Titanfall: Rise of the Iron Shinobi @sinbadthe3rd
The Start of a New Beginning

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Naruto was on his ass looking at the helmet that he had just dropped out of surprise. The damned thing had spoken to him, and that did not bode well in his mind since as far as he knew only cursed objects could possibly do such things if even they were a thing. He had never seen one and the ones he heard about were only in stories to scare children so it was more than likely that they did not. But eventually his curiosity overcame his fear and he picked the helmet back up. It didn't talk again, but the visor was still lit up in the hexagonal light that was there before.

So wondering what would happen if he put the thing on, he looked at the inside for a minute before he simply said to hell with it and placed it on his head. Nothing drastic happened, which he was happy about, but he did hear a voice now speaking clearly to him via means he was not sure of…

To whoever might find this helmet of mine…

My name is Jack Cooper and I a registered Pilot allied with the Militia, but that name more than likely will not mean much by the time someone finds this. As I record this, I have been buried alive by an unforeseen avalanche and simply wish for our memories to be remembered into the future, which we ourselves will not…

We are not a hostile force out to conquer your world, and if things had gone as planned, then you as well as the rest of the people on this planet wouldn't have ever known we were even here since we didn't plan to stay. Hell, I don't even know if you can understand me since for all I know we more than likely don't speak the same language. But we came here since our ship, which is massive in size, is broken. Our power is dwindling due to the damage done to it, and we had to make an emergency stop to this plant to find a means to replenish it so as to make repairs and be on our way once again.

But that is not going to happen now. I was our people's last hope, and I failed. I can only hope that by some miracle that my Titan BT survives the test of time on this world. He was supposed to aid me, but shortly after coming to this planet, the native energy here began to sap his own and so he was forced to power down to conserve what he had. I tried to set out alone, but well I already mentioned I am buried alive in snow so no need to repeat it.

Whoever you are, please…

I ask of you to find my friend. Find my Titan BT and see if he is alright…

This is Jack Cooper... signing out… May the men and women who proudly served the Militia be remembered… I'm sorry BT…

Following the end of the recorded message, Naruto was shown a video of the events in the Titan Wars that had led up to the defeat of the Militia. Naruto watched this in amazement that such things happened places other than his own world, and on a scale that made Shinobi Wars seem so insignificant by comparison since those only dealt with countries. This had been so many planets at war with one another, and while most of the information he saw went over his head, he understood wanting to fight those who thought themselves as your superior and demanded obedience upon arrival. Naruto had been in the same boat since he had been left to fend for himself only to have the people who called themselves his parents arrive and try to control him with their supposed 'love' like he would be so desperate for such a thing that he would just accept it.

Like I said though, he wished he could fully understand the video, but it was full of names of companies he had never seen, planets he had never been to, as well as people he had never even heard of so it was not really relevant to him. But what was relevant was the fact that this man's dying wish was for whoever found his helmet to check up on his friend. While Naruto highly doubted that he was still alive, he wouldn't be him if he didn't go and make sure. Beside… what else did he have to do right now. It wasn't like he was on some sort of timetable since he was essentially hiding from those who would send him back to Konoha to force him into submission. There was no time limit to that…

So hearing the helmet beep as he was heading in the right direction, he set off to find what he assumed were the remains of Jack Cooper's friend. And considering that he said Titan, he guessed his friend was large and would leave massive bones…

(Several hours later)

Naruto was surprised that it took him so long to get here. But then again it was the dead of night and he had been just about to sleep when he had literally stumbled upon a marvel of scientific technology by pure chance. So his desire to see this whole expedition through to the end was making his adrenaline pump and kept him moving onwards.

Eventually his journey led him to a cave, which was pitch black. So finding a stick, he wrapped some gauss around it as well as some rubbing alcohol to light it up as a makeshift torch. One he was able to see, he ventured in since the helmet was beeping the further he went inside the place. He had to admit this cave went deeper than he possibly thought it would and wondered if it would ever really end. But eventually it did in one massive cavern, and in the center of it was a massive metallic creature that was kneeling there. He was skeptical of moving closer to it, but since there was really nothing else he could do he braved forward.

When he got close, he saw the thing move, which caused him to jump back in fear as he wiped out a kunai in defense. He honestly wondered if that would help at all, but it was better than just standing there like some sort of idiot empty handed.

"Greetings," said the creature as it looked up at him with one shining blue eye that seemed like it was dimming out somehow. Naruto was not sure, but it was like when a light bulb was dying and flickering from lack of power. "I am the Titan designated as BT-7274… But I am also called BT…"

Naruto's eyes opened wide in shock. This creature was what the man Jack Cooper had asked him to check up on. Dear Kami…

"I am currently in Standby mode," said BT in a weak cracking voice that showed that he was near the end of his limited power source. He had saved up all that he had to deliver the message to either his Pilot Jack or anyone else who lived here in the hopes that they could replenish his power source. "Require additional power to function."

