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A New Pilot is Found

(A/N: I am going to be up front as well as honest about this chapter. I took the only two chapters that the author 'urhaloruler' wrote of his story and made it my own. He posted it back in 2017, but has done nothing with it since. All in all it was only about 2,000 words in total so the entire chapter is not his. It is from a story called 'Don't Mess with Naruto Uzumaki', which had a good start but then just stopped after so little was done. But it gave me the perfect start to a crossover I wanted to do for a while now that I had not been able to find the perfect means to start it. I hope you enjoy this new story, since I enjoyed thinking it up as well as writing it!)

Sasuke Uchiha...

That name leaves a horrible taste in his mouth as he said it. It was always about Sasuke in this village. He gets all the glory while the person or people who actually did the work get nothing but scorn. Where had it all gone wrong? His life was just starting to get better, but then everything fell apart so quickly out of the blue. You might be wondering who this is thinking such things; well it was none other than our favorite orange clad hero Naruto Uzumaki. The young man for most of his life had been given a hard life due to either the abuse sent his way from the citizens of his home village itself, or the lack of recognition for the many accomplishments he had achieved in his life so far. During the Wave Country mission, it had been he who rallied the people to fight back as well as defeated Haku when Sasuke himself was stuck with so many ice senbon he looked like he was related to a porcupine. Yet the people praised Sasuke when it was his efforts that finished the mission. Hell the people named a bridge after him and still the people of Konoha refused to acknowledge his prowess. There were other examples to go with that, but if he were to lay them all out, he could write a book as it were.

Well I guess you're wondering how this whole foul mood towards Sasuke all started, or at least the current mood of it since he had disliked the arrogant ass for far longer than this since the man was a liar who took credit when credit was not due. Well it was a few months after Naruto and the love of his life Hinata got engaged...

Naruto was having the best day of his life in quite some time, with him and Hinata just having finished up with the preparations for their wedding. Sure they were fairly young, but some people just wished to tie the knot since in their profession death was a constant looming danger that hung over their heads and wanted to do so before the unthinkable happened. And what made the event even better as well as special to him was the fact that Hinata told him that she was pregnant. Naruto was filled with so much joy! He was gonna be a father, but not just any father, a way better father than his own was to him.

Yes, his parents survived the Kyubi attack to the knowledge of only a select few. Naruto had no idea as to what they were doing the entire time that he suffered in the village, but he did know one thing when they suddenly returned out of the blue about a few years after he had returned with Tsunade to take over as Hokage. Within two years after the demon was sealed inside him on the date of his birth, his mother and father had another child. A boy they named Menma…

One that would take his place as the rightful heir to not only the Uzumaki Clan name but the Namikaze as well…

When his parents arrived and showed the village they were in fact still alive, people thought that Naruto would be all but thrilled to know he had family. Sure they still thought of him as a monster, but this way the monster would at least be leashed by his family so as to obey. But Naruto was quite the opposite in fact. He hated them with all his being for just up and abandoning him after sealing a demon within him like they had. So many years he had been called worthless and the son of a whore and a pathetic Shinobi, and to hear that was not the case, but in fact he was abandoned only made it far worse.

But this did not bother his former family any really. As soon as his parents had figured out that they would have another child years ago they started to forget about him since he as a Jinchuriki was no more than a weapon for the village to use. Menma would be the Shinobi that took after his old man and became a one man army like Minato had been in the Third Shinobi war when he had killed so many Iwa Shinobi at once and forced them to surrender. His parents literally walked up the orphanage and just left him there never to return for him after he was born before they disappeared because after all to everyone he had met they had thought of him as the 'Demon Brat.' So a year went by and eventually the orphanage wouldn't even keep him there anymore and kicked him out to fend for himself. Everyday usually ended up with him beaten, stabbed, and almost everything that they could do to try and kill the demon brat.

But that story is for another day since it involves so much more to get to this point and this was about Sasuke right now personally. So, his day was going great his squad mate Sasuke came back to visit for a bit since even though they weren't friends they still worked together as Shinobi and as such needed to trust one another since it could mean life or death in the end. But what Naruto didn't realize was that today would also be the day that his life would come crashing down...


