Things Money Can't Buy @shinygrowlithe12
Chapter 4

The rest of the week is the same with Drew walking in now wearing one of his three red shirts. He cleans the orphanage and helps serve food. Betty says his cleaning is getting better, but Drew just attributes it to his boredness.

On this day, he's mopping the halls of the bedrooms when May quickly walks out of her room. Not noticing the wet floor, she slips, but Drew manages to catch her. He gives her his signature smirk. "You're welcome."

With a light pink tint on her cheeks, May quickly composes herself as she stands. "You missed a spot." She tells him.

Drew looks at the ground but doesn't see anything. "Where?"

To his annoyance, May shoves him and he slips, but regains his balance while she walks past him. "You were blocking my way. She then walks away with her own smirk on her lips.

However, Drew Hayden doesn't allow people to shove him and get away with it. He quickly grabs her arm and glares at her. "That's assault."

"And you grabbing me is sexual harassment." She narrows her eyes at him.

"Fine. Next time, I'll let you fall." Is this really what he gets for helping this hard headed woman? She infuriates him.

Sighing, May says, "Thanks for catching me." Even though she's annoyed with him, she really shouldn't be making his job harder. "Stay out of my way."

"You came into mine." He knowingly tells her since she was the one who walked into his mopping.

Why does this rich man feel like he needs to win every argument? May inwardly groans as she frowns at him. "I was here first."

"Well, I'm doing what you asked, so you better watch where you're going next time." Who is this woman? Drew is very annoyed with her and the way she treats him.

"Just keep doing your job and wearing your t-shirts, and we won't have a problem." She then turns around to leave. As much as Drew is a nuisance to her existence, the orphanage needs his free labor. With her being the only consistent staff, she takes any help she can get.

Drew, on the other hand, he hates it here. He doesn't like this woman he has to work for. Glaring at her retreating figure, he then turns around to resume mopping the rest of the hallway. Of course, if he just listens to her, there wouldn't be any problems, but why should Drew Hayden listen to someone with no money? He can't wait to get out of here.

After he's done for the day, he heads to the grocery store for his next shipment of frozen foods, which he is sick of eating. However, since he doesn't know how to cook, this is his fate. In order to get back to his apartment, he has to walk past the orphanage. Usually, he avoids looking at it in case he makes eye contact with someone who wants to come out and talk to him.

Today, however, as he passes the orphanage, a loud crash gets his attention. Where did it come from? But then he hears it again and screaming coming from inside the orphanage. For some reason, he finds himself rushing in where he spots a large man grabbing Betty's arm while May is holding onto the man. Betty is crying uncontrollably and the older kids are watching from a distance as they keep the younger kids safe.

"You are not allowed here, sir!" May exclaims to the man who shoves her. She hits the edge of the counter and groans, but quickly gets up to grab him again. She will not let this man take Betty away, not even for a second.

"She is my daughter, bitch! You cannot keep her from me!" he snaps while shoving May again, but May won't let go. He can hit her all she wants, but she won't allow him to take Betty.

Betty manages to free herself as the man is focused on May, so she runs into the office to lock the door. This infuriates the man who now grabs May tightly and pulls his arm back. One of the teenage boys rushes out to help May, but Drew pulls the man's arm back.

"Mind your own fucking business!" the man exclaims to everyone as he tries to release himself from Drew's hold.

"You shouldn't hit women." Drew coolly tells him. This angers the man more, so he lets go of May to throw a punch at Drew who effortlessly dodges it. Drew was trained in self defense growing up since he is the heir to the Hayden family.

However, Drew manages to get hit in the gut hard, which makes him cower over as he catches his breath. Before the man can stomp on him, May tackles the angry man. With him being larger than her, he is only startled as he shoves her again. He then approaches her with a fist, but Drew now tackles him and starts throwing punches at the man.

"Stop!" the cries of Betty cause the green haired man to pause his punch mid swing. He notices the man below him has a broken nose, but before he can react, the man swings a powerful punch in Drew's face.

As Drew and the man try to stand up, Drew notices May is holding back the crying Betty. The woman yells at the other children to go to the bunks and away from danger. Drew blinks as he tries to drown out the ringing in his ear. This large man packs a powerful punch.

"Drew!" May's shout seems to shake him in time to roll away from the man's stomp.

"Please leave, dad!" Betty weeps while her father throws another punch for Drew to dodge.

