Titanfall: Rise of the Iron Shinobi @sinbadthe3rd
Unification Wars End

The Village of Konoha was on fire right now, which given the constant reminder of the people's 'Will of Fire' made it all the more ironic to see it in literal flames. The streets were littered with bodies all around the place, most of them being intact while some were not so given the explosive nature of their demise.

The shinobi of Konoha had seen their last line of defense fall in a large explosion and knew they needed to use their home field advantage to defeat this invading army since they knew the layout of the village better than the invaders did, but little did they know that their so-called advantage wasn't going to help them in the slightest.

Shinobi on the roof waiting to pounce upon the advancing army as they go by to eliminate them? They themselves were eliminated by the numerous Rifleman who took to the roofs in mass to counter the shinobi who would try this exact method of defense. So all that came of their plan was that multiple bodies of shinobi rained down from above onto those below them in the streets.

Shinobi hiding away in alleys or hidden in containers or the like to ambush the advancing army? Unfortunately for them, the members of the Militia were equipped with not only Thermal vision in their helmets, but many came with Pulse knives as well as had Motion Trackers. So those shinobi that thought they were so smart to wait until the perfect moment to strike, they were easily found and killed. So many bodies were killed by soldiers shooting into the containers they were hiding in, through the doors they were hidden behind, or worse yet via a grenade toss into the alleys they laid in wait.

Those Shinobi who were smart enough to realize that they were utterly fucked and decided to make a run for it? Shot in the back and left either to bleed out or were shot again to make sure they were dead.

The rich members of the village, the ones who had gotten even richer since they had been the sole benefactors of the slave trade in Konoha, had decided to flee the village altogether instead of waiting in the shelters like the rest of the commoners in the village. They made it to their private airship and took off once they were onboard. They thought that once they were in the air that they would be safe from the invading army. How wrong they were…

There were so many ways that the Militia could bring down that airship. So many different ways. There could have been several key shots from any long range weapon, a homing rocket or even a non-homing one since the airship was large and not really moving all that fast so it couldn't dodge to avoid it since it wasn't designed to do that. So many different Anti-Titan weapons that were designed to destroy Titans which could easily make short work of an archaic form of an airship. Hell any of the Pilots could have grappled onboard and slaughtered them all since they had no weapons onboard. They left the fighting to the shinobi. Why should they have to dirty their own hands when they had the money to pay others to do it?

But the method they eliminated those rich cowards was one full of shock and awe…

Inari, as the only member of the Militia who used a Northstar class Titan, which might I remind you could actually fly, did just that. He hopped back into his Northstar Titan, waited until they were up high enough to honestly think that they had escaped their fates, and then flew up towards them. The looks of horror on their faces were priceless as they saw this metallic monstrosity fly up after them and cut them off. They saw some large rectangular container on its shoulder open up, one with multiple holes inside it, and then all hell broke loose. Inari fired his Titan's cluster missiles straight at his enemies, hitting his target with every last one. The rich pricks on board were blasted into bloody puddles, with anything still intact being burned to ash as the airship burst into flames and fell back to the earth where it crashed into the forest surrounding the village. This caused those who saw this to panic since they saw there was no way out of this situation.

But while the shinobi of Konoha were being killed above ground, it was just as bad below it in the numerous tunnels that went in every which way. Before their attack on the village, they had scanned the entire area numerous times to make sure they had the entire underground mapped out so that every last one of the exits was sealed off. While the majority of the Militia was fighting above ground and decimating the feeble defenses of Konoha, Naruto had given Koyuki and multiple squads an even more important task. They knew that once the fight was not going the way they deemed winnable that the people of Konoha would try and flee. And given their numerous escape tunnels, they could have succeeded were it not for their advanced satellites capable of using pulse technology so they could see just how the underground tunnels were mapped out.

So Koyuki along with nearly a hundred and fifty soldiers spread out and found every last entrance. Once there they each set up a Titan Sentry turret to cover the area. So on the off chance that there were some Konoha civilians who managed to get by them and make it all the way out of the tunnels, they would then be riddled with automatic fire from the turrets and die. They wouldn't be expecting it since they didn't even know something like this existed so they wouldn't look for it. The things were motion tracking as well as rapid firing so there was no way in hell that either a civilian or a shinobi for that matter would survive. Once all the exits were covered, they regrouped into small squads and made their ways into the tunnels.

There was basically an army underneath the village, all led by one elderly narcissist of a man. Danzo was a man with the dream of conquering the world and forcing everyone to do his bidding. He saw himself so much higher in society that even dwarfed the vision Minato had of himself, but the reality of the situation also played hell with his mind. Danzo was old, and he knew this. He wanted to rule everything, but what would be the point if he only got a few measly years to actually enjoy the subjugation of the world? He had tried to find a method of reversing his age, which was making progress by the way, but then this battle was happening literally right over their heads. Minato knew about ROOT's existence, but right now he would be too busy to scold and berate Danzo for not defending his home with his private army.

Danzo was no idiot. He had seen the machines that Naruto and his army had brought. He saw as they tore through the summons of Tsunade and Jiraiya, and he had been the first to retreat knowing that Konoha would fall. So right now he was ordering his men to collect everything they could and to begin retreating to their secondary base that was hidden off the record so there was no means to find it unless you were a member of ROOT. And after the intense training as well as the seals placed on their tongues, no member would betray him so even if the enemy found their way down here they would never find him once he evacuated the facility. He would find a means to grow young once more, and then he would take the technology from Naruto and his army, start an army of his own and eliminate Naruto's forces before making the brat submit to him, a broken man.

Yet all his plans were getting shot down, literally. The soldiers of the Miliata slowly advanced their way deeper into the tunnels and eliminated everyone they saw as they passed by. Now they were being decimated within a single day. Hundreds of Root Shinobi forged to be the perfect drones and tools were being systematically eliminated. Years of thankless training, conditioning, and experience in the field counted for nothing against the enemy they were trying to escape from. Their cries of pain filled the tunnels and echoed all over so that those deeper inside knew that their enemy was getting closer.

Koyuki herself, as well as several others in her group, stumbled upon someone they hadn't expected to be here. Turns out that Danzo had managed to recruit Orochimaru after faking his death in an elaborate scheme. Orochimaru knew that Minato wanted him dead and would hunt him down to make sure he was, so when Danzo had sent his men with a deal to survive what was to come, he knew he didn't really have much of a choice. So after making a full clone of himself, they used that to stage his death and then Orochimaru was brought to the ROOT facility to continue his research as well as seeking a manner to make Danzo young again as per the agreement. And with the constant flow of slaves the village now had an abundance of, Orochimaru was making so many breakthroughs in his research at the expense of their lives.

Koyuki and her squad could only look in horror at all the various research that was vividly displayed all over the massive room. There were body parts everywhere. People who were dissected apart with organs missing. People in large containers filled with liquids of all colors. Plus the numerous notes plastered all over the wall that had illustrations of all sorts of inhumane things.

Orochimaru had been in the middle of collecting his most important notes pertaining to his research when the laboratory had been breached by Koyuki and her group. He had tried to flee after throwing a jutsu at them so as to cover his escape with the aid of his assistant Kabuto. Their jutsu failed to hit their mark and Koyuki and her men opened fire and gunned the fleeing men down. They didn't stop there though since they set fire to their corpses so that they would burn along with all his research so that no one would ever just stumble upon it and resume it in the future.

Once the horrific research and the monster who came up with it in the first place were dealt with, Koyuki and her squad once more began to move further into the facility. Along the way they did pass someone they didn't expect to see…

Kushina Uzumaki…

When Minato and Kushina had returned to Konoha, they had made plans to try and counter the army that was going to come and attack them soon enough. But even with all the added seals on the walls, the collaboration of the Slugs and the Toads summons helping them, the inkling of doubt that was in the back of their heads remained there. Naruto had done so much damage with so few people, and that showed that they were a force to be reckoned with. If Naruto had an army as large as he stated, then there might be a chance that they would fail in their defense of Konoha. Minato did the mental calculations in his mind and didn't like the odds so he told Kushina to flee underground in secret so that on the off chance that they lost and Konoha fell, she and their children could avenge him and kill Naruto in the future.

So once the fighting started, Kushina had taken some supplies and went and got her younger children to escape through the tunnels. In the time that Naruto had fled from Konoha, Kushina had given birth to 2 other children, one being a girl while the other was a boy. Menma was told to flee with his mother, but he had refused and stated he would fight until the end. He was stubborn like his mother was when it came to making up his mind, so Kushina kissed her son goodbye and wished him luck as his younger siblings cried and hugged him. They had then begun to try and escape through the ROOT tunnels.

Yet even these tunnels, which were meant to be secret, were under attack from the enemy which only raised the question on how they learned about them in the first place. So Kushina began to panic as she tried to avoid the tunnels that had the clear sounds of fighting coming from them. But her luck ran out when she saw Koyuki herself.

Koyuki had been quick to incapacitate them, since she had orders from Naruto to not kill her if she was found. There were a few people on that list, and to be honest she as well as the others who came into the tunnels had not expected to find a single one of the people on that fairly short list down here of all places. It just went to show how much of a coward they were since they were fleeing while others were fighting above. So with a quick chuck of an Arc grenade, they were all shocked into unconsciousness.

With the three of them being taken topside by a few of her men, the others all began to converge on the center of the facility. The room was massive, with a thick metal door barring entry that was barricaded from the inside. Koyuki had smirked since they had come prepared for this and had several breaching charges placed onto the thick metal doors. Once in place, they all stepped back and then detonated them causing the doors to be blown inwards. They remained on their hinges, but slammed into the wall hard which killed the several shinobi that were hiding off to the side to ambush the enemy once they entered.

The Militia entered the room and were bombarded with various jutsu, but a quick activation of several A-Walls and they were protected from all of them. Koyuki could hear Danzo shouting orders to his own men telling them to continue attacking, but Koyuki and the others opened fire themselves, cutting down the opposition until there was no one left in the room. Yet to their shock, Danzo's body disappeared and reappeared before their very eyes/ They had no idea as to how this was possible, but they didn't let it get to them much since they just shot him again. But once more they saw him reappear after his body disappeared.

