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Magnemite, Muk, and Gym Battles

The Pokémon Journey

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Just to remind everyone who has what Pokémon. Especially since I had Ash switch Pokémon in the Pokémon Center last chapter without saying who he switched out of his team

Lita's Pokémon:

On hand- Pidgeotto, Vulpix (Hestia), Poliwhirl, Bagon, and Primeape

At the Lab- Eevee (Nova)

Ash's Pokémon:

On hand-Espeon, Pikachu, Charmander, Riolu, Gible, Oddish

At the Lab- Nidorina, Nidorino, Hyno, Rattata, Butterfree

Misty's Pokémon:

On hand- Staryu, Totodile, Shellder, Psyduck, Horsea, Vaporeon

At the Lab- Goldeen, Seel

Magnemite, Muk, and Gym battles

"Oddish," Oddish yelled from Ash's arms as they entered the city.

"This isn't Fuchsia City," Ash said to the two girls who were traveling in front of them. Lita returning Primeape and Pidgeotto to their Pokeballs once they hit the city entrance. She didn't like having too many Pokémon out in the city and she still had Hestia with her in her arms.

Ash had Oddish in his arms and Pikachu and Espeon walking besides him. "No, its Gringy City," Misty answered. She didn't have a Pokémon out with her. "The quickest way to get to Fuchsia by foot is through this city. We're about a day or two away now."

"Oh," Ash said.

"Your sense of direction could use some work," Lita said to her cousin. "And you might want to consider returning some Pokémon. Maybe even Pikachu."

"What?" Ash asked. Pikachu hated the pokeball and Ash promised he would only go into it to learn a TM. Ash turned around though and Pikachu didn't look that well. "Buddy are you okay?"

"Pika," Pikachu said, but then fainted and electricity was coming out of his cheeks.

"Pikachu," Ash said putting Oddish down and picking up the electric mouse. "Where's the pokecenter?"

"That way," Lita and Misty said pointing and Ash started running. Espeon running besides his trainer. Oddish started behind them but wasn't as fast.

"Oddish might want to stay with us," Lita said as Misty picked up the Pokémon as the two ran to follow Ash.

Running into the center not long after Ash. "It's a cold," a Nurse Joy said with a yawn making the three pause. Yes, it was late but they had never seen a Nurse Joy be so lazy about it as she explained the spark coming out of Pikachu cheeks meant a cold. "Leave him here and he'll be fine by morning."

A Chansey brought a stretcher out for Pikachu which Ash put him on. At that moment the power went out completely. "What was that?" Misty asked blinking.

"All the power is out," Nurse Joy said going to a phone but nothing was working.

"Seems to be all over the city," Lita said who was at the door and Hestia gave a call out. Officer Jenny was outside calming people down. "Officer, what's going on?"

"Something is wrong at the power plant but I can't get up there or get anyone on the phone," Jenny said.

"We could go," Misty said as Oddish who was still in her arms gave a call out.

"Yeah," Ash said and Jenny gave them directions. Ash, Misty, and Lita running out with their Pokémon deciding to leave Pikachu with Nurse Joy.

As they neared the power plant though they heard something behind them and turned to see Pikachu coming out of a bush. "Pikachu what are you doing here?" Ash asked. He had returned Oddish to her pokeball and Lita had returned Hestia but had taken out her camera. This was the type of stuff that would sell photos.

"Pika," Pikachu said.

"I think he was afraid you abandoned him," Misty said and Pikachu gave a look.

"Oh, buddy I could never," Ash said and Espeon gave out an agreement. "You can stay with us."

"Pika," Pikachu said jumping into Ash's arm and Ash received a shock to his cousins' amusement.

"Come on," Lita said the three entering the power plant.

"No one is here," Misty said looking around the abandoned plant. It was kind of spooky as Lita was taking pictures. "Oh, here is a map." Misty looked over at the map on the wall. "The central control room is here. We should go…" Misty was cut off as she screamed.

"What?" Ash asked looking around.

"There was something behind me," Misty said looking around for the thing that had been behind her.

"I saw nothing," Ash said. "Lita?"

"Sorry," Lita said with a shrug. "But I…. ah…" Lita had sensed something behind her. "Okay Misty is right… maybe there are ghost Pokémon here."

"Oh, come on you two… ah…." Ash jumped and then noticed what they were screaming at. "Is that Magnemite?" Ash took out his pokedex to confirm it was Magnemite and the Pokémon was circling around Pikachu. "Hey leave him alone. Espeon, let's catch this Pokémon."

