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Chapter 17

Chapter 17

"Are you ever gonna talk to me, Drew?" whines the salmon haired woman. When Drew shrugs, she pouts again. "Fine. I'll just entertain myself."

Drew mentally lets out a relieved breath because she's so annoying. Brianna has been visiting him every day, but he's resorted to reading a book whenever she's here. Hopefully, she'll get the hint and call off the engagement due to him ignoring her. Plus, Drew is angry with her for telling his parents about May. Brianna would stoop low enough to involve his parents all because he doesn't like her.

His attention is diverted to the woman who has opened the top drawer of his desk, causing Drew to quickly rush over to her as she spots the photo of Drew and May dancing last year during the orphanage's summer dance. He grabs it from her before throwing it back in the drawer and slamming it shut. "Don't touch my stuff."

Brianna flinches at the cold tone, and Drew is surprised he even had such a voice in him. However, Brianna is very annoyed at this. Why is Drew defending that poor woman? Why does he like her? What does she have to offer that Brianna doesn't? She wishes Drew could cherish her as much as he does May. "Why do you even like her?"

Drew furrows his brows in frustration at Brianna who he only hasn't kicked out because his parents won't let him. "You wouldn't understand." And Drew's right because Brianna lives in the same world as his parents. She only cares about status, wealth, and appearances, so she would never understand the reasons he likes May. May Maple is caring and treats Drew like a normal person. She made him realize that he doesn't need money to be happy since he's happy just by being with her.

When Brianna notices Drew's small smile as he stares absentmindedly ahead, she frowns because he only relaxed due to her question about May. Does he really like that poor woman this much? Brianna scowls as she remembers the times May would interfere with her moments with Drew. At his birthday party, and she's pretty sure May is also the reason Drew would stand her up multiple times. Well, Brianna Wakana gets what she wants. Maybe she'll pay the orphanage a visit and teach May Maple a lesson.

A Few Days Later

To avoid suspicion, Solidad waits a few days before going to the orphanage. Since it is a weekend, she is greeted by Betty at the front counter. Solidad can see the disappointment on the girl's face when she saw it was Solidad in the lobby.

"Where's Drew?" Betty asks.

Solidad just gives her a smile. "Can I talk to May?"

Suspicious as to Solidad avoiding her question, Betty nods before pointing to the office. "I'll bring her there if you want to wait inside."

"Thank you, Betty." Solidad warmly replies. Drew has told her stories of this girl. He seems to really like her and care for her.

Soon, May walks into the office where she greets Solidad. With the door locked and shut, May sits across from her guest at the desk. "How are you, Solidad?"

The older woman gives May a sad thin smile. "I can't be here for too long, but I want you to know, I'm sorry, May."

May looks at her in confusion. "Is everything okay? I haven't seen Drew in over a week." She had been surprised when Betty told her Solidad was here instead of Drew. Something must be wrong for Drew to not be able to make it, like last time during the Christmas party. However, Drew and Solidad should know that May will only take a rose from Drew, so why is Solidad here?

Looking down at her lap as she takes a deep breath, Solidad replies, "He can't come here right now, and he wants you to know he's sorry. Some things have come up." Solidad's voice cracks while she thinks about her heartbroken friend who she views as a little brother. "He says he'll have to break his promise."

Just looking at Solidad really worries May. She was concerned when she didn't see Drew all week, and especially when he wouldn't pick up her calls or respond to her texts. Now, Solidad is here on his behalf saying he's basically breaking up with her? That he's breaking his promise?

May laughs angrily as she buries her face in her hands. He really just fucked her and left. Wow. Tears escape her eyes because she thought he was different than what the media made him out to be. Than what Brenden was saying. Drew was so nice and sincere, but he leaves as soon as he has sex with her. She's mad at herself for falling into his trap. Of course a rich, handsome man telling her he loves her would make any woman's heart swoon. She's such an idiot.

"May." Solidad's voice breaks the brunette from her thoughts as she nods.

Quickly wiping her tears that have escaped, May angrily looks at the woman in front of her. "Tell him to never come back here. I don't want to see him."

"He wants to come back here someday." Solidad doesn't know why May is saying this. She expected the brunette to be crying over Drew's wellbeing, but May looks furious.

"I know all about his playboy ways. I want nothing to do with Drew, so just go. Please!"

"I think you've got it wrong, May." Solidad now realizes why May is upset, but Drew loves May. He would never hurt her because she's the reason his recklessness has stopped. She's the reason he's not a playboy anymore and why he cares. She's the reason his parents are controlling him right now. However, she won't let Solidad tell her this.

"Just leave!" May shouts at the woman.

Getting up, Solidad heads to the door in defeat. Maybe it's better this way? Knowing the world of the wealthy, Solidad understands that it'll be hard for Drew to get out of this issue. In case he can't escape the marriage, it's probably better for May to hate him than be heartbroken over circumstances out of their control. Before opening the office door, Solidad gives May one last sad smile. "Drew really loves you, May. I'm sorry."