So they just kept shooting him when this happened. There was the one time that the elderly man was quick enough to erect a wooden barrier to block the bullets, but all Koyuki had to do was throw a grenade into the opening on top of it and that killed him again. They had to kill the old man about a dozen times before he stopped reviving. But in the end even his strange form of immortality couldn't save him…

(Above ground)

Hinata was not usually one to get scared like this. Worried? Sometimes. But she was a mother so it made sense that she would be worried about her child's welfare. Yet right now, she was genuinely scared since all she saw around her were the corpses of shinobi she was just standing by to defend her home with. But then she saw with her Byakugan that those closest to the walls were being slaughtered and decided to flee with her son since she knew they had no chance to fight the enemy like this. And her intuition was right since not even ten seconds after she fled, the squad she was with were gunned down, with an explosion to follow along with it. She had gotten home safely enough and told Madara to come with her since they were leaving. Madara was scared since he saw the look of worry on his mother's face, but he did as he was told to do and followed her closely.

Right now, they were sneaking around the back alleys of Konoha, trying to sneak past the enemy forces, who were still killing off Konoha shinobi who were trying to repel them and failing to do so. Hinata saw so many corpses of Konoha shinobi, and her heart sank since she saw not a single one of the enemy. It was easy to tell the difference since the enemy were far more heavily armored than those from Konoha, since they only had Chakra armor and the enemy had helmets and such. That fact alone made this situation all the worse since now she knew there was truly no hope for them unless they escaped Konoha. She had no idea where they would go afterwards, but anywhere was better than here right now. There were a few times where she could have sworn that the enemy saw her or her son, but then they would continue on like they hadn't, which she thanked Kami for.

If only she knew that she was thanking the wrong person…

What was happening was that Naruto had found her as she was trying to flee with her son. He had followed them to this point, and anyone who he saw in the vicinity from the Militia he told to leave her alone since he would deal with her personally. He was just waiting for the perfect moment, and that happened to be right now. He saw Hinata and her son duck into the Ichiraku ramen stand to hide. Ayame and her father had fled towards the shelter with the rest of the citizens so it was empty right now. He smirked a bit and then mentally got himself ready for what was going to happen.

Hinata was inside the stall behind the counter with her Byakugan activated to check for hostile forces. She saw one and held her son close and covered his mouth so that he wouldn't make any sort of sound. She pulled out a kunai to use just in case this enemy came inside, but what happened next she had no idea it would happen.

The stranger walked into the stall, and Hinata went into protective mother mode and jumped across the counter and attempted to stab the enemy where they stood. Her kunai never hit its intended target though since the stranger grabbed her arm with a firm grip. Hinata tried to get her arm free, but she was easily overpowered, yet not in a violent manner like she was expecting. Instead, the stranger hugged her, which caught her off guard since this didn't make any sense in her mind. She contemplated stabbing this guy in the back, but she was honestly curious as to how this was going to play out.

"Hinata," said the armored male in front of her, "I can't believe I found you. I was searching for you and I am so happy that I wasn't too late."

"Do I know you?" asked Hinata, whose confusion only increased since she had no idea who this guy was. He apparently knew her though so this only added more to the confusion.

"Oh right," said the man as he slapped his metallic gloved hand onto his helmet, "my helmet is still on." The man then pressed the side of his helmet, and Hinata's eye opened wide since before her stood her ex-fiance Naruto in the flesh.

"N…Naruto…?" stuttered Hinata in fear since she had a feeling he was going to try and kill her. She had been leading him on to control him so as to acquire money from him so it made sense.

"Hinata, why are you so worried?" asked Naruto with a smile, "I came to get you and my son out of here."

"What?" questioned Hinata with a dumbfounded look on her face since that was the very last thing she thought was going to happen right now.

"Look," said Naruto as he looked behind him, "I will answer all your questions as soon as we get out of here, but we need to leave now before more of my men come this way. They have orders to kill everyone from Konoha, and even though they are under my command they might not hear me tell them to stand down before it's too late. So to keep you and our child alive we have to go now before they show up."

"Why are you helping us?" asked Hinata, who actually began to wonder if she and Madara might survive all this after all.

"Is it a crime for a man to protect his fiance and child?" asked Naruto as he pressed the side of his helmet again so that it shut. "I know it has been years, but the love I have for you is still the same as when I fled this place out of fear for my life. I am just sorry that I couldn't say goodbye before I left you, but the situation called for me to leave the village immediately and so I couldn't tell you. Now come on, we have to go now!"

Hinata couldn't help but mentally smirk right now. She just couldn't believe it. Even after all these years, she still had control of Naruto via his heartstrings, and by Kami she was going to use that knowledge to her advantage for everything it was worth. Screw the rest of those in this village, since the way the battle was going they weren't going to live anyway. As long as she and her son survived she would be happy with whatever outcome befell Konoha. So she rushed behind the counter to get Madara, but she whispered in his ear to play along with the lie that Naruto was his father. Madara had been told about Naruto, both from his mother as well as his father so he had a very good understanding as to who he was. So he simply nodded his head when his mother told him to play along and stood up from his hiding spot.

"So this must be my son…" asked Naruto in an open ended manner so that Hinata could finish it.

"His name is Madara," said Hinata, who hoped that Naruto didn't put the pieces together about the true parentage of her son. There were really no similarities between Madara and Naruto.

"So you named him after one of the most powerful Uchiha to exist?" asked Naruto, which made Hinata hold her breath a bit thinking that he knew, but then he continued, "Not the name I would have picked for him, but I wasn't here for his birth so I don't really get much say in the matter. Now that I think about it more clearly, Madara is a fine name for my son given the rich history behind it. I just hope that he can live up to such a legacy since the man himself was a legendary shinobi with power many can only dream of."

Hinata was finally able to breath as she heard him say that last bit, and not only that but she was mentally laughing her ass off calling Naruto a massive idiot for not noticing the truth about Madara. For fucks sake, he had none of his characteristics and yet this idiot still believed that Madara was his own son.

But now was not the time to mock his stupidity, since he was gesturing for them to follow behind him, which they did. They stuck to the backroads, all the while Naruto instructed his men to stay away from his position, an order that they followed. It took a bit, but eventually they made it to where Naruto was taking them to. Their location wasn't anywhere near any sort of exit, but instead by a large tree that neared the Forest of Death.

"Are you sure that this is the way to escape?" asked Hinata, who was a bit skeptical about his escape route right now.

"Do you remember this place Hinata?" asked Naruto, but he asked without looking in her direction.

"Not particularly…" said Hinata, who honestly didn't recognize it.

"This was the place where I proposed to you all those years ago," said Naruto simply.

"Why is that important in a time like this?!"

"It is important to know how it all started," said Naruto, more to himself than to either of them.

"How what started?" asked Hinata in a voice that was a mix of furious and confused.

"Well now that…" laughed Naruto as he finally turned around, "is the million ryo question isn't it?" This response of his made no sense to Hinata. But what surprised her was that Naruto then simply vanished out of thin air somehow, which raised so many questions in her mind, but those were pushed out of her head seconds later.

"Mom!" shouted Madara from behind her, which made her turn around in fear of what she was going to see, and what she saw made her face go white. There stood Naruto, but while that wouldn't have been an issue it was the fact he had his grappling hook wire wrapped around Madara's neck and was holding it tightly, yet lax enough so that Madara could still breath.

"Naruto!" shouted Hinata in fear for her son's life, "what are you doing? Why would you hurt your own son like this?!"

"Really?" Laughed Naruto with a deep laugh that made this odd situation all the more menacing since there was no joy in that laugh given it was one used by madmen. "You would say that until the end. In a twisted way I can admire that, but that's not really going to help you right now."

"Na…Naruto…" stammered Hinata, scared that whatever she said could be the thing that made Naruto kill her son as she was walking on eggshells here while planning some means to get her son away from him. "You aren't making any sense…"

"Really Hinata," said Naruto with a glare, not that she could see it since his helmet was still closed. "You can't think of any possible reason that I would be threatening the life of your son?"

"He is your son too Naruto!" said Hinata.

"Is it just that easy for you to lie to me like that?" asked Naruto in all seriousness, "well of course it is since you had so much practice doing it."

"Na…" started Hinata, but Naruto cut her off before she could speak whatever it was that she was going to say.

"Shut up Hinata" said Naruto coldly, which set Hinata aback since Naruto had never been like this to her before and it made her fear for her life even more now than before. "I don't want to hear it."

Hinata opened her mouth to speak, but Naruto was quicker than her and unclipped his pistol before he shot her in the leg making her fall over in pain. Madara was also about to say something along the lines of calling out for his mother, but Naruto tightened the wires around his throat so he couldn't speak.

"What the hell did you do to me!" shouted Hinata in rage that Naruto had hurt her like this. She had no idea what weapon he used, but it had managed to hurt her deep enough so that she couldn't even feel her leg anymore. Kami alone knew if she would be able to still use it if she got medical attention in the future.

"I shot you in the knee with a gun," said Naruto in explanation, "it's called 'kneecapping'... which reminds me…" Naruto then whipped his pistol out again and shot Hinata in the other knee this time, which only increased her painful screams. But there was no one around to hear it, and even if there was, there wasn't a damn thing they could do for her.

"Why!?" was all Hinata was able to seeth since she was in so much pain, and right now she was using most of her brain to try and block it out as she held her wounds so she didn't bleed out.

"I detest liars Hinata," said Naruto angrily, "and the list of them that I personally know is long. Far too long. Minato, Kushina, Tsunade, Shizune, Jiraiya, Hiruzen… the list goes on to the point the entirety of Konoha falls within it. But you took it a step further than they ever did. They lied to me about my life, with the Kyubi sealed within me being the main point, yet you lied to me about your love with this brat of yours being the very proof of it."

Hinata's eyes opened wide in surprise since she was now beginning to process that Naruto never had any intention of letting them go. This had all been to get them here, to do this to them.

"I am not an idiot bitch, even though you truly think that I am," said Naruto, "since this brat has no Uzumaki characteristics that would come from my genes such as either red hair or blond given I am also a Namikaze. He is clearly Sasuke's son, which shows that you are a cheating whore."

"I am not a whore!"

"Oh really? You fucked Sasuke behind my back while engaged to me so that makes you a whore."

"I never fucking loved you!" shouted Hinata angrily, dropping the false act of love towards him since it wasn't needed anymore. Naruto knew everything so there was no need to act.

"True." said Naruto, "but you still slept with both of us. No matter your logic, that makes you a whore."

"Don't you…" started Hinata, who would not allow Naruto to look down on her like that by calling her a whore of all things. She had done as she did to get a bit of the Uzumaki fortune legally, and she would do it all again if she could since in her mind she deserved it. She was a bit of a golddigger. But she stopped since she saw Naruto tighten the wire around Madara's neck once more to the point he couldn't breath and was desperating clawing at it to loosen its grip but to no avail. The wire used for grappling hooks was made to lift an entire person off the ground and reel them towards their target. What the hell were the hands of a 7 year old child going to do to it?

