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Girl Time

The Pokémon Journey

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Note: this chapter is all about Misty and Lita. Does not include Ash at all.

Girl Time

It had taken Misty and Lita a couple of days to hit Vermillion. They managed to get some free time in to train which let Pidgey master whirlwind. Nova had started on a simple sand attack. Meanwhile Hestia finally was able to train a little harder and had managed to get a hang incinerate. It wasn't as strong as it should be but was something.

"You know I think that Vulpix of yours is a natural in fire type moves," Misty said. Seel and Staryu had done some training as well on their way to Vermillion. Staryu having learned bubble beam and Lita learned Misty had a TM machine herself with a few TMs when she had given both Staryu and Seel ice beam. After that all Misty training had been to perfect the ice attack.

The boat to Castaway was an overnight trip which got them to the island right in time for the league event for people specializing. Lita had used the money she had gotten from some of her pictures to up them to a nicer cabin. It wasn't first class but it wasn't the lesser cabins either. Taking pictures had been easier without Ash around as well.

"Yeah she is something. That Damien did not know what he had," Lita said with a smile the two were on the deck waiting for the island to come up. Hestia was in her pokeball currently not liking being so near water but Nova was on her shoulder. Pidegy was flying above the boat as well.

"There's something I have been meaning to ask you since we had some time away from Ash," Misty said. "What's up with Ash and his list of his father's Pokémon?"

"Oh," Lita said. "When we were kids' people would tell us we were going to be just like our fathers and we took to that when we were younger. As we grew though I realized while I love dragon type Pokémon I didn't want to specialize. Ash though took following in dad's footsteps to heart and has decided the way he will become a Pokémon master is to catch all the same Pokémon his dad did. Uncle Red shadow. I was sure he would get out of it once we got on the road and he saw a Pokémon he wanted not on his list but so far that has not happened."

"Ah," Misty said with a nod. "So, what's up with you and Tracey?"

"Nothing," Lita said and Misty gave her a playful shove as her poke nav rang. "We must be close enough to the island I got reception." The reception of poke nav was very unreliable in the wild. Lita looked at the message. "A couple of my photos sold. Nothing big yet. The biggest was Brock's photos."

"Money is money," Misty said with a nod. "We're coming up to the island."

"Pidgey return," Lita called out holding up the pokeball to her flying type so the ball would return Pidgey to it.

It was soon after the boat docked and Misty and Lita joined the crowds on the island. "The Pokecenter will be packed," Misty said. "I don't know if we'll get a room." Misty was right the crowds were insane on the island. "You know the gym will be packed too once this is over."

"Well once we find a place to stay we'll wait a couple of days to take on the gym," Lita said and Misty nodded. "How about we go to the event and get a seat before it starts."

As they were walking Lita heard someone call her name and turned to see Emma running up to her with two boys besides her. "I knew that was you," Emma said giving Lita a surprised hug. Nova who was still on Lita's shoulder made a noise at that and jumped down. "Oh, was this your starter?"

"Yeah," Lita said with a nod. "Both me and Ash got Eevees. This is Nova."

"I have been wondering," Emma said with a smile. "Is he here too?"

"No, I joined our friend Misty to come to this event," Lita said indicating Misty. "Misty this is Emma. She started with me and Ash back in Pallet. Longtime friend." Misty smiled as they shook hands.

"How rude I forgot to introduce you. This is Richie and Forrest," Emma said. Richie had a Pikachu on his shoulder. "We met up and have been traveling together."

"Brock's brother?" Lita asked.

"Yes, I saw the photoshoot you did of my brother and siblings," Forrest said. "They were great."

"That's out already?" Lita asked as Forrest took out a magazine. Lita and Misty looking it over. They had used Lita favorite picture of Brock and Togepi together.

"So, I didn't know you wanted to do photography," Emma said. "It was a shocker when I saw your name on it."

"I didn't plan it but got some advice and I am having fun with it," Lita said with a smile.

"Have you got any badges?" Richie asked Lita and Lita took out her badge case to show her one badge. "Same here. Where I met Forrest and decided to go off together. With Sparky here." Richie patted his Pikachu. "We bumped into Emma and it just worked."

"Sounds like what happened with me, Ash, and Lita," Misty said. "Just all met up and decided to stay together."

"Where did Ash go? Why did he not come here?" Emma asked.

