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Beginning of the End

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Naruto waited while seated on a large rock as Mei went around and called the majority of her forces for an important meeting. While those who showed up weren't the entirety of those who made up the Rebellion given they had multiple base camps, it was still a fairly large number to see in one place. Given the fact they were nearly going to attack Kiri in full due to the false reports the various spies from Konoha had given them, it made sense.

Mei got in front of the people and called for the various spies to come forward along with some others since she was certain the spies talked to one another, and this way they wouldn't catch on quick enough. She explained she was sending them on the mission to deliver messages to the others to begin moving out, but with a snap of her fingers, they were all detained by her most trusted shinobi who she had explained what was happening right now. Of course the spies were verbal about being detained, with Mei pointing at the various extras who her shinobi released since they were not traitors themselves.

"It has come to my attention from a credible source," stated Mei with a pissed off growl, "that you have all betrayed us by becoming spies of Konoha."

"We have no idea what the hell you are talking about," said one of the spies, who happened to be a young woman. But she wasn't able to say anymore since Mei had grabbed her by the throat. The spy struggled of course, but Mei stopped her struggles with a simple flick of her wrist, thus making an audible snap heard by everyone around them. She then threw the woman to the side since she didn't care about what happened to the corpse anymore.

"There is no use lying," said Mei, "since I already know the truth."

"Fucking bitch…" said one of the men, stopping his not so persuasive act of unknowing what she was on about, "I can't wait until Konoha comes and ends your life. Or better yet, I hope your ass gets caught and raped over and over again to bear bastard children who will then become the slaves of the ones in charge!"

Mei grew red in the face as she heard this, and was just about to use a kunai to stab him in the head, but it was at this point that Naruto quickly made his move and grabbed her arm so that the kunai didn't connect.

"What are you doing?!" asked Mei angrily since she had no idea as to why Naruto was stopping her from killing this traitor. He had been the one to show her the truth about what was happening behind the scenes so why would he aid this person?

"Simply stopping you from killing this traitor so easily," said Naruto seriously, "since by stabbing him in the head like you were planning to do would have ended his life far too quickly. I have a better means for you to end his life."

"I'm listening," said Mei with a raised eyebrow since she was curious as to what he had to do it. She had already been surprised about the simple portable data screen he had used to show her the evidence he had on these traitors.

"Use this," said Naruto with a smirk as he pulled out his trusty B3 Wingman and held it by the barrel so she could take hold of the breach of the gun. Mei took it, but she was hesitant to do so since she had no idea what the hell it was that he was handing her.

"What is this?" asked a confused Mei as she held the gun in her hand.

"Well to make the explanation real simple, since there is a lot of science and technical jargon to explain it fully, what you do is grab the thing I handed you, which is a gun, and pull that trigger you see as you point the end at this man." Naruto then grabbed the man's head roughly and pulled it back a bit to expose the neck more while using his finger to point to a specific area near the center of it. "And I would suggest you aim for this area of the neck before you do. The damage will be painful to him, it can't be fixed, and he will bleed out slowly all the while. Plus he won't be able to speak so there is a plus."

"You are a very sadistic man, you know that right," asked Mei with a raised eyebrow since in all honesty he really was. The fact he told her to go for the more prolonged painful method of disposal was more than enough proof.

"Live your entire life abused and beaten within an inch of your life nearly every day," said Naruto calmly, "a life like mine does not breed a compassionate man."

Mei was surprised to hear him say that, but she had heard about how many Jinchurrikki were treated so she knew his life was terrible, just not how badly it truly was. But what surprised her more was that she had in her hand was a gun. She had heard about such deadly weapons from stories of the past, but as far as she knew no such thing still existed in the world now. So now she would be able to see if the stories she had heard about such a deadly weapon were in fact a reality. So she did as Naruto instructed and pointed the Wingman at the traitor's neck. Once pointed at the right spot, she squeezed the trigger she saw, and she literally jumped as she heard the bang the gun made as it tore through the man's throat leaving a very large hole that was oozing blood. Naruto smirked as he saw the man's neck wound flowing heavily with blood, and pushed him to the side since he was doomed as he was right now. There wasn't a medical shinobi alive who could heal a high caliber bullet wound through the throat. Not even the likes of Tsunade could do it.

"Dear Kami," said one of the shinobi holding onto a traitor to keep him on his knees, "to think such a thing existed in the world like the stories spoke of."

"Indeed," said Naruto with a chuckle, "but this is simple in comparison to others. But we will get to that later. Mei, I believe you have others to deal with…"

Mei quickly composed herself from jumping in fright, but she then smirked like Naruto had since he had been right by having her end these traitors this way. From the looks on the face of the guy whose neck she shot, it was extremely painful, and that worked perfectly for her. So she simply signaled for her shinobi to copy what Naruto had done and held the spies' heads so that their necks were more exposed. And one by one, Mei shot each one of them in the throat. She did have to stop though a few times since the gun only held 8 bullets. They usually only held 6, but Naruto modified his pistol to hold 8. Never knew when you would need those two extra bullets…

At those points, Naruto held out his hand, which Mei would then give him his gun back, and then pulled out extra bullets and reloaded the weapon for her, ending it with a spin of the barrel for showmanship. Within thirty minutes, the traitors all laid dead, or dying since the last ones had just been shot.

