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Ash's Solo Journey

The Pokémon Journey

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Note: so this is Ash's side.

Ash's Solo Journey

Ash had taken the road to Cerulean City biting his lip. He had not expected to separate from Lita on this journey. The two had been planning their journey since they were five. After Lita mom had disappeared it was the only thing keeping the two of them going. Planning their exact teams and what they would do. Ash was going to become champion and Lita was supposed to specialize in dragon Pokémon and become a part of his elite four. It had been several years back Lita had told Ash she didn't want to specialize anymore. That had been a blow but he figured all their other plans would continue.

That they would journey together. They had planned to tackle all the same gyms their fathers had but it seemed more and more Lita did not care about these plans. "Pika," Pikachu said poking at Ash. Wondering what was on his trainer mind.

"It's nothing Pikachu," Ash said as Eevee also rubbed against him. He liked having these two out with him. "Come on we're going to get another gym badge."

The three picked up speed. It took a day to get to Cerulean. Cerulean closer to Pewter than Vermillion. When he arrived at Cerulean he saw they were preparing for a water Pokémon catching contest. "I need a water Pokémon," Ash said. "Gyarados is great but I can catch Magikarp anywhere." It would be hard to train up the Magikarp Ash knew but his dad had the Gyarados.

"Eve," Eevee said pointing out a sign. The sign said they had gathered Pokémon from several different regions for the contest.

"Yeah I think I will pass," Ash said shaking his head. "To the gym."

When he arrived at the gym there was a water Pokémon show going on and Ash had to blink. He was walking around seeing the large tanks for water Pokémon. This was a place Misty would like to be so did seem like this had been her home. "Are you the gym leaders?" Ash asked as he came upon four girls laying on beach chairs. The water Pokémon show had ended.

"Yes," one of the woman said. "But we're not battling right now."

"Gym leaders have to accept every battle," Ash said and Pikachu and Eevee made a noise of agreement. "Your Misty's sisters, right?"

"You know our sister?" The other one said. That had seemed to get their attention as they turned to him.

"She's my friend. I'm going to be meeting up with her and my cousin in a few weeks in Vermillion. She's a great battler," Ash said being truthful. Him and Misty had done some practice battles. "But maybe you're not half as good as her."

"Come on," the eldest sister said and Ash smirked. Lita might be his cousin but they had grown up together as siblings basically. He knew how to attack sibling rivalry. "I'm Daisy. How many badges do you have?"

"One," Ash said taking his spot at the end of the water field.

"It's a two on two battle," one of the other sisters said. "No substitutions." Ash took out a pokeball and threw out Butterfree. Pikachu giving a disappointed sigh but it was Ash who was soon disappointed. He was just trying to hit sibling rivalry before but he was right. The sisters were nowhere near as good as Misty. Butterfree took out both a Seel and a Staryu easily.

The sisters seeming annoyed as they threw the badge and Ash's winning at him. "Guess I was right," Ash said and then ducked out of the gym before the girls could respond. "Well an easy badge is still a badge." Ash told Pikachu and Eevee. "And Butterfree did really well." Ash put the badge away. "It would be quicker to get to Vermillion by backtracking and using the route Misty and Lita took but I want to go the long way. We might find some more team mates. Let's take a rest at the Pokémon Center and then go tomorrow"

The next day Ash and his Pokémon headed out of Cerulean ignoring the water catching contest as he did. Ash finding a couple of trainers to battle and easily beat them. "Hey I bet you can take on AJ," one said. "He made his own gym."

"Official gym?" Ash asked. He hadn't heard of a gym out this way in the middle of nowhere.

"No, just a place where he trains and takes challengers," the kid said. "When he hits 100 wins he plans on going on a journey." The kid pointed out a direction and Ash saw the make shift gym with a sign that said 98 wins and 0 defeats.

"You want to challenge?" A person Ash only assumed was AJ said as Ash entered.

"Question, how many of these wins are random new trainers from surrounding towns?" Ash asked wondering it himself. He had been walking all day and it was almost time to camp out for the night.

"Plenty of people who got badges," AJ said. "You want a battle or not." Ash shrugged and decided to go for the battle. Letting Eevee have a battle against a Sandshrew. Ash relying on iron tail and double kick. Ash had to admit Sandshrew was strong. Eevee and Sandshrew knocking each other out.

"A tie," Ash said with a frown returning Eevee to his pokeball.

"Good battle," AJ said with a nod. The two shaking hands as Ash went to go leave. Ash setting up camp and healing Eevee with a potion.

