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The Breeder and Gym Leader

The Pokémon Journey

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Breeders and Gym Leaders

The sun was shining as the small group was walking. Lita had Nova, Hestia, and Primeape out. The fighting type liked walking on his own and since they left the city Lita had no problem him walking. In the city she preferred him being in his pokeball so he did not cause problems. He seemed to like to find discarded objects and put them in his backpack.

Ash had both Eevee and Pikachu on his shoulders and was walking besides Misty as Lita took the lead. Lita knowing where the breeder they had promised to visit was located. "So, after this we're heading to Saffron to challenge Sabrina, right?" Ash asked in a way that made it sound more like a statement.

"Sabrina not at her gym," Lita said. "Won't be there for a while." The two gave her a look. "I went through Saffron on the way to Vermillion. Besides I want to head up to Fushia City. We can challenge Janine and then go to the Safari Zone."

"Safari Zone," Ash said his eyes getting wide and a smile coming upon his face. "I could find my Scyther there." Ash really did want a Scythe and since the game corner was now closed the only place Ash knew where to find one was the Safari Zone. He more than willing to go there for a huge Pokémon boose as well. Ash then tilted his head as he looked at Lita strangely. "You want to go to the Safari Zone?"

"I want a Dratini," Lita reminded her cousin who eyes got big on that too.

"Good point," Ash said his mind not having gone to Dratini. It was a powerful Pokémon he had wanted for a long time.

"Seems you two finally agree on something," Misty said with a giggle.

Then Eevee jumped off Ash and joined Nova and Hestia. All three running fast causing the humans to have to pick up a pace to keep up with them. They came to a house with a fence around it and they knew this was the breeder place. "Primeape," Lita called to the Pokémon who came running to join the group.

"Can I help you?" It was a young man coming back.

"Hi, we're Professor Oak trainers. You donated our starters to us," Lita said.

"Oh, yes," the man said with a smile. "Mom, Oak's trainers are here."

An older woman came out of the house and both Nova and Eevee rubbed against her leg making the woman smile. Then Hestia rubbed her and called out. "Wait," the woman said looking down. "I sold this Vulpix to a man named Damien."

"Oh," Lita said biting her lip as she explained how Damien abandoned Vulpix for a Charmander. Ash butting in to explain how Charmander was abandoned was then abandoned by Damien as well.

"Charmander too?" The woman said. "What about Slugma, Pansear, Ponyta?"

"I don't know about Pansear," Lita said. "But Slugma and Ponyta were both abandoned and picked up by better trainers."

The woman looked pissed enough everyone took a step back and she turned to walk into the house. Giving a single for them to follow. The group did after both Eevees and Hestia were quick to run in. Lita returning Primeape so he did not make a mess in someone house. The woman was at a computer.

"You breed all the Pokémon Damien abandoned?" Misty asked.

"No," the woman said. "Only Vulpix. The others came from my sister in Jotho. She specializes in breeding fire Pokémon. I set him up with her though. I am blacklisting Damien. None of the breeder I am in corporation with will sell to him anymore. And my family owns most of the big breeding centers." She turned around. "And I forgot to introduce myself. I am Martha. That's my son Lenny. We specialize in breeding Eevees. And sometimes a Vulpix or two." Martha gave Hestia a smile. "One of my Eevees is mated to a Ninetails."

"How did he afford all of them?" Misty asked the thought having come to her mind a long time ago. The Pokémon Damien bought were not cheap.

"His father is rich," Martha said. "Going to have a word with his father to see if he knows what his son has been up to. You haven't introduced yourselves dears."

"Ash," Ash said with a smile seeming embarrassed. "This is my cousin Lita and our friend Misty."

"Nice to meet the former champion and elite four members kids," Martha said. "Now let me see these three." Martha bent down to look at the three Pokémon she had breed. "Well they have definitely grown. I can see how powerful they have become. Have you decided which way your Eevees will evolve?"

"No," Ash and Lita said together.

