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The Pokémon Journey

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Note: this chapter is solely about Lita.


Lita was sitting on the side of the road with her entire team. She had left Vermillion the day after her battle with Surge and decided to head through Saffron to get to Celadon. Last time they left Vermillion they had taken an Ash short cut away from the city and Lita was pretty sure now that wasn't a short cut. She wasn't amazing with directions but this was a lot easier.

She had discovered Sabrina was away from her gym for at least a month so that would help to convince Ash to head to Fushion when they met up again. She had to admit it she was enjoying being with just her Pokémon. She had time to take pictures and just be herself. She believed her team was enjoying the peace as well. She had them take turns with trainers she ran across. She had won some and lost some but overall great training.

She had Nova learning take down but the move was having some difficulty. Possibly because Nova really wanted to be able to use her egg move. Pidgeotto was trying to learn twister but the dragon type move was not melting with the flying type. Lita wanted to start Hestia on will-o-wisp, but Hestia wanted to go right to flamethrower. The more powerful fire type move being more difficult for Hestia but Lita was willing to let her continue trying to master it. Lita realizing Hestia move set wasn't diverse though. Poliwag was working on strengthening his moves while Bagon had learned headbutt.

Lita hadn't figured out who to catch for her sixth. None of the Pokémon she had seen really struck her as a good sixth member. As she was eating her breakfast, a Mankey came running up and grabbed a doughnut that they had out. Bagon giving a call out at that as the Mankey jumped around the group.

Lita taking a couple of pictures of the Mankey and laughing at the antics as Mankey grabbed her sunglasses and put them on. Lita gave the Pokémon a look and then a nod. "Mankey," Lita said. "How about a battle? If I win you join my team."

Mankey gave Lita a look and then punched the air. Lita taking that as a yes. "Poliwag, you're up," Lita said and Poliwag jumped in front of Mankey. Mankey started off with a low kick which Poliwag jumped over and Lita ordered a bubble beam. The bubble beam hitting into Mankey. Mankey taking it and punching through it and delivering a karate chop to Poliwag.

"Pound," Lita said and Poliwag used pound on Mankey. Mankey grabbing Poliwag and using seismic toss to Lita surprised. This was no low level Pokémon. "Ice beam." Lita said and Poliwag used an ice beam that hit right into Mankey.

After that Lita tossed the pokeball at Mankey. It shook once, twice, and then broke open. Mankey suddenly glowing and then evolving but as he did Poliwag also glowed. The two Pokémon evolving at the same time and soon it was Primeape and Poliwhirl standing there. Pirmeape started raging and with no clear objective. Lita remembering once when she was a kid for show and tell a student had brought in their dad's Mankey. The Pokémon had evolved and started raging as well in the class.

"We have to end this. Water gun," Lita ordered and Poliwhirl used water gun on Primeape knocking Primeape back. "Follow with ice beam." Poliwhirl used ice beam before Priemape in his rage could run at him. Primeape was knocked into a tree and Lita tossed another pokeball. The ball shook once, twice, three times and then locked.

"Nice," Lita said a smile on her face as she picked up the pokeball. Putting it in the sixth spot on her belt. Primeape needed to rest and time to cool down from the evolution. "Poliwhirl, you did great. And you evolved. The same time as Primeape."

Lita found that weird. "Catching an evolution," she heard a voice say and a large man with a large Venasaur came up. Her other Pokémon who had been watching the battle turned at that not appreciating having someone sneak up on them "Nice battle young girl."

"Thank you, and what did you mean?" Lita asked.

"Catching an evolution. It's when two Pokémon evolve at the same time during a battle. Basically, your Poliwag was close to evolution. Mankey evolving into Primeape during their battle triggered the evolution in Poliwag. Catching an evolution," the man said. "Did you camp here last night?"

"Yeah," Lita said. "Got here late and just couldn't continue into Celadon." She knew she'd be in Celadon by mid-day.

The man nodded. "Well as long as you're here. Can I ask you your opinion on the area?" Lita raised an eyebrow confused. "See I am in the middle of buying some land over there. Trying to make a new grass gym."

"That's great," Lita said. She had heard Erika said she was not going to try to get the license back. Meant the grass gym was completely open.

"I wanted to stay inside Celadon but Erika owns the former gym building and there is no other place that's good for a gym. So, I figured right outside," he said. "We'd need a path up to the gym. Was thinking an outside field. Grass Pokémon do best when surrounded by nature."