Naruto saw the machine's side open up, and in it where three canisters which he assumed was its power source since it mentioned about requiring power to function. He was not sure what Standby Mode meant though, but he understood mechanical things enough to know they needed power to run, and something this size more than likely needed a lot of power to function. So Naruto took the handle of one of the batteries from its slot and looked at the thing. He had no idea as to what to do with it since this tech was beyond anything he had ever seen and was willing to bet anyone else as well. Not hard to guess though when Jack had explained that the Militia were not only from another world, but another dimension altogether. The man had asked for aid for his mechanical friend with his dying breath so Naruto would find a means to honor his dying wish.

He thought hard on it for quite some time until a solution came to him. It was not the brightest one, but it was one all the same, as well as the only one he had to offer. So holding the battery with both hands, he sat down and began to infuse the thing with his own chakra. He saw the thing light up while his chakra was turned into what appeared to be a lime green liquid, but he nearly passed out when the thing was about a twelfth full. He knew this was not even close to enough since there were three containers and he only barely scratched the one, but luckily for him he had a far greater source of power inside him to finish the job.

So calling upon the Kyubi himself, who only allowed this since he too was curious about something not from this world; he began the process of transferring energy once more. This time he was able to fill the battery up fully, but unlike when he had done so with his own power, this time the energy inside it was red instead of green. Hoping that it would help, he popped the thing back into BT. He saw the compartment slide back inside the machine, and waited.

Naruto saw as red sparks of electricity surged out of the machine and began to back away slowly out of fear of it exploding or something like that.

"Unknown energy source acquired…" said BT in a weak monotone voice, "processing data… configuring… adapting to use energy source… Reboot required…" And then the machine fell over flat on its… well he would say stomach, but Naruto was unsure if that was the correct term to use here for this. He stood there and watched in wonderment of if this thing would get back up again or would it remain down like it was. But he got his answer when BT's hand moved, and bit by bit the rest of him started to move as well. Eventually, BT got back to his feet and saluted the young man.

"My sensors indicate that the Neural link I had with Pilot Jack Cooper has been severed. My Pilot has become K.I.A. Establishing Neural link with new Pilot required."

"What the hell is a Neural link?" asked Naruto in confusion. Jack Cooper had told him a lot that he did not know via his recording, but this was not one of them.

"The Process links us up on a subconscious level so that I may converse with my Pilot and sense his status from afar."

"Oh great!" said Naruto in a huff, "another voice in my head! Just what I need!"

"I detect sarcasm"

"You fucking think?!" said Naruto. While he was not sure whether he wanted such a thing to happen to him, he had to weigh his option here. If he didn't do it then someone else would in time. So he decided to be the one to do this since what was the worst thing that could happen really? "Fine, I'll do this Neural Link you mentioned with you."

"Confirmed," said BT as he kneeled down. Naruto questioned what the hell was happening right now, but he saw BT open his… what Naruto assumed was his head, and showed that inside it was a chair surrounded by so much technology beyond what his world was capable of. "Please step inside to confirm Neural Link."

"Look," said Naruto as he hesitated to just walk into the mouth of a mechanical being, "I like living, and being eaten alive is not how I want to go out."

"Trust me," said BT simply. This made Naruto twitch a bit out of surprise since that was not something he expected the machine to say. But he had come this far already so he might as well go all the way to the end. So Naruto donned the helmet that once belonged to the now deceased Jack Cooper and climbed into the chest of his Titan. BT closed up and everything went black for a bit before he heard BT talk.

"Protocol 1: Link to Pilot… Establishing Neural Link…"

Naruto started to see green lines in his field of vision as he winced in discomfort. Then all of a sudden his vision went white like a blinding light had flashed in his eyes. But just as quickly as it happened, it was over and done with.

"Neural Link Established… You are now confirmed as acting Pilot of BT-7274…Protocol 2: Uphold the Mission."

"What exactly was your mission here," asked Naruto. Jack had not really gone into detail about that in his final message.

"My former Pilot and I were to seek out a proper landing zone to summon the ordinance needed to build a Harvester."

"And what is a Harvester. Why would you need one here?"

"A Harvester is a machine capable of collecting materials far more efficiently than standardly mining the land by hand has done as well as collecting of energy and power. The Harmony required power due to external forces damaging our power supply. Upon completion, we were to defend the Harvester until maintenance upon the Harmony were complete and the Harmony was fully charged up once more. Then we would proceed to scrap the Harvester and leave the planet."

"Well, now what is the mission," asked Naruto. He had heard through the video log that this all happened 30 years ago, so if the ship needed power as bad as they did, well they were all dead now since the Harvester had not been built. "Since the people waiting on that ship you mentioned have been there without power for the past 30 years. So they are dead now."

"Noted." BT said simply.

"Man you are cold…" said Naruto in response to the lack of any form of emotion in his voice.

"My core is approximately…"

"BT," said Naruto so as to stop this from going further, "don't take my words literal every time. It was just a simple expression, nothing more."


"So what now?"

"Protocol 2: Uphold the Mission."

