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Contest and Rematches

The Pokémon Journey

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Just to remind everyone who has what Pokémon.

Lita's Pokémon:

On hand- Vulpix (Hestia), Meowth (Stilely), Dratini (Emerald), Rockruff, Bagon, Pidgeotto

At the Lab- Eevee (Nova), Cubone, Poliwhirl, Scyther, Primeape, Tauros (4)

Ash's Pokémon:

On hand-Espeon, Pikachu, Charmander, Dratini, Alolan Vulpix, Skarmory

At the Lab- Nidorina, Nidorino, Rattata, Butterfree, Muk, Magnemite, Riolu, Hypno, Gible, Oddish, Ryhdon, Tauros (10), Exeggcute, Litwick, Honedge

Misty's Pokémon:

On hand- Totodile, Vaporeon, Krabby, Buizel, Dewgong, Lotad

At the Lab- Goldeen, Feebas, Shellder, Psyduck, Horsea, Staryu

May's Pokémon

On Hand- Torchic, Butterfree, Skitty, Ponyta, Absol, Tyrogue

Contests and Rematches

Training with Blue was interesting. The first thing his Pidgeot did was test out all of Pidgeotto moves. Blue just stood there and watched and instructed Lita not to do anything. Lita had released both Bagon and Emerald and let them train together at the same time as she watched. Pidgeot then spent time seeming to help Pidgeotto perfect the moves he was struggling with. Lita saw the difference in twister and Aerial Ace very fast.

"You did a pretty good job with him," Blue had comment after the first few hours. Max was sitting by them watching excited as a former champion helped Lita train. "Now we're going to work on a simple but tricky technique that should get you that win if done at the right time."

Lita was surprised when Blue took out a TM and was even more surprised when the TM was a simple double team. Pidgeotto worked for a moment to master the move and when he did Pidgeot started teaching him the technique. Lita knew Blue was right when he said this was simple but tricky. She had seen it in battles before on TV. It was the technique of using double team to have copies confuse your opponent while the real one sneaks away to perform a surprise attack.

Pidgeotto had a lot of trouble with it at first but under Pidgeot training and Lita encouragement and pointing out where to improve by the time of the contest day Pidgeotto had it down. "Nice job kid," Blue said not having said a word and let Lita and his Pidgeot do the work of training. "Use that technique at the right moment and you should be able to get Griffin down."

"Pidgeotto ready for our rematch tomorrow?" Lita asked and Pidgeotto called out clearly ready. "But first the contest is starting. We should get to support May."

"Oh, can't you do it one more time," Max asked having been watching the training excited.

"No Lita is right. It's important to support your friends and family. Besides I was asked to judge the contest since I am here," Blue said. "Return your Pokémon kid and let's head on over." Bagon and Emerald had spent all the time Pidgeotto had been training testing out moves on each other and getting to know each other. All her other Pokémon were also working on their moves as well.

Lita returned everyone but Hestia who walked besides them as Lita and Max got seats in the audience. Blue taking a judging table. Lita watched as coordinators in the first rounds showed off their Pokémon until it was finally May's turn. May used Butterfree who used different powders to put around the stage and then whirlwind to blow it away in a beautiful spin of colors.

When the first round was over Lita saw to her disappointment May didn't make it through. "Oh, come on," Max said clearly disappointed himself and knowing May would be upset.

"Let's go find May," Lita whispered to the boy and they got out of the audience and found May in the back clearly upset.

"The judges were nuts," Max said hugging his sister.

"Hey," Lita said sitting next to May and putting an arm around her. "It happens to everyone. Next contest you'll kick ass and you still have plenty of time left before the Grand Festival."

"Thanks," May said with a small smile. The group watched the rest of the contest. A boy they didn't know won and they cheered him on.

"Are you ready for tomorrow?" May asked when the contest was over and they were back in the Pokemon Center.

"Yeah," Lita said with a smile. They were not going to lose again.


The next day Lita, Blue, Max, and May were waiting in the area where Griffin was said to be landing and they were not alone. A lot of people had heard the flying jump would be landing here. Lita gave a smirk as the gym came as Max and May seemed to be an awe of the flying gym.

Griffin came out now long later. "Who wants a battle?" Griffin called out and a bunch of people were calling for a battle.

"Go kid," Blue said.

"How about a rematch?" Lita called out loud so she was heard over the noise.

"Who?" Griffin asked and turned around to see Lita. "Girl with the Pidgeotto. Think you're ready to take me on again?"

"I know I am," Lita said.

Griffin seemed to finally notice Blue standing behind Lita. "Blue, what are you doing here?" Griffin asked.

"Going to watch Drakken kid kick your ass," Blue said.

"Your Drakken kid," Griffin said looking at Lita.

"I am," Lita said.

"Well get on the platform. Rematches take priority," Griffin said. "Your friends can watch from the observation area."

