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Sabrina Gym

The Pokémon Journey

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Just to remind everyone who has what Pokémon.

Lita's Pokémon:

On hand- Vulpix (Hestia), Meowth, Dratini, Scyther, Cubone, Rockruff

At the Lab- Eevee (Nova), Pidgeotto, Poliwhirl, Bagon, Primeape, Tauros (4)


Ash's Pokémon:

On hand-Espeon, Pikachu, Charmander, Dratini, Alolan Vulpix, Skarmory

At the Lab- Nidorina, Nidorino, Rattata, Butterfree, Muk, Magnemite, Riolu, Hypno, Gible, Oddish, Ryhdon, Tauros (10), Exeggcute

Misty's Pokémon:

On hand- Totodile, Vaporeon, Krabby, Buizel, Feebas, Lotad

At the Lab- Goldeen, Seel, Shellder, Psyduck, Horsea, Staryu

May's Pokémon

On Hand- Torchic, Butterfree, Skitty, Ponyta, Absol, Tyrogue

Note: Since Lita is now traveling with May I figured I need to add her Pokémon to the top.

Sabrina's Gym

Traveling by the bus was very different from traveling by foot. There were woods on each side of the highway. Looking out the window you could sometimes see a Pokémon in the trees. Ash sat at the window excitingly looking out at any Pokémon he could see. Him and Pikachu practically making a game out of it.

Misty on the other hand sat next to Ash but was looking down at her pokedex. The bus had free wifi on it and due to that she could connect the pokedex to the internet and look up Sabrina gym status. She knew Sabrina was a hard gym leader and in fact going to her with so few badges might give her a bit of an edge. Not so much but at least Sabrina's stronger Pokémon were out.

From what Misty saw Sabrina did two on two battles except if you had seven badges. In that case you did a full battle. For people with three badges Sabrina seemed to always use an Abra and then either an Exeggcute, Drowzee, or Starmie. Very rarely a Kadabra if she had one not too powerful she could use against trainers with three badges. She could always surprise Misty but Misty was formulating a plan.

None of the Pokémon she caught at the Safari Zone were ready for a gym battle. She had to transfer back some old and trustworthy Pokémon onto her team. Starting with Seel. Abra main objective confusing the Pokémon by constantly teleporting. That caused the Pokémon to knock themselves out. Seel she could use the ice floor technique. That could slow Abra down on teleporting.

She already had Totodile and Vaporeon on her. They both knew bite. A dark type move would come in handy in the second round. Totodile definitely was better at dodging attacks but when dealing with psychic attacks that might not be so helpful. Totodile was also more powerful, but Vaporeon randomly had the bigger move set. Was also quicker on her feet. She hadn't done so well against Janine but Misty was wondering if she could do well against Sabrina.

"Ash, you want to look up Sabrina stats for trainers with four badges?" Misty asked.

"Nah," Ash said not turning from the window. "Going to use Espeon and Pikachu." Pikachu giving a cheer at being used in another battle.

"Are you sure using a psychic type against Sabrina is a good idea," Misty said. "You have a large collection of Pokémon. Maybe Gible deserves a shot at a gym battle." It had been a while since Misty had seen that dragon type. She wondered what Gible was up to at the lab. Probably training. "Or what about Butterfree? Bug types are good against psychic."

"Pikachu and Espeon got this," Ash said and Misty sighed knowing how stubborn her friend could be.

Misty decided to let it go and started looking up what TMs she could buy for her team. Totodile needed an extra move definitely and she'd love to give some of her newer Pokémon a new move. But she also had to think about money. Buying Vaporeon when she was an Eevee had almost cleared her out and the only battle she won was against the flying gym. It didn't completely restock her and part of her missed Lita extra income.

They got the Saffron City late at night. The two knew the gym would not be open so they checked into the Pokémon center. The next morning Misty woke up earlier than Ash and made a quick call to Oak's lab. "Sorry for the early morning," Misty said. "I was hoping to get Seel back."

"Of course, who are you going to transfer to me?" Oak asked and Misty paused unsure. "If I may make a suggestion." Misty gave a nod. "I saw you recently caught a Feebas. I have been hoping to study Feebas closer for a while."

"Sounds good to me," Misty said taking out the pokeball and whispering to the Pokémon within she was going somewhere she could swim. Misty placed Feebas on the transfer device as Oak placed Seel pokeball on the device. Soon Misty had Seel pokeball ready to go. "Thanks professor."

