Things Money Can't Buy @shinygrowlithe12
Chapter 7

"Happy Birthday, Betty!" May exclaims as she hugs the young teen.

Drew smiles while giving her a hug too. "Happy Birthday, Betty."

The young bluenette is now 14 years old, so May had tasked Drew and Tyler with getting a cake from the local grocery store. They also got some soda and chips for the mini celebration. Fortunately, May always budgets for birthdays, but Drew has noticed that the orphanage is scraping by.

"Make a wish!" May happily tells the girl who closes her eyes for a few seconds before blowing out the candle. Soon, everyone is enjoying the cake and chips for the evening. "Check them out." May snickers as she sits beside Drew. She nods towards the direction of Betty and Tyler where Drew can see a slight pink tint on the birthday girl's face.

He smirks at the scene. "She is 14 now." Drew knowingly tells May.

"Yeah, but Tyler is two years older, so he'll be leaving before her."

"Do they have to leave?" Drew asks. "You didn't leave."

May shrugs as she eats her cake. "They should leave, especially since there's no income here. And with them being 18, they can't room with minors anymore and I don't get the funding for them anymore." She then sadly sighs while setting down her fork. "I just wish we had more resources to help them adjust to the real world. We just throw them into it and hope they do well."

Drew nods as he realizes she is right. It seems like, besides school, the kids here don't have much else to prepare them for the real world. May is too busy taking care of everyone's basic needs to even focus on the older kids' futures. "I can help out in my free time." he offers, which he is surprised he did.

But May just gives him a sad smile. "Drew, you're leaving in a month."

He shrugs while looking at her blue eyes. "But I'll just come by after work and help out. I can teach the high schoolers all about the real world and applying to jobs."

"You know about applying to jobs?" she snickers.

"No, but I can learn about it." he rolls his eyes at her, but she is right. He hasn't applied to any jobs since he'll be inheriting Hayden Corporation. "I can help with college applications though."

The grateful smile she gives him makes his heart skip a beat, so he turns away to resume eating his cake. "Thanks, Drew. I'll hold you to it!"

A few weeks later, Drew is playing basketball with the teens outside. He's mostly doing it so that Betty will play, and she's on the team with Tyler while Drew is with a 12 year old girl named Emma. When May calls them in for dinner, Drew helps gather all of the kids to make sure they head inside before he follows.

Since it is a warm autumn day, he's very sweaty and the red t-shirt is sticking to him. Gosh, Drew feels disgusting, but he grabs a plate and sits down to eat next to May and Benny. The woman scrunches her nose up at his stench; however, she blushes as she notices his muscles.

Unfortunately, Drew seems to notice her shyness, so he flicks his hair with his usual smirk. "Take a picture. It'll last longer."

Rolling her eyes, May gives Benny his spoon before turning to the very attractive man beside her. She will not let him tease her like this and get away with it. "Oh please, Drew. No one is admiring that stench of yours right now."

"So you want me to take a shower?" He questions. "You want to watch?"

This makes her blush more as she playfully shoves his arm. "There are kids here, Drew!" She hisses to the laughing man.

"You make it too easy, April."

This earns him a glare. "You know my name, Drew."

"Ah. Sorry, June."

That damn smirk on his face really irks her, but May Maple doesn't back down from a fight. "It's okay if you forgot, grasshead."

Now it's her turn to snicker as his jaw drops. This woman did not just insult Drew Hayden. No one ever insults him because of his powerful family; however, he can't help but grin because he truly feels comfortable here. "I'll let you have that one, December." He winks.

"Or maybe you couldn't think of a good comeback."

"There are 12 months in a year, October. You're gonna need more than just grasshead to bother me." he then pretends to yawn, which causes her to shove his arm again. Yeah, he likes it here. It's a lot of fun.

Weeks Later


Drew staggers back in bewilderment at the scene before him. May had sent him on a trip to grab a bunch of stuff from the grocery store with Betty, and now they return to see a cake in May's arms as all of the children are in the dining area grinning at him. Even Betty runs over to their side to smile towards the shocked man.

May giggles while she approaches Drew with the cake. "It's a going away party."

He gives her a sad smile now that the shock has worn off. "I'm not going away though."

The woman now smiles warmly at him. "Okay, then it's a thank you party."

Drew can't help but look away. He's had parties in the past thrown in his honor, but they were always extravagant reasons for his family to show off their wealth. Those parties were used for socializing and networking rather than for him. However, this party, this simple party with this small cake, it's just for him. He looks at May and all of the children as a large grin appears on his face. "Thank you, guys."

Betty sets up her camera on a self timer as she makes everyone take a picture with Drew. Some of the kids made a card where everyone signed and wrote messages in for Drew. He has to fight the urge to tear up over these sentimental gestures. Gosh, how he wishes he didn't have to leave tomorrow.

As he's enjoying a piece of cake while sitting at the long table with everyone, Betty runs up to him with something wrapped in newspaper. "What's this?" He asks the shy girl.

