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Rocket Game Corner

The Pokémon Journey

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Note: this chapter is Ash and Misty chapter.

Rocket Game Corner

Ash and Misty hit Celadon five days after leaving Loren town. Ash was having problems with Hypno. He was a powerful Pokémon who did not want to take directions. He knew confusion, disable, future sight, hypnosis, nasty plot, nightmare, and pound. He tried to put Ash, Misty, and their Pokémon asleep but Professor Oak had given them some advice on how not to fall asleep. After Pikachu and Eevee took Hypno down a few times though Hypno started to back off on attacking them. He wasn't being cooperative really, but it was a first step.

Rattata was just a normal Rattata. More interested in food than training. He knew the moves tackle, tail whip, quick attack, and focus energy. So, far Ash had not gotten him into anything but extra cheese. He had even given him the move ice beam with Misty's TM machine thinking that might spark a battle spirit. But so far it didn't. Ash didn't want to admit Lita was right though. He would figure out how to get him to train and get him to battle.

Butterfree was happy to be back. Ash didn't realize how much he missed the bug Pokémon. Butterfree had learned poison powder at the lab. The bug was a hard worker and Ash wanted to give him a TM but had had nothing for Butterfree.

Misty had sent Goldeen back to lab. The fish much happier training there. Horsea she was able to hold and bring around on land. She was impressed by her team but she knew she needed to figure out how to take on people with type advantages. Needed her Pokémon to get stronger. She had them working on power and technique and deciding what TMs to buy that were not water or ice.

She also had her two water stones to think about. Both Staryu and Shellder evolved by water stone but Shellder was not ready. Staryu on the other hand was ready. "Staryu," Misty said finally deciding. They were getting their camp packed up to head into Celadon. "It's yours if you want it."

Misty held out the water stone to her starter. Staryu coming close and then getting near to the stone. The Pokémon glowed and soon Staryu was Starmie. Misty took out her Pokedex Oak had given her. Upon evolving Starmie had learned psychic. "Nice," Ash said with a smile as Misty congratulated her Pokémon before returning them all.

They walked into Celadon and saw all these sale signs being taken down. The two wondering why as they found the Pokémon center and asked Nurse Joy if Lita Ketchum was there. "Her and her girlfriend are out back. Good luck," Joy said making the two look at each other.

"What was that?" Ash asked as they headed towards the back training area.

"I don't know," Misty said with a shrug and when they got to the back they saw a familiar team training. "Looks like Poliwag evolved." Misty seeing the evolved form of Poliwag punching a target with ice punch.

"Seems she's been busy," Ash said looking around but not seeing his cousin. He taking a step closer to the Pokémon planning on asking them but soon found himself flat on his back. Pikachu and Eevee being thrown off and his hat was gone. Looking over him was a Primeape wearing a different hat and holding his. "Hey, what was that for?" Pikachu and Eevee giving out angry sounds.

"Prime," Primeape said as Misty took a step back.

"Primeape," it was a new voice and Ash saw Lita approaching with May by her side. "That's my cousin. He won't hurt anyone." Lita held out a hand to help Ash up. "Primeape give him his hat back." Primeape looked at the hat in his hand and then took the one off his head and held that out to Ash. "I think he wants to trade."

"No," Ash said grabbing his hat and Primeape looked upset. Ash giving the Pokémon a nasty look. "Is this pig your Pokémon?"

"Yeah and you could be nicer," Lita said tilting her head.

"He put me on my back," Ash complained.

"Cause the last person to sneak up on my team while training with Pokémon out was Damien," Lita said. "Primeape, we'll get you another hat. Go back." Primeape put his hat back on and backed up to the rest of Lita's team. All of them had stopped training and turned to see Ash and Misty.

"Hi," May said breaking up the discussion. "I waited around to see you two again. Took you long enough."

"So, you're the person Nurse Joy was talking about," Misty said as May gave Misty a hug figuring out the girlfriend comment. "What are you doing here?"

"May won a contest," Lita said smiling proudly putting an arm around May. "Emma says hi. Her, Richie, and Forrest left right after the contest."

"And I better hit the road as well," May said. "If I can find where Max went."

"Just wait to hear his yells as a Pokémon…" Lita sentence was cut off as they heard a yell and a shock. All turning to see Max had grabbed hold of Pikachu and received a small shock for it. "That." Lita pointed.

