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Time to Move On

The Pokémon Journey

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Just to remind everyone who has what Pokémon.

Lita's Pokémon:

On hand- Vulpix (Hestia), Meowth, Dratini, Scyther, Cubone, mystery pokemon (got to read to find out the 6th)

At the Lab- Eevee (Nova), Pidgeotto, Poliwhirl, Bagon, Primeape, Tauros (4)


Ash's Pokémon:

On hand-Espeon, Pikachu, Charmander, Dratini, Alolan Vulpix, Skarmory

At the Lab- Nidorina, Nidorino, Rattata, Butterfree, Muk, Magnemite, Riolu, Hypno, Gible, Oddish, Ryhdon, Tauros (10), Exeggcute

Misty's Pokémon:

On hand- Totodile, Vaporeon, Krabby, Buizel, Feebas, Lotad

At the Lab- Goldeen, Seel, Shellder, Psyduck, Horsea, Staryu

Time to Move On

When they got back to the Pokémon Center Lita went to talk to Nurse Joy about the Marowak. Nurse Joy wasn't optimistic about the Marowak chances of survival. He was in critical condition and even if he survived he probably be unable to battle. "Okay," Lita said with a nod not sure what else she was expecting. "Should he recover can you send him to Professor Oak. He takes care of my Pokémon."

"Will do," Nurse Joy said giving her a sad smile.

Lita going to meet the others in the back. "So, I caught ten Tauros, Ryhdon, and Exeggcute, but I sent them to Oak," Ash was saying when Lita joined when them. Getting in between May and Misty. "I kept these three on me." Max was waiting patiently as Ash took out a pokeball. "Hey Lita release Hestia."

"Sure," Lita said confused. She had put Hestia back in her luxury ball for the walk back to the Pokémon center. Lita released her Pokémon and Ash then released his. Lita blinked at the white fur of a Vulpix as he two sniffed at each other.

"See I have a shiny Vulpix," Ash said with a smile

"No, you don't," Lita said and Ash looked at her. "You have an Alolan Vulpix."

"What?" Ash asked confused.

"When some species migrated to the Alola Region they adopted to their new environment and changed looks and type. Your Vulpix is an ice type," Lita said.

"You're an ice type?" Ash asked getting on his knees to look at his new Pokémon. As if to answer Vulpix sent out a cold blast right at Ash face. Ash blinked and Vulpix seemed nervous. "That is awesome." Ash brought Vulpix in for a hug. "You're my first ice type. Let's see your move set." Ash scanned Alolan Vulpix with his pokedex. "Powder snow, tail whip, disable, and ice shard. Egg move moonblast. But doesn't know the egg move yet."

"Ash, we all have Pokémon we want to meet so I am going to go over there and release mine," Lita said seeing Ash was about to make a big show of all his Pokémon.

"I'll come with," May said following Lita to the other side of the field.

Ash pouted at his cousin leaving but released his Skarmory. Max seeming fascinated by the metal bird as Ash scanned Skarmory for moves. He knew leer, peck, sand attack, fury attack, and metal claw. Plus, an egg move of air cutter which he could use. Skarmory didn't seem too interested in his new trainer but at least wasn't attacking him.

Ash's last Pokémon released was his shiny Dratini. "Can I hold her?" Max asked once he saw the Dratini. Dratini saying hello to Pikachu who had been playing with Alolan Vulpix. Max sitting on the floor besides him and Dratini jumping at that.

"Max," Misty said keeping an eye on the younger kid. Any of these Pokémon could get scared by the unknown boy and really hurt him. They were all new to having a trainer after all.

Ash scanned Dratini. "Leer, wrap, twister, thunder wave, and dragon tail. Nice Dratini. Egg move is dragon breath which she can use," Ash said with a smile and then took out his last two pokeball releasing Espeon and Charmelon. "Now on guys let's do some training with our new friends."

Misty smiled as she took out one of her new pokeballs. She had kept her four new Pokémon on her and had transferred everyone but Totoadile and Vaporeon. This Pokémon center didn't have a big pool but she would ask Nurse Joy for a little inflatable so she could do some training with some of her new Pokémon who could not walk. She wanted to see Feebas again after all.


