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Viridian Forest and the Rock Gym

The Pokémon Journey

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Viridian Forest and the Rock Gym

When Ash hit Viridian City, he was right away stopped by Officer Jenny. "What happened?" The Officer asked seeing the injured boy. She was on alert for anything suspicious.

"I found him on the path. He had been chased and attacked by a flock of Spearows," Ash answered. "My Pokémon got badly injured protecting him. My cousin and a friend went to look for someone else he said was out there before he passed out."

"We'll get him to the hospital," Officer Jenny said taking out her radio and calling for an emergency transport. A medical transport came and the paramedics took the boy from Ash. Officer Jenny was talking to her deputies and Ash was concerned waiting around. "You go to the Pokémon Center." Officer Jenny had turned to Ash. "There are a couple of rangers in town who are going to go after your cousin and friend."

Ash gave a nod knowing Piakchu and Eevee needed medical attention. He had to trust the authorities now.

Lita and Misty ran towards the path where they had come from. "She could be anywhere. You don't by chance have a flying Pokémon?" Misty asked.

"No," Lita said but noticed a Pidgey nearby. "But let's catch one. Nova." Lita let her Eevee out of her pokeball. "We're catching that Pidgey."

"Eevee," Nova said out and ran in front of the Pidgey surprising the bird.

"Swift and then tackle." Lita called out and Eevve let out the attack which hit the surprised bird and then tackled the Pidgey right after. Lita threw the Pokeball at the Pidgey hoping it was enough. She couldn't hurt the bird too much if she wanted the bird to help her find this injured girl.

The Pokeball shook once and twice and then locked. Lita picked it up and released the Pidgey who gave Lita a look. "I know I surprise you and I am sorry," Lita said knowing she didn't really give the Pidgey a chance to fight back. "There is an injured girl somewhere around here and we need help finding her. Afterward if you want I'll release you."

Pidgey gave the girl a look knowing she was telling the truth and made out a noise before taking to the sky to look for the injured girl. He could see his new trainer with her Eevee and the other girl running after him and soon saw another human who was injured. Pidgey flew around her to indicate this was where the two needed to go.

"There," Misty said pointing and the two ran into the clearing to find a girl with brown hair laying on the floor. She had a large wound on her side and besides her was a chick Pokémon who was orange. The two barely recognized the Hoenn starter.

Lita went into her backpack and took out a shirt she had and went to put pressure on the wound with it. Misty went to the injured Pokémon and took out a potion. Spraying the Pokémon with it. "Is there a Pokeball there? We need to return the Pokémon." Misty asked. The potion might have helped a bit but this Pokémon was too badly injured. Lita found the poke ball on the side and picked it up pointing it at Pokémon. It was returned into the ball by the red light.

"Keep pressure on the wound," Misty said coming besides Lita to help.

"Pidgey if you see people alert them to where we are," Lita called out knowing Ash had to get to Viridian by now.

Pidgey circled around and then made a noise and a Pidgeot joined Pidgey in the air. Soon two Poke Rangers came running up. "You two Lita and Misty?" A female Ranger asked. They nodded. "Let my partner here look over her." The male ranger got besides the two with a medical kit and Misty and Lita backed away. "Any idea how many Spearow attacked or why?"

"As for why no but," Lita said taking out her camera and showing the ranger the photo of the Spearow flock she had taken a picture of.

"Seems we'll have to capture several to lessen the population around here," the ranger said. "I'm Ranger Kelly by the way. I'm going to escort you two to Viridian while my partner gets your friend transport. We're going to be blocking this path for a while."

"Sounds like a plan," Misty said knowing the rangers took care of aggressive Pokémon on common paths.

"Oh, this is her Pokémon," Lita said remembering she had the ball and handed it over to the ranger.

Ranger Kelly took out a scanning device. "Torchic," Ranger Kelly said. "We'll need to bring him to the Pokémon center."

The two started to walk and then Lita remembered. "Pidgey," Lita called out. Her Pidgey was still following them and came down when she called. "A deal is a deal. If you want I'll release you now." Lita held up the Pokeball ready to break it to release Pidgey but Pidgey stopped the girl.