"Max," May yelled at her brother going to grab him. "Well I am glad I waited to see you both again. Wish I could stay longer but I waited too long. Need to head to the next contest." May gave Ash a hug as well. "Next time we have more time. Lita. Thank you so much." Misty watched as May and Lita hugged and kissed each other cheeks. She raised an eyebrow. "You sure?"

Lita seemed tempted on whatever May was offering but then gave a smile. "I'll see you soon," Lita said giving May one more hug and the brother and sister left.

"So, Ash, you owe me," Misty said. "Lita has six Pokémon." Ash groaned as he took out some money and handed it to Misty.

"You bet on my team?" Lita asked but seemed amused by it.

"How did you teach Poliwhirl ice punch?" Misty asked.

"TM," Lita said.

"We have all the TMs," Ash said.

"And I had our TM machine," Lita reminded Ash. "I bought more. Something for every member of my team to celebrate four badges."

"I can see," Ash asked and Lita took out her TM book and let Ash flip through it. "Hyper Beam. Butterfree can learn this one."

Ash had a smile on his face as he went to take it out but was stopped by Lita. "That's a one time use," Lita said taking her book back. "Feel free to use any of my reusable but that one is mine."

"You haven't used it," Ash complained.

"I am still considering who to give it to," Lita said and Misty sighed. The two were back to bickering. "Primeape can learn it and when Hestia evolves so can she." The two Pokémon looked up at their names. "Plus, maybe I'll save it for a Pokémon I have not captured yet. It's mine to do with what I want."

"We said we would share," Ash said.

"The TM machine," Lita said. "And the TMs Uncle Lance and Aunt Delia bought us. But I made the money I used to buy these."

"Ash, it's fair," Misty said.

"We'll see what mom says," Ash said turning to walk back into the center.

"Your brining Aunt Delia into this?" Lita asked chasing after her cousin.

Misty looked at the six Pokémon. "You six were happier when you weren't with us," Misty said and the Pokémon all gave out nods and sounds of agreements. Poliwhirl pointed at where Ash had previously been to indicate it was him they had a problem with, not Misty. "Come on." Misty indicated for all Pokémon to follow her into the Pokémon center.

Ash and Lita were on the phone and Misty saw Delia Ketchum who she had seen over the phone before. "Ash, Lita," Delia finally yelled shutting the two up. "Ash, if Lita bought the TM with her own money it's hers. If you want hyper beam so much go buy one of your own. And can you two try to be nice to each other."

"Yes," the two said together and wished Delia goodbye.

"Hey," Lita said smiling at her Pokémon.

"Why does Primeape have your backpack?" Ash asked noticing now the fighting type had the backpack on as well.

"I bought a new one," Lita said indicating the new one on her back. "Primeape likes it and since he's carrying it his pokeball can handle it when I return him. We did enough training." Lita started to return everyone leaving Nova and Hestia out of their balls. "So, I figured out where the breeder who gave us our Eevees is. We can stop on our way out of town."

"What's the rush?" Ash asked.

"There's no gym here," Lita said. "And I have been waiting for a while. I'd like to continue."

"And I'd like the hang out here for a few days," Ash said.

"Hold it," Misty said holding out her hands. "Lita has been waiting for us for a long time. How about we spend one more night here and leave tomorrow."

"Sounds good," Lita said. "You better get a room though."

"Don't you have a room for us," Ash said.

"I have a room for me," Lita said and Ash opened his mouth to speak.

"Let's see if there is a double room available," Misty said going to Nurse Joy and getting the room for the night.

"Have you been to the Game Corner?" Ash asked.

"Rocket Game Corner?" Lita asked. "No, I have not been to a casino."

"I heard the prizes there are amazing," Ash said. "I'm going to go see what I can win. Coming?"

"I'll pass," Lita said.

"Your lost," Ash said turning to Misty. "Misty."

"I'll pass too," Misty said and Ash pouted but nodded and left. "We need some girl talk anyway." Lita raised an eyebrow but Misty took her arm. "Let's do it while we shop."


Ash had a smile on his face as he walked into the casino. Then he saw the prizes. Expensive TMs and rare Pokémon. His eye on Scyther. It was a powerful bug type and hard to find anywhere but the safari zone.

Ash sat at the machine and started to play. He biting his lip as he lost some money. This was going to be harder than he thought to get enough coins to get the Pokémon he wanted. He wasn't sure how long he sat at the machine before Pikachu started poking at him.

"What?" Ash asked.

"Pika," Pikachu said and Eevee also seemed to be frantic. Wanting Ash's attention. Ash raised an eyebrow but followed his Pokémon to a picture fame.

