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A Strange Power

On a very distant planet far different then our own, humanity has traveled through the void of space, exploring distant far off planets, colonizing as well as terraforming them, fought in many wars to conquer them, and discovering new sources of energy to power them. Humans have expanded across the galaxy in the Far Arm, yet even with all the expansion of their reach there were still many planets that were still unknown.

All was going well with their universal expansion until a group of interests fell upon a planet known as Shear, an uninhabited planet filled with new wildlife and resources then they were accustomed to. While colonizing the planet's surface, mankind had come under attack from a monstrous alien species that was rapidly consuming every living thing on Shear, both the indigenous wildlife native to the planet as well as the very humans that had begun terraforming it for use. The problem with these monsters became too great for the people to handle by themselves so they requested support. And with the support they were able to hold off the waves of monsters for a time, but the monsters evolved and became stronger with each failed wave they sent and after so many waves, they were too powerful to stop with what they had on hand, so they called professionals to help stall the monsters so that they could evacuate the planet and form a plan to wipe the monsters out without the needless loss of life and the fear of becoming consumed by the monsters attacking them.

After being brought out of retirement, the Planet Tamer, William Cabot gathered an Elite group of War Veterans, Psychopaths, Hunters and Scientists to help rescue as many colonists as they can, before the planet was consumed by the greatest threat to all life on the planet. For five days straight they coordinated with those who were willing to help them and fended off the monsters so that around sixty five percent of the planet was successfully evacuated off planet. But even though they succeeded in their main mission, they still wondered where these monsters came from since they were not there when they sent a beacon to the world to scan the planet for such threats.

In fact, it seemed like they only appeared when the humans themselves arrived like they were born or evolved just to counter the human colonization of the planet. So the hunters that came to help evacuate the planet decided to stay so they could find the source of where the monsters were coming from. They theorized that the monsters were connected via a hive mind kind of mindset since even though the monsters came in five fairly different species, two of said species had a far more powerful variants that enhanced their powers by leaps and bounds, they didn't attack each other and in fact coordinated with one another to attack all who stood in their way.

Over the course of their campaign of fighting the monsters, the various species were given names, as well as studied for helping hunters kill them in the future. The list went as such:

The Goliath was the first Monster studied and categorized out of all of them. One of the largest and most brutish of the monsters, the Goliath is an extremely strong and violent predator that uses an array of close-quarter attacks and gap-closing abilities, relying on hurled rocks for ranged damage against the hunters. While mobile enough to get around, the Goliath excels in close-quarters combat and is at its strongest when it is in a direct fight with the hunters.

The Goliath was a large saurian/humanoid monster with a thick hide, covered in spikes and barbs that increase in size with each successive evolution it went through. It is bipedal and stands on its hind legs when fighting, but is capable of running at great speed on all fours.

The Goliath's head is rounded and well armored. It possesses two eyes that are set far into the skull for protection. The skull is connected to the rest of the body at the back of the neck instead of at the base of the skull, allowing it full range of visibility. The mouth of the Goliath possesses a long thin tongue and a large pair of mandibles on the lower jaw that are visible when the creature roars. The eyes and mouth of a Goliath glow a bright red color as if there is a fire burning deep within its body, starting at the neck and travelling all the way down to the chest area. The glow increases with evolution and when the Goliath has armor. Its neck has several overlapping scale-like plates of armor that resemble glowing red gills.

The Goliath has a muscular frame and possesses tremendous strength, made evident by its ability to leap large distances and rip and hurl boulders from the ground. The Goliath has a tail, tipped with a cluster of spikes. The Goliath's feet possess four toes: two in the center, a smaller toe on the outside and one additional toe that juts backwards, making a distinctive footprint.

The Meteor Goliath was a different take on the Goliath, blessed with increased armor, area of effect range, and mobility, as well as a host of fire-catching abilities, but cursed with longer cooldowns to their abilities. The Meteor Goliath is extremely powerful and agile, its mobility much more skilled than the weaker Goliath.

Kraken was the second studied Monster on Shear. This is the only known creature that once it reaches what is known as Evolutionary Stage 4 it has the capability of splitting its body into 4 separate hosts. It has webbed feet. It is capable of continuous flight unlike the others; it specializes in long ranged combat, bombarding its enemies from the skies as it uses its abilities to control the battlefield. The Kraken's traversal is an aerial burst, putting it into the sky where it will slowly lose altitude (in combat, the Kraken will hover in the air). While in the air, the Kraken can fire projectiles as a basic attack.

Kraken draws equally from saurian and forever infamous Lovecraftian influences. The Kraken moves on all fours but is capable of standing on just its hind legs when using its skills like Aftershock.

Kraken's head has four eyes and a sideways mouth formed partially of the tentacles running up and down its face. The bottom two eyes are slightly larger than the top two. The Kraken's upper jaw is split in two, giving its mouth an overall triangular shape.

The Kraken is tall and lanky but hunches over on all fours when moving. Its back contains two tentacle-like wings with a spiked ridge between them. Kraken's back feet have three toes and a dewclaw, while its front legs have longer claws that more closely resemble human hands. The Kraken has a long spiked tail.

Kraken can generate electricity from the two tentacle-like appendages on its back, and uses these for combat and flight. When gliding, it spreads its wings and creates an electrical field that keeps it buoyant. Kraken will leave visible marks on the ground over which it flies. The Elder Kraken is the more powerful adaptation of the Monster. A variant on the Kraken, the Elder Kraken focuses heavily on close quarter combat and creating Area of Effect damage zones while sacrificing his ability to control space with mines and knockback effects.

