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The Safari Zone

The Pokémon Journey

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Just to remind everyone who has what Pokémon. Especially since I had Ash switch Pokémon in the Pokémon Center last chapter without saying who he switched out of his team

Lita's Pokémon:

On hand- Pidgeotto, Vulpix (Hestia), Poliwhirl, Bagon, and Primeape

At the Lab- Eevee (Nova)

Ash's Pokémon:

On hand-Espeon, Pikachu, Charmander, Hypno, Gible, Oddish

At the Lab- Nidorina, Nidorino, Rattata, Butterfree, Muk, Magnemite, Riolu

Misty's Pokémon:

On hand- Staryu, Totodile, Shellder, Psyduck, Horsea, Vaporeon

At the Lab- Goldeen, Seel

Safari Zone

The next morning, bright and early, Lita, Misty, and May were up and had eaten breakfast ready for their early morning time in the Safari Zone. They had to practically drag Ash and Max out of bed before Ash remembered where they were going. He and his Pokémon rushed down their food after that.

They were there at the entrance bright and early looking at the map. "If your serious about Larvatar," Lita was telling May. "You'll need to go to the mountain section over here." Lita pointed at the map. "Larvatar would be pretty high up so you just have to head there if you really want that Pokémon."

"Of course, she does," Max said a smile on his face, Lita noticing May did not share the same smile. Lita had a bad feeling Max was trying to get May to catch the team he wanted. Not the one she wanted.

"Are you going to come with me?" May asked.

"The Pokémon I want won't be in the mountains," Lita said. "If I can after I find the Pokémon I want I might head that way but you shouldn't wait for me."

"Where are you heading?" Ash asked Misty.

"Water Pokémon best area would be here," Misty said pointing at the location near a giant lake. "Best place to find rare and powerful water Pokémon. You can come. Your team is lacking a water Pokémon."

"While that is true," Ash said with a nod. "I have two main goals here and neither of them are down that way." Misty gave a nod.

"Well it's you again," the group heard a voice and turned to see Paul standing there. There were two other members in their group and they assumed Paul was one of them

"Hey I want a rematch," Ash said his battle with Paul had played in his mind since the day. He now knowing what a bad call Beedrill had been.

"Not interested," Paul said. "I have already seen what you can do. Now if one of your friends would want a battle." Paul eyes went to Lita and Misty.

"Not here for a battle right now," Lita said. "Maybe later."

Paul gave a nod. "Can I look at the map?" Paul said and the group stepped aside so Paul could see the map.

"Oh, you again," that voice made everyone freeze as Damien came into the room. He must be the last member of this group allowed in. "How are you three doing with those pathetic fire types I abandoned."

Lita put a hand on May's shoulder to calm her down and gave a wink. "Bet you have had a problem buying a new one," Ash said with a smirk and saw the frown on Damien face.

"No matter I am here to find the best and also I will get a Dratini," Damien said.

"If you're lucky," two new people had entered the room from a back room. An older man who had a gun on his hip and a younger woman. It was the woman who spoke. "I am Adriana and this is my father. We're the caretakers of the Kanto Safari. I assume you are our first group today." The group lined up and nodded. "There is one too many."

"My little brother. He's not a trainer. I was hoping he could come in with me," May said.

"Sorry only trainers on the inside. He can sit in a waiting room. There are video cameras around the sanctuary that play footage of the inside there. He might see a rare Pokémon or two," Adrianna said and May nodded as Max groaned but moved aside. "Now before we allow you in we need to go over some rules. Now you will notice on the side is a bag for each of you. You will take that bag. On the other side is a key to a locker. You will put everything you own inside the locker including all but one Pokémon you are allowed to bring in with you. That Pokémon will not be allowed to attack unless you are in danger. Understand?"

"Yes," they all said together.

"Now inside your bags will be 30 safari balls and food you can use to lure Pokémon to you. There is also a map of the safari zone," Adriana stated. "You may also throw rocks but we do not recommend that. Once you are out of safari balls you cannot get more so even if you have time left you're out. Once your time is up even if you have safari balls left you are out. Any Pokémon you catch are yours. They cannot be returned to the safari zone. Understood?"

"Yes," they once all said together.

"Any questions?" Adriana asked.

"Can we bring our pokedex with us?" Ash asked.