"It's a going away gift." she mutters as Drew carefully opens it. He smiles at the photo as it is from the dance with everyone in it.

Drew hugs the teenage girl for the gift because now he will always have this physical reminder of his time here. "Thanks, Betty." he whispers as they let go. Blushing slightly, she nods before running off to her seat to finish her cake.

That night, Drew does one final walk through of the orphanage he's spent the past 6 months in. A nostalgic feeling hits him as he swallows the lump in his throat. Even though he will be visiting often, it just won't be the same. He won't soley just be focused on this place anymore.

"I'll miss you, Drew." sobs Betty when he walks past the room she shares with 2 other girls. Oh, how he's going to miss her too. She was the first person to make him feel welcomed here, and she's taught him so much. He really hopes her asshole of a father doesn't come back.

"I'll be visiting." Drew tries to console the girl.

"I know, but you won't be here all day again." she hiccups into his chest, which makes him hug her tighter.

"Whenever I have days off from work, I'll be here."

Although Betty wants to make him promise her that, she doesn't want Drew to be the one to break the promise. After watching countless adults break promises to them, she can't believe him, so she won't make him promise her. She won't let Drew fall into that group of adults. Nodding sadly as she lets him go, her brown eyes meet his sincere green ones. "Thank you, Drew."

He ruffles her hair while his eyes gloss over. "Good night, Betty." After one quick final hug, she heads back into her room where the door closes.

Drew sighs a shaky breath and shuts his eyes to prevent any tears from falling. It's not like he's leaving for good. He'll still visit when he can. Drew then makes the walk down the hall as he heads to the front doors of the orphanage. However, seeing May's door is wide open gets his attention. Saying bye to her is going to be the hardest since he's formed such a strong friendship with her, but he knocks anyway, which gets her attention from her desk.

"Oh, you're still here, Drew?" he nods, so she gestures him to come in and sit on the chair while she sits on her bed. Drew and her have had some late night conversations throughout the last few months where they've gotten to know each other better as well as talk about the needs of the orphanage and orphans. "Here for one final late night talk?" she sadly asks him.

Drew gives her a smile as he sits down and shakes his head. "I keep telling you guys that I will be back here."

"Yeah, but I doubt you'll be staying this late anymore. You do need to go back to the company." May knowingly says.

Drew shrugs. "I do what I want, so maybe I'll be staying for a late night conversation again."

"I'd like that." The relieved voice gets Drew's attention as he looks into her glossy sapphire eyes. Although May would never say it, Drew is her closest friend. She won't tell him, though, because she told Brenden that once and he never came back to visit her. She won't let Drew fall into that friendship category of best friends who leave her.

"Me too." he smiles warmly at her. These nightly conversations alone with May are what he looks forward to the most, which is why he has been staying late every day. He feels like he can freely speak with her as Drew and not a Hayden. Also, with the children sleeping, then they can carefreely speak without interruption.

May quickly grabs something from under her pillow before handing it to Drew. He raises a confused eyebrow at her as he takes the paper from her. "It's my going away gift for you. I hope you like it." She shyly mumbles while Drew unfolds the paper. May nervously watches his face, but she can't tell if he likes it or hates it.

Drew can't believe what he's seeing. May had drawn a very good picture of him. It's just him surrounded by roses and his usual smirk is on his face in the drawing. He blinks rapidly to keep his tears at bay. With the way she drew him, it looks as if she views him as a normal person, a kind soft person. Drew can't help but smile at the drawing, and hearing May's relieved breath makes him look back at her.

"I love it." he whispers while gazing into those sapphire blue eyes he also loves.

May finds herself lost in his glossy emerald green eyes again. This happens way too much, but she can never divert her gaze away from them. They're so mesmerizing. "I love you too." And the moment the words slip out of her mouth, May Maple's face flushes a brighter red than her bandana as her hands clamp over her mouth. "I meant I love the drawing too!" she tries to save herself, but it is too late.

Drew smirks while flicking his hair. "It's okay, April. I have that effect on people." he chuckles before standing up to head to her bedroom door. Even though her little confession makes his heart skip a beat, he won't mind it. They're just friends and the orphanage is one big family. He's heard May tell everyone she loves them, so she must consider him family too.

May rolls her eyes at him as her blush cools down. "I'm not in love with you, grasshead." she scowls, which makes him laugh again.

"That's not what it sounded like."

Now her face turns red with anger rather than embarrassment. "Well, it's my feelings, so I know what it is!"

As she storms up to him to continue their little argument, Drew pulls out a rose he seemingly got from thin air. This makes her stop talking and a blush flushes her cheeks again. "I'll give you a new one before this one dies." He then hands her the thornless rose before turning around to leave.

Once May hears the front doors of the orphanage shut, she closes her bedroom door and sits on her bed. She admires the beautiful rose in her hands. After many talks with Drew, she learned that he loves roses, which is why she drew roses on the picture she gave him. May blushes while thinking of the man who seems to make her heart beat faster everytime she sees him. Placing the rose in her glass of water on her desk, May soon drifts off to sleep.

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