Things Money Can't Buy @shinygrowlithe12
Chapter 9

Chapter 9

After a few weeks, Drew is finally back into the groove of his normal life. He's attending meetings, studying the company, and going on arranged dates. Fortunately, he still manages to visit the orphanage once or twice a week, even if it is only for a few hours. That place is his safe haven, and he likes talking to May. Plus, he managed to start a scholarship for all the orphans to attend college for free. He still has a lot more he wants to do with the orphanage, but it'll take more time.

Today, Drew is on yet another lunch date, but it's with a new girl. Apparently, her family is known for their fashion brand, which would help Hayden Corporation's business grow. Drew groans before walking into the private room with a fake smile on his lips. He notices a male bodyguard by the door as he walks in, and there's a young woman sitting at the round table.

She stands up with a smile while extending a hand. "Hello, Mr. Drew Hayden. I'm Dawn Berlitz."

Of course he knew that. He has to know all of his dates' names before he meets them. Shaking her hand, Drew says, "Just call me Drew, Ms. Berlitz."

They both sit down and Dawn giggles. "Just call me Dawn then, Drew."

As they engage in small talk while they eat, Drew learns that Dawn is 20 years old. She's currently in college for fashion so she can take over the family business some day. Her story sounds the same as all the other rich kids he knows, including him. Everyone is groomed to take over their parents' business. Of course he's bored with the small talk that he's gone through with every date, so he doesn't even try to seem interested in anything Dawn is saying. Surprisingly, she seems to be disinterested in this date too. Maybe Drew Hayden really can't get any girl?

"Okay, well, if I'm gonna marry someone, I need to make sure they love me too." Dawn eventually gets to the point of the date since she's getting bored of the pointless small talk. "I know our parents expect us to marry for wealth, but that's not my style."

Drew chuckles in mock amusement as he looks at the bluenette. "Do you even know what love is?" Her brows furrow at him, which makes him laugh again. Usually, women are so entranced by his appearance and status that they keep a smile on their faces regardless of his words or actions. They're just so fake, but Dawn seems to be behaving however she wants. He likes that.

"Yes." Dawn says matter-of-factly, which makes Drew lean back in his chair.

"Then please enlighten me, Ms. Berlitz." he snickers. Rolling her eyes at the arrogant man before her, she wipes her face with her napkin and throws it on the table. Now, he's starting to show his true colors, so she will show hers. She then stands up to leave, but Drew immediately stands up. "Wait!" He exclaims. If she knows what love is, he wants to know too. "I'm sorry. I really am curious."

Looking at his sincere green eyes, Dawn sighs before sitting back down again. She gives him a smile as she says, "Love is...always wanting to be with them." Her attention turns to her lap as a pink blush appears on her cheeks. "It makes you want to give up so much...even this lifestyle. Just for one person." Why is she even telling him all of this? Maybe because he seems genuinely interested? Hopefully he doesn't make fun of her, like some past dates have.

Drew reflects on his conversation with his parents a few weeks ago when he told them he didn't want to be the heir anymore. Is it all because of May? Does he love her? A blush appears on his face as he looks down too. May is just a good friend, like Solidad. He'd do anything for Solidad too.

"Love makes you want to hold that person and never let them go. You look past their faults and always want to forgive them…" Dawn continues, which makes Drew look up at the shy girl. "You just want to protect them...even from yourself."

In the corner of his eyes, he notices the purple haired bodyguard flinch as the bodyguard turns his face away. Drew eyes the heiress and bodyguard suspiciously. They're nervous and shy right now as Dawn talks about love. Doesn't a bodyguard usually remain stoic, and they sure as heck shouldn't turn their attention away from the person they're protecting.

Smirking, Drew leans back in his chair again as he flicks his hair. "So you love your bodyguard?"

Bingo. She flinches and her eyes open wide at him in shock while her face turns a bright red. Even the bodyguard lets out a slight cough as he turns further away from the scene. "That's an inappropriate relationship, sir." the bodyguard manages to say.