"What?" Ash asked and Pikachu was pointing and then seemed to roll his eyes as Pikachu pushed a hidden button. The picture moved to reveal a secret passageway. "I'm not sure we should…" Ash stopped as Pikachu and Eevee had already moved within.

Ash followed the picture frame closing behind him. "You two," Ash whispered grabbing them and then saw some Team Rocket grunts passing. Ash ducked into an empty office area so he wasn't seen as he watched. "This is a Team Rocket headquarters."

"Pika," Pikachu said.

"Eve," Eevee said out and Ash wasn't sure how his Pokémon figured this out.

"We need help," Ash said but also knowing if he left he could be caught. Also there was a chance police officers wouldn't believe him, but if he sent a Pokémon out the police could follow that Pokémon to him. Ash went to the desk and found a piece of paper and pen. Writing a note on it. "Pikachu your fast. Get this to Lita and Misty. Don't let Team Rocket see you."

"Pika," Pikachu said taking the note and Ash opened the door a tiny crack letting Pikachu sneak out. Ash hoped he was not making a mistake as he closed the door again. He then took out another pokeball and release Hypno. The Pokémon gave Ash a stare. Ash knowing this Pokémon wasn't the most loyal yet.

"Look we're in a dangerous situation and I need you to put people and Pokémon to sleep like you did in the town," Ash said and Hypno seemed shocked. "Something I am sure you will like. Work together."

"Hypno," Hypno said and Ash smirked. He had this psychic type help now. Time to bring the fight to Team Rocket.


Misty and Lita walked through the city. Hestia and Nova had asked to return to their pokeballs not long after leaving the center. Both were not city Pokémon. "So, I need to ask," Misty said as they were looking through clothes. "What's your deal?"

"Huh?" Lita asked.

"Well I thought you had a thing for Tracey and Ash said you found Kyle cute. Something you did not deny. But Nurse Joy called May your girlfriend," Misty said and Lita face turned red. "And the way you two were acting I could see it. So, boys or girls?"

"First off both Tracey and May are just friends," Lita said but didn't meet Misty eyes at that. Her face red and Misty suspected she did have a crush on one of them. Misty deciding it had to be May. Lita had never acted this way when Misty had asked if she liked Tracey. "Second off I can't like them both?" Misty raised an eyebrow. "Both boys and girls."

"Oh," Misty said. "Nothing wrong with that. Um… have you…"

"What thought of you?" Lita asked and Misty seemed to be unsure. "Misty, Ash and me rarely agree on anything. When it comes to Pokémon or girls. I only see you as a friend."

"That's good," Misty said. "Because well I sort of think of you as my best friend."

"Ditto," Lita said.

"So, what did May ask you about?" Misty asked.

"Oh, she offered for me to go with her and Max," Lita said and Misty raised an eyebrow. "Said they could use me to help them. It's nothing. So how are the Pokémon?" It was clearly a topic change and Misty decided to let it go. "Horsea?"

"Great, Horsea helped get me to second place in the water section of the tournament," Misty said. "We'll have to have a battle when we can. I want to see Poliwhirl in action. And Starmie could use a good challenge as well."

"Oh, you evolved Staryu," Lita said. "You're on. How is Ash's Gible. Can't wait to see that one."

"At the lab," Misty said and Lita laughed. She should have expected that. "Thinking of buying some TMs while we're here."

"The store here is amazing," Lita said. "It has everything. Anything specific your looking for?"

"I kind of wanted weather ball," Misty said. "But looking through my pokedex I noticed none of the Pokémon I have can learn it. I do want moves not water, psychic, or ice. Something that would work well against an electric type or grass type."

"Ice is pretty good against grass types," Lita reminded Misty. "As for electric ground type moves are the best. Come on we'll head to the store."

Lita and Misty paid for some clothes. Lita keeping her promise and getting Primeape another hat. Lita leading Misty towards the shop when she nearly jumped from a Pokémon jumping on her. "Pikachu," Lita said shocked.

"He has a note," Misty said taking the note from Pikachu. "Team Rocket, need help. ASAP." Misty and Lita looked at each other. "Wasn't he going to the Game Corner."

"Yeah what trouble can you get into at Rocket Game Corner but losing…. Rocket…. Oh no," Lita said. "They wouldn't actually put their name on top of their headquarters."

"No one put two and two together," Misty said.

"Pika," Pikachu yelled out some electricity coming out of his cheeks.