Lita had walked away from Ash with May. "Want to show me your two new Pokémon first?" Lita asked looking at May.

"Sure," May said seeming nervous as she took out two pokeballs. She released both Pokémon at the same time. "My pokedex says this is an Absol and this is a Tyrogue."

"I've read about both," Lita said with a nod.

"Absol, Tyrogue this is my friend Lita," May said. "I found Tyrogue at the bottom of the mountain. He was doing kicks and punches at the air and I could just picture him in a contest. I asked him if he wanted to join me and after taking some food he agreed."

"Tyrogue," Tyrogue said lifting up a hand and smiling.

"And Absol was more up the mountain. I didn't even see Max's suggestion but there she was and she was beautiful," May said and Absol seemed happy with the comments coming up to May. May rubbing her head.

"I think these were perfect choices for you," Lita said truthfully. "May don't let Max control who you catch or who you don't catch. He might seem like a little professor in the making, but he doesn't know what's right for you." May gave a smile as Hestia called out seeming to agree with her trainer.

"What about you? Let's see those new Pokémon," May said and Hestia called out an agreement.

Lita took out the first pokeball and released Meowth. "Meow," Meowth said as Lita scanned him with her pokedex. His moves were fake out, growl, feint, scratch, pay day, and bite. There was no egg move. It wasn't a bad move set and Lita gave a smile as she pet his head.

"Hey there boy, remember me?" Lita asked and Meowth rubbed against her as if saying yes. "You're going be on my team. Do you want a nickname?" Lita asked all her Pokémon this but she never expected the boys to say yes. Which was why she was surprised when Meowth gave out a meow. "Um… how about… Stilely?"

"Meowth," the newly nicknamed Stilely said. Stilely then looked around. Hestia said hi to her new team mate but Stilely seemed to look over at Absol. The two rubbing against each other and Lita raised an eyebrow. Her and May shared a look as May seemed to realize it too.

Lita then released Dratini who looked around. "Bagon not here," Lita said knowing who Dratini was looking for. "You'll see him again soon." Lita scanned Dratini. Not surprised to find she was a girl. She had an impressive move set: leer, wrap, twister, thunder wave, and dragon tail. The egg move surprised her. It was aqua jet. Either Vulcan or Hydra must have mated with a water type or maybe this Dratini was one of their children kids. The pokedex said she had a bit of a handle on aqua jet and Lita was going to have to see this in action.

"She is beautiful," May said and Lita looked up at her friend to see May was looking at the little dragon and also to see Stilely was resting on Absol back. "Maybe I will go back to the safari zone at some point."

"Someday we'll go together and I'll lead to you their swamp," Lita promised. "Or if Dratini ever has a name I'll give it to you. But first. Do you want a nickname?" Lita wasn't surprised the female dragon type wanted a nickname. "How about Emerald?" The Dratini agreed to the name right away and Lita smiled as Emerald started chatting with Hestia.

Lita took out her next pokeball and released Scyther. "Scy," Scyther said putting one of its blades at Lita and May let out a little scream.

"Vul," Hestia said letting some fire out to warn Scyther. No one threatened her trainer.

"Scyther," Lita said. "I caught you. You're on my team now." Scyther didn't seem to back down. "You like to fight. I can tell that. You were taking on a flying type you wouldn't have had a shot at beating." Scyther didn't seem happy with that. "It's true. You need more training. I can help you take on strong opponents. Just got to work with me and I promise you battles."

Scyther attention was taken by a noise and his eyes turned to see Ash with his team. Skarmory was out. "Same one huh?" Lita asked wondering if Ash got the exact Pokémon she wanted and Scyther confirmed it. "Don't attack yet. That's my cousin. We'll have our chances to battle and beat Skarmory. When your ready. If you'll work with me, that is."

Scyther turned to look at Lita again. "Scy," Scyther said seeming to agree but Lita got this wasn't the friendliest relationship yet.

