Naruto Evolved @sinbadthe3rd
From Horrific Beginnings

(A/N: I took a bit from another story wrote by 'brown phantom' to help set the story leading up to my own. I hope you still enjoy it. Just so you know, I have decided to only use the main three monsters from the game, and the hunters don't matter to this story since they disappear once Naruto gets back home.)

Cabot opened his eyes to quickly observe the area he was in. He saw that he was in a vast dark void without end. As he saw that he was in a place that seemed out of time and space, he unholstered his pistol since he was unsure of where he was and wanted the reassurance of some sort of protection over none at all. He wasn't able move around, yet right before his eyes the area turned into a village that was far less advanced than anywhere he had ever seen in his life. What he saw though made him sad as he saw a small child running for his life from a mob of people, but then it was as if a video was rewound since everything was going in reverse.

"Where am I and what is going on here?" Cabot asked weakly as he began to observe his surroundings. It would appear as if he was seeing events from the past since it was as if a nagging feeling in the back of his head was telling him that it was exactly that. He heard the name of 'Naruto' whispered into his ear and saw the similarities to the man he had seen in the crystal before he blacked out. So since he was unable to move of his own accord and was forced to see what Naruto wanted him to see, he just stood there and observed…

(Naruto – Age 4)

"…and stay out you demon brat!" Yelled the orphanage owner who had just kicked out Naruto from the only residence he had ever known in his life.

Naruto cried as he ran as fast as he could, while hiding from the villagers that were looking at him in disgust and anger. This made no sense to Naruto because he never done anything wrong to the orphanage people. He was always kind to them, so why was that orphanage lady so mean to him? Why did she kick him out of his home? He didn't know what to do now.

The young child crawled into a corner and whimpered, "What... What did I ever do to deserve this?" before crying as he continued, "...Why do they keep calling me demon brat?"

The blonde didn't know why the people in the village kept on treating him so badly. He never did anything wrong to them so why was it always him that suffered their wrath? What did he ever do to them? Why did he repetitively get called such mean names? Why him?

Naruto ran from his position towards the Hokage Tower to find the Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. The blonde usually referred to the old man as 'ji-ji' because he always helped him out in the past. As soon as Naruto entered the tower, he started officially panicking with what he heard from the rude receptionist that was outside of the office.

That mean lady told Naruto that the Hokage had gone to a trip to the lands of Sunagakure and wasn't going to be back for a week or so. Naruto instantly started crying and ran all over the village area because he had nowhere to go, nowhere to live. Naruto then saw a cardboard box by the garbage bins in an alley of the village and instantly crawled inside as he slowly cried himself to sleep alone and cold…

(Naruto - age of 5)

"Please stop it! Why are you doing this to me?" Naruto screamed at the top of his lungs as the villagers were beating on him constantly. This happened so much in the past and yet the people didn't care for the damage they were doing to him. Naruto didn't know why those mean people kept beating him up all the time, but he could only pray that the pain ended soon.

The young child was covered in blood from head to toe from the brutal beatings that the pathetic villagers had given him. Those vicious attacks launched on the blonde were so severe, that even the Kyuubi, the 9-tailed fox that was sealed inside of him during birth, renowned for the rapid regeneration that it provided for its Jinchuriki, was having a hard time repairing all the damage done to him. The Kyuubi was awake during this time and snorted at the ignorance of the villagers but knew that the child would pull through like he always did. He hated humans as a whole, but if the child he was seal within died then he would die as well so he had to repair the damages more out of self-preservation than anything else.

One villager yelled "Shut up you demon brat!" as he picked up a rock and threw it on Naruto's head, causing him to scream in pain while the man started snickering darkly at the crying blonde who held his head to stem the blood flowing out of the fresh wound. Shouts were heard from all over.

"Execute the demon!"

"This is for our children!"

"Don't let it survive this time!"

They all cheered watching Naruto cry in desperation, openly weeping for them to stop. They chuckled maniacally when the blonde pleaded for someone to save him from the beatings that the villagers inflicted on him, with no remorse what so ever. The villagers were proud of themselves for causing pain to the Kyuubi-brat as they called him and thought that they were doing the right thing in torturing and attacking the blonde.

However that came to a sudden halt because Hiruzen Sarutobi, the 3rd Hokage of the Leaf appeared while this was happening, with his ANBU operatives as he had heard the crying in the area. When the Hokage saw what was going on, he began leaking massive killer intent in the direction of the villagers which made everyone in the vicinity fall to their knees, gasping for breath.

He turned his attention towards his operatives who flinched at the cold look on their leader's face. "ANBU arrest the villagers that were behind and take them to the Torture & Interrogation Department." He said before his face hardened further causing everyone to pale in fear. "SHOW THEM NO MERCY!" He darkly finished as he breathed painfully. The group of masked ninja didn't hesitate before rushing into the distance…

The ANBU weren't fools as they knew how their leader was with the young blonde. They didn't want to question the Hokage when he was this mad as it was absolute suicide doing so. The ANBU turned to the people responsible for the attack, who were shouting in protest and simply glared at them, causing them to shrink. The ANBU then grabbed the people and then headed towards to the Torture & Interrogation Department, or at least they made it seem like they were…

The Hokage quickly ran towards the crying Naruto and held him close. Hiruzen grew angry every time he had to save the young child from the villagers. Where they stupid to believe that killing the boy would do well in the long run? Naruto was the village's weapon and if he died then they would be at a major loss with the plans for the future of their village. He played the kindly Grandfather type, yet he was the furthest thing from it since he was the one who ordered his shinobi to rile up the people so that they would attack him and he would swoop in and 'save' him at the last minute so that he would become loyal to him over the years. But the people were hurting the boy to the point that if not stopped like they were then he might actually die from what they do to him…

"Let's get you to the hospital Naruto-kun." Hiruzen said 'sadly', as he picked up the young blonde and headed to the medical wing to get the boy the bare minimum of medical treatment that he would need since the demon within him would heal him so there was no sense wasting the good expensive medicine to heal him…

(Naruto – Age of 8)

Things were really looking up for Naruto Uzumaki at long last. A few years back, Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Hokage of the Hidden Leaf village provided him with an apartment to live a few years back. The apartment wasn't all that luxurious and did not meet the standards of the more extravagant places to live in, but Naruto didn't mind. The blonde was really thankful for his 'ji-ji' for giving him a place of his own seeing as he was on the streets for a while. Hiruzen had asked why Naruto wasn't going home to the orphanage and that was when the blonde told the Hokage what had happened to him.

Hiruzen was pissed as hell when he found out about Naruto getting kicked out of the orphanage and for the child to have been fending for himself ever since. He got really pissed since he was supposed to stay in the orphanage where he could be monitored at all times since if he was out on the streets where no one was watching him he could easily slip away from the village and get snatched up by another village. After calming down from his rage, he quickly called forth his ANBU operatives and immediately had Maya, the orphanage lady executed for her crimes since she had unknowingly sabotaged his master plan a bit and he would have none of that.

However the villagers didn't stop with their ways of cruelty against Naruto and that made him scared. Birthday, just the word should mean happiness for a young child but that wasn't the case for the blonde. The young Uzumaki was targeted the worst on this day and it was always the single most painful day that he had to face in the year. Now since his birthday was near, Naruto didn't go out and chose to hide underneath a table in the corner of his apartment.

"Please don't beat me up this time. I didn't do anything wrong." Naruto said while sniffling as the tortures he would receive on this day were the worst and the most painful. He looked around and saw that no one was coming in for now and smiled softly. He quickly made some instant ramen and went to sleep on his bed, hoping that he wouldn't get targeted in the night by the villagers. Fortunately for him, the villagers didn't find him in his place as there was ANBU there to protect him from getting harmed…

(Naruto – Age of 12)

The young Uzumaki had been enrolled in the academy for a couple of years now and couldn't be happier about it. After everything that Hiruzen had done for him in the past, Naruto had to prove himself to the old man and make him be proud of his accomplishments. The Hokage was like a surrogate grandfather to Naruto and the blonde wanted to show that he had what it took to become Hokage one day and protect the villagers also as he promised that he would do.

"…and that concludes today's lecture." spoke the Chunin instructor and class teacher Iruka Umino as he finished reading from his text book. He then closed the book and then put it into his desk drawer and got up from his chair.

Everyone in the classroom sighed in relief knowing that the boring lecture was done. Most of the people were rather smart but even they found it hard to keep their eyes open as they knew exactly how boring the man's lectures truly were. However among the students, were those that actually did fall asleep and they were Kiba Inuzuka, Shikamaru Nara and Naruto Uzumaki.