It started out simple enough, with Naruto running some errands to get things ordered for the wedding. He had managed to buy himself a small proper house to replace the shitty apartment he had lived in most his life. And before you ask how he could do that when people were not really willing to sell him anything, and when they actually did it was of such low quality, well he used a henge and fake credentials to get the deal started, and once the deal was finalized he showed who he really was. The land owner who sold him the house was pissed that the demon had tricked him, but by that point the deed was his and it was signed and notarized so there was nothing the asshole could do but take the money and go. He was on his way home after finishing all that, but had a rose in hand to give to his fiancé so as to show how much he loved her. So he snuck into the house and quietly entered as well as tiptoed through the place. He wanted to surprise her, but as he got deeper into his home where Hinata usually was, he began to hear weird sounds coming out the room.


'What is that?' Naruto asked himself as he cloaked himself in chakra to silent his movements, pulled out a kunai, and went into the house to find what is causing the noise. If there was an intruder of some sort he would make said person pay dearly for harming Hinata. He started heading up the stairs because it seemed that the sound was coming from his and Hinata's room, which worried him since so many bad possibilities were running in his head and he hope none of them were true. Right in front of the door he finally recognized the sound he was hearing, and as he placed it it made him lose the color in his face...

It was moaning… And not just any sort of moaning but sexual moaning…

Naruto quietly grabbed the door handle and turned it slowly so as to not make a sound. He peeked inside the room to see inside and what he saw broke his heart worse than anything he had ever felt before in his miserable life…

There lay Hinata stark naked on their bed with Sasuke himself on top of her thrusting in and out of her.

"When are you...ugh... gonna ditch the dobe and finally come be with me." Sasuke grunted as he continued to thrust into her, "I mean come on you're pregnant with my child."

'What!?' Thought Naruto as his eyes opened in shock. Sasuke was the father of his child, but... Hinata had told him that it was his… How long has this been going on?!

"I am waiting...ah… until I can find a way...oh yes right there... to get some of the Namikaze and Uzumaki fortune so we can live a rich peaceful life after I divorce him." Hinata moaned in ecstasy.

"Are you close to finding a way?"

"Very. His parents are thinking it might be better...Mmm... To bring him back to the family since apparently their initial plan was not working out as they had hoped."

'They want me to be a member of their family again? After all the shit they put me through, I'd rather die! But what plan is she talking about?' Thought Naruto since this was all too much for him to bear.

"Well once you get that fortune for us, ditch the dobe and come straight to me."

"Of course." moaned Hinata.

"I'm gonna cum." grunted Sasuke.

"Hurry and cum inside me, who knows when Naruto will be back."

"I'm cumming."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Naruto watched as they both came with each other and then he quietly closed the door and left the home he had spent so long working to obtain. It was like a symbol of his hard work finally paying off in the end against all odds, but now the vision was tainted by the soul crushing reality of the situation that had been revealed to him like this. Just like when he had been told when he was 13 about the Kyubi sealed within him, it was not supposed to be something he was told and just like that moment he was not supposed to see his fiancé fucking Sasuke!

Naruto ran as far away as he could since he just couldn't take it anymore. He didn't want to be near there, and that was fine with him since nobody wanted him here in the first place. It was as he made his way to a place he found as a child to hide away from people out to hurt him in mobs on his birthday that he finally broke down and cried. He could not contain the tears anymore since he truly wondered why he existed when no one loved him or even liked him. In that moment of grief his mind cleared and the fact that there was a plan for him had come to the forefront of his brain to the point it was all he could process.

Naruto was no fool, even though he acted like it since he just didn't want the people to know he was smarter than he let on. He always had a nagging feeling that people were hindering him for some reason, but now this was starting to prove it. The pieces of this so called plan were coming together in his mind, and he started to realize that the reason his family had abandoned him like they did was that he was meant to be a weapon, nothing more. That was why they wanted him in the family now, since they assumed he would be so happy to have family and be willing to do just about anything to belong in it. But now, he guessed they were going to force his obedience since that plan had ultimately failed, and since the two of them were seal masters with access to a clan filled with those who could literally alter the minds of Shinobi who were weakened… well it was a safe bet that he would be their weapon in the end against his will.

"There is no point in me staying here anymore. The one reason I stayed here in the end lied to me and was just after my parent's money. Still not sure how her plan was going to work, but I don't care to find out really." Naruto told himself. His parents abandoned him, everyone in the village hated him, and his fiancé, who he loved with all his heart, lied to him and was actually with Sasuke to the point of baring his child. There really was no reason for him to stay here. But if he were to leave, where would he go? Wave was the first place to pop into his head, but the problem with that was that Jiraiya had a spy network that would easily find him and then they would just force him back since there was no Shinobi village to stop them. Suna came to mind, but they lost in the failed invasion of their village during the Chunin Exams, and while Gaara was his friend, he would not put so much pressure on his still recovering village by relocating there.