"He decided to go to Cerulean. He will meet up with us in Vermillion in a couple of weeks," Lita said.

"If we're entering we have to go this way." The group had been walking towards the center where the specializing event was happening. Misty and Forrest separated from the group as Emma, Richie, and Lita went to get a seat to hear the announcement.

Lita smiled when she saw Lance was making the announcement. Once the place seemed full Lance called out. "Now that everyone is here you're probably wondering what we're doing for people who are specializing," Lance called out. "We were talking about having your own tournament or several other things, but we decided your entering the Indigo League. You will have to get all 8 badges only using the type of Pokémon you are choosing to specialize in. You will be given a special sheet for the gym leader to sign to prove you only used your type. If you can get all 8 badges with only your type you'll get something special when you get to the Indigo League."

There was clapping heard. "Sign up stations have already been set up. Start lining up," Lance called out.

Lita had wanted to go see her uncle but there was no way for her to get close. She was forced to wait with Emma and Richie outside until Misty and Forrest rejoined them. "You two staying at the center?" Emma asked.

"Was packed by the time we arrived," Misty said.

"We didn't get a room either," Richie said. "We're going to head back to Vermillion."

"Not going for the fighting gym?" Lita asked.

"That place will be packed," Forrest said. "Besides not the greatest place for me to start at. We're going to head to Surge and then got to get this one to her contests."

"Got any ribbons yet?" Lita asked and Emma shook her head.

"Entered one," Emma said. "But didn't get to the second round. Next one will be mine."

"Hey keep your eyes out for a girl named May," Lita said and Misty gave a nod. "We bumped into her under the not so best conditions. She said she was going to be entering contests."

"Got it," Emma said giving Lita one more hug and the three walked off.

"They are right about the gym," Misty said.

"Well Ash will take at least two weeks to get to Vermillion if he doesn't get lost so make that three," Lita said and Misty giggled. Lita knew Ash planned to take the long way around from Cerulean to Vermillion instead of retracing steps to take the path Misty and Lita did. The forest there could be hard to navigate. "Tomorrow we can train and the next day take on the gym."

"We still need to find a room," Misty said.

"About that," Lita said. "Can we wait a bit before worrying about sleeping arrangements? I was wondering if you would help me… catch a water Pokémon." A huge smile came across Misty's face as she took Lita's hand and they ran off.


Misty had good fishing gear on her but Lita had to rent some gear. Misty had asked around and was told where the best fishing spot was. Lita and Misty were sitting on a dock made for fishing with enough space for Pokémon to battle. They had gotten a couple of Magikarps up, but Lita was not interested in a Pokémon that could not walk. Misty mumbled something about Gryadros when Lita asked why she did not catch one.

Lita had lost a Shellder who ran back into the ocean too fast. It was a while before she got a Poliwag out of the water. "Nova," Lita called to her pokemon who had been Poliwag let out a bubble beam.

"Oh, this one wants to fight," Misty said.

"Well that's fine by me. Nova swift," Lita said and Nova let out a swift attack hitting into Poliwag. Poliwag responded with water gun that Nova barely missed. "Quick attack and bite." Nova used quick attack and hit into Poliwag and then used the bite move as fast as she could right after.

Lita threw the pokeball after that not wanting to hurt the Poliwag too much. It shook once and then twice then broke open. Poliwag was not done fighting as he let out bubble hitting right into Nova. No one realizing someone else had joined them and was watching. "Another swift," Lita called out and Nova let out the swift hitting into Poliwag. After that it was clear Poliwag was done. Lita threw another pokeball which shook all three times and locked.

"We got Poliwag," Lita said happily taking the ball and Nova jumped up excited.

That was when she heard clapping and turned to see Lance and one of his Dragonites standing there. "Uncle Lance," Lita called out running to hugging Lance who smiled as he returned the hug. "Dragonite." Lita hugged the dragon Pokémon as well who returned it. "Uncle Lance, this is my partner Nova."

"So, this is what Oak had up his sleeve," Lance said giving Nova a pet.

"How did you know I was here?" Lita asked

"I didn't," Lance said. "I actually need a word with Misty and was told she was here with a friend. Didn't realize you were the friend. I'm happy though to see you. Is Ash here?"

"He went off to Cerulean," Lita said and Lance gave a nod.

"You need a word with me?" Misty asked confused.