Iruka grew a tick mark on his head upon realizing that three of his students had dozed off during his lecture and that made him furious. He grabbed three board erasers from the desk drawer and then threw them on the trio. "Wake up you idiots!" He yelled with a heated glare aimed at the three young students and glared further seeing that the three were still sleeping.

Everyone else that was awake in the classroom sweat dropped at how lazy their fellow classmates were. They quickly got over that and started laughing hysterically, which caused the three students to slowly open their eyes at the sound of the laughter.

Naruto, Kiba and Shikamaru rubbed their eyes and then started chuckling sheepishly, as they looked at their fuming teacher who looked at them with his glare intact. They quickly got up and nodded as they made their way out of the class, causing the other classmates to laugh and follow them outside seeing as the lecture was finally done with and they could go home.

Beside Iruka stood Mizuki, the other instructor that was offered the position to teach for this class. Mizuki saw all of this happen and then started smirking inwardly. "Soon you will fall into my hands you demon brat and I will kill you." He darkly said to himself as he slowly began to think about how to execute what he was planning. Iruka looked at the man with a confused look but shrugged his shoulders and walked out of the classroom…

(Naruto – Age of 13)

Now it was time for graduation at the academy, at long last. Naruto sighed as he wasn't able to perform the "Bunshin no Jutsu" which was a requirement to pass the exam. The blonde had failed two times already and was currently considered the dead last at the academy. Naruto didn't know why but no matter what he did, he just couldn't master that jutsu. He would ponder upon why he couldn't perform the move but he would turn back with no answers each time and that really infuriated him.

"…you failed Naruto!" Iruka spoke with sadness in his voice.

The class instructor looked at his blonde haired student with a frown because the kid had once again, flunked at the jutsu that was required to pass the graduating exam for the class. He watched on with a sad sigh as Naruto nodded weakly and walked out of the room with his head hung low. During this time, the scarred academy instructor didn't even notice that his helper at the academy, Mizuki was smirking as his plans were coming to fruition. As Iruka looked around, he saw that Mizuki was nowhere in sight and he grew curious but shook his head as he turned to leave the classroom as well.

Naruto was currently outside of the academy, kicking stones on the side of the building with frustration. He didn't know how his clones always seemed to be so weird looking when he performed them. He was ashamed that he would have to tell his surrogate grandfather, the Hokage that he had failed the exam again because the blonde really wanted to pass to prove himself to Hiruzen.

"Naruto don't get discouraged. I have a preposition for you to pass and graduate from the academy with flying colors." Said a voice behind Naruto, who immediately perked up at what he just heard. If the man was right, then he could pass after all and that made him really happy.

The voice from behind Naruto was Mizuki, who started chucking at the blonde as he sat down beside him and then looked at him with a fake look of sympathy. The instructor knew that he had to carefully inform Naruto of what to do so that his own plans could be finally completed. Nodding to himself, Mizuki then proceeded with telling Naruto what to do.

The plan was that Naruto had to steal the Secret Scroll of Sealing from the Hokage's office. The blonde was really confused with what reasoning the instructor had for him to do such a thing but the man informed him that it was a stealth mission and was of the highest caliber. Naruto was really interested now because he had to do everything he could for him to become a ninja and he nodded happily as he made his way towards the Hokage office.

After getting the scroll, Naruto travelled towards the Forest of Death, where Mizuki told him he would be to pass the test. Naruto was really excited at this point because he could finally pass and become a ninja and save people. Those thoughts only made the blonde run faster towards his destination.

"What are you doing Naruto!?" Iruka screamed as he appeared before the blonde at the Forest of Death.

The instructor had been informed by the Hokage that Naruto had stolen the Scroll of Sealing and the man couldn't believe it. Now he saw that the blonde really did steal the scroll and he was absolutely furious and wanted to know why Naruto did such a thing.

The young blonde blinked before scratching the back of his head while chucking sheepishly. He looked at Iruka with a big smile from his position. "Nothing Iruka-sensei! I took the scroll as I was asked from ji-ji's office. I pass the graduation exam now, right?" He questioned the man happily as he waved the scroll around in his hands, knowing he was almost on the path to becoming a true ninja.

Iruka gasped hearing this and narrowed his eyes. "Who told you this?" The Chunin instructor asked in a serious tone. The man already had a pretty good idea about who it was, but wanted to hear the blonde's explanation first before he could confirm his theories. He had suspected the one person to do this and so, the man waited patiently for an answer.

"It was Mizuki." Naruto exclaimed happily. The blonde scratched the back of his head once more with his smile still intact, while looking at the scarred academy instructor. This just confirmed Iruka's suspicions and before he could say anything to the blonde, Mizuki suddenly appeared behind them who started laughing manically.

"Give me the scroll Naruto!" The white haired instructor at the academy yelled as he looked at the blonde.

Naruto grew confused as to why the man wanted the scroll for himself as he thought it was just a test. What Naruto didn't expect was with the information that followed. The blonde went wide-eyed when he heard Iruka telling him that it was just a plot for the white haired Chunin to steal the scroll. The blonde really started to feel terrible about stealing the scroll from his ji-ji now because he was played from the start, by the white haired traitor no less.

Naruto started to grit his teeth at the revelation but the next piece of information shocked him to the core…

"You know what you are hated Naruto? It's because you are the 9-tailed fox!" Mizuki shouted before laughing manically as he observed the look of fear and disbelief of the blonde.

Naruto had now realized why the villagers had often referred to him as "Kyuubi-brat" as it made perfect sense. "I am the Kyuubi." He muttered out loud with tears in his eyes knowing now why he was hated, why he was treated like scum and why they belittled him at every chance.

"No you are not, Naruto. I know you are Naruto Uzumaki and not the Kyuubi," Iruka said with a warm look on his face, successfully making Naruto feel much better as he knew now that not everyone hated him in the village.

At the end of the day, Naruto saved Iruka from getting killed by Mizuki by using the Kage Bunshin Jutsu as he created over a hundred exact replicas of himself and proceeded with beating Mizuki to an inch of his miserable life. It was that day that Naruto started to become a little more serious in life as he understood what it took to be a ninja and he couldn't be more proud of himself…

(Naruto – Age of 16)

The young Uzumaki looked over the Hidden Leaf village from on top of a tower with a smile on his face.

"So they added granny Tsunade's face to the Hokage monument huh?" Naruto said to himself while chuckling softly as this only drove his purpose to becoming the next Hokage of the Hidden Leaf village even more.

He smiled remembering the female Sannin that he saved from herself during the mission he and Jiraiya partook in order to locate her so that she could become Hokage of the Leaf. He chuckled at the amusing memories the two of them shared as he had really looked up to the woman as a mother figure. He tugged on the necklace that she gave him which belonged to her grandfather, Hashirama Senju, the 1st Hokage of the Leaf. It was the one thing he made a bet on with Tsunade for learning the Rasengan and that made him happy about the recollection of that memory.

Naruto faintly remembered that a few years ago, he was appointed to Team 7 with Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha as his teammates and Kakashi Hatake as the Jounin sensei as it might have been good and everything for the other teams but for him, the time he spent on that team was pointless.

In their time together they had learned only teamwork. Well that was not true at all actually. Sasuke learned much more from the Copy Ninja, seeing as Kakashi had taught the Uchiha his original jutsu, the Chidori while Naruto was in the background as he was taught practically nothing. His other teammate Sakura Haruno couldn't care less for her training, as long as her precious "Sasuke-kun" was with her, she didn't mind being tossed to the side. Naruto didn't understand why Kakashi didn't make a shadow clone to teach him while he taught Sasuke but the blonde didn't really care about that now.

Naruto only had his real sensei, Jiraiya of the Sannin to thank for his training because he was the only person who he would ever refer to as his teacher. The toad sage had taught the blonde the Rasengan and stealth, among other things. Naruto didn't really care that the man was a pervert because Jiraiya was a really nice person if you talked to him on a regular basis. He also looked at Iruka Umino as his sensei, who was also like his surrogate older brother.

A while back, his teammate Sasuke ran off to Orochimaru of the Sannin in his ridiculous quest for power for killing his older brother Itachi Uchiha. Everyone had realized that Sasuke was a flight risk but still the Hidden Leaf village praised the "Almighty Uchiha-sama" and stated that he would come back after killing his older brother. They had no idea of the nonsense they were sputtering at that time.

After that incident, his sensei Jiraiya took the opportunity in taking him on a three year training trip, which he just came back from. This training trip totally changed Naruto because he had become the ninja that would mark way for a new future in the Elemental Nations…

It was at this point that the visions stopped, and Cabot was now back in the black void that he was in when he first arrived.

"So now you know a small portion of my life," said a voice behind Cabot that made him jump in surprise since he didn't expect him to just appear like that.

"That doesn't explain how you got here to Shear," said Cabot as he pointed his pistol at the young man. "Now where are the other hunters that were with me?"

