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The Dragon Gym

The Pokémon Journey

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The Dragon Gym

The next few days heading towards the dragon gym was a little stressful for everyone. Training continued and Lita was happy her Poliwag had learned pound. The bickering between Lita and Ash didn't get better but Misty had learned to live with it. The two would get over it eventually she knew and she enjoyed traveling with both of them. Lita was becoming a good friend and she really liked Ash even if he could be a little big headed.

Ash was continuing training his Pokémon. He gave special attention to Charmander and seemed to really like his Oddish as well. Helping her get the hang of mega drain. Riolu was training with Eevee and Pikachu. The three making a good team. "We're here," Lita finally said as they looked over at the town.

"Today is the day," Ash said happily running head long into the town. Misty and Lita giving a smirk as they followed. Lita had Hestia in her arms. Hestia liked being in her pokeball more now since the transfer to the luxury ball but still liked being out with her trainer.

"Ash, who are you using in battle?" Misty asked as they ran into the town. "Charmander and who?"

"Riolu," Ash said surprising the two. The last they heard he was going to use Pikachu and Eevee. Even the two Pokémon in question turned themselves. "He needs a fight under his belt which is not some random trainer or the two of you. Plus, he learned counter recently. Also, I gave him mega punch as well."

"You're going to wear that mega punch out," Lita said. While the TM was reusable they did eventually wear out and go bad. It took a lot of use for that to happen though.

"What's with the crowd?" Misty asked as they noticed a crowd.

"I think I know," Lita said. "Uncle Lance." She yelled a bit louder and people quieted down as Lance himself came through the crowd.

"Lita, Ash," Lance said and the two smiled right away and went to hug their uncle. Lance giving Hestia a pat as Ash introduced Pikachu and Eevee. "I figured I would be seeing you."

"Lita says you have a Gible for me," Ash said a smile on his face.

"And I also said he wanted to see you battle first," Lita said back.

"I know," Ash said. "I still can't believe you choose Bagon over Gible."

"Bagon is my favorite dragon line," Lita said annoyed at the comment.

"Well Gible will out fight you," Ash said.

"Oh yeah," Lita said.

"Kids," Lance said putting an arm between them. "Save this fighting spirit for the gym." The two stopped their fighting seeming embarrassed they did it in front of their uncle. "Go have your Pokémon get a checkup before the battle and then meet me at the gym."

"Yes, Uncle Lance," Ash and Lita said at the same time heading for the Pokémon Center.

"How long have they been bickering?" Lance asked Misty.

"How long has it been since we've seen you?" Misty asked and Lance raised an eyebrow. "The minute Ash returned the bickering started." Lance gave a sigh but then gave Misty a smile and indicted for her to follow the others to the Pokémon Center.

It was a quick stop with Nurse Joy giving all the Pokémon a short checkup and gave them the all clear for a gym battle. Lance was waiting for them outside with a tall woman. "Loren you remember my niece and nephew," Lance said and Ash and Lita smiled at the woman. She had been Lance's trainee and student until she had opened this Dragon gym in her own home town. The two had met her many times. "This is their friend Misty and future gym leader of the Cerulean Gym."

"Hello, and welcome," Loren said. "How many badges do you all have?"

"Two," Lita said as both Ash and Misty said one with a frown.

"Lita first than. You two after," Loren said with a nod leading them into the gym. It was shaped more like a coliseum. There was no roof above the battle field.

"Two on two fight. No substitution," the referee said as Lita and Loren took their spot. Lita knew with two badges the gyms would start to become more challenging. She was proven right when Loren sent out a Druddigon who looked excited.

"Haven't gotten any two badges in yet," Loren said with a wink. "My more powerful Pokémon have been itching for a battle."

"Then this won't be easy," Lita said taking out her pokeball and releasing Bagon. Lita giving Druddigon a look. He couldn't be super power since he was able to fight someone with two badges but if he had been wanting a fight this could get tricky.

"Oh," Loren said with a smile. "I believe that's my Salamence son." Lita turned her head to her uncle. She had only said the Pokémon came from a breeder, not that it had been Loren. Lita had met Loren most powerful Pokémon before. It had honestly been what made her love the Bagon line over the Dratini line. "This should be fun. You have the first move."