"Well," said Naruto with a laugh, "you are devoted to a cause, I will give you that. And since I am now linked to you like this I guess I'll help. So what are we looking for as a place to settle down?"

"The ideal location to complete the mission is one where we shall not be disturbed while the Harvester operates its functions. We did not wish to trouble the natives of the planet if at all able, but will defend our equipment if necessary."

"So an isolated place where no one goes nowadays…" said Naruto in thought. He had read many books as a kid. Some of them had maps of the place as well as history of various places as well. It took him a few minutes, but then an idea came to him which was perfect. "I know of the perfect place to go."


"Years ago, before I was even born, there was a war that decimated my ancestor's homeland to the point it is nothing but ruins. No one goes there now so it is perfect."

"Landing zone parameters sound ideal."

"You could say that again," said Naruto with a smile since the place was perfect since BT described it to a T with the idea for the ideal location.

"Landing zone parameters sound ideal."

Naruto was not even going to say anything about that. BT was a machine that took things at a literal sense and that was just the way he was. So no point trying to fix that. But while on the subject of what BT can and can't do…

"Quick question," said Naruto, "are you able to fly?"

"My class of Titan is not capable of flight."

"Well shit," said Naruto in deeper thought. The country of Whirlpool was an island country son the only way there was by boat or flight. Since he doubted any boat he could get his hands on would be capable of staying afloat with BT aboard, he had hoped he could fly. "Then Whirlpool might not be the ideal place then."


"Whirlpool is an island country," explained Naruto, "so since I don't have a boat to get you there we can't get there unless it is by flying, which once more I don't have the means to do."

"Processing information…"

"Not sure what you can do with that, but I am open to any and all suggestions on the matter."

"My armored body is sealed watertight. As long as my Pilot remains inside my chassis, I can walk towards our destination regardless of the water."

"Well fuck me I guess," said Naruto with a chuckle. BT was getting far more interesting by the second, and he was already interesting from the get go so this was a good thing in his book.

"I do not contain the human anatomy to perform such a function."

Naruto was dead silent as he heard the response. He did not expect that or any really. It sort of ruined the moment.

"I now understand that was sarcasm."

"Look at that BT," said Naruto with a chuckle and a twitchy eye, "going two for two. Man you are on a roll. So let's get going then."

"One moment please…" said BT as he locked up as he stood there in place. Naruto wondered what he was doing, but it wasn't long until he got his answer. "Self-Diagnostics scan complete. With only one battery full, I am incapable of fighting at full capacity. My systems are at minimal working capacity. Not ideal for our situation."

"Well since we are only walking to our destination without needing to fight anything," said Naruto in thought since that did seem bad at first, but like he said they were only going to walk to their destination. "That won't be a problem."

"Affirmative," said BT simply as he began to walk out the cave he had spent the last 30 years in alone waiting for Jack to return, but now he had anew purpose…

A new Pilot to uphold Protocol 3…

Protect the Pilot…

(2 days later)

The trip towards Whirlpool had gone far more smoothly than Naruto had expected. Leading BT towards water was easy enough, with only one group of traveling merchants seeing him run by from a distance. That man would then go on to the nearest tavern and drink himself stupid for the night as he told people of what he had saw. No one would believe him of course, but that only made him drink more until he simply passed out entirely.

BT had a compass function that worked fine even with the minimal functions he was able to perform, and with that compass he pointed BT in the right direction towards Whirlpool. He himself had never been there, but he had read about it in a history book, one of many that the village threw out for reasons he was not sure of, but hey it was a free book so it mattered little to him. Once they hit water, Naruto was sealed inside BT, who while he was airtight had a stable source of oxygen so that Naruto would breath easily, as well as the added benefit of a simple hose he could eject towards the surface to replenish the supply when needed every twelve hours. But eventually they reached the banks of Whirlpool country itself, with them avoiding all other countries as they did since there was no need for BT to reveal itself to the world, at least not yet when he was only capable of minimal functions with so little power.

Naruto was finally able to get out of BT, which he then proceeded to stretch the fuck out of just about everything on his body since for the love of god he had been cooped up in a small confined space for two days straight. The only saving grace to it was the digital screen that showed what BT was seeing like he was not covered from the front. The view was amazing to say the least; especially the whirlpools that surrounded the island country itself like the book had said they did. From their depth it did not bother them since they walked beneath them fully easily enough.

Naruto looked around and saw the ruins of the Uzumaki clan, just as he pictured it in his mind. BT stood still as he did a scan of the place for an extensive amount of time. It was only after he finished that he declared the area perfect for the ordinance payload to be dropped. Naruto told him to make it so, but then BT mentioned that he needed more power to complete said action.

So Naruto spent the next several hours replenishing all three batteries of BT, and sweet Kami was he exhausted by the end of it. He knew that when they began mining power that he wouldn't have to do this anymore, and he was honestly looking forward to it. Soon after being fully powered, BT sent the message to the Harmony, which still remained in space after all this time, and the ordinance that had been powered up with a reserved amount of power fired onto their location.