"Finish that sentence and I will choke the life out of your son in front of your eyes," said Naruto darkly. "You are in no position to make demands of me with your legs being useless like that. Your Gentle Fist doesn't really matter if you can't move your legs and I possess a weapon that can hit you from outside of the range of your hands. Apparently your clan's fighting style's major flaw is range."

"Please…" said Hinata, who at this point began to cry, hoping to prey upon what humanity he had left inside him. "Do what you want with me. But let my son go! He did nothing to you!"

Hinata had expected some sort of immediate response or worse an attack on her person, but that didn't happen. No… Naruto actually stood there like he was actually considering it for some reason, but with his helmet on it made it hard to read since she couldn't see his face. She could try using her Byakugan to see through it but she had an idea that that would piss him off enough to off her son in front of her.

"You know what?" said Naruto in a non-angry tone of voice, "even though you lied to me all those times with false words of love, you still provided me with the only bits of happiness I ever had in this village. So to repay you for that, I will listen to your one request and let your son live. Hell, I'll even let you go since I got my pound of flesh when I shot you in both knees like I did." Naruto then put Madara in a sleeper hold for long enough for the kid to pass out, and then undid the wire around his throat and let him fall to the ground.

"What did you do to him!?" demanded Hinata, who worried for her son's safety.

"He is alive," said Naruto as he pulled out his knife and tossed it in his hand for show, "since I said I wouldn't kill him. I am a man of my word if nothing else. Now remember that I said I would only fulfill one request, so I won't listen to any other. And on that particular note…"

Naruto then walked over to the fence that encompassed the entire Forest of Death. It was there to keep the creatures within it at bay, and yet with a few slashes of his knife, Naruto cut a large section of it leaving a large gap. His knife was made to be able to cut even advanced robotic beings, a simple fence wasn't much of a challenge for him.

"What are you doing?" asked Hinata, who was pissed that she couldn't seem to really ask Naruto that over and over since she didn't understand his thought process in the slightest so was always clueless on what was happening.

"I am leaving you alive where you are," said Naruto matter of factly, "as per your wishes. I will not kill you or your son. But in all honesty, you should have let me do the deed."

"What do you mean?" asked Hinata, with fear in her voice since she was not liking where this conversation was going.

"His death would have been much quicker as well as cleaner with me doing it." said Naruto simply as he pulled out a small metallic whistle. This whistle had been a side project he had worked on for all of 45 minutes before he scrapped it for the most part. While he completed what he wanted he scrapped it since the idea behind this whistle wouldn't really be relevant. What the whistle did was drive anything of the canine species berserk. It was made with the intent to make the dogs of the Inuzuka clan turn on their masters and attack them, but since the Militia used guns and large Titans as well as airships and a whole slew of other gadgets, it didn't really seem necessary in the end. It was just his hatred of the people he once called friends stuck in his mind to the point of driving his actions to seek a unique yet painful form of retribution against them. Kiba had been the first in his mind, thus the whistle was made, but after making it he was able to clear his mind and never created anything else for the others. Now he would use the whistle the one and only time since he wouldn't need it after today. So with that said, Naruto pressed the side of his helmet, put the whistle to his lips, and blew a note that was not audible to the human ear.

Hinata was confused by all this, which honestly she was still in a state of confusion since the start of all this. She saw Naruto blow into a whistle of all things, yet nothing happened after he did other than him crushing it in his hand and tossing the metal lump of scrap it had become to the side. Yet before she could even ask what he did, she heard something in the distance that horrified her to the point it made her face go ghost white…

She heard the howling of wolves…

"My initial plan was to end your son's life with a quick snap of his neck," said Naruto as he walked away from Hinata and her son backwards. His helmet closed back up as he did. "But since you had so adamantly begged me not to kill him, I will literally throw him to the wolves along with you."

"You can't do this to us!" shouted Hinata, as she tried and failed to move. Her legs were useless right now since she had been shot in both kneecaps. "Please don't leave us like this!"

"Funny," said Naruto with a cruel chuckle, "I am fairly certain I said I wouldn't listen to any more of your requests. So have fun dying in the same manner your husband did."

As Naruto turned around and began to walk away towards the dwindling sounds of combat in the distance, Hinata's eye bulged from her head. That last sentence that Naruto had said pieced together the puzzle in her mind that was going on. For the past few years she had wondered what had happened to Sasuke, and yet whenever she asked she would always be told he had died on a secret mission. She was never told what that mission was or how he died, but now here was Naruto of all people answering that question by stating he was eaten by wolves. The rage she felt was unlike anything she had ever felt in her entire life. All of her hatred was going out towards Naruto since he had to ruin every plan she had for her life! Why couldn't he just do what the fuck he was told and listen to his betters?

"You'll burn in hell for this!" shouted Hinata in rage. Her statement did make Naruto stop walking for a bit, and then he turned his head around to speak.

"Most likely," said Naruto in an uncaring tone. He always knew that he might be judged by some sort of higher being and doomed to the eternal fires of hell, but he didn't really care since if it meant getting his revenge on all those who made his life a living hell it would be worth it. Plus with their actions they would be down there too so that only gave him the chance to screw with them for eternity once he got down there so there was that to look forward to. "So make sure to send my regards to your husband and save me a seat while down there will you?"

And with that, Naruto ran off since he had nothing more to say to her…

Hinata panicked as she heard the howls of the wolves getting closer towards her. She slowly crawled towards Madara and painfully made it to him. She grabbed hold of him and tried to shake him awake, but no matter how much she shook him he was knocked out cold. She tried slapping him, but that didn't work either. It was only then that she saw the large pack of wolves coming out of the forest, all growling as they saw their prey in a weak helpless state. She began to cry as she screamed for someone to help her, but there was no shinobi anywhere near her so she was alone. She felt as her body grew so weak as her blood was running thin since the holes in her legs were still open.

So as the wolves paced around her, she grabbed hold of her son with all the motherly love she could muster in some vain attempt to protect him. Her vision was starting to darken as she bled out, and the second her vision gave out was when the wolves pounced upon her and her son.

If there had been any shinobi left to see the aftermath of what happened, all they would find would be the bloody chunks of their bodies that hadn't been devoured by the wolves along with a few toes and fingers that were somehow still intact. It was probably for the best that no one was around to see it for themselves since the scene would have scarred anyone who witnessed the carnage for life…

(10 Minutes later)

Naruto was full on sprinting towards the center of town, seeing as that was where the last remnants of the Konoha shinobi were making their last stand. He hopped onto the roof of the nearest building and ran faster that way since it was more a straight line than zigzagging through the streets. Eventually he made it to where the fighting was, but by that point his men were no longer shooting and he could understand why that was.

In the area outside of the Hokage Tower, there stood Minato and Menma along with what was left of the Shinobi of Konoha. By his count, there were only about 30 left, and judging by their emotions plastered all over their faces, their fighting spirits were all but nonexistent at this point. His men weren't shooting since two of the people on their commander's personal shit list stood before them. They knew that even the most accurate of guns can shoot off center for any number of reasons so they would not take the chance that they killed Minato or his brat by mistake. They had seen Naruto when he was genuinely mad… it was never a pretty sight and it always ended with people ending up in the hospital. So they remained there, knowing that their commander would show up shortly.

But for the last shinobi of Konoha, the waiting was hell for them. They had all seen their comrades die so horrifically not too long ago without being able to do much against the invading army. Nothing they did seemed to stop them in any way. Now they were surrounded on all sides, and fleeing was out of the question since they had seen those who tried die as well.

"Well isn't this a touching reunion," said Naruto as he walked through his men to present himself front and center to the two people who were the target of his hatred at the moment. There were others, these two were just the ones in front of him. "Seven long years I have waited for this day. The day I could finally face you Minato, man to man."

"IT is going to have a field day when I get done with you boy," seethed Minato in rage.

"IT?" asked Naruto with a chuckle, "you still think you have a department capable of understanding our gear? You don't. And even if you managed to kill me I assure you you won't kill enough of them to escape alive." That last bit he pointed towards his men to show Minato he meant the members of the Militia.

"I defeated an army once," said Minato with a smug grin, "and I'll do it again!"

"You also had your ass handed to you by me," said Naruto, slinging the facts at him, "or are you just going to gloss over that fairly recent chain of events?"

"It matters not," said Minato with a growl that his defeat was brought up in front of his remaining troops and son. He hadn't told them for obvious reasons. "History is defined by the victors, and when you are dead no one will even remember your name brat."

"Just my name huh," said Naruto with a shrug and a chuckle, "you think so small time it seems. Strange coming from a man who wanted to become emperor of an empire. See, when we win, no one will ever remember Konoha itself. Records of it will be destroyed. Its name will never be mentioned and will die with the older generation. We will ensure that no one remembers a single one of the people who made up this cesspool you called a village. Now that is proper use of altering history through war."

Naruto had expected Minato to continue speaking, but he as well as Menma were done with all this. So they chucked multiple smoke bombs at him before Minato threw his signature tri-pronged kunai all around Naruto. Once thrown he used the Hirishin to teleport fast and placed multiple explosive tags on Naruto's body. He got about thirty on him before Naruto kicked him away. Minato was sent skidding back a bit, but he smirked thinking that he had achieved victory as he made the hand sign to detonate the tags. They exploded as they were meant too, and when the smoke cleared there was nothing left, no trace of Naruto or his armor he wore. Minato had just begun to sigh in relief when all of a sudden Naruto appeared out of nowhere in front of him.

"Too slow old man," said Naruto simply as he slammed another chakra leeching device onto Minato's chest before grabbing his head and kneeing him in the face hard. He wasn't knocked out, mainly because of his hard head, but he was seeing stars from the blow. Naruto then literally tossed Minato towards Menma, who kneeled down to try and remove the device from him, but was stopped by Naruto's next words.

"I wouldn't do that Menma," said Naruto calmly, "since that device will detonate the second it is removed from his person. Don't believe me? Your mother tried and it nearly blew off her hand when she did. She had the benefit of being able to go to a hospital to heal, you don't."

"Why the fuck have you done this?" asked Menma angrily.

"You know your question is vague as all hell right?" asked Naruto. "What do you mean by 'this'? Do you mean this war? Cause you people started this, we are just finishing it very one sidedly. Do you mean attacking your village? Cause once again you brought this on yourselves by slaughtering and enslaving the people of other villages. If you mean why am I personally attacking you and your family like this? If that is the actual question you have, I am going to question your sanity since after all that I had to personally suffer through because of the decisions your family made, did you think I wouldn't try and get back at you?"