"So," said Naruto with a smirk, "feeling better?"

"Not quite," said Mei as she motioned for one of her shinobi to go into the main tent. The man listened and dragged out Ao, who was still knocked out from. "Fuck. His face disgusts me so much. To think I trusted him for so long."

"Believe me when I say I know exactly how you feel," said Naruto with a bit of a growl as the memories of Hinata came to mind.

"Do you have anything stronger than this?" asked Mei, "since I want to just eliminate his face all at once. It disgusts me that much."

"Now that you mention it," said Naruto with a chuckle. He then unsealed his other weapon he had, which he never really needed to use given his Wingman was more than enough for most things in this world. It wasn't like his enemies had advanced ballistic armor to warrant such higher caliber ammunition. So this time he held out his SA-3 Mozambique, which was a pistol that held and fired three shotgun shells before needing to be reloaded. He took his Wingman back, but gave that to her in return.

"It's too bad he is knocked out like this," said Mei in a pissed off tone of voice, "since a traitor shouldn't be able to sleep through his execution."

"Well luckily for you I have a means to wake him up," said Naruto as he wiped out his Shock baton and switched it on before he jabbed Ao in the chest. Said man woke up with a scream, but since he was being electrocuted with a non lethal amount of electricity it made sense that he was. Mei just looked at Naruto with a 'really' look. She was so going to have words for the person who let him into their base camp without thoroughly searching for weapons.

"Well good morning sleepy head," said Naruto sarcastically. "Rise and shine."

"What the hell did you do to me!?" demanded Ao in anger as he tried to move, but it was then that he felt he was restrained and on his knees. He tried to get up, but the damage he sustained from the shock baton was playing hell with his nerves.

"I think that the better question to ask right now is 'what am I doing to you?'" said Naruto as he stepped to the side and Mei stepped forward.

"Before I end your life," said Mei with a serious yet still fairly pissed tone of voice, "I want to know why? Why did you betray Kiri like you did?"

"You really wish to know?" said Ao with a laugh that only pissed off Mei as well as many of the other shinobi who heard him laughing. "The reason I did so was that Kiri is destined to fall. Look how it has fallen these past few years. This Civil War is just the wakeup call I needed to see the truth on the matter. No matter who wins this war, the leadership will either be far too weak to keep the village in line or too insane and continue what Yagura started with the genocide of those with bloodlines. No matter which way you go, Kiri will fall. I did as I did to survive, but apparently I failed to do even that right. So before you kill me you weak bitch, I just want to say that I will see you in…"

Ao's last words were cut off as Mei pulled the trigger of the gun in her hand. The entire front of Ao's face was gone, with a third of his brain being visible with shards of his skull sticking out of it.

"I said I wanted to know why, not your last words traitor," said Mei as he walked by Naruto and basically shoved his gun into his chest. While the act of killing the traitors had helped to alleviate the rage that had grown inside her, there was still so much of it that would take time to dissipate fully.

"We are leaving," said Mei simply, "spread the word to pack up everything." The shinobi who had seen her execute the traitors began to move out and tell everyone what she had ordered. She then ordered a few other shinobi to go out and tell the other bases the same thing, but also let them know of the spies they had in their camps so as to eliminate them before they moved out. She then went back into the main tent to sit down and relax for a bit before she had to move out as well. It had been a long day, one she was just glad was over for the moment…

(1 year later)

The forces of Kiri had been a major increase for the numbers of the Militia, and it would only help in the long run given the more soldiers they had, the less casualties they would take when they finally began their operation to eliminate Konoha off the face of the map. The other camps filled with the members of the Rebellion had gotten word to move out to a specific location near the water, but not before eliminating the other spies who had been in their own camps. They did so easily enough and moved out as ordered.

Once there, they were met with about a dozen airships, each big enough to hold a battalion of people within it. But also there was Utakara himself to greet his old allies. Mei was shocked to see him alive since she had gotten word that he had died, but she was then told that that bit of information was a lie since Konoha had tried to capture him to get the Biju within him for themselves. Utakara being there made the act of getting the people on the airships all the more easier since he was able to vouch that Naruto was not going to do anything nefarious to them. So little by little they all boarded them until they were all within them. Once seated and had their safety belts fastened, the airships lifted up until they were higher than one could visibly see and set off towards New Angel City.

While it might have seemed unnecessary to do all that, you got to remember that these airships were big. This way, there was no one to see them come and go as they went to their destination. Hell, the things were capable of traveling through space, at least to the point of docking into the main ship, but still this was nothing.

Once they landed in New Angel City, the doors opened up and the people all began to walk out. There they were greeted by the others who had stayed behind, and with them were BT as well as Koyuki's Monarch Titan, who each saluted Naruto as he himself got off the airship. After the usual gocking over the technologically advanced city they now found themselves, Naruto as well as Utakara showed them towards the main warehouse where the learning pods were located. He told them what they were for and explained how to use them. He then showed them the houses and told them to pick whatever one they wanted that didn't already have someone living inside it. There was plenty to go around, so there weren't any issues with the relocation.

