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To Evolve or Not to Evolve

The Pokémon Journey

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Note: sorry it's been so long. I started school again and since this is a for fun story it got lost in all my work.

Just to remind everyone who has what Pokémon

Lita's Pokémon:

On hand- Eevee (Nova), Pidgeotto, Vulpix (Hestia), Poliwhirl, Bagon, and Primeape

At the Lab- none

Ash's Pokémon:

On hand- Eevee, Pikachu, Butterfree, Charmander, Hypno, Rattata

At the Lab- Nidorina, Nidorino, Oddish, Riolu, Gible

Misty's Pokémon:

On hand- Staryu, Totodile, Shellder, Psyduck, Horsea, Eevee

At the Lab- Goldeen, Seel

To Evolve or Not to Evolve

Lita, Ash, and Misty were resting on the path for lunch. Their Pokémon out and exploring. "Poliwhirl, Nova," Lita called once everything was set up. Misty was cooking today and Lita had taken out the food bowls for the Pokémon. "I want a word with you two."

The two came running up. Nova jumping onto Lita's lap. "Okay you two can both evolve in different ways. Poliwhirl your easier to decide." Lita took out her Pokedex and showed Poliwhirl both Poliwrath and Politoad. The water type clearly not liking Politoad and preferring Poliwrath.

"And now Nova," Lita took out the book she had bought from Martha. She had been reading over it since she got it and started going over the many evolve forms of Eevee. Nova looked over them and seeming to stare at a few of them. "Any ideas?"

"Eve," Eevee said.

"Got an idea which one she likes?" Misty asked having a bowl in her hands and handing it to Lita. Lita putting the book down as she took the bowl and spoon offered.

"No," Lita said unsure as Nova continued to look at the pictures of all the evolve forms. "She'll let me know when she decides."

"Well I got an evolution problem," Misty said. "I tried to talk to Ash about it but he just said do it." Lita looked up. Ash and his Pokémon had eaten up their food fast and now Ash had called them all over to train. "Mind lending an ear?"

"Go for it," Lita said.

"My Eevee wants to evolve like now," Misty said and Lita looked over at the third Eevee in the group eating her food. "And I have the water stone that would let her evolve. I was going to give that stone to Shellder but I can't put Eevee in a gym battle until she's a Vaporeon."

"Sounds like Eevee should get the stone and Shellder can wait until we find a place to buy or win another one," Lita said.

"But I don't know if Eevee is ready," Misty admitted. "She's definitely behind yours and Ash's Eevee in power, but over where they were when you first started training them. She's also able to use her egg move."

"Which is?" Lita asked she had bene eating her food as she listened to Misty talk.

"Yawn," Misty admitted. "Not as fancy as curse or double kick but definitely something I want to take advantage of."

"I got a better idea," Lita said. "Nova go eat." Lita told her starter who looked up and moved away from the book as Lita put her bowl down. She took the book and looked at it for a moment. Nova had turned the pages and ended up on the chapter on Glaceon. "Interesting, but let's see."

Lita flipped through the pages and skimmed through the book until she found the section about knowing if your Eevee was ready to evolve. "While evolving too soon could sometimes hurt your Pokémon in their evolved form Eevee is one of the rare Pokémon where there isn't much damage. All of Eevees evolved forms can learn the same moves as Eevee. This isn't saying you should throw a stone at your Eevee the minute you get them. Too young could have serious problems for an Eevee. Also, if Eevee is forced to evolve a way they don't want to it could cause mental problems. For best results in evolving Eevee make sure they are at least at these stats for each certain evolution. There is a chart here for each evolution." Lita stopped reading at that. "And then a warning about accidental evolutions."

Misty took the book from Lita and looked over the chart as Lita finished her meal. "Hey Lita, think you and Nova can help me test Eevee?" Misty asked giving the book back to Lita who put it away.

"Sure," Lita said with a nod looking over at her Pokémon. All of them had eaten and were now playing. "Nova, come on."

"Eve," Nova said running up and all of Lita's other Pokémon looked around. "We're doing a training battle with Misty."

"Bagon," Bagon said always ready to battle.

"Poli," Poliwhirl said lifting up a hand.

"You two can play battle each other. Its Nova turn," Lita said and the two went right to battle each other as Misty went to her Pokémon and got Eevee ready.

"I get winner," It was Ash who noticed what was going on and had tuned to watch.

"Actually, Ash mind holding my pokedex on Eevee as we battle. I want to test her stats," Misty said having taken out her pokedex and handing it to Ash.

"You can do that?" Ash asked.

"Yep," Misty said. "I already pushed the button and pointed it at Eevee. Just keep it pointed at the battle and it will take an average of her stats."

"Oak needs to hand out instruction guides with this," Ash mumbled as Misty and Lita started their mock battle. Lita telling Nova to dodge a bit more. Letting Eevee throw out her attacks.