"So, where are you?" Oak asked.

"Saffron City, we arrived by bus last night," Misty said.

"Oh you, Ash, and Lita taking on Sabrina," Oak said.

"Me and Ash," Misty corrected and saw the look. Lita had not called Oak yet. Oak didn't know she had chosen to leave them. It made sense. Lita and May were traveling by foot. Lita was probably not near a phone. "Lita chose to leave the group."

"Can't say I am surprised. Her and Ash are like oil and water," Oak said. "I'll let Delia know. Tell Ash to give his mom a call soon."

"Will do," Misty said and said bye to the professor. She went for an early breakfast. Taking a look at Seel stats on her pokedex. Seemed Seel had learned both rest and aqua ring while at the lab. That could come in handy. She was done by the time Ash came running in with Pikachu to grab a bite to eat. "You should call your mom soon."

"After we beat Sabrina," Ash said with a smile. "Come on."

Misty rolled her eyes but smiled. It was nice to see Ash not thinking about the fact Lita had left them. The Pokémon gym was very obvious. It was the center of the town and a nice looking gym. The two entered the front. In a back room you could see the gym trainers training for day.

"You wish to challenge Sabrina," the two nearly jumped as a man teleported in front of them.

"We both do," Ash said and the man gave a nod and then started walking.

The two followed him to a back room. "Daughter, you have challengers," the man said out and Sabrina who seemed to have been mediating and floating at the same time opened her eyes and put her feet on the floor.

"Misty Waterflower of the Cerulean Gym and Ash Ketchum, Red's son," Sabrina said.

"Did you read our minds?" Ash asked blinking as Sabrina said their names.

"It would be a gross violation of a psychic code of honor to read someone mind without permission," Sabrina said. "But gym leaders do talk to each other and you have been the headlines. A future gym leader and former champion son traveling together. I have been keeping my eyes on your trainer stats in my free time. I also believe I heard Drakken kid was traveling with you."

Ash gave a frown. "She was," Misty said before Ash could comment. "She's not now."

"The dragon child went off alone," Sabrina said with a nod. "Misty your first. Three badges I believe was the last I saw on your trainer status."

"Yes," Misty said with a nod going onto the field and taking her position.

Sabrina taking hers as her father took the referee position. "This will be a two on two battle. Only the challenger will be allowed to substitute. The battle will be over when one side is out of Pokémon," he said. "Begin."

Sabrina was first in letting out an Abra just as Misty had suspected. Misty took out Seel. Misty noticing, he looked bigger than she had last saw him. Seel giving out a yell clearly happy to be back in a battle. Abra started to teleport all around the field without even Sabrina telling him anything but that's didn't confuse Misty. She had read Sabrina used her telepathic abilities to order her Pokémon around.

"Seel stay calm," Misty said seeing Seel was getting confused. "Ice beam to the floor." Seel realized the technique Misty was going to use iced up the floor right away. "And now I want you to make some ice pillars." Misty was using the idea Lita had used in the dragon gym but making more then one pillar. The pillars were made fast with Abra teleporting around them. "Start smashing the pillars with headbutt."

Sliding on the floor Seel was moving fast. Faster than he could ever on dry land. The pillars of ice started smashing sending little ice shards over the field. Most of them hit into nothing but several hit into Abra. Slowing him down. "Aqua jet at Abra fast." Water appeared around Seel and he charged at Abra hitting into the Pokémon. Abra fist lit up with lightning for a thunder punch surprising Misty. Sabrina must have used a TM on him.

Both Pokémon fell down and both were clearly injured. Misty and Sabrina both waited to see what would happen and then Abra fell. "Abra is unable to battle, winner is Seel," Sabrina's father called out and as he did Seel lit up and started to evolve. Soon a Dewgong stood in his place.

"Dewgong," Misty said smiling and Ash on the side was excited as well for the evolution.

"Interesting," Sabrina said looking at the new Pokémon. "And I must give credit where credit is due. You perfected a good strategy to get around Abra teleportation. Someone did her homework. Let's see how you handle this." Sabrina took out a pokeball and released what looked like a horse like Pokémon. It resembled Pontya only didn't have fire. It had green and purple hair along with a horn.

"What?" Misty asked blinking.

"I see you don't know my friend here. This is a Galaria Ponyta," Sabrina said.

"Ponyta is a fire Pokémon," Ash called out.

