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The Pokémon Journey

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Note: this chapter is Ash and Misty chapter.


The first two days of the event were the fighting and grass event. Ash didn't have enough Pokémon of a single type to enter any of the single type competitions, but the main event was the last day. The event you could use any type you wanted. It was the only one where the grand prize was a Pokémon egg.

Each event took 32 people, which made it 5 rounds. The events started early in the day and ran until late, with a couple of breaks between rounds. Ash watched the fighting and grass round taking notes on things to work on with Oddish and Riolu. Riolu sat and watched as a man with a Lucario won the round. Riolu looked amazed at her evolved form.

The third day was the water event. That day Ash and his team were just cheering Misty. Misty looked around at her competition. She knew from talking to Loren that only her and one other person were specializers in water. The others were just trainers who all had at least three water types. Loren had been very helpful and Misty had to wonder if there was more going on between her and Lance. She had heard tales of Lance having a girlfriend but neither Ash or Lita had mentioned it.

"You Misty?" Misty had been having a discussion with Totodile. The first round had started but she wasn't up until the end of it. She looked up to see a boy who looked the same age as her. He had a blue frog type Pokémon Misty knew as Froakie on his shoulder.

"Yes, your Kevin, right? The other person specializing in water Pokémon," Misty said.

"Yeah," Kevin said. "And this is Froakie. One of my newest Pokémon. He kept trying to run from Professor Sycamore lab over in Kalos. So, the professor gave him to me before I headed here."

"Are you from Kalos?" Misty asked.

"No Alola," Kevin said. "But I was in Kalos before coming here. Because of the age restrictions here I couldn't come here until I was 13. I heard you're the future gym leader of the Cerulean Gym."

"It's my family's gym," Misty said with a nod.

"Then I look forward to battling you," Kevin said. "I think your boyfriend is getting jealous though." Misty was confused for a moment but turned to see Ash walking towards them. Kevin must have seen them together at times.

"Misty," Ash said. "Just wanted to wish you luck before your match. Kick some ass."

"Thanks Ash," Misty said as she was called up into the battle field. The first two battles were one on one to get pass the largest two rounds fast. The next two were two on two. The last one was three on three. You could use any water Pokémon you had on your team, but only water Pokémon.

The town had set up a water field. A complete pool with one or two platforms in it. This was something she had been waiting for as she took out a pokeball and released Goldeen. She having transferred Goldeen back to herself and the Pokémon had been excited for an actual battle.

Her opponent released a Magikarp which made Misty raise an eyebrow. Magikarp weren't exactly fighters. Barely could learn the move tackle. Goldeen with her peck attack easily overpowered the undertrained Magikarp. Misty glad there wasn't a surprised evolution as she returned her Pokémon.

"Nice job," Ash said to Misty when she left the battle field. Pikachu jumping on her shoulder to congratulate her as Eevee rubbed her leg.

"That was too easy," Misty said shaking her head hoping her next battle was harder.

In round two she fought a boy with a Tentacool and Horsea got a much better fight than Goldeen did. The two Pokémon going at it in a true water battle. Eventually Horsea won with a combination of smokescreen and twister taking Tentacool down.

"Horsea did great," Ash said.

"I have to agree with that," it was Kevin coming up and Ash put an arm around Misty at that making Misty raise an eyebrow. "Is that Horsea one of Loren?"

"Yes," Misty said.

"Maybe I'll have to see about buying one," Kevin said giving Ash a nod as he went for his second battle.

"Ash, what's going on with you?" Misty asked and Ash took his arm away. Pikachu and Eevee seemed to be giggling to themselves as they talked.

"Nothing, just don't like that guy," Ash said and Misty raised an eyebrow but decided not to question it.

The next two rounds were two on two battles. She decided to use Seel and Shellder in one of these battles while using Horsea and Goldeen in the other. Seel and Shellder were able to battle on land but really shined in the water and Misty was smiling at her team as she won and got to the final round.

"You're against Kevin," Ash said when Kevin won his last battle.

