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The Haunted Tower

The Pokémon Journey

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Just to remind everyone who has what Pokémon.

Lita's Pokémon:

On hand- Vulpix (Hestia), Meowth (Stilely), Dratini (Emerald), Rockruff, Bagon, Pidgeotto

At the Lab- Eevee (Nova), Cubone, Poliwhirl, Scyther, Primeape, Tauros (4)

Ash's Pokémon:

On hand-Espeon, Pikachu, Charmander, Dratini, Alolan Vulpix, Skarmory

At the Lab- Nidorina, Nidorino, Rattata, Butterfree, Muk, Magnemite, Riolu, Hypno, Gible, Oddish, Ryhdon, Tauros (10), Exeggcute

Misty's Pokémon:

On hand- Totodile, Vaporeon, Krabby, Buizel, Dewgong, Lotad

At the Lab- Goldeen, Feebas, Shellder, Psyduck, Horsea, Staryu

May's Pokémon

On Hand- Torchic, Butterfree, Skitty, Ponyta, Absol, Tyrogue

The Haunted Tower

Lavender Town was a good five days journey from Saffron City. Ash spent the time talking about a rematch with Sabrina this time using his new ghost Pokémon he was going to catch. He had spent the time going over ghost types in his Pokedex and pointing to Pikachu which ones he thought they should catch.

Misty mind as she traveled was on her battle with Janine. Having defeated Sabrina, she now had 4 badges. Which meant gym battles got tougher. Whatever she was going do against Janine she had to be clever. She liked the frozen floor technique but she didn't want to be known to use only one technique. She really had to give thoughts to other strategies.

"Look, we're here," Ash said pointing towards the town they were coming across.

"About time," Misty said with a smile as Pikachu gave a call out clearly happy as well. "Want to head to a Pokémon center or…."

"Let's head right to the tower," Ash said running towards the town and Misty had to laugh. She loved Ash excitement even if she felt he needed to cool it a little, so she smiled and gave a nod.

The Tower was on the edge of the town not far from a cliff that led down to the ocean. As Misty looked up at it a chill went up her spine but Ash was already marching in and she went to follow. The first floor was spooky enough and Misty wondered if the higher floors would get even worst.

There were a few Gastly hanging around, but they seemed to ignore the group. "Ignore them Pikachu," Ash said having decided he was not going for the Gastly line. Ash took out an empty pokeball though. "When we find who we want you'll shock them and I throw," Ash told Pikachu who responded with a 'pika pika'.

The steps were easy to find and Ash and Misty went up them slowly. Misty finding it dark in here and grabbing hold of Ash to make sure they stayed together. As they neared the top of the stairs they were surprised by a ghost Pokémon that looked like a candle seeming to be running quick. The group paused.

"Pika…." Ash started but he didn't need to continue. The Pokémon saw the pokeball in Ash's hand and ran right into it. The pokeball being teleported off in seconds since Ash still had six Pokémon on him. "That was weird."

"That Pokémon seemed scared," Misty commented as the two looked at each other. "Maybe we should…."

"Investigate," Ash said and continued on to the second floor.

Misty rolled her eyes. That was not the end of her sentence. She was going to suggest since Ash got a ghost Pokémon they leave but she knew Ash and she figured it was better she go with him. On the second floor they noticed a lack of Pokémon. This tower was supposed to be packed with ghost Pokémon but they didn't see one since the one who had jumped in Ash's pokeball. They started up the stairs to the third floor.

As they got there they heard footsteps. They barely saw who was approaching before hands came out of a side room and grabbed hold of them dragging them in. The hands covered their mouth. "Be quiet," a voice whispered.

Misty and Ash were confused but through a crack in the door they could see team rocket grunts in their normal outfit. "What exactly are we doing here?" One of the rocket grunts said. "What are they looking for?"

"Above our pay grade," the other grunt said. "But all these ghost Pokémon we're stealing will get a ton of money for the boss and look good for us. Come on I think there is a rare one this way."

The two grunts waked away. "Thank you," Misty said to the unknown man knowing it would not have bene good to just run into them.

"I know you," Ash said pointing at the man. "Your…Agatha grandson. Adrien."

"Yes Ash, good to see you again," Adrien said. "Misty of Cerulean Gym."

"Hi," Misty said with a smile. She had met him before too at functions for the champion, elite four, and gyms. "I thought you were training under your grandmother."