"You did well," Ash told the Pokémon as Pikachu gave his team mate a nod. "We'll get so strong no one will be able to defeat us." Ash went to sleep with dreams of being a Pokémon master in his head again.

Traveling for several days Ash came upon a school that trained kids to get to the Pokémon league without badges. Ash rolling his eyes at that. Lance had told the two about them but had not been fond of them himself. He said he had never seen these kids do well in Pokémon league. Ash was halfway tempted to kick their asses in Pokémon battles but decided to just skip.

He had a long walk after all. Misty and Lita were probably already waiting in Vermillion and he was at least a week or two away from there. It didn't help Ash sucked with directions. The poke nav single wasn't good in a lot of wild areas so the maps and GPS directions didn't help much.

Even Pikachu and Eevee was starting to realize they were lost when Ash sat on a bench. "Well since this picnic table is here there has to be life close," Ash reasoned with his Pokémon when an Oddish came into the clearing. "Oddish." Ash turned to look at the Pokémon. His father had never gotten an Oddish randomly, but Ash had admired the ones at Oak's lab as a kid. Their line wasn't the worst grass line in the world. Especially since Gloom could evolve into two different pokemon.

"One Pokémon my dad didn't have wouldn't be bad," Ash said to himself standing up. "Hi, want…" Ash paused when there was a fire attack right at Oddish. Ash noticing Paul coming out. "Hey." Ash yelled out at Paul. He had a fire type Pokémon Ash had never seen in person but knew it was a Chimchar. A starter of the Sinnoh region. "A surprise attack is not nice. Pikachu, Eevee defend Oddish."

The two Pokémon went between Oddish and Paul with his Pokémon. "A catch is fair no matter what. Get out of my way," Paul said.

"You want Oddish you have to get through me," Ash said.

"That's easy enough," Paul said seeming ready to fight but then a Bulbasaur came running up with a woman behind her.

"You two no fighting here," the woman said. "I am Melanie and this is my Pokémon sanctuary for sick and injured Pokémon." Melanie went and picked up Oddish. "She has burns from a fire attack. I assume you." Melanie seeing only Paul had a fire Pokémon and the aggressive stance between Ash's Pokémon and Paul's Pokémon.

Paul turned to the woman. "You should put better signs and guards up," Paul said returning his Chimchar before turning around and walking away.

"I guess I have you to thank for Oddish not being caught by that brute," Melanie said.

"I did stop him, but to be honest I wanted to catch Oddish too," Ash said putting a hand behind his head seeming embarrassed. "I was just about to ask Oddish for a battle when Paul sent that surprise attack out." Ash noticed the Bulbasaur taking an aggressive stance. "I won't now though." Ash held up his hands to calm the Kanto starter down. "Could you just point me in the right direction?"

"Come on, I'll take you back to my house," Melanie said and Ash followed her pass some set up traps for trainers the two chatting as they walked. Ash smiling. It had been a while since he had been able to chat with a human who he was not battling. Melanie bringing him to a house with a lot of different grass type Pokémon around it along with water. There was a fence around and a sign stating what it was. "See every Pokémon here has been abandoned by their trainer. Including Bulbasaur."

"I thought Bulbasaur was yours?" Ash asked and Melanie shook her head.

"He arrived here a while back and stayed to guard the sanctuary," Melanie said as she went to go treat Oddish. Ash going with her to help. "Unfortunately, the sanctuary is closing down."

"Why?" Ash asked. He knew the league backed such places in the wild for Pokémon who needed help.

"There was an issue with the bridge," Melanie said. "We lost league funding. I managed to find a job in the Kalos region but I can't bring everyone here. I have to find trainers for them or release them to the wild." Melanie had treated Oddish. "You said you wanted to catch Oddish?"

"Yes," Ash said smiling at the Pokémon.

"Well Oddish what do you think of Ash here?" Melanie asked Oddish who seemed to jump to Ash's arms. Ash barely catching her. She knowing Ash had saved her from Paul after all. "I think that's a yes. So, Ash Oddish is yours to adopt." Pikachu and Eevee gave out approving noises and seemed to be saying hello to their new team mate.

Ash took out a pokeball and Oddish went in it right away. The pokeball being automatically transfer to Oak's lab. "I forgot I have six Pokémon on me," Ash said. He had been stopping to train and battle with all his Pokémon. Both Nidoran, Butterfree, and of course Pikachu and Eevee had been training well and working on new moves, but Beedrill was still giving him a problem. "But she's safely with Professor Oak."