And for the past year, those from Kiri had been in the pods learning as the rest of them had before them. And like he had expected, there were many who wanted to be Titan Pilots, with Mei being one of them as well. While many tried, very few actually accomplished their goal, with Mei piloting a Scorch Titan herself. This made Naruto laugh like when Koyuki had picked her own Titan, since Mei had the bloodline of lava, and her Titan was made to burn her enemies with Thermite so it was a match made in heaven.

Utakara was himself a Titan Pilot as well as the best sniper they had. The man had perfect patience as well as the steadiest hand, which went hand and hand with the art of sniping, and so he was better than most others. He held the record out of everyone for the longest shot in the simulator, which had been broken once by a young woman after so many tries, yet Utakara easily beat her new record with a single try. He piloted a Tone Titan, which were the long range models of the things.

While they had the numbers now to launch a fully successful attack against Konoha, if they did that now, there would still be those who would slip through the cracks and wait to eliminate them when they got the chance. And so after explaining this to the others, who agreed with his plan after some persuasion, Naruto kept himself busy with training in the simulators alongside the others. Here they had mock battles against not only themselves, but Artificial forms of the various shinobi from Konoha. And time and time again they were able to win against the forces of Konoha with minimal losses given their superior firepower and technology. Yet things would change over time as well as the fact there would be other places they would have to attack when this war Konoha was about to start was fully over. Plus the simulation was Konoha in its current state, there was no telling what would happen to it in the near future given the advancents the village was making with the stolen tech they had from Snow Country.

At one point, Naruto had even considered constructing a factory to commence the construction of BRD-01 Spectres, yet from the various sources of history he read about the Militia and the war they faced against the IMC, the Militia didn't really use them in their fight given they were nothing short of cannon fodder. True they were a threat in large numbers, but he decided against them in the end since there was that one glaring fact that they could be hacked. While he didn't believe that any one of the shinobi of this world could pull that off given the technology was far superior to anything this world had originally, it was better to air on the side of caution given in time, people might seek to take control of everyone in the future. Peace was never eternal.

Speaking of that village, Naruto had been observing the situation coming out of the village, and he had to say he was pleased with the results of his actions towards that place…

The higher ups of Konoha were confused that their plans were not going as they had planned them out. For years they had been playing both sides of the Kiri Civil War to weaken them so that when one side won they could swoop in themselves and eliminate the weakened opposition. But while the reports stated that the main battle was imminent and was poised to commence, when Konoha had arrived to eliminate what they assumed was a weakened enemy, they were hit with the full force of Kiri's army. Konoha managed to prevail in the end given they had the means to counter Yagura even in his tailed form, but the fact that they were at peak strength cost Konoha more lives than they had initially thought they would. Some of the casualties included both Asuma as well as his nephew Konohamaru and his gang. Then there was Shino as well as Kiba, the latter of whose mother was utterly furious given they were told the fight would be easy and yet they lost so much more than they expected.

Konoha had looked into this, but they found no trace of the former Rebel forces. It was like they had just up and disappeared given they weren't in any other country. They had plenty of spies everywhere so they would easily be able to find an army if that was the case yet it wasn't. Eventually they came up with the thought that maybe the Rebels had fled West beyond the Elemental Continent to seek refuge. Konoha, nor any other village for that matter, had spies or intel about the lands beyond, so while at first it seemed far-fetched, the fact there was no other explanation made it seem more and more realistic by the day.

But on a more personal note that pleased Naruto greatly, he overheard the moment that Hinata was told of Sasuke's demise. The various shinobi sent to find him all failed to recover the body, but they told her that he died a true shinobi. Hinata had been beside herself with grief and sadness, but after some time to grieve, she set out to train her son so that he would not share the same fate as his father. Naruto could only smirk since she had no idea just how wrong she was given that the whole village would suffer the same fate in the coming year or two.

Over time, Naruto was not the only person who was in the command center, since there were many who specialized in intel gathering who joined him once they themselve learned just how to use the equipment in this place. Naruto was honestly happy since it was good to have multiple people paying attention to the ways of the world rather than just him.

But eventually, Konoha had increased their strength with more refined and improved Chakra armor as well as airships. And with their strength increased, they made plans to begin their plan to wage war with every other village. So that was where they were at this point of time. Naruto had called Utakara for a mission he trusted with no one else given just how vital it was.

"You called me Commander," said Utakara as he made his way into the War room. The War Room was a side room in the Command Center where one could plan out their attacks with the holographic display located in the center of the room.

"Indeed I did Six," said Naruto simply. Naruto had started to call Utakara Six given the number of tails his Biju possessed, plus he really liked the idea of codenames. Utakara liked it well enough so he had no complaints on the matter, and while he might be 'Six', Naruto was given the title Commander since he was the senior officer of the Militia. He was the first one to become a member, so it made sense. He can't say he started it given it existed before Naruto was born elsewhere so he was not going to take credit where it wasn't due. Plus given his tactical genius in the simulated battlefields, he more than earned the title.

"So what is the situation," asked Utakara as he pulled out a tin and rolled himself up a smoke before he lit it with his personal engraved lighter. Utakara used to always blow bubbles out of a pipe, but ever since he began training to become the pilot he was now, he learned that the training was as stressful as it was hard, so he began to smoke to calm his nerves. Given the fact Naruto had called for him specifically meant that the mission was important given he was a Pilot himself who specialized in long range combat.

"Konoha has started to make their first moves in their war," stated Naruto as he waved his hand in the air so that the image of a map of the Elemental Continent was visible to the two of them.