Dawn now nervously looks down at the table again. In a whisper, she asks, "Are you going to tell?"

Drew smiles warmly at her, even though she can't see it. "No." He replies because he's actually grateful to learn that he's not the only one going through a forbidden romance. Romance? Yeah, he has romantic feelings for May. His face tints pink again, but he says, "I like a woman poor in money, but she's richer than me." He grins while thinking about the brunette who makes him feel happy. "She smiles more than me. She's happier than me. And she's able to make those around her happy and smile too. She's way richer than me." He chuckles.

This confession causes Dawn to give the man a warm smile. He's different than the other men she's had to go on dates with because he seems more down to earth. It's like status doesn't matter with him, which she fully believes too. "So I guess we both like people we're not supposed to."

Hearing her bodyguard cough awkwardly again makes Dawn turn her attention to him as she smugly sticks her tongue out. "Stop coughing, Paul! You know I've loved you for 5 years now!"

"Stop being troublesome!" he mutters annoyedly while eyeing Drew.

"Just call me Dawn!"

"It's troublesome or Ms. Berlitz."

"Dawn! D-A-W-N! Dawn!"

Drew can't help but chuckle at the two and their banter. It reminds him of when he argues with May, which makes him miss her more.

After the lunch, Drew and Dawn are about to separate outside when Dawn hands him her business card. "Let's be friends, Drew." She grins, which makes him smile back as he gives her his business card.

"I'd like that." Drew is glad he now has someone who can relate to him about his world and its unfair rules. Once Dawn and Paul get in their car, Drew checks his phone schedule for the day. He has some meetings, but they're nothing too important. Plus, his father will be there anyway, so Drew will play hooky. It's not like he's never done it before.

Getting in his car, he makes the drive to the outskirts of town. Talking with Dawn made him realize the person he always wants to be around. The reason he cherishes the orphanage. The reason he feels emotions again. He needs to go see her.

30 Minutes Later

"Drew?" May asks as she walks out of the office. She had heard the front doors of the orphanage open, and since Betty and the kids are in school, May usually spends more time in the office. Drew normally visits later in the evenings or on weekends, so she never expected it to be him walking in.

He's wearing a suit and tie since he just came from the lunch date with Dawn. Smiling at the brunette, Drew walks around the counter and lifts up a plastic bag. "Want some lunch?"

May smiles back. Even though it is well after lunch time, she hasn't eaten yet. Plus, she loves food. "Sure!"

Once they're in the office and May eats because Drew already ate, Drew nervously looks at his hands. He had come here in a spur of the moment decision, but what did he expect to do? Confess he likes her? Tell her how he feels when he's around her? Blushing slightly, he shakes his head. No, he's just here to escape from his life. Yes, that must be it. His phone ringing gets his attention, and of course, it is his father. Drew turns off the phone because he knows it'll just keep ringing since he's skipping the meetings today.

"You're not gonna take that?" May asks, which makes him return his attention to her as she shoves more food in her mouth.

Drew chuckles at the messy eater. Usually, May is too busy feeding the younger children that she doesn't eat. Or she eats last, and there's not much left. He's glad to see her enjoying a meal, especially the one he brought. "No. It's not important." he shrugs.

"And watching me eat is?"

"Yeah." he laughs while using a tissue to wipe the edge of her mouth. "This is a lot more entertaining."

She blushes hard as her gaze returns to the food. "Don't neglect your corporate duties, Mr. Hayden." she snickers, which makes Drew roll his eyes.

"Don't worry about me, May. My corporate life and my life here are two separate things. I don't want to mix them."

"Well, you are starting programs here and you have a scholarship for the kids." She knowingly tells him.

"Still separate." he smirks. "Besides, I need to come around and give you some eye candy every now and then." the smirking man flicks his hair, much to May's annoyance. But then he hands her a thornless rose, even though he was just here the other day.