"Espeon," Espeon said but Magnemite didn't turn.

"Hello," Ash called.

"Seems Magnemite likes Pikachu," Lita said taking a picture of the Pokémon.

"It's kind of cute," Misty said with a smile and then a horrible smell caught their attention. "Oh god what is that." Misty put a hand over her noise as Lita did too. Falling from a grate in the ceiling came a purple looking Pokémon, which Ash's pokedex stated was Grimer. "Oh, man they stink."

A larger version of Grimer rose from the pack of Grimer and Ash pointed his pokedex at the Pokémon to find out it was a Muk. The Muk didn't seem too happy with Misty's comment and commanded the Girmer to attack which they did.

"Run," Ash said turning to run with Espeon, Pikachu, and Misty. Lita was taking pictures for a second and then blinked realizing she had been caught in her own head and turned to run as well.

"Does Espeon know any psychic type moves?" Lita called out as they ran.

"Confusion, why?" Ash asked.

"Psychic…." Lita never finished her sentence as they ran into two plant workers who seemed surprised to see them at first and then noticed the Grimer chasing them.

"This way," the plant worker said leading them into the control. The group getting inside and then holding the door shut.

"What's going on?" Misty asked.

"The Grimer are clogging up our system," the plant worker explained. "We can't get the power back on."

Before they could reply the door was busted open and Grimer came in. Lita getting knocked over but before they could get to her Pikachu used a thunder shock knocking them back. "Espeon use confusion," Lita said and Espeon obeyed his trainer's cousin as Lita took out her own pokeball releasing Hestia and Bagon. "Flamethrower, both of you."

The two Pokémon obeyed. Bagon releasing a flamethrower as Hestia also released one. The Pokémon had gotten the hang of the move but it was still weaker than it should be. At that moment a ceiling gait opened and Magnemite and Magneton came out. All delivering thunder shocks as the Grimer started to flee.

"It's working," Misty said having gone for her own pokeballs but stopped when the Magnemite and Magneton came out.

"There's still one left," Ash said seeing the Muk had stayed "Lita, it's yours."

"What?" Lita asked confused.

"I promised you when I caught Hypno the next powerful Pokémon we came across was yours," Ash said.

"You know what Ash, you can have it," Lita said.

"You're the best," Ash said with a smile giving Lita a one-armed hug before telling Espeon to go battle Muk.

"You didn't want a Muk," Misty said as a statement not a question.

"That thing smells," Lita said and Misty laughed as Ash tossed a pokeball and caught Muk. The Pokémon automatically being transferred to Professor Oak's lab as Ash and Pikachu cheered.

Lita picking up her cameras and taking pictures of the Magnemites and Magnetons. Her mind turning. She didn't have an electric type. Object looking Pokémon were not really her thing but Magnemite might be a good addition to her team. She was about to call Bagon to help catch the Pokémon when Ash used an iron tail with Pikachu on the one who had liked Pikachu. Magnemite falling and Ash tossing a pokeball and catching Magnemite. The other Magnemite and Magneton fleeing after that.

"You wanted Magnemite," Misty said seeing the look on Lita's face. Lita sighed and shrugged.

"Hey Pikachu looks better," Lita said and everyone noticed Pikachu cold symptoms were gone.

"He was probably magnetize," one of the plant workers explained.

After a few words with officer Jenny and Nurse Joy the trio decided to leave the city and continue for Fuchsia.


A couple of days later Misty, Lita, and Ash were just outside Fuchsia City. They had stopped for a while to train. Lita was happy Pidgeotto was finally getting the hang of twister. It was weak, but would strengthen. Hestia and Primeape were working on strengthening flamethrower and thunder respectfully. Besides that, Lita was working on techniques to use in battle an figuring out the next move for her Pokémon to learn.

Ash and Misty had borrowed Lita's shadow ball TM for Vaporeon and Espeon. Vaporeon was having an easier time mastering it than the psychic type and Lita admitted Ash should have used it when Espeon was still an Eevee. Charmander had learned dragon breath to Ash's pleasure. Pikachu had gotten a hang on electro ball and Oddish had gotten the hang of poison powder. Gible and Riolu were working on power.

Misty Vaporeon had learned water gun upon evolving and was taking nicely to being a water type. Totodile had learned ice fang. Misty had her other Pokémon helping train Vaporeon and learning new techniques to use. She was impressed with her team strength.

"So, who are you three going to use?" Ash asked the two as they headed into the Pokémon center.