"I was getting ready to make an announcement about pulling the licenses of two gyms who gym leaders don't want to be gym leaders," Lance said,

"Not Brock," Lita said hoping her photos had not gotten Brock in trouble.

"No," Lance said. "But your picture was good. We all know Brock heart is not in the gym but he gives a good battle. His gym can keep the license for when his sibling is older." Lita breathe a sigh of relief.

"My gym," Misty said sadly.

"Your sisters give badges away. They only care about their water shows," Lance said and Misty nodded sadly. "But then I heard you signed up as a water trainer and I decided we needed a word before this. Is your goal to become good enough to take over the gym?" Misty gave a sad nod. "Alright then. I won't pull the license completely. I'll suspend it. Meaning your gym badge won't count for the upcoming Indigo league or any league until you're old enough and a worthy gym leader. It does mean no one else can open a water gym and become the league water gym." Each region could only have one official gym for each Pokémon type.

"Thank you," Misty said and Lance gave a nod.

That was when Misty got a bite on her line and to everyone surprised brought up a Totodile. Staryu who Misty had kept out to help was right away in using a rapid spin. But Totodile weird dance moves made him quick to dodge.

"Use rapid spin but move around him. Use swift at the same time," Misty said and Staryu was quick at using both moves. The dance moves unable to avoid all the swift. "Now rapid spin." Staryu used rapid spin into the Totodile and then Misty threw a pokeball. It shook once, twice, three times and then locked.

"Not bad," Lance said with a smile. "The only reason a Johto starter is in these waters is because it was abandoned though." Misty nodded knowing the starters of all regions were extremely rare in the wild. "I need to go set up a press release about the gyms. Are you two going to be taking on the fighting gym?"

"The day after tomorrow," Lita said.

"Good idea. I'll be around for a few days. And I am taking you two to dinner," Lance said.

"Um Uncle Lance," Lita said before her uncle could get on his Pokémon. "Do you know a place we can spend a few nights?"

Lance gave a smirk and then took a card out of his pocket. "Spare key to my suite at the Emperor Hotel. There's an extra room there with two beds. Your welcome to stay with me. They have their own Pokémon center on sight and their own training rooms."

"Thank you, Uncle Lance," Lita said with a smile taking the card and watching her uncle leave. "Score."

"That is lucky," Misty said with a smile. The two continued to fish for a while and Misty caught a Shellder as well, apparently the one that ran from Lita. Lita was fine with one water Pokémon for now but had fun with the fishing. It was something she wanted to do again.


When they got to the hotel Lita and Misty felt a little out of place in the fancy hotel. "You are champion Lance niece, right?" It was an employee coming up in a fancy suit. Even Nova came a noise never having seen a place this fancy.

"Yes," Lita said.

"Excellent, Champion Lance told us you would be here," the man said. "Nurse Joy." A Nurse Joy came up with a cart. "Nurse Joy will take your Pokémon for healing and spa treatment. They will be delivered to the room by the time you're done."

"Done?" Misty asked.

"Lance set up a spa treatment for you both. Along with a change of clothes. Please also give your bags to the bellhop for delivery to the room," the man said and Misty and Lita were shocked but Lita gave Nova a pet and returned her. Giving the pokeballs to Nurse Joy along with Misty giving her 5 pokeballs. Then their backpacks to the bellhop.

They followed the man to a spa dressing room. "Robes inside. Leave your clothes there to be cleaned and delivered to your room. Your dresses for dinner will be waiting when you're done. Good thing you showed up now. You have just enough time to have the full treatment before dinner. Enjoy."

The man left and Misty and Lita were surprised as they got changed into the robes and then got led for the spa treatment. After everything was over and they were both in amazing dresses Misty turned to Lita. "I love your uncle," Misty said. "Can he adopt me?"

"You'd have to ask," Lita joked and Misty laughed.

They were being led to a restaurant where they could see Lance talking to several people. "Oh, my lovely dinner guests have arrived," Lance said when he saw them and Lita gave him another hug.

"You didn't need to do all that," Lita said.

"But it's really appreciated," Misty cut in and Lance laughed.

"Least I can do to spoil some beautiful girls," Lance said. "Table is ready." They were brought to a table of three. "I took the liberty of order a wide selection of food served family style." The appetizers were brought out. "So, Lita I knew you liked taking photos but didn't realize you had any interest in being photographer."

