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The Unusual Pokémon

The Pokémon Journey

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Just to remind everyone who has what Pokémon.

Lita's Pokémon:

On hand- Vulpix (Hestia), Meowth (Stilely), Dratini (Emerald), Scyther, Cubone, Rockruff

At the Lab- Eevee (Nova), Pidgeotto, Poliwhirl, Bagon, Primeape, Tauros (4)


Ash's Pokémon:

On hand-Espeon, Pikachu, Charmander, Dratini, Alolan Vulpix, Skarmory

At the Lab- Nidorina, Nidorino, Rattata, Butterfree, Muk, Magnemite, Riolu, Hypno, Gible, Oddish, Ryhdon, Tauros (10), Exeggcute

Misty's Pokémon:

On hand- Totodile, Vaporeon, Krabby, Buizel, Feebas, Lotad

At the Lab- Goldeen, Seel, Shellder, Psyduck, Horsea, Staryu

May's Pokémon

On Hand- Torchic, Butterfree, Skitty, Ponyta, Absol, Tyrogue

The Unusual Pokémon

Lita was happy to say that traveling with May and Max was a lot calmer and made her much happier than traveling with Ash and Misty. The only problem was Max still continually getting attacked by wild Pokémon. Lita found herself dragging him away from Pokémon and having Hestia defend him more than once.

May was heading for a contest that was taking place in a town off the beaten path which was about a week walk from where they had been through the forest. Lita learned she now had three ribbons, two away from getting into the Grand Festival. They walked during the day and trained in the afternoon so they would not be late to register. May Pokémon and Lita's Pokémon seemed to get along well with each other. Especially Stilely, her Meowth and Absol who seemed to really like each other. Lita had spent a lot of time checking out her new Pokémon and getting to know them.

Stilely was all on board for training. Naturally he could learn mostly normal and dark type moves, but Lita deciding to diversify his move set was happy to see four of the TMs she had he could learn: iron tail, thunder, shadow ball, and protect. Deciding to start off with one she gave him iron tail. Once he had mastered that and learned taunt naturally she promised him he could choose his next one. He had made a good headway on taunt, but was having problems getting iron tail just right.

Emerald, her Dratini, was easily the Pokémon Lita knew the most about. She barely had to check the pokedex to know what moves she could learn and what TMs she could give her. Lance had always had a thing with Dratini and growing up Lance would usually bring one around. Emerald was clearly powerful and not so young. Growing up in the safari zone surrounded by other Dratini, Dragonair, and of course her dad and uncle old Dragonite had clearly improved her strength. Lita was sure Bagon was still more powerful, but Emerald could be good competition to train with him. Lita had decided to also give Emerald Iron Tail and have her and Stilely work on mastering it together. Lita was planning on also giving Emerald flamethrower once iron tail was mastered.

Rockruff was very affectionate. Her rubbing against Lita had caused more than one injury. Something Lita was trying to train out of her. She had Rockruff learning bite which she was easily picking up. She hadn't given Rockruff a TM yet but she was thinking of also letting Rockruff join the duo mastering iron tail and make it a trio. She did enjoy the move iron tail and since she planned on heading for the ice gym having multiple Pokémon who knew a steel type move was not a bad idea.

She hadn't left Hestia out of the training. She was using her to help train her new Pokémon, but had made sure she continued learning new moves. With Flamethrower mastered Lita was shocked when Hestia had just randomly used will-o-wisp. It seemed fire types moves were getting too easy for her to learn. Lita felt the only thing stopping her from learning moves like fire spin, inferno, and fire blast was the sheer amount of power needed for those moves. Lita knew her little Vulpix was ready to become a Ninetales if Lita could get the necessary fire stone and more over if she wanted to evolve. Switching her off fire type moves she had Hestia start working on learning confuse ray, a ghost type move. It was one Vulpix could learn naturally, but Hestia seemed to have trouble using ghost energy. More often when trying to use the ghost type move she accidently ended up releasing a dark pulse. Dark and ghost type moves having a similar energy to them.