"Officer Jenny," Misty and Lita said together and went to turn towards the police office.


Officer Jenny stared at the two girls as they finished their tale showing her the note. "Is this some type of joke?" Officer Jenny asked after the two were done. "I don't have time…"

"It's not," Lita begged. "My cousin could be in very real trouble."

"We wouldn't play a joke on the police," Misty said. "Look she's the champion niece. Basically daughter. I'm the future gym leader of Cerulean City gym. We're not just some random kids."

"Wait, does that mean the champion nephew is in trouble?" Officer Jenny said seeming to perk up when Misty mentioned Lance.

"Yes," the two said together.

"I can't just run…." Officer Jenny paused looking at Pikachu. "His Pokémon." The two nodded. "Okay there. Pikachu, I need you to lead me to your trainer."

"Pika," Pikachu said jumping onto the floor.

"Following him gives me any cause I need," Jenny said. "Boys, get the league on the phone and yourselves ready. We might need a raid soon." Officer Jenny ran out following Pikachu. Lita and Misty went to follow.

The group heading into Rocket Game Corner and an employee tried to stop them. Jenny shoving them aside telling them she was looking for an injured trainer. Pikachu was pointing at the picture. "What?" Lita asked the Pokémon.

"Something about this picture," Misty said as Pikachu jumped on top of her and pushed the button.

Officer Jenny taking out a pokeball and releasing an Arcanine. Lita had her camera out and was taking picture. "This is where you girls leave," Officer Jenny said taking out her radio. They could see some Rocket Grunts on the floor seeming to be sleeping. "And take the Pikachu with you."

"Pika," Pikachu complained.

"Pikachu no," Misty said taking the Pokémon and the two went to back out of the casino as police officer started in. Some of them taking customers out of the casino


Ash was surprised to say he and Hypno made a good team. Hypno putting people to sleep. The two were progressing well until they came upon two people named Cassidy and Butch, who did a similar motto to that Jesse and James. Hypno not able to put them to sleep for some reason as they released their Pokémon.

Ash releasing Charmander to help Eevee and Hypno battle the three Pokémon they released, a Raticate, Primeape, and Hitmontop. Eevee easily taking out Raticate and Hypno taking Hitmontop. Charmander was having fun fighting Primeape. Ash smirked when they were down.

"Enough," another woman walked in. "You have caused a lot of trouble young man. Enough to be rewarded. Join Team Rocket."

"Never," Ash said.

"Then you shall need to be dealt with," The woman took out a pokeball but was distracted by a grunt yell.

"Police are here, along with the league," the grunt was saying.

"I think it's time for jail," Ash said.

"Maybe some other day kid," the woman said. "This will not be forgotten." The woman put her pokeball away. "You two come." Butch and Cassidy ran after the woman as Ash had Hypno knock out the grunt who came with the alert.

It wasn't long later Officer Jenny and her Arcanine came running. "Ash," Jenny said and Ash nodded.

"They went that way," Ash said pointing. Other officers came running and Jenny order one to take Ash. Ash tried to argue but one look from the officer and he knew not to. Ash returning his Pokémon and following the officer out.

"There must have been an escape route," one officer said to Jenny. "They are gone."

"Let's give this place one more once over," Jenny ordered but knew her officer was probably right. "There are still grunts to get to prison and Pokémon here to save." The officer gave a nod and spread out.

Lita and Misty gave Ash a hug and then Lita slapped him over the head. "What the hell were you thinking?" Lita asked. "We need to stay away from Team Rocket. Not march into their headquarters."

"It was random," Ash said. "But Hypno seems to be completely on board now." Ash gave a smirk at that. Hypno was a difficult Pokémon after all but they made a connection.

"I'd like a full story," it was Officer Jenny. She had left her deputies at the Game Corner to take care of clean up. "Now." So, Ash told about how Pikachu and Eevee had led him down there. They must have discovered it was a headquarters somehow while Ash played. Ash telling how he sent Pikachu with a note and figured he would take care of as much of Team Rocket as he could until Help arrived.

"That was a dumb move," Jenny said. "You could have gotten hurt. Everything worked out this time. Next time you might not be so lucky. Stay away from Team Rocket." The three gave a nod and yes. "Now go."

Pikachu was happy to be reunited with Ash as the group went to the Pokémon Center. "Tomorrow we leave this city," Lita said.

"Definitely," Misty said with a nod. Their time in Celadon was over. Time to move on.

Post Chapter Note: I hope you enjoyed this one.

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