Things Money Can't Buy @shinygrowlithe12
Chapter 8

The next day, a car from Hayden Corporation picks up Drew early from his apartment. Since he already said his goodbyes last night, he doesn't want to go through the pain again, even though he will be back to visit. As he's sitting in the back of the car with Solidad, she notes, "You're wearing the Orphanage shirt, you know?"

Drew looks down to see the cheap t-shirt and a small smile appears on his lips, which surprised Solidad. The Drew she knows doesn't care for cheap clothing like that. "It's out of habit now." He says.

"Okay, well, you can change into a suit when we reach your parents' place. They want to have lunch with you."

Drew sighs as the reality of getting back to his wealthy life gets to him. He's back to the meetings and fake people. He'll have to be careful of who he talks to while constantly looking behind his back to make sure no one tries to sabotage him. Gosh, how he misses the carefreeness of the orphanage already.

When Drew and Solidad finally arrive at the restaurant for dinner with his parents, Drew has gotten a haircut, showered, and put on an expensive suit. He and Solidad sit across from his parents as they dig into the luxurious meal. Drew hasn't had food like this in a long time, but he finds himself missing May's cooking the most.

"I'm glad to hear you haven't gotten into any trouble." his father remarks, which Drew just nods.

"Your father and I really believe you are ready for more responsibility in the company." Mrs. Hayden includes, which makes Drew nod again.

Solidad nudges his side. "Say something!" She hisses.

Drew resists the urge to roll his eyes at her, but he faces his parents with his usual fake smile. "I'm excited."

"Good. We will also start searching for your future wife now that you're not a liability anymore." his mother tells him, which makes Drew drop his fork.

Yes, he's always known he'd have to someday marry for the business, but that was before he went to the orphanage. That was before he realized he wants to be happy. That was before he met May. "I don't want an arranged marriage."

This causes his father to glare at him. "You've always known this, Drew!" He sternly tells his son. "This is the business and we marry for business!"

His mother nods. "Yes, and you can grow to love each other."

"Oh, like how you two love each other?" Drew spats. He knows his parents have been cheating behind each other's backs. They know it too. After they provided an heir to Hayden Corporation, they were rarely together, much less together with him.

"Do not speak to us like that!" Mr. Hayden exclaims angrily. "If you want to be the heir to the company, you need to do as we say!"

"No! Maybe I don't want to be the heir anymore!" Drew furiously stands up and storms out of the private room.

"Drew!" Solidad calls after him as she chases him down the long hallway. "Drew!" She calls again before grabbing his shoulder. He turns to face her with a very pissed off face. "What's wrong?" Although she does work for his parents, Drew is a good friend of hers first. She's rarely ever seen him this emotional before.

"I don't want to be forced into marriage."

"But you used to be fine with the idea before." she reminds him as she remembers their talks they used to have when they were younger.

"Well, I changed my mind."

What could've gotten him like this. Drew would never threaten to leave the company. "Drew, did something happen at the orphanage?"

This question makes him sigh as he turns his attention to the ground. "Those kids have nothing, Solidad. But they're still happy. And I have everything, but I'm unhappy." He now meets her gaze again. "I just want to be happy."

When Solidad engulfs him in a hug, he's confused, but hugs her back. He expected her to try and convince him to go back to his parents. To think about it. Something about the money, but she didn't, and he's grateful for it.

Solidad can't believe who this man in front of her even is. After 6 short months at the orphanage, he has changed so much. No more is he the arrogant playboy or the money flaunter. He's the Drew she knew as a kid. The loving playful Drew she's missed seeing, but he seems like an even better version of himself.

As she lets go of him, she sighs. Solidad knows his parents won't like this version of him either, especially since they can't control him with the company anymore. "Drew, just think about it, okay? And then have a conversation with your parents when you're ready."

"Alright." He nods before walking away while Solidad heads back to the Hayden parents.

A Few Days Later

"Drew!" Betty exclaims at the man who walks through the doors. He welcomes the hug from the girl, and soon, her cries bring the rest of the orphanage to check. The other kids hug him too, but his favorite hug is May's. He holds her just a little bit longer than the others; however, not long enough where she'd notice or feel uncomfortable.

Since it is a weekend, Drew finds himself surprisingly free. His parents haven't scheduled for him to go to social events yet, but he will soon. He will use this weekend to spend at the orphanage because it is the place he feels the most happy.