"I'm guessing not Galarian," Misty commented. Just like Alola Pokémon had changed type when migrated her guess was Ponyta had when it went to Gala. The Ponyta certainly didn't look like the Ponyta Misty was familiar with.

"Misty is right. She is a psychic type," Sabrina said. "Now let's continue." Ponyta started running on the ice but wasn't tripping. Meaning the ice floor wasn't going to take the better of this Ponyta. Dewgong got flung by a confusion attack.

"Dewgong, use aqua jet," Misty said and water appeared around Dewgong and he charged but he missed. Misty blinked. Seel had been great with aqua jet and Misty realized what had happened. Dewgong was bigger than Seel. He had miscalculated where to aim not use to his new body. Sometimes evolving during a battle could be a hindrance. Especially if you needed more than just extra power.

Ponyta hit Dewgon with a psychic and Dewgong hit Ponyta with a headbutt. Misty could see Dewgon was injured. She could use rest or aqua ring to help bring back some health but it would not help Dewgon get the handle of his new body. "Return," Misty said holding out Dewgong pokeball and returning him before Ponyta could attack again.

"Returning Dewgon was a wise move," Sabrina said.

Misty paused for a second. Totodile or Vaporeon. Totodile biggest strength was his ability to dodge but that was not helpful here. Plus, she wasn't so sure how Totodile would deal with the ice floor. The decision was made. "Vaporeon, your turn," Misty said releasing Vaporeon. The little water type came out clearly ready to redeem herself.

"Be careful on the ice," Misty called out realizing she wasn't sure how well Vaporeon would do on the ice either but she didn't need to worry. Vapoeon seemed to be able to handle the ice as she dodged an attack from Pontya. "Respond with shadow ball. Continuously use it. Make a shield of ghost energy." Misty knew the ghost type move would be affective in attacking and responding to the psychic attacks. She was right. The shadows balls did good in stopping psychic attacks from hitting. Some of them even getting a hit into Ponyta. Several psychic attacks were hitting into Vaporeon but the two seemed even.

"Quick attack and bite together," Misty called out having Vaporeon use quick attack to get close to Ponyta and once close delivered a bite attack Ponyta managed to get a good hit on Vaporeon with a psybeam while close.

The two stood there for a moment looking at each other and then both Ponyta and Vaporeon fainted. "Both Pokémon are unable to battle. Gym leader is out of usable Pokémon. Winner is the challenger," Sabrina's father said and Misty gave a smirk. Taking Dewgong out of the battle was a good idea. Having Dewgong injured but still able to battle gave her the win.

She slid out on the ice floor and put a hand on Vaporeon taking her into a hug. The Pokémon weakly looking up at her seeming upset. "You did great. You knocked Ponyta out and she was a strong opponent."

"I agree," Sabrina said. "You did well Vaporeon. You gave Misty the victory." Vaporeon seemed happy as Misty took out her pokeball.

"Take a nice long rest," Misty said returning Vaporeon.

Misty then got herself through the ice and over to Sabrina who had her badge and her winnings ready. "You deserve this. You came up with a good strategy. You knew when to take your Pokémon out when needed. You did well. And may I say I think the future of the Cerulean Gym is bright. I look forward to the day I can challenge you with my real team," Sabrina said.

"I do as well," Misty said taking the badge and money from Sabrina and Sabrina checking off she only used water Pokémon.

"Hold out Dewgong and Vaporeon pokeball," Sabrina said and Misty did as instructed confused. Sabrina then held out her hand and both pokeballs teleported away. "I sent them to Nurse Joy and telepathically told her who Pokémon they were. Also asked her to give the newly evolved Dewgong a good checkup. I figured you would want to stay to see Ash battle."

"Don't you need to clean up the field?" Misty asked.

"Alakazam," Sabrina said and an Alakazam teleported in. In a matter of seconds, the ice was gone and the field was back to normal. "Four badged I believe, correct Ash?"

"Correct," Ash said with a smirk as Misty blinked but went to take her seat and Ash gave a smirk. He and Pikachu going to the battle field and taking their place. "Pikachu," Ash said and Pikachu jumped onto the battle field.

"Using an electric type," Sabrina said taking out a pokeball and releasing a Kadabra. Sabrina's father instructed the battle to begin and Ash started with a quick attack and a thunder bolt at the same time.

The field was covered in electricity due to the combined attacked and Ash was smirking until he saw the electricity moving. Kadabra was using its psychic abilities to move the electricity and not get injured. It then redirected that electricity right at Pikachu causing the electric mouse to go flying.