"Yes," Adriana sad

"Can I bring my fishing pole," Misty asked.

"Yes," Adriana said with a nod.

"I have a twofold question," Lita asked. "Can I bring my camera into the safari zone and if I can am I allowed to sell the pictures?"

"The answer to both of those are yes," Adriana said with a smile to that. "Now if there are no more questions." No one had any. "You can pay my father at the counter, grab your bags, put everything but your allowed items in the locker, and release the Pokémon your taking with you. Then we shall allow you in."

One by one they all went and paid for their time in the safari and did as Adriana said. Lita releasing Bagon next to her taking her uncles advice to heart. Finding a dragon was easier with a dragon by your side. Ash had Pikachu on his shoulders and Misty had released Totoadile. May had Torchic out while Paul had his Elekid and Damien his Wartortle.

"Your time starts now. You have four hours and know you don't want to mess with our security guards. If you break our rules they will be on you," Adriana said as she opened a door. "Enjoy."

The group went into the safari. "Bet you I'll catch more Pokémon than you losers," Damien said.

"You're on," it was both Ash and Paul who said it and all three ran off in different directions.

"Boys," Misty said shaking her head but had to smile at Ash. "I'm heading to fish. See you later."

"Hey May, there are a lot of Pokémon here," Lita said seeing May taking out her map of the safari. "Don't be too focused on Max's suggestion." Lita thought it was good Max had been forced to stay back. May gave her friend a nod before running off too. "Well come on Bagon. Let's find a Dratini."

-Lita's Safari Time-

The safari opened up on the field where a lot of normal types hung out including a herd of Tauros. Lita was following Bagon and gotten several pictures of the Pokémon. Once in a while she saw a Pokémon that interest her and went to throw a safari ball only for a Taruos to run in front of the Pokémon Lita wanted. She had caught four and wasn't too happy. Tauros didn't speak to her as a Pokémon she would use in battle. She noticed Ash having the same problem as her so she decided to follow Bagon without throwing anymore safari balls.

As they were around the exit the fields Lita noticed a Meowth hanging out in the grass. She took out the safari ball but part of her noticed the Tauros. "Meowth," she called remembering something and Meowth turned as Lita held out the food she was given. Meowth came running up to eat the food and when he was close and eating the food Lita touched the safari ball to him. Meowth was caught right away.

"I think Meowth will be a nice addition to our team," Lita said to Bagon with a smile.

Bagon gave a noise out in agreement and led Lita into a wooded area. Lita knew was heading towards a swamp area, which would be the perfect place for Dratini. She kept her camera on her taking as many pictures as she could. There were flying types in the trees she had never seen before. She figured they were from other regions. Bug types as well as they got deeper.

Bagon eventually leading them out to a clearing with water. Lita could see a couple of Dratini pop their head out the water probably sensing Bagon. "Good job boy," Lita said taking out a safari ball and wondering how to get the Dratini. That was when two Dragonair showed up making Lita take a step back. They were protecting the Dratini. Bagon gave a roar out warning not to attack his trainer.

"I know you just want to protect the Dratini. I have no intention of hurting them," Lita said. "I just want one to join my team. To make them strong. If I could just approach and ask."

The dragonair let out a cry and Lita heard wings and then two Dragonite appeared. Lita was concerned for a moment and then she noticed a red dot on both of them. That dot was a device put into Pokémon of now dead famous trainers so they could never be re-caught. "Vulcan," Lita said the name of her fathers Dragonite out loud and one of them turned his head to Lita. "Hydra." The other Dragonite turned at the name of Red's Dragonite. "It is you two. It's me Lita."

It had been a long time since she had seen any of her father's Pokémon and Vulcan took a step forward and sniffed her. Then she was brought into a hug with a dragon Pokémon. Hydra following Vulcan. "So, you two are the guards," Lita said figuring this had to be what Lance had told her about discovering something about the safari zone. "And I assume some of these Dratini are your kids." The nod was the answer she needed. "It would be an honor if you would let me have one for my team. To be my partner just like you were my dads and uncle."

Vulcan gave a call out and several Dratini came out of the water. The look told Lita all she needed. She was allowed to pick from these who came. Getting down to their level she interacted with all of them as well as Bagon did. She also made sure to take a lot of pictures. There was a pink Dratini, that was called a shiny Dratini, that was tempting but then she noticed Bagon and one particular Dratini had seemed to be getting close.