Wraith was the third Monster studied, but with this particular monster, they were able to use its ability to teleport to make experimental teleportation devices, but they scrapped the project after they evacuated since the facilities that they were being made in was overrun quite early in the process of Evacuation. It is an elusive monster that specializes in stealth and assassination maneuvers, flitting across the battlefield to focus down targets while mitigating damage through speed and cunning. Its traversal is a short omnidirectional warp, allowing it to achieve some amount of airborne presence, though not nearly as much as the Kraken. The Wraith has the second smallest armor but lowest health pool of the monsters and compensates with exceptional agility and trickery, and much higher damage output. She leaves long, white trails as tracks, like "cuts" in the ground.

The Wraith moves around by floating just above the ground in a serpentine motion, making very little noise. She only touches the ground when she crouches to stalk her prey. She can climb walls quickly with the help of her scythes.

There were others as well, but it would take too long to state all the various types….

Those in charge of the company who built the homes and factories on the planet had their brightest minds create a beacon. While they had a few of the monsters in captivity, they noticed that even though they were of different species, they all had the same energy resonating from them. This confused them since different species of creatures should not have something like that connecting them. So they theorized that the creatures had mutated because of radiation of an unknown source of power somewhere on the planet. This was the power that they had locked onto when they built the beacon.

As soon as the beacon was finished and operational, the Hunters who had fought off the monsters all boarded the ship and flew towards where the beacon was. It took them a while to get a precise location since there was interference from all sorts of things, but while there was interference, it just took a bit of time for the beacon to recalibrate and they could continue onwards with their mission. Soo they arrived at the location of the power source, but what confused them about it was the fact that there was nothing there. It was just a mountainous area with jagged rocks all around the area that the beacon said the power was from. So they disembarked from the ship and searched the area, and it took a while before one of them discovered a hidden cave by sheer dumb luck since it was hidden by an illusion of sorts.

They all entered the cave itself, and as they went deeper into it, they felt the power of the source that had mutated the creatures into monsters themselves. They continued onwards, and as they did they all felt their senses tell them to leave and to never return, but their mission spurred them ever onwards. At the end of the tunnel, they were shocked to see a massive cave that was essentially a hollowed out mountain with various tunnels in the walls go every which way. Yet in the direct center of it all was a brightly illuminated crimson crystal that was massive in size. They made their way towards the crystal, and as they got closer, they were able to make out the outline of a young man who was in a meditative pose.

The Hunters observed the crystal and looked all around it, and once they did one of them pulled out a tool to try and break the man free from this prison. But before he was able to even chip the crystal in any way, his hand was stopped by a force that he was unsure of what it was. The man in the crystal opened his eyes, which surprised the Hunters to the point that they jumped back, but their shock only skyrocketed when the crystal just shattered into fine dust that blew them away from the man for a few brief seconds. When they were able to get their footing and see once more, they looked to see the man standing there with a glare on his face as he held up his hand to his mouth and whistled loudly to the point that it was near deafening to those who heard it.

That was when the Hunters heard movement all around them everywhere. They looked around and saw that out of the walls came thousands of monsters. The Hunters mentally crapped and shit themselves since it took so much just to kill one of them, and now here were thousands. They tried to run back to the exit, but the man from the crystal teleported in front of them to block their only route out of there. The Hunters drew their weapons, but they were surprised to see that the monsters were not attacking them, just surrounding them.

"Why have you come here," asked the man from the crystal.

"We came to find the source of power that made these monsters," said Cabot as he motioned for the others to lower their weapons. If this man wanted them dead then he would have killed them already instead of talking to them.

"These 'monsters' as you call them," said the man as one of the Goliaths kneeled next to him, to which he pet the creature to its enjoyment, "are my children in a sense. I am the reason they are like this, and I keep them hidden so that they may survive extinction."

"But why would you protect such bloody creature?" asked another one of the Hunters.

"Because they deserve to live just as you do human," said the man, "and what gives you the right to kill them. This is their home. Humans invaded this place and have been raping the land of its resources. The wildlife had to adapt or become extinct, so they sought out a means to do just that. And in the end they found me within this crystal meditating and fed of the energy it pulsed out. They grew stronger from it, but at the same time they consumed bits of my rage and hatred for humanity as well."

"Why do you hate humanity so much," asked Cabot in confusion since this man was human, or at least it seemed that way. "Just who the hell are you?"

"While I may hate humanity, it is only for a large percent of them from my world," said the man as his left eye began to glow and transform. It turned red with rings and three black tamoes. The eye began to spin, and as it did the Hunter were unable to look away from it. Soon they felt dizzy as images began to appear before their eyes.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki," said the man before the Hunters fainted from the Genjutsu he had just placed them in, "let me show you why I am here in the first place…"

(A/N: Sorry for the short chapter, but like with the rest of my stories I like to keep the first one short to hook the reader for more chapters in the future. This is an Evolved crossover for those who ever played the game, which is not so many. The next chapter will setup the dark tone of Naruto's world and show how he ended up on Shear far away from his home planet, which is not Earth if you must know, it is a planet far off from known space in what is called the Dark Sector since there is no law or trade within that sector nor is there any mega corporation to suck up all the resources. Naruto in this story is Godlike as well as in full control of the Monsters from the game. So I hope that idea interests you since it has to me.)

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