Titanfall: Rise of the Iron Shinobi @sinbadthe3rd
To New Friends


It seemed like time was going at two different paces for the two fairly different places to live in the world…

For Naruto and those he had saved from what was now Snow country again given the fact that Koyuki had taken the key that powered the generator to make it Spring, time was going at a moderate pace. This was in part due to the fact that not only were they now living in a place that was far more advanced than the rest of their world combined when it came to the technology that made their lives significantly better, but the fact that they were learning so much as well so this became the new normal to them.

As the people who now inhabited New Angel City learned to survive in this new place, Naruto did as he did for the past two years when not training in the simulator and tinkered with tech in his spare time, which he had plenty of. You could only remain in the simulator for so long before you had to leave it to rest your mind, it was a built in safety feature. He was thankful for the fact BT was there in AI form in his house while his main chassis was in the hanger ready for deployment, the house he chose for himself that was closest to the warehouses and the landing pads so he could leave at a moment's notice if and/or when he needed to.

He tinkered with some gadgets to try and replicate some things he saw in the archives he now had access to since the main memory bank came down in a shipment and was set up. When the various drops of ordinance were dropped planet side, one of the things that was installed in the large vast building that became the library, was this memory bank, which contained not only all the knowledge of the now extinct people that once made up the planet Harmony, but all the past episodes of a competition between various people from just as various backgrounds as well. It was known as the Apex Games, and Naruto loved to watch it. He saw the things they did, but the one person who caught his attention the most was a competitor known as Wraith.

She was able to teleport short distances rapidly like Minato himself was able to do, but with the main difference being the fact she did not requires special seals like he did. This intrigued him since if he could use that same ability, he would have an advantage in battle, well besides the thirty ton metallic giant that he called a friend with all the advanced weapons… but an advantage all the same.

So he looked deep into the information on how to go about acquiring said power, and let me tell you that it was not simple. The information on the woman was wrapped up in such mystery, but the advantage Naruto had here was that there was no government officials coming after him for prying into their affairs like they would have in the past. So after digging deep into the files of Wraith, he finally saw what they had done to her, and it was not pretty in the slightest, but in a way it made the two of them kindred spirits since they had both suffered at the hands of others.

Subject 61137, Codenamed "Wraith" as she was known in the Apex Games to all, was a whirlwind fighter, able to execute swift and deadly attacks and manipulate space time by opening rifts in the fabric of reality. Years ago as well as another dimension altogether, she woke up in an IMC Detention Facility for the Mentally Ill with no memory of her life before. She also began hearing a distant voice whispering in her mind that would keep her awake for days on end, nearly driving her insane. While Naruto had a secondary voice in his head, he at least knew where it came from since he had a demon beast sealed inside him.

She was in the facility one day when a portal opened before she was to be sedated so the scientists could commence with that days experiments. A person wearing a purple helmet came out, scaring the facility staff away since they had no means to fight this person since they were scientists, not soldiers. The person berated Wraith for not fighting back and revealed herself to Wraith. She was herself from another dimension, on a quest for revenge on the people who experimented on her. With this Voidwalker's help, she learned to trust the voices and was given the device by said Voidwalker needed for her to safely manipulate the void so as to use her abilities. And it was with that device that she escaped her captors once and for all. And it was that exact same device that Naruto was trying to recreate.

Luckily for him there had been a lot of information on said device since he was not the only one to wish to recreate it. The issue with them thought was the destruction of Harmony, and thus survival became more important than trying to recreate a device. So Naruto was tinkering so as to finish the work of others since they had laid the groundwork for the device, he just needed to finish it.

As he did that, Koyuki and the others were beginning to understand the new world they found themselves in. Weeks went by and they understood how to use the various things they were surrounded by, and they were surprised how simple it was to use when they were properly educated on the subject. But then came the main issue they faced with living here, which was what to do now that they actually lived here. For at least half of them, Koyuki included, they had been born into the world of politics and had no practical skills in any other major field so with their forced relocation they no longer had such responsibilities to deal with. So with their newfound freedom of choice, they all discussed what they would do since there would be a need for all sorts of things. A few became cooks, others doctors, and a few became engineers since someone had to make sure the machines of the place were in proper working order. So they began to devote their time to training in their selected fields so as to master their craft in due time.

Those who knew the life of a warrior easily knew what they wanted to do since they were already trained to fight, but now their skills could be enhanced far better than they had ever been along with a plethora of new tools of destruction they had to work with. The training was harsh, with a lot to learn which dwarfed everything they already knew, but they overcame the challenges that the simulation put them through and persevered through it all.

But the one person who surprised Naruto the most was Koyuki herself…

To be honest, he had no idea what she wanted to do with her life now that her throne had been stolen from her like it had been. But he had no idea she would go the path she did. She wanted to not only become a soldier, but a Pilot to a Titan as well. She had been enraged that her position had been taken by force with her not being able to do anything to stop it since she as a daimyo relied on her own forces to do the fighting for her. Now that she lost her home for the second time in her life she saw things in a new light. She saw that the daimyos of the world were weak, with the people turning on her so easily once enough lies about her were spread to solidify that dislike of her, and she no longer wanted to be that way so if she ever ran a country once more she would not be easily ousted from her rightful throne once more. She would no longer solely rely on her men to protect her since she was done being a damsel in distress, and so when the next time Konoha or any other enemy for that matter decided to challenge her, they would not find her so easy to take down.

Becoming a Pilot was not easy, and the training for it was at least four to five times more extreme than the standard rifleman or the others that make up the bulk of the military. It was made to be this way since Titan's were not infinite and those in charge needed to know that their Titans were being piloted by the best of the best so that they would be used to their maximum potential. But even when this was all explained to her, she was not deterred and demanded to be trained into a Pilot.