Lita scanned him and saw his move set. "Leer, quick attack, fury cutter, false swipe, and wing attack," Lita read out. "Egg move counter but you can't use it yet. Not bad." Scyther gave a nod and went to sit seeming to stare at the group.

"You're going to have your hands full," May said. She had not had a problem Pokémon yet, but she had seen her dad handle some.

"We'll see," Lita said with a nod taking out another pokeball and releasing Cubone. The baby Pokémon looked around and then started crying. "Baby." Lita bent down and picked up the Pokémon. "Hey, your safe. This is your family now."

"Vulpix," Hestia said.

"Dratini," Emerald added.

"Meow," Meowth added from on Absol back and even Absol and Tyrogue chirped in. The Pokémon seeming to calm down the tiny Cubone and Cubone looked at Lita.

"Cubone," Cubone said with a nod.

Lita scanned him. It was unsurprising to learn he only had two moves growl and mud slap. His egg move was ancient power, but he definitely could not use it yet and Lita wasn't going to even try to train him on it. He was too newly hatched. "It's okay baby. Your safe now." Lita put the Cubone down letting the other Pokémon calm him. Seemed being with another Pokémon calmed him.

"Last Pokémon," Lita said taking out her last pokeball and looking at it.

"What?" May asked seeing the look on Lita's face as she looked at the pokeball.

"I don't even know what's in here. I missed my throw and caught something," Lita said. she knew she could have scanned the pokeball whenever she wanted. Since the pokeball was connected to her pokedex the Pokémon was probably already registered as on her team. But this felt like the right way to do it.

Lita released the Pokémon and when the Pokémon was out she saw what seemed like a dog but the dog was made of rocks. The Pokémon looked up at Lita and rubbed against her. "Your friendly," Lita said petting the Pokémon and saw her thoughts were confirmed. This was definitely a rock type. The Pokémon kept rubbing against her and it did hurt but Lita could not find it in her to tell the Pokémon to stop.

"What Pokémon is it?" May asked.

"I don't know," Lita admitted and took out her pokedex and turned on the voice she usually kept off. She wanted all the information on this Pokémon.

"Rockruff, the puppy Pokémon, this Pokémon can bond very strongly with its trainer, but it also has a habit of biting. Raising a Rockruff for a long time can be challenging," the pokedex said. "This Rockruff is female and knows the moves leer, tackle, sand attack, double team, and rock throw. There is no egg move."

Lita smiled. This was a nice surprise. She would have to look further into rockruff line. "Do you want a nickname?" Lita asked and was surprised when a female turned down that. "Okay just Rockruff. Now about we get some training done?"

"Or how about a battle?" Lita turned around and saw Paul standing there. "I looked you up. You are Drakken daughter."

"I am," Lita said not sure why Paul didn't believe her when she said it in the safari.

"I want a battle. Three on three," Paul said.

"I only have one Pokémon on me that's trained for battles. Everyone else was just caught," Lita said. "One on one. There's no point in you battling a Pokémon I have not trained yet to see how good I am."

"Fine," Paul said and took out a pokeball. Lita was a bit surprised by a Chimchar coming out of it. Then she remembered Ash telling her that when he had been traveling alone for a bit he met up with Paul and Paul did have a Chimchar with him. "Let's see how you do."

"Hestia," Lita said giving Hestia a nod and Hestia ran out onto the battle field. Lita was happy to see Scyther was paying attention now. Ash's attention got turned to the battle as well.

"Flame wheel," Paul said and Chimchar went into a ball of flames but Lita didn't tell Hestia to dodge. Instead she ran right into it with quick attack. Hestia running into the flames and hitting into Chimchar, who got thrown back and hurt. Paula noticed Hestia was undamaged. "Flash fire ability. She can't be hurt by fire."

Lita gave a smirk. It was true. Hestia ability was flash fire which meant fire moves had no effect on her. Lita usually didn't pay attention to abilities of Pokémon, but this one came in handy. "Dark pulse," Lita called out and Chimchar got hit by dark pulse.

"Fury swipes," Paul said. It was probably the most powerful move Chimchar had that wasn't fire.