"I think I'd challenge you now if it was open," Lita said. "It's great placement. People still go into Celadon because it's one of the biggest cities in Kanto. And the best way to go from Sabrina gym."

"Thanks, you'll be in Celadon in a few," the man said and pointed in the direction. "Just follow the path." Lita was about to return her Pokémon and pack everything up but then paused. She told the man what she was doing in selling pictures to magazines. The man smiled and Lita got a few pictures of him with his Venasaur plus a quote about wanting to open a gym and his name.

Lita then packed up her camp and looked at her Pokémon. They had been traveling for over a week and they were getting tired. Lita returned all of them to their pokeballs and then walked by herself to Celadon. It was a short walk and Lita paused when she entered. She had never been in the city before.

She politely asked for directions to the Pokémon Center and was pointed in the right direction. She noticing signs everywhere about sales. As she entered the Pokémon center there was a lot of people around. "Nurse Joy," Lita said coming up. "Is Ash Ketchum and Misty Waterflower here?"

"Are you Lita Ketchum?" Nurse Joy asked and Lita nodded. "Your friends left a message for you." A piece of paper was handed to Lita which said 'entering tournament. Be in Celadon as soon as we can.' Lita rolled her eyes but smiled none the less. "Thank you. Can I get a room?"

"I only have a single left," Nurse Joy said.

"Well I am alone," Lita said and Nurse Joy handed her over a key to the room. "My Pokémon are kind of tired. We have been traveling for almost two weeks." Lita handed over all the pokeballs. "Poliwhirl and Primeape just evolved."

"I'll give them a good check over," Nurse Joy said with a smile as she took the balls. "Are you here for the contest?"

"Ah there's a contest here. That explains a lot," Lita said. "No, just passing through."

Lita gave the nurse a smile before heading to the phone and calling Professor Oak's lab. "Hi professor," Lita said when Oak answered the phone.

"Lita," Oak said and then Lita heard a familiar voice and her Aunt Delia was behind Oak.

"Hi Aunt Delia," Lita said with a smile.

"How are you honey?" Aunt Delia said.

"Great," Lita said. "I'm in Celadon. Just going to rest for a while waiting for Ash and Misty. I have four badges. And just caught my sixth Pokémon. A Primeape." That was when Professor Oak took over telling Lita everything about Primeape. Lita listened carefully. She didn't know much about the fighting type after all and it was better hearing from the professor than the pokedex.

"I guess you want to talk to Tracey," Professor Oak said and Lita gave a yes and a nod.

Tracey appearing and Lita told him of the man she had just met. That she was sending pictures. "That's great," Tracey said. "There's a bit of bidding war going on about Surge pictures. He never allows pictures." Lita gave a smirk there.

"I still feel guilty you're doing all this for me," Lita said.

"We're friends," Tracey said. "Besides I love seeing the pictures."

"There has to be something I can do for you," Lita said knowing Tracey would not accept a portion of the money saying she needed it more.

"Well there might be one thing," Tracey said. "You're going to go to the safari zone, right?" Lita gave a nod. That was up on her list for a Dratini. "They recently brought some Pokémon from the Alola region. Pokémon that we have here that have a different form. Like an Alolan Rattata is a dark type." Lita raised an eyebrow. She had never heard of this before. "If you could catch an alola form for me that would be payment enough."

"Sure," Lita said.

"I'll send you a list," Tracey said and then Lita said goodbye to him, the professor, and her aunt.

Afterward she went to the computer and checked her account. Her photos had gotten her a lot but she knew at any time she could hit a dry spell. Gym leaders were not known for allowing pictures and she was sure Kyle and Loren only allowed it because Lance is her uncle. Brock had just been nice and she had tricked Surge into it. She couldn't spend all her money.

She wasn't the best at math but her pokedex had a calculator in it. She calculated how much to save and it gave her a good amount for spending. She was about two months into her journey and had four badges. She was halfway there. Going fast wasn't a bad thing. In case something happened to slow her down she wouldn't need to rush to get badges before the Indigo League. She wanted to do something special for her Pokémon.

Deciding she would get them both treats and TMs to celebrate she put a good amount aside for that. If she was going to continue taking photos she wanted to look into some camera equipment. Her camera was good but she just wanted to see what else there was. That left the rest for some personal things for herself. Looking over notes she put down she thought she had a good amount for each.