Drew smirks as he hands May a new thornless rose. When she takes it, he flicks his hair while enjoying the slight blush on her cheeks. Of course, some of the kids say things to them, but Drew just tells her, "I promised."

"Are you two dating?" Betty curiously asks. She's always seen May and Drew together after seeing how much he is able to affect her mood. Like the first day when he irritated her enough that she didn't want to show him around the orphanage, so she made Betty do it. Not many people can bother May that much.

Both adults blush as Drew says, "No. We're just friends who like roses." he winks to the teen who just giggles. Drew then looks at Tyler with a grin. "Wanna learn how to drive, man?"

Tyler's eyes open wide, especially when Drew tosses the car keys at him. "Really?"

The man nods. "Yeah. You're almost 17, so you should've already had your license by now."

"Be careful." May warns the boys as they head out. She then goes to her room to replace the wilting rose from a few days ago. As she sniffs the new rose, a smile appears on her lips. He didn't far. But he didn't lie, like Brenden.

That night, Drew stops by May's room before leaving again. "I'll be back tomorrow." He smiles at her while sitting down on the desk chair. She grins at him, and he admires the rose he gave her. With a chuckle, he says, "I'll bring a vase next time."

"I like the cup." she laughs. "It reminds me of me. Something that isn't so extravagant but it does the job."

"What if I think you're extravagant?" May turns her attention to the blushing man. "Only someone as extravagant as you can make this place feel like a happy home."

Now she looks away with her own blush at his kind words. His gaze is still on the rose, but with words are so sincere. "Well, you already get me new roses, so I'll just keep the cup."

He faces her with a soft smile. He's working on so much for the orphanage right now. He's trying to figure out the logistics of starting a program to teach the orphans about higher education, the work world, and life itself. He wants to bring in donations to improve the quality of life here as well as provide support staff for May. He wants to do so much, and he's sad that he'll need to be in his parents' good graces to do it, but it'll only be until he takes over the company.

Drew sighs defeatedly as he realizes he'll have to start dating women his parents pick for him. He doesn't necessarily have to marry them, but he'll have to go to these dates so that he still has the power of Hayden Corporation. Noticing the visibly upset sigh, May places a hand on his knee, which makes him look into her blue eyes. Gosh, how he loves these eyes so much. It just aches his heart.

"I should probably go." he manages to say while tearing his gaze away from her. Those blue eyes are too dangerous right now, especially with his vulnerability. He'll see her tomorrow after a nice sleep.

However, May grabs his arm to stop him as she stands up from the bed. He looks into those sapphire blue eyes again, and feels all his problems disappear. She really has this effect on him. "How are you, Drew?"

That one question. That damn question. He hugs her before she can see the tears fall because he doesn't want her to see him cry, but she feels his body shake as she hugs him back. She feels the tears in her hair as well as hearing the hiccups he tries to keep in. Although she doesn't know what pains him this much, she holds him and hopes to take it away.

No one ever asks Drew about himself or his feelings. It's always Do this or do that. Or people would be disappointed in him or proud of him. But no one ever asks him about what he wants to do or how he's feeling. Gosh, he misses this place already and it's been less than a week. No. He misses May.

Soon, he separates from her while quickly wiping his face. To avoid her seeing his puffy face, Drew looks away. "Uh. I'll see you tomorrow." he manages to say.

"You never answered my question." May whispers, which makes him stop.

Taking a shaky sigh, Drew turns to face her as he puts on his usual smirk with his hair flick. Hopefully his eyes aren't too puffy to take away the arrogant effect. "I'll survive, June."

May gives him a wary smile since she doesn't believe him. "Don't lie to me, Drew. That was something."

Chuckling, he looks at the ground again. Gosh, why won't she just let him go? But a part of him doesn't want to go. He doesn't want to go back to his sad wealthy lifestyle. He just wants to be happy here. "My world is hard, May. I've told you some things about it before, but it's brutal." Drew sighs before looking at her again. "I forgot what it was like since I was here for so long, so I'm just getting used to it again."

"You shouldn't have to live like that."

He shakes his head with a sad laugh. "I do. That's the world of the wealthy. We're constantly trying to outdo each other. It's worse than politics."