"Well my original plan was Nova, Hestia, and Bagon, but that's out the window now," Lita said. She missed her starter. "I can't use Primeape. Most of his best moves are fighting type moves which are not affect against poison types." Lita had returned Primeape before they headed into the city. "So that leaves Poliwhirl and Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto has the most experience but Poliwhirl really wants a fight. So, might go with him."

"That sounds like a good plan," Ash said nodding at his cousin. "Misty?"

"Starmie and Psyduck. Both know psychic type moves," Misty said. "Was thinking maybe Vaporeon. I know she's new, but I think she's ready." Misty smiled. "What about you Ash?"

"Charmander and Espeon definitely. Kind of not sure about the last. Hypno would be the best but he kind of is still a little rebellious," Ash said.

"I'd say go for it," Lita told her cousin. "Might help meld you two together some more."

"I'll need to get him from the lab," Ash said as Pikachu gave a noise out. Ash patting his head as they walked into the Pokémon center and over to Nurse Joy.

"Nurse Joy," Lita said. "Can we get our Pokémon checked before a gym battle?"

"Absolutely," Nurse Joy said as the three gave over their Pokémon. Ash taking Riolu ball and going to transfer her out for Hypno. It wasn't long later Nurse Joy gave them back their Pokémon saying they were in great health.

"I heard there was a new system for the safari zone," Misty said. "We have to sign up for a group." It was a new way of controlling how many people were in and catching Pokémon in the safari.

"I can sign you up here," Nurse Joy said. "There are still three spots open for tomorrow early group" The three asked to take it and Nurse Joy signed them up. "You pay at the safari zone tomorrow." Nurse Joy gave them a paper confirmation of their time. "And here is a room for three."

"Well look who it is," Lita smiled as she heard the voice and turned to see May and Max. Lita going to hug May.

"I missed you," Lita said.

"I missed you too," May said with a smile.

"Is there a contest here?" Misty asked.

"No, Max said we should go to the safari zone, so I am in tomorrow morning group," May said.

"Us too," Lita said with a smile.

"I told her to head to the mountains areas in the zone to catch a Larvitar," Max said with a smile but Lita raised an eyebrow and shared a look with Misty. Both finding it an odd choice of Pokémon for May but kept their mouth shut.

"Are we heading to the gym or not?" Ash asked.

"You're doing a gym battle," Max said seeming to perk up. "Can I watch?"

"Both of you can come," Lita said.

"The more the merrier," Ash agreed as he led them out of the center and to the gym. "Hello, we're here for a gym battle."

A woman with purple hair appeared almost out of nowhere, the group knowing her as Janine. The new gym leader of this gym since her father Koga moved up to the elite four. Behind her was the gym referee. "Who asks for a gym battle?" Janine asked.

"Me," Lita, Misty, and Ash all said together.

"How many gym badges do you have?" Janine asked. Both Misty and Ash confirmed three while Lita told her four. "Four first." Ash pouted, but gave a nod as he moved off to the side with everyone else and Lita took her place in the battle field. This gym was 3 on 3 battles, no substitutions allowed.

Lita had been nervous about this gym battle. She had no Pokémon who had a type advantage or even really Pokémon who knew a move with a type advantage. She remembered losing to Griffin and how hard the gym battles got with four badges, but her worry was for nothing. Not to say it wasn't a hard battle. Poliwhirl was first and fought a Nidorina. The two knocking each other out. Hestia was next and fought against a Haunter. Lita raising her eyes at the ghost type but it was also a poison type. Hestia knowing Dark Pulse came in handy. She took a lot of hits, but beat down the ghost type.

Janine last Pokémon was a Croagunk who knocked Hestia out without Hestia able to get a hit in. Lita took a deep breath as she released her last Pokémon. Bagon came out of the pokeball ready to fight. Croagunk was a very up-close fighting so Lita used a strategy of keeping Bagon as far from Croagunk as possible. Using flame thrower, dragon breath, and dragon pulse as her main moves. Coagunk managed to poison Bagon with toxic. Lita knowing she had to win this fast sent a large flamethrower out. Had Bagon run through the flames and deliver a head butt that sent Croagunk flying.

Afterward the two took there looking at each other and for a moment it looked like the poisoning would take down Bagon but Bagon got back up to his feet and Croagunk fell. "Croagunk is unable to battle," the referee said. "Gym leader has no more usable Pokémon. Challenger wins."

"Great job Bagon," Lita said returning her Pokémon as Janine came up.

"You fought well," Janine said with a smirk on her face that confused Lita as the badge was handed to her. "This belongs to you." Lita held out her hand as she accepted the badge with a smile and went to put it and her winnings away.

