Things Money Can't Buy @shinygrowlithe12
Chapter 3

"Hey." Drew grumbles as he walks into the office. A new red shirt is tossed at him, which makes him groan again. "I already have one."

"Then where is it?" she annoyedly asks him since he obviously isn't wearing it.

Gosh, this woman is really irritating him. Never has he encountered a woman who wasn't affected by his good looks and charms. Whatever, he'll just try again. So he takes off his shirt and stands in front of her shirtless. It makes him satisfied to see her blush while averting her gaze. "Fine."

"I'm pretty sure we agreed on the sexual harassment to stop." she knowingly tells him when he slips on the new shirt.

"Where do I change then?"

Rolling her eyes at this rich man's dumb question, she replies, "At your home before you come here."

Drew isn't a fan of her tone. It's as if she's doubting his intelligence. "Whatever. Let's just get through this year." he mutters, but this earns him a sharp glare from her.

"I don't trust you with the children, so you will just be on cleaning and serving duty."

Drew Hayden does not clean, so he glares back at her. "I don't clean."

"You have to listen to me."

"Wait until I tell the courts about how you're treating me poorly."

"Are you so spoiled that you think money can buy everything?" she asks condescendly.

"It can, but it seems like you wouldn't know about that." he fires back.

Fortunately, years of being at the orphanage has taught her to be patient, so May takes a deep breath to calm her nerves. "Do whatever you want, but I'm not letting you come back here if you don't listen to me." She then walks out of the office, leaving a pissed off Drew. Why couldn't he work with someone nicer. Why does he have to work with this hard ass?

When Drew leaves the office, he is greeted by Betty again who shows him to the janitor's closet. She gives him the list that May had given her of chores for him to do. Apparently, usually the older kids would help May, but she wants them to focus on their studies, so she has Drew doing the chores.

Another thing that had happened to Drew is that his parents took away his phone and gave him an old flip phone that can only make calls and texts. It has no internet or social media, which makes the man hate his life so much more. Why couldn't his parents have grounded him when he was younger?

After getting through the very long day, Drew finds out he needs to walk to his apartment, which is a few blocks away. His parents have even taken the cars away from him. Groaning, the man makes the walk over there. The car this morning had passed by the apartment building, which is where Solidad had pointed out his new living quarters. Fortunately, Drew has a very good memory.

When he enters his apartment, it is indeed small. It's a studio with a twin sized bed and a dresser full of some of his clothes. Gosh, this sucks. There's also a note on the small coffee table telling him this will be his life if he doesn't get through the year of community service. Of course, it is signed by his parents. Drew hates this.

As he lays on the bed, he groans when he realizes it is a spring mattress rather than the memory foam ones he's used to. He can't wait to inherit Hayden Corporation so he won't have to go through this cruel treatment ever again. Cursing to himself, he gets up to take a shower. The day of cleaning makes him feel disgusting.

The next day, he walks into the office, and is greeted by a, "Where's your shirt?"

Groaning, Drew sits on the chair in front of her. "They're all dirty."

She looks up from her paperwork to raise an eyebrow at him. "Then wash them. I can't afford to keep giving you new shirts."

"Well, maybe if you took my money then-" the sharp glare from her makes him retract his words. This was a part of the deal: to stop bribing her. "Nevermind." he mutters.

Sighing, she tosses him a new shirt. "This is the last one I'm giving you. If you don't wear the shirt, don't bother coming in."

Drew inwardly groans. Why is life so hard for him? Before she can leave the office, he asks, "How do I wash them?"

This makes her turn around in confusion. Does this grown man not know how to wash clothes? Oh yeah. He's rich. Maybe he's never done it before. Rolling her eyes, she says, "I'll have Betty show you."

Drew groans again as he changes into the new shirt. Now he's learning things from a teenage girl. Wow. Life really sucks for him. Why does he need to do all of these things? They're not going to help him when he takes over Hayden Corporation. He'll have maids to do all the cleaning for him. Oh and chefs for the cooking. Gosh, he had to eat some cup noodles yesterday, so he's starving today, but he won't eat that nasty gunk the orphanage serves.