"Wasn't their attack on Kiri the first step?" asked Utakara in slight confusion.

"You know," said Naruto as he thought about it, "you have a point there, but I don't see it as that given they manipulated others to fight and only showed up to execute severely weakened shinobi. That's not a battle, that is a massacre and as such I don't think of it as the start."

"Alright," said Utakara with a shrug of his shoulders. To be honest he didn't really care about it.

"But as I was saying," resumed Naruto, "Konoha has begun to make its first moves, but the issue is that they are attacking two locations at once."

"Where are they heading to?" asked Utakara, who was paying full attention to what Naruto said.

"They are sending a large chunk of their forces to Suna as we speak," said Naruto sadly. While he had been nearly impulsive enough to send out people to protect Suna, he had to stick to the plan fully. He could not be hypocritical now. He couldn't reveal their forces just yet, but he could still save those who survived so they were not enslaved by Konoha like they planned to do. "But they are sending a much smaller group to Wave Country to conquer as well as capture the people there."

"Why would they do that to their own allies?" asked Utakara.

"Because Konoha doesn't want allies," said Naruto with a growl, "they want slaves. They want servants to cater to their every whim as they live like the kings their egos make them believe they are."

"Man," said Utakara as he sucked in the last bit of his smoke before he blew out the smoke out sideways, "I can't wait until we eliminate this village."

"You and me both my friend," said Naruto with a chuckle, "but we can't do anything major until they win. I find their actions hilarious though."

"How so?"

"Think about it," said Naruto with a grin as well as a serious look on his face, "Konoha has plans to enslave those not from there with a special seal to ensure they never rebel. They are literally marking those who they don't see as their own with an easily identifiable mark. This makes finding out who is against them so easy since they are doing the work for us."

"Ha!" laughed Utakara as he was with Naruto in his way of thinking, "you are right. That is hilarious!"

"But all kidding aside," said Naruto as he once more got serious about the matter at hand, "As it is, we can't do too much otherwise those from Konoha might start to put the pieces together."

"So what is the plan here?"

"Simple," said Naruto with a wave of his hand to show the images of the area they would be observing. "Two squads, small, no more than a dozen soldiers each, will go to their destination. I will lead the squad heading towards Wave while you will need to head the one in Suna."

"Any particular reason I am being sent to Suna," said Utakara with a sigh. He was not one for the desert really and this plan was sending him smack dab into the center of one.

"You are the best sniper we got Six," said Naruto, as the images changed to show the forces of Konoha going into Suna in a holographic simulation. But then they came out with the prisoners as well. "And when they conquer Suna, they will transport the surviving shinobi back to Konoha to begin reeducation into being loyal servants while Gaara, the Jinchurriki of the one tailed Biju will be sealed away until they can reseal the beast into another."

"You are still upset about Fu," said Utakara as he sensed the rage laced in the words, "aren't you?"

"Yes," said Naruto simply. Fu was the Jinchurriki of the seven tailed Biju, and her life had been terrible. The people of Taki, her home village, wouldn't allow her to enter the village, and even worse had plans to essentially rape her in hopes she gave birth to stronger shinobi to increase their strength. Konoha was no better since they kidnapped her using Danzo's ROOT shinobi and put her in the specially sealed room that they made deep in the lowest sections of the prison that would be impossible to escape from. There was one for each of them, each labeled with their corresponding number, even one for himself…

"I understand," said Utakara, which indeed he did since another of their own had been captured in a manner they could not be saved. Once the doors were sealed shut, only Minato or Kushina herself had the means to open the doors again since there were so many explosive tags and several kill switches on not only her body, but Yagura's as well since he had been captured after Konoha attacked Kiri. Even with all the technology they had, there was nothing at the moment that they could use to free her. Given time they might, but by that time her fate would be sealed and she would be dead with the Biju in someone else. So while they couldn't save her, they would avenge her.

"So you will take the best riflemen we have and go to Suna," said Naruto. "Follow the group until they are a reasonable distance away from Suna at night and eliminate the forces of Konoha. The desert is vast and so their bodies will not be found. Hopefully Konoha just assumes that they went West like they thought the former rebels of Kiri did."

"Sounds like a solid plan," said Utakara, "so when do I leave with my squad?"

"Tonight," said Naruto as he showed Utakara the live feed from the satellite that showed Suna was already under attack as they spoke. "Since Suna will fall soon enough. I am going to go to Wave right now. They were a bit slower to attack there, but the place does not have a strong military of any sort so they really wouldn't be seen as a threat."

"Will do Commander," said Utakara, as he nodded and left the War Room to go get the men he would need to complete this mission. And he had just the right soldiers in mind.

Naruto looked at the holographic screen once more as he saw the shinobi of Konoha reach the bridge that was named after him for freeing their country from the hands of the tyrant Gato. He sighed a bit in sadness since they were under attack once more, and what made it worse was it was from someone they thought were their allies, but weren't. So seeing that he didn't need the images up anymore, he waved them away and picked up his Pilot Helmet and looked at it.

Last time when he had saved their country, he had been in a small group and underprepared for what was to come. Now he was far better prepared and would bring the right amount of people to save the villagers once more. As he donned his helmet and felt as it activated, he couldn't help but chuckle to himself. The last time he saved them they had named a bridge after him…

Wonder what they will do to honor him this time around...