"I was, but I had decided to try to open a ghost gym. Kanto needs more gyms. Was looking into opening it here when I noticed the ghosts in the tower acting strange. I went to investigate and found Team Rocket," Adrien said. "I sent my Gangar to alert the authorities but I am fearful their officer above is about to find whatever they are looking for. Figuring out how to get up there when I saw you two."

"We could help you," Ash said.

"No offense but no new trainers can take on a team rocket officer," Adrien said.

"But we could take on the grunts," Ash commented back. "Help you get up there."

"I have a feeling you're not going to leave even if I tell you to so better you stay with me," Adrien said. "Take out your Pokémon. Attack fast and hard. And stay behind me."

"Yes sir," Misty and Ash said together. Misty was nervous as she released Totodile, Vaporean, Krabby, Buizel, Lotad, and Dewgong. She quickly explained what was going on as Ash did the same for Espeon, Charmander, Dratini, his Vulpix, and Skarmory.

Adrien had a couple of ghost Pokémon out as well and gave them a nod as they left the side room they had been hiding in and into the main tower again. "We need to go up," Adrien said heading for the stairs but then they heard a noise.

They could see the team rocket grunts from earlier trying to grabbed a ghost Pokémon that looked like a sword. It was a net around it that was giving some type of charge into it to weaken the Pokémon. Ash and Misty realizing this was probably the reason why the ghost Pokémon had jumped into Ash's pokeball. It was running from this. Adrien gave a nod to one of his ghost Pokémon to jumped at the two grunts. "Pikachu, Charmander, help," Ash commented. "Espeon, get the net."

Espeon eyes lit up and the net with the Pokémon in it moved away from the grunts and towards them. Misty and Ash opening the net and letting the Pokémon out. The sword like Pokémon came out and seemed at look at them and then seemed thankful. "It's a Honedge," Adrien said with a nod to the sword. His Pokémon had knocked out the rocket grunts already. "Come on we don't have must time left."

"You should find a place to hid until this over," Ash said to the Honedge with a smile as Pikachu jumped back on his shoulder and they followed Adrien up the stairs to the last floor where the clear leader of this group was. "Ember." Adrien clearly recognized him.

"Agatha grandson," Ember said. He had a couple of grunts with him. "Take the kids and steal their Pokémon. I got the elite four offspring."

The grunts went right for Misty and Ash both of them getting their Pokémon to attacked the grunts and their Pokémon. Grunts were easy to take out. They only had one or two Pokémon each and those Pokémon weren't that powerful. "Can we help him?" Ash asked when it was over but he saw his Pokémon were tired. Charmander was guarding the knocked-out grunts with Misty's Buizel.

"I think he can handle it," Misty said. The battle between Adrien and Ember was looking epic. It was kind of like those battles you see between champions only this one had far more deadly consequences. "We better make sure we don't get injured."

Ash moved back against a wall and was shocked when it opened to show a ladder in a secret room. Something in him wanted him to go up and he started climbing. "Ash," Misty said realizing Ash was gone and then noticed the doorway that wasn't there and the ladder.

Misty walked up the stairs and saw Ash in the middle of the room. There was carvings on the wall and some type of orb in the middle which Ash took hold of. Then it started to shine and so did the writings on the wall. "Ash," Misty yelled but it seemed like he didn't her as the light went into the sky.

Back at the battle Adrien was doing well and then was delighted when his grandmother came in with her ghost. The ghost Pokémon having brought her in their unique way of travel. With Agatha joining the fight the fight was done and Ember was taken down. "What's that?" Agatha asked as they saw a light go into the sky from the tower.

"It's been activated," Ember said. "Yveltal is coming."

"Yveltal," Adrien said recognizing the name.

"Adrien," he heard Misty voice and then they saw the hidden room and ladder.

"Watch her," Agatha said to the gathered Pokémon which included Ash and Misty's Pokémon. The two climbing up the ladder and seeing what was happening. "Adrien grab him."

Adrien obeyed his grandmother and went taking hold of Ash. Picking him up and dragging him away from the orb he had his hands on against his will. Adrien dragging Ash back down the ladder and the glow left. Agatha looking out saw the light in the sky which was forming disappear.

"What is this place?" Misty asked.

"Go down back down," Agatha said and Misty decided not to disobey a member of the elite four. Agatha took a look around again and then put her hand on the orb, but it didn't light up. She decided to head back down herself. Once she was out the doorway sealed.