"A Pokémon ranger saw one of my photos and suggested I could submit them for more money. I am actually having fun with it," Lita said with a smile as she took some food.

"Well I know a lot of great Pokémon trainers who do photography on the side. I also know a lot of great professional photographer who are amazing Pokémon trainers. Sometimes you have to be to get a good shot," Lance said. "Become a strong trainer with strong Pokémon and you can find great shot and also get strong trainers to let you take their picture." Lance gave a wink at that. "So, Misty tell me a bit about you."

They spent the dinner talking about a lot of different things. After it ended Lance brought them back to his suit. There pokeballs and bags were waiting by a table as you enter there was a living room and kitchen area. A few doors probably leading to the bedrooms and bathroom. "Your room will be here," Lance said pointing at a door.

"Thanks," Lita said as she took her pokeballs and then her bag. She sat on the couch and started digging through it to find the TM machine and the TM carrying book. She had them in her bag when they separated so Ash was left without them.

"Did the beginning kit get you anything good?" Lance asked looking. "Roar and calm mind? I knew I should have put the extra money to get a better set. Protect, iron tail, and mega punch are not bad though."

Lita had release Nova who noticed the book. "Thinking expanding someone move set?" Misty asked.

"Pidgey and Hestia," Lita said. "Pidgey can learn protect. Hestia can learn both protect and iron tail. I don't want to overload on new moves though. I think protect for both. Might help Hestia gain a little confidence." While Hestia had enjoyed practice battles she seemed scared to get hit. Lita loaded the protect TM into the machine and gave both Pidgey and Hestia the move. Releasing both afterward.

"Vul," Hesita said.

"Where did you get this beauty?" Lance asked seeing the Vulpix who ran into Lita arm when she saw him. Dragons might be his thing but he did admire the power of other types. He had seen Ninetails as strong as his Dragonites.

"It's okay," Lita said hugging her Vulpix. "This is my uncle." Pidgey had sat on top of the couch. "And I took her after her former abusive trainer abandoned her." Lita told her uncle the full story who seemed angry.

"You got a much better trainer," Lance told Hestia kindly. "I think it's time to release your new catch."

"Before you do," Misty said and took out three TMs. "Scald, rain dance, and ice beam. Your little guy there seemed like quite the fighter. Might be a good opening move to give him a nice move."

"It's not a bad idea," Lance said with a nod.

"He knows water sport, water gun, and bubble beam," Lita said looking at her pokedex. "All water moves. Maybe ice beam. Do you mind?"

"It's reusable," Misty said. "Besides I was kind of hoping to use that iron tail on Seel."

"Deal," Lita said switching the TMs and Lita loaded ice beam into the TM machine while Misty did the same with her machine and Iron Tail. Both giving their Pokémon the new move at the same time then switching back the TMs.

Lita finally let Poliwag out of the pokeball. The Pokémon looked up at his new trainer. "Hope you like the new move," Lita said and the Poliwag jumped up. "I'm your trainer now and these are your team mates." Lita introduced Poliwag around. "Would you like a nickname?" Poliwag sent a bubble at Lita. "Okay no. Why is it always males who don't want nicknames?"

Misty had let all her Pokémon out except Goldeen. Totodile seemed to happily dance around the room meeting his team mates and trainer. Shellder had jumped onto Misty's lap. Misty asked to borrow Lita's pokedex to check their moves which Lita was fine with. "Both have a pretty good move set," Misty said.

"Well you girls have fun," Lance said having watched the two quietly. "I'm going to head to bed. I have an announcement about gyms tomorrow."

"What other gym?" Lita asked noticing Lance had only told them the Cerulean Gym.

"Celadon," Lance said. "They might be worse than Misty's sister. They ban people who don't like their perfume and force trainers to buy a sample for a battle. Can't have that. Plus, Koga is going to be moving up to the Elite Four. Taking my place while I become solo champion." Most regions had a champion over the elite four, but when the war killed Red Kanto and Jotho lost their champion. Lance as head of the elite four took the role. They figuring someone would beat the elite four and that person would become champion but it had been years. It was about time for the regions to have a proper elite four and champion. "His daughter will be taking over the gym starting tomorrow. Plus, I am also going to give a word of support to our newer gyms. The fighting gym here, the dragon gym." Lance gave a smirk at that one. The gym leader there was Loren. A girl he had trained and mentored. It had been opened for several months. "And the flying type gym."