"Your one of Professor Oak's trainers?" Melanie said a smile on her face. "I've been trying to get in touch with him. See if he would take some Pokémon and find them homes."

"Let me call," Ash said and Melanie brought him to the phone. Ash dialing the number and Oak wasn't long to answer.

"Hi Ash, checking on your Oddish," Oak said and Oddish was fast to jump in front of the viewer. She seemed upset.

"Sorry Oddish, I have six Pokémon on me," Ash said upset and wondering if he should trade out a Pokémon.

"Oddish, you need a few more days to heal up anyway before you can really train," Melanie warned the Pokémon.

That settled it for Ash. "Stay with Professor Oak for a few days and then I'll transfer you onto the team," Ash said with a nod. "He's really nice and so is his new assistant Tracey." Ash barely knew Tracey but it was the person Lita always contacted about her new photography thing. "And there are other Oddish at the labs. You might be able to learn a thing or two from them." Oddish gave an understanding sound.

"I'll take good care of her," Professor Oak said patting the Pokémon. "So anymore news?"

That was when Melanie took over the call explaining her situation to the professor who was more than happy to take the Pokémon from Melanie. Oak used the Pokémon transfer device to send enough empty pokeballs to Melanie and slowly Melanie started putting all the Pokémon who wanted to go to Oak's lab in the ball and transfer them to the professor. A couple choose to leave and go to the wild.

"That's everyone but Bulbasaur," Melanie said to the professor.

"Are you taking him with you?" Ash asked.

"I would, but the new care center I will be working at has very strict rules. I'd give him to you but I don't think he would be happy battling," Melanie said and Ash gave a depressed nod. His father had chosen Charmander as his starter but also got the other two starters somehow as well. "He wants to be caring for Pokémon. Maybe staying with Professor Oak would be the best."

"Hold on a second," Ash said before Oak could say anything. "You know the gym leader Brock?" Melanie nodded. "He wants to be a breeder. Caring for infant Pokémon seems to be up Bulbasaur ally. He might be happy with Brock."

"I think that's a wonderful idea," Oak said with a nod. "And Melanie I promise to find good trainers for all these Pokémon."

"I know you will," Melanie said and they ended the call with Oak reminding Ash to give his mom a call at some point. Then they called Brock. One of his siblings answered the phone saying Brock was in the middle of a gym battle and put them on hold.

When Brock answered Ash told them about Bulbasaur and the situation. "I'd love to have Bulbasaur," Brock said. "A helper with the infant Pokémon I have would be great. Since Lita's picture hit the magazine I have gotten a lot of calls and want to expand my breeding business but with gym leader duties and taking care of my siblings it's hard. Besides maybe I could find Bulbasaur a mate."

"Thank you," Melanie said calling Bulbasaur over and explaining to him where he was going. He didn't see happy at first but after listening to Brock agreed and Melanie put him in a pokeball and sent him to Brock. "Thank you again. Bulbasaur you be good." Brock had released the Pokémon the minute he got him.

"Hey if you ever have kid Bulbasaur let me know. I might be in the market," Ash said and Brock promised he would before ending the call.

Melanie let Ash train and sleep at the house that night. Both Nidoran were getting the hang of poison sting to Ash's pleasure. Pikachu was working on electro ball but wasn't getting the hang of the move. Pikachu having trouble bringing the electricity in to a small controlled ball. The other moves he knew were letting the electric out in a large-scale attack. Butterfree was working on strengthening his current move set. Ash was really wanting Eevee to get stronger as well. Since Lita had one as well he wanted his to be more powerful. He had an edge up that Eevee knew his egg move now, but Eevee would definitely get his true power after evolution. Ash deciding to have Eevee work on his speed and hopefully learn the move take down.

"Damn," Ash said looking through his bag. He had not realized Lita had the TM machine and the TMs. Not that one was good without the other. It didn't matter much anyway. He didn't have TMs to give his team right now. He'd have to buy more. "Hey guys, enough training for today. Let's get some rest and get back on the road tomorrow." Ash returned all his Pokémon except Pikachu and Eevee for the night.

The next day Melanie showed him the correct road and Ash thanked her as he walked it. Even with directions Ash was getting turned around as he looked for Pokémon to capture. Only finding Spearows were around. Ash had to pause at that. His father had a Fearow, but after what happened with May and Max he was a little put off those Pokémon.