"You were always meant to be a weapon!" shouted Menma.

"And I have become a weapon of sorts," said Naruto, "just not one Konoha can use. But I grow tired of this banter since you are stuck in your views that you control my life when the reality is that you don't. So this is where we see who is the stronger one out of the two of us, one who was trained by a man who did what was deemed impossible vs a man who actually achieved what people thought was impossible," said Naruto darkly as he pulled out his knife. Menma matched his stance with a kunai in his hand.

"Kind of a one-sided fight given you are a Jinchuriki," said Menma with a glare.

"I was one once," said Naruto with a chuckle, "but I had Kurama extracted from my body a while back."

"Impossible!" shouted Menma, since the extraction of a Biju ended with the death of the vessel, "you are still alive so there is no way the demon is not sealed within you!"

"With the advanced tech we have, many things we thought impossible are easily done," said Naruto, "but enough talk. Allow me to show you first hand."

"As you wish!" Said Menma as he quickly did the hand signs for a fire jutsu that he blew at Naruto. All the years he had spent mastering them had paid off since he was able to do it so fast to the point it took slightly more than a second. His A-Wall activated automatically so that a wall of energy blocked the jutsu, but Menma was already on the move and got behind him to strike him in the back. He wasn't going to take chances with Naruto since he had flawlessly countered the combined might of both himself and their father. But Naruto had seen him on his Motion Tracker and dodged his strike to the back with his kunai. Naruto then grabbed Menma's arm with one hand and used the opposite elbow to strike him at an angle that dislocated Menma's arm. He dropped his kunai, which Naruto kicked into his gut hard, but while it pierced deep it didn't hit anything vital at least.

Menma growled in rage at this turn of events as he pulled the blade out of his gut. He then quickly relocated his arm back into its proper place. The combined agony of having to do so and the knife in his gut hurt but he would live. For so many years he had been told he would be the one to inherit the great names of both the Uzumaki as well as the Namikaze as Clan Head of both. He was trained into the ground since he was five so that he could become a one man army like his father before him, and he was showing promise over the years. He was fully aware of Naruto's existence as well as his purpose in life as nothing more than a weapon to use in the war they had started. But now here was the said weapon, standing over him decked in armor the likes they had never seen, kicking the crap out of not only him but the man who had single handedly ended a war! This didn't make sense and he wouldn't stand for it!

Menma knew that he would have to go for an all or nothing attack if he was going to kill Naruto where he stood. He didn't even care that he would most likely die afterwards since there was still an army to contend with and they were on the verge of losing, but he would be damned if Naruto outlived him! He was the prodigal son, not this fucking weapon that had forgotten his place!

Naruto saw the madness set in Menma's eyes and prepared for whatever his former brother could possibly throw at him right now. After so many simulated battles back in New Angel City, he was prepared for this. It was now just a matter of what Menma would use against him. He had the advantage since all Menma had been trained to fight against was other shinobi as well as samurai, but he as well as the Militia weren't either of those so he had to adapt. The issue was that Naruto adapted faster in the heat of battle than Menma did, thus he was able to get Menma in this crazed state while in great pain from a stab wound.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" shouted Menma as he threw a smoke bomb at Naruto. By the time it was clear enough to see properly, there were at least a dozen clones of Menma. Naruto couldn't help but chuckle a bit since he used to be able to make hundreds of them and yet his brother couldn't even manage a hundred himself. But as the clones attacked him, he activated his own hidden ace, which was multiple holograms of himself while he phased out in the confusion. The clones were obviously confused since they didn't know who was the real one, but their confusion was even greater when their attacks just went through them. They were holograms, not physical clones like he had been able to do in the past, used for distractions like this moment here.

The real version of him though… he was about two yards away from them, his Smart Pistol MK6 cocked and loaded. With one quick burst of fire, all of Menma's clones were disposed of in a hail of smoke. Naruto couldn't see anything since the chakra laced smoke was messing with his motion tracker. But out of nowhere, Menma rushed forward through the smoke, a look of pure hatred mixed with insanity on his face, with a Rasengan formed in his hand. He yelled in rage as he struck Naruto directly in the chest with his most powerful jutsu. He yelled at Naruto to die and used every last bit of his chakra he could muster to make the jutsu as strong as possible…

While the Rasengan is indeed a strong jutsu, it was all for naught…

Years ago, back when Naruto had eliminated Sasuke and the other shinobi sent with him to hunt down Utakata, he had taken the chakra armor that they had been assigned to give them the edge in their fight with the Jinchuriki. Once back, their brightest minds reverse engineered it down to its most basic component. And from there they made improvements, fixed errors in the design, and eventually perfected it after much trial and error. Once made, they were put into production and mass produced for the members of the Militia to use for this day. When you know you are going against an enemy whose primary source of power is something, why not go into battle with them equipped with armor that fully negates their attacks. This is the reason why Konoha was losing this battle so badly without being able to kill their enemies. Their armor was made to block explosions, jutsus, and melee weapons. Sure there were still a few deaths on their side, but that was because of collapsing rubble since that was still deadly no matter what armor you were using.

So since the Rasengan wasn't hurting him in the slightest, nor was it cracking his armor in any way, Naruto used a sweep kick to knock Menma off balance before using an axe kick to slam him into the ground hard on his stomach. Menma cried out in pain as he coughed out blood, but Naruto wasn't done yet since he then used his knife to stab him right between the C1 and C2 Vertebrae, fully paralyzing him there. Yet even then he wasn't done since he pulled out his Wingman and shot him in the back of the head eight times, all the while his rage was getting the better of him. Menma was dead after the first shot, but his hatred towards the family member who had so easily forsaken him made him go this route of overkill. After he heard the audible click showing that his magazine was empty, he twirled his weapon to cool it a bit before he holstered it again.

"Eight shots," said Naruto darkly, "one for each year I was forced to live my life in hiding out of fear that I would be captured and enslaved to this accursed village once more. And one more just to bring the point home that I really hate everyone and everything in this place."

The surviving shinobi were all grouped up behind Minato's paralyzed body, shaking in their shoes while shakingly holding their various weapons. They had been too afraid to attack Naruto the entire time that he had fought Menma since he had defeated their leader so easily. Plus add on the fact they were surrounded by soldiers with weapons they all saw shred the bodies of their friends and families with numerous holes, and you could say that their fighting spirit was beyond shattered at this point. They were surrounded on all sides by the forces of the Militia, who had their weapons cocked and ready to open fire upon them the second they moved. Their hopes of victory were all but shattered at this point since Minato himself was on the ground once more with a device that was subduing him and his own son laid dead in front of him, with multiple holes in the head. They thought this was the end for them, yet their enemy wasn't attacking them, which only made them question why that was.

"Ah the irony," said Naruto as he pushed the side of his helmet and pulled out a cigarette to smoke. Sure he was in the vicinity of his enemies, but given the sheer amount of guns aimed at them, along with the fact his armor was impervious to kunai and swords and his helmet had an auto shut function for when people attacked his face, he was safe. "Man, how many times have I found myself in this exact same situation? Surrounded on all sides by people looking to either hurt or kill me. Ah the feeling of nostalgia on that one. Not so funny or fun when it is you people on the receiving end of the pain inflicted is it?"

Naruto then blew out a ring of smoke to the side before he flicked his smoke away. It was a waste of a perfectly good cigarette since he only took the one long drag from it, but it didn't matter.

"So shinobi of Konoha," said Naruto with his arms wide open, "as you have seen for yourselves, you are outmatched, outgunned, and completely surrounded. So you have only two options right now. Either surrender or fight to the bitter end down to the very last man. So what decision will you make when faced against an enemy you have absolutely no chance of beating?"

Naruto saw as the shinobi shook in their shoes since they had seen so many of their comrades die via weapons they had no means to counter right now. All their hard work and training meant nothing against their advanced tech, so surrender was the only option in many of their minds since that way there was at least a chance of living through this nightmare. So one by one, the shinobi disarmed themselves and got on their knees with their hands up to show they surrendered. Naruto couldn't help but smirk as he saw this.

"To think you would actually surrender," said Naruto as he walked backwards into the forces of the militia, "For so many years growing up in this place, I heard the stories of how strong this village was, with their 'Will of Fire' and their strong shinobi capable of feats many thought impossible such as Minato here winning a war single handedly, or the past Hokages doing what they did to earn that position. If only your ancestors, the very founders of this village could see how things turned out now, I can only wonder if they would feel shame that their legacy has turned out like this, or disgusted that their legacy has been corrupted into something they themselves wouldn't be able to recognize? One can only wonder since we don't have any means to ask them personally. But we aren't here to discuss the views of past shinobi, no we are here to deal with the problem at hand. Open fire."

The very second he said that, the Militia did as he commanded and opened fire upon the masses. They showed no mercy to any other than Minato, whose eyes were open in shock and horror to see the last of his forces gunned down so inhumanely. They had surrendered for Kami's sake!

"That was some much needed therapy right there," said Naruto as he walked up to Minato. He whipped out an Inhibitor Injector he had brought along for just this moment and held Minato's head to keep it still. He then pressed the needle into the back of his neck and injected him with it. Now Minato was just like the rest of the Militia, a man without his chakra, yet no advanced technology to make up for the loss of it. Naruto then ripped the suppression device from Minato's chest since it was no longer needed, but then quickly threw it up into the air as it exploded since he knew it would do so given he was the one to design it that way.

"You bastard!" shouted Minato as loud as he could, which was only about a notch or two above slightly raising your voice. He was still suffering the aftereffects of the Chakra suppression device. Even though it had been his second time under the device's effect, it didn't really matter since there was no means to build up an immunity to it. "My men surrendered! Why did you kill them?"

"Why?" Laughed Naruto, who was then joined in by all the members of the Militia. To see the man who for many, was feared as a legend since he had single handedly killed so many now on his knees powerless before them all the while demanding to know why they were killing his shinobi was hysterical to them all. "This is war Minato. Plain and simple. In war people die, both innocent and guilty."

"But they still surrendered! There was no need to kill them!"

"Funny," said Naruto with a chuckle, "given in my statement I never once mentioned granting them mercy if they surrendered. I simply asked if they would fight or surrender. Never did I say that we would stop if they did either. That was you all being idiots just like you have been all these years. Your egos clouded your judgment and here we are Minato. These are the consequences of your actions. You wanted an Empire to last for generations? Look around you! The village is in flames! Your shinobi have more fucking holes in them then cheese does, and those are the ones that didn't get their bodies blown up with explosives or crushed in the rubble! You have failed in every conceivable manner that one could do it in life! These people looked up to you as a hero, one who would bring them into a new era where Konoha ruled over everything, and you failed with the horrors you see around you as proof! You failed as a father since you sacrificed one of your own to make him a weapon for your own personal gain! Well look at me now dad! I stand above even you!"