In fact, the only problems Lita had were Scyther and her baby Cubone. She didn't know if she could really classify Cubone a real problem. He was so young and the fight he had witness had scared him. Lita honestly wasn't sure how to help him. He didn't really want to train more than throwing a few mud-slaps around. She really needed Oak's advice on this.

As for Sycther while the two had come to an understanding and he seemed to want to get stronger and battle Lita had a hard time with him actually listening to her. He had some power to him and knew his moves well. Lita only had two TMs that she could give him protect or her one time use Hyper Beam and at the moment she would not think about giving him that. So, she had given him protect. Sycther didn't seem to care for the defensive move though and refused to use it when she had battles with him. During battles with people they met along the way Scyther would listen to her up until a certain point and then do his own thing. So far in the battles they had with trainers met along with road it had not been a killer, but she knew when it came time for real gym battles it would cost her the win. She needed to have Scyther knock some sense into him and unfortunately the only Pokémon she had who could do it on her was Hestia. She didn't want someone with such a big type advantage to be the one to show Sycther the light.

While she had enjoyed getting to know her new Pokémon she missed her original team too. Especially Pidgeotto who she had attached a camera to often and let fly around to catch shots of Pokémon in their natural habitats from the air. Hestia had worn the camera once or twice and she got some interesting shots but nothing like Pidgeotto did.

"We should be able to get into town today," Max said in the morning. The group was packing up their tent from the night before.

"Good," May said and Lita gave a nod back. Her Pokémon were out and helping besides Scyther and Cubone.

"Hey guys," Lita called to them. "I want to send two of you to the lab and bring two of my old team back. Any volunteers?" Hestia admittedly ran to her side and rubbed her. "I know you're staying."

"Scyther," Scyther said looking up.

"You want to go to the lab?" Lita asked not having expected that but a smirk came to her face. This would work out well. Her eyes scanned her other Pokémon before turning to Cubone. "Hey Cubone. Do you maybe want to go to the lab? Not travel as much. There is some good food and good friends there. You won't be alone." Cubone looked up at Lita and gave a sort of nod. Lita figured maybe Cubone would want a break. He didn't seem to care for traveling and training and maybe Oak and Tracey could help him more than she could.

"Okay that's settled," Lita gave a smile as she finished packing her bag but then looked up at the sky. "What is that?" Lita had her camera in her hand in a second and was zooming in on the large Pokémon flying over them. She just started snapping pictures wishing she could get in closer.

The Pokémon was large, larger than any Pidgeot or Fearow Lita had ever seen. It's coloring was all wrong for the two common flying type birds of the Kanto as well. It seemed to be orange, green, white, and yellow. As she pointed it out all her Pokémon looked up and seemed to be in shock as well as May's Pokémon. May and Max were looking up as well and the wild Pokémon around them seemed to be stunned.

Then a lone feather fell from the sky and landed right on Lita's hand. Lita held it as she continued to try to get picture of the unknown Pokémon but soon the Pokémon seemed to disappear. Lita took a look at the feather. The feather must have come from the wings since it was orange with a bit of green on the bottom.

"What was that?" May was looking at Max but for once the young boy who seemed to like to think of himself as a Pokémon genius was quiet. He didn't know.

Lita looked over her photos. She had gotten a couple of good ones of this unknown Pokémon but she still could not figure out what Pokemon it was. She was sure she had never seen it before. Whatever it was all the Pokémon in the area seemed memorize by it as well and most of them were giving her looks. She even saw a couple of Pidgeys in a tree looking at her.

"I'll ask Professor Oak," Lita said as she put her camera down and held onto the feather. Something in her telling her she had to keep this close. She put it in a side pocket of her backpack and zippered it close to keep the feather safe. "Okay, time to go back into pokeballs."

She returned everyone but Hestia who stayed closed to her trainers' feet. May also started to return her Pokémon not leaving any of them out as she grabbed her own bag and they started to walk. "Hey Lita, I was wondering those TMs things you use," May said.

"Yeah," Lita said.

"Is it possible for me to use them?" May asked and Lita almost hit herself on the head. She hadn't even considered asking May if she wanted to use any TMs.

"Yes, every Pokémon can learn TMs. I don't know if your Pokémon can learn any of the ones I have. We can see later and your welcome to use any of my reusable TMs. You can also buy ones and use my machine," Lita said.