"Well might want to decide soon," Martha said. "The two could accidentally evolve into Umbreon, Espeon, or Sylveon." Martha stood up. "It does happen. I have literally written the book on Eevees." She nodded her head over to a display. This front room clearly acting as an office and welcome center for the breeding business.

"How much?" Lita asked as she took a book off the display. Flipping through it a bit looking at the pictures inside.

"20," Martha said and Lita was fast to take the 20 out of her pocket.

"We have a pokedex," Ash reminded Lita confused on why she bought it.

"Samuel Oak is a genius but the pokedex doesn't have everything I know. That book holds a lot more information about Eeevee and how to evolve them," Martha said. "Care to see my stock?"

"Can I get pictures?" Lita asked as Ash and Misty right away went to go see the Pokémon here and Lenny led them to the back. Lita explained her photos to Martha. Martha agreeing to let her take pictures on her property with a smile.

As Ash looked over the evolved forms of Eevees in the back his Eevee, Nova, and Hestia seemed to wander around their former home. Going to greet their parents. Lita was taking as many pictures as she could. Misty herself wandered. She loved Vaporean and had been a little jealous over the Eevees her friends had.

She went to a pond where a couple of Vaporean were swimming. Sitting by them to take a look at the Pokémon. That was when she was surprised by an Eevee jumping out of the water and looking at her. Shaking its fur getting Misty wet, but she laughed. "Hey there," Misty said with a smile. "You like to swim."

"Eve," the Eevee said and pointed at the Vaporean.

"You want to be a Vaporean," Misty said and the Eevee gave a nod as Misty started petting the Eevee. She wondered how much it cost to buy this Eevee but she figured it would be too much for her.

They spent some more time there before the group decided it was time to go. "Well thank you for stopping by," Martha said. "It was so nice to see some of my former Pokémon and see them with good homes. And you saved me from giving any more fire types to that Damien so as a reward." Martha held out three slips of paper. "One for each of you. Good here or with any of my siblings. A list of locations are on the back. They are coupons. Will give you half off any Pokémon."

"Wow," Ash said with wide eyes taking his as Lita took hers.

"You too dear," Martha said to Misty.

"Actually," Misty said. "Can I use it now?" Everyone eyes turned to her surprised at the request. "There is an Eevee in the pond who wants to be a Vaporean."

"I know the one," Martha said with a nod. "She's very into the water."

"I'm a water trainer," Misty said and Martha gave a smile.

"Lenny grab the water Eevee from the lake. We're making a sale," Martha called to her son. Even with the discount buying the Eevee cost Misty a good portion of her money. She was glad she never got a chance to look into TMs as she was handed the pokeball. She needed to send a Pokémon to Professor Oak. She decided to send Seel since he had fought in both gym battles.

The three said goodbye and continued their journey until it was time to camp out. All releasing their Pokémon as they got food ready. After everyone was done eating Lita called Primeape over. "Primeape, three TMs here. Ice Punch, Thunder, and Hyper Beam." Ash ear picked up as he turned to see what Lita was doing. "I'm only going to give you one. You can choose."

"Prime," Primeape said looking at them and thinking. "Primeape." Primeape pointed at the thunder.

"Good choice," Lita said with a smile putting the thunder into the TM machine as she put the others away. Returning Primeape and giving the Pokémon the electric move before releasing him again. "Why don't you try targeting some rocks for a bit."

"If you really want the Hyper Beam so badly," Misty said having seen Ash spying on Lita. She had her own Eevee in her arms. "Why don't you try and trade her?"

"What could I give?" Ash asked.

"You did win some great and ultra balls recently," Misty reminded Ash. "See if she would be up for the…" Misty didn't finish her sentence as Ash called over to Lita. Turning her attention to him.

"How about a trade?" Ash asked. "Great ball for the Hyper Beam?"

"No," Lita said shaking her head.

"Ultra Ball?" Ash asked biting his lip. He only had one ultra ball from his second place finish but to get Hyper Beam for Butterfree would be worth the lost.

"No," Lita said.

"Come on. Giving you a great and ultra is unbalanced," Ash said.