"You like this one?" Lita asked Bagon and Bagon gave a nod. That settled it for Lita as she held the Safari ball to the Dratini who touched the button and went in it being caught. "Thank you." Lita smiled at the two almost not wanting to leave them. This was a connection to her father and uncle. Then she noticed most of the other Dratini but the pink one had left. The pink one seeming depressed.

Lita thought for a split second of catching them both. Shiny Pokémon while loved by trainers were mostly ignored by others of their types for various reasons. Then she had an idea. "Ash in the safari zone too," Lita said and Hydra head turned. "He would love a Dratini. I think this little one would be a great fit for him."

The Dratini gave out a noise and Hydra picked the Dratini up and started to fly. "He's the one with the Pikachu," Lita called out and then said bye to Vulcan before moving off.

She was fascinated by the Pokémon in the safari. Taking pictures of them. She knew most people would be throwing the safari balls at everything, but she didn't want to catch every single Pokémon she saw. She had been keeping her team small so far and while she expected a bump up from this she didn't want to go crazy. Including the Tauros she already had 6 new Pokémon. She also remembered her deal with Tracey. She had to find a Alola region type Pokémon for him.

She came across a clearing and saw two Pokémon fighting. She recognized the bug type Pokémon in Scyther. The one Ash had been talking about wanting to get. It was the Pokémon Scyther was fighting that Lita couldn't take her eyes off of. It was some type of metal flying type she couldn't place as she took several pictures.

Taking out two safari balls she gave Bagon a nod. There was no rule against taking advantage of a on going fight. She threw both balls. One hit Scyther and the other the metal bird. Both landed on the floor and started to shake but while Scyther locked the metal bird Lita really wanted broke open.

The bird gave out a noise and started to fly up. Lita threw another one but it missed and landed on the floor. "Ah," Lita mumbled as the bird disappeared from sight. She couldn't complain much though. Most people never even saw Scyther and it would definitely make Ash jealous if he didn't get one.

Lita picked up her Scyther ball and put it in the bag with her other caught Pokémon. She went to pick up what she thought was an empty safari ball and then realized it was locked. She blinked haven't seen any Pokémon go into it. She knew it wasn't the metal bird who had flown away. She couldn't scan the safari ball with her pokedex since the safari ball wasn't connected to it. She couldn't release the Pokémon because these balls were locked until the Pokémon were transferred into normal pokeballs. Whatever she had caught would be a complete surprise she was kind of excited for.

Lita put the ball away and slowly thought. She had started off with 30 safari balls. She had caught 4 tauros, one meowth, a dratini, a sycther, and her mystery. That was down to 22. She had the one break open without catching anything for the metal ball and another one had broken earlier on a tauros, her having been thankful she didn't end up with 5 of those Pokémon. It meant she was down to 20 safari balls.

Looking at the time she still had a few hours left before she was kicked out. "Come on Bagon, we need to find a Pokémon for Tracey," Lita told her dragon type.

The two continuing walking getting out of the forest area and Lita noticed they were near the mountain. Her mind going to May and wondering how she was doing. She didn't think any of the alolan types were in the mountains but she wanted to see her.

As she continued walking she heard another commotion and saw two Marowak fighting with a Cubone that was clearly newly hatched on the floor. One Marowak was completely normal but the other was black and had fire coming out of it's bone weapon. That was an Alolan Marowak and it was really beating up on the other Marowak. Lita could tell that MArowak was severely injured and at this point could not fight back.

Lita didn't think as she tossed a safari ball at the injured normal Marowak and it was caught right away. She didn't want a severely injured Pokémon to be injured worst and that seemed to be the best way to stop it. The Alolan Marowak turned and seemed enraged as it charged at Lita. Bagon sensing the attack on his trainer let his dragon breath out and Lita tossed the safari ball. The Alolan Marowak fighting it but being caught.

Lita took both safari balls knowing she had one badly injured Pokémon here and then noticed the cubone. It was crying and Lita picked it up. "Which one was your parent?" Lita asked honestly wondering. She knew one of the Marowak was defending this newly born cubone but it had been impossible to tell.