"My family will avenge me." said Minato in a growl as he was more than pissed that Naruto was belittling him, and what made it worse was that he was doing so in front of a massive crowd of all things which only made it more shameful.

"I wouldn't count on that," said Naruto simply, "since I sure as hell won't avenge you."

"I wasn't talking about you."

"Oh I know," said Naruto with a chuckle, "you were talking about your wife and two other kids that you have, or should I say had, fleeing through the underground tunnels to escape their deaths."

The look of horror on Minato's face was photo worthy, which made Naruto mad that he didn't think to bring a camera with him to take a picture of it.

"Why so shocked Minato," asked Naruto, "surprised that I knew about your selfish plan to save your family alone while everyone else died, or the fact that I knew about the other two children you helped sire. Afraid they might end up like him?" He pointed at Menma with that last line.

"Leave them alone! They are innocent in all this!"

The second Minato said that, Naruto kicked Minato upside his head hard. He let Minato lay on his side for a bit to get the ringing that was most likely in his ears out so he could hear what Naruto was about to say.

"So was I Minato," said Naruto angrily, "and yet that didn't stop you from ruining my life from the very second I took my first breath. A child learns from the actions of his father, and given yours against the children of various other villages, the lessons you have imparted upon me are that the slaughter of innocent children is just fine as long as it serves your own selfish purpose. And guess what Minato? The deaths of your children serve my own selfish purpose. So you should be happy, since I learned from the best when it comes to this."

"Then why not just kill me already!" demanded Minato in rage as he spat the blood that had pooled in his mouth out.

"Trust me when I say that the thought has crossed my mind numerous times," said Naruto, "and not just mine. I could point to just about anyone in the army surrounding you and they would all have a personal reason to want to kill you. So think, with that self proclaimed 'genius level intellect' of yours. Why would so many people who want to see you dead not take the shot and kill you off right here and now?"

"Because…" said Minato as he thought about it for a bit before his mind finally pieced it together. "You want to make me suffer…"

"Bingo!" said Naruto with a laugh, "nailed that on the first try! And for what you have won for guessing right!" Naruto then kicked Minato again on the side of the head, but this time it was to knock him out since he was done talking with the man. He had said what he wanted to say and had eliminated the last remnants of their shinobi. Sure there might be a few hidden away, but they weren't going to leave until they were absolutely sure they had gotten all of them. Once they did what they were going to do, they would have several squads perform a clean sweep of the underground as well as the village itself to eliminate and hold outs. "What is the status of others?"

"We have fully eliminated all shinobi forces from the village Commander," said one of the soldiers near him whose rank was higher than the immediate others, "save the few who you wanted kept alive. Squads Delta through Kilo right now dealing with the citizens who hid away in the main shelter while Squads Lima through Romeo are gathering those who went to their own private shelters as well as setting fire to the buildings they have cleared out."

"Good," said Naruto as he heard this. Everything was coming together now and it was almost done, "take this failure of a man towards the designated location to await the endgame."

"Sir, Yes sir!" said the soldier as he and another lifted Minato up and began to carry him away towards where Naruto told them to take him. Naruto had begun to walk away as well, but he did look back to see Menma's corpse just laying there and decided to at least not let it rot there. It would be the nicest thing he did for his so-called brother. So picking him up, he threw his corpse into the nearest building before throwing a grenade into it. The place just happened to be a bar of all things so when the grenade detonated the whole building was set ablaze so easily since there were so many bottles of alcohol everywhere. But with that done with, and Menma's body being cremated in the most improvised fashion, Naruto set out towards the area where this would all end…

(Arena - 1 hour later)

Naruto sat in the seat that was reserved for the Hokage whenever the arena was used for some reason. Be it a tournament or most likely the Chunin or Jonin exams. Naruto couldn't help but laugh at the irony of the situation. For his entire childhood, he had gone on and on about wanting to become the Hokage so that he would finally get the respect he deserved from the filth that inhabited this place. But knowing what he knows now, he would have never gotten to that point since the people here would have never allowed him to get into a position of power like that.

To think that all he had to do to rightfully sit in this seat that symbolized the absolute authority over the people of Konoha was leave, start an army that was trained with advanced technology that no one had ever even heard of before, and then slaughter all their shinobi. Man if only Naruto knew it was soooo easy from the get go he would have started this plan a hell of a lot sooner than he did.

Next to him was Minato in one of the seats meant to be sat in by the Kages of other villages when they came to visit to watch whatever was happening in the arena at the time. Strange that they kept things like this and didn't remodel the arena seeing that they eliminated the other villages so there was no need for the other seats. Well be that as it may, Minato was in one of them, fully bound to it with several wires so he wasn't able to budge the slightest from his spot. Naruto wasn't going to take chances with him escaping, and even though Minato was no longer able to use jutsu since he was now chipped like those within the Militia, you should always beware the most desperate of men. And if one was to state such a situation of desperation, now was the perfect moment when it came to Minato. He was bound, yet also gagged so no one could hear what he had to say.

So Naruto sat there for a while as he saw the various squads of soldiers who had come along with him to raze this village to the ground come into the arena with the remaining citizens that made up this place. They were all extremely vocal about the harsh treatment that the Militia was showing them, but the Militia didn't give two shits about what these people wanted or demanded from them. Their village had lost this war so their lives were in the hands of the invading army.

It took quite some time to get all of them to the arena, which made sense since the people were not coming quietly and had to be roughed up a bit to get them to comply. Once the majority of them were there though, that was when Naruto motioned with his hand to do what was going to happen next. The soldiers under his command all nodded as they began to forcibly rip the children away from their parents to the cries of the parents begging them to stop.

Naruto watched as the many children of Konoha were basically thrown into the arena by the various members of the militia, and he could only smirk as they did. It reminded him of all the times he himself was cornered by the villagers with no means of escape before they would beat him within an inch of his life. He saw a few of them try to run towards one of the two openings at the edges, but several soldiers jumped down and kicked them away hard to the point of bruising as well as a few cuts while others set up a barrier to seal them in the arena. Once the exits were cut off, the soldiers grappeled their way out of the Arena floor and waited for what was going to happen. None of the children, save two, were shinobi or trained to be one so they had no means of escaping the arena now.

"Monster!" shouted one of the prisoners in anger.

"Kami will smite you down, demon!" shouted another. To be honest it didn't faze Naruto in the slightest to hear this since they had been calling him names his entire life as well as mixing in various death threats as they did so. This wasn't new to him so it didn't bother him.

"So it's okay for you to treat the children of other villages with such malice to the point of hanging them, a punishment reserved for traitors I might add," said Naruto blankly, "as well as continuously assaulting a child who can heal physical wounds, but the second your own children suffer the same fate with the rough handling which isn't even a fraction of the pain you inflicted on either me or the now dead children, we are the monsters? Don't be so fucking unreasonable."

Of course, even with his genuinely good reasoning, the egos of the citizens were too far gone. In their minds they were the only ones who mattered and not even Kami herself had the right to judge them. Naruto sighed since their constant shouting of this was giving him a massive headache and he wanted them to simply shut the fuck up. So to do that, he simply picked a person at random and shot them in the head. The gunshot was loud and caused the people to shut up since their fear came back to them full blast. The reality that they were still at the mercy of an enemy force that had no qualms about killing them suddenly fully sank into their minds. Apparently all it took was the death of a random individual in their line of sight. Not an entire army meant to protect you being decimated… no it had to be in line of sight for it to count apparently.

"People of Konoha," said Naruto loudly, so all who were still alive could hear him speak, "for too long you have tried to force the rest of the countries to submit to your will. And while in the end you succeeded in your endeavors to form your newly made Fire Empire, it didn't even last a week since the people who escaped your invasion of their homes trained themselves to tear all that you have built down like you did to them. We hid ourselves from your prying eyes and all the fucking spies you have everywhere and trained ourselves with technology that makes literally puts everything you have ever accomplished both civilian and shinobi to shame. With this tech, we have destroyed all that you have built, freed everyone who you so gleefully enslaved, and killed off everyone who was meant to protect you from people like us. This is the price you must pay for your greed, since I as well as those who came with me know, even when you conquered their lands, you didn't bring peace or the like… No… you brought enslavement to everyone not born of this place. Your egos are so big, you see yourselves as gods amongst men and wanted to be treated as such at the expense of others. Well, now you get to die and take your fucking oversized egos with you to hell. And with your deaths, the world can breathe a sigh of relief since you won't be around to try and conquer it all, since I know you were already planning to do so over the generations."

Naruto then put his fingers in his mouth and blew out a whistle that his men heard loud and clear. Those who came equipped for this moment all pulled out red circular devices that they then tossed into the arena. The kids who were stuck in it all tried to move away from whatever their enemies had tossed at them, but the issue with that was that the devices then sprouted legs as well as tall triangular heads. These devices were known as Ticks, and while the usual models exploded a few seconds upon attaching themselves to an enemy, these ones were modified to explode when the detonator was pressed. And said detonator just happened to be in Naruto's hand right now in full view of anyone who looked at him. So the children all screamed out in terror while begging their parents to save them from this as the Ticks all attached themselves to the kids tightly so they could not be removed.

"Naruto!" shouted Kushina in rage as she saw her now only son (since she didn't see Naruto as family ever since the day he was born given he was meant to be a weapon) and daughter both struggling in the clutches of a Tick, yet no matter how hard they struggled they could not break free of its grip, "You've gone too far! You can't kill your family!"

"Can't kill my family," said Naruto to himself more than anyone else really. He stood there and pondered those words in a manner that Kushina believed that she might have gotten through to him and might be able to talk him down from killing the children somehow. "You know, I have to admit that you have a good point there. Killing one's own family is one of the worst things a person can possibly do with their lives."

His response actually caused the Militia members surrounding him to look at him like he had just grown another head of some sort. For as long as they had known him, he had shown no love towards Minato and his family given he was the discarded son who they planned to turn into a weapon for their use and allowed the villagers of Konoha to torture him for years before he escaped. To hear him even contemplate sparing one of them was just… disturbing really given it was the complete polar opposite of what they knew about him.

"I can't kill my family," said Naruto as he walked forward towards Kushina, who had a smile on her face thinking that she would survive, but that smile was quickly replaced with a look of pain as Naruto stabbed her in the head through the chin with the Skulljack. "But luckily for me, I don't have a family to kill. You never were my family."