"We already called the police, sir!" May warns him and he throws a potted plant at Drew who gets a slight cut on his arm. Since the man is now closer to Betty, he turns his attention from Drew to his daughter, which makes May stand protectively in front of her.

"Leave!" May orders. Despite being way smaller and weaker than the man, Drew is surprised that her voice isn't wavering. It's scary and stern. Before he can grab May again, Drew grabs the man back. Fortunately, the police are there before the angry man can break free from Drew's hold.

They arrest Betty's father as she cries more while May holds the girl. Apparently, Betty's father was released today, but he will be going back after this incident. Drew manages to convince the police to call May tomorrow for her report since she's focused on consoling the girl. After some time, the lobby is completely empty except for May, Drew, and Betty. Drew wipes the blood from his face using his t-shirt.

"I'm sorry, Drew." Betty weeps as she tackles him in a hug, and Drew is surprised he's hugging her back. He hugs the crying girl tightly. After everything she's done to make him feel welcomed here, she doesn't deserve to be around a jackass of a father like that.

Soon, she stops sniffling and pulls away with a blush on her face, but Drew assumes it's just from her crying so much. "You should go to sleep, okay, Betty?" May softly offers the girl while putting an arm around her.

Betty nods as she hugs May tightly one more time. "Thank you, May." She then hugs Drew quickly again too. "I'm glad you were here, Drew. Or else he could've really hurt us."

He gives her a warm smile while putting a hand on her shoulder. "You're really strong, Betty." She nods and runs off after bidding them good night. Although, it is only the late evening, the event of the evening made May send the children to their rooms.

Drew then turns to the front doors where he notices his groceries he had dropped are crushed on the ground. Groaning, he goes to throw them away, which makes May give him an apologetic look. "Sorry. I'll replace them."

He shrugs knowing she probably doesn't have the money to do so. "It's fine." Before he can walk out the door though, her hand on his shoulder stops him. He gives her a questioning look as her gaze is on the ground.

"Let me at least clean you up first. You look scary walking around with that much blood."

Yeah. Drew Hayden cannot be seen in the world looking this terrible. He quickly nods and they make their way to the office where May grabs the first aid kit. She dabs a cotton ball in alcohol before placing it on his cut lip. This makes Drew flinch away in pain. "That hurts!" He exclaims.

"Yeah, but we need to disinfect it."

"Let's just use water. I'll be fine." He offers. Drew has a low pain tolerance, especially when it comes to fresh wounds.

Rolling her eyes, she grabs his shirt collar to bring him closer to her. "Stop being a baby. None of my kids cry as much as you do."

He winces from the cotton ball on his lip. "None of your kids took a punch to the face just now."

"Some have taken multiple in their lifetime."

This makes Drew fall silent as she finishes with his facial wounds. He thinks about little happy Betty, and he can't understand how she can smile so much after growing up with a father like that. Sighing, he notices the wounds on May's arm from when the man's nails dug into her. Before May can put the first aid kit away, Drew grabs it.

"Did I miss something?" she curiously looks at him.

He takes out a new cotton ball which he dabs in alcohol and then grabs her arm. He wipe away at the scratches. When she hisses from the stings, he finds himself smirking. Now she knows how it feels. He looks into her sapphire orbs with that knowing smirk on his lips, so she frowns as she furrows her brows at him. "Stop being a baby." he mocks her.

Rolling her eyes, she places a bandaid on the biggest scratch. "At least I didn't pull away and freak out like you."

"But you can admit it hurts."

"Duh. It's alcohol on an open wound." she puts the first aid kit away, but when she turns around to face him, she smiles. The last time he saw her smile at him, it was when they met; however, that was a fake smile. This one seems genuine, and Drew feels his heart skip a beat. It must still be from that fight. "Thanks for your help, Drew. I couldn't have fought him by myself."

Drew nervously looks away to avoid seeing those sapphire eyes. "Uh. Yeah. Betty's been nice to me, so I should help her." When something lands on his head, all he sees is red. He grabs it off to notice it is a new volunteer shirt. Looking at the grinning brunette, he gives her a questioning eyebrow raise.

"Your shirt is bloody. You can't be walking around the street in that."

Drew wants to smile, but he decides to smirk instead. With his hair flick, he faces her. "If you want to see me shirtless again, you could've just asked."

She rolls her eyes again. Gosh, just when she was starting to think this guy is alright. May walks past him to leave the office. "See you tomorrow."

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