"Ash, I don't want a great or ultra ball," Lita said making Ash frown. "I want the hyper beam."

"You have not even used it," Ash complained.

"It's mine," Lita said rolling her eyes wishing she had gone off with May at this point. She missed May and even Max who had been annoying but funny. Plus, she wouldn't have Ash annoying her for the Hyper Beam.

"Okay," Misty said butting in. "It was worth a shot Ash but Lita clearly has plans." Misty was sorry she had suggested a trade to Ash at this point as Lita moved off to talk to her Pokémon and Ash to his. Misty looked down at her Eevee. "Welcome to the team. Get use to them fighting."

"Eve," Eevee said looking at all the other water Pokémon as Misty introduced them to their new team mate.


The next morning as they were packing up their camp the group was surprised by a noise in the sky. Looking up was a weird looking aircraft coming in for a landing. Landing on the field near them and the top opening up, a man came out along with a couple of others.

"You're the flying gym," Misty said recognizing the gym and man from league website.

"Griffin at your service," Griffin said. "You three want a battle?"

"Yes," All three said together.

"One on one matches," Griffin said. "Young man you first. How many badges do you have?"

"Two," Ash said with a smile as Griffin led him in and the gym trainers brought Lita and Misty to an observation area. The area being on top of the gym building and both Nova and Hestia seemed scared of the height so Lita returned them. Misty's Eevee was find looking up at the battle.

Ash was on a round hovering platform and there were several other platforms in front of him. No battle field besides the platforms that Pokémon could jump to. Griffin used a Spearow and Ash let Pikachu take the battle. Pikachu easily overpowering the Spearow and winning Ash his third badge.

Misty went next. Misty looking over the battle field trying to decide who to use. "Totodile," Misty finally decided letting Totodile.

Griffin let a Pidgeotto out of the Pokeball. "Aerial Ace," Griffin started with.

"Jump to the next platform to dodge," Misty said and Totodile had easy jumping between the platforms. His dance moves coming into play to jump between. He doing some fancy jumping as he did.

Griffin continued to use flying type moves before he decided to switch it up and use twister. The dragon type move sending Totodile flying. "Use water gun on the platform," Misty said and Totodile turned as he fell and use water gun on the platform the move help slow his fall letting him land safely.

Pidgeotto came at Totodile and Misty had Totodile jump on Pidgeotto. The bird was big enough for Totodile to sit on. "Shake him," Griffin yelled.

"Dragon claw," Misty said. "And bite. As many times as you can." Totodile used the move as Pidgeotto did everything to shake the water Pokémon. The two fighting it out as then they both fell into a platform. Both being knocked out.

"It's a tie," the referee called out as both returned their Pokémon.

"Not bad," Griffin said to Misty as their hovering platform they were. "The water gun to slow the fall. Getting on Pidgeotto back. You did well." Griffin held out a badge. His looking like wings you'd get on an airplane. "You deserve it."

Misty smiled as she took the badge. "Thank you," Misty said. It was completely up to a gym leader on a tie and some refused to give badges for ties.

"Now, how many badges do you have," Griffin said.

"Four," Lita said nerves. Griffin Pokémon were strong. She could tell from his Pidgeotto knowing twister. A move her Pidgeotto was having problems learning.

"Come on," Griffin said with a smirk and Lita took the position on the hover pad her mind going over the Pokémon she could use. Both Nova and Hestia had not been a fan of height. Something she planned on working on them with now she knew but she could not put them in this battle. Primeape while knowing an electric type move had just learned it and had a major type disadvantage.

That left three option. Bagon, Poliwag, and Pidgeotto. Bagon would have a problem with the battle field. He wasn't a jumper. So, would Poliwag. The Pokémon not exactly known for being as flexible as Misty's Totodile. She only had one choice as she took out a pokeball.

"Pidgeotto," Lita said. "It's up to you."

"Using a flying type against me," Griffin said but still had the smirk on his face as he took out a pokeball. "Aerodactyl."