Minato could only look in shock as he saw his wife's body twitch like crazy as what he assumed was some sort of electrical current pulsed through her body. Once Naruto was finished with her, he tossed her now dead corpse into the arena as well. Coincidentally it landed by her children. It wasn't where he was aiming since he really wasn't paying attention when he tossed it towards the arena floor, but he wasn't going to lie and say it wasn't amusing to him.

"You spent so much time forming this so-called great empire of yours," continued Naruto, unfazed by the death of Kushina in the slightest. She was never there to be a mother to him while growing up so there was no form of attachment to the bitch now. "With the intention of leaving it to your children and your children's children to continue on with the cycle of enslaving the masses as the gods amongst men you so delude yourselves to be. But of course we can't forget your greed in all this since eventually you would expand your influence outwards into the world past the borders of the Elemental Continent and just keep enslaving more and more since enough is never enough for you people. You are all leeches that will never stop unless burned to ash to spare the rest of the world from your attempts to control it. So I say to all of you, the last remnants of the shortest lasting empire to ever exist, say goodbye to your future."

Naruto then held up his hand, the detonator to the Ticks in it, and used his finger to flip the covering to the button that would detonate the Ticks before placing his finger on it…

"Please!" shouted multiple children with tears in their eyes, "spare us!"

Those words caused Naruto to pause for a second. All those years ago, when he had whispered to himself about what he would do to the village when he returned, he had no idea that the words he spoke then would become a reality since he had said them in pure anger. But now that he heard them ask for mercy like this, he could only laugh out loud to the point it made the children shiver even more in fear than they were before. The longer he laughed, the angrier people could hear him getting, and it was a disturbing thing to hear.

The memories he had of his own abuse at the hands of the parents of these kids, the very kids whose views of the world have been warped by their parents lies. So many times he had begged for mercy, yet not once was it ever given to him no matter how much he begged. Some would say he should let these children live so as to learn from this and become better people, but Naruto knew better. Konoha was corrupted down to the very core, and to make sure its corruption never spread it needed to be purged. True he was a part of this village at one point, but he could make the argument that he was never accepted as one of them so that made him an exception to their corruption. But now was not the time to question the rights or wrongs of his actions, since for years he knew he would do this, and he made sure that the situation would make it so he alone held the burden of what was about to be done. They already called him a monster, so he would become the very monster they wanted him to be…

"No," said Naruto suddenly as he stopped laughing and pushed the detonator. Within seconds, all that remained of the children were charred giblets spread out all over the arena. Naruto heard the cries of the parents who just witnessed their children die in such an explosive manner like this. "Alright, now dump in the rest of them."

His men did as he ordered and roughly tossed in the parents of the kids who had just been blown to bits. Many of them puked as they landed in the charred bits of what was once their children, and all of them were in tears. The only one not within the arena was Minato himself, but Naruto had special plans for him, so he was not going to be dying here with the rest of them. It wasn't out of any sort of pity or mercy, since Naruto had none for the man who had ruined not only his life but so many others as well to achieve his dream of an empire he ruled. It was simply because the death he had planned for these idiots wouldn't be enough to fully avenge the fallen.

"Just so you know Minato," shouted Naruto towards his still bound failure of a father, "even after you witnessed the children of this village being blown up into nice bloody chunks, even though the deaths of the remaining citizens will be even worse than that, they still can't compare to what I have in store for you when this is all over. So think about that as you watch the last of your people die here and now."

The people inside the arena all looked up and wondered just what was going to happen now. Some had seen various shinobi die as they made their way to the shelter to hide away until the battle was over and wondered if they would become riddled with holes like the shinobi had been from the weapons they used. But that wasn't what was happening. In fact, not a single member of the Militia had their gun up or pointing at them. All they saw was Naruto pull his helmet off entirely and set it on a seat next to him. He took out a pack of smokes and smacked one out of the pack before putting it in his mouth. He then lit it and began to smoke as he signaled towards Mei, who then pulled out something herself.

What she pulled out was a device no bigger than any normal flashlight, but this was not that. This was a laser guidance system that was linked to the Titans who were still outside of the walls, who stood guard to make sure no one fled or entered from elsewhere. Once she flipped it on, she held it in place for a bit to get a lock on the dead center of the arena. The citizens of Konoha backed away from the laser since they had no idea what the hell it did, and could only imagine it, and dear Kami their imaginations thought of the most horrific things.

What it actually did though was send a signal to the four Scorch Titans that were being piloted so far in the Militia. This sent them the proper coordinates to adjust their aim properly, and once they did that they opened fire and launched four canisters of Themite gas into the air. The canisters landed in the middle of the Arena close to one another but not crashing into themselves. They hit the ground and stuck into it so they remained where they landed. The citizens of Konoha were even more terrified seeing this than they were just seeing Mei use the laser. But then their fear hit an all time high since out of the canisters came a pale yellow gas as they hissed loudly from dispersing it. The people tried to run away from it, but the exits were blocked off and they weren't able to escape like shinobi do since they weren't shinobi themselves. So eventually they got caught up in the gas and began to cough loudly as well as hard.

But Naruto wasn't trying to kill them with gas…


Out of all the methods of tortures that the villigers had inflicted upon him in his youth, the one that got him the worse mentally was when they burned him alive. And as the saying went 'Do unto others what you want done to yourself.'

So by this time Naruto had actually properly finished his smoke, and with the last bit of it still alight, he flicked it into the gas below them. Within seconds, the gas lit aflame and all anyone could hear was the screams as the last surviving members of Konoha burned alive. Their screams were music to the ears of all the members of the Militia, and now it was their turn to laugh at the mass slaughter of a village like Konoha did to them years ago. So for the several minutes it took until the very last screams were finally silenced, they all stood there and looked into the flames that consumed the last remnants of their enemies. As the flames died down, the people then set out to evacuate the area since the place was still aflame. They called in the various airships, which then came in and began to airlift the soldiers out. The last ones to leave were Naruto, who had to lift up and carry Minato into the airship he was entering after knocking the man out.

As he left with the others, Koyuki and the others were leaving as well since after several full sweeps of the tunnels underneath Konoha they were finally sure that there was no one left to eliminate. So after collecting everything they had brought themselves, they left the tunnels and evacuated through airships as well.

Yet even though everyone was dead and/or gone, there were still three people alive in Konoha at the moment. It turned out that Konohamaru and his group had made it to, as well as hid in a secret underground bunker that his grandfather had made years ago. While Naruto and those in the War Room had scanned the entirety of the underground area, this particular bunker they had overlooked since it was so small in comparison to the massive tunnels they cleared out in the end.

Konohamaru and his friends exited the bunker not too long after the Militia had left, though with a bit of a struggle since the debris of the now burnt down house was blocking the hidden hatch. With all three of them working together, they were able to open it. They exited the bunker and saw the ashes their village had been reduced to. The mountain that once showed the faces of the past Hokages had been blown to rubble so that there was just a large caved in area where the faces used to be. The three of them were at a loss on just what to do right now since their home was now ashes and their enemies would kill them on sight. So they decided to flee west, and try to make a new life there.

Unfortunately for them, they never got to put their plan into play since less than a minute of them coming up with this plan, they were all killed via shot to the head from a far off sniper.

"For fucks sake," said Utakata to himself in anger, "I really need to stop making bets with the Commander since at this point it is just free money for him."

Naruto had contacted Utakara over the radio and asked him to stay back for a bit to make sure there was no one left alive in the village. He said that even though they had been thorough in their actions to eliminate them all, he couldn't help but feel like there was someone they might have missed. Utakata had groaned about it since he wanted to go home and take a shower before he relaxed for the night since he had earned that much by now. But Naruto had made him a bet with money on the line, and like a fool Utakata had taken it. So he ordered the MIRV piloting the airship he was in to turn back and remain near Konoha. He then observed the area via binoculars when he saw some rubble move and then a hatch open up. Cursing the fact his commander was right, he then got into a kneeling firing stance and then eliminated the last three members of a now dead village.

And with that, Utakata closed the door to the airship and ordered the pilot to head on home…

(New Angel City - Secret Underground Bunker)

As Utakata was posted to snipe the last three brats who had survived the slaughter of their village, Naruto had made it back home and picked up Minato's body before disembarking. As he walked towards a vehicle to get to his destination, he saw as the soldiers were happily disembarking from their own ships and being greeted by those who didn't enlist in the military forces. They wanted to hear how the mission went themselves since they weren't there to experience it personally.

Naruto had made it to a truck when he heard someone trying to get his attention. It turned out to be Kurotsuchi herself. The former shinobi of Iwa had chosen a new life like Itachi had where she no longer was forced to fight. She instead became a baker, a very good one at that. She had been among those citizens who weren't soldiers who came to hear about what had happened. But she had seen Naruto carrying the body of Minato and wanted to see just what he was going to do with it. She had been very adement about killing Minato in the most painful fashion given her old home's past history with the man, and Naruto had been there to ensure her that he would die in a manner that was far more horrific than just simple torture. So after seeing him, she asked to tag along, which Naruto had no issue with so after throwing Minato into the back of the truck he got inside along with Kurotsuchi.

They drove from the airfield towards the other side of New Angel City entirely. No words were spoken between the two of them, which honestly made the drive there awkward. But eventually they made their way to a small warehouse behind a far larger one. It was basically the size of a standard garage, yet there was more to it. Once inside, a panel rose up from the ground, and Naruto punched in the code before the floor began to sink deep into the ground. The elevator took a full three minutes to reach the bottom of the shaft, and once there Naruto got out of the truck and motioned for Kurotuschi to do the same. She saw that all there was was a big doorway that led into a medium sized room with a bunch of machines of all shapes and sizes as well as a screen and a door dead center on the opposite wall.

"What is this?" asked Kurotsuchi as she followed Naruto into the room that the one door led into, where once he was in the center of it he just dropped Minato onto the floor. He didn't care about being gentle towards the man who had done so much to not only him but others as well to get his way. The room was dark, with the only light coming from a single source being the doorway they came in through. The room was wide, but it was impossible to tell exactly how big it was given the limited light source, but judging by the fact she couldn't see either the walls or the ceiling she was gonna guess it was fairly large.

"This is something I call the Labyrinth," said Naruto, as he basically pushed her out of the room. "It was a project I worked on for the past three years to complete in my free time."

"And why do you call it that? Are you going to make Minato go through a maze or something?"

"No," said Naruto simply as he heard the door seal shut behind him once he left the room fully. Without so much as looking back, he then walked towards the control panel that was nearby, which had multiple monitors to observe what was going on inside.