"Yeah," Misty said with a nod and smile. Glad she was facing the best. First through third all got a prize so the person Misty defeated and Kevin defeated battled each other to see who got third.

Then it was Kevin and Misty turned. "Misty, I am using my strongest," Kevin called and Misty gave a smirk as Kevin released a Swanna. Misty knew he was not playing about using his strongest just from the look of the bird. Misty kind of wished she could use Psyduck and give him his first big battle, but she had discovered the duck Pokémon could not swim.

Instead she took out Totodile pokeball and released the Jotho starter. Kevin had Swanna used a wing attack but Misty had Totodile dodge by jumping into the water. "Stay under," Misty called out. Swanna was taking to the sky but Totodile was unreachable being underwater.

Kevin had no choice but to send the Pokémon in close where Totodile jumped out of the water with a bite attack. Landing a direct hit. "Not bad," Kevin said but Swanna had grabbed a hold of Totodile and Kevin ordered an Aerial Ace. Totodile landing on the platform in the middle of the water field.

"Water gun," Misty ordered for the move to be met with Swanna own water gun. The moved exploding on each other. Both Pokémon were injured but they were getting up. "Dragon claw."

"Air slash," Kevin said and the two attacked met again and that was it for both of the Pokémon. They were both knocked out.

Misty and Kevin returning both of them. "Well let's see how you handle this," Kevin said tossing out his Pokémon which was a Araquanid. Misty eyes growing wide. This was a water and bug Pokémon and while she loved water she hated bug. Misty wanted to defeat this one.

Misty released Seel. Araquanid opened with a bug bite which Misty had Seel dodge by using aqua jet. Then an ice beam which iced over the water field completely. Araqunanid getting stuck in the forming ice. Seel able to get an aqua jet and headbutt combination in. Araqunanid being freed and coming back with his own bubble beam.

"Headbutt," Both Misty and Kevin ordered at the same time and the attacks met hitting each other. Both Pokémon were knocked back but Araqunanid fainted.

Kevin taking out his last Pokémon and releasing a Primarina. Misty knew this was the final evolved form Popplio, the water starter of Alola. This was Kevin's starter. And Primarina sent out a moonblast which hit into Seel.

"You okay?" Misty asked and Seel got back up. Seel letting out a new attack Misty had been having Shellder help him with. Aurora Beam hit into Primarina. Kevin ordering a hyper beam which hit in Seel knocking the Pokémon out.

Misty knew she was in trouble as she returned Seel. This Pokémon was strong and she only had one Pokémon that might be able to beat it. She let out Staryu. The field was still iced over from Seel attack with some holes in the ice to the water below. Primarina was too big to fit into those holes but Staryu wasn't.

"Staryu go through the holes in the ice," Misty said and Staryu went in. Misty ordering Staryu to come out with rapid spin every once in a while, when Primarina was close.

"Time to melt this ice," Kevin said. "Weather ball." It was a sunny day so the move weather ball became a fire move that melted all the ice. Misty was impressed and had to look into the move. See if she could buy it for any of her Pokémon but she had a battle now.

"Psywave," Misty ordered Staryu coming out of the water and using the move on Primarina. The Pokémon being pushed back.

"Aqua jet," Kevin called out and Primarina used aqua jet hitting into Staryu. "Use moon blast." The fairy type move hit into Staryu and Staryu hit into the water. Going under and when it came up the Pokémon was down. Kevin had won.

Misty returned her starter thanking the Pokémon as Kevin was declared winner. "Sorry Mist," Ash said as Misty walked down.

"It was a great battle," Misty said as she went to the award stand. In second place she got two water stones and a dive ball. Kevin in first got a couple more evolutionary items and more than one dive ball. Third place only got one water stone.

"Hey Misty," Kevin said as they walked into the Pokémon Center. Ash was next to Misty and put his arm around Misty again at hearing the voice. "That was a great battle. Look forward to another one."

"Me too. Next time I'll win," Misty said.

"Try," Kevin said with a smirk as he dropped his pokeballs off with Nurse Joy. "I'm heading out when they are healed. See you later." Kevin gave a wave as he walked off.