As Naruto waited for this thing to crash-land into the ruins of his ancestors, he asked questions to BT, who answered them as best as he could. The main one he had to ask was if there was a means to shield the area. He knew that if and when this device began its work that any as well as all sensors from any village would probably feel it and all come running here. He didn't want to deal with all that since he wanted to build a new home here and that wouldn't be possible if enemy Shinobi killed him and stole all the technology for themselves.

BT did tell him that shield generators did in fact exist, as well as contained the ability to cloak the designated area in all manner of ways to deter would be intruders. This made Naruto chuckle since it worked perfectly for him. Shortly after that moment, Naruto felt the ground rumble as the ordinance fell to the ground hard. It was a giant metal container full of the materials to make the Harvester, as well as several drop pods filled with robotic men, which Naruto was not as shocked to see since he was used to BT at this point, who immediately went into overdrive since time was a factor and began to build the device. Their programming had not been altered since the initial one had been installed, so they were not aware of the fact that the Harmony was dead now.

But as they did their work, Naruto set out to find a comfortable place to relax since there was not much else he could do at this point. And for the next three days he watched those robots build up the Harvester until it was done and saw as it fired up the first surge of power towards the Harmony out of the many that would continue to do so.

Once it began to operate, Naruto told BT to order whatever was needed to build the shields as soon as possible since they would need them ASAP. BT did so, which went off without a hitch. He was able to override the systems of the Harmony and access the control panels for the robotic workforce onboard the ship. With them up and about, they were able to load as well as send down the requested ordinance. So little by little, they built up the shield generated field to protect their future projects that would take place behind the walls of energy designed to keep people out.

As Naruto stood on the tallest hill overlooking the massive area he now had free reign over with a vast workforce of robotic builders, he remembered one of the places from Jack's helmet that it showed him…

Angel City…

The place was massive as well as the pinnacle of technological commerce and living. His newly discovered dream of a better more advanced world would begin with a city like the one he had been shown, so with the aid of BT, who ordered a home to be sent in and built for his Pilot to live in he made the plans to begin the construction of New Angel City…

But that would take time. Yet fortunately this island had more than enough resources to build such a thing given the Harvester was able to do so better than any human could. So while he knew it would take months if not years for his dream city to be constructed in full, he knew that there was so much technology that these people had left behind in death that he had not a clue as to how it worked. So he asked BT if there was something they had that could speed up the learning of said technology, and to his joy he was told there was. BT explained about what he called Learning Pods, dubbed so by the scientists who spent years not only making the things but installing an entire civilizations worth of data into them.

The device was simple in design, at least from the outside. It was a cylindrical container that opened up long ways from the top as a whole, and once it did you would see the backboard you were to lay on while the machine worked. It was meant to be placed at an angle so you leaned back comfortably, and once activated you were transported to a virtual world in a fancy looking building that he had no means to describe. You would appear in the center of a room with multiple hallways splintering off in all directions, each representing a field of expertise from cooking utensils to advanced machinery. Naruto was surprised that Piloting a Titan was not a part of this thing, but BT had explained that the program for that was separate entirely since this one was made to show people how to use what they deemed as modern technology.

The Militia had planned on reaching a new world so as to populate when they found the ideal one to colonize, one that suited all their needs. But the issue with the galaxy is that when it came to such planets, there were people there already so their brightest minds built these pods to teach those who did not have such knowledge that they were not hostile conquerors or the like. They were just immigrants of a planet that no longer existed. The exchange of knowledge would be more than an ample trade for the right to colonize, but now that vision was gone since the Militia was no more.

But luckily for them, Naruto was a man who sought such knowledge so as to understand their technology fully. He wanted to bring forth a new era to the people, one of a more peaceful nature in time. Sure he knew that the way the world was there would be war to achieve such a dream, but he would use this technology to make it a short one…

Naruto watched as an entire warehouse was built with these learning pods installed. He smirked as he opened one the moment that they were operational. He used the Shadow Clone Jutsu to make copies of himself which BT logged into his memory banks that such an ability existed in the first place without additional equipment, each that took a different pod. Each learning a different thing. While he knew the drawback would be a massive headache from all the information coming to him at once, he would bear that pain…

He had so much to learn…

(2 years later)

Over the course of the next two years, the country of Whirlpool was changing in appearance. As Naruto trained in countless simulations to master the weapons of another civilization as well as his newly acquired Titan, the thousands upon thousands of robots known as Mk. III Mobile Robotic Versatile Entity Automated Assistant, or MRVN for short, were building the city of New Angel City from the ground up. They did not need sleep nor food. They worked around the clock all day and only stopped late at night to head towards their stations so as to recharge themselves. And over the course of two long years, their work was finally complete, with the ruins of Whirlpool now becoming an exact replica of what Angel City once looked like in the past. They even succeeded in launching multiple satellites into space, so now Naruto had the perfect map of the world with the ability to see what he needed in any given country at any time. But while the city itself was done, there were no people living in it other than Naruto himself. He survived by eating the fruits and vegetables that had been flash frozen on the Harmony. Sure they tasted bad, but they were still good somehow. He had the robots go out and collect the wildlife on the island as well, which they did, and once captured they were put into farms that they could live in. This way they could breed and provide more food in the future. He was one man so he wouldn't need much, but in time when this city was thriving they would need the numbers.