Lita gave a smirk with Nova dodging well. "Shadow ball," Lita said deciding to stop dodging and let Misty's Eevee go on the defensive. Nova letting out a few shadows balls and Misty Eevee dodged a few of them and then got hit by a few. Then another shadow like attack came out. Misty's Eevee falling over from the attacks

"That was curse," Lita said after a moment. "You unlocked curse."

"Eve," Nova called out happy and jumped up and down but then paused. There was a glow and then it stopped and Nova looked in pain. Then she fainted.

"What just happened?" Ash asked as Lita ran to her starter picking up the unconscious Pokémon.

"I don't know," Lita said shaking her head as Hestia came running up looking scared. Hestia and Nova were close. "We're still a bit outside the town. I need to get her to Nurse Joy now."

"Go," Misty said. "We'll pack up everything and get the rest of your Pokémon in their balls." Lita handed over four pokeballs to Misty and Ash fast, figuring Hestia was coming with her and was proven right as Hestia ran besides Lita as they headed to the town.

Lita didn't stop until she was running through the doors of the Pokémon center. "Nurse Joy," Lita called she was out of breath as the Nurse came up.

"What's wrong?" Joy asked and Lita explained quickly what happened. Joy taking Nova and putting her on a stretcher a Chansey brought out. "I'll take care of her." Joy and Chansey running into the back.

Lita took a bottle of water and sat down. Hestia jumping onto her lap and Lita hugged the Pokémon. Misty and Ash had her bag so she didn't even have her camera to look through the pictures she had taken recently to calm her down. She had gotten some interesting ones from her pidgey cam as she called it. She attached the new one she bought to Pidgeotto who got close up pictures of Pokémon in the wild. But all she could do now was worry and pet Hestia who was a welcomed distraction.

Ash and Misty came in a while later. Ash had Pikachu and his Eevee on his shoulder while Misty was carrying her Eevee. Misty giving Lita her backpack when they came up along with her pokeballs back. "Thanks," Lita said putting her pokeballs on her belt where they belonged and the bag by her feet.

"Do you know what happened?" Ash asked.

"Not a clue," Lita said with a head shake. "Nurse Joy is still in the back."

"Well we're here with you now," Ash said sitting down and putting an arm around his cousin. Lita gave a smile. Sometimes her cousin could stop being annoying and be sweet.

The three waited together and Lita was thankful they were there as they talked a bit taking her mind off things until Nurse Joy came back out. "Your Eevee is fine," Joy said taking a weight off Lita's chest. "What happened was she fought off an evolution." That shocked Lita. "You said she unlocked her egg move." Lita gave a nod. "That must have been the jump start but she didn't want to evolve into what she was. It could be dangerous if she keeps fighting an evolution. I would suggest an everstone but I called to our gem stop and they don't have one. You'll have to keep her out of battles and no training until you can get one or evolve her the way she wants to evolve."

"And I have an idea on what she wants," Lita said.

"She's resting in the back, but you can go and see her," Joy said and Lita gave a nod and went to the back.

"Hey if Lita's Eevee is evolvable that means mine must be too," Ash said with wide eyes and Eevee gave out a cheer at that. "Want to go see if we can do a couple of battles and maybe get you that evolution."

"Eevee," Eevee called out and the two ran for the battle field. Pikachu blinking before running to join his trainer and friend.

"I guess I'll get us a room," Misty said looking down at her own Eevee wondering.

Lita and Hestia sat by Nova until she opened her eyes. "Hey there," Lita said giving her a pet. "You fought off an evolution."

"Eve," Nova said with a nod.

"Is it Glaceon?" Lita asked taking her Eevee book and opening up the page to Glaceon. "You want to be a Glaceon?" Nova gave a nod at that. "We have to go to a certain place inside Kanto to do that." Lita had been reading up on it and there was one stop on Kanto. It was on the Ice Island where the Ice Gym was. Lita wanted to go to that gym anyway. "I'd give you an everstone if I could but I don't have one. I'm going to send you to Oak. So, you can rest with no risk of evolution."

"Eve," Nova said seeming upset but understanding. Lita giving her a pet. "I'm going to ask Joy if I can send you now."

"Vul," Hestia said rubbing against Nova as Lita went to ask Nurse Joy.


"Ash, I don't think you'll get that evolution by beating new trainers with caterpies," Misty said rolling her eyes at Ash's win. He had been battling a few trainers who were obviously newbies with Eevee. Basically, they were one hits and won for Ash.

"Hey," Lita said coming out with Hestia as Ash ignored Misty and started another battle. "How many battles?"

"I have counted three. But all his competitors are really weak," Misty said. "So where is Nova?"

"At the lab," Lita said. Nurse Joy had given her the go ahead to send her Pokémon to Oak and Lita had explained the situation to the professor including asking him to show Nova some ice type Pokémon. Make sure Nova knew what she was going to evolve into. Then she had given Tracey her newest photos.