"I think you have a rival," it was Loren walking in and Misty and Ash turned to her. "Just wanted to say I was impressed by Horsea. It hasn't been long but you have done well."

"Thank you," Misty said blushing.

"Ash, can't wait to see you battle," Loren said.

"Yeah, I better go train," Ash said. He wasn't tomorrow but the day after and he ran out.

"Was it me or was Ash getting a little jealous your attention being on another guy," Loren said and Misty gave Loren a look. "You know sometimes you don't have to wait for the guy to make the move." Loren playfully pushed Misty and Misty gave a small smile as she went to follow Ash.

Ash and Misty skipped the next day of battles. Ash wanting to concentrate on getting his Pokémon ready. His female Nidoran had heard of her partner evolution and had wanted on the team for a battle to evolve herself. Ash had also taken Oddish back wanting her to have a real battle as well. Ash planned on using Oddish, Nidoran, Riolu, and Gible throughout the entire thing. Having sent Charmander to the lab to rest promising to bring him back to the team right after.

"Ash consider using Pikachu and Eevee in the finale rounds," Misty implored. "Them and Charmander are your strongest and there is tough competition here."

"I am going to win it and win that Pokémon egg," Ash said insuring Misty. "With the four Pokémon I have chosen. They need some experience anyway."

Misty knew Ash was stubborn so decided to just watch. Ash's first match was against a girl with a Phanpy. The battle a lot harder than Misty's first battle. Nidoran doing her best to keep Phanpy at bay. Ash having given her ice beam as well and she having learnt bite while at the lab. Towards the end of the battle Nidoran had evolved into Nidorina and taking down Phanpy with the extra power.

"See Misty," Ash said with a smile.

"You have to win four more matches if you're going to win," Misty warned Ash.

The next match was somewhat simpler. The boy clearly a new trainer who lived in town using a Rattata. Riolu outclassed the Pokémon in every way and simply knocked him out. Misty knew Ash was on a high from two wins and she also knew that could be his downfall. She knew Ash well enough by now to know he got too cocky when he was winning. It got to his head fast.

The next round proved to be harder. Ash using Gible and Oddish in his two on two. His opponent using a Crobat which nearly had Oddish taken out. Ash managing to use mega drain to heal Oddish and take out Crobat. Then next Pokemon being a Passiminan, a fighting type Pokémon who easily defeated Oddish.

Ash let Gible out of his Pokeball. Misty biting her lip. The Pokémon might be a dragon type but this was his first real battle that was not a training match. That Passiminan was strong. "Stay as far away from him as you can. Use dragon breath." Ash told Gible using a strategy of keeping distance to not get hit.

It worked a bit Gible able to dodge attacks, but passiminan was fast and skilled. As Passiminan used take down Ash ordered a body slam. Afterward the two stood there for a moment before Passiminan fainted.

"He's getting too into himself," Misty said to Pikachu who was sitting on her lap along with Eevee. The two Pokémon agreeing.

For his next two on two Ash used Riolu and Nidorina. Riolu faced a Sylveon which Eevee was looking at. The Pokémon being something he could evolve into it. Watching it. It was towards the middle of Riolu and Sylveon battle that Eevee shook his head and turned around. Deciding he did not like that evolution.

Sylveon and Riolu knocked each other out and Ash released Nidorina and Ash realized he had a problem when Gengar was released. Ghost type Pokémon moves such as fighting and normal did not work. Leaving Ash only with poison sting, which was also not affective. Ice beam and bite which were the only moves that could possibly take down Gengar.

The Pokémon was fast and strong and Ash had to used bite when he could. The dark type move was the most powerful against the ghost type. Nidorina was getting confused. "Calm down," Ash yelled out to her. "Take a breath and wait for Gengar to come to you."

Nidorina waited and when Gengar was closed use bite. Nidorina getting hit with sucker punch. The two continued to bite and sucker punch each other for a while before both stopped and then Gengar fell right before Nidroina fell. Both Pokémon unconscious.