While New Angel City was now up and running fully, the world outside the country was changing as well, but not as drastically. As Naruto had suspected, the moment that the Harvester powered up and began to mine for energy to power up the Harmony in orbit, many Shinobi with keen senses felt it. Most of the major villages sent Shinobi to find out what the hell had done such a thing. But luckily for Naruto, the MRVNs had been able to quickly as well as easily install the various shield towers at all corners of the island. With them up and running, the entire place was cloaked from the outside since it not only was shielded from intruders, the shield showed a projection of the entire country being gone in a massive whirlpool itself. Those who came to see this dared not to get closer out of fear of being sucked in by said natural current.

As Naruto grew in strength as well as intelligence while hidden away in Whirlpool, Konoha was making their own moves. Their plans had been in the works for years, and now that they had the manpower to begin their long term plan they set out to do so. Their first part to their plan was the elimination of one Koyuki, Daimyo of Spring Country…

Minato and his councils knew that if their plans to conquer all the five major countries were to be a success, they would need the technological advantage. Past wars they needed aid from allied villages to win, but with the technological advantage they wouldn't need them this time around. Minato was a smart man and knew that Koyuki would not willingly part with such technology. He had tried using Danzo, who had a hidden ace up his sleeve in the form of a Sharingan hidden behind bandages to try and force her to their side, but for some reason it did not work on her. Apparently the woman was more strong willed then they gave her credit for and would have to resort to drastic measures.

When her uncle had been in power, Minato and his hidden allies had abducted various people in the at the time Snow Country to try and overthrow Koyuki's uncle via brainwashing them to Konoha's side, but their attempts failed and the man became paranoid as all hell to the point another chance never came to deal with him silently. But then came Naruto years later, who unknowingly eliminated the man personally and as such Koyuki was able to take her rightful place on the throne. Once she was and the trading agreement between the two countries was finalized, it became far easier to put people where they needed to be when the time came to take control of the country itself once the final preparations were complete.

And that time was now…

Koyuki had been in a meeting with some people going over budgets for various fields, with this one being about medical facilities. When out of nowhere, ROOT Shinobi stormed in to attack her. The few Samurai that were in the room with her held them off long enough to get to the secret entrance along with the few people who had been part of the meeting. The tunnel collapsed behind them so that they could not be followed, and so they began to sneak through her castle. There were peepholes at various places and she saw so many of her men getting cut down not just by ROOT that had managed to infiltrate her home, but even her own men had turned on those who were actually loyal to her. She didn't know why this was, but she would make them pay in time. The tunnels led to the dungeons deep underground, where they would then have to use another tunnel to escape altogether. She was met there by loyal men who were there to protect her, and led the way as they all escaped in the tunnel.

Koyuki was told that Konoha betrayed them and had caused a coup with the people being lied to about just about everything. The throne was now being ruled by a lackey of Konoha, one they never caught the name of since their first priority was to see her safe and sound as well as out of harm's way. She was a Daimyo, and if she were to escape and tell the world what Konoha did, well it would not end well for them.

Koyuki was understandably pissed at this betrayal, fully knowing that Konoha wanted their technology, and made a decision to scorn them and slow them down exponentially in a way they were not ready for. So in disguise, they made their way to the control panel that powered the generator that kept the snow at bay. She removed the key, and as she did, a harsh wind rushed inland, bringing forth a massive blizzard. It was like Mother Nature was making up for time lost as the snow was kept at bay. With this done, Koyuki and her group traveled away from the city for the next day and a half towards the ocean to get out of the country. But in the dead of night, which was only worse since the blizzard was still raging heavily, they were found by a group of enemies.

Koyuki and her group were quickly surrounded by ROOT Shinobi. And as they were, those wielding weapons got in front so as to protect her since it was their duty to protect their Daimyo. Even though the coup had outed her from her rightful throne, they were loyal to her, not the puppet that Konoha had weaseled onto the throne from under their noses. Yet the issue here was that out of those protecting Koyuki, only one was a Shinobi, while the others were simply samurai. With their numbers being dwarfed as well, things did not look good for Koyuki and her group. Especially since these ROOT members were given the orders to take no prisoners and leave no evidence. All that was needed was the key to the device Koyuki took so that the generator would not work and her country would once more be shrouded in snow like it was before.

But before Koyuki's group could even take a step in defense of their rightful ruler, a loud sound caused all of them, both the ROOT Shinobi as well as the members of Koyuki's group to see just what the hell had made such a thing. They were understandably shocked when they saw a giant metal being there that was kneeling down on one knee while it had a weapon of some sort held up in one hand. As it arose to look at the group fully towering over them by leaps and bounds, those in Koyuki's group were terrified since they thought it was some sort of monster while the ROOT showed no fear. They had been trained all their lives to stamp out such things as well as all other emotions so this was no surprise.