Dragon Breath was her trump move. The only dragon type move Bagon actually knew. She had to be smart with it's use. "Use bite," Lita said. Going in close was a risky move, but she couldn't start off with her best move. Loren ordered the same move and the two moves met. The two dragons biting at the same time.

"Metal claw," Loren said and Druddigon hit Bagon with a metal claw knocking Bagon back. "Again." Druddigon went to get in close but Lita ordered a dragon breath right when Druddigon got close enough. It was a direct hit. Good damage.

"You've trained him," Loren said with a smirk. "Okay play time over." Lita got Loren was testing Bagon. A Pokémon Lita realized used to be Loren if Bagon mother was Loren Pokémon. Loren had been testing Lita and Bagon. She wanted to see if Bagon was with a good trainer. "Dragon tail."

The move went into Bagon faster than Bagon could dodge. Bagon wasn't a fast Pokémon at the moment. Dragons rarely were fast before their final form. They were powerhouses with a pretty good defense as well. "Leer." She needed to get the defenses down. "Rage." Lita ordered right after the leer was done.

Loren had Druddigan response with a dragon claw. Which knocked Bagon back. Bagon getting up but was weak. "End it with dragon tail," Loren said.

"Dragon breath," Lita said and Bagon used the move meeting the dragon tail. The two moves exploding knocking both of them back. Bagon was weak. "Bagon, I…." Before Lita could finish her sentence Bagon let out another dragon type move. One Lita knew was dragon pulse, Bagon egg move, which he had not been able to master while they trained. The move was weak though but it did hit Druddigan. The Pokémon getting up though and then Bagon fainted.

"Bagon is unable to battle, Druddigon wins," the referee said as Lita returned Bagon.

Lita giving Druddigon a look. He might have won but that last weakened dragon pulse had taken its toll. "Not bad," Lance said to Ash and Misty from the seating area. Ash's Eevee had jumped onto Lance's lap. "Bet I know her next Pokémon."

"You do," Misty said as Lita took out her pokeball.

"Poliwag, it's all you now," Lita let out the water type Pokémon and right away ordered an ice beam. The attack hitting into Druddigon and making him fall the Pokémon going to get up. "Pound." Lita didn't want to use a super powerful move against the weaken Pokémon again.

The pound was met with a metal claw. Poliwag taking a hit but Druddigon was done fainting. "Druddigon is unable to battle. Poliwag is the winner." The referee said as Loren returned her Pokémon.

Loren took out another pokeball and released a Jangmo-o. Lita blinked. This Pokémon could only be found in a far off region and Lita had only seen a picture of this Pokémon once. It was one dragon type she didn't know much about. "Ice beam," Lita wanted to end this and fast. But Jangmo-o used protect and then came at Poliwag with a dragon tail.

Poliwag being thrown back. "Poliwag," Layal said. "You good?" Poliwag gave an affirmative noise. "Used Water gun on the floor to toss you up in the air." Poliwag was shocked but did the order as Jangmo-o came at Poliwag with a tackle. "Now use ice beam." Poliwag used ice beam as he was coming down. The ice beam hitting into the floor and slowing the fall of Poliwag.

When Poliwag hit the bottom the entire floor was ice with a giant ice bridge in the middle of the room leading up. "Use pound on the ice bridge," Lita said. Jangmo-o was having problems on the ice as Poliwag hit into the ice he made breaking it into pieces. Those pieces hitting all over the field including at Jangmo-o.

"Dragon breath," Loren ordered and Jangmo-o let out a large dragon breath that went around the field hitting into Poliwag.

"Return with an ice beam," Lita said. Jangmo-o was still using dragon breath. Only move he had not being able to walk well. The two moves met each other and exploded. When the dust cleared both pokemon were knocked out.

"Both Jangmo-o and Poliwag are unable to battle. It's a draw," the referee said as Lita returned Poliwag thanking the Pokémon, but gave a frown. She hadn't won.