"To answer your first question first," said Naruto as he didn't even flinch at the gun pointed at his face, "what I have shown you was the beginning of my life. You saw but just a small portion of my pain that was inflicted upon me by arrogant idiots. And as to where your friends are, they are each in their own illusion being shown the same memories and answering the same questions that you have asked yourself."

"An illusion?" asked Cabot with a raised eyebrow.

"It would take too long to explain to you," said Naruto as he shook his head, but then faster than Cabot could follow Naruto snatched the pistol out of his hand. He crushed it in his hand to the shock of Cabot that he had the strength to crush metal with his one bare hand. And yet he was even more shocked when he saw the broken pieces of his pistol glow and float before they transformed into a crystal ball the size of a softball. He tossed that back to Cabot. "But to make a long story short within this illusionary realm of my creation I am in control of everything. While you are here, your real body is unharmed as well as only seconds passing by while it seems like so much more time has passed here."

"But why are you showing me all this instead of explaining all that happened in your youth."

"It is because of my past that made me who I am today," said Naruto as he crossed his arms and closed his eyes, "for it taught me who my real friends were in life, and they are the people that I would risk everything to keep safe."

"Like the leader of your village," said Cabot as he placed his hand under his chin in thought. Yet he grew nervous as he felt killer intent pulsing out of Naruto as he opened his eyes. Cabot saw them glow blue with a golden outline and a slit down the middle of it.

"If that is what you saw," growled Naruto, "then you fell for it as I had myself in my youth."

"Are you saying he wasn't kind to you?"

"Oh he was," growled Naruto as the memories came back to him, and he mentally slapped himself since he had been so desperate for companionship that he had fallen for his lies so openly. "But it wasn't for the reasons that you would guess. He was a manipulative asshole who planned those attacks on me so that he could play hero and I would see him as family. I believed his lies and tried to become something that they would never accept me as, all the while protecting the people who would sooner stab me in the back than thank me for all the times I saved them or helped them."

"But you still haven't explained how you ended up here of all places," said Cabot as he listened to all that was said to him, yet that vital piece of information was still lost to him.

"Then allow me to show you," said Naruto as he waved his hand. As he did the area turned into a battlefield with bodies from all nations scattered all over the place. Naruto then vanished and allowed Cabot to view his memory without interruption…

(The Fourth Shinobi War)

They deserted him. They literally deserted him…

Tsunade Senju, Onoki, Gaara Sabaku, Mei Terumi and A, the respective Kages of the Elemental Nations were knocked out cold, as they lied unconscious on the sidelines. Madara Uchiha had already made quick work with them during their fight and now the entire battle rested in the hands of the blonde haired ninja. Those that stood by Naruto's side were either dead or just lost hope and had left the battlefield. With that, the young blonde was left to fend for himself against Madara Uchiha, the greatest enemy the shinobi world has ever known.

It was as Naruto once heard. "In the ninja world, those who break the rules are trash. That's true. However those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash."

Now he had seen everything. He had comrades that just left him to die and the whole ninja world to die as a result. The few people that stood by him weren't even from his own village and his own villagers couldn't care less about him. This made the young man sigh in shame.

Obito Uchiha was someone that made him want to grit his teeth. Naruto got over the fact that the person, who was posing as Madara Uchiha, was none other than Kakashi's old teammate. However, it was Obito who was the reason for his parents dying in the first place. If it wasn't for that useless man, the blonde would still have parents and his childhood wouldn't have been a living hell. There was so much hate that he felt for the man, but he kept his calm when he uncovered the real secret about him on the battlefield. After a gruesome battle with Obito, Naruto was able to get the better hand and kill the fiend once and for all. Even though the poser had just died in battle, the real Madara Uchiha rushed to the vicinity.

His former teammate Sasuke Uchiha was a whole different story…


Sasuke appeared on the battlefield and gave a smirk before plainly saying, "It's good to see you again dobe. Still the loser I see?"

With his smirk intact, he turned his attention towards his former teammate and everyone else, all of whom were looking on in wide-eyes to see the Uchiha here of all places. They thought that he wasn't going to join in on the war itself because no one could locate him and because of what he did in the 5 Kage Summit, they had no reason to believe what they were currently seeing.

Kurama growled in its cage as it saw another Uchiha member appear on the battlefield. If the Biju knew one thing, it was that those eyes of the arrogant men of that clan that would cause their own downfall.

Naruto blinked as he looked at the onyx haired teenager before chuckling. "Good to see you too teme. Let's win this war shall we?" He exclaimed with a grin on his face before getting into a stance.

Sakura was surprised seeing her crush again. "Sasuke-kun! I knew you would come back to help us against the enemy!" She squealed with hearts in her eyes.

Everyone sighed seeing that the fan girl still didn't break out of her 'Sasuke' phase, and was acting this way even when it was on the battlefield. Naruto didn't really get much of a reaction like that because he got over Sakura a long time ago when he took the training trip with his late sensei Jiraiya. With that in mind, he didn't really care much for what the pink haired kunoichi was acting like right now.

"Hm, let's just get on with this you losers. Don't hold me back." Sasuke said before activating his Sharingan, as his pupils changed to a blood red color with three spinning tomoe around its center. He smirked as he now had with him the Dojutsu of his clan and with that, he quickly rushed towards Madara at top speed while the other ninjas watched him.

"Susanoo!" The young Uchiha yelled, as a tall purple colored skeleton possessing horns, a long appendage on its chin and a malevolent grin surrounded him.

"Don't make this mistake Sasuke. I will kill you before you can even blink." Madara exclaimed darkly as he glared blazingly at the younger male of his clan and crossed his arms casually for battle.

However, the leader of the Uchiha clan didn't even need to launch an attack, because he had a surprised look on his face when Sasuke simply landed beside him with a shark eating grin on his face. With that, a smirk etched way to the older male's features and he nodded in approval before turning his expression towards the gathered ninja on the battlefield.

Everyone gasped seeing that Sasuke wasn't fighting against Madara. He wasn't just not fighting against Madara, he was standing beside the enemy like it was the most normal thing in the world.

"Sasuke what are you waiting for!?" They all yelled out angrily in unison.

Sakura was wide-eyed seeing her crush "Sasuke-kun!" acting this way but she still thought he looked cool with the enemy. "Sasuke-kun is tricking Madara. That's right! Sasuke-kun would never betray us!" She exclaimed in her head, trying to come up with any logical explanation.

Naruto was more realistic and knew that his former teammate once again had left them to fend for themselves but only this time, he was siding with the enemy that planned on destroying the entire shinobi race. He wondered if such arrogance was an Uchiha thing and sighed sadly. Even though he knew that Sasuke had betrayed him and the other ninjas on the battlefield, Naruto felt the need to ask the man about it.

"Why? Sasuke what did we do to you for you to side with the enemy? This is Madara Uchiha, the one that wants to kill us all!" Naruto questioned as he couldn't understand what was going on in the young Uchiha's mind right now.

Kurama had a neutral expression while on looking this scene unfold. "I knew it. Those arrogant fools can never be trusted." The Biju grimly said to itself as the stupidity and arrogance of that wretched clan had shown itself once more.

This was totally madness…

Everyone in Konoha knew that Sasuke was an avenger by heart but for him to turn against them and pick Madara over them was the worst choice that he could have ever made. He had betrayed them to go to Orochimaru for power and even then they had forgiven him. They learned that Sasuke had killed Itachi Uchiha, his own brother that the young man wanted to kill ever since he became a ninja. After all of that, he still was betraying them? What was his reasoning behind this?

The shinobi from the other villages could only watch in horror at the turn of events. The people of Kumogakure had already declared the young man as a kill on sight bingo edit for what he did to Killer Bee in the past. However, Naruto had somehow convinced them to let it go just enough in time for the people of Kumo to realize that Sasuke did not successfully capture their Jinchuriki. Gaara saw the hatred that Sasuke held and knew that the male Uchiha was long gone but Naruto was there to tell him to lose that tone because he could probably save him. The other ninjas that didn't know Sasuke didn't care for him at all because they knew he was a low life traitor and that's all that he'll ever be in his miserable life.

Naruto remembered what Itachi told him, "Protect my little brother Naruto. I leave it in your hands" with the rarest smiles he had ever seen on the elder Uchiha member's face. The blonde had really started to lose his cool with Sasuke but because Itachi had told him this, he still had to believe that the young Uchiha could be saved. However... he frowned seeing Sasuke now. There was no going back and now, Naruto had to act for the betterment for them all.