Taking her bag, she got up and went out. It felt weird having no Pokémon on her but she knew she would be safe here. Her first stop was a Pokémon bakery where she bought a dozen treats and asked for them to be sent to the Pokémon center in her name. The bakery having a sale so that saved her a little.

A little camera store was nearby and she went in. They were having sales too and Lita figured it had to do with the contest. Without the gym Celadon might not be getting as many trainers in. A contest was a big draw. "Anything you looking for?" A sale rep asked.

"I've been taking a lot of pictures on my journey. Doing some freelance photography work," Lita said. "I was just looking to see if I should add another camera or…"

"I know what you need," the rep said and Lita wondered what would come out. "A Pokémon camera. Well one you can attach to your Pokémon." She was brought over to a display where a camera on a harness was. "You can set it to take pictures at a certain interval or even video. Attach it to a Pokémon and that Pokémon can get some natural looking pictures of Pokémon. From interesting angles as well."

Lita knew the sales rep was trying to sell her but looking over the specs of the camera she decided it wasn't a bad idea. It fell within her budget, was a great camera, and had a sale. She decided to make the sales rep day and buy it. Taking it with her in her bag. "Can you direct me to the TM store?"

After getting some direction Lita found the store pretty easily. She had to dodge the perfume stores though. The TM store in Celadon was huge. TMs lined the walls and Lita was sure the store had every single one.

Lita grabbed a TM booklet. A book to put the TMs into to keep them safe. A small one had come with her and Ash's starter kit but that would could only hold like ten TMs. She went for the bigger one. She wouldn't fill it now but she planned on slowly buying TMs. Now she needed to decide what to get for her team.

She looked over the reusable section. Lita wanted to get as many reusables as possible. Her eyes going to flamethrower. Bagon could learn flamethrower naturally, but only when he was nearly a Salamence. Flamethrower would help with the major weakness of ice type moves. She was about to pick up the reusable one when she noticed a four pack.

You could buy TMs in packs sometimes. Lita picking it up she noticed it was a miscellaneous pack. Meaning the four moves were all different types instead of being from one type. The four were in a box and looking at the back she saw this pack was flamethrower, thunder, shadow ball, and ice punch. They were also all reusable.

Lita knew Bagon could learn flamethrower. Taking out her pokedex she looked up the other moves. Nova could learn shadow ball and it was a ghost type move. It could help her with her egg move if she mastered this one. Both Primeape and Poliwhirl could learn ice punch and Primeape could even learn thunder. And buying the pack would be cheaper than buying all four separately.

Lita nodded knowing that was what she needed and then looked around. She still needed one for Pidgeotto and Hestia. She grabbed areal ace but then noticed the price. This move was expensive which sucked since a lot of Pokémon could learn it, but if she bought it she would use all her budget for TMs and even most of what she saved from the sales for her camera equipment and treats. She went looking for a one time use but it was still expensive aerial ace would have to wait.

Looking at her pokedex she saw Pidgeotto could learn toxic. The poison type move was a lot cheaper. Poison type moves were usually cheap and the move would be an advantage. Grabbing a reusable one since Pidgeotto was not the only Pokémon she had that could learn it. Now she needed something for Hestia.

She went to the one time use TMs. She wanted something good for her fire type that was not a fire type or normal type move. Looking over the moves Hestia could learn by TM she noticed Dark Pulse. Grabbing the one time use of it. Dark type moves were not cheap but a onetime use was doable with the money she saved elsewhere she could put into the TMs.

She took all of it to the front happy with her choices. "Could you put the TMs in the TM book for me?" Lita asked the cashier. It would make it easier to fit into her backpack.

"Sure thing," the cashier said. "And you spent enough you qualify for our special promotion. You're getting a onetime use Hyper Beam with your purchase."

"Nice," Lita said. That move was powerful and normally expensive. Something to carefully look into who she had who could learn it and carefully decide who gets it. Maybe even save it for a future Pokémon she gets.

She paid and then took the TM book and stuffed it into her backpack. It was time to do some personal shopping. Walking into a large store that sold clothing store. She grabbed a couple of cheap shirts and then noticed a backpack. It had a bit of the pokeball tech in it where it could take a large amount of stuff in tiny space. These were new and now on sale. It was expensive but worth it. It would cost basically the best of her personal budget.

Pausing as she decided to grab a hat for Primeape as well. Primeape had stolen her sunglasses she had never gotten back. The Pokémon probably still had them. Maybe he wouldn't mind a hat in exchange. That was when she heard a familiar voice that made her turn.

"How does it look?" It was May by the fitting room and Max was sitting there.