"Protect and then disable as fast as you can," Lita said and Hestia used the protect against Chimchar which knocked him back and then disabled fury swipes. "You want to continue?" Chimchar didn't stand a chance. Not unless Paul had spent a good deal of money on some expensive TMs and Lita could see from Paul's face he hadn't.

"Scratch," Paul said instead and Lita sighed. Chimchar definitely had ability but wasn't well trained it seemed. Not as well trained as Paul's other Pokémon from what Lita remembered. She didn't consider Paul like Damien who had no idea what he was doing. His Pokémon were strong. Her guess was Chimchar was not taking well to Paul's style of training.

"Hestia end this. Use flamethrower," Lita said knowing it wouldn't cause too much damage to a fire type but would do something at least. Maybe enough to get Chimchar down without really hurting him. Hestia used flamethrower on Chimchair causing the Pokémon to go back and kept it up until Chimchar fainted. Hestia stopping at that moment not wanting Chimchar too badly hurt.

Paul returned the Pokémon. "Nice job Hestia," Lita said congratulating her Pokémon on the win. "Hey Paul, next time use a Pokémon you have trained on me. I know you have more talent than that."

"Next time I will," Paul said with a nod. Seemed Lita was right. Paul had purposely not used a Pokémon he had well trained on her. Maybe it was a test to see if one of his weaker Pokémon could take her or maybe it was trying to train Chimchar. "I'm impressed by your Vulpix. Next time she goes up against something with a little more bite." Paul held out a hand and Lita took it.

"Hey if Chimchar is not taking to your style of training maybe it would be better to let him go," Lita said. "Trade him or give him to Professor Oak."

"I'll think about it," Paul said.

"Hey, I'd like another battle," Ash said as Paul went to walk away. Paul turned to look at Ash. "Come on I know Beedrill was a mistake now. I am Red's son."

"Next time we meet," Paul said with a nod. "You'll get your battle then."

"I'll hold you to that," Ash said pointing at Paul and Paul gave a nod as he walked away. "Wait, you have a Scyther?" Ash seemed to realize the Pokémon Lita had released. "I wanted Scyther."

"I know," Lita said with a smile and turned to see Scyther had taken real interest in the battle. "Come on. I want to see every ones moves. Scyther how about you start. The sooner I see what you can do the sooner you can battle like Hestia did."

"Scy," Scyther said.

"Mind if we join?" May asked and Lita smiled as they got dummies ready to test out attacks. They saw Misty testing out a Buizel and Ash went back to his training as well.


The next day May shook Lita up. The girls decided to share again leaving Ash and Max together. "What?" Lita asked. She had Hestia, Stilely, and Rockruff on the bed. At least her other three had decided to go into their pokeballs for the night.

"I just wanted to let you know I am going to be leaving today," May said and Lita blinked. "There's a contest I have to get to."

"Oh," Lita said sadly. "Um…. Is the offer to travel with you still good?"

"Um… yeah," May said surprised.

"Can you wait a bit? I got to get some things settled," Lita said to May and May gave a nod as Lita went to change. She returned Rockruff and Meowth who were still asleep to their pokeballs but Hestia had woken up and came with her trainer.

Lita found a local bank where she could transfer money from her account. She was glad to see she must have sold some photos cause she had a lot more money than she previously did last time she checked. She transferred the exact amount half a TM machine would be into cash and thanked the teller.

"Vul," Hestia asked.

"It's time for us to leave the group," Lita said knowing in her heart traveling with Ash was not the right choice anymore.

When she got back to the Pokémon center she found Ash, Max, May, and Misty were eating. Pikachu was on the floor eating as well. "Ash," Lita said holding out the cash to him.

"What's this?" Ash asked.

"Exactly what you paid for the TM machine. I am buying your part from you," Lita said confusing Ash.

"Why?" Ash said. "We're traveling together."

"Ash, I think Lita is saying she doesn't want to travel with us anymore," Misty said realizing what was going on. "And it makes sense for her to keep the TM machine since I have one you can use."