"Doesn't the flying type gym fly around Kanto, land, and take battles requests. Then starts flying again?" Misty asked having heard of this.

"Interesting concept," Lance said nodding. "Night girls." Lance walked over to his room leaving Lita and Misty alone with their Pokémon. The two spent some time chatting and planning while their Pokémon seemed to do the same. Lita and Misty went to bed letting their Pokémon sleep over the living room except Hestia and Nova who snuggled with Lita.


The next day Misty and Lita went to the hotel training center. An employee was there to explain to them the high-tech training equipment available to them to use. Plus, the hotel Pokémon that were there to help them train. The hotel having stocked up on fighting types when they learned the fighting gym would open here. They were even informed the fighting gym did three on three matches.

The equipment came in handy to test their new Pokémon moves. Hestia incinerate was still weaker than it should be but was starting to strength. Both Hestia and Pidgey protect was easy for them to get the hang of and Poliwag was loving ice beam. Misty Seel was doing well with iron tail. She was still impressed with her new Pokémon as well.

They had both then taken some of the hotel fighting types to test out everyone in mock battles with them. "What are you thinking?" Misty asked. The two were standing off to the side having asked their Pokémon to do the mock battles without direction.

"Nova and Pidgey I need," Lita said without a doubt. Pidgey had a type advantage and his gust was going through the hotel fighting types easily enough. Nova while not having a type advantage was just more experience then both Poliwag and Hestia who also did not have type advantage. "I'd like to use Hestia. But I'm going to give her a choice. What about you?"

"Well just like you I need both Staryu and Seel," Misty said. They were her most experience Pokémon after all and Staryu knew a psychic type move which would really help with fighting types. "I can't use Goldeen so it's either Shellder or Totodile. Shellder has that hard shell but Totodile…" Misty was looking at her newest pokemon dancing to avoid attacks. "Has a very interesting avoidance style. I think I will do the same as you and ask."

"I also think that's enough," Lita said and Misty nodded both calling out to their Pokémon to stop.

Misty going over to talk to Totodile and Shellder. Explaining about the gym battle. "Which one of you will like to battle?" Misty asked and Totodile was fast to volunteer. "Is that okay with you Shellder?" Shellder gave a coo and Misty smiled.

Lita taking her Pokémon aside. "Nova, Pidgey you two are battling tomorrow," Lita said to the two. "I need a third and while I know Poliwag would want it." Poliwag gave a sort of nod. "Hestia before I give it to him I want to know do you feel confident enough to do it?"

"Vul," Hestia said looking unsure and then looked around. Her team mates giving her a supportive nod and then stood up straight. "Vulpix."

"Okay, good," Lita said giving her Vulpix a pet. "Poliwag don't worry. You'll get your fight soon enough."

"Pol," Poliwag said seeming to agree.

"For now, though I think we're done training for the day," Lita looked at the time. They had spent hours here and Lita was starting to get hungry. She also didn't want to over train and tired her team out the day before a big battle. "Misty you ready to leave?"

"Yeah," Misty said with a nod returning her Pokémon. Lita returned everyone but Hestia and Nova. The two walking besides Lita and Misty as the two girls explored the hotels and shops. A sale rep trying to get Lita to buy a collar for her Pokémon which she refused. They got lunch and ice cream at the hotel and charged it the room happily.


The next day Misty and Lita had woken up early to eat, get their Pokémon fed, and get to the gym as fast as possible. "Mind if I join?" Lance asked surprising the two. "I'd like to see you two battle. Unless I'd made you nervous."

"Never," Lita said turning to Misty.

"Your welcome to join," Misty said.

Lance gave a smile and led them out and to the gym. The Fighting Type gym almost looked like a gym a human would go to. Glass windows all over the front and looking in you could see Pokémon working out. Lance led them in. "Kyle," Lance yelled out and a man stopped lifting weight. He was tall and had dark hair.

"I can see what Ash meant," Misty whispered to Lita remembering Ash saying Lita had a crush on this guy. He was a handsome trainer. Fit with muscles and a handsome smile.

"Lance," Kyle said. "And who do we have here."

"My niece and her friend want to challenge you," Lance said.

"Your niece," Kyle said with a smile. "Maybe I'll get a good challenge then. All those specializing people who have been in the last few days were rather easy. Thanks for doing the sign up here. All those wins will raise my gym ratings." Lance gave a nod. "How many badges you have?"