So Naruto spent time every now and then to train her personally in the simulation, and like he had warned her, the training was brutal. But she pushed through everything he pit against her, which surprised him since the others had tried and all given up on being Pilots themselves and resigned to becoming riflemen themselves instead. It took months before she was ready to begin actual training with the Titan, and when that happened she had to try out all models of them before she decided on the one she wanted. The downside to this was each one was locked into one specific load out, unlike BT who was the last Vanguard model which could use all Titan weapons since he was programmed and built that way. He planned to make more in the future, but he wanted to use the Titans in the hanger first before he started to build more, plus there was only one Pilot at this point of time, with a new one potentially being trained.

In the end, she picked the Monarch Class Titan. This made Naruto chuckle since she herself was royalty, so to pick the one named after it was a bit humorous. But once the Titan was picked, the harsher training began. And Naruto held nothing back as he did. He fought her time and time again in the simulation with BT, and he showed no mercy as he repeatedly decimated her over and over again. Koyuki grew pissed the more she lost, but Naruto explained that while they may be fighting simply Shinobi now, in the future when the technology they were using was made known to the rest of the world there would be more fights at some point that would involve the newer stuff like Titans. Peace was never eternal, so it was the best to prepare for the worst case scenario now while they had no worries about it actually happening than later when time was more of a factor.

So Koyuki took his lessons to heart, and with every defeat she learned more as time went on. Eventually she began to fight back well enough, with Naruto making a genuine mistake and losing their bout for the first time. This made Naruto smile since she was improving at a faster pace than he had thought, which made him realize that the others who would learn in time could train just as fast. They would need the numbers since if they were going to fight in this, what he pretty much chalked up to be a short war, they would need the numbers as well.

With the aid of BT, Naruto designed a simulation using data about the Shinobi from Konoha, with the scenario being an assault on Konoha itself in the simulation. While they were able to do lots of damage given the advancements in technology, the enemy always adapted to beat them back, and their mission would be a failure. It was because they didn't have the numbers to fight. They had the technology, but they lacked the raw numbers. Even Koyuki and himself would be beaten if large summons were used, which pissed him off, but the summons their most power Shinobi used towered over Titans by leaps and bounds, so they would have to strategize against them in the future. Sure there were simple bombing runs they could do, but the damage to the land would be heavy and they planned to rebuild what was destroyed after the dust cleared in this war. You can't do that if everything was scorched to ashes now can you?

While the others were still training as well as learning down to the last detail of their crafts, Naruto was tinkering with the device that he had been working on for months in what was dubbed the War Room. Here in this facility he had monitors that all showed the various VIPs he had the satellites keep an eye on so that he knew their every move and strength since to beat an enemy it was best to know them. The satellites were able to pick up audio from all these people and much more with detailed images of the places that made up the world. While in the other dimension, the opposition would place towers to hinder a satellites ability to do any of this, no such technology existed outside of New Angel City, so there was nothing they could do. Hell, the technology actually heard through silencing seals, and that made the more secretive information known to him which was what peaked his interest the most.

Like the fact that Minato was extremely pissed that right now he had yet to find Naruto anywhere. He had people all over looking for him, yet there was not even a hair of him anywhere to be found, which was easy to see why given where he was located right now and the lack of just about anyone coming this way. Then there was the fact that Koyuki had not only escaped, but she had taken the key to the generators that heated the country with her. At first he had thought that she had made it to another country, but no actions were taken that stated as such, and he chalked it up to being lost at sea since there was really no other explanation for it.

But in many of these secret meetings between the higher ups of Konoha, Naruto had overheard that apparently he was part of some prophesy told to Jiraiya, which peaked his own personal interest since this was not something he would have expected to hear. Apparently a student of Jiraiya, one of the Uzumaki Clan, would be responsible for the survival or the destruction of the Shinobi way. While Menma was a student of Jiraiya as well which put him in the running for being the one the prophesy spoke of, they wanted Naruto under their control so that on the off chance he was the right one they could manipulate things so that Konoha would reign supreme. Menma was naturally loyal to the village his family was from without any issue, but Naruto had been raised to be a weapon so he needed to be controlled to force his loyalty.

Naruto had laughed so hard as he had overheard this since they had tried too hard to make him subservient for that? They could have treated him better and he would have willingly fought for the village since at one point it had been his home, but the route they took with him had made him only hate the village with absolutely everyone in it. He had actually spent time listening to every last individual in the village, and there was not a one who he would spare in the future when the time came to attack.

His fellow classmates… well he already knew they hated him, but he had looked at the world through rose tinted glasses since it was the only way he could live with just that spark of joy in his life that the villagers had spent so long trying to snuff out.

Hinata… well that was easily self-explanatory since the woman was a gold digging whore who had gotten pregnant by another man and lied to his face while saying it was his own. He had heard about how happy she was now with the birth of their son who they named Madara in honor of one of the most powerful Uchiha to exist. Sasuke had such high hopes for his son, but unlucky for him it would mean little when Naruto and the others who made up the Militia attacked and wiped them all out.

The various people who had went out of their way to show him a speck of kindness, all the while messing with him and lying to his face? They would all pay in time…

The way he was raised so as to control him like they did?

He would see the Shinobi way destroyed down to the last one…

But that was not going to happen for quite some time. Since Konoha, while they now had access to Snow country and all its technological wonders, which made Naruto smirk since what was advanced to them was archaic to him and the others in the Militia, the snow made it harder for them to excavate the land for more. Their progress was hindered by Koyuki's actions, which the man who now sat on the throne used to his advantage by calling Koyuki a traitor who did this to spite her people. And while the people were at first not believing it, eventually they began to listen and believe the lies told to them to the point they resented Koyuki themselves. Propaganda was a very powerful tool when used well like in this situation.