But then an idea hit him. One of the biggest taboos in this world was the killing of a Daimyo. Sure it happened rarely, but when it did there were major repercussions with said assassins gaining the ire of everyone else around them. If Minato, who had taken the position of Hokage back shortly after coming back to Konoha, which Tsunade was more than happy to give it up since she didn't want the damn position in the first place and had taken it since there were no other candidates other than Danzo and she would be caught dead before she let that emotion hating warlord ruin the village her grandfather formed in his prime. But if Minato were to try and force Naruto back when he had the protection of a Daimyo… well it would rally every last one of Konoha's enemies with the full backing of their own Daimyo's as well as their soon to be former allies since no one would aid them if they do such a thing to rise up and attack them. Konoha was considered the strongest of the Shinobi villages, but even though that might be the case, they were not invincible and had only won with the help of others.

And lucky for Naruto, he just so happened to be good friends with such a person who held the title of Daimyo. He had saved her life from her tyrannical uncle of all people, and yet Sasuke was given the credit upon reaching the village again. But Naruto was used to that bullshit by now and just kept his mouth shut since he had learned no one would or even cared to hear the truth when it came to him.

"Sasuke." Naruto growled that name in anger. He wasn't sure how or even when it would happen, but he would return and deal with the situation personally. Sasuke had stolen his happiness once, and he would do the same later on in life. But he wouldn't stop there, since the entire village had made his life a living hell. It was at this point that his mind showed him the truth that he had been purposely suppressing since he had nothing but bad memories and wanted good ones.

The poisoned noodles that he was given for free that was dubbed the 'Naruto special' that the demon within him filtered out so he did not die…

Those who called themselves his friends in the academy mocking him behind his back when they assumed he was out of earshot and laughing at his stupidity as to think that they would truly be friends with the Kyubi of all people and had acted like this on the orders of their parents for some reason…

Hiruzen giving him the same scripted so called comforting words every time Naruto was hurt as a child. Telling him that the people would look past their hatred of him in time, never once using other words when it happened. Thus showing that he knew about it and did not care to stop it…

And now his own, former now, fiancé…

His rage grew in full as these facts all came to him at once. He had played his part since he was afraid of being alone all his life, and yet even when it seemed like that was not the case with a chance of true happiness to call his own, even that was a lie. No more lies… No more pain from those who called him a demon. He would embrace the title they gave him and show them what it means to anger such a thing…

"I'll kill you all."

Naruto took out a scroll he had stashed here in his hiding place along with other supplies he packed up since he would need them as he ran and wrote those words that would scare the village to its core.

"I'll be back someday," said Naruto as he rolled the scroll up, "and when I do Konoha will burn. I'll finish what the Kyubi started years ago. The accumulated filth of this village will look up and shout 'Spare us!'... and I'll look down, and whisper 'No.'"

With his mind now fully made up in his plan to leave this place for good, he wondered on how to deliver his message in a way that would have the most impact to it when people finally got it. It took him a minute to think of a proper method of delivery, but in the end he decided on a means. Yet before he did that, he knew there was something that had to be done before he left. So he found Jiraiya himself, the Toad Sage who had him sign the Toad summoning contract, and mocked the man so much that in his rage he called Naruto an unworthy brat and had him watch as he wiped his name off the Toad Summoning Contract since he was unworthy of it. The man was an idiot, but he was really only interested in peeping on women so it was obvious. Naruto did this since he knew that he could be Reverse Summoned if he left, and that would ruin the whole plan as it was. So now Jiraiya couldn't do that anymore, and he was glad.

So with the preparations done, he waited until nightfall. He didn't return home since if he saw Hinata he was going to stab her in the stomach so as to kill that cheating whore's bastard child as well as Sasuke's progeny. He wouldn't have been able to restrain himself, so he stayed away. He had all he needed for his one way trip already, and the house had nothing more than fake memories in the form of pictures that meant nothing to him now that his eyes were wide open as they were.

So with scroll in hand he took it and went looking for a Konoha ninja to use for his message. He soon came across one standing guard, which was weird since the security of this place seemed so lax as of late.

'Weren't there usually at least two standing guard?' thought Naruto to himself, but hey who was he to complain, this would be so much easier to do this way. Plus it just went to show how arrogant the village had become in the years after winning the last war. He could only hope that his departure would serve as a rude wake up call. He wanted them to fight him with all they had. He wanted to show them that he was not one to be fucked with like they had all his life, and as they laid at his feet dead or very close to it, they would know humility at the end.

