Titanfall: Rise of the Iron Shinobi @sinbadthe3rd Lied to all his life, Naruto finally had enough and left it all behind to start a new life elsewhere. While heading towards his destination, he stumbled upon an item, one that had been lost to time for the past 30 years, and yet would unlock many things the world had never seen before. With this newly acquired power to call his own, Naruto will take on the world one place at a time 10 months 75.9K 0 0 NarutoTitanfall Mature English In Progress AdventureSci-Fi Naruto U.BT-7274 Read 1. A New Pilot is Found 8627 0 0 2. The Start of a New Beginning 9018 0 0 3. To New Friends 11221 0 0 4. Beginning of the End 10166 0 0 5. Declaration of War 15959 0 0 6. Unification Wars End 20903 0 0