(Later that day)

Naruto and the dozen men who had come with him were all slowly making their way towards Wave Country, but in a manner you wouldn't expect. The issue here was that they were trying to be as stealthy as possible since the villagers had been all thrown into a gated area near the center of the village, but what made it worse was the seals they had on their persons. The seals were deadly in the sense they would explode if said person were to leave the gated area, kind of like a shock collar for a dog, but lethal given the seal was right in front of the heart. There were many wounds one could survive, but an exploded heart was not one of them. What made it worse was there was a manual kill switch as well so Naruto and his group couldn't just go in guns blazing since the villagers would be killed if those from Konoha knew they were here to rescue them. Plus they needed the leader of the group Konoha sent here alive, since Naruto had to get the information they needed from said person.

This made the mission all the more tricky since the village was on an island so the only ways onto it were the bridge, which was guarded, the beach, which was also guarded, or the air. The last one wasn't really guarded, it was more the fact you can't really miss a large metallic dropship if one appeared so close to the village. So Naruto and the squad he was leading were using military grade suction cups to crawl under the bridge itself. The sea water hitting the pillars of the bridge masked the sounds they would make as they crossed, and slowly they made their way near the end of the bridge.

Once near the edge, Naruto used his hand to signal for the rest of the Militia to stop. They listened to his orders, and as they did, Naruto whipped out a Pulse Blade. He stabbed upwards into the bridge with it and waited for a second. What the Pulse Blade does is send out a pulse that is invisible to the naked eye. This information would then be shown on the helmets of the members of the Militia, thus marking the locations of their enemies. From what they could see, there were four Shinobi guarding the bridge leading out of Wave. Apparently they weren't too worried about reinforcements of any kind.

Naruto used his hand to tell those behind him that there were four enemies. He then motioned for them to silently go up and eliminate them, and to hide the bodies. The two men behind him simply nodded and pulled out their pistols before they attached silencers to them. They came prepared knowing full well that they would have to be quiet for the majority of this mission. The two Militia members went ahead, and on the count of three, they swung up onto the side of the bridge and crawled up enough to see their target. The shinobi never saw or heard their deaths coming since the sounds of the weapons were muffled. Those under the bridge heard the noise in their helmets that meant all clear, so they all followed suit and went topside.

Naruto had his men drag the bodies to the edge of the bridge and then tossed over so they fell into the water below to rot. Naruto then motioned for his men to go different ways, with half of them going right while the other going left so as to eliminate any opposition hiding out in the rest of the village. While the majority of them were most likely in the center to keep watch over their prisoners, there would obviously be others elsewhere.

The soldiers that all came with him all activated their Cloaks, so as to come invisible and set off to do as ordered. Cloaks were perfect for this type of mission, but the issue with them was they could only be used in short bursts so they weren't just on permanently until you turn them off. Naruto activated his own Cloak and used his grappling hook to get to the roofs of the nearest set of buildings. He needed to survey the citation and the roof provided the perfect place to do so.

He kept to the shadows, which was easy given it was Dusk with very little light around. Most of the light was near the center of town since the villagers were all there instead of their homes with the lights on. Eventually he made his way close enough to see who he was going against without being seen himself since he was lying down prone to avoid being seen. He saw the Shinobi who were there, but he couldn't quite recognize all of them. A few he did, given they had tortured him so viciously in the past before he left the village, but the one he easily recognized was the one leading the group…

Anko Mitarashi…

Leave it to Konoha to give the job of enslaving peaceful villagers to the most sadistic bitch they had in their employ. Looking at her caused quite a few phantom pains to rise up in him given that woman had done some of the worst things to him. From what he could guess, she wasn't likened given she was the student of the traitor Sannin Orochimaru. This made her life suck, so she took her anger out on him since he was the only person hated more than herself and so no one would care. The tortures that woman inflicted upon his person were as numerous as they were excruciating to suffer through. But it seemed like the gods were giving him the chance to get justice for those times, and Kami as his witness he would not allow this chance to pass him by.

Using his Pulse Blade once more, he stabbed the roof to see just where everyone was, and luckily for him they were all visible. Now came the question of just how to deal with this situation, but Naruto decided to go with the easiest answer of Shock and Awe…

So, unsealing his Smart Pistol MK6, he checked to make sure he had it fully loaded, which he did, and then hopped down from the roof and slowly made his way through a narrow alley towards a man sitting in front of it. With his other hand, he had his trust knife which he used to easily slit the unaware man's throat before kicking the body forward. This caused the expected effect of those who witnessed this to pause for a second since they were not expecting this.

Here was a random stranger, brandishing a strange weapon in strange armor that looked far more advanced than the Chakra armor Konoha had, which none of them were using since they were sent to subjugate a civilian village with no defences. That was not what they expected in the slightest, and Naruto smirked as he opened fire with his pistol. The beauty about the Smart Pistol is the fact that it auto-locks onto the heads of his enemies, and so he was easily as well as effortlessly able to get a headshot to nearly all of them. The issue was that he only had 24 bullets, and there were 28 shinobi along with Anko making it 29. So when he ran out of bullets for his Smart Pistol, he sealed it away, which the other shinobi saw and tried to rush him. One threw a kunai, which just bounced off Naruto's armor since the thing was made of stronger metals, but as they got close, he whipped out his Wingman and shot three of the charging shinobi in the face.