Blushing, May takes the rose gratefully. "Thanks, Drew." She really enjoys his company, and he has kept his promises to her and the children. May can't believe she almost got him kicked out from working at the orphanage in the beginning of his service. She never expected to rely on someone else, but she and the children look forward to Drew's visits.

Looking at the smirking green haired man, May gives him a smile before tossing out the empty to-go container. She wipes her face with a tissue and heads excuses herself for a few minutes to go brush her teeth.

Once she's gone, Drew sighs as he nervously leans back in his chair. Did he really expect to tell May how he feels? Is he sure these are real feelings, like Dawn's? What if it's just infatuation or something else that will fade with time? Dawn said she's been in love with Paul for 5 years, but Drew has barely known May for 1.

When May comes back, she hands him a picture frame, which contains the picture of Drew's last day at the orphanage. He smiles warmly at it as memories of his 6 months flood his mind. "I got it printed and framed yesterday. The kids all signed the back of the picture."

"Thanks, May." he almost whispers. It's funny. In the past, Drew Hayden would get thousands of dollars worth of gifts, but the orphanage has been getting him gifts under a few dollars or even free, like the card the kids made him. And Drew finds these cheap priceless gifts his favorites, especially May's drawing he framed up in his room.

May. Yeah, he likes her. There's no doubt about it. His gaze turns up from the photo to look into those sapphire blue eyes he loves to get lost in. They're a beautiful shade of blue, and they're perfect on her. He doesn't want to tear his gaze away from them. Is this what Dawn meant when she said you always want to be with them?

May also finds herself lost in those sincere emerald green eyes. Usually, Drew is an arrogant prick, but sometimes, like now, he shows his softer side. His more human side, which May likes. Everything about him can be figured out through those gorgeous eyes of his. It's like he's trying to figure her out too with the way he intensely gazes into her.

She feels her face heat up as their faces near each other. Does May like Drew? She likes him as a friend, and she relies on him. She finds him trustworthy and fun to be around. He does make her heart beat faster and her face heat up, but does that mean she likes him?

"Hello?" The voice from the lobby breaks both adults out of their trance as they awkwardly step away from each other. May quickly apologizes before rushing out to see who is in the lobby, leaving Drew to inwardly groan.

He clutches the back of his neck while shutting his eyes tightly. Gosh. He almost kissed May! He almost ruined what they have. What is he thinking? Being alone with her is too dangerous. The next time he visits, he'll be sure the kids are here. Deciding that he should probably go back to his meetings rather than risk kissing May, Drew leaves the office.

However, he never expected the sight he'd see. There, May is in the embraces of a young man with glossy black hair. She's crying, which makes Drew approach them. "What's going on?" he gruffly asks. This man better not have hurt May.

The mysterious man gives Drew a confused look as May pulls away from him. She gives a tearful smile to Drew while saying, "This is Brenden. He's my childhood friend."

Brenden sniffles his own sobs before extending a hand to Drew. "We grew up together here...before I left." Drew shakes his hand and introduces himself. "Oh! I heard about you!" Brenden exclaims. "You had to do your community service here but got out early for good behavior!"

"Uh. Yeah." Is this guy really just a childhood friend?

"I wanna thank you for helping May out. The orphanage really needs it." Brenden smiles, but Drew just keeps scowling at him. Something about this guy doesn't seem right.

"Hey, Drew. You need to get back to work, right?" May asks, which now makes Drew turn his attention back to her. "Brenden and I are gonna catch up, but I'll see you next time, okay?"

Is she kicking him out? For this guy? Drew chuckles as he realizes he must mean nothing more than a volunteer to May. Why else would she kick him out? He's never once met or heard about Brenden while at the orphanage, so something must be going on between the two.

"Sure." Drew puts on his signature smirk before walking out. He won't let her see his pain. He lets no one see it. He never knows when someone could use it against him.

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