Sasuke looked blankly at the people on the battlefield with a smirk at the sight of them being so confused right now. He turned towards his former teammate Naruto, "Dobe don't even bother with your lame speech. Now you will all die!" He exclaimed before taking out his sword with a scrawl on his face. He looked at the ninjas with disgust and then went charging at everyone in sight.

Madara smirked seeing this turn of events and then followed suit. This was excellent as the young Uchiha was on his side and that made everything much easier. He saw that Sasuke wasn't as foolish as he originally thought and was proud of that fact.

"I am so sorry Itachi. I really am. I can't help your brother any longer." Naruto said with a sad sigh as he knew what was going to happen now. This was the final straw and Sasuke wasn't going to live through this and he knew that for a fact.

"Kage Bunshin Jutsu!" The blonde shouted as he made as many exact replicas of himself in huge layers of smoke as he possibly could. This was in supplement with his Kurama's Chakra Mode now enveloping him, giving him a golden flash like appearance and then charged at both of the Uchiha members with all he had. 'There is no turning back now Sasuke, I hope you find some sort of peace in the afterlife.' He thought to himself as he quickly began rushing towards his miserable excuse for a teammate and the greatest traitor of them all.

It was a total massacre…

True as they thought, Sasuke was an avenger and he died as an avenger.

"NOW IS YOUR CHANCE NARUTO!" Came the roar of Kurama, the 9-tailed fox from inside the blonde's seal.

Naruto struck his former teammate shouting, "Rasengan!" The A-rank jutsu that took the shape manipulation of one's chakra to the highest point possible.

He was proud to say that his father, Minato Namikaze the 4th Hokage of the Hidden Leaf village had created but it was his late sensei, Jiraiya of the Sannin that had taught him the legendary technique. Naruto was more proud of the fact that he was the only one that took the jutsu to a whole new level, when he added his chakra nature affinity to it. As the jutsu connected, it pierced through the young Uchiha's heart along the way, as his limp body fell lifeless on the ground below. Sasuke Uchiha, brother of Itachi Uchiha that lived his whole life as an avenger, succumbed to death because of his own arrogance.

The blonde looked sadly seeing that his former teammate was always going to be a spoiled brat that thought that his Dojutsu would always be the answer. He was sure that Sasuke's mother, Mikoto Uchiha, the gentle spirit that was the one person that he realized didn't succumb to the hatred of the Uchiha clan, would be rolling in her grave right now if she was watching this battle and observing her son acting this way.

His Biju, Kurama nodded in agreement. "Good riddance! Now we have one more of those fools to deal with." It yelled from inside the seal.

Naruto then turned towards his attention towards Madara Uchiha, only to see him laughing hysterically.

"It's your turn. This ends here!" Naruto roared as he made more shadow clones as a diversion to save as many people as he could by taking them away from the battlefield. This was so that they wouldn't get caught in the crossfire of the upcoming battle.

(Back to present)

"Madara Uchiha your reign of terror ends here! I will stop you at all costs!" Naruto shouted with blood oozing down his mouth as he was barely holding it together against Madara.

The battle between the two had been intense and it took a lot out of Naruto to bring himself to this point. Madara had the power of the Biju on his side and things weren't looking good at all. However Naruto knew that there was a way for him to save the people of this world and bring peace. He had been entrusted that by his late sensei Jiraiya and he would be damned if he let the man down.

The Uchiha founder smirked seeing the young Uzumaki looked at Naruto amusingly before shrugging his shoulders, "How will you do anything? You are not Hashirama. You are not my equal. Don't bother giving me your reasoning because you have none. You will die along with the others around you!" Madara exclaimed and then proceed to activating his Rinnegan, as his eyes morphed into a ripple-like pattern, which spread over his eyeballs, with light purple scleral and a light dark purple irises.

Kurama seethed with rage while observing Madara Uchiha from its Jinchuriki's eyes. " know he has Rikudo ji-ji's eyes!" The fox growled to itself.

The elder Uchiha then stepped forward in order to try and take control of the battle by harnessing the power of the Biju that he had under his command using the Gedo Mazo statue.

This very statue was a pain because it held the power of the Biju inside of it and was known as the empty vessel for Juubi, the ten tails. When Naruto realized what the statue was about from the inside knowledge from Kurama, he seethed at the sight and prepared himself. He wasn't going to let anything happen. There would be no Juubi released on this plane. Even though Obito had successfully sealed away the chakra of the 8-tails, Naruto was able to retrieve a portion of the chakra, so that Killer Bee could live. However, Naruto was in control of the battle and was able to defeat Obito before the Uchiha male could toss the excess chakra of Kurama from Kinkaku and Ginkaku, both of whom were pseudo-jinchuriki of the 9-tails, into the statue. With that, Obito's plan was a failure and that was when the co-founder of Konohagakure stepped into the picture and began battling with Naruto.

Meanwhile, Madara's eyes widened when he heard a loud noise in the background and turned to see what the fuss was about. Naruto himself was confused as he looked towards the statue to see what was going on.

The statue was shaking uncontrollably and that caught both Madara's and Naruto's interest, because that sort of action wasn't normal. Madara knew this and he was really intrigued with what was going on.

"Oi! What is happening with that statue!?" Kurama growled from inside the seal.

The blonde Jinchuriki shook his head in confusion at the sight of the statue as he was on the same page with the fox right now. "I don't know Kurama but there is only one way to find out!" Naruto exclaimed to his Biju.

Naruto realized that he might have a chance to change the tides of this battle because of the shaking statue before him. Even if it was a slim chance, he had to take it because he wasn't going to let Madara Uchiha win this war and seeing the man totally oblivious to his surroundings, gave Naruto the window of opportunity. Naruto only hoped that what he was going to do would work out in the end.

He charged towards his opponent with a Rasengan in his hand and vanished in a cloud of smoke as he muttered, "Shunshin no Jutsu!" This was Naruto's chance because the older Uchiha male didn't realize that this was all part of the plan he had come up with.

Madara looked in shock to see Naruto wasn't aiming that jutsu at him and then turned around to see the blonde striking the statue instead. "You foolish Uzumaki. There is no way you can damage the-" The Uchiha couldn't finish his speech as his eyes widened when he saw the Gedo Mazo cracking from the move.

Eyes bulging and a raging feeling enveloping him, the co-founder of the Hidden Leaf village rushed off towards the statue, in order to stop from whatever was making it act this way. He had to before it was too late for his plans. He had worked too hard for them to fail him now. However, to everyone's shock, the black Zetsu made it just in the nick of time and helped buy some time for his master. Madara smirked at his loyal minion had done the job and looked at the shocked Naruto and his smirk could only grow wider from that.

"Good job Zetsu. Now there is no stopping me." Madara exclaimed to his minion as he approached the land, while Naruto could only watch in horror.

It was clear as day. The leader of the Uchiha clan was going to absorb the power of the remaining Biju. Even with his current ninja prowess, Naruto couldn't stand a chance if Madara was to absorb the power of 8 tailed beasts. The young man knew that there was only way to save everyone from the terror of Madara Uchiha now. It was a dangerous move but... he had to do it, if it meant saving everyone in the Elemental Nations from that mad man.

"I don't know what you're planning Naruto but I don't like it!" Kurama roared loudly in concern for his blonde Jinchuriki.

The blonde didn't reply to Kurama as he had no time right now. He quickly rushed towards the statue as fast as he could with his Kurama Chakra Mode activated and placed his hand on it upon reaching the designated area, causing Madara to go wide-eyed because Naruto had arrived before he could. Naruto then drew blood by biting his thumb and whispered, "Summoning Style: Curse of Sealing!" as a blue light enveloped the area, causing the whole Gedo Mazo to shake more uncontrollably than it already was. The light then started to draw itself towards Naruto.

"W-What... is" Kurama screamed in protest before its voice got silent, making Naruto frown deeply. Its Jinchuriki was really starting to grow concerned, but didn't have the time seeing as the look on his enemy's face was anything to go on.

"NO YOU FOOL!" Madara screamed as he couldn't believe what he was seeing. There was no way that the blonde Uzumaki could have done such a feat. There was no way! He quickly ran towards the shook up statue for a means of stopping what was going on.

The Uchiha tried to negate any effect that Naruto pulled but to no avail and now, could only watch on in rage as the powers of the Biju were now flowing into the young Uzumaki. Madara seethed at the careless mistake he made to let Naruto live and now he was paying the price in full. There was no way out of it and he clenched his fists while gritting his teeth at the display. He knew that the Uzumaki were a dangerous clan and this had proved it.

Naruto smirked at the look of disbelief on his opponent's face." You lose Madara!" The young man exclaimed as his whole body started to glow with a bright light as he was now in control of all of the chakra of Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Son Goku, Kokuo, Saiken, Chomei, Gyuki along with his own Biju Kurama. The power was immense and Naruto couldn't realize how much strength he was feeling coursing through his body right now.

