and even that barely made a difference of any sort. So once all of them were gone, the hunters hunted down the source of the monsters and found me in my cave. They tried to subdue me, and like I'm telling you I told them how I ended up there in the first place. With their help I was able to return home finally and I am now here to help you once more as I did months ago."

"That is unbelieveable," said Kankuro as he heard the story Naruto said.

"I know," said Naruto with a shrug of his shoulders, "and if it wasn't for the fact that I lived through it myself I wouldn't believe it either."

"But how exactly are you going to help us?"

"You have the help of a man with the combined might of all nine biju at his beck and call. But as an added bonus I didn't come alone."

"Who did you bring," asked Ao in genuine curiosity.

"Those very same monsters that held off the hunters," said Naruto with a smirk. "They are essentially my children since it was from my power that they evolved into such beings. They exist on a hive mind sort of thinking and obey my orders to the letter."

"And just how are these monsters going to help us?"

"These monsters were able to fight off against people who wielded weapons that were beyond anything that we ourselves were capable of making and continue until they gave up. So what chances do people who use swords have when such technology failed to do the job. Koyuki as my witness, she saw firsthand what they can do."

"Okay," said Kankuro as he thought about the big picture here. "say you have these monsters, but unless you brought an army of them with you it won't make much difference."

"Well then," said Naruto as he began to walk towards the door with one hand in his pocket and the other one waving with a 'follow me' motion. "Follow me. I have something to show you."

And as expected, the leaders followed him as he walked outside and made his way to the wall that protected the city. It wasn't there when Naruto had first helped save Koyuki, but she had it built shortly afterwards since most cities had them and since the land was no longer covered in snow it needed a proper form of protection. It encircled the whole city, but unlike any other one they had reverse engineered the train into a smaller form that allowed travel to the various watchtowers at a far faster rate than walking could. As they walked through the town, people saw Naruto leading the group and as he passed them word began to spread of his survival amongst the populace. The hero of the Fourth Shinobi war was still alive, and this news finally reached the ears of one well known priestess known as Shion, and as she heard this she cried tears of joy as she thanked Kami for answering her prayers before she set out to meet the man who years ago had made a promise to her and she would make sure that he fulfilled it…

Naruto and the leaders arrived at the lift that was near the front gate. They took it up to the main watchtower and exited. Just like most of the other people in the city, they too were surprised to see Naruto alive and well when they all heard he was dead.

"So what exactly is it that you brought us all here to see," asked Kankuro as he saw Naruto look into the distance past the wall that protected the city. Naruto didn't answer, but instead he conjured up multiple shuriken that were made of energy and threw them into the distance. Once they hit the ground portals massive in size appeared where they hit. Naruto smirked as he put two fingers into his mouth and whistled loudly in a way that echoed throughout the area. A few moments later Naruto's children began to walk through the portals in mass. Those who were on the wall saw them and looked on in shock as well as surprise to see such creatures to not only exist but to see so many as well appear out of nowhere like they had. Once all but those who were tasked with protecting the eggs that had still yet to hatch were through, Naruto closed the portals back up since they were no longer needed. He then roared out towards his children, which caused them to roar back before they bowed as one before their father.

"As you can plainly see," said Naruto as he turned around with his arms out in a 'behold' gesture, "I have not come alone. And my children are willing to fight all who aim to kill us in their vain attempts to control this world."

The leaders all looked at Naruto before they looked at themselves and smiled as they saw the means to turn the tides of war once and for all in their favor.

"So," said Naruto as he clapped his hands together, "where do we start your highness?"

(Later that night)

The outpost that housed one of the many seals was quiet as usual. There had been no attacks on them by the allied forces in quite some time, and it made the shinobi that guarded them slightly nervous since they wondered why. At least the normal shinobi were since the ROOT shinobi were emotionless entirely so they didn't know fear or anything else for that matter.

One such shinobi was making his rounds as he waited for the moment that the machine was turned back on and they were able to advance towards the capital of Snow Country once more. They were under orders to do so the moment that the snow melted away to storm the capital in mass since they wouldn't be ready for them if done quick enough. But this shinobi never did, nor would he ever enter the capital since he was killed by a quick stab to the back of the head as well as a neck snap to silence him. When he was taken care of several dozen monsters burrowed into the ground surrounding the outposts. Naruto had his children follow the orders of various shinobi in the allied forces to do this to every one of them since he planned to kill them all in a manner they were not expecting.