In a situation like this the judges had to decide who the winner was. "Well after a long discussion," Loren said. "Gengar fell first. Ash gets the round."

Ash smiled as he walked off the battle field. He was in the final round. "Ash those four Pokémon are tired," Misty said getting to him before the next round started. "Use Pikachu and Eevee. You can run back and grab Charmander real fast as well."

"Pika, pika," Pikachu said and Eevee also gave out a sound of agreement.

"Thanks guys but I am going to use Riolu, Gible, and Oddish," Ash said and Misty sighed.

The fight for third place was done and Ash went back onto the field releasing Oddish. He was surprised when his opponent, a man only going by Gold, released a Tyranitar. Oddish had a type advantage and Ash smiled as he ordered an absorb. The move didn't seem to bother Tyranitar though as Tyranitar came at Oddish with a fire fang. Oddish fainted after one move.

Ash released Riolu who also had a type advantage but counter seemed to have little affect on this Pokémon who used iron defense. Then Tyranitar used Earthquake and then hyper beam. Riolu fainting. Ash eyes grew wide as he took out his last pokeball. It was Gible turn and to win Gible had to defeat all three Pokémon.

He paused though. Gible wasn't strong enough and he knew it. "Trainer release your Pokémon," the referee said.

"No," Ash said shaking his head. He wished he had taken Pikachu and Eevee from Misty but Gible had been in a few battles. There was no way he could take down Tyranitar when Riolu and Oddish barely scratched him. "I surrender."

"Gold wins," the referee said accepting Ash's surrender as Ash backed off the battle field. In second place he got a ultra ball and a couple of great balls but his eyes turned to the egg that was given to Gold. He had wanted that.

"You were right," Ash said when he was sitting in the Pokémon center with Misty. "I should have switched up my team."

"I don't know if it would have matter," Misty said. "But you would have had a better shot."

"I think I will send all four back to Oak for a bit," Ash said. "They need a rest. I'll take butterfree and Charmander back on the team. Plus Hypno. Oak been asking me to take him."

"And Rattata," Misty said making Ash look at her. "You caught one. A while back. You and Lita argued over it."

"I forgot about her," Ash said. "Sure, why not." Ash shrugged with a nod. "And we need to get to Celadon. Lita is probably waiting for us. Bet she still only has five Pokémon."

"I will take that bet," Misty said holding out her hand and Ash taking it. Misty remembering what Loren said about making the first move but decided that could wait.

Post Chapter Note: this isn't the best chapter I know. A big tournament like this wasn't easy for me to write. Battles are not my best. If anyone has any tips I am all ear. Also, this is the last of the 10 I prewrote. I have one or two others written so will upload once a week on Monday now.

Just so everyone knows what Pokémon everyone has.


On team- Eevee, Pikachu, Butterfree, Charmander, Hypno, Rattata

At the lab- Nidorina, Nidorino, Oddish, Riolu, Gible


On team- Staryu, Seel, Totodile, Shellder, Psyduck, Horsea

At the lab- Goldeen


On team- Eevee (Nova), Pidgeotto, Vulpix (Hestia), Poliwag, Bagon, Primeape

At the lab- none

1. Starter Pokémon 3710 0 0 2. Viridian Forest and the Rock Gym 5027 0 0 3. The Path to Mount Moon 3959 0 0 4. Girl Time 6993 0 0 5. Ash's Solo Journey 5521 0 0 6. Sibling Rivalry 3780 0 0 7. The Dragon Gym 4152 0 0 8. Rematches 5489 0 0 9. Celadon 5582 0 0 10. Tournament 3099 0 0 11. Rocket Game Corner 3572 0 0 12. The Breeder and Gym Leader 3229 0 0 13. To Evolve or Not to Evolve 2926 0 0 14. Magnemite, Muk, and Gym Battles 4317 0 0 15. The Safari Zone 6184 0 0 16. Time to Move On 3793 0 0 17. Sabrina Gym 3491 0 0 18. The Unusual Pokémon 4348 0 0 19. The Haunted Tower 2645 0 0 20. Contest and Rematches 1945 0 0