But this giant of a monster looked at them all with one glowing eye that shone blue. It looked at them for a few seconds before something on its shoulder moved. They heard multiple beeps of some kind originating from the monster, and then they just stopped. What happened next would shock the ones still alive for years to come since it was completely unexpected. Whatever had moved on the monster's shoulder shot out multiple dark objects that moved too fast to see exactly what they were, but in the end what they did was blew up all but one of the members of ROOT into bloody puddles that splashed all over the ground and littered the snow with its crimson color. The last ROOT member knew he had no chance against something capable of killing his entire group in seconds and ran away to report this to his master so a proper plan could be made to eliminate the threat.

But the monster did not allow him to get far, since the monster lifted up whatever weapon it had and aimed it at the fleeing man before pulling the trigger of the 40mm Tracker Cannon it wielded to fire a round into the man that liquefied him as it had done to the rest of those in his group. It then looked up and around before it launched something into the distance that sent out a ping. Not sensing anyone else in the area, it holstered its weapon on its back before it looked at Koyuki, who was visibly shaking in fear since she had heard so many stories about monsters and they never ended well for the princess in them. At least until the handsome knight arrived to save them, but such a thing did not happen in real life like in the stories she heard as a child.

"Are you unharmed," asked the giant metal monster, which stumped the group that it could speak their language.

"Ye…yes…" said Koyuki nervously, her voice matching how she felt right now.

"Understood," was all the monster said before it kneeled down in front of her on one leg. This caused her to question so much since the way it looked was that it was swearing loyalty to her, but those thoughts were thrown out the window when what she assumed was the monsters head opened up and showed that the inside was not only metal as well with so many fancy lights and dials and such, but there was a person as well inside the thing. She wondered if it was going to eat her like it had most likely eaten the person inside it, but said person got out of his seat and hopped out of the monster and walked towards her.

"Koyuki," said the man, who she was not able to see his face due to the fairly advanced looking helmet he had on. Their land was known for their advancements in technology, but this went far beyond anything their country was able to make. "Man, am I glad to see you again. I feared that I wouldn't arrive in time to help you."

"Do I know you," asked Koyuki in a quizzical manner since she was fairly sure she did not know someone who resembled the man in front of her. Especially one who she assumed controlled a metallic monster of all things like this one did.

"Oh," said the man in a tone that showed he understood her quizzical nature, "sorry about that. It has been a while since we last met as well as the fact I am wearing a helmet on my head. Let me just take this thing off real quick…"

The man then took off his helmet to show his face, and boy was Koyuki shocked more than ever when she saw the face of her old friend Naruto Uzumaki smiling at her.

"Naruto…" was all she was able to say since in her shocked mood she wasn't able to form a full sentence.

"The demon brat," whispered one of the members of Koyuki's group, which Naruto easily picked up on. Even with the high winds going on from the cold, he still heard it clearly.

"Apparently you have a traitor in your group," said Naruto as he got in front of Koyuki and grabbed the kunai that had been thrown at the back of her neck. The one Shinobi of the group had been tasked with hiding the tracking seal on his person so that the ROOT Shinobi could find their group and eliminate them when they thought they were safe and their guard was down. But now that the assigned group was literally a puddle of goo, he had to complete the mission and then use a smoke bomb as a distraction to get the key as ordered and escape. Yet even when the sneak attack failed he went through the hand signs to perform a jutsu, yet stopped halfway when Naruto held up something to his head that was pointed directly at his face.

"No," was all Naruto said before he pulled the trigger of his B3 Wingman Elite, with the bullet coming out the back end of his head, leaving a hole going all the way through that one could actually see through if they were so inclined. Naruto had to admit that guns really trumped jutsu entirely. Sure you could bend the elements to your will in various ways, but with a simple pull of a trigger you could do so much damage to people while they had to use hand signs to perform their attacks.

"What the hell was that?!" asked Koyuki since every second she was standing there her shock factor was only increasing by the second.

"Not here," said Naruto simply as he holstered his sidearm, "you are still in hostile territory. I promise I will tell you everything, but I need to get you somewhere safe for now. Do you trust me enough to come with me?"

Koyuki thought about it for a few seconds in genuine thought. While she knew Naruto was a Konoha Shinobi since he had been part of their group when he and his squad protected her years ago, something must have changed since then since he had killed multiple Shinobi from that particular village and he was not trying to either drag her back or even kill her. He was genuinely trying to aid her right now, and she would be a fool to refuse it at a time like this. So she simply nodded, which Naruto nodded back before he put his helmet back on.

"BT," said Naruto to the mechanical monster, "call in the transport."