"Well glad you're here," Misty said. "Can I see the book again?" Lita gave Misty the Eevee book and Misty looked at it and her pokedex. "She's exactly there. And I don't want her to ever have to fight an evolution like Nova did."

Lita gave a nod as Misty took out her water stone. Her Eevee was watching Ash defeat his latest opponent. "Eevee," Misty said holding the water stone to the Eevee.

"Eve," Eevee said eyes wide when she saw the stone.

"It's yours if you want it right now," Misty said and Eevee ran to it touching the stone to her head. She glowed and not long later she was a Vaporeon. She was a little smaller than other Vaporeon the two had seen and Misty smiled as she picked up the evolved Pokémon and hugged her. Vaporeon clearly happy.

"Vul," Hestia said happily.

"One day I'll get you a fire stone," Lita said to the Pokémon petting her.

"I guess that's not your little Eevee," Lita and Misty heard a familiar voice and turned to see the fighting gym leader Kyle there with another man next to him.

"Kyle," Lita and Misty said together.

"What are you doing here?" Lita asked. They were pretty far from his gym.

"Came to be a judge in the P1 Grand Prix," Kyle said and noticed the looks. "It's a tournament where fighting types are only allowed to see their hands and feet. No moves. It was yesterday. Anthony here and his Hitmonchan won."

"Cool," Misty said and noticed Ash had won again, "Ash, maybe give Eevee a rest and come here to meet Kyle."

"The fighting type gym leader," Ash said running over with his Pokémon.

"Kyle this is my cousin Ash," Lita said.

"Former champion Red son," Kyle said and Ash gave a nod. "Nice to meet you." Kyle held out his hand which Ash took.

"So, what are you three doing here?" Anthony asked the three.

"On our way to Fuchsia City," Ash said. "You evolved your Eevee." Ash seemed to just realize that Vaporeon was there and Misty nodded. "Awesome, let's battle. Maybe that will get Eevee to evolve."

"Why is he so into getting his Eevee to evolve?" Anthony asked as Misty rolled her eyes and went to the battle field with Ash.

Lita told the two what happened with her Eevee and since they got their Eevee at the same time now Ash was certain his Eevee would evolve. "Hey can I ask you two a favor?" Lita asked.

"I was wondering how long it would take you to ask for pictures again," Kyle said.

"That isn't what I was going to say but it's a good idea," Lita said with a smile. "Would you?"

Kyle laughed as Anthony looked confused so Lita explained about her freelance photography and Anthony was willing to pose for a few pictures. He releasing his Hitmonchan to pose. Then Kyle joined in with his Machamp.

"Thank you," Lita said after she was done.

"So, what were you really going to ask?" Anthony asked.

"Oh, would you take a look at a fighting type I caught recently?" Lita asked.

"Oh, release that Pokémon," Kyle said after sharing a look with Anthony and Lita smiled taking out Primeape pokeball. "What is with the hat and backpack?"

"He likes them," Lita said. "Primeape, hat and backpack." Primeape put the backpack down and handed the hat to Lita. "We're going to do some training with Kyle and Anthony here."

"Prime," Primeape said turning to the two who looked over the fighting type and then started him on some technique training. Lita listening to advice they told and telling Primeape when to use a move to show them.

"Hey maybe Riolu join," Ash said seeing the two. "Where is she?"

"The lab," Lita and Misty said together.

"Yeah I need to switch out some Pokémon," Ash said. "Eevee keep training." Ash ran into the Pokémon center an came out with Riolu and Gible. Ash having Riolu join Primeape and Kyle and Anthony seemed to not care about checking out one more fighting type.

It was a few hours before Kyle and Anthony said they both had to go but left the two with some tips. Ash sitting down on the floor with Eevee and petting him. "I am sorry," Ash said as he watched the sun getting lower. Lita and Misty had already gone inside. "I have been trying to get you to evolve without any input from you. I know you're ready. I can feel it but maybe we can slow down."

"Eve," Eevee said looking up at his trainer.

"You know I could get a thunder stone and you can become a lightning type like Pikachu," Ash said and Pikachu looked up at that. "Or a fire stone and become a fire type like Charmander. Or a water stone and join Misty's Eevee as a Vaporeon." Ash pet the Pokémon. "You can become anyone of the evolutions you want."

"Eve," Eevee said rubbing Ash and then started to glow. Ash was shocked as he was suddenly done and in his place was Espeon.

"You evolved," Ash said hugging the Pokémon happy. "You're going to be the best Espeon ever."

"Espeon," Espeon said rubbing his trainer.

Post Chapter Note 1: obviously I wanted to evolve the Eevees. I wanted each to get one and evolve them but I had all three at the same time so decided to start the evolution process.

Post Chapter Note 2: originally, I was going to have Ash's Eevee evolve into Umbreon, but I was reminded Gary had an Umbreon in the anime and thought it would be cool then for Ash to get an Espeon.

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