So in the past two years that Naruto and Koyuki's group had been living a far more peaceful life hidden away from others, Konoha had begun to equip their Shinobi with chakra armor as well as produced multiple airships to use that were outfitted for war. They didn't stop there since they needed ships as well to reach Kiri, and after two years they were nearly ready to begin their war with the other villages. But right now they were trying to gain any and all advantages they could get their hands on to make sure this campaign went smoothly, and luckily for them a spy of theirs mentioned how the six tailed Jinchuriki himself had been discovered in hiding as he ran from the Hunter Nin who had been hunting him for quite some time.

The prospect of acquiring a Jinchuriki to replace the one they lost was too much to pass up, so they sent out a special unit to capture their new weapon. They would have normally sent more, but if they did, the other villages would snoop around where they were not wanted and they didn't want to tip their hand too soon. So Sasuke and a team of highly trained ANBU went out to hunt this man down in the name of their village.

Naruto heard Minato give the order, and smirked since the man had given him the perfect means to strengthen his own group with that order. Plus he could kill two birds with one stone since now he had the perfect chance to eliminate the bad memory that haunted his mind named Sasuke…

The arrogant ass had actually improved his skills in the last two years he had been here. He no longer bragged about being elite and actually put in the effort to do so. Apparently fatherhood changed him for the better or worse if you learned what he did to acquire a good portion of his power. Apparently there was two means to acquire the Mangekyo Sharingan, with the main means being the killing of one's own best friend, but the other was just as bad in the broad scheme of things. The other means was the killing of someone utterly devoted to you. And guess who filled that exact criteria?

Poor Sakura…

She never saw that Chidori to the heart coming… or the sinister smile on Sasuke's face to show that he enjoyed what he was doing…

Apparently Sasuke allowed her to be the fanatical fan girl she was so that she could be used as she had. And while Naruto personally didn't like the banshee voiced bitch, no one deserved to be manipulated like that for the power of another…

So as Sasuke and the others in his squad grouped up and prepared for their mission, Naruto called the members of the Militia and explained the situation. They all agreed that aiding the fleeing Jinchuriki was a perfect strategy, and so they all went to the armory near the landing pads and geared up for their own mission. Any chance to hinder Konoha meant that the members of the Militia were better trained as well as prepared for the end when they revealed their existence to the world. Plus throw in the fact that there would be more people to teach in the future, they would need time to properly train people into soldiers.

Naruto smiled as he picked up the weapons he was going to bring for this mission. While he would have liked to bring BT, the area was too close to enemy territory and would stick out like a sore thumb really. He didn't want to give Konoha the idea of a hidden in plain sight enemy to hinder their efforts any. So he walked towards the ship with the rest of the soldiers, and as he did he strapped on his completed Voidwalker device onto his arm, having completed and tested the device only a week before. Now was the perfect time to see just how well it would work in a real life situation like this one.

And with all the men on board, and Koyuki and the others who were not coming seeing them off, the hatch closed and the ship rose up into the air before it took off into the direction of their target…

(Border of Fire Country)

"Alright men," said Sasuke in a commanding voice since he was the leader of this group sent out on this mission, "we know the target is around here somewhere. Spread out and find him, but do not attack him by yourself. He is a Jinchuriki so we need to do this together if we are to beat him."

Sasuke might have gotten stronger in time, but even he knew that a fight against a Jinchuriki, especially one who was most likely fluent in the use of his demonic power he would struggle. While he believed he could win if it came down to it, he wanted the extra muscle to ensure victory in the end. The Shinobi that had come with him were just about to set out to do as ordered, but before anyone could do it, they heard a weird whooshing sound before one of their members dropped dead.

This shocked them since they sensed no enemies near them, nor was there a clear cause of death. There was a hole in the man's head that was bleeding, but no weapon they had seen could make such a wound like this. A jutsu might if it was wind related, but then came the fact that they would have felt the chakra being used to cast it. Yet none of them would get the chance to ponder on this question anymore since within the span of three seconds, each and every one of those Shinobi, sans Sasuke, fell down with matching wounds to the head.

"What the fuck is happening!?" demanded Sasuke in shocked horror. He had expected a few casualties, since given their mission was against a strong opponent with nothing to lose, but this went way beyond what he expected since they had all died before they even faced the guy.

"Well, well, well," said a voice from behind Sasuke, which caused him to jerk his head around as well as upwards since the voice was coming from above him. The area he was in had a small mountain range with a few cliffs sprouting out of it. "Seems like you are in quite the predicament here."

"Who the hell are you?" shouted Sasuke in anger that this man had somehow managed to sneak up on him like this. Sitting on the cliff was a man with a green mask that had orange stripes on it. He had on what appeared to be armor, but unlike any he had personally ever seen in his life, which was surprising given the chakra armor he was currently sporting.

"I know it has been a few years," said the man with a chuckle, "but I didn't think you would forget your old squad mate so easily like this."

"Wait a second," said Sasuke in realization to this bit of information, "Naruto?"

"So you do remember me," said Naruto as he hopped off the cliff he was sitting on with a simple push of his hands. The shock bracers in his footwear absorbed the impact of the fall, but this was standard issue for Pilots since they were supposed to be as agile as possible. While it helped immensely for most situations, but terminal velocity was another thing altogether and the shock bracers would not help then. "So we have that at least."

"I don't know why you are here…" started Sasuke before Naruto cut him off.

"I'm pretty sure you do," said Naruto, "since I am here to help a fellow brother, one you are currently hunting."

"You are too late to capture the Jinchuriki for whatever village you are currently allied with."

"See," said Naruto with a shake of his head, "you are wrong there since I am not here on the orders of another village. I don't work for anyone other than myself. And 'capture'? I am here to aid my fellow Jinchuriki so that he won't be enslaved like you planned to do to him. You came with shackles and no other options, but I am coming with nothing more than understanding as well as plenty of better options to choose from."