"I think he wants to stay with you," Ranger Kelly said.

"Really?" Lita asked and Pidgey gave a sound that sounded like yes so Lita returned him. "Nova, we got our first team mate." The little Eevee had been by Lita feet and jumped up on her shoulder. Ranger Kelly who still had the camera snapped a picture.

"It was cute," Ranger Kelly said handing the camera back to Lita. "You're not bad at pictures. You should consider submitting photos to magazine during your journey. It's a great way to make extra money."

"Really?" Lita asked.

"You're from Pallet?" Ranger Kelly asked and Lita nodded. "Call over to Oak and tell him you're interested in it. He can set up an account for you where you can submit photos and different variety of magazines can bid on them."

"Thanks for the tip," Lita said wondering about it as they hit Viridian. They said goodbye to the Ranger when they got to the Pokémon Center. The Ranger going to give the Torchic to Nurse Joy.

Ash was sitting there. Nurse Joy brining Pikachu and Eevee out to him. Nova jumping down to see Ash's Eevee. The two greeting each other. "Did you find May?" Ash asked.

"Yeah, she was in bad shape," Misty said. "But the Rangers got her. And Lita got another member of her team."

"Nurse Joy, mind giving my Pokémon a checkup?" Lita asked.

"Of course," Nurse Joy said taking Pidgey pokeball and Nova went with her.

"I got us a room. For three," Ash said. "Hope you don't mind Misty."

"That's fine," Misty said as Lita went to the phone to call Professor Oak's lab.

"Hey I'm sorry about your bike. I'll pay you back," Ash said feeling guilty.

"Don't bother," Misty said shaking her head. "It was an emergency. Not really your fault."

Lita had a quick conversation asking about submitting photos. It was Tracey who jumped in and said he use to do it himself and could set up and manage Lita's account for her. Lita accepted the offer and turned around to see Ash and Misty chatting with each other.

She smiled at that as Nurse Joy gave her back her two Pokeballs telling her the two were fine. Nova jumped on Lita's lap as Lita released Pidgey. "Pidgey, nice," Ash said. "What moves does Pidgey know?"

Lita took out her pokedex. "Tackle, sand attack, gust. And the egg move silver wing. Which he is able to use," Lita was shocked on that last one and Ash actually took the pokedex away from Lata to check it out himself.

"Possibly one of his parents was or is with a trainer," Misty said and Lita had to agree with the idea. It was very possible reason for that egg move.

"Do you want a nickname?" Lita asked the Pidgey who made a noise and then poked Lita. "Okay no."

Ash laughed at his cousin. "Let's get some sleep. We can hit Viridian Forest tomorrow morning," Ash said and his Pokémon agreed. The two girls nodded and Lita returned Pidgey. Nova staying with Lita as they headed for a room.


The next day before leaving the Pokémon Center the three were surprised by May. "You're the three who saved me and my brother?" May asked and they nodded. May brought Ash into a hug first and then Lita and Misty. "Thank you. I'm May by the way. My brother is Max."

"I'm Lita. My cousins Ash and our friend Misty," Lita said pointing at each even though it was obvious who they were. "And our Pokémon Nova, Eevee, and Pikachu."

"Oh Eevees are so cute," May said with a smile giving the Pokémon a pet. Nova liking the attention and rubbing May's leg.

"Can we ask what happened?" Ash asked.

"My parents asked me to bring my little brother with me. He's not old enough for a Pokémon because of the age change. We came over from Hoenn because the contest track is starting here and not there yet. I was looking for a caterpie. I really want to go into a contest with Butterfree. Max got impatient and threw a rock. It hit a Spearow."

"And you're okay?" Misty asked.

"Yeah, the wound bled a lot but didn't hit anything major," May said. "Max is worst off. Got to wait a week or two before we can travel again. I am here to check on my Torchic. He's doing fine thankfully. Nurse Joy told me you three saved me. I just needed to say thanks."

"We'd do it for anyone," Ash said smiling. "But your welcome. We're heading out though. Maybe we'll see you on the road."

"I'd like that," May said with a smile.

The three went to walk away but Lita stopped. "Hey May, Viridian Forest. Caterpie can be found there," Lita said and May gave a smile and nod.