"Who's next?" Janine asked and Ash popped up fast Misty more than happy to allow him to take the battle.

"I'm going to run to the Pokémon center really fast," Lita said.

"I'll come with," May said and Misty gave a smirk as Lita took May's hand and the two went out. Max and Ash too into the battle to see it.

Ash smirked as he took out the pokeball. He had been trying to decide what order to use his Pokémon and he had decided to use his big guns first and released Hypno. Janine didn't seem scared as she released a Tentacool. Misty sitting up at seeing the Pokémon with a smile. She loved Tentacool.

"Confusion," Ash called out and Hypno confusion hit Tentacool, but didn't seem to affect the water/poison type as much as Ash hoped.

"Use water pulse," Janine said and water pulse hit into Hypno throwing him back.

"Future sight," Ash said and Hypno eyes lit up but nothing happened confusing Ash because Ash remember that was a move that was used in the future. "Confusion again."

"Supersonic," Janine said and the supersonic hit into Hypno as he was attempting to use confusion. The supersonic seeming to hit back to confusion and making Hypno confused. The Pokémon started hitting himself. "Get this over with. Poison sting." Tentacool delivered the poison sting to Hypno who did indeed faint from the attack.

"Maybe Hypno needs more training," Misty said.

"Tentacool took a confusion like it was nothing," Max said seeming confused and impressed as Ash returned his Pokémon.

"Espeon," Ash said releasing his starter.

"Another psychic type. Imagine that," Janine said confusing Ash. "Water gun."

"Run through the water gun using quick attack," Ash said and Espeon started using quick attack to run through the water. "Turn into iron tail."

"Poison sting,' Janine ordered and the two attacked hit each other sending both back.

"Seems future sight is coming into play," Misty said seeing the attack coming and hitting into Tentacool.

"That should take down Tentacool," Max said but was proven wrong with Tentacool clearly hurt but still standing.

"Wrap," Janine said and Tentacool got around Espeon and started to squeeze.

"Throw it off," Ash called out and Espeon tried using quick attack to get Tentacool off him while Tentacool was causing damage. Finally, Tentacool got throw off. "Confusion."

"Water gun," Janine said and water gun hit into Espeon and the confusion into Tentacool. The two Pokémon stood there for a bit before both fainted.

Ash returned Espeon nervous now as Pikachu who was on Msity's lap called out. everyone confused on how Janine took down two psychic types with one Pokémon. "What did we miss?" Lita asked. The two hadn't noticed Lita and May finally return.

"That took too long," Max complained. Lita and May looked at each other but didn't say anything.

"Ash is down both Hypno and Espeon," Misty informed them. "And Janine only lost one." Lita raised an eyebrow as Ash let out Charmander at the same time Janine let out Venomoth.

"That's at least good for him," Lita said as the net battle began. Ash going right away to use ember which Venomoth threw away with a gust and then Janine disabled ember.

"Get in close," Ash said. "Jump up and use fire fang." Charmander jumped up and his mouth had fire all around it as he took a bite at Venomoth. The Pokémon clearly injured as Venomoth used silver wind to knock Charmander back.

"Confusion," Janine said and Venomoth used confusion which hit but didn't seem to confuse Charmander even though it hurt.

"Dragon breath,' Ash said and Charmander let out the dragon breath. It hit Venomoth and Venomoth fainted. "Nice job buddy. You need to survive one more."

"Char," Charmander said as Janine let out a Koffing.

"Smokescreen," Janine said and smoke covered the field.

"Charmander stay calm," Ash said hearing Charmander yell out as Janine ordered tackles. "Keep your ears open. When he gets close use mega punch." No one on the field was sure exactly what happened. They heard Charmander called out and Koffing yell then they saw a bright glow in the smoke.

Then a large flamethrower clearing the smoke away and standing there was a Charmeleon. "You evolved and learned flamethrower," Ash said happy as Charmeleon let out another flamethrower right at Koffing. The poison type fainting.

"Gym leader is out of Pokémon. The challenger wins," the referee said as Janine gave Ash the badge and his winnings. Ash giving Charmeleon a hug and receiving a playful flamethrower in the face a lot. Ash returning his newly evolved Pokémon.

"Next," Janine said and Misty got up. Pikachu jumping off Misty and onto Ash's shoulder.

Misty released Vaporeon first and Janine released a Gloom. Misty take a breath knowing Janine might have done this on purpose. Misty did have to tell what type she was specializing in. She was wondering if using Vaporeon was a mistake. She was still new and not as well trained as her other Pokémon. "Use swift," Misty said knowing doubts would get in her trouble. "Use quick attack and swift together."