"I don't know," Max was complaining.

"Looks good," Lita said with a smile deciding to butt in. May had on an outfit. Clearly trying on her outfits to wear for contests. Lita looked over the girl and had to admit she was breathtaking.

"Lita," May said with a smile and came up to hug Lita to the girl surprise. "Did you ask a girl name Emma to look out for me?"

"I did," Lita said. "She's a good friend and you both were going for contests. I figured you would run into each other."

"Well she's been great," May said. "Max this is Lita. She was the one to save us from the Spearows." Max had stood up and greeted Lita. "So, what are you doing in town? You're not entering contests?"

"No, just hanging out waiting for my cousin and friend," Lita said. "Doing some shopping. Your entering the contest?" May nodded. "Have any ribbons yet."

"One," May said.

"She has problems with the battle round," Max said seeming to want to butt in. "She keeps not taking my advice."

Lita raised an eyebrow at that. Someone with no Pokémon giving advice was weird. "Well how about we go for a nice dinner together and then you can show me your team," Lita said. It had been hours of shopping and Lita was getting hungry.

"Okay," May said with a smile going to change back into her outfit and then both went to pay for their items.

The three found a buffet to eat at and Lita was surprised on how much Max could talk. He seemed like a know it all. Her and May chatted a little and Lita found herself liking May. Afterward the three went back to the Pokémon center where Lita picked up her Pokémon and Nurse Joy told her they were all fine and she had given them dinner.

They went to the Pokémon center training field where there were some dummies set up. Despite contests it was surprisingly empty. "Okay give me a minute and then I'll check out your team and help you," Lita said taking out her TM machine and the TMs. Max eyes went wide knowing what she was going to do.

Lita took out shadow ball and put it in and then put Nova Pokeball on it giving her starter the move. Then releasing her. "Oh, Eevee," Max said. "What move did you get?" Max ran close to her shocking Nova and Nova let out a very weak shadow ball at him.

"Hi," May said seeing the Pokémon. "She is beautiful." Nova remembered May and rubbed against her as a hello.

Lita giving a smile as she took shadow ball away and put in toxic. Putting Pidgeotto pokeball on it and pushing the button so he would learn the move. "Don't ask to see this one," Lita said to Max before releasing Pidgeotto. "I don't need to give you to a hospital again." May gave a laugh at that as Lita release Pidgeotto.

"Oh, this one is beautiful as well," May said.

"Pidgey are one of the most common Pokémon here in Kanto," Max said. "If you want a Pidgeotto catch a Pidgey and train her up." Pidgeotto gave Max a look as Lita giggled.

"My Pidgeotto is special," Lita said remembering Ash telling her Pidgeotto was Blue's Pidgeot son. "But if you want a Pidgey they are pretty common. We can probably find one nearby for you to catch." May gave Lita a smile.

Lita switching out toxic and putting dark pulse in. "That's a one time use," Max said and Lita blinked. Max did know the difference in the color of TMs. "Can I have it after you're done?"

"It's worthless after I am done," Lita reminded Max.

"I know," Max said.

"Okay," Lita said putting Hestia Luxury Ball on the machine and giving her the move. Then released Hestia.

"A vulpix," Max said going to Hestia but scaring her that Hestia let out some flames at him and then jumped onto Lita shoulders.

"She's a little nervous around new people," Lita said giving Hestia a pet and then taking out the Dark Pulse TM and handing it over to Max.

"She's beautiful too," May said smiling at Hestia but didn't try to go near seeing she was nervous.

Lita took out ice punch and Poliwhirl pokeball. Giving the Pokémon the move and releasing him. Max ended up getting hit by Poliwhirl too and Lita had to wonder how long before he learned a lesson. Lita then put flamethrower in and gave it to Bagon. Releasing her dragon type.

"You have a dragon," Max said eyes wide. Bagon already had flames in his mouth and Max received a light flamethrower to the face. Hestia looking at it seeming jealous.

"Well you all have new moves," Lita said and her Pokémon cheered. "We have gotten four badges and this is your reward. But there is reason for my madness. Nova shadow ball is a ghost type move." The little Eevee looked up at that. "You work with that and master it your egg move should become easier." Nova gave out a cheer at that. "Pidgeotto." Lita didn't want to tell the Pokémon the move she had actually wanted for him was too expensive. "Toxic is a poison type move. Helps diversify your move set and also is tricky." Pidgeotto gave out a noise at that.