Lita eyes grew wide when she saw the fossil Pokémon. This was scary but could also gave her an advantage. Aerodactyl like most fossil Pokémon was a rock type as well and Pidgeotto knew silver wing. "Let's start with wing attack."

"Use quick attack to dodge," Lita said and Pidgeotto dodged the wing attack with quick attack. "Gust." The move hit but had little effect on the part rock type.

"Thunder fang," Griffin said.

"Protect," Lita said and the protect stopped the attack. Aerodactyl was close. "Silver wing." The silver wing hit and did a bit of damage. Throwing Aerodactyl off.

"Ancient power," Griffin said and Aerodactyl seemed to summon rocks out of nowhere tossing them at Pidgeotto. Lita ordering Pidgeotto to smash them with silver wing but Pidgeotto could not stop them all. He got hit once or twice and was looking tired.

"Silver wing again," Lita said knowing it was the only way to win it.

"Take it," Griffin said confusing Lita as Pidgeotto came in close and delivered the silver wing but she soon discovered Griffin plan. To use silver wing Pidgeotto needed to get close. And after Pidgeotto delivered the attack Aerodactyl grabbed hold of Pidgeotto with his mouth. "Thunder Fang."

Lita could do nothing as Pidgeotto got the full force of the attack and Aerodactyl dropped the Pokémon. Pidgeotto falling to the platform knocked out. "Pidgeotto is unable to battle. Gym leader wins," the referee said as Lita returned Pidgeotto and thanked him.

The platform taking her back down to the roof where Ash and Misty were waiting. "It was a good battle," Misty said putting an arm around Lita who gave a nod.

"Your Pidgeotto has real potential," Griffin said.

"Some day he'll take you," Lita said a fire in her eyes and Griffin gave a smile.

"I look forward to that day," Griffin said. "Now since we're in the middle of nowhere my gym does give a complimentary Pokémon healing for all challengers. My gym trainer will take your Pokémon to be healed."

The three smiled as they gave their Pokémon to the trainer. "Where did you get Aerodactyl?" Ash asked. His eyes had grown wide the minute he had seen that Pokémon. He had loved seeing the battle and the ancient Pokémon.

"Found an old amber. Had him brought to life using that," Griffin said. "One of my newer Pokémon actually but powerful enough for trainer with 4 badges and over. If you want one got to go to a dig and hope you find the right fossil."

Ash bite his lip as they chatted with Griffin a bit. Lita asking for tips on how to teach Pidgeotto twister which Griffin was more than willing to give. It wasn't that long before the gym trainer returned with their Pokémon and they said goodbye. Some other challengers had showed up as the group left.

"Aerodactyl," Ash mumbled as he pet Pikachu. Eevee walking by his feet. "Aerodactyl is my favorite of the fossil Pokémon. I would love to have one someday."

"The two of you would get along," Lita joked.

"Thanks," Ash said with a smile and Misty and Lita shared a giggle. Lita had released Primeape again letting the fighting type walk and see about anything on the floor to collect. "What about you two? What fossil Pokémon would you want?"

"Kabuto," Misty said right away without even thinking about. "Lita?"

"Tyrunt," Lita said.

"Tyrunt?" Ash asked turning to face Lita. Walking backwards as he did. "Which one is that?" Ash tried to remember but couldn't place the name with the Pokémon.

"Rock and dragon type," Lita said.

"Of course, you would want the dragon type," Ash said with a smile. "You should really…"

"Ash watch out for the…" Misty started but was too late as Ash backed into the tree. Pikachu jumped off him at last second.

"Ow," Ash said rubbing his head.

"Tried to warn you," Misty said as Lita giggled.

"You think that's funny?" Ash asked. "I could have been hurt."

"Well who told you to walk backwards," Lita said and then started to run knowing Ash would chase her which he did. Primeape running behind Lita seeming to have run with it as Pikachu and Eevee ran behind their trainer.

Misty laughed as she hugged her Eevee. "Wait up," Misty called running after them starting to run herself.

Post Chapter Note: hope you enjoyed.

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