He pointed towards the last one and pulled the trigger, but he heard the click that said the gun was empty, but even though the shinobi sighed a breath of relief since he had thought he would die from the strange weapon, Naruto still had his knife, which he stabbed into the man's neck, making the man fall forward as he tried to keep the blood from flowing out in vain.

"Well if it isn't the so called Snake Whore of Konoha" said Naruto as he pulled out bullets and quickly reloaded his gun, all the while calling himself stupid over the fact he had not fully loaded it before the mission started. He always critisized the others over stupid mistakes in the simulator given he was their Commander and all, but to do something this stupid himself only made him look even more idiotic. But well… to err is human.

"Who the fuck are you?!" demanded Anko, who was so shocked that those she was in charge were all dead so easily, and from one person no less!

"I am hurt," said Naruto with a laugh, "after so much intimate private time together Anko, I thought you of all people would remember me."

"Wait what?" asked Anko, who was more confused than she was before. While it was true she did have a casual fling with some random guy here or there, she never stayed with anyone for longer than one time. So what the hell was this guy talking about so much intimate time together?

"I see you are confused," said Naruto as he pushed the side of his helmet, thus making the front rise up so she could see his face. It had been literally years since they last saw one another, but she recognized the Kyubi brat just as soon as she saw his face.

"You…" said Anko.

"Yep," chuckled Naruto, "me…"

"IT is going to have a field day getting everything out of your head," said Anko with a smirk. She had not expected to see Naruto of all people here, but this would work out perfectly for her. Not only would she be able to torture the brat for quite some time until the others arrived, she would also get a promotion given she would be the one to hand over their weapon that all shinobi in the field were told to look out for. Not even Jiraiya had been able to find him with his expansive spy network so this was perfect. "And I can only hope that they let me torture you as they do. It will be like old times, you know, like those intimate moments you mentioned before."

"I am sure you would love nothing more than to hurt me in the sadistic fashion that you are accustomed to," stated Naruto with a smirk, "but you would have to capture me to actually get to do that, and look around you. You are alone since the others who came with you are all dead."

"You might have killed these ones," said Anko in a haughty tone, seeing one of the shinobi who only faked being injured sneaked up behind Naruto. He had seen how his comrades had died and mimics theirs by falling down like they had when they were shot. "but I seriously doubt you killed all the ones in the village. We are shinobi brat, we don't die so easily." The shinobi who was sneaking up behind him attempted to capture him from behind, but then there was a loud bang of a sound, and less then a second later the shinobi's body fell sideways with a massive hole in the side of his head and eyes that expressed just how confused he was about his death. He wasn't the only one since Anko was stumped right now. Naruto hadn't even moved and yet her comrade had died. The others had died fighting him, but he wasn't even aware of this one so it didn't make any sense.

"Oh really," said Naruto with a laugh, mentally thanking whatever rifleman had taken the shot to cover his flank. He could have dealt with it, but this was better for the shock value of it all. "Since he just died so easily."

Anko at this point felt fear creep into her heart since there were so many variables to factor into this fight right now. Naruto obviously had help from others, which did not bode well for her since they managed to kill someone without making themselves seen. So since she had no other options, she bit her finger and slammed her hand hard onto the ground. The area was instantly covered in smoke, but once it disappeared a few seconds later there was a massive snake there. This was the eldest of Manda's children, the strongest snake summon Anko could summon herself. Only Orochimaru could summon Manda himself since he demanded sacrifices and Konoha was not going to provide them.

"Cute toy you have there brat," said Anko in the vain belief that this fight was over now. She had a summon while Naruto had been removed from the Toad Summoning Scroll by Jiraiya years ago. The pervy sage had gotten so much crap for doing that soon after Naruto left the village since Naruto couldn't just be reverse summoned like he could have been if he had remained on the scroll. "But it won't do shit to my summon here."

"True," said Naruto as he spun his Wingman in his hand before holstering it. "But I have something that will." Naruto then pushed the side of his helmet to make it once more cover his entire face. The moment he did, out of literally nowhere, BT teleported in front of him kneeling while wielding the Ronin class Titan loadout which consisted of a three barreled shotgun and a massive blade. Naruto spared not a second since the action of entering a Titan flawlessly was second nature to him by now after so much training. Once inside, BT turned around, brandishing the blade he had equipped. Naruto couldn't take the risk of a misfire hitting the hostages in the center of the village, who were understandably confused after seeing BT.

"BT, always on time." said Naruto with a smirk.

"I arrived as quickly as I have been programmed to Pilot Naruto," said BT.

"That you did, but now is not a time to play around." Said Naruto, who was right to say that. Anko had recovered from her shock faster than he had expected, and thus her giant snake, which was twice the size of BT, began to surround him. While she was still surprised to see such an advanced piece of technology that was even better than the armor she saw Naruto have, she would not give him the chance to use it against her. Hopefully those in Konoha could make sense of the remains after she dealt with it.