It didn't matter though as all thoughts to going to see May left her mind as she turned and went to get the Pokémon she had caught medical attention. Arriving at the main section of the safari zone she found Adriana and her father there. "Your early," Adriana said.

Lita explained about the Marowaks she had caught, admitting to Bagon using dragon breath on one. "Sounds like it was in our rules," Adriana said. "Trust us our guards would be on you if it wasn't."

"Not sure they would be," Lita said confusing the woman. "They are my dad's and uncle's former Dragonites."

"Red and Draken," it was Adriana father. "Your Draken kid. Draken brought you here when you were just a babe." Lita didn't remember that but she barely remembered any time with her father. "That boy with the Pikachu was Red's son." Lita gave a nod.

"Guess someone got a Dratini," Adriana said giving Lita a smile. "We'll send one of your Marowak to Nurse Joy."

"Mine?" Lita asked. "I only caught it to save it from injury."

"Doesn't matter. Both Marowaks are yours," Adriana said. "And you still have time and balls left." Lita did the math in her head. She had 18 safari balls left now but more Pokémon than she had planned. Then she saw the Cubone in her arms. "What about this one? That was Cubone dad. He's newly hatched"

"Maybe another Marowak will take him, but who knows. There is a reason they are called the lonely Pokémon," Adriana said and Lita didn't feel right there. She took out a Safari Ball and hit the Cubone with it. Catching the Pokémon right away. She didn't know what to do with a newly born Pokémon. Breeding had been the reason she had lost points on her trainer test and nearly didn't get a starter, but she couldn't let him just be released into the safari zone.

"That was sweet," Adriana said knowing the only reason for Lita to take Cubone was so the Pokémon was not alone.

"And I am done," Lita said. "Been trying to keep my team small. And I just more than doubled my Pokémon."

"Well then let's get you checked out and Pokémon transferred to normal pokeballs. You can keep your unused safari balls. Get a discount if you ever come here again or one of the other safari zones," Adriana said as Lita handed the safari balls she had caught over to Adriana transfer them into normal pokeballs and her pokedex so they were registered to her. "You can leave your bag by the door and go collect your stuff. You're going to need to transfer all but six of your Pokémon to whoever takes care of your Pokémon not on your team."

Lita nodded as she took all the pokeballs and went to get her stuff. She saw Max for a second who was looking at TV screens in a waiting room and decided to go sit with him after she was done. She found a table near the phones and took out all her pokeballs putting them down. Bagon was still out next to her as she took her current teams pokeballs and Hestia's luxury balls to one side of the table.

She put the four tauros on the other side of the table. Those were going to Oak she knew that. She took the Alolan Marowak. This one was for Tracey so she put it to the side. That left five Pokémon: Meowth, Dratini, Scyther, Cubone, and her mystery Pokémon. She had five Pokémon from her current team. That was 10 Pokémon. Four of them had to go to Professor Oak lab and that was hard for Lita. She had kept every Pokémon she had, besides Nova, on her for her whole journey. She knew her team had to grow but figuring out a rotation would be hard.

"Bagon," Bagon said seeming to get the dilemma.

"I have to meet all of them," Lita said taking her current Pokémon and releasing them. these were the only pokeballs not locked after all. Hestia jumped onto Lita lap right away. Poliwhirl looked up as Pidgeotto took a seat on a chair. Primeape adjusted his hat. "Hey guys I caught a lot of new Pokémon today." A sound went through the group. They all knew what this meant. "Yes, I need four of you to go to the lab. I promise I will rotate better than Ash."

"Vul," Hestia said snuggling up into Lita more. Hestia might have some abandonment issues. She didn't want to leave her trainer and Lita hugged her looking over the group of four, wondering if any of these four had a problem going to the lab.

"Pidgeotto," Pidgeotto said with a nod. Lita knew Pidgeotto had just agreed.

"Poliwhirl," Poliwhirl said making swimming moments with his arms.

"Yes, you can swim there," Lita said. Poliwhirl moved his hand and Lita knew he was fine going to the lab to.

"Prime," Primeape said moving his head.

"Yes, you can keep your hat and your backpack," Lita said and Primeape was willing to go.

It was Bagon who looked up. "Does this have to do with a certain Dratini?" Lita asked having seen how close the two had been. "I promise I will bring you back to the team soon. I'm going to need my strongest Pokémon. I promise all of you. I'll be rotating as often as possible."