Vaporeon used quick attack to run around Gloom and swift at the same time. The swift move hitting into Gloom. "Mega drain," Janine yelled out and Gloom counter with her move hitting into Vaporeon stopping Vaporeon attack. Vaporeon being thrown back. "Acid." The poison type move hit into Vaporeon. Vaporeon looked hurt.

"Shadow ball," Misty said and Vaporeon used shadow ball with Gloom took. Both Pokémon looking worst for wear.

"Sleep powder," Janine said and Gloom let out the sleep powder. Vaporeon fell asleep at that and Misty took out her pokeball and returned her.

"I'm taking her out," Misty said knowing Vaporeon could not wake up before Gloom had her fainted. It was pointless to keep her in the battle. Misty took out Psyduck pokeball. "Calm mind and confusion." Misty ordered right away.

Psyduck used calm mind to calm his headache and then used confusion right away. Gloom was thrown back and finally fainted. Misty nodded this was looking okay. Both were down one Pokémon.

Janine released a Beedrill and Misty had to pause at the way this Beedrill looked. It wasn't like Ash's former Beedrill. This was a fighter and her fear of bugs made her hesitate. Janine took advantage of the hesitation by using Fury Attacks. The attack hitting multiple times and really hurting Psyduck.

"Water gun," Misty called out and Psyduck tried to use water gun but Beedrill dodged and continued to use fury attacks. Misty frowned at the lack of moves Psyduck knew and realized she had focused too much on techniques and power. Not enough on new moves.

"Confusion," Misty called out and used confusion hitting into Beedrill. The move hit but didn't do as much damage as Misty would like.

"Pursuit," Janine said and Psyduck was hit and fainted.

Misty returned her Pokémon thanking him and swearing to teach him more moves. Taking out her last pokeball she released Starmie. Beedrill and Starmie circled each other for a bit as Misty ordered a rapid spin and water gun. Created a large water flood with the quick movements.

Beedrill barely dodging this time and getting hit a few times, but managed to get a poison jab in. "Psybeam while he's close," Misty called out after the poison jab. The psybeam made a direct hit that did some damage but did not take Beedrill out. Beedrill tossing out a pin missile and Starmie using psybeam.

This went on for a while before both paused and then both fainted. "Both Pokémon are unable to battle. The challenger is out of Pokémon. The gym leader wins," the referee said as both returned their Pokémon.

"I look forward to a rematch," Janine said and Misty gave a nod as Janine left the room.

Misty sat in the Pokémon Center. Ash had dropped off his Pokémon and went to eat with the others. Misty was thinking though. "Hey," Lita said. She had Hestia with her, having picked up her Pokémon before. "You did great. We have all lost once. I lost twice."

"True," Misty said with a smirk.

"Don't have to look so happy with it," Lita said and Misty laughed "You'll kick her ass next time."

"So, what took you and May so long?" Misty asked and Lita looked down. "Come on."

"I was showing her my pictures," Lita said. "Nothing else. She's straight Misty. We're just friends." Misty was the only one who knew of Lita's crush on may after all.

Before Misty could reply May, Ash, and Max had come back from the café. Max and Ash talking excitingly to each other. "Ash Ketchum and Misty Waterflower," Nurse Joy said at that moment. "Your Pokémon are ready."

"One thing I don't get," Max said. "How did Janine take out Hypno, Espeon, Psyduck, and Starmie so easily. They have a type advantage."

"Ah that's the magic of Janine," nurse Joy said butting in before any of them could. "Should have looked up the gym beforehand. Janine has trained all the Pokémon she can use for 3 badges and up to have a high resilient to psychic types."

"That's possible?" Max asked.

"Hard but possible," Janine said with a nod. "Janine not as strong or sneaky as her father was. But just going in with a type advantage won't get you the badge. Got to have some strategy as well."

"Thanks Nurse Joy," Misty said as she took her Pokémon her mind already thinking over what she could do to get the badge in her rematch. Then an idea came to her. "Ash, why don't you bunk with Max and May comes with us for a girl's night before the safari zone."

Lita looked surprised. "Sounds good to me," Ash said and Max seemed excited as well. Pikachu giving out an approved sound.

"I like that," May said with a smile as the group separated to go to their separate rooms.

Post Chapter Note; so I hate rewriting episodes in the show but I wanted Ash to get Muk and Magnemite. Hope you liked the gym battles. I always have someone win easy and the other to really need to try so there aren't three gym battles a chapter to write.

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