Madara could only grit his teeth to what he was witnessing now and figured that he had only one way to end this, and that was to fight even if the situation seemed against him. He charged Naruto with lightning speeds, only to have his hand slashed off by a swift swipe of youki induced power from Naruto who started smirking as Madara was easily struck down.

"Argghhhh!" The Uchiha leader cried in agony as blood gushed from his body. Madara seethed further knowing how powerful Naruto had become because of this transformation and there was no way for him to win now. This was a total failure!

Following suit, Naruto rushed forward and swiftly eliminated the Black Zetsu that was still on the battlefield with ease, while the creator of the creature was gnashing his teeth in outrage. Even with Madara's prowess as a formidable ninja, considering the fact that his opponent now had the chakra of all the tailed beasts, he stood no chance and he knew that for a fact.

In the end, Madara paid the ultimate price by challenging the blonde shinobi and his reign of terror ended with Naruto piercing his heart and practically all of the cells in his body with his legendary SS-ranked jutsu, "Wind Style: Rasenshuriken!" before the Uchiha could absorb the jutsu with his Rinnegan. Madara's body fell to the ground lifeless as the battle was now finally and undeniably over.

The young Uzumaki sighed in relief as he got the element of surprise and defeated his enemy. He turned groggily to see the other ninjas on the other side of the battlefield that he had ordered to get away from the scene and smiled softly, even though he couldn't see them right now.

Madara Uchiha's plan of releasing Juubi, the 10 tails beast that had once caused havoc on the world only for the Sage of the Six Paths to seal it in himself to prevent the world from destruction, was foiled. The Uchiha's plan of turning every human into a mind slave with his "Infinite Tsukuyomi" could not be completed and they all had Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, the son of the 4th Hokage Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki to thank for it all.

Naruto knew that he didn't have much longer since the sealing that he performed required his life as a sacrifice. He wondered why he didn't die as he was supposed to. He looked around the battlefield and saw a white light glowing brightly nearby. He fell to his knees as he grew weaker by the second until he was enveloped in the light itself, but he didn't die like he thought he would from using this technique. Instead he ended up once more in his mindscape. Yet the cage that once held his friend Kurama was now empty since he had absorbed him to use against Madara. He had remembered that Jiraiya had told him how to use this technique but warned him to only use it if he had no other choice and the other eight Biju were captured. Now that he thought about it, he wondered why Jiraiya would have such a technique as that. He hadn't thought about it during the time they were training, but now he did.

He took a step towards the now empty cage, but felt as the power he absorbed began to pulse through him. He felt it change him in ways that made him stronger, and like he had been able to do with Kurama he wore the energy within him like a cloak that illuminated his body. When it seemed like his power was at his peak, a seal that he was unsure of the purpose of became visible on his chest. Before he could observe it, bindings sprung from the caged area of his mind, one of every element, and pulled him into Kurama's old cage before it resealed itself behind him. Naruto tried to break free from his cage the second the bindings released him, but the moment he touched the bars to his cage he was inflicted with a surge of pain unlike anything else he had ever felt in his life. Before he tried to break free again, he heard clapping from the distance, yet he couldn't see who was doing it. But soon he saw a hooded figure slowly walk towards his new prison, and it made Naruto wonder who the hell it was since this was his mindscape so there shouldn't be anyone else here.

The figure walked up toward the bars of the cage, and as he neared it he pulled his hood down. To Naruto's shock the figure turned out to be Minato Namikaze, his father.

"What are you still doing here," asked Naruto in genuine surprise, "since your spirit left with my mother's during my fight with pain."

"I am here because this was all plan," chuckled Minato as he held his hands behind his back. "You became the ultimate weapon that I will use to rule this world."

"What the hell are you talking about? You're dead, so how would your plans even work?"

"Is that what you think," said Minato with a grin that made Naruto angry to see his father have such a thing on his face and towards him of all people. "That is what I wanted people to believe. While people thought I was dead, I was able to move in the shadows so that I could eliminate those who would oppose me in one fell swoop, and since so many have died in this war from other villages, it will be quite easy to eliminate the rest. And you will help me do so."

"I will do no such thing," growled Naruto who grew enraged that his own father had used him and saw him as nothing more than a weapon to use to advance himself up in the world.

"You have no choice in the matter," laughed Minato, "since as we speak the necklace given to you by Tsunade has restrained your body with a barrier so that no one could interfere with the seal that will bend your mind to my will. As we talk you and me, the seal on your chest is slowly seeping into the depths of your mind itself, and when it is done doing what it was designed for you will follow absolutely every order I give you without so much as a question of why you are doing it."

"Some father you are," growled Naruto as he once again tried to break free from the cage he was in.

"You were never a son of mine," said Minato as he pulled out a seal to use on him, "since the very reason you were conceived was for my use as a weapon. All that you went through was because I helped to manipulate it to that point to that you would absorb the Biju into yourself and become like this. It took quite some work on my end, but seeing how you turned out and seeing that you will become an amazing weapon has made it all the more worthwhile."

Before Naruto could say anything else, Minato threw the seal onto Naruto's head, and his eyes glazed over as memories not his own flooded his mind…

(Cave- Took this part from the story Keibatsu by brown phantom, with permission of course.)

"You're almost done Kushina. Just one more push." Sarutobi Biwako told the ailing mother-to-be.

Kushina grit her teeth and bore down one more time, wanting this to end before the already-weakened seal was at its limits. 'Damn that bastard for doing this to me! I'd kill him if it wouldn't land me in prison. That sucks big time. He rapes me until I conceive and yet if I seek justice I'm the one who'd get arrested? Why the hell did HE become Hokage? That should have been me! Sarutobi must be getting senile to think that ass Minato knows anything except hurting others.'

"The Kyuubi's trying to escape!" Uzumaki Taji, one of Kushina's female relatives and a member of Konoha's small Medic Anbu division, kept here to secure her seal worked, called out. "I need to strengthen it!"

"Don't!" Biwako shouted. "If you do you could hurt the baby!"

"If I don't the demon will get out!" Taji countered. Adding credibility to her claim, red chakra started to form an animal face on Kushina's stomach.

"I said don't do anything!" Biwako demanded, rather harshly.

"Do you want the Kyuubi to get loose?" Taji asked.

"Yes, I do." Biwako said with a sadistic smile. At the same time Naruto was out and made his first cry of life.

"What?" Kushina and her relative asked, unable to believe they heard the old woman right. All the while Kyuubi was clawing its way out. Kushina started to scream from something other than labor pains and her relative tried to reinforce the seal.

"Oh no you don't." A voice called out, followed by a tri-pronged kunai thrown at the Uzumaki who deflected it. "That power's mine!"

"Minato?" Kushina asked, fearful of what he was doing here. "How did you get here?"

"I killed half an army and bested the Raikage. You really thought your pitiful defenses could stop me? Also, thanks Biwako for leading me here."

"No problem Yondaime-sama." The old woman told him. "It's a boy by the way."

"Don't care. That's not important." Minato said, appearing by his kunai thanks to the Hirishin.

"You bastard!" The Medic Anbu shouted, knowing she had to stop him before she could work on the seal while he was this close. She turned to defend herself, but he had a regular kunai out and stabbed it in the back of her neck.

"Why are you doing this?" Taji managed to ask as blood filled her mouth.

"Because I can and am entitled to. Might makes right in this world." He answered smugly as she went limp and died.

Kushina wanted to fight, but Kyuubi's chakra surging kept her from doing little more than screaming and slightly thrashing, unable to move much after being weakened from birth. In her anguish she could now clearly see Minato, and he certainly looked different than before. His hair, face, and clothes looked the same, and he had that 'I'm the most powerful man in the universe' smile on his smug face again, but his eyes, once sapphire blue, were active Sharingan.

Kushina was shocked, and in her struggle she also saw Biwako holding her newborn son, looking at her triumphantly. "Thank you Kushina for refusing to abort the pregnancy, even if it was rape-caused. Thanks to you, Yondaime-sama will make Konoha into what Kami-sama intended it to be: the only power in the world."

"Damn you! Damn you Minato!" Kushina managed to declare as Kyuubi began to truly break free. She knew there was no stopping it now. "You're crazy if you think you can do this!"

"I can do anything, and I'm entitled to have everything." Minato claimed, watching the Kyuubi's growing chakra with interest.

"You lowlife! You actually believe the world revolves around you?" Kushina yelled.

"Maybe not yet, but it will once I'm done with it." He stated.

Kushina convulsed, and Kyuubi was finally getting out. Minato watched with interest, waiting for the perfect moment to make his move. He was quite surprised when Kyuubi seemed to stop and hover above Kushina almost protectively, still connected to her and looking like a chakra projection rather than a real creature.