"Thanks," May said with a smile.

It wasn't long before they were entering the town and you could see shops were preferring for a contest. Whenever a contest rolled into these towns the stores always had sales and you could see an increase in people. It was easy finding the Pokémon center and at the center Lita excuse herself to get on the phones while May and Max went to sign up for the contest and get them a room.

She was lucky to find a phone free and first tried calling her aunt. She had to tell Aunt Delia that she had decided not to continue traveling with Ash. There was no answer though so Lita called the lab instead. Oak was always fast to answer the phone. "Oh, hi Lita," Oak said and before Lita could say anything Nova had jumped up onto the table to say hi.

"Hey there Nova," Lita said smiling at her Eevee. "Enjoying having your friends at the lab?" Nova gave a call out that clearly meant yes. Hestia jumped up onto her lap to say hello and the two Pokémon started talking

"Your Vulpix is looking good," Oak said looking through the camera. "And strong."

"Thanks," Lita said with a smile. "Professor is my aunt there?"

"I sure am," it was Aunt Delia coming in from the back. She did work part time at the lab after all. "I heard you left Ash."

"Ash called?" Lita asked figuring it was obvious. They were hanging around as far as she knew so Misty could get a second battle with Janine.

"Misty actually," Oak said.

"Neither of you decided to tell me," Delia said.

"To be fair this is the first time I am near a phone and I tried calling you right away," Lita said and Delia had to give a nod. "It's for the best. Me and Ash were driving each other crazy."

"I get that and I know you need to have your own journey but you being on your own," Delia said.

"I'm not," Lita said. "Besides my Pokémon I am traveling with friends. May and Max. May is a coordinator while Max is her little brother who she took on her journey with her."

"That makes me feel better," Delia said.

"Now that that's settle," Oak said. "Your Marowak was sent here by Nurse Joy. He did survive." Lita was actually shocked by that. "But I can't recommend him to ever battle. There was just too much permanent damage."

"He's great with the young Pokémon," Delia added. "He was just helping me in the back."

"You want him?" Lita said suddenly and Delia tilted her head. "He deserves a good person to take care of him and something to do. And you need someone now me and Ash are gone."

"I'd love him," Delia said.

"Well I'll transfer his ownership," Oak said. "Anything else Lita."

"Yes, I want Bagon and Pidgeotto back," Lita said. "I'm going to transfer you my Cubone and Scyther. Cubone is very young. He's…. well I think he needs someone with more experience with young Pokémon. Also, one of those Marowak is his father. Maybe figure out which one."

"We can do," Oak said.

"As for Scyther," Lita said an idea coming to her as she looked at Nova. "Nova, can you do me a favor?" Her starters ears went up. "I want you to be trainer for the Pokémon at the lab. Make sure they do their training. Get them teamed up with Pokémon to learn new moves. And I also want either or both Poliwhirl and Primeape to show Sycther a thing or too. Practice battles and tell them not to go easy."

"Eevee," Nova said and Lita could hear the determination in her voice.

"Ready for transfer," Lita said. Oak had gone to get the right pokeballs and Pokémon as she talked to Eevee and it was soon that Lita had transferred her two Pokémon to Oak and received two in return.

"Now do you need Tracey for photos?" Oak asked.

"Actually, yes but could you stick around?" Lita asked. "I got a picture of a Pokémon…. Well I don't know what it was. It flew overhead just this morning."

"Interesting," Oak said calling over Tracey and Lita sent all the photos she had taken since leaving Fuchsia City.

"The last few," Lita said as Oak connected the photos so they appeared on the screen.

"What is that?" Tracey asked.

"It can't be," Oak said looking at the photos. "It is…. Lita you don't even realize what you got here." Oak typed on his computer and then another image appeared next to Lita photo. This was a drawing but the drawing was definitely of the same Pokémon.

"That's it," Lita said with a nod. "Who is it?"