"It matters not what why you are here," said Sasuke as he got into an attack form as he had trained to do for years, "since I will capture the man, and now you as well since you have no hope to beat me. I'm not sure how you managed to kill my men, but I'm more than sure that the Yamanaka will have a field day extracting it from your mind."

"Are the dead bodies surrounding you not a clear indication of failure for you," asked Naruto in a genuine question.

"I will not fall as easily."

"Actually you would," said Naruto with a chuckle, "but me and you have a score to settle so I prefer to fight you by hand so you know just who made you his bitch in the end."

"Say that to my face coward!" demanded Sasuke, who would not allow someone he saw as weaker than him speak to him in such an insulting manner.

"So that you can use your Sharingan to manipulate me?" said Naruto with a raised eyebrow, not that Sasuke could see it given the fact he had a helmet on that covered his face. "Not going to happen buddy. You want to beat me? You are going to do it the old fashioned way." Naruto then whipped out a black metallic stick that was thick except the handle.

Sasuke saw this as the sign to begin fighting, and charged forward to attack Naruto. Naruto would admit that Sasuke's hand to hand form was impressive, but he had spent years in the simulation training in CQC, a form of hand to hand that was better for this situation. So for all of Sasuke's training, he was outmatched when it came to a battle of fists.

But to make that fact more apparent, Naruto waited for Sasuke to leave an opening, which he did eventually. The second he did, Naruto flipped the well concealed switch on his baton to cause electricity to course through it and into Sasuke, who screamed in pain as the area was awash with light from the device. Eventually Sasuke overcame the pain and threw Naruto off of him to gain some space between them. Sasuke was panting since whatever device Naruto had used had hurt like hell. He now knew that he would have to put more of an effort to beat Naruto, which he would have done in any other situation but it was due to the fact that he needed to manage his strength to not only fight him but capture the Jinchuriki he was ordered to in the first place that was making this harder for him since he couldn't waste all his strength on one or the other if he was to succeed in his mission.

"So are you done holding back yet," said Naruto as he casually tossed his stun baton in the air while he waited. "Because not going to lie, I expected far more from a self-titled 'elite such as you."

Sasuke heard this and grew far more pissed than he was already. In his anger he activated his Mangekyo Sharingan to put an end to this nuisance here and now. Hell, he didn't even care if he killed Naruto since the mission was to capture one Jinchuriki, Minato didn't know Naruto was even here nor would he tell him.

"Did I strike a nerve?" said Naruto with a chuckle as he threw the stun baton at Sasuke's head with precise accuracy. Sasuke easily dodged the thrown object, but Naruto had wanted him to since he was too occupied to dodge the fist to the face that followed. "Good. Now we have ourselves a real fight here!"

Sasuke roared in rage as he went through the hand signs to blow out a steady stream of flames towards Naruto. Naruto didn't fret since what appeared to be a dark shoulder pad on his armor unraveled and extended outward towards Sasuke. It didn't detach from Naruto or anything, but what it did do was erect an energized particle wall that stopped the flames from reaching him. Naruto then pulled out what appeared to be a simple shuriken, which was the furthest thing from the truth and threw the thing a little to the right of Sasuke. This weapon was known as a Gravity Star, and one could easily guess what it did by the name alone. So once the device activated, the gravity being sucked inwards towards the device caused Sasuke to become unbalanced enough for Naruto to rush forward and kick him hard in the gut to the point he went flying a bit backwards.

"Is this seriously all you can do Sasuke?" asked Naruto as he walked over and picked his stun baton back up from where it currently was right now. "That is a disappointment. How you plan to avenge your family when you are so weak like this is beyond me really."

Sasuke's rage reached its apex as he heard Naruto say those words, and with a roar of pure unfiltered rage he activated the Susanoo in full to put this fucker down once and for all. The purple giant chakra entity was fairly menacing to look at, but Naruto was not afraid since he had a plan to fight Sasuke if/when he used this.

Sasuke tried to smash Naruto with his Susanoo's fists alone, but Naruto, being a Pilot and all, was agile enough to easily dodge these blows easily enough. There were a few close calls, but he had his handy grappling hook to pull him faster forward to avoid them. Sasuke's rage grew the more he missed, which was only made worse since Naruto kept mocking him for every time he missed. Eventually Sasuke actually thought of a plan instead of letting his anger dictate his methods of attack and formed two spikes of energy that he pierced the mountainside with in a manner that Naruto could no longer avoid his attacks anymore since he was stuck between them.

"I got you now fool," said Sasuke with a smirk as he summoned up his Susanoo's sword, the main weapon it used, and then thrust it forward towards Naruto to end him here and now so that he would never be able to utter another insult towards him or anyone else again.

While Sasuke had assumed victory here, he was unaware of the fact that Naruto had planned on this from the beginning. He had studied Sasuke for quite some time and knew his methods of fighting to a T. Now while that might sound creepy, which in all reality it was bordering on obsessional, but the best way to fight someone was to know them inside and out, so Naruto did just that. If Naruto knew he had no hopes of fighting Sasuke, he would have simply put a bullet through him along with the other Shinobi his men had killed before they went to track their target. But Naruto not only knew he could beat Sasuke, but knew just how to since he had such an obvious weakness…

His pride…

Sasuke might be stronger than he was years ago when he and Naruto were members of the same squad, yet he was easily pissed off when his strength was brought into question like Naruto had multiple times, and when one becomes angry they make too many mistakes like Sasuke had now. In a fight of jutsu, Sasuke would have won hands down, yet he had no idea as to the things Naruto could do now…

As the blade neared him, Naruto could only smile since Sasuke had been such an idiot to fall right into his trap like this. He held up his hand, which then cause a massive black portal with blue edging to appear before him. Sasuke had put too much power into his thrust to stop what was going to happen, and that was why Naruto had done as he had by pissing him off like this. The sword made of chakra went through the portal, but it came out elsewhere.