The three left the Pokemon Center and headed for Viridian Forest. The quickest way to Pewter City from Viridian. The two were surprised though at Misty screaming at every bug they saw. "Can you stop?" Ash asked as Misty started to run.

"I'm not the biggest fan of bugs either. Especially the wormy ones," Lita pointed out and gave Misty a smile and mouthed thank you.

"You know my dad had a Butterfree and Beedrill. I think it's time to catch some Pokémon," Ash said and tossed a pokeball at a nearby Caterpie. Lita and Misty looked at each other as the ball locked and Caterpie was caught. "Yes, I got a Caterpie." Ash picked up the ball and did a pose as he said it.

"Who is he talking to?" Misty asked and Lita shrugged. Her cousin tended to act like he was on some imaginary TV show.

"And now a Weedle," Ash said. The Weedle not just getting into the Pokeball like Caterpie so Ash fought the bug with Pikachu and caught her.

"Are you a trainer from Pallet Town," the three were surprised by a weird man with a sword. "I am Samurai. I am looking for trainers from Pallet Town."

"That would be us," Lita said and a sword got put to her chest.

"Hey," Ash yelled out and had Pikachu shock the person. "Do that again and it will be Thunder Bolt." Pikachu had learned the move the night before to defend them against the Spearows.

"I am just requesting a battle from a trainer from Pallet," Samurai said.

"There are better ways to do that than to put a sword to someone," Misty said glaring at Samurai herself.

"I'll battle you," Lita and Ash said together.

"Good," Samurai said taking out two pokeballs and Ash and Lita got it was meant to be a double battle. Lita and Ash both using one pokemon while Samurai would use two.

Ash and Lita both sent their Eevees into the battle while Samurai released a Pinsir and a metapod. The two looking at each other confused over the metapod. While caterpie was in it's middle form between caterpie and butterfree the pokemon was defenseless and battling with that pokemon could injure the upcoming Butterfree.

"Tackle metapod," Lita said to Nova who ran to attack metapod while Ash's Eevee used quick attack on Pinsir. Both Pokémon were knocked out after the first attack. Lita hoping she didn't do much damage to metapod. She had no choice but to attack or surrender.

"And Gary said you two were the weakest," Samurai said and Lita and Ash had to sighed as Samurai returned his Pokémon.

"Hey aren't you forgetting something," Misty said as Samurai turned to leave. "You challenged them to a battle and lost. You owe them." One-way Pokémon trainers made money was by whoever won the battle the loser had to pay. When gym leaders lost the trainers also got a payday from the leagues. Although if you lost to a gym leader you didn't have to pay them. The league made their money through other means.

Samurai turned around took out a few dollars and handed it to the two before walking away. "This is why selling photos will make us more money," Lita said putting the money in a pocket. There was no set amount trainers paid out. Just whatever they had on them.

"Well we got to continue on our way to Pewter," Ash said.

"Ash," Lita said. "We're never going to make it to Pewter today." It was true. They had been walking all day and weren't out of the forest yet. "We should set up camp. Besides even if we got to Pewter there is no way we can win the badge."

"Says who?" Ash asked. Pikachu and Eevee both gave out a noise at that too.

"Well you have a normal type, two bugs, and an electric type against rock types," Misty said. "And Lita has a normal and bird. In fact, Pidgey might be the best one set to go against the rock gym since he does know silver wing." Ash thought for a moment and then nodded sitting down. "You could use my water Pokémon." The two turned to her.

"Thanks, but I think we want to beat Brock on our own," Lita said.

"What about those TMs?" Ash asked.

"First good idea you have had," Lita said.

"Thanks… hey," Ash said as Misty gave a laugh. Lita took out the TM book the TMs came in. The set came with 5 reusable TMs.

"We have roar, calm mind," Lita said.

"Use that last one on Ash," Misty said and Lita laughed while Ash crossed his arms.

"Protect, Mega Punch," Lita said. "And Iron Tail." Lita took out her pokedex and checked the moves Eevee could learn from TMs. "Yes." Lita took out Nova pokeball and returned her. "Give me the device."

"Hey, I want to use it," Ash said.