"Ho-oh," Oak said softy. "Guardian of the Skies. A legendary Pokémon who has not been seen for hundreds of years. Well at least no proof of being seen. Not since the original Tin Tower burnt down. Ho-Oh made the legendary beast: Raikou, Entei, and Suicune from Pokémon that were caught in the flames and all four disappeared. Every once in a while, there has been a claim of seeing Ho-Oh flying but Lita this is the first ever photographic evidence of Ho-Oh."

"Ho-Oh flame is the one that burns in the shrine at Mt. Silver. Uncle Lance showed me it once when I was young and he brought me and Ash to watch the Indigo League," Lita said amazed at what she saw. "Oh, I got a feather."

"What?" Oak asked.

"The Pokémon, Ho-Oh, dropped a feather," Lita said taking it out of her bag and showing it on the screen. Oak mouth opened wide.

"Lita, keep that feather safe," Oak said. "In ancient times when Ho-Oh and it's direct opposite Lugia, the guardian of the seas, were seen more it was very rare for them to give feathers. But when they did legend says the feather served as a symbol or warning or message."

"What?" Lita asked.

"All this information is from accounts written hundreds of years ago that Pokémon archeologist and professors have translated. Pieces are missing, words translated different ways. But a common theme is if a legendary gives you a feather you keep it on you," Oak said.

"Okay," Lita said with a nod putting the feather back in the pocket. She had to figure out another place to keep it.

"Lita, this photo will get a lot of money," Tracy said.

"Don't just put it up on the website," Oak said. "You want Lita to keep the rights to these photos. It will be making money for years. Delia get in touch with Lance we'll see about copy righting it."

"Good idea," Delia said with a nod.

"I'll let you handle it," Lita said her mind whirling. "I got to go. Talk soon." The group had their good byes and then Lita stood up and looked around. She saw May and Max on another phone not far away and decided to go over.

"Oh Lita," May said smiling at her and Lita had to smile back. "Meet our parents Norman and Caroline. Mom, dad this is Lita. She's traveling with us now."

"Hi," Lita hadn't wanted to interrupt the phone call but seemed May was more than happy to introduce her to her parents.

"Your one of the people who saved my children from the spearows," Caroline said.

"Yeah that was me, my cousin, and our friend Misty," Lita said.

"Well I'm glad you decided to join May and Max," Norman said. "You're going for the gyms, right?"

"Yes sir," Lita said.

"Who's your most powerful Pokémon?" Norman asked and Lita blinked. She kind of felt like Norman was interviewing her or something.

"My Bagon takes that titles but my Vulpix and Dratini are both trying to take it away from him," Lita said deciding that was the best answer and Norman gave a smile.

"If your done with your interrogation," Caroline said to her husband. "Good luck in the contest sweetie. Call us when it's over."

"Will do mom," May said and May and Max said their goodbyes.

"Your dad looks familiar," Lita commented. She couldn't place where she had seen his face before but she knew she had seen it.

"He's a gym leader," Max said and Lita eyes went wide for a moment. She had seen him in a book about gym leaders. "He's one of the strongest. You wouldn't stand a chance against him."

Lita opened her mouth to correct Max. The boy not seeming to understand that gyms weren't meant to be unbeatable at all. Hard yes, but there would be no point in a gym if no one could beat it. She decided to just roll her eyes though. The boy had a big ego and it was something she learned fast to just ignore.

"You'll never believe who that Pokémon was," Lita said making the two look at her. "Professor Oak says it was Ho-Oh." There was a moment of Max freaking out and giving May every fact about Ho-Oh he knew.

"Sounds like you got a good picture," May said after Max was over.

"Yeah, so are you all signed up," Lita said instead turning to May.

"Yeah, contest is the day after tomorrow though. I'm going to train. Coming?" May asked.

"I'm going to wash up and then go shopping," Lita said instead. She did really want to train and get Bagon and Emerald together for a training session, but she also wanted to spend some of the money she had gotten from photos. "But first." Lita took the TM machine and her TM case out of her bag. "My TM machine. You have seen me work this. Just put the pokeball here." Lita pointed at the spot. "The TM disk goes in here." Lita once again pointed. "And just push this button. When this lights up green your done. These are my TMs, you can use any of the usable ones, but please don't use my Hyper Beam. It's one time use only."

"No problem," May said taking the items.