It was while he was thinking of that it started to rain. As in completely pouring to the point Ash could not see the road in front of him. Ash was still at least a mile from the Pokémon center. "You look like you need some shelter," it was a voice that sounded familiar to Ash as he saw a man standing there. There was a fence surrounding a log cabin in the woods. "Get in here Ash."

"Pikachu," Pikachu said being the first to run in followed by Eevee.

"Thank I… wait," Ash said once he got inside. "How did you know my name?"

"Well I was at the hospital the day you were born," the man said and then Ash recognized him. "Been a while kid but you look exactly like your father."

"Blue," Ash said. This man was his father greatest rival. They had fought many times. Blue had become champion first only for Red to take the title two days later.

"You know that's not actually my name. It's just what people called me because your dad went by Red," Blue said. Ash's father real name was Redcliff but he had used the nickname Red his entire life and most people forgot his real name was not Red. "Lance called me and told me you'd be coming my way and to keep an eye out."

"You talk to Uncle Lance?" Ash asked.

"Every once in a while. Champions even former champions talk," Blue said. "I might be the shortest-lived champion in the history of the Kanto region but I was still champion boy. Now let me see this team of yours." Ash was more than happy to release Butterfree and his two Nidoran.

"This one is a little…" Ash paused as Beedrills pokeball and released the Pokémon. She automatically attacked Ash and went to the window. Blue giving a whistle and an Alakazam stopped the Beedrill.

"Okay tell me what's wrong?" Blue said to the Alakazam after a moment and then seemed to be listening. "Got it. Kid this Beedrill wants to go home. She doesn't want to be with you."

"I can't give up on every Pokémon who has an attitude," Ash said.

"True," Blue said with a nod. "But this one isn't just disloyal. It's not one you can get through with the promise of battling and growing stronger. She just wants to be with her colony."

"My dad had a Beedrill," Ash said as if that was a defense.

"Your dad had a Beedrill yes, but you are not your dad and have no need to make the same team," Blue said and Ash got Lance must have told Blue more than Ash suspected. "There was nothing special about the types of Pokémon your dad had. What was special was the trainer. And let's say you do become champion with the same Pokémon your dad did. You'd always be him. Never be you. The choice is yours."

Ash returned Beedrill and sat looking out the window for the longest time. Hearing the rain come down. Pikachu and Eevee were eating and Ash knew what they wanted. No one liked Beedrill. He was thinking about Oddish. A Pokémon his dad did not have who he did not regret catching. He knew she would be great. He felt Blue come up to him to look out the window as well.

Ash held out the pokeball. "I still want a Charmander and Dratini," Ash said.

"I still want those as well," Blue said with a laugh taking the pokeball. "I'll get this girl home. And in exchange I have been looking for a worthy young trainer for a child of one of my Pokémon. I guarantee you this is one your father never had. Want her?" Blue held up the pokeball.

"Yeah," Ash said right away taking it from Blue and releasing the Pokémon. A blue humanoid Pokémon came out. "I don't recognize this species."

"Riolu," Blue said. "Fighting type. After your dad took the championship I explored all the regions." Ash gave a smile. His first fighting type. That was when he heard a noise. "That would be my Pidgeot. Wonder what she's doing back. She's been looking for the trainer who caught her son out on route 1."

Ash blinked at that as Blue came out of the house Pidgeot was circling above them. "Something is wrong," Blue said running following Pidgeot and Ash was behind him. There was a Charmander on a rock hiding his tail with a leaf. "Kid, come help me here."

Blue was putting his jacket over Charmander to guard the tail flame as Ash went to pick the Pokémon up. "To the house fast." The two ran guarding Charmander tail as they got into the house and put Charmander next to the fireplace. Eevee and Pikachu were looking over concerned. "This Charmander needs medical attention fast." Blue was already applying medicine. "This should keep him stable. Kid sit here and rub his skin. I'm going to get to Nurse Joy and bring her here."

"Why not catch him and bring him to the Pokémon center?" Ash asked.

"Pokeball could do more damage to him in the state he's in," Blue said making Ash blink. "Especially if he tries to fight it. He must have been abandoned by his trainer. Now do as I say."

"Yes sir," Ash said taking a seat and started to rub the Charmander. Pikachu, Riolu, and Eevee coming to help as Blue left. As he rubbed he talked to the Charmander telling Charmander how much he had wanted one as his starter. "I don't know how anyone could abandon you. You're my dream you know."