Lita remembered well this gym as she got on the floating platform. May, Max, and Blue were on the roof looking up at them. "Let's see how you do against an old friend," Griffin said releasing Aerodactyl, the same Pokémon Lita lost to last time. Lita had to say he looked stronger but she was confident.

"How about we say the same?" Lita asked as she released Pidgeotto and the match started.

Griffin opened with a wing attack that Lita sued quick attack to dodge. "Twister," Lita yelled out after the dodge and Pidgeotto used the dragon type move that hit in Aerodactyl.

"Use a flame thrower," Griffin yelled out after the attack and Aerodactyl let out a jet of flames that hit in Pidgeotto.

"You good?" Lita called out and Pidgeotto gave a positive call out. "Let's go for an aerial ace."

"Meet her with fly," Griffin yelled out to Aerodactyl and the two attacked met each other causing damage for both of them.

Lita looked out and saw the two lying flying were facing each other and flying. It was the perfect time to work on the technique she had been training on. "Double team now," Lita yelled out and doubles of Pidgeotto appeared around Aerodactyl.

"You think that's cute. Hyper Beam get rid of all of them," Griffin yelled out and Lita couldn't believe how lucky she had just gotten. Hyper Beam was a powerful attack that could get rid of all the doubles Pidgeotto made but Pidgeotto had already gotten out of the way without being seen. When the hyper beam was over all the doubles were gone but Pidgeotto was fine and Aerodactyl was frozen. After using hyper beam, you needed to recharge.

"Silver wing now," Lita called out and Pidgeotto came from below and started right at Aerodactyl and as he flew he lit up. Before he delivered the silver wing to Aerodactyl Pidgeotto was a Pidgeot and his wing spam was a lot bigger, delivering a bigger blow to Aerodactyl.

Lita sat watching for a moment. The evolution made the punch of silver wing stronger but also if Aerodactyl wasn't knocked out she was battling with a newly evolved Pokémon who did not know his strength or his new body yet. It could definitely hurt her.

She didn't need to worry though as after a second Aerodactyl fell out of the air and Lita breath a sigh of relief. Pidgeot was a lot bigger then Pidgeotto was. She was going to need to do some training before he was ready again for battle but she was sure Pidgeot would get use to his new body fast. And she couldn't help but cheer as the referee announce her as winner.

"You did great," Lita told Pidgeot as she held up his pokeball. "Take a nice long rest."

"That Pidgeot of yours did well," Griffin told her once they were off the floating platforms and down on the roof with May, Max, and Blue. "You deserve this." Griffin took out his badge and held it out to Lita who gladly took it and her money winnings from Griffin. "Do you need us to heal Pidgeot or are you good to go into the town." Since they were right near town a Pokémon center was closer by than when Griffin was bumped into in the middle of nowhere.

"I can get back to town. Can I get pictures of you with your Pokémon?" Lita asked remembering she had not asked last time.

"Sorry, I don't do pictures. Not even for Drakken daughter," Griffin said. "Nice seeing you Blue. We got to battle sometime."

"I look forward to it," Blue said with a nod but left with May, Max, and Lita. Max was excited after seeing another gym battle and was talking about the evolution as Lita got Pidgeot healed by Nurse Joy.

Lita smiled at the play by play. "You did really well," May said putting an arm around her and Lita smiled.

"Thanks,' Lita said giving May a look and noticing Blue watching them,

When Nurse Joy gave Pidgeot back Lita and Blue went outside to let mother and son say goodbye to each other. Blue's PIdgeot seeming to be proud her son evolved. "I got to get going," Blue said after a moment. "But before I do want some pictures of me and my team?"

Lita rushed at the chance to get photos of a former champion and spent several minutes of Blue with his team. "One last piece of advice," Blue said when the photos were done. "If you like the girl let her know." Lita blushed as Blue seemed to see through her attraction to May. "And pass off that advice to your cousin. I hear he's traveling with a beautiful red head."

"Ash is oblivious to even his own feelings. Misty will have to be the one to make the move," Lita said and Blue had to laugh.

"Well if you see him again before me let him know I want to see improvement on Riolu," Blue said before getting on Pidgeot back and flying away.


The next day Lita, May, and Max were ready to head out. "So where do you have to go for the next contest?" Lita asked as they headed out of the Pokémon center and back on the road.

"According to this," May said looking at a pamphlet that had the upcoming contest written on it. "Ice Island."

"Your joking," Lita said with a smile. "I got to head there too. Nova, my Eevee, wants to become a Glaceon and that's the only place she can evolve. Plus, the ice gym is there."

"Perfect," May said with a smile as she grabbed hold of Max the minute they got back into the forest. "Don't run off." May warned the boy who gave a nod as they continued to walk.

Post Chapter: Not the longest chapter but I hope you liked. Over the next few times you see Lita a lot of her first six will be evolving. She had them for a long time with training no other Pokémon. It's time for them to get to the next stage.

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