"Hestia dark pulse gives you a different move as well," Lita said taking Hestia and putting her on the floor. The vulpix staying by her trainer. "Poliwhirl, you just got arms. Ice punch will help you learn to use them and ice is a move set your familiar with." Poliwhirl held up a fist at that. "And Bagon flamethrower will help defend against ice. One of your greatest weaknesses."

Bagon let out a flamethrower to the sky and Hestia gave a moan and rubbed against Lita. Lita knew she could give the TM to Hestia but Hestia could learn it naturally easier than Bagon and she wanted her Pokémon to learn moves naturally too. Would make them more powerful. "Hestia, you can work with Bagon. Him knowing it will help you learn it faster."

Bagon came over and brought Hestia closer to him and Hestia gave a little cheer. "Now guys remember we have a new team mate. I am going to release him but I don't know how he will react," Lita said. "Max that goes for you too. My other Pokémon didn't try to hurt you. Primeape might."

"Max," May said taking her little brother away as Lita released her last Pokémon.

Primeape seemed shocked looking around and then looked at the Pokémon. "Primeape," Lita said wondering if she should have given him a TM, but she didn't want to make him more dangerous if he reacted badly. "I caught you remember. Your apart of my team now."

Primeape gave a look around clearly not sure what to do. "I can promise you a lot of battles," Lita said and that made Primeape look up. "And learning moves you would never dream of before. Just listen to me." Primeape looked at Lita as Lita took out the hat. "Sunglasses are mine." Primeape was still wearing her sunglasses. "But you can have this."

Primeape accepted the trade as Lita took her sunglasses back and put them on. Seemed Primeape was going to listen. She took out her pokedex and scanned Primeape. She was right he was no low level Pokémon. He must have been doing a lot of training in the wild knowing counter, encore, focus energy, leer, rage, scratch, karate chop, low kick, and seismic toss. She promised she would help May though so she couldn't test him out yet. "Primeape and Poliwhirl take one of the dummies and train together." She decided to put those two to work together. "Bagon and Hestia your working together on the other. Pidgeotto you take one for yourself. Only hit the dummy. I don't want to explain to Nurse Joy why anyone got poisoned. Nova you're with me. We're helping May."

Her Pokémon went to battle as Lita turned to May. May released her three Pokémon. She had her Torchic, a butterfree, and a pink cat looking Pokémon which Lita learned was a Skitty. May had caught her in Hoeinn before leaving for Kanto. Lita watched May show off her routine and saw May had the first round down. She had seen a few contests on TV.

Max was right in May wasn't the best with battles. Lita knew in contest battles you had to make your moves look good at the same time as battling, but May focused too much on making her moves look good. It let opponents take advantage which Lita did with Nova. Lita giving some battle advice as best as she could.

Max had wandered off to watch Lita Pokémon train and when she heard the yell she was about to turn around and yell at him thinking he had done something only to see Damien with his Wartortle. The two had targeted Hestia but Bagon had taken the hit and was roaring at the boy and Pokémon. All of Lita's other Pokémon coming in to defend Hestia as well, even Primeape who seemed to be looking for a fight or getting into a rage. Lita deciding to return to the fighting type as Nova joined her friends.

"What do you think you're doing to my Pokémon?" Lita asked going to pick Hestia up.

"They were in my way," Damien said. "You still have that weak thing."

"Hestia here took down Surge's Raichu," Lita said petting her friend and Hestia gave out a yell. "Seems Hestia wants to show you a thing or two. Best two out of three."

"I'll take your weak team," Damien said.

"May give Damien your spot," Lita said. They had been using one of the battle fields to practice and some other people were also practicing, but eyes had turned to them. No one else had a problem with her Pokémon training on their own. In fact, Lita noticed several other Pokémon nearby. Apparently, they had joined the training.

May stepped aside and Damien took his spot. Pidgeotto flying above the battle field clearly wanting this battle. "Okay your first," Lita called out and Damien seemed to smirk as he released an Elekid. Lita wondering what it was with jerks and this electric type since Paul had one as well. Damien started continually using electric attacks. "Toxic." Lita called out as Pidgeotto had been using quick attack and protect to avoid electric attacks but that would not work forever.

The poison attacked hit but didn't seem to stop Elekid. "Thunder," Damien called out and Lita order a silver wing telling Pidgeotto to hit it at the ground. Hoping it would defend against the attack. It did a bit and Pidgeotto hit Elekid with a wing attack right after but one more thunder bolt and Pidgeotto was done. "Weak." Damien called out as Lita returned Pidgeotto, but Lita looked at Elekid before Damien returned it. That Pokémon was damaged. She was proud of her flying type.