It was a while later Nurse Joy, Blue, and Chansey came in with a lot of medical supplies. The Nurse and Pokémon taking over and Ash backing off. "Good job kid," Blue said.

"Your Pidgeot didn't run off, did she?" Ash asked.

"In her pokeball why?" Blue asked.

"The son she's looking for. Knew the move Silver Wing?" Ash asked and Blue turned his head.

"Yes," Blue said.

"He's fine. My cousin has him," Ash said.

"Draken's kid?" Blue asked and Ash nodded. "Hum seems he found a good trainer than. My Pidgeot might show up one day to make sure though. She's very protective of her kids. Wants them all to find a good trainer but if they find a bad one… well let's just say that trainer does not have the kid long." Ash gave a chuckle at that.


The next day Charmander was brought to the Pokémon Center, Nurse Joy told them the Charmander was lucky they got to him in time. Ash then heard a familiar voice joking with friends about how he abandoned a weak Charmander. "You did that," Ash yelled, Pikachu cheeks sparking and Eevee giving a loud noise. "That Charmander nearly died…."

"Whoa," Blue said holding Ash back. He had come with Ash so he could check on the Charmander and also confirm for Oak to register Riolu to Ash. "You abandoned that Charmander?"

"I got rid of a weak Pokémon," Damien said.

"Didn't you get rid of Vulpix for Charmander?" Ash asked and Blue gave a blink there.

"It wasn't what it was cracked up to be and I don't have to answer to you. I am getting an even better fire type," Damien said turning and leaving.

"Something tells me you know him kid," Blue said and Ash gave a nod. "Let me call Officer Jenny." Officer Jenny was there fast and Ash told both about how Damien had abused and abandoned Vulpix that Lita had and then Blue mentioned about how they found Charmander.

"I'll fill out a report with the league but abandoning a Pokémon is not illegal," Jenny said. "League might give him warnings on where." Ash gave a sad nod.

"How's the Squirtle squad working out as your town fire department?" Blue asked Jenny.

"Real great. Thanks for taking care of that," Jenny said. "Did you hear the latest news from Lance."

"You know I don't have a TV," Blue said.

"Lance has pulled the license of the Celadon gym," Jenny said and Ash picked up his head. He was planning on going there. "And suspended the license of the Cerulean gym until the youngest sister is old enough to be gym leader."

"What?" Ash butted in. "But what does that mean for people who have the Cerulean badge."

"The badge is no good and it's also about time. Those gyms have been jokes for the longest time," Blue said and Ash looked down. "I guess your down a badge." Ash nodded. "Well you got more than enough time to get 7 more. Come on let's give Oak a call."

It was pretty easy for Oak to register Riolu to Ash and also to unregister Beedrill. "Oddish can go with you now," Oak commented to Ash and Oddish had jumped up at that.

"Give me a minute," Ash said and took out a pokeball and then another. He released both his Nidoran. "Hey you two. I have more than 6 Pokémon now. It means I have to rotate Pokémon out." The two seemed confused. "I want to send one of you to Oak's lab."

"Nido," the two said and rubbed against each other.

"You want to stay together," Ash said knowing the two were close. Probably mated before Ash caught them. "How about this deal? You two stay at the labs together but I will transfer one of you onto my team for battles every so often. You have to continue training at the labs. There are a lot of Pokémon who can help you there."

The two Pokémon seemed okay with that arrangement and Ash returned them and transferred them both to Oak to get Oddish pokeballs. "That was very mature of you," Blue said seeming impressed as Oddish popped out of her pokeball and jumped on Ash's laugh. Ash laughing as he hugged the Pokémon and checked her moves. She knew absorb, growth, acid, and sweet scent.

"What's going to happen to Charmander?" Ash asked Blue.

"A number of things could be possible. He could be sent to a center to wait to be sold or adopted to another trainer. Or they could bring him to a better place for fire Pokémon and just released him," Blue said. "It's not for you to worry about. If you take this path down you'll end up in Jenny towns. Walk through it and a few days later you'll hit Pokémon researchers Bill lighthouse. From there Vermillion is just a day or two off."

"Thanks," Ash said with a nod and started to walk. Oddish had joined Pikachu and Eevee and Ash figured she could stay outside with them. As Ash left the Pokémon center he heard footsteps behind him.

"Char," Ash heard and turned to see Charmander running. Nurse Joy and Chansey were following the Pokémon and Blue was behind him.

"Joy," Blue said. "I think the Charmander is making a choice."