Naruto started to approach the ninja quietly with a kunai out and firmly grasped in his hand. For so long he had been against killing, but now this would be the defining moment where the old him died, and he would become better than this Kami forsaken village ever would let him become. When Naruto got up close to the guard, he covered the man's mouth and slit his throat, instantly killing him. Once Naruto did that, he made a shadow clone and made the clone henge into the guard he just killed so if any other guard or ninja stop by, he would have a little time before they figured out it was a fake. Timing was important right now and he would need all he could get to escape fully.

So with the dead ninja pulled away from any and all prying eyes, Naruto decapitated the body, took the head, and burned the rest with a simple fire jutsu to get rid of evidence. Now with the ninja's head he took out the letter and put the letter in the head's mouth. Then he took the head, went to the Konoha memorial stone, stealthily to make sure no one saw him, and stuck the head on top thinking 'This ought to scare them enough' and ran out and away from the village easily enough; Never to return until he came to get his revenge…

And Naruto was unaware of it, but he was about to get a lot of help achieving his revenge…

(Years ago)(Word of warning: The main part of this section is a recap of Titanfall 1 and the story leading up to the part where I have it differ from Titanfall 2. So if you know the story, I will post in bold the part where it differs and you can continue there. Sorry, just want to be thorough for those who don't know the story fully)

In an earlier time as well as another dimension altogether, a massive war was raging on that spanned the universe itself…

Humanity lived in the deepest reaches of explored space in a vast region known as The Frontier. It contained many well-known and inhabited solar systems, but many more worlds remained uncharted. Most people would never travel this far away from normal civilization, but for pioneers, explorers, mercenaries, outlaws, and soldiers - the Frontier offered both adventure and opportunity.

The Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation originally funded many expeditions to the Frontier, promising veterans of their military campaigns in the "Core Systems" - the region of space containing the IMC's inhabited worlds including Earth - free land and other benefits in return for starting up businesses and colonies on the Frontier. Eventually, the IMC withdrew this support for several reasons, leaving the colonists stranded without outside assistance for several decades.

Over time, life continued on the Frontier largely independent from the Core Systems. However, when the IMC returned several decades later to claim eminent domain over the Frontier's land, people and resources, the people of the Frontier united as the Frontier Militia, utilizing guerilla and terrorist actions to further their cause. Eventually, this led to the Titan Wars, a series of conflicts involving usage of the "Titan" platform - the ultimate evolution of modern-day powered exoskeletons. The war ended in a (presumed) IMC victory, solidifying their presence on the Frontier. For the next fifteen years, the IMC would relentlessly hunt down the Militia and push them to the verge of extinction.

Fifteen years following the end of the Titan Wars, the 1st Militia Fleet was now being pursued by Vice Admiral of the IMC, Marcus Graves. On the run for months, the fleet was now running low on fuel and supplies, and had no choice but to conduct a desperate raid on an IMC gas mining world. Landing their troops at the site of a refueling pump supplying their capital ship, the Redeye, IMC and Militia forces fought for control of three Hard points that would allow the IMC to maintain their air defense and the Militia to siphon the fuel. The Militia escaped the planet with just enough fuel to last a few weeks.

Tracking the remains of the fleet that survived the battle, the IMC stumbled upon a hidden colony in a believed-unexplored region of space. Upon further inspection, it was realized that the colony was created out of the remains of IMS Odyssey, the former IMC flagship during the Titan Wars that disappeared during a mutiny conducted by Executive Officer James MacAllan. The IMC uses this opportunity to test out their new BRD-01 Spectre combat drones, humanoid robots designed to replace traditional infantry, in a massacre of the town. Detecting an S.O.S signal sent out by the colony, the Militia fleet investigated the site, clashing with IMC forces in the town. Ultimately, the Militia made contact with MacAllan, who agrees to help them on the condition that they evacuate the colonists. As an offer of trust, MacAllan provides the Militia with schematics for the IMC refueling station that allowed the fleet access to the Frontier, situated on the planet Demeter- if the facility were to be destroyed, it would take reinforcements years to arrive on the Frontier.

Having successfully recruited an ex-IMC officer to their cause, the Marauder Corps next moved to Angel City to extract ex-IMC Pilot Robert "Barker" Taube; once one of the best Pilots around. MacAllan's plan to take out Demeter necessitates taking out the airbase that defends it - however, a full-scale assault would be impossible, meaning that the Militia must employ other means to destroy it. This would involve taking out the Repulsor Towers located on the site, which keep the extremely hostile wildlife away from the base. To take out the Towers, the Militia must first find one they can access to ascertain the tower's weaknesses. Barker was once stationed at a site involved in prototyping the technology, and could thus provide the Militia with the opportunity they need.