"What is thi-?" Biwako asked, but was silenced when Kyuubi extended a claw that ripped her head off and harmlessly scooped up Naruto before the body fell. Kyuubi then brought its hand back and handed the infant to Kushina.

"Kyuubi?" Kushina asked, frightened for her child who looked unharmed and surprised her trapped demon chose to help her right now.

Minato frowned, getting over his own shock at this. "So you choose to defy me beast?"

"You are a fool Namikaze if you believe you can control me or expect me to let you. I may not like being trapped in Kushina, but I'll take that over being a part of your sick plot any day." Pausing for a moment he let out a sadistic smile showing his teeth. "Besides, if Kushina hates you then we can see eye to eye or tail to tail."

Minato frowned hearing this coming from the kitsune. "You don't have a choice Kyuubi. I have the power to do whatever I want, and thus the right to do whatever I want. And I want you to be MY weapon, not that slut's."

Kyuubi snarled, getting more solid and disconnected from Kushina. "You force yourself on a woman and dare call her such a name? I'd call you a bastard, but that would be an insult to Kushina's kit."

"Kyuubi, why are you helping me?" Kushina asked, holding a crying Naruto close to her.

The fox's image seemed to waver for a moment, as if it was having a hard time stabilizing back into the outside world, and its eyes briefly left Minato to look at her before back to the blonde. "I'd rather be your prisoner than his. Leave it at that."

"I will have y-!" Minato shouted, ready to subdue the fox the second it was completely separate from Kushina, but there was a bright light that blinded his active Sharingan, preventing him from doing anything. When it faded, there was a large hole in the cave wall and Kushina, Naruto, and Kyuubi were gone.

Kushina passed out for a moment, but when she came to she saw she was in a forest outside Konoha. Naruto was still in her arms, and Kyuubi was sitting down looking that them both. Now the fox was solid and completely free of her seal, but roughly the size of a tiger.

"Kyuubi?" She asked, her voice strained and still filled with fear.

"Fear not Kushina, I mean you no harm." The fox demon replied.

"Why not?"

"Because... I have no reason to hurt you." Kyuubi answered, sounding like he was hiding something.

"Even so, why did you help me?" Kushina added. "I thought you hated me and wanted nothing more than to be free."

"Of course I want to be free. What creature likes being denied freedom?" Kyuubi replied. "If I don't help you, that smug jerk will try to trap me all over again. At least you never regarded me like I only existed to be used."

Kushina looked at her baby. "He looks so much like his father."

"No!" Kyuubi forcefully interjected. "That man is no father. He is a soulless monster that deserves to be castrated, viewed as a rapist, not a parent. He is not your kit's father."

Kushina didn't respond right away, remembering the day Minato used several suppressing seals to keep her bound while he repeatedly violated her until she conceived, and all because childbirth was the best way to weaken the seal for him to take Kyuubi out of her. She nodded after a moment. "You're right, you're completely right. This is my son, not his, and I'll be damned before I allow that son of a bitch to have any claim to my child."

"What will you name him?" Kyuubi asked.

Kushina looked at the fox. "Kyuubi, would you be offended if I named him in your honor?"

Needless to say, the demonic fox was quite surprised she would ask that, but he quickly responded. "I would prefer it if you didn't since I like to be unique in my name and wish to pass it down to a child of my own someday."

"You have always been my protector in your own way, and you have even protected my son too, even if it was mostly in your own interest. And I know you will not abandon us or else you would have done so. Besides, my family and others have dishonored you by treating you as a slave. Allow me to do this as a small way to apologize."

The nine-tailed youkai was speechless. Initially he thought she was bluffing, but he detected no negative emotions or intentions behind her words. Kushina really wanted to make amends to the fox. Feeling a bit flattered, he smiled. "While that would be a great way to hurt Namikaze's pride, I must still decline your offer. Kushina, that man wants to seal me into your kit. You are not strong enough to fight back and he's likely prepared to fight against me. We must do something to protect the kit."

Kushina nodded. "I will. And I know just what to do."

Kyuubi grinned and wagged his tails, but quickly tensed and stood up, fur bristling. "Someone's coming. Run Kushina. Now!" He then grew to full size and roared.

Kushina briefly froze, but her maternal instincts kicked in and she got up and ran. Despite having given birth not more than half an hour ago, her Uzumaki bloodline allowed her to at least move from the area as fast as a tired Genin. Her frightened child, aching lower body, and severely depleted chakra system from the lack of Kyuubi, all made it impossible for even her to go any faster. But she knew she had to get away and fast, at least long enough for one thing.

Kyuubi stayed back to face the forces heading his way, not surprised to see Minato riding Gamabunta. Accompanying him was Jiraiya, and at the base were many Anbu and all the clan heads. Even Tsunade and Sarutobi Hiruzen were there, and while that surprised Kyuubi, he paid it little mind. 'I must keep them away from Kushina and her son.'

"Stop the Kyuubi before it destroys Konoha." Minato told his troops, rallying them all, those in on his plan and those left out. No one seemed to notice or care that his eyes were not what they were supposed to be, probably because now his Sharingan were inactive thus less obvious.

In his fury and rage Kyuubi created a Biju bomb, aiming right at Minato. With a quick set of hand signs and a pre-made seal, Minato activated a space-time jutsu to send the attack to a deserted area. Most of the ninja were in awe, but Kyuubi growled. 'Damn, that's right. This lowlife and his Peeping Tom sensei stole jutsu from the Uzumaki. This won't be easy.'

Sarutobi commanded the ground forces to get into position, and they started a direct assault to divert his attention. He swung his many tails, sending the insignificant fighters flying into trees and boulders, breaking many bones. Judging from their battle cries they thought they were driving him away from the village little by little, unaware that Kyuubi was only interested in keeping them from pursuing Kushina.

Many Konoha Nin attacked him armed with whatever they had as weapons. It was much like a swarm of bees attacking a person, and Kyuubi was getting irritated. Then suddenly Gamabunta jumped and tackled Kyuubi, providing a little damage and knocking the fox off its feet briefly.

"Hold the fox for a moment!" Minato shouted.

"I'm not a miracle worker. I don't have enough chakra to do much to it." The giant toad countered, struggling to keep Kyuubi from getting back up. Kyuubi meanwhile tried to make another Biju bomb, aimed low and directly at Konoha's armies. But before he could fire it, Minato used another teleportation jutsu to send himself, Kyuubi, Jiraiya, and Gamabunta away from Konoha.

The Biju bomb went off destroying a mountain and the whiplash of the attack knocked Gamabunta off the fox. Kyuubi got back up and saw Kushina was being pinned down at sword-point by two women, both looking like they had won everything. One of which was Uchiha Mikoto, the only one Kyuubi recognized right away. The other one was too young to be full grown and had short black hair wearing a long-sleeved Chunin outfit, and she was holding Kushina's son with her free arm.

Before Kyuubi could attack them, Gamabunta spat out a huge amount of oil, covering him and keeping him down. In that moment, Jiraiya and Minato created a seal of ropes and seals over Kyuubi, as if trying to net him down. The seals were effective so Kyuubi could not immediately get back up, and Gamabunta planted himself right on top of the fox to weigh him down further.

Minato walked up to the woman holding Kushina's son. "Nice work Shizune, Mikoto."

"You lay one hand on him and I'll-" Kushina started to threaten, only to be silenced by Mikoto slapping her hard enough to make her cough blood.

"Shut the hell up bitch! Don't talk to your betters like that!"

Kushina glared at the Uchiha matriarch. "When did you stop being my friend Mikoto?"

Mikoto smirked. "How could I stop if I never started? You were just a source of knowledge, nothing more than a book or scroll. No one befriends a book."

Kushina glared at Minato. "You will never succeed. Kyuubi and jinchuriki cannot be controlled like mere machines."

"Oh but I will succeed in that. After all, I'm the strongest man in the world and, according to Sensei, the Destined Child, meaning the fate of the world is mine to do with as I please. I just need the power of the Biju to make my vision a reality."

"You are not Kami!"

Minato simply shrugged. "Not yet, but I will be." He then pulled out a kunai, holding it in a threatening manner. "You still have a chance to be useful Kushina. This child does need someone to ensure it lives to adulthood, and I'm not interested in filling that role. If you agree to never disobey me again I'll let you raise the boy under house-arrest in Konoha. The worst I'll do to you is mute you so you can't fill his head with stuff that'll influence him the wrong way."

The redhead glared like she was about to create a chakra cloak without Kyuubi in her. Mikoto and Shizune were now struggling to keep her down. "I'm never going to let you have anything to do with MY son!"