"But… but… the plan," Ash said.

"Screw the plan Ash," Lita said. "I don't think it's good for us to stay together. I'm leaving with May and Max."

"Really?" Max asked seeming surprised but also seeming happy. "Means I get to see more gym battles."

"Well we'll have to stop at gyms for Lita," May said with a nod and Max seemed really excited about that.

"Ash take it," Lita said and Ash reluctantly took the cash.

"What about the TMs we share?" Ash asked. The five TMS Deliah and Lance had bought them were bought for both of them.

"Split them," Lita said. "You seem to like mega punch so you can take that, calm mind, and roar. I'll take iron tail and protect."

Ash opened his mouth but he didn't have much to argue. Lita was giving him three of them and he did like mega punch. Plus, calm mind and roar had come in handy as well. Ash gave a nod seeing he had little choice. The two split up the TMs and Lita ate breakfast then grabbed her things. She hugged Ash goodbye and then Misty.

"Keep your eye on him," Lita said and Misty gave a nod.

"I'll miss you," Misty said and the two watched as Lita, May, and Max left.

"I can't believe she left," Ash said after she was gone.

"I can," Misty said. "She wasn't happy with us. She is with May. Ash let her have her adventure and we will have ours."

"Ash," Ash heard a voice and for a moment thought Lita came back but then turned to see Emma with two boys, Richie and Forrest. "I keep missing you. I thought you were avoiding me." Emma hugged Ash and Ash smiled. "Misty good to see you."

"Hi," Misty said with a smile. "Richie, Forrest." Richie Pikachu and Ash's Pikachu were talking to each other. "Got any new badges?"

"We beat Sabrina," Richie said.

"She was difficult, took this one took two times," Forrest said and Richie redden a bit at that.

"I thought Sabrina was away on business," Ash said remembering Lita had said that. She wondered if Lita had lied to come up this way.

"She just got back," Forrest said. "We're here to take on Janine."

"I got to ask for a rematch," Misty said having been thinking that one over. She had transferred her Pokémon out for her new catches but she would need to transfer back her more experience Pokémon for the rematch.

"How about we go down and battle Sabrina first?" Ash asked. "The best way to prepare for a gym battle is doing another gym battle."

"Sabrina is weeks away by walking," Misty said.

"You could take the bus," Emma said. "Would get you to Sabrina's gym in a day."

Ash turned to look at Misty. His eyes wide and pleading and Misty could not say no to him. Not after Lita had just left him. "Fine, but then we take the bus back up here afterward," Misty said and Ash jumped up to hug Misty.

"Thanks Emma," Ash said. "Nice meeting you two. Next time we meet I want a battle."

"You're on," Richie and Forrest said together as was already running to collect his things. Misty mumbled an apology for Ash's behavior before following him leaving the three there laughing.

"That's Ash for you," Emma said. "Wonder where Lita went." The group looked at each other but didn't have an answer so went back to their plans.

Post Chapter Note: yes, I split them up. I was planning it all along but was going to do it later in the story. But it felt right here. You will still be following both of them. Will rotate between writing for Ash/Misty and Lita/May

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1. Starter Pokémon 3710 0 0 2. Viridian Forest and the Rock Gym 5027 0 0 3. The Path to Mount Moon 3959 0 0 4. Girl Time 6993 0 0 5. Ash's Solo Journey 5521 0 0 6. Sibling Rivalry 3780 0 0 7. The Dragon Gym 4152 0 0 8. Rematches 5489 0 0 9. Celadon 5582 0 0 10. Tournament 3099 0 0 11. Rocket Game Corner 3572 0 0 12. The Breeder and Gym Leader 3229 0 0 13. To Evolve or Not to Evolve 2926 0 0 14. Magnemite, Muk, and Gym Battles 4317 0 0 15. The Safari Zone 6184 0 0 16. Time to Move On 3793 0 0 17. Sabrina Gym 3491 0 0 18. The Unusual Pokémon 4348 0 0 19. The Haunted Tower 2645 0 0 20. Contest and Rematches 1945 0 0