The second portal appeared right in front of the Susanoo itself, with the blade piercing the entity, hitting Sasuke at such speed and power that not only was he launched from the chest where he controlled the thing, but his chakra armor was overloaded and shattered into pieces as he was. He fell hard to the ground as his Susanoo disappeared since he was no longer there to control the thing.

"Well," said Naruto as he waved his hands a bit so that both portals disappeared from existence. He was so happy that he had taken the time to build these things since he could see the benefits of having such a device on hand in the thick of things. "That just about wraps thing here."

"Don't you understand," coughed Sasuke since he was in a lot of pain right now. The Susanoo was a powerful jutsu, but it was abundantly clear that it had a weakness of itself, which was a strange thing to say in itself. Sasuke had not expected his attack to be reflected like his had been and the blowback was painful. He was slowly backing away while still on the ground in pain from Naruto so as to put as much distance as he could between them, but he then hit the cliff wall and tripped so he was now flat on his ass as Naruto was still standing there. "You are weak! No matter what you do to us, you will not win and be put under the heel of your betters in the end!"

Naruto simply sighed as he pressed the side of his helmet so that the front end opened up like a mouth to show his face, and while Sasuke expected to see some sort of anger in his expression, there was none. In fact, all Naruto showed in his facial features was disgust. Disgust towards the arrogance of this guy who refused to admit when he had been beaten to the end. It was sickening since while there was prideful, this went beyond that.

So Naruto simply pulled out his side arm and opened the loading chamber to let the bullets fall out into his hand. He put one bullet back into the gun before he pushed the chamber back in and spun the wheel. He then pointed it at Sasuke and pulled the trigger, which caused Sasuke to wince in instinct. It made Naruto smirk a bit to see a man with such arrogance cower in fear like that, but the gun did not go off when he pulled the trigger.

"Ha!" laughed Sasuke in pain as he saw that nothing had happened, "even your weapon is weak like you are!"

"So you would think," said Naruto with a chuckle. He then pulled the trigger again, this time the gun fired the single bullet in the chamber and pierced through Sasuke's arm. Naruto had learned to load the gun like this and spin the chamber so the bullet would fire. It took practice, and lots of it to perfect the art, but in this case he wanted the bullet to be one bullet behind to psych out Sasuke like he had. And it had honestly been worth it in the end.

"You fucking asshole!" shouted Sasuke as he felt pain like he wouldn't believe in his arm. He could feel it, but he wasn't able to move it now which meant that the weapon Naruto used had pierced multiple muscles and it was basically useless now unless he sought medical aid, and even then it might not help if he didn't receive it fast enough.

"Well if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black," said Naruto as he walked slowly closer to Sasuke while loading another bullet into the chamber. This gun held multiple at a time, but at this point it was about the show really. He wanted Sasuke to know he was taking his time to prolong his suffering beyond simply ending his life quickly with a shot to the head.

"And just what the hell is that supposed to mean," demanded Sasuke as he tried to use his still good arm to form the hand signs to perform a single handed jutsu. But one loud bang later, and his other arm was just as useless as the first one.

"It means that you Sasuke Uchiha," said Naruto as he loaded another bullet into his gun, "are an asshole, yet you have the gall to call someone else what you yourself already are."

"And just how am I the asshole?" demanded Sasuke, who wanted to hear what Naruto had to say as a reason. But Naruto's immediate response was to shoot him in the leg. The pain was even worse than when he got shot in the arm, and while his body's first instinct was to grab the wound to stem the flow of blood, his arms were useless so that wouldn't work here.

"That turning the wheels of your head a bit," asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow as he loaded the last bullet in his hand into the chamber. Sasuke didn't answer since the pain he was in just caused him to grunt in pain as he tried to power through it. Yet this was not a pain they taught you to brace through in class. Naruto gave him a minute to answer his question before he shot Sasuke in the other leg this time. Once he did he holstered his weapon since he no longer needed it. This broken man was no longer a threat without the use of arms or legs like he was.

"I'll fucking kill you!" shouted Sasuke in rage that he wasn't able to move anymore.

"Oh don't be like that," said Naruto with a chuckle, "since I could have just killed you. You know how hard it is to hit you in areas that will cripple you but not kill you like this? Well that is if you get medical help soon enough."

"What the hell do you want from me!?"

"To thank you," said Naruto with a grin.

"And this is how you thank someone? By crippling them? You really are a demon!"

"No," said Naruto as he sat cross-legged in front of Sasuke, "this is what I do to assholes that have made the unfortunate choice of pissing me off. You fit that bill easily enough."

"And just what could have I done to piss you off so?!"

"Are you just that arrogant to not admit your own faults," said Naruto with a sigh. He had known Sasuke was vain but this was a bit more than even he had expected personally. "Because I can give you many examples, like the fact you took credit for success in the missions our squad took part of."

"It was due to me that we succeeded."

"You must remember things purposely wrong then," said Naruto as he looked Sasuke right in the eye. Sasuke thought he had him there and tried to manipulate him with the Sharingan, but Naruto was expecting this and threw sand in his eyes so he was forced to close them in pain. "And none of that. I took time out of my busy schedule to have this talk and you whip out those eyes on me. Just another reason you are an asshole."

Sasuke didn't retort back, but that was mainly due to spitting out the sand he had thrown in his face.