"It's reusable. Let me go first and then you can," Lita said and Ash made a face but nodded handing the device to Lita. Lita took the TM disk in the device and then Nova's pokeball in place. She pushed a button and waited until she got the green light. "All yours." Lita took the pokeball off and released Nova. Giving the machine over to Ash.

Ash returned Eevee easily enough and gave him the move. "Okay Pikachu, you have to return to your pokeball," Ash said and Pikachu moved off.

"Pika," Pikachu said spark coming from his cheek.

"If you don't return I can't give you the move," Ash said and Pikachu paused. "I'll let you right back out."

"Pika," Pikachu said seeming to accept it. Ash returned him before he could change his mind and used the iron tail TM again.

"Pikachu can also learn mega punch," it was Misty who supplied this information and they all looked at her. Misty held up Ash's pokedex that Ash had left on the floor when he took the TM machine. "I was curious."

"Give me Mega Punch," Ash said and before Lita could open her mouth Ash took the TM and put it into the TM machine. Taking out Iron Tail and giving Pikachu the move Mega Punch as well. He then released Pikachu who looked up. "You have two new moves."

"Pika," Pikachu said letting out a spark.

"You know that's a normal type move right?" Lita asked wondering if Ash thought it was fighting type.

"So, it's a move," Ash said with a smile.

"We're going to need to do some training before taking on the gym," Lita said. Even after learning it from a TM Pokémon needed some training to make the move stronger. "Misty, I know you need to be somewhere to register in a certain amount of time. If we take a couple of days to train would we put you behind?"

"Should be good," Misty said. "But can we please get out of this forest tomorrow?" Lita and Ash laughed and agreed.


The next day they found their way out of the forest and camped on the route between the forest and Pewter. Lita and Ash training with their Pokémon to perfect the new moves. The two Eevees got iron tail down and managed to teach each other the move they knew the other didn't. Pikachu was fast in perfecting iron tail, but mega punch was more difficult for the electric Pokémon.

Ash's Caterpie and Weedle evolved almost right away to their second form and then to their third not long later. Butterfree was more than happy to be with Ash but Beedrill was another story. She kept attacking Ash and trying to fly back to the forest. Ash having to return her to the Pokeball.

"Think maybe you should release her?" Lita asked Ash helping patch up a wound Beedrill had casued. They were heading into Pewter that day and after a quick stop at the pokestop so Nurse Joy could check their Pokémon they were going to the gym.

"No way. She's just going to take some time," Ash said and Lita and Misty shared a look, but decided not to comment. Ash was big headed and had to do things his own way.

Lita took one last picture of a wild Pokémon. She had spent the days training, taking pictures of wild Pokémon and their own Pokémon. She was going to send them off to Tracey for Tracey to submit them to see if any magazine would buy them

The stop at the Pokecenter for a quick check up with Nurse Joy was fast. And then they were off to the Pewter gym. Entering it the place was mostly bare. "Hello," Ash called out. He had both Eevee and Pikachu out of their pokeball with him and both called out.

"Are you challengers," it was Brock the gym leader.

"We are," Lita said putting a hand on Ash as she said it.

"Welcome," Brock said. "Ladies first." Ash made a groaning sound as Lita smirked. "Viewing is above in the rafters."

"Come on Ash," Misty said taking Ash arm and leading him up the stairs. A couple of little kids were there as well watching.

Lita took her spot on the gym floor as Brock took his. A referee was there. "This will be a two on two battle. Only the challenger will be allowed to substitute," the referee said. "Begin."

Brock threw out a pokeball and a Geodude came out. Lita took out Pidgey pokeball and let him out of the ball. "That's a bad move," Brock said. "Rock throw."

"Dodge," Lita yelled out watching as Pidgey dodged the attacks but getting hit a bit. "Use gust. Blow those rocks away." A wind picked up tossing the rocks away and then hitting into Geodude. It being strong enough to bring Geodude up into the air. "Steel Wing."

Pidgey wings went metallic and hit right into Geodude knocking the Pokémon back down to the floor hard. "Interesting," Brock said seeing his Pokémon was about done but still had some moves left. "Sand attack and rock throw." Sand went up making it hard for Pidgey to see and rocks started hitting into her.