When they burrowed into the ground, they began to dig away the dirt, thus making the area that the outpost was on into hallowed ground. While it was true that Naruto could simply kill these people and be done with it, it was the decision of not only himself but all the leaders to go this route since they had trapped them and tormented them for months and so they wanted their enemies to suffer greatly for it. It took his children only ten minutes to dig out a hidden pit, since they consumed the soil so there was no trace of it. Once done they held onto the corners like Atlas of legend, but without the weight of the entire world on their shoulders like he had.

As all this was happening, Naruto went with Koyuki to the heat generator and watched as she put the key back into place. Naruto smiled as he heard the familiar hum of the machine as it turned one once more as it had done before when he was younger. And as soon as the machine was on, the snow melted away throughout the country once again…

His children felt the weather change around them, and as ordered they dropped the patches of land they were holding up. The shinobi who were in these outposts never knew what hit them since they sank into the ground and were torn to shreds as they were eaten alive. Out of all the outposts, there was but one survivor, whose very mind broke as he saw what happened in one of the pits. He barley made it out, but his friend did not. And he watched as his friend was dragged down and had his arms and legs ripped off as he screamed in pain as he was gutted by a Wraith, who then proceeded to take a bite out of his intestines and began to slurp them like wet bloody noodles.

The Shinobi began to walk backwards in fear, but he was then kicked forward into the pit to meet the same fate as the rest who resided in the outpost by a Kumo shinobi. As he looked into the pits, he felt no sympathy towards them since they wouldn't in his shoes and walked away from the screams that were beginning to die down…


After a long day of helping people, shaking hands of so many others who all thanked him for his support, as well as spending time with Temari herself, who he knew was distraught over the loss of her brother so he took it upon himself to cheer her up which seemed to be working since she was smiling as he left for the night. He finally made it to a hotel that offered him their best room free of charge, which to be honest he was grateful for since he had not a cent on him, but then again he teleported to another planet after a war so it was understandable. While there he ordered some food, which they at first told him they couldn't make since their supplies were so low, but he used his abilities to create the ingredients to make the food he wished for and then some so that the staff could eat as well. He made a mental note to supply the city with food in the morning since they needed it if they were to survive.

He finished his meal, and had just finished his shower and put on a towel when he heard a knock on the door. At first he wondered just who it was at the door, but then his heightened sense of smell smelt a woman in heat. So now came the question of which woman in the city wanted him so badly to try and seduce him at this hour. So he walked over as he was and opened the door to find out...

(A few minutes earlier)

Shion had heard Naruto was back in the city a bit ago and had set out to find out exalt where he was staying at the moment. She had been sad when she thought him dead months ago, but her visions had shown her a vision that was vague, yet somehow she knew he was alive somewhere because of it. The visions showed a faceless being who had nine others enter his body. This tore him up on the inside, but he survived the ordeal and was then trapped in crystal of all things. The crystal bled out power that strange creatures devoured and became stronger for it. This was where her visions ended though and she was still so unsure as to what the hell they meant other than showing her that Naruto was still alive in some way.

Knocking on the door of Naruto's hotel room after she got the info she needed from one of the staff, she was greeted to the sight of the man being shirtless, hair wet, and in a towel to indicate he had just got out of the shower. Shion for her part had to fight the blush that had no doubt appeared from seeing him like this and regain some form of control over the brain that controlled talking.

"Ah Shion. It's been some time, can I help you with something?" asked Naruto, as he had been drying off when she knocked, and saw her fidgeting slightly with a red face that reminded him of Hinata all those times he had tried to talk to him in their youth. Now all that was needed was for Shion to poke her fingers together and the image would be fully complete.

"Um...I...I uh...," said Shion, as she saw Naruto's body was well muscled and she liked it over what he used to look like when they had first met, and her mind was currently trying to reboot the section of the brain that she was trying to use right now with little success in the matter.

"That's not exactly a sentence," said Naruto while Shion's mind that handled morality decided to intervene and kicked the talking part of the woman's system to get it working once again.

"Sorry Naruto, it's just your current state of clothing is a bit much to take in," said Shion before mentally slapping herself at saying that while Naruto just smirked. He knew a horny woman when he smelled one.

"It's all right. You kind of caught me at a moment between getting dressed," said Naruto while Shion just nodded in her head and thinking the same thing.

"May I come in Naruto? I need to talk to you about something important, and the sooner the better," said Shion, as she saw him nod, and let her enter after moving away from the door to allow her inside.