"One sir," Lita said

"Can't use Machamp against you then," Kyle said. There were certain Pokémon gym leaders had that were off limits to use to new trainers. They were meant to give trainers a challenge not completely destroy them. "And you."

"None, I'm specializing in water actually," Misty said.

"Well how about you go first then," Kyle said leading Misty into the gym. "My referee is not on. Lance mind standing in. You know all the rules."

Lance gave a smile and nod stepping onto the side. "This will be a three on three. No substitutions on either side," Lance said and Lita raised an eyebrow. So, did Misty. They knew some gyms didn't let substitutions. They had not known Kyle was one of them. "Choose your first Pokémon." Misty released Totodile while Kyle released a Mankey. "Begin." Misty started with a water which was released and Mankey ran through trying to deliver a karate chop. Totodile used his dancing moves to avoid. The battle went on like that for a while with Totodile dodging using dancing moves and trying to hit Mankey with scratch or water gun. Kyle had Mankey trying to trip up the Jotho start and got a few good hits in. Eventually they both knocked each other out.

"Both are unable to battle. Choose your next Pokémon," Lance said as Misty and Kyle returned their Pokémon.

"Kid that Totodile style of battling is unique. I like it," Kyle said. "And like you for going with it. This one might give you some more trouble." Kyle release a Machop as Misty let Seel onto the battle. Right away Misty realized she had a problem. Seel can fight on land but wasn't the fastest mover. Machop was quick and deliver a lot of hit.

"Seel use ice beam on the ground," Misty finally said and Seel used ice beam completely freezing over the ground. Lita watching interested as Machop had problems slipping on the ice. Meanwhile Seel was fine sliding on it and sliding fast. Delivering a couple of headbutts and then an aqua jet which took Machop down.

"Machop is unable to battle. Seel wins," Lance said as Kyle returned his pokemon. "Gym leader choose your next Pokémon.".

"Seel can you continue?" Misty asked knowing he had taken a beaten but Seel was good to go as Kyle took out a Pokeball.

"Your no newbie specializer," Kyle said seeming to be having fun as he released his next Pokémon. The Pokémon looked more like large bird on two legs and Lita had to take out her pokedex to figure out who this was. Finding out it was a Hawlucha commonly found in the Kalos region and was also a fighting and flying type. "You might have more of a problem with this one."

Hawlucha was fast in deliver a Wing Attack to Seel. The ice not helping this time. Hawlucha was able to fly over the ice and even when on his feet the Pokémon was not slipping. Seel got in an aqua jet or and headbutt but Hawlucha took him out with a fancy aerial ace. "Seel is unable to battle. Release your last Pokémon."

Misty returned Seel and thanked the Pokémon before releasing Staryu. The ice field did little to stop Staryu since the Pokémon sort of hovered over the ice. Staryu and Hawlucha made an even battle. Misty using Staryu one psychic move Psywave to the best. Only using it when she was sure she could get a hit. Trying to use water gun and swift to put Hawlucha in positions where she could hit him. Kyle knew where to have Hawlucha hit for maximum damage. Lita wondered how long this battle could on for since it seemed neither Pokémon was willing to give up. Finally, a psywave met with Hawlucha as Hawlucha with mega punch. Afterward the two Pokémon stood there for a moment before Hawlucha fell over.

"Hawlucha is unable to battle. The gym leader is out of Pokémon. The challenger wins," Lance said and Misty cheered thanking Staryu before returning the Pokémon.

Kyle thanked Hawlucha as he returned the Pokémon. "Nice one," Kyle said with a smile. "You deserve this." Kyle took out the badge and Misty smiled taking it and the card with the money for winning. "And give me your sheet. I'll sign off you beat me with only water Pokémon." Misty gave the sheet over and Kyle signed the first box and took out a stamp. "Gym leader seal. As for you." Kyle smiled at Lita. "Give my employees a bit to clean up this mess."

"While we wait can I have your permission to take pictures of you and your Pokémon?" Lita asked.

"She did the photoshoot of Brock," Lance added.

"You work for a paper?" Kyle asked and Lita explained she was doing it freelance to get some extra money. Kyle teased Lance a bit about not supporting his nieces journey financially but agreed to the photoshoot. Lita had fun for an hour taking pictures of Kyle and his most powerful Pokémon. The ones he could not use against challengers due to their strength. Even Lance got in on one picture saying it would be good for the gym.