"Use gust," Lita said again letting the wind throw the sand and rocks away from her. Once clear she ordered a steel wing.

"Defense curl," Brock said and Pidgey hit into Geodude at that moment. Geodude fainted and Brock took out his pokeball to return. "Good job. Let's see if your bird can handle Onix." Brock released the giant rock Pokémon and Lita looked at Pidgey.

"Return," Lita said deciding to use her option to substitute and took out Nova pokeball. "Nova it's your turn." Nova came out and Brock looked at the little Eevee but knew from Pidgey now not to underestimate the Pokémon. "Use swift." Lita decided not to give her star move away so soon.

"Tackle," Brock said the move barely bothering his Pokémon.

"Use quick attack to dodge," Lita said. Nova started using the fast move to dodge it as Brock order a rock throw. Rocks starting to be thrown around the field. Nova doing her best to dodge all of them but getting hit a couple of times. "Get on top of him."

Nova used quick attack to run on Onix. "Throw it off," Brock called out and Onix tried to twist to get the Pokémon off him as Nova got up to the head.

"Iron tail," Lita called out and Nova tail glowed and hit into Onix head making the large Pokémon scream out. "Again. As many times as you can." Nova continued hitting into Onix as the Pokémon struggled trying to get Nova off. Finally, Nova was thrown off the large rock and hard onto the floor.

The two Pokémon stared at each other for a moment before both fell down fainting. "Both Pokémon are unable to battle," the referee said. "Gym leader has no more Pokémon. Challenger wins."

Lita returned Nova to her pokeball and thanked her as Brock did the same. He walking up and handing Lita her badge and a card with her money reward on it. Lita putting the card safely in her money pouch and the badge in her badge case. "Congratulations, you trained them well," Brock said and then handed both Pokémon off to a gym trainer nearby and got two new Pokeballs. "Next."

Ash smiled running down. "I'm going to run to the pokecenter and be back real fast," Lita said to Ash who nodded as she ran off and Ash took his place.

"Once again a two on two battle. Only the challenger will be allowed to substitute Pokémon," the referee said.

Brock took out a pokeball and released another Geodude. "Eevee," Ash said and Eevee gave a nod jumping off Ash's shoulder. Eevee knew Iron Tail and had the Egg Move Double Kick, which was a fighting type move. Unfortunately, Ash had been unable to get the egg move to work. Sometimes they were hard to master.

"I assume your Eevee knows iron tail as well," Brock said. "The same strategy won't work twice in a row." Ash hadn't thought of that. The person who went first had a definite advantage since him and Lita had used the same strategy. "Sand attack." Sand covered the field and Ash could barely see Eevee.

"Stay calm," Ash called out to Eevee knowing she was having a problem seeing and Geodude could attack at any time. "Stay where you are. Use your ears." Geodude was probably heading for Eevee, the rock and ground type would have an easier time with the sand. "Listen for him and when he gets close use iron tail."

Eevee listened to his trainer and closed his eyes using his ears to listen for the sound of Geodude. And soon heard him coming in for a tackle. Right when Geodude was about to head for him he used iron tail hitting the Pokémon back.

"Not bad," Brock said as the and cleared. "Rock throw." And Geodude started throwing rocks around the field and Ash ordered Eevee to use quick attack to dodge. Eevee got hit a couple of times but managed to dodge the worst. Geodude kept throwing rocks though. "Use iron tail to break the rocks up. Get in close and use iron tail on Geodude."

The planned seemed to be working and Eevee got closed to Geodude and jumped into the air to deliver an iron tail. "Catch it," Brock said and Geodude hands suddenly caught onto the tail stopping Eevee in the air. "Throw." Geodude tossed Eevee across the field.

"Can you get up?" Ash asked and Eevee got to her feet ready to continue.

"We're ending this. Tackle," Brock said and Geodude went at Eevee.

"Dodge," Ash said knowing if he used iron tail Geodude would do the same thing again but this Geodude was fast. He was about on Eevee, but then Eevee kicked at him once and then twice throwing him back. "You did it. You unlocked double kick. Now go in for another one."

Brock saw Geodude was almost done and nodded to himself. He hated to use this move but he had to give his best battle. "Self-destruct."