However, Barker refuses to fly the troops to the base unless one significant obstacle; flagship IMS Sentinel, is destroyed. The Militia formulates a plan to attack the ship while in dry-dock, hijacking the IMC's own orbital defenses to use in destroying the ship. With the carrier down, the Militia then proceed to Base Golden to formulate a way to destroy the Repulsor Towers at Airbase Sierra. They succeed in this task, and Cheng "Bish" Lorck is able to modify a Data Knife to send a pulse through the tower to render it inoperable. The Militia fleet then gathers in the outskirts of the Demeter system, and waits for the base to be destroyed.

During the Battle of Airbase Sierra, Sarah Briggs deploys into the base alone while mainline infantry distract the IMC forces outside. She eventually succeeds in bringing down the towers, though is shot in the arm by Kuben Blisk in the process. The fleet then moves onto Demeter, with Pilots and Titans battling on the ground to control the stations that would allow the reactor core to overheat. Ultimately, the Core proves more resilient than expected, requiring someone to manually detonate it. MacAllan sacrifices his own life to ensure this victory for the Militia, resulting in the complete destruction of the Demeter gateway and the stranding of IMC forces on the Frontier.

In the months following the Battle of Demeter, Vice Admiral Graves defects to the Militia cause alongside vast quantities of human personnel. In his wake, IMC AI Spyglass is promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral, preceding the reorganize the remaining forces (now composed mostly of robotic infantry) as the "Remnant Fleet". Three months following Demeter, the Militia strike at the first of a number of Spectre production plants, hoping to cut off the IMC's endless supply of expendable infantry.

As the campaign ends, the IMC still controls a vast portion of the Frontier, but is now on the defensive due to the expected two year wait for reinforcements to arrive. However, as of five years later, these reinforcements are still nowhere in sight.

(This is where the story differs from Titanfall 2)

So the IMC, tired of this rebellion that they thought should have been dealt with by now, knew they would have to resort to drastic measures to win this war once and for all. And luckily for them, their science division uncovered a means to do so while mining a planet called Typhon. There they found an energy source they dubbed 'Ark' that had massive destructive potential, and they built the means to use it as a weapon and prepared to weaponize it fully.

The Militia had caught wind of their plan though and tried desperately to destroy the weapon before it was fired, but before they could even launch the first of their many ships full of brave soldiers in the Militia and their Titans to boot, the weapon was fired at their home planet. The information they had gotten was far too late, and they had not the time to escape the beam of light that engulfed their entire planet.

And within seconds, the planet known as Harmony was gone, and the Militia was gone with it…

Yet the weapon they had used to defeat the Militia did not just wipe them from existence as they so thought it did. What it had done was moved the planet into another dimension altogether. Once the initial chaos of that fact became known, the brightest minds available did numerous tests and proved that their world was doomed still. Whatever energy had brought them here was in fact destroying their world still. They had at least ten years to build the means to evacuate an entire planet, and so they got right on that.

For ten long years they built the massive ship they named Harmony in remembrance of their old home that was being taken from them. They had plenty of room for every last citizen on the planet, who would be put into Cryo sleep to pass the time so that they would be refreshed when the pilot and the crew found them a new home. They had Titans and weapons along with all their technology and history stored away since there was no point in leaving it to be destroyed with the planet. And once more, the Militia timed the world ending event wrong, with the ship launching once fully loaded right as the planet exploded.

A large chunk of what was now asteroid hit the side of the ship, damaging the main power source. Things looked grim since without power their life support was not going to work. So with the limited amount of power they had now, they scanned for a planet where they could build a Harvester so as to replenish what they lost so they could find another more preferable world to live on. In the end they found one, but by the time they got there, their power output was on the last shred of it. So using what they had, they were able to launch one Titan with its pilot planet side to find a place to build the Harvester. The rest was used and stored in the cannon that would launch the heavy ordinance that consisted of the parts they would need to build it along with the robotic engineers that could build it quickly since they worked faster as well as longer than humans.

So the pilot, known as Jack Cooper, was sent with the mission to save the Militia towards the planet. He landed high up in the mountains that were covered in snow, and soon after making planet fall things went south so fast. Whatever energy this planet used was interfering with his Titan BT-7274, which he just called BT for short and thus was draining his power fast. Jack was able to get him into a cave so as to protect him from the elements for the moment, and then set out to find a place to build the Harvester. The situation looked grim, but he could not fail or it meant the end of so many lives.