"Oh, so unwise." With his kunai, he jabbed it into Kushina's neck, pulling it out quickly so she would bleed to death. "Do with her as you please." He told Shizune and Mikoto while he placed Naruto on a tarp bearing a seal and held down by a few candles.

Shizune and Mikoto started attacking her without mercy as Minato started the seals for the Dead Demon Sealing. Kyuubi thrashed even further at seeing this, while Gamabunta started using his blade to stab him in the back several times and Jiraiya reinforced the restraining seals. Soon the Shinigami appeared behind Minato, wishing he wasn't summoned for the reason that would take place.

Sarutobi and a few others showed up as this started. Those others being the clan heads, Tsunade, and the three elders. They saw that the sealing was being started so they stood back and watched with smug confidence, like victory was all but official.

Shinigami extended a marked arm towards Kyuubi. "Curse you Namikaze!" Kyuubi shouted.

"Seal!" Minato said without fear since while he knew that a soul was needed to use this jutsu, Kushina's would be a nice replacement for the sacrifice he had brought along with him. She was the wife of Ichiruka the noodle maker and had insulted him when he had tried to seduce her. His pride was hurt, and so he felt the bitch must pay and so she was to be used as a sacrifice. With her soul added along with Kushina's the seal would become even more powerful as well as add more to the seal so that the boy would obey him as an obedient weapon in the future once everything was in place.

The hand took a hold of Kyuubi, and he felt a painful cold, as if his blood turned to ice and his soul was being ripped out of his body. Sadly that last part was true. His consciousness and chakra was being ripped out of his body which started to decay rapidly at the death god's touch. Gamabunta got away to avoid becoming an unintentional casualty, and Kyuubi tried to get up.

Minato quickly drew an eight trigram seal on Naruto with Jiraiya overseeing it. Kushina watched in horror as the last thing she saw before her vision went black was Shinigami taking Kyuubi's soul away and the seal on Naruto sucking it in as Kyuubi's body rotted to ash. 'My... son...'

Then she passed on…

For a moment, Kyuubi saw nothing, heard nothing, and felt nothing. Then one sound came thru the darkness.

"Did it work?"

From there a small glow was seen to him, like a lone star or candle, but nothing came into focus. More voices were heard though.

"I believe so. Kyuubi is contained again, and this time it will be used despite what Shodai-sama intended." That voice was clearly Minato.

"Absolutely. He was a fool to give the others away to other countries. Dividing power like that to avoid conflict? Ridiculous. The smart thing would have been to use the Biju to kill off all the rivals. Who would stop us then?" Tsunade was heard saying.

"Are you certain the boy will not fall to the fox's influence?" Sarutobi asked.

"The seal we used was stronger than the one used on Kushina. Had it not been, Minato would be dead right now. Also, he used a separate seal to take half of the fox's chakra into himself but none of the soul so the fox wouldn't be at full strength and Minato would be able to resist the Shinigami anyway." Jiraiya answered.

"What about if the fox tricks the boy? Or worse tries to tell him about you?" Fugaku asked.

"We'll handle that part right now." Minato replied. Kyuubi then felt a surge of pain but the place he was in got brighter, but not enough to actually see something.

"There. We added a failsafe to the seal. If this child ever releases too much of the foxes chakra, or gives up trying to contain it, Genjutsu of myself and Kushina will appear in his mind, giving him some silly sap stories and promises to lift up his spirits and make him want to hold in the fox even more."

"Will he ever learn the truth?" Mikoto asked.

"Unlikely. Why would he believe the fox over his own parents? If he hears us claim to love him and want him to be happy, and the fox that the whole village hates says it's all a lie, who's he going to believe?" Minato asked back.

"So what do we do with it now?" Koharu asked. "Are you going to raise it?"

"Hell no! Me take care of a needy brat, when I could be out doing what I enjoy? I couldn't care less what happens to him just as long as he doesn't die or grow up weak. Kushina was supposed to raise him, but since that's no longer possible thanks to her own foolishness I guess Plan B is all that's left."

"What's that?" Hyuuga Hiashi asked.

"Since I'm certain no one else wants to raise this kid..." Minato paused mainly because there was a chorus of various denials, all best summarized as 'Hell no'. "There's only one real option, let him raise himself. Have him be given just enough support to ensure he doesn't die and gets strong enough to be a usable ninja, but not so strong or independent that he can someday turn against us."

"What do you mean?" Nara Shikaku asked.

"This child will be left alone, supported enough to survive and allowed to be a ninja so we can use him against our enemies. To ensure he will not be a threat, at first he will be given the minimalist amount of training. Enough that he can survive but not enough that he can successfully rebel. Also, he should be mistaught on right and wrong so the idea of turning against Konoha will have no appeal to him whatsoever."

"Why allow him to become a ninja at all?" Homura asked.

"Because if he never becomes one he will be of no use in future battles. He will be of better use as a ninja than a civilian. Plus I have long terms plans for the brat that will require him to become a shinobi to achieve," Minato answered.

"Can I take him into my ROOT program?" Danzo asked.

"No. While your program would guarantee he would become useful and obedient, destroying his emotions will limit his ability to utilize Kyuubi's chakra when needed. A Jinchuriki's strength comes from their emotions, not the lack of them. This boy must be raised to be emotional, able to be enraged, but not so much he will snap at any moment."

"I understand Yondaime-sama." Danzo replied.

"So the boy will become a social outcast, unaccepted by everyone and presumably ignorant of any connection to you or Kushina. How exactly do you plan to ensure he will listen to anyone? Let alone you?" Aburame Shibi asked.

"Here's what I propose. This boy will be mistreated and ignored by almost everyone in the village. They can do whatever they want to him as long as he never dies or becomes incapable of being a shinobi. Some people will have to act as confidants so he will have a sense of safety here, but overall he will feel unwanted and unaware why. Naturally this will create a desire to change that and make people like him. If taught appropriately, he will do whatever it takes to gain some measure of acceptance from anyone. Especially me once I get involved."

"What do you mean?" Tsunade asked.

"To make it more effective, and do a few more things I have plans for, I must leave Konoha on an extended leave of absence. Tell everyone I'm dead, killed by the Kyuubi so no one like Iwa will be tempted to strike us anytime soon. While hidden I will weaken Konoha's enemies and capture the other eight Biju to use as well as the Kyuubi. If things go well, once I reappear in this boy's life and he learns I fathered him, he will be so desperate for my acceptance and approval of him he will do anything I tell him, even kill a whole village of civilians on command."

"And if he doesn't?" Sarutobi asked.

"I will have him killed and Kyuubi resealed, and try a different approach that time."

"So no matter what Kyuubi will remain ours to control. And in time the other Biju will be too. I approve." Tsunade stated, and soon all the others agreed. "One question, what will the boy be named?"

"He cannot be named Namikaze. He is undeserving of such a noble name and it would only alert enemies and confuse the villagers. Call him Uzumaki for now, so their name will be dragged through the mud by his infamy. As for personal name, I chose Naruto."

"Why?" Many asked.

"It's a name from an unpopular book I wrote. No one but me or those connected to me would think anything of it, so it's unlikely anyone else would share the same name." Jiraiya told everyone. "At the same time it's a bit demeaning so it's like an additional torment."

"I've got a question, if you're pronounced dead, doesn't that mean we need a Godaime right away?" Fugaku asked, barely hiding the mirth in his voice.

"We would, but unfortunately we can't so soon." Minato answered, much to Fugaku's shock and ire. "According to what will be reported, I died suddenly. Konoha law states my predecessor must take office first if capable. If Sarutobi doesn't, it would alert enemies that a ruse is being done. When it looks like no one is suspicious anymore, I will tell Sarutobi to step down and appoint you Fugaku as promised."

"And how long will that take? I gave you our clan's property Minato, you cannot weasel out of our deal." The Uchiha patriarch insisted.

"I have no intention, but to complete the illusion this must be done. Give it a year or two, and you will get your reward Fugaku."

"Okay, Namikaze Minato died in battle resealing the Kyuubi away. I will get Konoha to be hostile and/or apathetic to young Naruto here with some people selected to act the role of supporter to keep him from giving up anytime soon. He will be molded into serving Konoha no matter what and will never be strong enough to become a threat to it. I also will need to give him legal godparents so he legally will not fall under the laws that protect and privilege orphans." Sarutobi reiterated.

"Jiraiya-sensei, Tsunade-bachan, will you do it?" Minato asked.

"No way. I'm not raising that reminder of why Dan-kun died." Tsunade angrily proclaimed.

"You don't have to raise him. It's just a formality so he can't be in the orphanage and people who attack him can't be prosecuted if his guardians don't press charges." Sarutobi told his student.

"Well that I can approve of. Okay, but it's just on paper. As far as I'm concerned, he's no safer to be around than Kushina was." Tsunade bitterly reply.