"So what? Is it some sort of advanced prison? How is this any better than just killing the fucker!? He could escape if given enough time!"

"How to put this in tact," said Naruto with a sigh, "that would be a little like meeting a lamb at the end of a slaughterhouse."

"What?" asked Kurotsuchi who was confused right now, and rightfully so given the randomness of the statement.

"This is a room I made with all the rage I could put into it mixed with the most advanced technology we can produce ourselves at this moment of time," said Naruto simply, "since those who enter never leave. It is something that I made with this man, this very man who made my life hell for his own twisted dreams, in the forefront of my mind. You simply wanted to kill him, to avenge all those who have fallen to his machinations to make Fire Country into the empire it had become with himself as its ruler. But death is far too simple for this man. And even normal torture is far too easy and not enough to dispense the proper amount of justice towards this man. He is a tyrant that wants everything and would stop at nothing to achieve his dream of conquering everything and everyone no matter how many people he kills or enslaves to get his way."

"I… I…" was all Kurosutchi was able to stammer, given she had no words that she could say. While she might hate the man for what he did in the past as well as enslaving her people now, this man's hatred towards her village's sworn enemy went far beyond even her own. Her hatred was due to actions in two wars, his was for a lifetime of abuse, neglect, and full on manipulation which was far worse in her mind.

"The Labyrinth is fiendish," said Naruto, this time with no emotion to his voice as he explained his invention that he had spent so long making. He had finished it so many times, but the end result never seemed like it was enough so he would dismantle and rebuild it again and again until he got it right. "I built it to keep this man inside, and it runs on a sort of irony. The room itself doesn't kill those inside, at least not directly."

"I don't understand," said Kurosutchi, who was even more confused than before.

"Imagine a cube containing a lightbulb, lined with mirrors. It becomes unbearable inside. Too bright… Too hot… In this case, the prisoner's emotions are the lightbulb."

"And the Labyrinth is the cube containing the lightbulb?"

"No," said Naruto with a closed eyed shake of his head, "their mind is. The mind is a maze that no one can truly understand. It is both our greatest asset just as easily as it could become our worst nightmare. Hence why I call this the Labyrinth."

Kurosutchi actually began to break out into a cold sweat as she heard just how far Naruto had gone to build this unique prison. She could only hope that she never ended up inside the thing herself.

"The Labyrinth is a reflection of the person inside it. A place where their own amplified negativity overwhelms them. Where no matter how hard you try to escape, the reality is that the only escape you have… is self termination."

"But Minato is too prideful to end his own life! Just look at what the man has done in his lifetime! He won't die, he will find a means to escape!"

"He is too prideful because he is strong," said Naruto, "he derives strength from supposed righteous anger, a memory of hardship, a fear of the future. Negativity is what drives someone like Minato. But this device… this device I spent so long building… it simply reflects those motivations back at him. It digs deep into the mind and pulls out the worst fears you could possibly have, some that even you yourself are unaware of, and forces you to face them time and time again. These are not the type of fears one can overcome since they are so deeply rooted into the mind, and even if you manage to do the impossible and overcome it, the Labyrinth simply changes to complete its task. Try as hard as you might, there is no escape from the Labyrinth that is your own mind."

"Dear Kami…" said Kurotsuchi in fear of what this thing could do, "do you truly believe that Minato deserves all that? This goes beyond overkill."

"No," said Naruto as he pulled out a key and stared at it for a moment, "he deserves far worse than this, but this is all I can do to him even with all that I have at my disposal."

Naruto then took the only copy of the key there was to unlock the covering of the startup button for the Labyrinth and put it into the slot before he turned it, opened the case that covered the power button, and pressed it. He heard the hum of the device as it powered on, and then the monitors started up so that he could watch with his own eyes the hell that Minato would make for himself…

And what he saw was exactly what he had expected to see…

Minato, for all his supposed greatness as well as reputation in the now dead Shinobi system, had the simplest of fears and it showed easily. He wanted to be like so many and have his name go down in history for his achievements, but now he would not given the history of Konoha had been, and currently was, being destroyed from every record they could possibly find anywhere. In the minds of the people, it no longer existed, and in a few generations, that would be more of a fact given Konoha existence would not be told to the younger generation.

Minato came from a family that had almost been on par with the Uzumaki themselves, but the problem was that they were not a massive clan as the latter were. They were strong even with their low numbers, but the Shinobi Wars and various skirmishes had eliminated them down to all but 1 member, who was Minato's mother. She herself died from complications giving birth, so he grew up as an orphan in Konoha since his mother had gone there to receive medical aid in an attempt to survive the birth of her son. While she was hopeful that she would live, she had prepared for the worst and wrote out the history of their clan in a journal so that if she were to perish, her son would know his family and where they had come from.

But alas, she perished, but at least she held her son for a moment and named him Minato before she passed. And that is where Minato came from. Kids in Konoha were bullied if they weren't from one of the main Clans of the village, and even worse if they were orphans. And unfortunately Minato checked off both those boxes so his childhood sucked. But he persevered and in time showed them all by becoming the Yondaime Hokage.

Yet right now, the Labyrinth was showing him a different future, one he was not ready for…

His childhood went the same way, with the bullies all ganging up on him and such, but unlike in reality, he did not get the strength to beat them as he had in the past over time. No… he remained weak and under their boot. His teachers called him a failure, gave him the bare minimum of training since he was not worth their time in their minds and they had plenty of other more promising students elsewhere.

Minato tried to make friends with others, but he was rejected by everyone he tried to talk to. Even the girl he was secretly in love with Kushina just looked at him with disgust since she only liked strong men. Years later, when she was kidnapped by Kumo shinobi and Minato managed to save her, though with lots of pain towards himself given he was weaker than he had really been when this happened, instead of things going as they had originally gone with the love blooming between the two, Kushina slapped Minato hard and claimed he was a stalker. Word spread of this throughout the school, and he was more hated because of it than before.

Graduation was no better, since his squad loathed him and tried all they could to try and get another member since anyone was better than this weak ass stalking loser. But there were no replacements and they were stuck with him. After several weeks of team building D rank missions, they were sent on their first C ranked one outside of the village, and that is when Minato's life plummeted.

Due to the lack of complete intel from those in charge of screening this mission, it turned out the rank was mislabeled. It wasn't a C, but rather an A which their squad was not ready to handle and it showed given they all died save for Minato. He lived, but he lost an arm and a leg from the ambush that killed his squad and their leader. He painfully made his way back to Konoha after using the ripped up clothes of his dead squad to stem the blood loss from his lost limbs and finding a thick branch to use as a cane to get back.

Once there, he was blamed for everything, even though it was the fault of the one in charge of classifying the mission. He was admitted to the hospital, but while there he was visited and threatened by the families of the now dead squad he had been in. Because of his injuries as well as his lack of funds, he couldn't afford prosthetics of any sort, and because of the failed mission his shinobi license was revoked and he was no longer one. This sent him into a pit of despair, which only got worse since those same family members who threatened him before followed through on their threats and cornered him in an alley before they beat him within an inch of his life. One of them even stabbed him in the leg in hopes he lost the use of it.

Minato had to painfully crawl out of the alley and as he did, he saw two people on the street. He saw Kushina walking by with her boyfriend, who had his arms around her and she stopped to kiss him lovingly. Then he saw Jiraiya himself walk by, which made Minato smile. This entire time, he had assumed that this whole thing was some sort of second chance to achieve his dreams in some manner since it didn't make sense in his head otherwise. Sure things had not gone as they had in his first life so far, with his injuries as well as the lack of Kushina in his life, but in his fractured mind everything would be alright once he was trained by his former sensei once more. With his help he could still achieve his dream of having his name being remembered for generations.

He called out to Jiraiya, which caused the man to stop and pay attention, and literally bowed to the man and begged to be trained by him. Jiraiya had only looked at the crippled young man in disgust since he saw the kid had no potential whatsoever, plus since he had heard how the kid had failed in his first mission so badly to the point his entire squad was killed, so why would he waste time training this brat when there were plenty of far better candidates. So he tried to keep walking to get away from this brat, but Minato grabbed his leg and begged harder with the tears flowing from his eyes. Jiraiya had enough by this point and kicked Minato to make him let go, and painfully he did.

What made it worse was that Kushina and her boyfriend showed up again, and laughed at his misery. And as they laughed, so many others joined in adding salt to the wound…

Minato's sadness was at max level right now, given everything he tried had failed not only in this life, but his supposed life he lived before given the Empire he had worked so hard to create was destroyed within one week of it fully coming to fruition.

The laughter of the people was drowned out by the last shred of Minato's sanity leaving him. He looked down and saw the knife that he had been stabbed with, which he could have sworn he had thrown back into the alley when he had pulled it out, but it was still in his hand. And as he looked at it, he finally understood how to make the pain stop, and lifted it up. He then placed it against his neck and slit his own throat…

Naruto had observed all of this on the monitors for the past several hours. While time in the Labyrinth seemed like it was taking years, in reality it was only hours.

"Fucking coward," was all Naruto could say as he saw Minato end his own life. And to be frank, Naruto had all the right to call him so. His own life had been far worse than Minato's had been in this nightmarish simulation, and even during the worst of it, when there was that inkling in the back of his mind to kill himself so as to make the pain stop, he never listened to it and kept going. Apparently Minato wasn't able to handle that type of pain, which was not even close to what Naruto went through, and he had cracked. And just like the Labyrinth was made to do, the second Minato truly surrendered, the floor gave way and Minato fell into a tub of acid that laid beneath. But even as his body dissolved into literally nothing, he didn't scream in pain, but how could a man whose mind was truly broken even scream?

And as Naruto saw the last of the old Shinobi way dissolve into nothing, he got up from his chair, stretched a bit since he had been sitting in one place for quite some time, and then left the room…


Naruto sat with his wife, his kids, and his grandchildren as he and so many other people witnessed the Harmony lift upwards and take off towards the unknown territory of their universe. Over the years, many people had decided they wanted to experience what the universe was like now that they learned that there was more out there, and given they had a ship to do so they set out to repair it fully to accomplish that goal.

But the Harmony was only fully fixed as of three years ago, but there was so much that had happened after what became known as the Death of the Shinobi era. Those who had joined the Militia had all gotten chipped themselves to rid themselves of the use of chakra, so that they were all equal in power to everyone else. Naruto even took it upon himself to find the other Biju when they reformed years later and offered them the chance to be put into the same simulation as their brothers, which they eventually agreed since it was better than just waiting for some power hungry asshole to try and control them again. So eventually all the Biju were contained safely.