Then it was time for her battle. Kyle normal referee had come in so Lance stayed to the side with Misty to watch. Kyle choose Hitmonchan at first while Lita let out Hestia. Lita knew Hitmonchan had a high defense so this would be hard battle. Kyle starting out with focus energy and then a drain punch.

"Protect," Lita said using Hestia newest move. The protecting working and Hestia used a quick attack. Hitting into the Pokémon but then Hitmonchan used a mach punch once the protect came down. "You okay." Hestia got up and nodded. "Disable." Hestia used disabled. Hitmonchan could not use that move anymore. Hestia and Hitmonchan fought for a while. Hestia getting more attacks then Hitmonchan but getting a few good ones in. "Incinerate." Hestia used the fire move and Lita was happy to see it was the strongest she had used.

Hitmonchan came running through and delivered a thunder punch. Hestia falling over and trying to get up. Lita could tell she was done. She took out her pokeball and returned the Pokémon. "She's done," Lita called out to the referee. She had just willingly took one of her three Pokémon out before she was knocked out.

"Very good," Lance mumbled approving of the move and then they all got a surprised when flames came around Hitmonchan. "Seems Hestia gave Lita an advantage anyway. Hitmonchan is burnt."

Lita smirked as she released Nova. The Eevee ready to battle and going in with a tackle. Hitmonchan responded with a mach punch. The burn was really slowing down the pokemon and Nova delivered a couple of swift attacks. Hitmonchan went down with Nova only taking a couple of hits. More than able to continue.

"You are the champion's niece," Kyle said with a smiled as he released a Scraggy. Scaggy going in for a low kick right away which hit Nova. Nova wasn't down though and used an iron tail which hit right into Scraggy head. Kyle using that moment to have Scraggy use a headbutt sending Nova flying. Lita ordered a swift in the air which hit into the dark and fighting type Pokémon. Scraggy hitting into Nova with a payback. Nova was getting tired but was willing to continue when Lita ordered a quick attack. Scraggy used brick break while Nova was close and that was it. Nova fainted.

"Return," Lita said as the referee stated Nova was no longer able to battle. Nova had done her job though. Scraggy was getting tired. She only had one Pokémon left though. "Pidgey."

"Common," Kyle said when Pidgey appeared and had Scraggy used sand attack.

"Whirlwind," Lita said blowing the sand away. "Then gust." Pidgey used a gust hitting into Scraggy sending him up "Silver wing." Pidgey used the steel type move while Scraggy could not defense. That was it. Scraggy was down.

Kyle retuned the Pokémon and then released Machoke. "This guy is almost too powerful to use on a one badge challenger. Usually I'd only use him on two. That's how much I think of you," Kyle said. "Let's see what you got kid."

Lita started it off with another gust. The flying type move had an affect but not as much as it did on Scraggy. Machoke using dual chop, a dragon type move, which surprised Lita. Pidgey took a big hit there. "Get high, continue using gust." Lita knew keeping Pidgey high was the best way to win this battle. Try to keep hitting Machoke with distance flying type moves.

"Nice try, jump up, vital throw," Kyle said and Machoke jumped into the air grabbing hold of Pidgey and throwing him down to the floor. Lita thought she was done as Pidgey struggled and went to take out her pokeball but she was surprised by a white glow. Pidgey was evolving and soon became Pidgeotto.

"You good?" Lita asked and Pidgeotto gave a noise out and then went to attack. The Pokémon using a new attack Lita knew as wing attack. A much more powerful flying type move that Pidgeotto must have learned while evolving. Kyle smiled as he continued the fight Machoke getting a couple of good hits in and Lita having Pidgeotto use a mix of wing attack and gust.

It was a while of this before the two Pokémon stood there. It almost looked like Pidgeotto would faint but then picked himself up. Machoke took the fall instead. "Machoke is unable to battle. Gym leader is out of pokemon. The challenger wins," the referee said.

"Nice job Pidgeotto," Lita said happily going to hug the bird. "Take a nice long rest." Lita took out her pokeball and returned the bird as Kyle came to give her the badge and her winnings.

"You'll be something someday," Kyle said happily.

"You did well," Lance said with a smile to his niece. "Before we go. Bagon or Gible?"