Later that day Ash and Misty were sitting in the Pokémon center having brought their Pokémon there after the tower. Ash had no idea what came over him in the tower. He barely remembered entering the room and Misty was hugging him to make him feel better. "There you two are," Adrien said. "My grandmother wanted to thank you for being helpful. Taking care of the grunts was helpful."

"I can speak for myself boy," Agatha said coming in herself. "You feeling better Ash?"

"Yes," Ash said with a nod.

"What was that place?" Misty asked.

"Have you ever heard the legend that Pokémon Tower here was one time a resting place for a legendary Pokémon?" Agatha asked and the two nodded. "Well it seems it was the resting place for the legendary Pokémon known as Yveltal." The two looked at each other confused. "It's a legendary Pokémon now associated with the Kalos region but seems long ago this was his resting place. All evidence shows us he has long since left but seems the room you found was a summons room. A place where he can be summoned back here."

"Seems Team Rocket was looking for this summon room to summon Yveltal," Adrien completed. "But we have captured Ember and the grunts and released all the ghost Pokémon they had. Order has been restored."

"That's great," Ash said relieved as Nurse Joy came out. Pikachu jumping from her table and onto Ash's shoulder as she gave them their pokeballs. "And hey I did catch a ghost Pokémon. I need to figure out what Pokémon it was."

"What did it look like?" Agatha asked.

"A candle," Misty answered.

"Sounds like Litwick. Be careful with that one," Agatha said as the group was shocked by a sword.

"Hey you," Ash said recognizing the Honedge they had freed. "What…." Ash paused as Honedge made some movements.

"I think Honedge wants to go with you," Agatha said and Honedge made a sort of nod but then made another move. "But wants a battle first."

"You're on," Ash said eyes light and Misty had to chuckle. Seemed he had forgotten the weirdness in the tower and ran outside with Pikachu. Misty ran to follow.

Adrien and Agatha gave each other a look and then went outside to see Ash and Pikachu battling Honedge. Pikachu dodging attacks easily enough and using electric attacks on the ghost type. It was soon Honedge was too tired to continued and Ash tossed a pokeball. It shook once, twice, and then a third time before locking and being transferred to Oak. "Yes," Ash said cheering. "I got two ghost Pokémon."

"Nice job Ash," Misty said happy for her friend.

"If you need any help your uncle knows how to get in touch with me," Agatha said and indicated for her grandson to follow her. Leaving the two to celebrate their victory and make plans on travel. "You did well. Lance is planning on fast tracking your application for gym leadership. You just need to build a gym."

"Thank you,' Adrien said. "But I don't want to be fast tracked because I am your grandson."

"With this new discovery we could use someone we trust watching this town and this tower," Agatha said back.

"There's more than what you're just telling those two," Adrien said.

"Yes," Agatha said. "You know the legends of how Pokémon and humans achieved the peace we now enjoy."

"Yes," Adrien said and Agatha waited clearly wanting him to explain it. "Long ago humans and Pokémon fought. A major war that could have destroyed everything and everyone until human warriors combined with the most powerful Pokémon ever: the legendries. Together they brought about the peace."

"And what happened after that?" Agatha said.

"The legendries watched the world for a time but then realizing the peace was maintained slowly left. They are still there, but rarely make an appearance," Adrien said.

"And the humans," Agatha asked.

"They are humans, they died," Adrien said.

"Humans don't just die they have children," Agatha said.

"So, do Pokémon," Adrien pointed out.

"But when legendary Pokémon have children they are not as powerful and not immortal like their parents. There is only one true legendary of each," Agatha said. "But humans pass on things to their kids. That room inside the tower has resealed itself. And when I touched the orb nothing happened. With Ash it lit up."

"You think Ash is a descendent of the original champions," Adrien ask.

"I think both him and his cousin Lita are," Agatha said. "That room opened for him. The orb only responded to him. Recently I have been made aware Lita saw, got a picture of, and a feather from Ho-oh. I am an old woman and I can count the number of times I have seen a legendary in real life on one hand and all the times were around them, their parents, or their grandparents. It's not a coincidence. There is something about them that attracts the legendary to them and with Team Rocket seeming to go after legendries…."

"Let's hope they don't make the connection," Adrien realized and Agatha nodded and hugged her grandson before leaving.

Post Chapter Note: hope you enjoyed. Ash and Misty had a close encounter with a legendary. And yes I gave Ash two ghost Pokémon, in the end i figured why not?


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