"No," Ash yelled out as a burst of energy came out of Geodude and across the field. The move self-destruct didn't actually kill a Pokémon. The Pokémon let out its remaining energy in one big blast knocking itself and usually it's opponent out. When the blast was done both Eevee and Geodude were knocked out.

"Both Pokémon are unable to battle," the referee said.

"What did I miss?" It was Lita coming next to Misty who had not realized she had arrived so intent on watching the battle.

"Cliff notes Brock almost had Ash but Eevee managed to use double kick to turn the battle around. Brock used self-destruct before Eevee could knock Geodude out," Misty said.

"Oh, nasty move," Lita said and Misty noticed her camera was out.

"You can't take pictures in a gym without the gym leaders permission," Misty said.

"I know," Lita gave a nod and pointed to the field. Ash had returned Eevee already and gave Pikachu a nod. The Pokemon jumping off his shoulder to take his place in the battle.

"An electric type," Brock said. "He's cute." Pikachu cheeks sparked up. clearly not liking being called cute "Now let's see if he can handle Rhyhorn." Brock tossed out a pokeball and released Rhyhorn surprising everyone. This gym was known for the Geodude and Onix combination.

"Must be another gym Pokémon he has," Misty said knowing sometimes gym leaders threw in a twist.

"Smack down," Brock said and the rock Pokémon went running at Pikachu.

"Use mega punch," Ash said and Pikachu went to use the move to head on attack. The two attacks collided but it was obvious Pikachu took more damage.

"That move is not perfected," Misty said shaking her head and Lita agreed. Despite the fact it was learned through a TM Pikachu hadn't gotten a handle on mega punch yet.

"Bulldoze," Brock said without skipping a beat.

"Quick attack to dodge," Ash said changing tactics. He couldn't go head first at Rhyhorn with mega punch. "Get him with an iron tail." Pikachu ran around the gym at speed confusing Rhyhorn before hitting him right on the side with iron tail pushing the Pokémon back.

"Horn attack," Brock said and the rock type threw his horn into Pikachu sending the Pokémon up.

Almost as if on instant Pikachu let out a large thunder bolt. The move doing nothing to the Pokémon but the sprinkler system above the gym got turned on by it. Rhyhorn roared out when the water hit him. "Now," Lita and Misty both yelled at Ash from above.

"Thunder Bolt," Ash yelled out and Pikachu used the electric attack right at Rhyhorn. The water hitting into Rhyhorn making the attack hurt the Pokémon. "Finish it up with iron tail." Pikachu went in and used iron tail just as some gym workers got the sprinklers off. The iron tail throwing the large spiked Pokémon back and knocking him out.

"Rhyhorn is unable to battle. The challenger wins," the referee stated as Brock returned Rhyhorn and Pikachu went running up to Ash's shoulder.

"Nice job buddy," Ash said with a smile knowing the Pokémon still needed to go see Nurse Joy. "We're going to continue to work on that mega punch."

"Pika," Pikachu said as Brock came up.

"Nice job," Brock said giving Ash his badge and the card with his money reward on it.

"It was lucky the sprinklers went off when they did," Ash said. "Might want to get that fixed."

"Going to call someone tomorrow," Brock said with a nod.

"Hey Brock," Lita said as her and Misty went down to meet with Ash. "I was wondering, I'm taking pictures to try to make a little extra money while on the journey. Could I get some pictures of you and your Pokémon?"

"Sure," Brock said. "I believe you need something signed to sell them." Lita nodded Tracy giving her the run down and taking out her poke nav bring out the electronic document on it. Brock signing it with his finger. "Come to the back." Brock nodded and led Lita into the back.

"I better get to the Pokémon Center," Ash said.

"I'll join you. I want a nice shower and meal," Misty said and Ash smiled.

"That sounds nice. Think I will join you," Ash said and Misty turned to look at him. "For the meal not the shower." Ash was red as Misty made fun of him. The two walking out of the gym and heading for the Pokémon Center.

Post Chapter Note: I hope this chapter was better than last. I know it had a lot of stuff in it. I just decided to combine the gym battle with Viridian Forest.


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