"Bagon," Lita said right away not finding this unusual. It was a game they played often when she and Ash was young. Lance would come by and give them a choice of Pokémon and then had them explain why they would prefer that. Sometimes he even had the Pokémon on him and let the two do mock battles with them.

"Reason," Lance said.

"Both are incredibly powerful dragon types but Bagon desire to fly from the first evolution makes him grow stronger faster. Salamence is also my favorite dragon type." Lance raised an eyebrow not having known that. "I just love the look and power of the Pokémon. Personal opinion. One day I am going to get a Bagon and train that Bagon into a powerful Salamence that will take on your strongest Dragonnite."

"Oh, I look forward to that day," Lance said Lita having been pointing at him when she said it so Lance took Lita's hand and put a pokeball in it. "And trust me with hard work this guy will get there for you. Give me your pokedex."

"What?" Lita asked confused.

"I have to register him to you," Lance said and Lita handed her pokedex to Lance. Lance pushed some buttons on it and then pointed it at the pokeball. A red light came out of it and into the pokeball. "All done. Don't you want to meet your new team member." Lita released the Pokémon to see a Bagon standing there. "Bagon, meet your trainer." Bagon looked Lita up and down and then nudged her as if saying you'll do.

"Your giving me a Bagon?" Lita asked almost not believing it.

"I always intended to give both you and Ash a dragon type. I looked long and hard for two perfect dragon types for a beginner. Got this one from a breeder," Lance said a smirk on his face. "Next time I see Ash he gets Gible. Well I might want to see him battle first."

"Thank you," Lita said hugging her uncle and kissing his cheek. "I'll take good care of him. I promise." Lita turned to the dragon. "Do you want a nickname." There was a tiny roar and Lita knew that was a no. "Should stop asking males." Lance gave a chuckle as Lita got down so she was on eye level with the Pokémon. "Welcome to the team."

"I do have to tell you two I am leaving," Lance said. "But the room is paid off until Sunday so your welcome to stay and relax. My credit card is on the room so meals are on me. Feel free to buy something special but don't go overboard."

Misty and Lita looked at each other at that both giving a smirk. Both giving Lance a hug and a kiss on the cheek before Lita returned Bagon, put his pokeball on her belt, and the two ran out. "You just gave two teenage girls who spent at least two weeks sleeping in tents and Pokémon centers free range on your credit card in a five-star hotel," Kyle said and gave a laugh. "Good thing your champion. You're going to need that money." Lance gave a nod but then laughed wishing the gym leader goodbye before heading out.

Post Chapter Note: so before I say anything else I will say Misty Totodile is meant to be the one Ash caught in Jotho. I liked that little guy and wanted Misty to have him. Now I am going to fully list out the gyms of Kanto.

Kanto Gyms

Rock Gym- Pewter City- Gym Leader: Brock

Fighting Gym- Castaway Island- Gym Leader: Kyle

Electric Gym- Vermillion City- Gym Leader: Surge

Dragon Gym- Unnamed Small Town near Celadon- Gym Leader: OC Loren

Psychic Gym- Saffron City- Gym Leader: Sabrina

Poison Gym- Fuchsia City- Gym Leader: Janine

Flying Gym- moving gym- Gym Leader: unnamed OC

Fire Gym- Cinnabar Island- Gym Leader: Blaine

Ice Gym- unnamed Island- Gym Leader: unnamed OC

Ground Gym- Viridian City- Gym Leader: Giovanni

So Kanto has 10 official gyms in this story now. Some of them need some planning into them.


1. Starter Pokémon 3710 0 0 2. Viridian Forest and the Rock Gym 5027 0 0 3. The Path to Mount Moon 3959 0 0 4. Girl Time 6993 0 0 5. Ash's Solo Journey 5521 0 0 6. Sibling Rivalry 3780 0 0 7. The Dragon Gym 4152 0 0 8. Rematches 5489 0 0 9. Celadon 5582 0 0 10. Tournament 3099 0 0 11. Rocket Game Corner 3572 0 0 12. The Breeder and Gym Leader 3229 0 0 13. To Evolve or Not to Evolve 2926 0 0 14. Magnemite, Muk, and Gym Battles 4317 0 0 15. The Safari Zone 6184 0 0 16. Time to Move On 3793 0 0 17. Sabrina Gym 3491 0 0 18. The Unusual Pokémon 4348 0 0 19. The Haunted Tower 2645 0 0 20. Contest and Rematches 1945 0 0