"See, I remember Wave, and the fact that the people there were rallied behind me for showing them the means to rise up against Gato and eliminating said man to free themselves. Hell they named a bridge after me as the proof of such things so you can't claim things as a lie. Then there is the mission in Snow where I saved the princess, not you. But of course you took credit for that as well which is basically you to a T. But even if those happened to be lies, if your warped memories happened to be real somehow, you are still an asshole for one reason alone."

"And just what is that," said Sasuke as he looked at him with watery eyes since the sand was still playing hell with them.

"You fucked my fiancé," said Naruto with a growl. This caused Sasuke to stiffen a bit since he had not expected Naruto to say that, but he then began to laugh as it sunk in.

"Your fiancé?" laughed Sasuke hard, "Hinata never loved you you idiot. She wanted you for the money she would have gotten by divorcing you after marrying you. She laughed that she had such control over you, and even more so that we fucked on the same bed you shared with her. She even said how much better at sex I was then you!"

"Well practice makes perfect I guess," said Naruto simply with a shrug of his shoulders in an uncaring manner.

"What," asked Sasuke, who was confused at that random response. He had expected Naruto to get angrier by his response so to make some sort of mistake he could capitalize on. He wasn't sure what he could do in his current state, but he would think of something if given the chance.

"You are so use to screwing over just about everyone around you so you got pretty good at it. Plus the fact you fucked Hinata multiple times behind my back only made it so you had better skills at pleasing her. I only slept with her… three times?... Yeah three times. And if I had known the truth I wouldn't have even done that. So you are bragging about screwing a woman so much you could please her better than a man she detested and felt no joy coupling with. Not really an insult if you think about it like I have."

"Huh," was all Sasuke said as he genuinely thought about what Naruto said. It made sense he guessed.

"But like I said," said Naruto who wanted to get this conversation back on track since he still had other things to do before heading back home, "I just wanted to thank you since finding you screwing Hinata broke me free from the rose tinted view I had of the village. And once it was broken, I saw the place for what it really was, which was a prison impersonating itself as something else. So I left soon after that. And I have you to thank for that since if you hadn't I would have been mind-controlled by Minato and his family via seals or something along those lines."

Naruto then hopped up onto his feet since he was done talking with Sasuke now.

"Wait!" shouted Sasuke, who was trying to move, but his arms and legs were useless and couldn't help him now. "You can't leave me like this!"

"Actually, yes I can," said Naruto with an honest to Kami smile on his face, "and the humorous thing is that this mission of yours is top secret, so no one other than Minato knows you are here. And yet by the time he realizes that something went wrong, you will have bled out from your wounds, or better yet an animal will smell the blood and end your life instead. That is how you get to die Sasuke. Not in a glorious battle with many to witness it so as to speak of the grandeur of your fight to feed your ego, but crippled and bleeding out in the middle of nowhere with no one knowing you are even here other than me, the very man who beat you so easily. I might not be as strong as you in the use of jutsu since I haven't trained in years, but the fact I still beat you will haunt you for an eternity in hell where you will burn for an eternity. And even in the end, if I myself find myself there for reasons I am not sure of, I will at least have a good laugh at your expense."

"You…" started Sasuke, but his words were cut off quickly as he then screamed in pain. The reason behind his scream was that Naruto had sliced through his eyes with his knife with one swipe, destroying them beyond repair. No sense letting someone else stumbling upon his corpse by chance and scooping them out for their own use later on. It always paid to think ahead like that.

"Asshole," said Naruto simply as he wiped the blood and eye juice of his blade on Sasuke's clothes, "I know, I already heard that. But don't fret Sasuke, you will be soon joined by your girl Hinata, and of course that son of yours you are so proud of."

"How do you know about him?" asked Sasuke in shock that Naruto knew he had a child.

"I know a lot more things than you could possibly believe," said Naruto as he pressed the side of his helmet to it once again covered his face fully. "Like about this mission for instance. But it doesn't matter anymore, for you at least since you are already dead. You are just too stubborn to realize it." Naruto than began to walk off towards his new destination. His men had found the other target in a cave not too far away, but they were under orders to not engage since they were not here to attack the man.

"Come back!" Shouted Sasuke in genuine fear of being left alone to die like this. "COME BACK!"

But Naruto was already gone, and no one would find Sasuke's dead body in time to save him, or at all. Since by the time a group would search for him, he would be in the stomach of several wolves…

(2 weeks later)

Naruto had found Utakata hidden in a cave not far from where he had fought Sasuke. The young man had been understandably defensive about talking to Naruto since he had been hunted for so long by Hunter Nin and it was near impossible for him to trust anybody nowadays. But in the end Naruto got him to calm down and converse with him when he told Utakata that he too was a Jinchuriki who was being hunted by Nin. This relaxed Utakata since he had heard about Naruto since his bounty in the Bingo Book was fairly high, so he believed him.

Naruto then convinced Utakata to come back with him to New Angel City, which took a bit more convincing, but in the end Utakata agreed since he had really nowhere else to go, and if Naruto found a place where he could stay hidden for years without being captured, it was better than constantly being on the move like he had been. And as Naruto expected, Utakata was stumped by what he saw when he left the airship, which was even more than he was when he saw the airship to begin with. Soon enough, Naruto had him in a learning pod, and he was on his way to learning more about his new home.

But now, Naruto had made his way towards Kiri on a mission as an envoy. He would have liked to relax for a bit longer after going toe to toe with Sasuke, yet time was not on his side here and he heard of a plan that needed to be stopped so that so many people did not get killed. So using a device that detected as well as tracked living things, he was able to make his way slowly towards the Rebel hideout since he needed to talk to their leader as soon as possible.