"Thanks. And Jiraiya-sensei, I'm going to need you to teach him a thing or two in time mainly to get him ready to be used by me when he's old enough."

"I can handle that, as long as it doesn't keep me from my research." The toad Sannin told his student.

"Good. I think everything's settled then."

"Where will you go? How will we contact you?" Sarutobi asked.

"You won't. I'll contact you when I need to hear or say anything. And I'm going to check out where the other jinchuriki are and learn about them before I make my move to take them." Minato answered.

By now Kyuubi could briefly see into the real world. He saw from Naruto's location all the clan heads of Konoha looking at each other with pride or himself with hate. Minato then pulled out a mask, an orange one with a spiral pattern around a single eye hole for the right eye.

"Remember, for now Namikaze Minato is dead. Until I return, I am simply... nobody." He dawned the mask and disappeared in a space-time jutsu.

"Damn you Namikaze! You'll burn in hell for this! You and everyone who supports you!" Kyuubi shouted on deaf ears before everything went black again and he was forced asleep. And as he slept, the seal caused his memories of the last few years to fade from his mind so he couldn't warn the boy of his future purpose. He could only hope and pray that the boy would see through the lies that they forced down his throat, and no matter what was done to him he would heal the boy in the hopes that the boy would kill that man in the end and avenge all who will fall to his tyrannical hands…


"So now you know the truth," laughed Minato as he had prepared the other necessary seals that were needed for controlling him completely. "You were born to become my weapon at this time. I never loved your mother, she was simply the means to an end. I even killed her sister that night and felt no remorse over it."

Naruto as this time was too shocked to say anything as Minato whistled as he worked on the seals. By the time his mind snapped back, Minato had finished them, and Naruto watched in horror as the seals began to expand all across his mindscape and he felt as if his very being was being erased. Naruto struggled to break the bars once more as he had done before, but like before the bars hurt as he touched them and he only grew weaker. Naruto slumped his head in defeat since he had no strength anymore, but when all seemed lost, there was a glow in his jacket pocket. Naruto pulled it out and saw a trinket given to him by Shion when he had promised to help her carry on her priestess line, and at the time he was unsure as to what it even was or why it was given to him. But she had told him that he would need it in the future and to keep it close to him.

The trinket was a smooth opal stone with a symbol in it, and as he grabbed it he felt the seals trying to break him and control him begin to wane. The power that was being suppressed was now beginning to surge froth from his body.

"What is this," said Minato in surprised rage since this was not supposed to be happening. The brat was supposed to be under his control right now, yet something was interfering with the seal. He quickly made a hand sign that summoned the bindings of all elements bind Naruto once more, but the power still surged from him.

"I won't be controlled," whispered Naruto as he felt the rage within him grow to levels beyond his control.

"You will pay for your resistance brat," said Minato as he summoned more bindings.

"I won't be controlled," said Naruto louder as he felt his eyes boil in pain as they transformed into something far more powerful than he thought.

"Why aren't the seals working," shouted Minato as he tried to gain control of the situation once more.

"I won't be controlled!" Shouted Naruto as the power surged out in a massive pulse that broke the bindings on him.

"This can't be happening," said Minato as he began to walk slowly backwards. He saw Naruto open his eyes, and to his horror saw the brat had gained not only an Sharingan of his very own that had somehow become the Mangekyo Sharingan, but the other eye had become the Rinnegan, the Dojutsu of legend said to be the eyes of the Sage of the Six Paths himself. He had only ever seen one person with those eyes and had tried to take them for himself for years but when he was close to acquiring them the boy Pein had died to Naruto when he attacked Konoha and they became lost to him.

Naruto fell to his hands and knees, and activated a darker more powerful form of his tailed beast form. Tails began to sprout out from behind him, and when nine popped out he had thought that he had reached his peak, but that was not the case since a tenth one sprouted out and he felt more powerful than he had ever been in his entire life. He swiped the bars with his clawed hands, and unlike when he tried with his bare hands, he broke through and blasted out of the cage that he had been placed in. Minato had tried to dodge the attack, but Naruto was faster than he was. Naruto tore into his face and showed this monster of a man no mercy as he tore his spirit apart into multiple pieces until his spirit disappeared. Naruto then placed both his hands on the wall and sent his power through it, doing so caused all the seals in his mindscape to disintegrate from his mind. And as they did, he roared in rage as he escaped his mindscape…

(Real World)

While Naruto had been trapped in his mindscape, Minato had gotten close to Naruto and had placed seals on his body to complete their purpose. But before he was able to finish it he saw all the seals he had placed on him start to erase themselves before his eyes. He also saw the necklace that Tsunade had given him, which had secretly been a leash since it hindered him when a certain seal was activated. But now the stone cracked and shattered into a million pieces. The force that came from the seals breaking launched Minato backwards, and when he got his footing back and saw the brat again, he saw him stand there with pure fury on his face.

"I WILL NOT BE CONTROLLED!" shouted Naruto as the power he had been gifted caused him to implode so that nothing was left of him there, not even a drop of blood.

Minato screamed in rage since all the years of planning had just gone to waste, and there wasn't even a chance for him to start the plan anew with another bastard child and so his power base was much weaker than he wanted…


Naruto didn't die as many had though he did that day, but had instead teleported a far distance out of a combination of shear rage and the power within him adding to the range. He didn't know how to use it fully yet and he knew that it would take time to do so. But at the moment he had teleported high up in the air on the planet Shear. His newfound power enveloped him like a protective shield as he fell towards the planet, and he crashed at an angle into side of a mountain. The impact of his crash caused the area to become covered in boulders and jagged rocks of all sizes.

When he came to he went out of the cave he had made and searched the immediate area. He saw creatures the likes that he had never seen before. Many were calm and ignored his existence, but there were a few species that were hostile and attacked him. He easily dispatched those he had to fight, but eventually he realized that he wasn't on his world anymore. So he made his way back to the cave he had made and began to meditate. As he did he absorbed the energy of the world he was in so he had no need to eat or drink, which was good since he was unsure as to what he was able to consume in this world. For ten months he searched the cosmos to find his world, and eventually he found it, but he didn't have the power to return to it.

So he encased himself in crystal so to keep himself safe from the world as he collected the energy he needed to return home. As he did, his body began to change as it acclimated to harness the power of the combined might of the Biju he had absorbed. He had become the new Juubi and yet he was unaware of that fact for quite some time. Time caused the cave he was in to expand as he absorbed energy, and five years later humans came to the planet to colonize it and construct factories and mine resources. Naruto ignored them since they were not his problem, yet the wildlife in time found his cave since they sensed the power he was gathering and began to leech off of it. They felt his rage and his anger, and it caused them to mutate into the three species of monsters that the hunters had to fight against. And there he had remained for the past ten years as he waited for the day he had enough power to teleport home…

(Current time)

"And now you see why I am here," said Naruto as Cabot saw the memories fade in front of him once more. "And since you and the rest of your group have interrupted my collection of energy, I request that you help me since you have the power to do so."

"And how exactly can we help you," asked Cabot with a raised eyebrow since he had seen what this man had been capable of and he had never seen anyone do as he had been able to do without the aid of massive machines.

"You have the ability to travel to other planets via ships capable of traveling through space," said Naruto as he paced around Cabot. "I'm not sure what they are called so I will call them spaceships."

"That's actually what they are called," said Cabot.

"Oh really," said Naruto with a bit of a chuckle, "well now I don't sound like a complete idiot by calling them that. But you want this planet and I want to return home since it was never my plan to arrive her in the first place."

"But if you leave then the monsters that you created will still wreak havoc on the on this planet."

"And that is why I want a big ship so as to take my children with me," said Naruto. "As long as they are near me then they shall remain docile so they will not be a problem."

"There are only a few ships capable of transporting the amount you are asking for. And unfortunately we are not in possession of them."

"What!" shouted Naruto as Cabot fell on his ass since he was not expecting him to become enraged like that. "Do you not understand that the longer I stay here the more of my friends die since I am not there to protect them from that tyrant who tried to control me? Now help me or I swear to the gods that exist that I will make you suffer greater than you have or ever will suffer again!"

"I didn't mean that I wouldn't help," said Cabot as he stood back up and dusted himself off, "I just meant that I would have to make a call to get the ship that was capable of doing so. It will take a bit to get here, but if I know the Mega Corporation that invested in this planet, they will gladly flip the bill to relocate the problem since it is the cheaper option of either that or relocating the people who lived here. So give me a bit of time and I'll see to it that we take you and your 'children' home."

After they came to that agreement, Naruto released him from the Genjutsu he was in as well as the rest of the hunters. He then sat down to meditate once more since he had nothing else to do as they did what they said they would…

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