She walked off the field and went to where Lance, Ash, and Misty were waiting. Loren came up. "Sorry if Bagon disappointed," Lita said.

"You've had him for like what a couple of weeks," Loren asked and Lita nodded. "When he left here no way he would have been able to take those hits."

"Loren is right. You tried to out dragon a master at dragons. One who knows the Bagon line well. She breeds them," Lance said. "Bagon has a long way to go but he will get there."

"And I think this belongs to you," Loren said taking out a badge.

"I didn't win," Lita said confused.

"In an event of a tie the gym leader chooses whether to give the badge or not," Misty said as Lita took the badge from Loren.

"That ice move was great. Turned the tide. Jangmo-o would have had Poliwag in seconds if you didn't do it," Loren said. "You deserve it."

"Thanks," Lita said taking the badge.

"Where did you get that idea?" Ash asked. Watching his cousin battle had made him even more excited for his own fight.

"Misty," Lita said with a smirk. "She did a similar move in the fighting gym. I added my own twist." Lance gave a smirk knowing that's where Lita got it from putting an arm around his niece. "Loren, can I get a couple of pictures of you and your Pokémon?"

"Ah I was wondering if you would ask," Loren said making Lita raise an eyebrow. "Seen your photos. And I'll only say yes if Lance will agree to a photo with me as well."

Lance gave a laugh as Lita gave him sad eyes. "Fine," Lance said. "First let's go get your Pokémon healed. We'll come back here afterward."

"Wait mine and Misty battle," Ash complained.

"Got to give my workers at least an hour to clean up that mess," Loren said pointing over her shoulder at the field that was still iced over. "Get Bagon healed. His mom will want to see him again. I'll be waiting around back."

Lance had gone with Lita to the Pokémon center and had a word with Nurse Joy. Asking her if she could heal up the Pokémon as fast as possible. Misty and Ash stayed at the gym. "Let me see your badges," Lance said and Lita showed her badge case. "You didn't take on Surge?"

"I did, but his Pikachu destroyed me," Lita admitted. "I was training for a rematch but Ash showed up late. The only way we could get here in time to catch you was to leave right away." Lita let Hestia and Nova out of their poke balls.

"Well you can take him now," Lance said sure of that giving the Pokémon a pet.

"We're heading to Celadon after this," Lita said frowning. They had promised Oak they could go to Celadon and to the breeder who gave them their Eevees. "I don't think we plan on going back to Vermillion until later on. It's not a good gym for Misty."

"I can drop you off there and you can meet up with Ash and Misty later on in Celadon," Lance said. "Think about it. And I see you got Hestia a Luxury ball. She deserves it." Lita gave a nod and Hestia a pet as Nurse Joy came back with her Pokémon. "Come on let's go see Loren Salamence."

Lita gave a smirk as she let Bagon out of his pokeball as well and they went towards the gym.


Loren was more than willing to let Ash and Misty look at her Pokémon. The two having fun looking at the Pokémon. Lance was right in the fact Lorne breed Bagon. There were several of playing around a lot younger than Lita's Bagon. "How much does a Bagon go for?" Ash asked looking at the dragon type. He did think Gible was the better choice but if he could have both he'd be happy.

"More than you can afford," Loren said. "Although I give more of these out to trainers I think deserve them. I get good money from being a gym leader and enjoy the battles. Breeding dragon types is just a passion. There are so few of them around I like helping add to the population. But before you ask none of these are ready to leave the nest. The last one I had ready was Lita's Bagon."

"You have Horsea and Seadra," Misty said looking over at them.

"I breed them too," Loren said as a Kingdra came out of the pond. "You know Kingdra is a dragon type, right?" Misty hadn't known that at all.

"Wow," it was Lita coming in with Bagon running fast up to his former home. Hestia and Nova themselves were wide eye as they looked around. Lita already had her hands on her camera and was ready to take pictures but she needed the official permission first.

Loren signed off on the permission and then released her Salamence. Bagon and Salamence greeted each other speaking for a minute before Salamence turned to Lita. Gave her a sniff then a nudge. "She approves," Loren said letting Lita take picture of her and Salamence along with Lance who released Dragonite as well. Loren only let a few pictures of herself and then let one personal picture of Lita with Bagon and Salamence.