"Bagon," Bagon said with a nod and Lita felt relieved. After Hestia reaction to possibly going to the lab Lita thought she might need to be permanently on the team somehow. At least for a while.

Lita returned the four Pokémon letting Hestia stay out. She put Hestia luxury ball on her belt along with her five new Pokémon. She then took all the other and went over to the phone to call Oak. "Hi professor," she said when he answered.

"Lita, you need Tracey?" Oak asked.

"Actually, both of you. I am at the safari zone and have Pokémon to transfer," Lita said and then saw Nova jump onto the desk. "Nova, your about to get some friends."

"Eve," Nova said as Tracey moved towards the screen.

"Did you get it?" Tracey asked.

"Alolan Marowak," Lita said holding up the ball. "It's all yours." Lita then explained the circumstances on how she caught this Marowak just in case he was really aggressive. Lita sent the ball over knowing Oak would transfer the ownership. "I also caught four tauros basically by accident. I was actually wondering about that online trading."

"I can make you an account," Oak said. "And run it."

"Thank you," Lita said not sure why she didn't want the Taruos at all but she was happy to transfer them to Oak and for Oak to put them up for trading. "And I will be sending four of my normal team. My Pidgeotto, Poliwhirl, Bagon, and Primeape. I'll be calling soon to start rotating my Pokémon. So, make sure they don't get lazy."

Lita noticed Nova seemed excited for her friends to come over as she transferred the Pokémon to Oak and pet Hestia. "Tracey tonight I'll send you photos inside the safari."

"What did you catch?" Tracey asked and Lita gave a smirk.

"Tell you later," Lita said saying bye to both before hanging up. She really wanted to see her Pokémon. Maybe she would grab Max and go to the Pokémon center. The boy would love to see the new Pokémon. Before she could get up and go there was a loud roar heard that distracted her wondering what that was.

-Ash's Safari Time-

Ash had been excited to get into the safari zone and ran off having a challenge accepted by Paul and Damien to see who could catch the most Pokémon. Ash started tossing his safari balls at Pokémon only to be interrupted by Tauros. He ended up catching ten Tauros and having 5 other poke balls break.

"Pika," Piakchu said and Ash nodded knowing what Pikachu meant. He had barely scratched the surface of the safari zone and was already through half of his safari balls. If he wasn't careful he could end up leaving this safari with nothing but Tuaros.

"Yeah we got to get off the fields," Ash said with a nod. "Where did Lita go?" It was only right now Ash was getting why his cousin brought Bagon in with her instead of Hestia. Bagon should be able to find other dragon type Pokémon. The only dragon type Pokémon Ash knew definitely existed inside the safari was the Dratini line. If Lita got a Dratini and he didn't he would not hear the end of it. Plus, he really wanted a Scyther as well.

His thoughts went to May looking for a Larivatar. He could so see himself with that Pokémon as well but the time to get up into the mountains was not worth it for him at the moment. "Come on buddy, let's see if we can find her."

Ash was sure he had gone the wrong way. He was off the field and seemed to be in rocky area. Both Dratini and Scyther would be found in the forest area. "We need…" Ash didn't finish as he was thrown back and landed on his back. Looking up he saw a clearly angry Rhydon attacking him.

Pikachu didn't wait long before using a powerful iron tail on the rock Pokémon and Ash threw a safari ball at him. The Rhydon being captured right away. "Nice catch," Ash said and then noticed a Dragonite land nearby and Ash realized this must be the security guards he was told about. "I was attacked. Pikachu attacked to defend….. Hydra?" Ash realized as he was talking he knew the Dragonite as Dragonite came up and basically hugged him. "Pikachu this is my dad's Dragonite."

"Pika," Pikachu said and the two Pokémon started a conversation and that's when Ash realized the pink Dratini that was on Hydra looking at him. Then the Dratini jumped over to Ash who caught the dragon type.

Ash took out a safari ball and the Dratini went right into it. "Thank you Hydra," Ash said realizing his father old Pokémon had given him a Dratini, probably his kid. "Wait until Lita…. Lita already met you and told you to find me," The Dragonnite gave a nod and hugged Ash again before flying off. "Well Dratini down." Ash smiled as he put the safari ball away.

"Pika, pika," Pikachu said.