But sadly, Jack was caught in an avalanche that buried him alive. He was too deep to dig his way out and knew that he had failed. He could not call for help since his comms did not sync up with Harmony here, and he was buried alive with no one near him so he was fucked and he knew it. He felt great sadness over the fact that everyone who was counting on him was going to die, and could only curse the damned IMC for being the greedy corporate bastards that they were to abandon them for about 70 years and think they could just claim the land when they wanted later after leaving them all for dead. And to go so far as to try and blow up a planet as well, which they did technically but it wasn't instant like they thought it would be.

So in his final moments before he succumbed to the cold, he used his helmet to record his final message. One that told of who he was and where he had come from. He hoped that one day it would be found, and as such the history of the brave men and women of the now dying Militia would not be forgotten to time…

And with a final apology to his Titan, who he considered a friend, Jack Cooper perished…

His body would lay and rot there for the next thirty years. Yet his helmet, which was a heavily armored as well as sophisticated piece of tech, would survive the ages. Those on the Harmony perished since without power their systems began to fail one by one. Those in Cryo sleep were lucky since they were peacefully dreaming away as they passed. Those still awake though had to suffer as they breathed in the last of the oxygen till there was nothing left and then fell over dead as their bodies struggled to breath…

And there the helmet laid, hidden deep in the snow, shifting a bit over a time…

Until one day, a device is activated that melted the snow of the country away, thus bringing Spring to a place where those who lived never thought it would…

(Konoha- Day after Naruto's departure)

The day was starting off great for Kakashi. His student Sasuke, which he considered his best and only student due to the fact that Sakura was nothing more than a fan girl to Sasuke and Naruto… well the brat was the village weapon who he was ordered to not only watch but report anything unusual about since he was put on this squad. He didn't want to watch him, but since he had a Sharingan which was capable of suppressing the Kyubi if ever came the need for such a thing, he could understand why it had to be him. But that was not what was on his mind now, since Sasuke just told him the other day that he was going to have a child. This was great news since the Uchiha clan had been slaughtered down to just him and Itachi since the latter had done the deed. So hearing that Sasuke was beginning the process of rebuilding his clan up was good news indeed.

And what made the whole scenario even better in his books was the fact that it was with the demon brat's own fiancé, who didn't even care for the demon but she was just after something. Though Kakashi wasn't told what she was after, he had to imagine that it was something really great to have to pretend to love that demon for so long enough to actually have sex with him and convince him that he was going to be a father. As if any women in the village would willingly do that! Any woman who bore his child in the future would know the reason they did so was mainly cause of strong genetics so their next weapon would be strong. Then once born, the mother would forsake the child as Naruto himself was, with said boy restrained long enough to extract the demon from him into the new vessel. Then Naruto would be eliminated and discarded to be forgotten. That last part would be easy enough since no one cared for the brat so no one would remember him when they had a new toy to play with, and by play they meant hurt a lot for years to come. This way it belittled the demon spawn so as to show the fact that they would always be under the foot of their betters until they died. It made Kakashi chuckle that even Kushina, the send vessel of said demon would go along with this, but she didn't care since it wasn't her suffering. She was so cold at times…

Kakashi was heading to the memorial stone as he does every day to mourn his lost friends, Obito and Rin, who died in the last Shinobi War. But when he got there he saw something that disgusted him to his very core and caused him to vomit out his breakfast since while he had seen death, being a Shinobi and all it was part of the job, but never something like this. There was a head stuck to the top of the memorial stone with a face of terror etched on its features and a scroll rolled up and jammed in its mouth.

'Who could have done this?' thought Kakashi while struggling not to throw up even more than he already had. At this point it would just be stomach acid and that hurts to puke up. After making sure he wasn't going to empty is stomach anymore, Kakashi walked up to the memorial stone, grabbed the head off the top of it, and took out the scroll from the head's mouth. Kakashi opened the scroll and took off to the Hokage tower, worry etched all over his face.

Minato Namikaze was having a bad day, he sent his son on an A-rank mission to Ame to investigate a rumor that could spell trouble for them. He knew he was a Jonin, one of the youngest to ever achieve that ranking but he earned it, yet he couldn't help but think that today was gonna take a turn for the worst somehow. Shaking himself out of thought Minato was about to get back to the horrid beast called paperwork that was a bane to all Kages no matter where they were located, when Kakashi jumped in through the window. The look of worry on his face made Minato feel a bit uneasy since Kakashi never really worried about much. The man kept his cool through some of the worst things he has faced, so to see him like this now meant he had really bad news to give him.