"Time for these two to battle," Loren said. Misty was by the pond with the Horsea still. "Come on."

"I can stay here to take pictures? I mean this is like a dream," Lita said.

"Sure you don't want to specialize in dragons?" Lance asked to get a hit from both Hestia and Nova. "Okay, okay.

"I love dragons but love other types too," Lita said. "I would like a whole dragon team someday." Lance gave a nod as Loren gave Lita the permission to stay and take pictures. Ash, Misty, Lance, and Loren heading back in.

Lita continued taking pictures. Loren garden was like a dream come true for anyone who liked dragon Pokémon. Loren had left her Salamence out and the baby Bagon were all over her. Her own Bagon was there as well. It was a while later some gym workers came in the back and returned a Altaria and Noibat to pokeballs.

"Must be the gyms Pokémon," Lita said figuring either Misty or Ash's battle was done and the workers were grabbing other Pokémon for Loren to use against the other. Then Lita blinked remembering something about the two Pokémon she had just seen brought to their pokeballs.

"Crap," Lala said and called her Pokémon to her and ran to get inside.


Misty was proud of herself as she sat on the chair looking at the badge. Shelldar had really been the MVP. It's good defense and ice type moves really helped and Seel was as powerful as ever. They had easily taken down a Dratinin and an Axew.

"You did well," Lance said to Misty with a nod as Lita came running down the path.

"Ash is going," Lita said. Loren had already received the pokeballs.

"Yeah," Misty said. "I won."

"Ash, don't use," Lita yelled out but Ash had already released Riolu before Loren even released Altaria "Riolu." Lita sighed as both Hestia and Nova gave a noise jumping onto Lance and Misty's lap. Bagon was on the floor clearly interested in watching the battle.

"What's the problem?" Misty asked.

"Atlaria is a flying type," Lance was the one to answer. "You knew who she was going to use."

"I saw them being collect," Lita admitted and seeing the look. "Okay I know it's not right but Riolu was an iffy choice anyway. Altaria is the evolved form of Swablu. Possibly my least favorite dragon type." Lita informed Misty as Lance blinked.

"Can I get this list of your favorite dragon types you clearly made?" Lance asked as the battle was under way. Lita chuckled as she turned hoping for a better outcome than she expected for her cousin.


Ash knew he was in trouble the minute he saw the wings. Riolu had a big weakness to flying types and Lita's Pidgeotto was one of the Pokémon he had the most problems with when training. He didn't know dragon types as well as his cousin. He had focused more on the Pokémon local to Kanto. He hadn't thought this was a possibility. "Endure," Ash said knowing he was going to need it as Atlaria used sky attack.

Riolu took a bad hit. "Try to use metal claw when Atlaria comes close," Ash said as Atlaria went to use pluck. Riolu used metal claw but it was clear Riolu took the bigger hit. Two attacks and Riolu wasn't doing well at all.

Ash bit his lip. It was no substitutions but Atlaria came in for another sky attack and Ash took out his pokeball and returned. Riolu was not ready to take on a type advantage Atlaria had. Ash knew he blew it then. He only had Charmander to take on two opponents and Atlaria had barely taken a hit.

Ash had to try though. Taking out his pokeball he choose Charmander. "Charmander we're battling an uphill battle here," Ash said to the Pokémon. "Use smokescreen."

"It was smart to take Riolu out," Lance said with a nod as the field disappeared in the smoke.

"Use fire fang," Ash yelled out and Charmander jumped above the smoke and hit Atlaria with a fire fang.

"Dragon breath," Loren said and dragon breath hit right into Charmander.

"Ember," Ash said and Charmander let out an ember it hitting into Atlaria but Atlaria wasn't being taken down by that. The two Pokémon were both looking tired as she used fury attack.

"Mega punch," Ash said and Charmander hit Atlaria as Atlaria was using her attack. Both Pokémon taking a hit as they continued mega punch to fury swipes.