"Now let's find that Scyther," Ash said determined to find the bug type Pokémon. He wanted to use all 30 of his safari balls. He had 14 left. That was soon down to 10 as he saw 4 other Pokémon he wanted but the safari balls broke. "This is almost impossible without battling." Ash had also not seen a Scyther anywhere. He knew the Pokémon was rare but there were meant to be some inside the safari zone. He loved his Butterfree but Scyther was a much more powerful bug. Even if he found a Pinsir he would be happy but he had definitely gone the wrong way for the bug type Pokémon. Where he was there were a lot of rocks.

Ash complained as he tried to find his way to a forest type area. He had walked far and had no idea where he was. That was when he saw a metal bird land not far off on some rocks. The Pokémon seemed to be injured. Ash's pokedex told him it was Skarmory. Ash tossed a safari ball. The ball shook three times before locking. "Yes, 9 more balls left."

Ash took out the map of the safari zone he was given but he was useless with maps. He founds an Exeggcute that easily went into it's safari ball. He wasted 3 balls on a Chansey that got away. "Five balls," Ash said knowing once these were gone he would be forced to leave. You couldn't buy more safari balls for this session. "Hey is it getting cold?" The area around them had started to change a bit and Ash swore he saw snow not far off. He knew there was a new ice section of the safari zone, but he had not though he had traveled that far. As the newest section it was the furthest section to the zone.

"Pika," Pikachu said with a nod. The temperature was definitely getting colder and that was when Ash saw a Vulpix. It was all white though unlike Lita's Hestia making Ash think it had to be the shiny version of Vulpix. Ash putting out some food for the Pokémon who came out. Ash was very impressed by Hestia and had been disappointed he had hesitated in catching her looking through his list of his fathers Pokémon.

Ash touched the safari ball to the Vulpix and the Pokémon was caught. Ash smiling as he put the safari ball away. "We got another fire Pokémon," Ash said with a smile as he heard a roar. "What was that?"

"Pika," Pikachu said pointing and Ash turned to try to find his way back to the main entrance to see what was going on.

-Misty's Safari time-

Misty had traveled to the fishing spot she had identified on the map. It was a beautiful spot with a nice dock waiting for fishers. You could see Pokémon jumping around and playing. Misty even saw the fin of a Sharpedo that she wished would bite on her line, but then feared that type of Pokémon would break her pole.

She wasn't as gung-ho as her friends on catching a lot of Pokémon. She knew that by specializing she was choosing to keep her team smaller. She needed to spend a lot of time with each Pokémon and her recent defeat made her feel she was failing. She needed to think more strategy on her rematch.

That didn't mean she was going to let this opportunity go to waste. The safari zone was the only place in Kanto to get some Pokémon from other regions, since all safari zones traded Pokémon to keep a diverse population. She had heard rumors of even other starters being here.

So, far she had caught four Pokémon. A Krabby that had come up and sat on her lap. She had caught it right away. The Pokémon was friendly and Krabby could be a great addition to her team. She had caught a Lotad that Totoadile had made friends with. She had been shocked and pleased when a Feebas had come onto her line. Her shining star was a vicious Buizel who seemed to want to fight. Something Misty could not give him here but had promised him real battles outside the zone and Buizel had agreed to come with her.

She found herself just lazing around in the beauty now. She was wishing she had Lita camera. Totoadile was playing in the water. "You know," Misty said and her Pokémon turned to her. "We need to come up with new training plans. I need to diversify your move set. Everyone move set. I need to come up with new strategies. We're going to do this. Just water Pokémon. 8 gyms."

"Totoa," Totoadile said as if agreeing.

That was when the tow heard a roar. "What was that?" Misty asked as she grabbed her pole and bag making sure her new Pokémon in their safari balls were secure as her and Totoadile ran for where the roar came from.

Lita saw Adrianna and her father heading for the door that led back out to the safari. "What's going on?" Lita asked as Max himself came running out as well. Hestia was looking at the commotion as well.

"Someone broke the rules," Adrianna said as they headed for the door and Lita saw Hydra and Vulcan flying towards them. One was holding a struggling Damien and the other his Wartortle. He was dumped at the foot of Adrianna and her father with another roar.