"Affirmative," was all the monster said as it stood there. A minute later, they all felt the wind begin to blow away around them since the engines on the Goblin Drop ship were doing this. The eyes on Koyuki's group opened comically wide since while they knew airships were a thing since their country had them, this was a whole new form of it that was far superior just by the design alone. It turned around as it set down to land, with the back hatch opening up to let the passengers on. It was a bit cramped due to the numbers, but they all fit inside as Naruto ushered them in. He himself then went to the front and took a seat in the co-pilot chair since a Spectre was piloting it now. BT grabbed ahold of the handles that were installed on the bottom to move Titans from place to place with this vehicle as the drop ship rose up into the air. Sure there were larger ones that could do this far better as well as faster, but those were meant for multiple Titans as well as full scale assaults. This was nothing more than a rescue mission, one where he had arrived in the nick of time to save his friend.

The blizzard outside masked their travel path easily from pretty much everyone, with the storm breaking only when they reach the water of the sea itself. But the radar on the ship was easily able to navigate through the storm no problem. Once out to sea thought the trip was far smother to say the least. No words were spoken the entire trip, mainly due to a mixture of the people aboard surprised as well as grateful that they survived the conquering of their old home and an attempt on their lives that nearly succeeded mixed in with a unhealthy does of shock over seeing such technology at this point of time. This didn't bother Naruto though since he had spoken true when he said he would tell them everything when they got there.

Once near New Angel City, Naruto punched in the clearance codes to open up the part of the cloaked shield that he was passing through so as to make the final landing. Once the drop ship had landed with its engines turned off, Naruto flipped the switch to open the hanger doors once more so the people could walk out. They had to cover their eyes since it was so bright out and they had been in a blizzard so it did sting a bit. Once their eyes could fully see again, their mouths dropped open wide in wonder at what they saw. Massive buildings, ones that were high up reaching to the sky with their multiple stories, empty business buildings of all shapes and sizes as well as homes going on for miles. And yet they saw not a single person there, which somehow was more surprising than seeing this place in the first place.

"Welcome to my home," said Naruto as he walked out of the ship with his helmet off. BT quickly saluted him before he headed off towards a Titan engineering bay for a checkup as was standard when returning from any and all expeditions or missions outside of the city. "This is New Angel City."

"How is this all possible?" asked Koyuki as she kept turning around in place to see everything her eye could see. It was like she was dreaming and she wondered just when she would wake up.

"I'll tell you," said Naruto, "but for now you all need to rest. You were in a near death experience and need to sleep the shock off before I tell you anything else. Trust me enough to know I speak the truth."

"Alright," said Koyuki as she saw those who had followed and tried to defend her nod in agreement. They all needed a rest from what they had just gone through. So Naruto led them to a block of houses and told them to take their pick since he was the only one who lived here at the moment until they arrived. He assured them that this was not permanent since there were thousands of others they could live in, it was just that these were the ones they were closest to so they should sleep here for the time being until he explained things. He just warned them that the city was massive and since they had no idea as to the technology that went into building said city or the layout, they would get lost without him and he would have to spend so much time trying to find them. This way he could talk to them when they had rested up.

"Plus I will cook food while you sleep," said Naruto, "Since I highly doubt you guys know how to operate the machinery that is needed to cook. It's far more advanced than what you would think. And while I am not the best cook, it's far better than the robots make since they don't eat and thus have no sense of taste. Everything they make is bland as all hell."

"What are robots?" asked one of the members in the group since she was confused by that word.

"Not now," said Naruto as he pointed at the houses, "go get some sleep for now and I'll explain everything in full when you wake up." And after he said that, they all split off into groups to sleep in separate houses since many were either family or couples. They had to admit that Naruto had been right about the fact that the technology inside was far more advanced than they thought possible. It took them a bit to find bedrooms, but once they did they all hit their mattresses and passed right out since they were so comfortable.

As they all slept comfortably, Naruto hopped into a car and drove to an engineering bay. There he went to a control panel and typed in orders for multiple learning pods to be set up here for use ASAP. As soon as he hit enter on the keyboard, he saw hundreds of the MRVN run off to follow his orders. He was so glad these pods existed, not only because it helped him to understand most if not all the technology he had stumbled upon when he found his helmet before he had it repaired fully, but it would be needed to do the same for everyone else he brought into the city. The technology was too much for one man to explain, and this way he didn't have to.

He then punched in an override code into the console as well, mainly since this was a place to build as well as fix things along with the main warehouse, one of many, where various robotic units charged up until they were needed. He did so to order ingredients for the food he was going to make and put in an address for their delivery. He then went back to his vehicle and drove back toward the house Koyuki herself was sleeping in and laid down on the couch. He took a quick nap since he was a bit sleepy, but only for a few hours. Once he had enough he walked outside and found the supplies he ordered by the front door and brought them inside to begin cooking. Like he had admitted before, he was not a great cook, but his food was good enough to eat. So he set a massive pot to boil to make a stew. It was the best food he could make as well as easier to make larger quantities to feed everyone here.