Well, here Drew is eating some of that nasty gunk the orphanage serves. His stomach was aching from hunger, and he was feeling really light headed. Of course, the food is nothing like what he's used to. He wants to throw it up, so he quits eating after a few bites. Maybe he'll just die of starvation. Then his parents will feel bad.

"Feed Benny!" exclaims his boss as she places the 3 year old on the table next to Drew. She then rushes off to the lobby.

Groaning, Drew starts feeding the happy little boy. I thought she didn't want me around the children. He thinks to himself; however, Drew doesn't mind Benny because the little boy is pretty well-behaved.

"I Benny!" the boy giggles after swallowing his food.

Drew can't help but smirk at this toddler. "Hi, Benny. I'm Drew."


"Uh, Drew."

"Dew!" the man sighs. He's not going to argue with a three year old, even though he is very bored.

As he finishes feeding Benny, May comes back to grab the boy from the table. "I'll change Benny if you can clean up the tables and trays?"

He shrugs. "Sure." It beats cleaning poop again.

By the end of the day, Drew has learned how to use a washing machine and a dryer, thanks to Betty. The teenage girl has been helping him a lot. Plus, she's good company. Nothing like the stoic May. As Drew is sweeping the lobby, she asks, "So why are you here?"

He looks over at her with a raised eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

Shrugging, she responds, "You seem like you don't want to be here, Drew. But you still come every day."

Chuckling, Drew resumes sweeping. "I'm a very rich man who is just serving my community."

"Against your will?"

He winks at her, which makes her blush. "I probably shouldn't answer that."

She looks down to cool off her blush. The other girls at the orphanage get jealous because she gets to spend lots of time with the attractive man, especially after they learned he is rich. "I'm here because my parents didn't want me anymore."

Drew resumes sweeping quietly. He isn't here to console anyone nor does he care. So what if she was abandoned? It's not his problem.

"My dad beat me and my mom a lot, and it was really bad when he was drunk. My mom ran away, and one time, I was beaten so bad I almost died." she takes a steady breath. "My dad was put in jail, and I was put here."

Drew sighs as he stops sweeping. He looks over at the now quiet girl. Why did she even tell him this? He didn't ask.

"But I'm glad I'm here." her glossy brown eyes look at him. "May treats me really well and she loves me. I never knew what it felt like to be loved until I met her."

He awkwardly nods as he resumes sweeping. Drew is glad he doesn't have to console this girl. He's terrible at consoling people because he only cares about himself.

"So uh, maybe you'll be happy here too." Betty nervously continues. "Everyone who has to be here always ends up happy, so maybe you will be too."

Chuckling, Drew lies, "I don't have to be here."

"Lying is bad, Drew. I know you have to be here. Something about the courts."

He pauses his sweeping again and looks at her annoyedly. So now even this little girl knows about his misfortune. Life really isn't fair. "Sure, but don't get too attached. I get to leave in a year."

"We're good at not getting attached here." the girl softly replies, which just makes Drew sigh while he finishes sweeping.

He isn't here for a sob story. "Any good restaurants around?"

"There's a small one down the street." Betty points in the opposite direction of Drew's apartment, which makes him inwardly groan. He hopes the food is good there. "Or there's the grocery store a little closer." she says while still referring in the direction of the restaurant.

Drew doesn't know how to cook, but with the small monthly salary his parents gave him, he can't afford to eat out all the time. "Thanks."

After putting the broom and dustpan away as well as emptying the trash for the day, he heads back into the office to get his jacket. Of course, he has to run into May Maple. Hungry and cranky, he decides to not interact with her.

"Figured out how to wash your clothes?" she asks as her attention remains on the papers.



Fortunately, that's all that they say, so he can slip out. Drew is exhausted, cranky, and hungry. It's only been 3 days, and he feels like it's been a lifetime. How can he survive 362 more days of this torture?

After eating at the restaurant, he decides to buy some groceries from the store on the way back. Of course, Drew just grabs a bunch of microwavables and frozen food before making his way back to his apartment. He feels a little better now that he isn't so hungry, but walking everywhere is exhausting. Although Drew does work out often to maintain his figure, he hates walking this much. Once inside his apartment, he collapses on his bed from exhaustion. This sucks, he thinks to himself

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