At that Lita saw Misty come running up and Ash wasn't too far behind. Both probably having heard the roar and had come to check it out. Paul was also coming as well and Lita wondered where May was.

"You tried to attack a Pokémon," Adrianna said.

"Your stupid guards," Damien complained.

"Hey, that's my dad's Dragonite," Lita and Ash said together

"Your dad. They must be pathetic then," Damien said.

Lita could see Ash was ready to attack Damien but Misty put an arm around him. "My dad was Dragon Master Draken and Ash's dad was champion Red. So, go ahead. Challenge them to a battle. I'd love to see it," Lita said and she noticed Paul raise an eyebrow at that. This was the first they had revealed their parents to Paul and Max, who eyes were wide at the information.

"Doesn't matter. You are banned from the safari for a month," Adrianna said. "If you should come back and attack a Pokémon again it will be longer. Third time means permanent ban. Now unless you do want to fight with these two grab your stuff, check out and leave. My father will take care of you."

Damien was clearly about to complain but then saw the father hand going for his gun and shut his mouth to follow. The group hearing him mumble about how impossible it was to catch a good Pokémon without a battle.

"What's going on?" It was May who was running up seeming exhausted. She must have been very high into the mountain to take this long to get here.

"It's okay," Misty told the girl.

"Well you still have time left and my device says you all have safari balls left. You are more than welcome to continue," Adrianna told the group.

"I think I'm done," Misty said with a nod.

"Me too," May said.

"I only have a few balls left anyway," Paul said with a shrug.

Eyes turned to Ash. "Yeah," Ash said knowing he had a few balls left. He wanted to sued them all but he felt weird being the only one not to end their time. "Bye Hyrda, Vulcan. I'll come back again to see you."

"Me too," Lita said and the two went to hug the Dragonite. "Misty can you take a picture of us with them." Lita held out her camera which Misty gladly took to take a picture of Ash, Lita, the two Dragonite, and Hestia and Pikachu joined the photos.

Then everyone went in to check out and get their tams sorted. Lita glad she had done this a little early since everyone was trying to get at the phone and transporter. Everyone except May and Lita remembered she only had four pokemon: Torchic, Butterfree, Skitty, and Pontya.

"How many did you catch?" Lita asked May.

"I only caught two," May said but not seeming disappointed at it at all. "Getting up that mountain didn't really give me time to explore but hey now I have a full team."

"What Pokémon did you get?" Lita asked.

"Larvatar?" Max asked seeming hopeful.

"No," May said with a head shake but also didn't seem disappointed unlike Max. She actually had a smirk on her face.

"How about we all go back to the Pokémon center and show each other our new friends?" Lita asked. "I got 5 new Pokémon on me I want to officially meet."

"Sounds like a plan to me," Misty said.

"I like it," Ash commented. He seemed to have trouble figuring out what Pokémon to send to Oak. Lita bet he had caught a lot but only was willing to give up three spots on his team for his new Pokémon. Pikachu was still on his shoulder and he had released Espeon.

"Let's go," May said and the group headed for the door. Paul giving them a look as they left.

IMPORTANT NOTE PLEASE READ: yes I know it has been a while since I updated this story. This is a for fun story that I write when I have time and inspiration. Lately my inspiration has been for my Arrowverse stories and my new Harry Potter story. This story is not abandoned but with school and all my other stories updates will be slow.

Hope you enjoyed the safari zone.


Karry Master PUT!

1. Starter Pokémon 3710 0 0 2. Viridian Forest and the Rock Gym 5027 0 0 3. The Path to Mount Moon 3959 0 0 4. Girl Time 6993 0 0 5. Ash's Solo Journey 5521 0 0 6. Sibling Rivalry 3780 0 0 7. The Dragon Gym 4152 0 0 8. Rematches 5489 0 0 9. Celadon 5582 0 0 10. Tournament 3099 0 0 11. Rocket Game Corner 3572 0 0 12. The Breeder and Gym Leader 3229 0 0 13. To Evolve or Not to Evolve 2926 0 0 14. Magnemite, Muk, and Gym Battles 4317 0 0 15. The Safari Zone 6184 0 0 16. Time to Move On 3793 0 0 17. Sabrina Gym 3491 0 0 18. The Unusual Pokémon 4348 0 0 19. The Haunted Tower 2645 0 0 20. Contest and Rematches 1945 0 0