"And if I don't have any TMs you want I am sure there's a TM store or at least the pokemart will have some. Especially with a contest in town," Lita said and May nodded. "I'll be back later."


Lita felt really good. After a week in the woods you tended to get dirty and smelly and a nice long bath in their room at the Pokémon center had taken care of that. She had even released her Pokémon to let them have a cleaning and introduce Pidgeotto and Bagon to the newer Pokémon. Emerald was very happy to see Bagon again Lita was almost upset to return them all to Pokeballs.

Lita then went to a clothes store. Her clothes were getting dirty, ripped, and torn plus she thought she grew an inch because they were a little short. Finding a new outfit that consist of jeans, a red shirt and a nice little jacket. She then went to get her hair cut. It was too long and she wanted it shorter. She even got a red highlight put in. She smiled as she looked at her new look. Last stop for herself was the jewelry store where she bought a necklace you could clip Pokémon feathers into. She put Ho-oh feather in it and made sure it was secure before putting it around her neck.

Afterward she stopped by the small TM store and finally managed to buy the Aerial Ace she wanted to buy back in Celadon. Finally, able to give Pidgeotto the TM she always wanted to give her.

Then she went to find May who was training outside the Pokecenter. Ponyta was out and working on moves. She was using ember and then hitting it with an iron tail to make it beautiful flaming rain. "I see you used iron tail," Lita said with a smile. "That is one useful TM. Glad Ash didn't fight over it."

"Yeah it…." May stopped her sentence as she turned around. "You look good."

"Thanks, where's Max?" Lita asked and then heard a scream. "Never mind." Lita knew Max must have been looking at all the Pokémon and gotten too close to one. "Can I have the TM machine?" May handed it over and Lita took out her new TM putting it in and then putting Pidgeotto pokeball on it giving him the move.

She then released Pidgeotto who gave a happy chirp. "Like the new move?" Lita asked as she took the TM out and put it in her book. As if to answer her Pidgeotto went right into the move. "Seems you're not bad at first go. We'll train more with it later. Mind putting on the Pidgeotto cam right now?"

There were a lot of coordinators training out in the open. They were fair game to take pictures of and Lita planned on taking pictures. Pidgeotto came a chirp and Lita put the camera on him and he went to flying over the area. Lita took out her own camera and started taking pictures around the Pokémon center lot. There were a lot of coordinators all training with a large variety of Pokémon. Every once in a while, she took a picture of May and her team. May seemed to be figuring out who to use in the upcoming contest.

She lost herself taking pictures as she usually did. It was only the whispers that made her turn around as the large Pidgeot landed. Lita recognized the man on the Pidgeot. It was Blue, former champion of Kanto and Jotho. Lita took a couple of pictures of him on his Pidgeot but stopped when her Pidgeotto flew down and rubbed against Pidgeot who rubbed him back.

"Lita Ketchum," Blue said as he hopped off.

"Here," Lita said holding up her hand and moving forward.

"You know Blue," it was Max running up.

"Been a while kid," Blue said ignoring Max as he looked at Lita. Lita shrugged. If she had met Blue it was when she was a baby before she could remember. "Your cousin told me you had my Pidgeot son." Pidgeotto gave a chirp up. "So, I started looking through your trainer status. I was impressed you beat Brock with him and the evolution at the fighting gym was good. The lost to Griffin was expected but Pidgeot doesn't want it to happen again."

Pidgeot gave a chirp out. "Griffin is impossible to know where he is going to land," Lita said disappointed. She did want a rematch with Griffin but she was also thinking of what other gyms to go to incase she never saw him again.

"Not impossible," Blue said. "He's going to land close to here the day after the contest. Pidgeot wants to train her son to take him on. Do you agree?"

"Yes," Lita said without hesitation.

"Can I watch?" Max asked and Lita just became aware of the eyes on them, but shrugged it off. Training from a former champion and his Pokémon was not something to be refused.

Post Chapter Note: well I hope you liked this chapter. Blue is back in it this time wanting to give advice to Lita. Also yes Lita, May, and Max were the first to see a legendary. I have plans for Ash and Misty too, this just worked out well to go first.

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