"Dammit Kakashi, how many times have I told you use the door? Why is it that you and Jiraiya don't listen to that one simple order of all things is beyond me. Doors were meant to the entrance point to a room, that's what it is there for." Minato said with frustration evident in his voice toward his student's actions.

"But sensei we have an emergency," Kakashi said with so much worry you'd think he'd seen a ghost with the color of his face matching the mood.

"What is it Kakashi?" Minato asked his curiosity peaked as well as the feeling in his gut about having a bad day only getting worse.

"This note sensei." Spoke Kakashi while holding out the scroll he found in the head's mouth.

Minato took the scroll from Kakashi and started to read it. It did not take long since there were only four words on the scroll itself, but those four simple words had so much meaning behind them. When he finished reading the scroll his face was showing that he was worried, scared, but also angry at the boy even he himself considered a demon thinking he could get away with it. Sure he understood the difference between the container and the demon itself, but he didn't care since Naruto was a weapon so it didn't matter what he was called, just the fact he would obey any and all orders given when called.

"Where did you find this Kakashi?" Minato asked with anger evident in his voice.

"I found it on top of the memorial stone in another Konoha shinobi's mouth." said Kakashi.

"In another shinobi's mouth with the head on top of the memorial stone?" Minato said in rage with so much killing intent leaking out of him at this point that most people would have a hard time breathing around him due to it.

"Yes. This is very disturbing; who would have thought that he would do such a thing. I thought we kept up the act pretty well all these years to keep the plan going." Kakashi said while thinking what went wrong.

"Yes, we kept up the act perfectly. Sure there was the issue of his scorning us as family when we returned instead of embracing us like we had hoped, but we were making and just finishing up the seals that would have fully made him obedient to our orders. Do you know why he would have done this? From all reports you yourself submitted, he never killed before so why start now? I thought he had Hinata to keep him calm and happy after all the shit people put him through?" Minato asked.

'What could have gone wrong?' Kakashi thought while thinking over what Minato said. Yet a minute after he thought about it, something came to his mind that explained what happened.

"Shit." Kakashi groaned in annoyance when he remembered what his student Sasuke had said to him a few days ago.

"What?" Minato asked, wanting a full explanation as to why this was happening. They had planned Naruto's life out so well with the abusive childhood to break his spirit, and then placing a woman, which Hinata volunteered to play the part for some reason that Minato was unsure of, in his sights to show him false love and affection to keep him loyal to the village so as to protect his supposed loved ones from harm. Yet now that plan was out the fucking window and he wanted a good explanation as to why the plan they spent years enacting was failing when it was working just yesterday.

"I think Hinata and Sasuke got tired of acting, because Sasuke told me that Hinata was pregnant with his child." Kakashi concluded.

"Are you fucking serious?" Minato asked in disappointment because he thought they could keep up the act longer. But if Naruto had managed to find out the truth about Hinata not actually loving him like she pretended to, then their plan was in shambles. He pushed a button to speak to his secretary, and ordered multiple Hunter Nin to be rounded up. He was going to find the brat and restrain him until the seals were done with under lock and key. He was not going to let the village weapon try to escape his duty to the village and would make sure he never left until his loyalty was enforced by seal.

"Yes, he just told me a few days ago, but Naruto was talking about it a longer since Hinata told him it was his own." Kakashi told him.

"Alright" Minato said as he snapped his fingers. As Minato snapped his fingers the Hunter Nin he had ordered appeared before him in mass.

"Hunt down the demon brat and take him to the deepest cell we have in our prison. If he resists you have permission to use as much force as possible, but do not kill or cripple him since he is our weapon and needs all limbs to be such a thing." Minato told them. They nodded in understanding and then all vanished to find the brat in the village, fully unaware that he was not even in it anymore. Right now he had managed to make it to the bridge that was named after him. The trip they took to Wave for the mission had taken so long due to the fact that they were attacked on the trip there as well as the fact they were escorting a civilian who did not have the speed of a Shinobi. So he got her fast enough since there was nothing hindering him such as a group or heavy supplies. He had learned to survive the worst and all that forced training was paying off now. Once at the bridge, he henged into someone else since while he trusted the people who lived here since he was their hero, he would not put it past Konoha Shinobi to come here and try and extract information of his whereabouts one way or another if they even thought he was here. This way, they honestly had no idea and if they used a Yamanaka to pry into their minds and see if they were telling the truth, well they would honestly not know he was here.