She had her summon surround the metallic beast that Naruto controlled and then constrict itself quickly so the thing would be crushed. While a solid plan in execution, she was not fully aware of the things a Titan was capable of. Case in point…

Naruto knew exactly what she was doing and waited until her summon tried to crush BT with him inside. The second it did, he slammed hard on a button that activated the Electric Smoke that all Titans had. It was used to get enemy Pilots off of the Titan so they couldn't steal the main power core that was located on their back. It worked just as well against the giant snake since the creature was screaming in pain as it was paralysed by the smoke. While the creature was in pain, BT Phase Dashed out of the center of the beast and swung his blade.

Naruto had assumed that this would be enough, but the snake's skin was tougher than he had initially thought, so while it was bleeding given the sword did wound it, it wasn't fatal and thus it could still fight. The creature quickly overcame the pain it was in, which BT had only added to with the gash it now had near its head. It then spat out corrosive poison, but that didn't work as it had hoped since the materials BT was made of were made to persevere against the worst various worlds had to throw at him.

So Naruto thought to end this now since if he didn't this thing could hurt the hostages in their fight. So he had BT charge up his blade with electricity for an Arc Wave and slashed the ground with it. Doing so caused a ball of electricity, which left a trail, to travel towards the snake. The thing was far too big for it to dodge the attack, and thus for the second time it was stunned due to the electrical nature of the attack. This time BT didn't try to cut the creature's head off, but turned the blade around in his hand and thrust it down hard into the snake's head, pinning it to the ground. BT then pulled out his shotgun and aimed it point blank at the creature before he pulled the trigger. With a loud bang, the creature's head was gone completely. Naruto saw it was dead and looked to his left to grab his kit that he put in BT beforehand. Inside was the fruits of his labor which was now ready to be field tested fully, and Anko made the perfect test subject.

BT opened up his hatch so that Naruto could hop out, which he did as he strapped another device onto the arm that he didn't already have his Voidwalker device on already. It was easily snapped on, and once it was he began to walk towards Anko, who at this point was at a loss for words given her trump card had just been eliminated so easily by something she had no idea what the hell it even was. She assumed it was a summon given it had appeared from thin air in front of her, but even if that was the case just what the hell kind of summon did the brat manage to get his hands on?

"So now that you have no one but yourself," said Naruto as he prepared to dodge any last ditch attempts at defending herself that Anko would throw at him. "This is over."

Anko growled in rage as she held out her hands towards him. From her sleeves came a massive stream of poisonous snakes that were ready to bite him and inject him with enough venom to end him in seconds of doing so. Naruto simply smirked as he then began to sprint towards her. As the snakes got close, he then slid under them flawlessly, given agility like this was lesson 101 being a pilot. Anko was shocked to see him dodge her attack, but she was at a loss on what to do since she had left herself wide open doing what she had done. Naruto capitalized on her error by whipping out his Wingman and shooting her in both arms, and if that wasn't enough he shot her left kneecap as well so she fell down onto her other knee screaming in agony.

"Well that was a slight bit of entertainment," said Naruto simply, "but now you are going to give me the information I want."

"Go to fucking hell brat," said Anko painfully as she tried to do just about anything to fight back. But the shots Naruto had taken had fully taken her arms out of commission so she was literally defenceless right now. "I won't tell you shit!"

"I never said you would," replied Naruto with a chuckle, "I said you would give me the information I wanted. Completely different." His response confused Anko, which surprised her that he had yet to cease to do that. But that confusion was only amplified tenfold when out of Naruto's arm appeared what could only be described as a digital blade of some sort. He then thrust the blade upwards so that it pierced through the bottom of her jaw all the way into her brain. Anko was making gurgling sounds as her body was succumbing to her injury, but then electricity caused her to scream in a muffled fashion as she felt herself lose her memories at such a rapid pace. By the time she finally died from whatever weapon Naruto had used, she didn't even remember who the hell she was and died not knowing.

To clarify what Naruto had used, it was a device he had spent the last several months putting together. Naruto was for all purposes a genius when it came to technology, which is why he was easily able to complete the Voidwalker gear he now used when others had failed or stopped for some reason or another. He had gotten so good by being forced to fix just about everything he owned his entire childhood. The various groups of villagers would always break into his apartment and attack him, but to add a full metric ton of salt on the wound they would break pretty much everything he had. Since he couldn't keep getting new stuff given he had neither the money to do so nor would the shopkeepers even sell their wares to him given they hated him so damn much, he learned to scrounge for parts and fix things through trial and error. Over the years he got good at it, and now here he was using technology far better than he had ever used before. The years living in New Angel City only helped to grow his mind to the genius levels they were now, which mixed with the tactical mind he had from years of simulated battles, and he was a force of nature to be reckoned with.

While he was tinkering in his spare time, he would always think up random ideas, many of which he wrote down to come back to in the future, but he had wondered at one point if it was possible to extract information from the human mind in a way you could see it like a video. In a world full of war and betrayal, it would be best to get the true facts from a person given people lied even under torture. So he had begun research as well as the construction of a device he could use to extract said information out of his enemies. The results were a device he called the Skulljack, since like an electrical plugin he jacked the blade straight into their skull to get at their brain. What it did was upon piercing into the brain of the enemy, it would use electricity to siphon the memories of the victim so that they could be categorized and filed for later observation. Or to be observed by the Pilot who wielded the device like he was doing right now.