Damien released sandslash and Hestia gave a call out. "Not this one Hestia. Bagon your turn," Lita said to the dragon type.

"Use scratch," Damien said barely waiting for Bagon to take the field. Sandslash came running at Bagon who Lita order to respond with a headbutt. The two moves meeting but Bagon was clearly more powerful. Sandslash threw it back and then Lita ordered a dragon breath.

When the move was done Sandslash was knocked out and Lita raised an eyebrow. That had been too easy. Seemed without a type advantage Damien was nothing. Damien returned Sandslash with a frown. "Of course, you won using an overpowered dragon type," Damien said.

"Bagon, good job," Lita said and Bagon stepped aside.

"Too afraid to use that fire type against a real fire type?" Damien asked taking out a pokeball.

"Hestia, your turn," Lita said and Hestia jumped down as Damien released a Ponyta. May gave out a noise thinking this was a beautiful Pokémon.

"Ember," Damien said and embers come out but Lita didn't have Hestia dodge them.

"Let's try out your new move. Dark Pulse followed by quick attack," Lita said the embers didn't affect Hestia at all. A dark pulse came out and hit into Ponyta. The dark pulse wasn't as powerful as she would like yet but it did the job and then Hestia ran into Ponyta fast. The quick attack knocking Ponyta back with Ponyta only able to give a tackle back. "Use another quick attack."

Hestia used the move again and Ponyta was knocked out. "Two out of three," Lita said kind of disappointed how easy this was. Only Pidgeotto and Elekid was a real match.

Damien seemed angry. "You couldn't defeat that weakling," Damien yelled at Ponyta who was still knocked out. "Your useless." Damien took out his pokeball and crushed it. "You can have this one too if you want." Damien turned around and walked away.

"He just abandoned Ponyta," May said shocked as Lita rolled her eyes.

"It's his thing. He abandoned Hestia and Ash's Charmander," Lita said as May went up.

"Nice battle," Lita heard and turned to see Emma there with Forrest and Richie. "Too bad he was so weak."

"That guy is barely worth the effort," Lita said greeting the two and seeing May. "May, if you want Ponyta capture her now." May turned to Lita. Ponyta had just woken up and seemed to get she was being abandoned.

"How would you like it?" May asked holding out a pokeball and Ponyta seemed to realize her choices were become wild or go with this kind girl. Ponyta tapped her head to the pokeball and was instantly captured.

"Good," Forrest said. "That Ponyta deserves a better trainer. Would you believe that jerk abandoned a Slugma?"

"Yes," Lita said without even thinking. "What's a Slugma?"

"A fire Pokémon not known to be in Kanto. He had to get it imported to here. Evolves into Magcargo who is a rock type as well," Forrest said and Lita knew Forrest was specializing in rocks after all to take over the Pewter gym.

"We better go into Nurse Joy," Emma said and May nodded.

The group walking inside and May explained about Ponyta to Nurse Joy who took the pokeball. Lita picked up the treats she had delivered and released Primeape. She gave Pidgeotto a potion to heal damage from the battle. Giving all the Pokémon a nice treat. She had six left and gave one each to May's Pokémon. Letting Richie, Forrrest, and Emma take one to give to one of their Pokémon. Everyone thanking her.

"You know you have two fire types now," Max said. "Not a diverse team."

"Oh you," Emma said rubbing Max's head. "Ponyta will be great for contest and you can catch other types later." Lita had a chat with Forrest and Richie. Richie had three badges and Forrest had two. The group chatted for a bit before going to their own rooms.

Once inside her room, Lita took her old back pack and dumped the contents. Her Pokémon were sleeping all over the room as Lita organized her own backpack. It had two big sections. Lita putting her personal stuff in one and anything for her Pokémon in the other. She had a few little pockets where she put her pokedex and other random things.

Then she looked at her old bag. She didn't want to throw it out. She could put it in the backpack but also knew even with the extra room in this backpack it would be a waste of space. She would see if one of her Pokémon, maybe Primeape, wanted to carry it. If not, she would send it home to Aunt Delia. She laid down on the bed happy to be able to sleep in a bed for some time as she looked over the information Tracey sent her about Alola form Pokémon. Finding it really interesting herself.

Post Chapter Note: I hope you enjoyed.

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