"You want to come with me?" Ash asked surprised.

"Char," Charmander said with a nod.

"Seems he knows who made sure he didn't die," Blue said with a nod.

Ash took out a pokeball and tossed it in the air. Charmander jumped up and pushed the button being capture instantly. "I got a Charmander," Ash said picking it up as Pikachu, Eevee, and Oddish cheered. "Finally." Ash gave a smile to the ball.

"Don't over train Charmander for a while. Have one of my sisters take a look at him before any serious battles," Joy demanded and Ash gave a nod and salute to the woman. He would make sure Charmander was ready for battle.

"Hey Blue," Ash said before he walked away. "Why did you not become champion again when my dad died?" Ash had always wondered. His dad died as champion meaning the former champion could take back the title if still alive. Blue had rejected it though and that was how Lance who had worked his way up to the strongest member of the Elite Four had taken the title.

"Because if I did I would always have been champion because the real champion died," Blue said. "I didn't want that." Ash gave a nod as he continued to walk.

It was a few days walk to the town with stops to train and battle. Oddish was proving to be just as much a battler as Ash's longer team mates and Charmander was upset he was on lesser training. When they hit the town, Ash had Charmander checked out thoroughly and was given the okay for Charmander to start training and battling. Charmander knew growl, scratch, ember, and smokescreen when Ash caught him, plus had the egg move Dragon Rush. Ash wanted him to learn the dragon type move.

In the town Ash smiled when he saw a group of Squirtle acting as the towns firefighters. He wanted a Squirtle as well, but he didn't dare try to even ask them. He moved on taking a few days to get to Bill's lighthouse where he nearly tripped over a Krabby. Who pinched him before heading back into the water.

Bill was a nice but somewhat cocky guy who went on abut a giant Dragonite. Ash stuck around for a bit to see if the Dragonite would show but it never did and Ash had to get to Vermillion. He had taken over two weeks to get there and his cousin and Misty were waiting.

When Ash entered Vermillion, it wasn't long before a Pidgeotto was annoying him. "Hey," Ash said. "Pikachu would you..."

"That's no way to treat my Pidgeotto," Lita said. "Pikachu don't you dare."

"Pika," Pikachu said running and greeting Lita. Eevee and Nova were saying hello as well as Pidgeotto landed on Lita's out stretch arm.

"Your Pidgeotto?" Ash asked. "Pidgey evolved?"

"During our gym battle at the fighting gym," Lita said as Misty showed up as well.

"Took you long enough to get here," Misty said.

"It's a long story," Ash said as the three walked to the Pokémon center and Ash told the entire story. From the gym battle to meeting Blue.

"So, let me get this straight," Misty said. "You got my sisters to battle by insulting them saying I was better. Thank you for that. Then adopted an Oddish. Former champion Blue gave you a Pokémon in exchange basically for letting Beedrill go and you saved a Charmander life who then joined you."

"Yep," Ash said

"My Pidgeotto is Blue's Pidgeot son," Lita said and Ash gave another nod. "I knew he was special but that is something. But three new Pokémon. I almost don't want to tell you this." Ash raised an eyebrow but Lita and Misty then went into full detail of their time with Lance.

"He gave you a Bagon," Ash said stunned. "And has a Gible for me." Lita gave a nod. "And you two spent a week in a five star hotel charging things to Uncle Lance and both got a badge. What about Surge? Have you challenged him?"

"I'm not ready to take on an electric gym with only water Pokémon," Misty said.

"I did," Lita said. "And got my ass kicked. He only had to use his Pikachu. I didn't even see his Raichu." Pikachu who had a bottle of ketchup looked up at that.

"Well we need to battle him again," Ash said.

"I have been training for it," Lita said.

"Hold on a second," Misty said. "If Ash wants that Gible we should leave now." Both turned to her. "Lance will be at the dragon gym in a few weeks. We could catch him if we leave right now and put battling Surge on hold."

"Then that's what we'll do," Ash said getting up and running out followed by his Pokémon. Lita and Misty looked at each other and then ran after the boy.

Post Chapter Note: so, I think I have some explaining to do. I really thought of giving Ash all Pokémon he caught in the anime in this chapter plus Oddish and Riolu but 6 new Pokémon were way too much. So, I had to make them decision. Bulbasaur and Squirtle always seem happier doing something else. Krabby was tempting to give to Ash since the anime never used him well but, in the end, Charmander, Oddish, and Riolu won out.

So, until next time. Remember to REVIEEW.

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