Anko had been the first one he had ever used it on since the device killed whoever he used it on. And right now he was using it to see if there was a counter to the seals that had been put on the villagers of Wave. It took a good five minutes, but he eventually found it in her various memories. It made him question just why the hell people who went out of their way to make a seal to threaten and enslave the populace would make a counter to said seal, but he was just going to chalk it up to them being cautious about if the seal was ever used on them. The hand seals he needed to make to release them were numerous, but he was nothing if not good at replicating the ones he saw from Anko's memories.

"Big bro!" shouted Inari as he was one of the first people to rush out of the fenced off area the second Naruto shot the lock off. He had no idea where the key was, and he was too lazy to look for it so he just went this route.

"Inari," said Naruto as he was hugged by the young man. It had been so long since the two of them had seen each other, with the last time being when he had fled Konoha and used a henge to hide his appearance. The kid was no longer the scrawny, downer of a child he remembered from the past. "Are you alright?"

"They killed my mother and grandfather," said Inari sadly. They had killed Tazuna since the elderly man had tried to get the people to stand up so as to not once again be put in the same situation as when Gato was in charge, so he was eliminated to let the others know that they weren't playing around. Tsunami though, she had just been randomly chosen along with several others to be executed to solidify the fear into the hearts of the people. And it had worked given the people were all sealed up and imprisoned in this gated area until the time when the newer seals could be applied that would enslave the people to Konoha's will.

"It's going to be alright Inari," said Naruto as he patted the kid on the head as a form of reassurance. He then talked into his helmet's mike after turning on the comms to see how things were elsewhere. He was given the all clear by the others who had come with him, since the other Konoha Shinobi had all been eliminated. "But we can catch up in a bit. Ladies and gentlemen of Wave, I need your attention."

The people who he had saved all looked at him since he had gotten their attention with his statement.

"I need all of you to quickly go to your homes and collect anything you consider of value in any sense. Whether it be of actual value, or just personal value given some memory, please gather everything as soon as you can and come back here."

"Why must we go about collecting our belongings," asked a random villager, with many vocally agreeing with him. While Naruto was a hero to them twice over, given he had saved them from both Gato as well as Konoha, they weren't just going to give up everything of value on a silver platter to him.

"Simple," said Naruto with a sigh, "My plan is to evacuate you all from here to a safe location. Once we are far enough I am going to detonate a bomb that will destroy this entire village."

"Why the hell would you destroy our homes like that!?" demanded another villager.

"Because Konoha will come back," said Naruto, "but with not only greater numbers so as to not fail in enslaving you a second time, but will take all your valuables from you by force to fund their war campaign across the Elemental Continent. This way, they will assume you are all dead and not hunt you down. Plus you get to keep your belongings, I am not taking them."

There was a long silence after he said his piece, and it came to the point that Naruto actually questioned if they would be willing to abandon the village to save their lives. But eventually, one mother moved towards her home with her five year old daughter to do as he asked. Once she hurried off, the rest soon followed suit. As Naruto waited for the people to gather their belongings, the rest of the riflemen who came with him appeared to report in. To think that it only took a dozen men to secure an entire village, but given their technological advances it made sense.

Soon enough, the villagers started to come back with bags filled with the things they wished to bring. As Naruto saw the majority of the people return, he opened his comms to call in the dropship to transport the people. As was the norm, the people gawked at the technology they were presented with before them, which Naruto knew they would be only more surprised once they got to New Angel City since everyone was. They saw the back open up, but had to wait for a bit as Naruto told a few of his men to unload the payload and set it up in the center of town. The bomb was then lifted out of the dropship and put in the gated area since it was the center of the village. His men began to set it up, with Naruto seeing the villagers begin boarding the ship. As the numbers began to thin, he ordered the men not setting up the bomb to go out and double check that no one else was there. Ten minutes later, he was given the all clear and then the men returned. Those in charge of the bomb came back over as well while one of them handed him the detonator to the bomb.

Since everything as well as everyone was accounted for, Naruto boarded the ship himself and pushed the button to seal the door up. He stood there as the ship lifted off, and waited approximately 30 seconds before he smirked and clicked the button on the detonator…

While those inside the ship could neither hear or see the explosion, those miles away from Wave were easily able to see or hear it. And for a few unlucky merchants who were near the shoreline in boats, they felt the shockwave. The blast completely obliterated Wave Village off the face of the map, but it was a simple sacrifice to thwart Konoha for a time. This way they would have to not only open up the various mines that had been blasted shut from the shockwave, they now didn't have a slave labor force to collect materials for them. This would put them behind schedule a bit, but not for too long given their plans elsewhere.

As Naruto stood there, he could only wonder how Utakara was doing in his own mission. But given he was a Jinchurikki like him, down to the military training as well as the Pilot training to back him up, he could only grin since he knew Six would not fail…

(A/N: For anyone wondering, The Skulljack is a device/weapon from Xcom 2. I have always wanted to use it in some manner, and given this is a story about a technologically advanced city full of people hidden away from the world, it seemed to fit the bill. Just a heads up though about this story, it will either be ending next chapter or the one after since the forces of Konoha are making their move and will soon conquer the Elemental Continent, all the while not knowing that their empire will not even last so much as a year…

But I hope you all are safe and healthy, with myself having gotten both my shots and Washington starting to fully open back up. I am in a far better mood than I was before. So until next time!)

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