When she grabs his shaking hand, he finds himself calming down, especially once those sapphire blue orbs meet his emerald ones. "I'm sorry, Drew. You're right. I don't know what you're going through, but I'll be here for you. You're always welcomed here, and we won't hurt you."

That sincere smile makes him want to capture her lips in his, but Drew quickly closes his eyes to avoid doing something he might regret. With a nod, he removes his hand from hers and walks out the door. "Thanks, May." he quickly calls as he briskly leaves the orphanage while May watches his retreating figure with confusion. She hopes he's okay, but she'll check tomorrow when he returns.

True to his words, Drew comes back early the next day. He has his usual smirk on as he helps out with meals and homework. He even brought a small wheelchair for Benny to use. Or course, the orphanage isn't wheelchair accessible, so he'll still need help to get around, but for the most part, he can explore the cafeteria and lobby.

Drew also takes the kids with a permit out to drive in his car. He tells them not to worry about damaging his car since he has many, and he's damaged his fair share already. Even Tyler is starting to talk to him more, especially when Drew helps him prepare for his standardized tests.

By the time dinner rolls around, Drew can't wait to dig into May's cooking. He won't be having it for a while since he isn't sure when he'll be back, so he happily digs in. May smirks as she sits next to him. "You can pack leftovers."

"Nah. Y'all need 'em more than me." he manages in between bites.

She shakes her head as he chokes, which results in her having to hit his back. "Slow down, Drew."

Of course, Drew has to wink at her as he says, "Women usually tell me to go faster." This earns him an eye roll while she hits his back harder than she should've. Drew deems it worth it because he bursts out laughing at her red face.

"You're disgusting."

"They usually tell me I'm nasty too." The children watch as the blushing May chases the laughing Drew around the cafeteria. "You make it too easy, June!" he snickers.

"You're so dead, grasshead!" she yells after him.

Betty smiles at her caretakers, especially Drew. She's noticed that May has been a lot happier and more hopeful since Drew arrived. Yes, at first, May was very annoyed with him, but after a month, Betty noticed the woman smiling more. May seemed like she was looking forward to Drew more every day, and the day he left, Betty could detect some sadness in the woman as well. But Drew has kept his promise so far, so Betty loves him for it.

Before going to bed that night, Betty tackles Drew in a hug. "When are you coming back?" she quietly asks into his chest.

He smiles while hugging her close. "Soon." Drew knows he needs to replace the rose to May before it dies; thus, he isn't lying to Betty.

As she releases him, she grins. "I want to make cupcakes with you next time!"

"I'll bring some stuff then." he says and ruffles her hair. Once Betty goes into her room and closes the door, Drew makes the walk over to May's room. She's expecting him, so the chair is pulled out for him to sit on when he walks inside.

"You don't need to stay this late anymore." her shy voice tells him, but Drew just shrugs.

"I want to." They then fall into silence as they dwell in their own thoughts. Drew isn't ready to go back to his corrupt world tomorrow. His parents have also lined up a date for him, which he is definitely not looking forward to. When he looks at May, it makes him more upset at the fact that he has a date tomorrow.

May is thinking about how she really wants to trust Drew. After Brenden's lie, she vowed to never believe someone again. Although it has only been a week, Drew has kept his promise. Is it so wrong that she wants to believe him? Her heart tells her to believe him. It also tells her other things, but she won't listen to it.

Furthermore, Drew cried to her yesterday. Even though he won't talk about it, she hopes he's okay. She can only support him from the sidelines. At first, he needed her to fulfill his community service duties, but now she feels like she needs him. She needs his support and his listening ear. The orphanage is always a lot more fun with him around, and she can catch a break to breathe with his help.

"I uh, got my phone back." Drew smiles while showing her his smartphone. He quickly texts in it, and she soon gets a message on her phone. "I just input the number from my flip phone, so now you know this number is me." He then flicks his hair with a smirk plastered on his face. "A lot of girls want my number."

May rolls her eyes. Why does she feel bad for this cocky man? "You gave me your number. I didn't ask." she then winks at him, which makes him blush. May has never winked at him before.

Drew quickly coughs awkwardly as he stands up. "Uh. I'll see you around." he mumbles before leaving. May giggles as she knows she won that argument, although, she is sad that their night conversation was cut short. Looking at the fresh rose in the cup, she smiles. He'll be back soon enough anyway.

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