So with henge up and going, he made his way into the village. He had just enough money to buy a simple rowboat, which was all he needed since he was trying to be stealthy and no one looks for a rowboat. By the time he shoved off from the land itself, mentally apologizing to Tazuna and family who he had bought the boat from for not telling them the truth on the matter, it was still quite early in the morning. He waited until he was far off from shore before he dropped the henge and summoned up Shadow clones to row the boat while he himself slept. He had been up for so long and his body was just about to give out at this point. So while he slept, his clones rowed slowly towards his destination.

(2 weeks later)

The past two weeks had been rough for him, but not too bad all things considered since he had dealt with far worse days. His provisions ran out within the first five days, but he easily rowed towards the shore and hunted for more food to bring along. It was the case of making sure to cast off from the shore before he slept that got to him. Sleeping on the water in a shaky boat was not ideal, but it was far better than the alternative which had a high chance of him being captured and dragged back to Konoha. As he was now, with the little training that he had been given, he knew he was no match for seasoned Shinobi of all ranks in mass coming after him. Even if he tapped into the Kyubi's energy, all it did was enhance his own capabilities which were minimal at best right now. The most powerful thing he had was the Rasengan, but that was one jutsu over so many others that it didn't really help the matter much.

And yes, he and the Kyubi worked in sync with one another. No one knew this, but he had talked to the demon when he learned the truth about having it sealed into him when he was thirteen. Now while they worked together, it was not a friendship sort of deal. The seal that contained the creature made it so if Naruto died he died as well so this partnership was out of self-preservation. The Kyubi kept him alive and kicking with moment of aid in the form of his chakra to avoid death, and Kyubi lived longer. It was simple as that.

Eventually, he made it to his destination, which took longer since he had to row around so much land instead of heading towards a port that was closer to Spring. But now he was here, and as he looked around, it finally dawned on him that he had no idea as to where the hell to go right now. The last time he had been here was with the group to protect Koyuki, and as such they were led to where they needed to go one way or another. Even when they left via port they had been led. So with no means to know if he was going the right direction, he set off towards what he was hoping was the capitol where his friend would be.

Yet five days later, with no capital in sight he realized that his sense of direction sucked big time in strange lands. He wished he had a map, but he had no money to buy one now since he had used all his money to buy the boat that he had sealed away in a scroll. But now that it was getting dark, he saw a rock in the distance that was jutting out of the ground like a cover of some sort. He had looked up and saw that it seemed like it would rain, so no one to overlook temporary shelter he went there and set up a camp. He had some rabbit to cook that he had caught earlier, and he had firewood stashed in another scroll so he would have some in such a situation like this where there were no trees or the like in the area. This place was just one massive field filled with flowers of all sorts, which he had to admit was beautiful to look at now that he took the time to actually notice it.

Once he set up the campfire and placed the meat on a metal stake so as to cook, he unsealed his sleeping bag and sat down on it to relax. These past few days he had been able to actually do so since he was in a country far from Fire, one where he highly doubted his 'family', a word he mentally retched at saying even in his head, would think he would or was even able to get to. He had to admit that travel between this country and the mainland was expensive, but he had gone cheaper and used a row boat to get past all that so he was fine. It was when he got up to grab his food off the spike and then just dropped onto his ass to enjoy it that he felt himself land on something metal that he had not seen there.

Curiosity got the better of him since he wanted to know just what he had sat on. So he moved his sleeping bag and saw a small mound that he had not seen since the color matched the ground a bit. So digging a bit into the ground to see just what it was he sat on, he finally got a good enough grip to pull the item out of the ground.

What he saw amazed him since it was unlike anything he had ever seen in his life. He would have been more surprised, but this country was known for uncovering lost tech as well as their brightest minds making new stuff. That was how they got airships and trains here along with the chakra armor and who knew what else. Perhaps this thing, which he easily deduced was a helmet since it was obvious to see that it was, was a prototype they made or something.

The helmet was unique, this he had to admit going by its shape and design. And as he looked it over to see the full detail of it, he saw the area which was cut out as a visor, which the design of that was weird to him since it wasn't normal like helmet went, but an odd design that seemed more artistic than practical. It was as he looked at it from the front that the visor lit up in a blue hexagon-like pattern. He dropped it in surprise since he had no idea that that was going to happen or even what was actually happening right now.

But if he thought that was strange, what happened next only made it stranger than it already was…

From the helmet, he heard a cracked emotionless voice. Weak, yet somehow still audible to hear clearly enough…


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