Then the two backed away and both looked tired. Atlaria looked like she would fall but then picked herself up. Charmander then fell down. It was too much. "Charmander is unable to battle. The challenger is out of useable Pokémon. The gym leader wins," the referee said as Ash returned Charmander and thanked him.

"Your Charmander has a lot of talent," Loren said as she returned Atlaria.

"Thanks," Ash said with a nod. He had to get to the Pokémon center and didn't stay for more conversation.


"I tried to warn you," Lita said as she, Ash, and Misty sat in the Pokémon center. Lita had sent the photos and everything over to Tracey who promised to upload them to the website right away to see if anyone would buy them. Lita had asked Tracey to take some of the profits feeling guilty he did all this work for her but Tracey shook his head and said he enjoyed it. Besides Oak paid well and he lived at the labs as well.

"Thanks," Ash said with a nod. He was upset.

"Don't be too sad," It was Lance. He had stayed behind to talk to Loren who was next to Lance. "It was a good battle."

"I expect you to come for a rematch," Loren said.

"Going to train for a few days and figure out a new plan," Ash said knowing he was not leaving this town until he had won against Loren.

"Well maybe this will help," Lance said taking out a pokeball and giving it to Ash. "Gible."

"But I didn't win," Ash said confused. He thought he had to win to get the dragon type promised to him.

"I never said you had to win. I just wanted to see how you handled battle. This Gible was yours the minute you returned Riolu. The way Bagon was Lita the minute she returned Hestia in the fighting gym," Lance said. "It showed good judgement. Give me your pokedex. I can register him to you." Ash handed the pokedex to Lance who typed into it and pointed at the pokball. A red light went into the pokeball and it was registered.

"Is he one of yours?" Ash asked. Gible pokeball had locked the minute he was registered and Ash knew he had to call Oak.

"No, Gible line has eluded me," Lorne said.

"The Sinnoh champion found him in the wild and gave him to me knowing I was looking for a dragon Pokémon for a new trainer," Lance said and Ash gave a nod.

"And Misty since this one is giving these two an easy strong Pokémon I thought you might like this," Loren said taking out a pokeball. "Horsea. She'll be a strong one of your team. And a dragon scale. So, when the time comes she can become Kingdra." Misty took both items shocked. "I want my Pokémon to go to good homes and from what I saw and Lance says you are it."

"Thank you," Misty said. "I'll take good care of her."

"I can register Horsea to you too," Lance said. "Do you have a pokedex?" Misty shook her head but it didn't matter much as Lance used a computer the poke center had. Horsea pokeball locked after registering though. "You both have six?" They nodded. "Need to transfer a Pokémon off your team for the ball to unlock."

Misty bite her lip thinking. "Now I have to go. Am I leaving alone?" Lance asked.

"No," Lita said standing up and returning Hestia and Nova to their pokeballs. They needed to be safe while she was on the back of Dragonite. "Take me to Vermillion."

"What?" Ash asked confused.

"The way you want to battle Loren again is what I feel about Surge," Lita said. "I need a rematch."

"Kick his ass," Ash said deciding not to argue. "We'll meet up in Celadon later." Lita gave a smiled and hugged her cousin.

"They finally stop bickering and we're splitting up," Misty sighed as Lance left the poke center with Lita.

The trip that took them a few weeks by walking was very fast on the back of Lance' Dragonite. "Hey Lita, some advice," Lance said dropping Lita out right before the city. "Ask Surge for pictures before the battle." Lita nodded confused. "You know his Rachicu weakness right." Lita nodded. The only reason Surge was allowed to use him was the Pokémon was slow. Surge had evolved him form Pikachu before he was ready because in the war he needed more power.

"Also, after you meet up with Ash and Misty in Celadon you should go to Fuchia City. The safari zone is there and you might find a sixth member of you team finally," Lance said and Lita laughed. "Where does Dratini fall on your list?"

"Second behind Bagon," Lita said with a smile.

"Well it's easier to find a dragon type with a dragon type by your side," Lance said and Lita nodded understanding. "You might just find out something about the safari zone you never knew before." Lita was curious but couldn't ask anymore questions as Lance flew away.

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