As he got near enough to see multiple dots heading in his direction, he sealed most of his gadgets as well as his guns since he was not here to fight. He kept his knife though for reasons that would become clearer in the near future. While he was not truly fluent in jutsu anymore, having abandoned the path since he had no access to teachers on the subject anymore, he could still do simple things like seals which did not take a whole lot to learn them. As he saw, he was soon surrounded on all sides by members of the Rebels, with half of them ready to form the final hand sign to perform a jutsu and the others with blades or one guy with a bow and arrow pulled back and aimed at him.

"State your name and why you are here!" shouted the one with the bow, showing that they were in charge of this group here.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki," said Naruto as he pulled his helmet off to show his face. This caused many of the people to gasp since they had seen the updated Bingo books and knew enough about this guy to know he could be dangerous since he was an Uzumaki. "And I have come to deliver an important message to your leader. Please, it is urgent!"

"What is it that needs to be told to her?" asked the leader. "We can relay the message to her in your stead."

"I can't chance that," said Naruto simply with a shake of his head, "the information I have I can only trust with your leader."

The leader looked at him directly in the eyes, which Naruto returned in full. They had themselves a bit of a staring match for a minute before the leader finally relented. He ordered one of his men to go and tell Mei they had someone here with a message for her. The leader then subtly motioned for Naruto to be tranqed, yet since he was a Jinchuriki, something they were not privy of since Konoha was not stupid enough to state such in the Bingo Book, the batch was far too weak to really affect him. Naruto sighed since he knew that they would try in some way to subdue him like that. He understood it was a security thing, but now was not the time to go through this whole song and dance. So he simply began to walk towards their camp, which surprised those around him that he was still walking without any hesitation. The leader was just about to command that Naruto stop, but Naruto unstrapped his knife and tossed it to the man to show he was not here to fight. This was the reason he had kept the blade unsealed since it was a powerful sign of wanting to be civil to relinquish your weapon like that so easily.

So Naruto faced no further problems from there to the main tent where he would be meeting the leader of the Rebels. He already knew who she was, but he couldn't let them know this since then their easily broken trust of him would be broken and he didn't want that. So once he was called inside, he walked in and saw Mei Terumi along with her second in command Ao standing there waiting for him. Mentally Naruto was smirking over the latter since it would only help him make his case easily enough in the near future for this meeting.

"So you are the one that Konoha has posted such a high bounty for," said Mei as she sat in her chair looking at a table with a map showing various points of interest written on it.

"Apparently I am," said Naruto with a shrug, "but I have not really been paying attention to that."

"Before you say what you have come here to say," said Mei with a serious look on her face, "give me one good reason that I shouldn't have you detained and brought to Konoha so as to collect the bounty?"

"Because that would not end well for you for multiple reasons," said Naruto as he placed his helmet on the table as he took a seat as well.

"Please elaborate," said Mei simply, since she was curious as to his reasoning behind his statement.

"I am the Jinchuriki of the Nine Tailed Fox," said Naruto simply, "that is the reason that the bounty is so high without stating the true reason behind it. But the reason if you take me back is that you wouldn't survive to be paid the promised bounty."

"Are you threatening us boy," said Ao with a glare.

"No," said Naruto as he remained calm, "since it would not be me killing you. Konoha has been gearing up for war against the other major villages in secret for the past several years and my departure is one of the main factors of them not being ready so far. If you returned me, you would just be giving them the tool they would then brainwash and manipulate to attack Kiri in a weakened state. And they would kill whoever you sent to collect the bounty since they planned to wage war on you already, so the death of a few Shinobi from Kiri would not be an issue."

"You seem well informed for a boy who stated he hasn't been paying attention to things, "stated Ao.

"I only said that about my bounty," corrected Naruto, "since it matters little to me and I don't care enough to see how much they think I am worth."

"But going back to what you said," said Mei, who wanted to get this meeting back on track. She had at first planned to do as she stated and capture Naruto for the bounty, since the Rebels were in desperate need of the funds to win this war with the rest of Kiri. But now she had second thoughts on it and wanted to know if she should still go along with her plan or not. "You stated that you would be forced to attack a weakened Kiri? What do you mean by that?"

Naruto smiled since he had been waiting for her to mention that. It was then that he unsealed two different devices on his person. One was a personal shield that was powerful and domed that he threw under the table. He activated it so that the three of them were now encased in it.

"What the hell is this!?" demanded Mei as she jumped up in anger. She assumed this was some sort of attempt on her life, and it made her wonder how shitty of a job her men had done to search him for weapons if he got something like this past them.

"This is just so we will not be interrupted," said Naruto simply as he placed the second object on the table. It resembled a long scroll, but was metallic in nature. He pulled it apart so that the screen hidden within was now visible to the others observing. Mei relaxed a bit since Naruto was still seated and calm. He had made no sudden moves to show he was planning on attacking her or Ao.

"What is this?" asked Ao since he was confused yet fascinated with the object.

"This is a portable device I can use to show information where I need to," said Naruto as he watched the screen boot up. As it did, three dimensional models began to float there between them.

"What jutsu is this?"

"This is not jutsu," said Naruto truthfully, "it is technology that I have uncovered along with so much more. Yet let's get back on track here so I can answer your question."

"Yes," said Mei as she sat back down, yet she did not look away from what she saw since it was unlike anything she had ever even thought of in her life. How had a missing Nin of all people come in possession of such a technological wonder? "Please do continue."

"Okay," said Naruto as he swiped the air, moving the images on the screen so as to get to what he wanted to show her. "What I wanted to tell you is that there are traitors in your forces, but not just yours, but those fighting for the Mizukage as well."

"Who do they work for?"

"Konoha," said Naruto in all seriousness. This caused Mei to grow pissed.

"How do you know this!?"

"I have my means," said Naruto, "but allow me to finish what I am going to say before I explain that. Konoha has spies on both sides of this war to keep this war going. They want the two sides to keep fighting one another so that in the end after the Civil war was done, the winning side would be too weak to defend their home when Konoha invaded. They have prepared for years to do this, and even built a naval force to conquer your lands."