With Konoha destroyed, and all records of the place ever existing destroyed as well, Naruto followed through on his promise to the people and gave back the land they had lost to Konoha. With the aid of so many MRVNs, one city after another was built where their old ones used to be. The land was prosperous given the far better technology that had become theirs to use, plus there were no homeless people since there were plenty of jobs for everyone given the sheer size of the projects in the cities that spanned the Elemental Continent. These cities were all connected by bullet trains so travel between them was very easy. Trade flourished and there was peace amongst the people since they had worked together to fight a common enemy and survived to tell the tale. The various people he knew went on to have amazing lives since they were at peace.

Itachi had gone off along with Inari back towards Wave country to rebuild the place and update it to the new standards of what modern was like. There they became the main trading hub for the Elemental Countries with their newly made city getting tons of traffic.

Kurotsuchi had gone off to become a baker in her old home, which like Wave was modernized with all the new technology that they had been shown from New Angel City.

Mei went back and rebuilt Kiri back up as well as finally found herself a husband. Many of those from Kiri never thought they would see the day since her attitude was a bit off putting, but apparently she did and they were happy for her.

And so one and so forth, with so many people spreading out to take back the land they had lost in the war, but now were able to reclaim. Life was good for the people and they all prospered with the new technology they now were able to access.

There were one, or two really, major threats that did pop up while they were rebuilding the Elemental Countries up to the new standard. While sending out satellites to scout out the rest of the world, not to spy on people but to get a full geographical survey of the planet so they knew where things were, one of the satellites picked up a large signature of Chakra on the moon of all places. This confused them all to no end since it didn't make any sense as to why there still was chakra and even then why was it on the moon? So after sending a party up to check it out for themselves, they found a massive seal that was on the face of it, yet still hidden in a manner one would not be able to see unless close enough. From there, the scouting party was attacked, and unfortunately they all lost their lives as the Black Zetsu drained them of their chakra that was inhibited yet still there, and used it to crack the seal just a bit. Yet that was all that was needed for the person sealed within it and Kaguya took her chance and broke free from her prison.

It didn't take long for their home to be under attack, but while the woman was powerful indeed, she had never faced weapons and machines the likes that the Militia had. While she was eventually killed through the combined assault of multiple Titan's raining death upon her, she still did so much damage to New Angel City, with the lives lost matching the destruction. Her body was carted away where their brightest minds dissected it and came to understand what the hell she was. It just went to show that there were threats out there that they had to prepare for, and given this woman was an alien of all things made that even more clear.

Naruto gave the eulogy at the memorial that was erected to honor the memories of those who were lost in the sudden attack. And his words hardened the people's resolve to grow stronger so as to never suffer an attack like this again. And wouldn't you know it, but it did happen again. Three others of the same race appeared through a portal from another dimension. But this time, since it had been about a year and a half since Kaguya's attack, they were ready with an automated defense system. Those three intruders were in this dimension for all of five seconds before they were atomized by six separate turrets they had installed. Kaguya had insane healing abilities, and this way there was nothing left to heal.

It took ten long years in total for the full extent of their reconstruction project to come to full fruition, even with the sudden attack by other dimensional beings. And in that time, many lives were forever changed with the time. But most importantly Naruto himself found someone to love once again. He had been against the idea of it for so long to the point of mentally convincing himself it wasn't in his cards given his past, but he eventually found someone like him who thought the same way by pure coincidence.

Out of the group that came from Kumo, there was one woman who used to be the secretary to the now deceased Raikage A by the name of Mabui. She had come along with the others from Kumo who sought to escape imprisonment and had been here for the past several years. She had the choice of going back to Kumo when the war was over, but she had decided to stay in New Angel City since Kumo held nothing but bad memories for her anymore. She had a crappy childhood herself with her having three different boyfriends in the past, each one leaving her with one actually becoming her fiance just to cheat on her. She stopped trying to date anyone since she was sick of the heartbreak, and that mentality is what brought her and Naruto together.

They had met in the bar, which Naruto frequented almost every other day given the load on his soul he had. He had quite literally ended a full generation at the push of a button, and that was something that he was going to have to live with for the rest of his life. So he turned to drinking, which while it didn't help much it helped a little bit and that was better than nothing. And it was during one of these bar visits that he found Mabui, who was sitting alone in a slump. Naruto walked over to her and struck up a conversation which at first Mabui thought he was just another guy looking for an easy drunken hook up, but was surprised when Naruto said he wasn't and just wanted a drinking buddy since their moods matched so much. This was the start of their relationship, which over time bloomed into more to the point of marriage and two kids, both girls who took more after their mother than their father.

Naruto's days were busy, mainly since his job was Commander of the Militia, which meant he had to train everyone who wanted to become a soldier within it, and believe me when I say there were plenty of candidates. Almost everyone who enlisted wanted to become a Titan Pilot, but Naruto never sugarcoated the situation and let them know that only at most three or four of the new recruits, which could number up to three hundred at a time, would actually achieve that title. And so Naruto, along with other veterans of the End War as they simplified it to, trained their army, and not a moment too soon since they would need it.

Seven years after the End War, the forces of a tyrant who ruled the lands west from their own invaded. But they invaded with outdated weapons such as swords and spears. The only advantage they had going for them was their numbers, and when I say numbers, I mean they outnumbered the entirety of the Elemental Continent in their prime about 30 to 1. If Minato had actually achieved his dream of his Fire Empire, he wouldn't have been able to fight off this threat and would have died. Sure shinobi had jutsu, but Minato's plan had cut down so many of the strongest shinobi around leaving only the bare minimum to defend against outside forces like this one, so he would have lost everything anyway.

Yet as Naruto led the forces of the Militia to the boundaries of their continent, those numbers meant just more corpses given the enemy, whose army was massive, were not prepared for an advanced society with mechs and guns. The bullets flew through the air farther than even the enemy's best archer could shoot their bow and arrow. It was a one sided slaughter with the literal mountains of bodies to prove it. The invasion force was forced to retreat, which then led to the Militia invading them to eliminate a future threat. Their leader had done the same to the Militia so they were just returning the favor. In the end, the tyrant was brought down with a bullet to his head while on the balcony of his palace overlooking his capital city. He was screaming out to the advancing Militia that he was a god amonst men, which Naruto didn't want to hear and simply told Utakata to take the fucking shot, which he did and they all saw the fucker fall off the balcony face first and splatter onto the ground since his balcony was far up.

The common people themselves were beside themselves with joy to finally be free of the monster they were forced to address as their leader. So with the acquisition of new land, their projects of building expanded further and the people were more than willing to learn as well as help.

It was as they were helping them advance themselves that Naruto called a meeting with all the higher ups of the Elemental Countries and discussed what to do now. Naruto had a plan to unify the world by offering the people the technology they had. While others were against it since they had been attacked by a tyrant of all things, Naruto calmed them down and stated they would eliminate all those who thought like the tyrant but spare those willing to change. If they didn't want to, yet didn't attack them in some manner, they would then be left alone since they weren't tyrants themselves. The fact that their tech came from offworld, as well as the four interdimensional aliens they killed proved that life existed elsewhere and unless the world stood united against a potential foe they would fall if ever came an invasion on a planetary scale.

So with their plan set out before them, Naruto formed groups of scouts to travel the world to meet with the various leaders who ruled over the other countries. And dear Kami did history repeat itself time and time again…

Apparently many leaders were like both Minato and the tyrant whose name they didn't even care to learn. These various leaders, each of them saw the technology that the scouts had and all but demanded they submit and give them their tech for all the same basic reasons. You know, the whole 'god amongst men', or 'chosen ruler' line. But the scouts weren't pushovers and would refuse, but we all know how this whole song and dance goes when it comes to a self centered leader not getting what they wanted. War was declared with the Militia, and yet not a single one of those wars lasted more than six months given their technological superiority. They even faced a Kingdom that had actual magic users, and they still lost since there were very few mages.

Once their leadership was decimated, a new one was elected and the same information was given to each of them about the state of the world. They were asked to join together to protect their world from future threats if and when they came, which when presented with the information the leaders would agree, and then the reconstruction of their cities would begin. Some places weren't touched since they were either religious places or landmarks.

But out of all the various leaders that made up the world, there was only one… one who was smart enough to look at the full picture before making a rash decision of some sort. His name was Oda Nobunaga, and he was trying to unify his war torn land. When Naruto himself arrived to meet with the man, given Nobunaga wanted to meet the leader of the Militia, they bonded over a drink, and Naruto showed him the same thing that the other leaders had been shown. To say he was shocked was an understatement. It made his dreams of unifying the land seem so small when there was a vast universe to contend with. So Naruto offered to help him achieve his dream, which Nobunaga accepted eagerly, under the stipulation that they would be free to keep some things the way they were such as temples and historical landmarks. And with a shake of their hands, the near unification of their world was completed.

The war to unify their land took a full year, since the people of their land were stubborn and even when defeat was all but certain they refused to surrender. So shock and awe did not really work here as it did pretty much everywhere else. So the members of the Militia had to take the time to eliminate the enemy armies down to the last member to finally end the Unification War. But in the end it was worth it given Nobunaga was easily able to rally his people into accepting the facts that they were but a speck in the universe and needed to prepare for the inevitable of the future. So with the people listening to their new Shogun Nobunaga, the Militia helped to rebuild the land to what was the standard for the modern day.

It had taken about 20 years to fully unify the world as it was now, and it was only as they were unified that the idea of exploring the rest of the universe came to be. So the various countries all helped with sending materials to fix the Harmony back to pristine condition, as well as making some improvements on the design. There were plenty of things that were overlooked, but given the time limit that the old members of the Militia were dealing with since the planet was on the verge of destruction kind of made it easy to see why that was the case really.

And that is what brought Naruto and his family here today. Many people wanted to explore the universe in the Harmony, and while they had asked Naruto to lead them, Naruto had declined since he wished to stay on this planet. So the one to become Commander was none other than Utakata himself. The man had bonded and married Koyuki in the years they spent unifying the land, and the two of them were setting out to explore the universe.

And so Naruto saw as the Harmony activated and took off into the sky, all the while smiling as he thought about what they had to do to get to this point, but as he hugged his family close, he knew that he wouldn't change it for this world, or any other that they might find in the future…

(A/N: And so ends another one of my stories. This one took a while, but I am happy with how it ended given it was a semi-realistic take on what if Naruto had guns. They have them in universe but they are never used since they would be so overpowered if they were. But I hope you all enjoyed this story and I will see you all when I post a chapter from another one of my stories. Until then!)

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