Pikachu got up clearly injured. "Pikachu use quick attack and iron tail," Ash said and Pikachu ran at Kadabra with quick attack and morphed into iron tail but it never hit. Kadabra stopped Pikachu midair and used confusion on him until Pikachu was attacking himself. "Pikachu." Ash yelled to snap his partner out but it was too late. Pikachu fainted.

"Pikachu is unable to battle. Kadabra wins. Challenger release your next Pokémon," Sabrina father said and Ash picked up Pikachu and handed him to Misty. Misty took the Pokémon with a nod as Ash went back to his spot.

"Espeon," Ash said releasing his starter.

"You fight me with a psychic type," Sabrina said. "Brave, but stupid."

"Well we can do a lot," Ash said. "Including shadow ball." Espeon might be a psychic type but Ash had taught him a ghost type move and a dark type move while he was an Eevee. These attacks were a lot weaker coming from a psychic type than any other type but they would be affective. Ash was planning on doing the same thing Misty did with Ponyta. Overwhelm with shadow ball as a defensive and attack measure.

But unlike with Misty Kadabra was clearly more powerful than Ponyta. It made sense. Ash was battling Sabrina with one more badge under his belt than Misty had. Sabrina was allowed to use more powerful Pokémon and at four badges was when the Pokémon took a bigger leap of power. Plus, Sabrina had just seen Misty use this technique and using the same technique on a gym leader twice in a row was not a good idea.

Some of the shadow balls hit Kadabra but most of them were redirected. And since Espeon was a psychic type the hit with her own attack caused serious damage. "Get in close use bite," Ash said and Espeon ran right at Kadabra coming in for a bite. The bite hit but was met with a thunder punch.

Espeon was sent to the floor but got up and Kadabra could clearly still go. Ash wondered what he could do and called out swift. A weak swift hit into Kadabra but then Kadabra used psybeam. Espeon fainted.

"Espeon is no longer bale to battle. the winner is Kadabra. Challenger is out of usable Pokémon. The gym leader wins," Sabrina father said.

Ash returned Espeon. "Your Pokémon are powerful," Sabrina said. "But you will need more than power to beat me." Sabrina returned her Kadabra. "I see your father in you." Ash gave a smile at that. "It wasn't a compliment. Red was a strong trainer back when I was new, but he was also egotistical, power driven, and not very smart. He relied on a large group of Pokémon and power to get through battles more than anyone else I have ever known. He nearly did not make it. It took a big event to change him and make him smarter. Make him a worthy champion. Your him before his change. I will be interested to see if you can become the man he was when he died. I'll see you for a rematch soon I am sure."

Sabrina turned and left with her father following her leaving Ash there confused.


Ash sat at the Pokémon center waiting for Pikachu and Espeon to be healed and he was mad. Misty knew that. "How dare she," Ash said. "Making fun of my dad like that. My dad was the champion. He died defending Kanto and Johto. She disrespected him."

"Technically she disrespected the man he was before the change she said he went through. The man she says you are now," Misty said. "She didn't disrespect the champion he became."

"What's the difference?" Ash asked and Misty sighed. She really liked Ash, but he was sometimes very dense.

"She made fun of you not your dad," Misty said. "She said you have the worst parts of him."

"Well I….' Ash never finished his sentence as a Haunter scared him and then started to laugh. "What?"

"Haunter," it was a boy Ash didn't know. "Sorry I just caught him over at Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town recently. Been planning on training him to take on Sabrina but he loves playing jokes."

"Pokémon tower, I have heard of that," Ash said trying to remember.

"It's a grave yard for Pokémon," the boy said. "It's been in Lavender Town longer than recorded history. Said it use to be a resting place for a legendary Pokémon. If it was the Pokémon has not visited it for a long time, but the villagers started burying their Pokémon there. Ghost Pokémon got attracted to it. There are ghost Pokémon from every region in the tower it's said but I stuck to the lower floors where the Gastly line is mostly."

"Thank you,' Ash said and Misty could see the smile in his face and in his eyes.

"I'll see what the quickest way to Lavender Town is," Misty said knowing Ash now wanted a ghost Pokémon.

Post Chapter Note: originally, I was thinking Ash tied Sabrina but decided Ash needed Sabrina to completely destroy him instead. And now he's off to get a ghost. I was originally thinking Haunter but decided not to use Gastly line. I have not fully decided yet but am between Misdreavus, Sableye, or Honedge. Anyone else have any other idea?


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