Naruto swiped the screen until he got to the pictures of the shipyard that housed multiple war ships that were ready and waiting for their sailing orders to begin the conquest of Kiri.

"I came here to warn you about what would happen if you go through with your planned attack. Those same spies who have been implanted into your forces have been feeding you info so that you attack, and I cannot stand around and let you suffer from a third party."

"While I appreciate the information," said Mei with closed eyes and a growl. So much information had been told her that made her angry since spies like this only complicated an already bad situation. "This is our home, and we are prepared to fight for it to the last man."

"I understand that type of mentality," said Naruto with a nod since he not only understood it, but could respect it, "but what if I were to offer you an alternative? One where you win without the massive loss of life on your side?"

"I'm listening," said Mei with a raised eyebrow.

"I lead a hidden force known as the Militia," said Naruto with a smirk, "and we have been hidden from the rest of the world for the past four years. We have been keeping tabs on those who would be of great use to us and are just waiting for the perfect moment to recruit them. Your forces are at that point now."

"And why should we join with you like you have stated?" asked Ao with a huff since the way the boy was stating it made him seem arrogant.

"Because as we train you in the use of more advanced technology Konoha will fight your enemies who reside in Kiri at full strength instead of a weakened state. Make the ones who tried to weaken you fight their own battles. Our plan is to let Konoha wage their war, gathering all those who oppose them in the background in full to make an army that can easily overpower theirs. Then when Konoha has honestly believed they have won with all their enemies gone, we will strike quick and leave none of them alive to try again. Rip the tree that Konoha is symbolized by out of the ground all the way to the roots themselves."

"While your plan does sound good," said Mei in thought, but one thing she learned was that there was always a catch when it came to things like this, "but why should we believe you on this? And for that matter, what exactly do we get out of this in the end?"

"To answer the second question first," said Naruto simply as he waved his hand a bit until a virtual folder appeared in front of him which he would open in a second, "I can guarantee you your home back when this is all over. We are not an invading army nor do we want to conquer everything like Konoha is planning on doing. We simply want to aid those who will die in this war if we did nothing to aid them."

"If your 'Militia' is as powerful as you say," said Ao, who was trying to poke holes in this boys story, "then why not just eliminate the threat altogether yourselves?"

"Because we are too few in number to actually win right now," said Naruto honestly, "we are just a small handful of people whose homes were taken from us who want to get them back in the future. We don't have the numbers to assault them as of now. But give it time and we shall accomplish this."

"Before I decide on whether to believe you or not," said Mei as she looked at Naruto in the eyes to see if he was telling the truth or not, "I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me that if we actually considered to agree to your idea we would be able to take back what was ours in the future."

"I promise you that you will be given everything that was yours when it is all over," said Naruto without faltering in any sort of manner. He was telling the truth since he had no plans to conquer. If anything else he would aid them and help them build up their village into what he now knew as the new modern age given he was surrounded by far better tech for years now.

"Well given I believe you," said Mei as she sat down and closed her eyes in deep thought. She was weighing her options in her head right now and it was a bit too much to think on at once since so many variable she had not either known or counted on were thrown at her. "I am still not fully sure if we should join you."

"I honestly thought you would say that," said Naruto with a sigh since he had a feeling this was the way the meeting was going to go in the end. "So I came with a gift…"

Mei's eyebrow lifted as she heard that, but then her face turned to one of shock as she saw a black and blue round canister thrown at Ao. The thing was coated in some sort of sticky substance since the thing stuck to his chest, but before anything else could be said or done, the thing activated and shocked the hell out of Ao to the point he was knocked unconscious and fell over with the look of pain stuck on his face.

"What have you done!?" shouted Mei in anger as she jumped out of her chair. "You killed my second in command!"

"No I did not," said Naruto calmly, "since I hit him with what is called an Arc grenade. They are not as deadly against people, but don't let that fool you since they still shock the shit out of you like it did him."

"But why did you do that?"

"Let me show you."

Naruto then opened the folder that he had ready, and when opened it showed Mei everything she would need to know. Inside were the names, images, as well as the recorded messages that the satellites had picked up of the traitors in their forces. While a few Mei could see as traitors since they were a bit shady, others she had no idea had turned. And then there was Ao himself, who had the explicit orders to kill Mei if she were to win this Civil War. The plan was to wait until they were in the middle of trying to get thinks back as they were, and then Ao would eliminate her and then the village would once more be in chaos as they tried to restore order, but this time they would not have the time to recuperate since Konoha would then come into the picture and eliminate them all while taking those with bloodlines to breed for future Shinobi. Those that had betrayed Kiri were people that Konoha had promised would live if they helped take down the place, which they agreed to since they were so sick and tired of the Civil War and wanted strong leadership. Minato was infamous for his power so it seemed like a better idea to work with him than against him.

After being faced with the truth, with the sheer outstanding amount of evidence to back him up and prove he was telling the truth, Mei finally agreed to join the Militia, knowing well enough that the others would join as well since they fought to protect their home, not to be slaughtered by an enemy that was waiting for them to weaken themselves so as to minimize their own loses.

And with a handshake between them, the Militia had just gotten a whole lot bigger in number…

(A/N: For those unfamiliar with the Titanfall games, the grenade Naruto used in this chapter was an Arc grenade. The main thing one must know about that weapon is that it is used to break shields of both Pilots as well as Titans, but is weak to actual lethal damage. It can kill, which even the wiki will back up, but it takes two Arc grenades to kill a Pilot, so going by this logic, it is the closest thing there is to a non-lethal method of takedown with a weapon from the Titanfall universe. I'm trying to stay as true to the lore given without adding too much of my own spin to it since there is plenty there already.

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