"I don't mind. Come right on in," said Naruto before shutting the door and locking it. If things were going the way he thought they were, then he wanted no one to bother them. Naruto went into the bathroom and while inside put on some pants as well as a muscle t-shirt that showed off his toned body. There was no need for it since Shion had seen him without one, but he was feeling a bit cocky.

"Shion, how have you been?" said Naruto as he gave the priestess a big hug making the woman blush at the contact.

"I've been great Naruto, though I had to come to this country for my own safety. You've grown even more handsome since I last saw you. To be honest, that was the reason I came to see you. You remember when the mission was over and you agreed to help me continue the priestess teaching that I myself learned when I was a child?" said Shion slowly guiding Naruto to a chair that was in the room.

"Yes. You asked for my help and I said I would. Why would you...? Oh I see that was what you meant when you said you wanted my help. Oh man, I'm sorry Shion. I can be such an idiot sometimes," said Naruto as he laughed at himself. He had agreed to her request without so much as a secnd thought back then since he had thought she had meant helping her find a child to teach so as to pass on the power. But now that he had a higher intellect, thanks to his transformation, he knew that she wanted his help to sire a child to continue the bloodline.

"It's all right Naruto. Actually I'm glad I waited since if news of a child sired by you were to ever be leaked then they would be taken. But after I heard you were dead I fered that you would not fulfil your promise and wept for day. Now that you are here I will not make the same mistake twice and will take what is mine as promised," said Shion, as she gently pushed Naruto into his chair before she began to undress herself in front of him. Shion then began kissing him on the lips slowly at first, reaching under his shirt feeling his hard fought muscles and removed the shirt soon after.

Deciding to go on the offensive at this point to make up for making Shion wait so long for him to fulfil his promise, Naruto took this time apart from her lips and attacked the priestess's breasts. Shion arched her back, her hips grinding against his, and she became wet from feeling the length of his member hidden beneath his pants. When Naruto grabbed one of her ass cheeks, he began giving it a sensual rub. Shion let out another moan, and soon had her hand on top of his pants before removing them in one shot. He hadn't bothered to put on underwear since he had a good feeling that this was where this situation was heading once he got a whiff of Shion.

"Anxious are we?" said Naruto grinning, as the same hand on Shion's rear now went to her pussy, and there he let his fingers do a little probing around making the priestess moan his name in anticipation.

"I've been having visions of this moment for so long. I cannot wait any longer. Take me Naruto. Take away my virginity. Give me pleasure beyond words and beyond any visions I may see," said Shion raising herself up just above Naruto's rock hard member ready to take the monstrous thing inside of her.

"The only visions you'll see from here on out are stars as I fuck you so hard." said Naruto, grabbing both sides of her hips and brought her down gently onto his member before he thrusted in quickly to tear through the barrier that signified that she was still a virgin.

Shion couldn't help but scream at the feeling of pain from her hymen getting torn, and was glad that such things only happened to a woman once. He continued to fuck her in this position for a bit, but he then picked her up while still attached to him at the waist and moved towards the bed. There he fucked her more while she moaned out in pleasure. All the while she kept telling him to cum inside her so that she may bare his seed so that a child may grow within her. And several orgasms from her later, he fulfilled her request and came inside her as she passed out from the pleasure.

Naruto could only smile as he too had just lost his virginity, and was fairly proud of that bit of information. But now came the problem of the fact that Shion was out cold, and he was still hard as a rock. But the gods saw fit to help him with that since he heard a knock at the door. This time it was Temari, who couldn't help but blush as Naruto answered the door butt naked with a large erect dick. She couldn't even make words come out before he pulled her inside, kissed her hard to the point that she was clawing his back in desire for him, and threw her on the table as he ripped her pants off and pulled her shirt up so he could get at her breasts. She cried out as Naruto plunged into her as well, since she too was a virgin, but the screams quickly turned to moans as once again he began to fuck her hard.

Temari lasted much longer than Shion, but then again she was a shinobi s she had endurance while Shion was only a priestess. Temari was fucked cross-eyed to the point that her tongue was hanging out. She just kept moaning as Naruto continued his sexual assault on her pussy, but in the end even she passed out. And once again he was still erect. This process went on all night long, and it made him wonder just why it was happening. But what Naruto was not aware of was the fact that the women in the city who wanted a piece of him had gotten together and drew straws to see who went first. Shion had won the first round, and then Temari, then Koyuki, Samui, and several other civilian women, both single and married who Naruto usually wouldn't go for but the mood was right and they were horny and willing so he fucked them as well. Several hours later his erection finally subsided and he fell asleep as the various women snuggled up to him in their own ways…

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