The stew was just about done when people began to wake up. He had left them all notes on the door to come to this specific house, which they did and were happy to see him there with bowls of stew ready for them. It was only after resting that they realized they were far hungrier than they were aware of. While the stew itself wasn't anything to write home about, it was still edible as well as enjoyable to all of them.

"So now can you explain what the hell all this is?" said Koyuki, who was not going to let him weasel his way out of a proper explanation this time.

"I can," said Naruto as he finished up his bowl of stew, "and the answer to that is that all this technology is not from this world."

"You expect us to actually believe that you somehow managed to acquire some sort of alien technology?"

"Well I wouldn't say alien really," said Naruto in thought, "since the people were human as well. They just weren't from this planet is all."

"It's still hard to believe all things considered."

"I will grant you that, but where my dear friend, where in the world can you find such marvels other than here?"

"I…" said Koyuki, but she then stopped herself since he was correct to say that since there was nowhere that had such things.

"Exactly. But now that everyone is well fed, I need you to come with me now."

"And where are we going to go now?"

"You all want answers to your questions right?" asked Naruto with a raised eyebrow. "Cause I will show you everything you possibly need to know about this place. So follow me, or don't if you don't want to. I'm not going to force you since you are not prisoners here; you would just be lost is all."

The other people looked at each other as Naruto stood up and went outside. He had already ordered a couple of trucks so as to fit everyone comfortably in the back. They were being driven by MRVNs but that was okay since they knew how to drive safely. One by one the people got into the backs of the trucks, from here they were driven towards the warehouse where the MRVNs were housed while recharging. In the center of the facility were numerous Learning pods all set up and operational with the lights showing it.

"What are those," asked a man from the group.

"These are learning pods," said Naruto, "to put it simply, you get inside, and it teaches you things at an accelerated pace in details that I myself can't do. If you want your answers as well as understand how to live here, all you have to do is enter one of these things. And yes I know it seems fishy, but I promise you that this is not some sort of trick. It will not hypnotize you or alter you in any way. It simply teaches you what I myself learned in the past two years I have been here."

"You have been here for two years!?" said Koyuki in angry shock, "and you didn't think to share this with the world?"

"And do what with it Koyuki," rebutted Naruto in a serious voice that caught her off guard. The last time she had seen him he was a kinder gentler soul, but now it seemed as though time had not been kind to him to make him like this. "The Shinobi villages already have too many means to kill one another. They don't need this sort of technology to aid them. Like Konoha for instance. They spent years doing what they did to conquer your lands, imagine what they would have done with this?"

The others all shuddered at the thought. There was already a slaughter in the castle by the hands of Shinobi sent by Konoha. If they had metallic monsters as well… well they did not want to think about it.

"So what do you plan to do with all this now?"

"For the moment," said Naruto with a shrug of his shoulders, "nothing."

"So you are going to just stay here and let the Elemental Countries fend for themselves!? Are you just that cold?"

"Yes and no Koyuki," said Naruto with a wag of his finger. "My plans will benefit the people in the future. What I plan to do is to let Konoha wage its war against the various countries. Little by little I will extract those who are against them and survive to live here, hidden away from the world. I will await the day Konoha wins in this war, which I admit they will since their plans are so deeply laid out that it is impossible to alter the end result. When they have won this war, when they are in the throes of celebrating their victory, the people who survived their one sided war will rise up. Equipped with the technology far beyond even what your country can produce, Konoha will not win and be wiped out. I want all my enemies to reveal themselves, and they only will when they assumed they had won. That is my plan."

"Wow," said the others in unison since his plan made sense perfectly. Why get involved just yet when you could let the enemy tire themselves out fighting others. To see someone so young come up with a plan like this was nothing short of impressive.

"And in the end we will advance ourselves beyond anything we thought possible. But for now, I want this city to become home for those who don't wish to fight in this war, the civilians who become casualties for something they have no say in. But for now, we will just wait until the next event presents itself where we can aid the people left."

"So what now?" asked Koyuki, who wanted to know their role for the future.

"Now?" said Naruto with a smile as he walked over to the control console and typed a few things in before hitting enter. When he did, the pods' lids all lifted up so that the people could get inside and lean against the padded backboard. "You learn…"

The people looked at each other one last time before one by one they all each entered a pod. They heard the hiss as the top lowered on them. And yet in the darkness came a light, and within moments of the light appearing, they began to learn what they needed to survive in the new world that was to come…

(A/N: I have a feeling that someone or some people are going to get on me about not having Naruto fight off Konoha right now with BT. True BT is a sophisticated piece of equipment, but Shinobi have summons and such that could smash him if not planned out properly. Naruto doesn't want to give his enemies time to plan and defend against his assault in the future. Also Naruto is just one guy. True there are other Titans in the hanger, but Pilot training takes a long time, with Naruto taking two years to master the course along with weapons training. Plus in a world of Shinobi there are so many backstabbers that would take forever to weed out who would do it or not and bring them into New Angel City. So let them fight their pointless war. They already had three already over the course of a hundred years, so what is one more. So until next chapter!)

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