Once she leaves, May cries into her arms. She takes off the necklace Drew gave her and throws it in a drawer. How could Drew just do this to her? After everything she's been through with her family's deaths, failed fosters, and Brenden leaving, May had built up her walls around her heart. However, the arrogant rich playboy managed to break those walls and she let him in. She let him learn about her. She let him in the children's lives. She let him in her life. But after they have sex, he leaves? Brenden was right. She really did just fall for the rich playboy's charms.

A Few Days Later

Solidad visits Drew again when she feels like it won't be suspicious. Drew's been so bored cooped up in the house, and only Brianna has been visiting. All she ever wants to do is cuddle and talk his ear off, but Drew avoids the cuddling because he hates being around her. She's the reason his life is so messed up right now. She's the reason he's so unhappy, and she wants to prance around like he's hers. Brianna better think again if she thinks she can take May's spot.

When Drew sees Solidad, his eyes light up. He can always be himself around her. Plus, he's waiting on news about May and the orphanage. However, one look at Solidad's fake smile shows Drew that the conversation with May must not have gone well, or his parents are doing something he won't like. Drew really hopes it's the former because he can deal with May hating him, but he can't handle it if his parents have done something to the orphanage.

"She hates you." Solidad sadly tells her friend.

After letting out a relieved breath, Drew chuckles dejectedly. "Maybe it's better this way."


"Our worlds are too different, Solidad."

"Are you giving up?" She's worried since the Drew she knows would never give in this easily.

"What can I do? They'll close down the orphanage if I don't listen." She gives her friend a sympathetic look as he gazes at the picture in his hands of his last day at the orphanage during his service. "I can't let them get hurt for my selfish reasons." While Drew doesn't want to marry Brianna, he figures he can compromise with his parents. If he doesn't associate with the orphanage again, then maybe he can convince his parents to call off the engagement?

"Drew, maybe we can figure something out? Maybe you can leave and buy the orphanage?"

"I don't have the money to fight against my parents, Solidad. All of my money is theirs. Even if I did have the money, you know my parents will still be able to shut down the orphanage." he lays back on his pillow and groans. "I was never meant to be happy."

"Yeah, you weren't."

This snaps Drew's attention to her again. Isn't she supposed to be consoling him right now? "What?"

"If you're gonna give up like this instead of fighting for your happiness, then you're right. You don't deserve to be happy." her eyes stare intensely at him, which makes him smirk.

"You're right, Solidad. I need to fight for my happiness."

Solidad smiles as she sees the fiery Drew she knows and loves. He hasn't allowed people to control him when he was a reckless playboy, so he shouldn't allow them to do it now that he has something worth fighting for. "And you're not in it alone, Drew!"

Weeks Later

Drew's engagement to Brianna Wakana has finally gone public as they prepare for their wedding in a few weeks. May couldn't bring herself to throw his gifts to her away, so they're all hidden in a box under her bed where she's kept every rose he's given her. The children at the orphanage have been very nice to her as they know she is heartbroken, even though she puts on a smile to them.

Brenden is still visiting every day as he helps May with tasks, but he still doesn't really try to get to know the children. Fortunately, he hasn't made any advances at her, which she appreciates. Even though Brenden was right about Drew, May is glad that her friend isn't rubbing it in her face. All Brenden has done since he heard the news is be a supportive friend with a listening ear. May is glad he came back into her life.

With everything going on right now, May has missed having someone her age to talk to. Because she and Brenden never have any late night talks in her room, they do speak quite a lot before bedtime. Although a part of her wants to give Brenden a chance at her heart, she can't bring herself to fully get over the grasshead jerk.

"May." Brenden's soothing voice causes her to look at him. He nervously fidgets before saying, "I still like you, so I'll wait for you."

She leans into him with a smile. "Thanks, Brenden." Brenden has always been patient and caring towards her. While they do have their arguments, he always comes around eventually, and at the end of the day, she knows he supports her. Maybe she was meant to be with Brenden? Maybe this is the universe telling her what she needs? Why else would Brenden be back in her life as she was falling for Drew? And why else would Drew be gone now too?

The blushing man just wraps an arm around her shoulder. He wishes he could have her heart already, but he'll be patient. Now that Drew is out of the picture, it'll be easier for Brenden to make May fall in love with him. After mending her broken heart, he'll be the first to have it again, so he'll just be her supportive friend for now. It's not too hard because that's all he's been since they met. "We'll get through this." he consoles her.

Days Later

A knock on the office door gets May's attention as she looks up to see Betty nervously standing there. Putting her pen down, May smiles warmly at the girl. "Hey, Betty."

The girl fidgets a bit before walking over and quietly saying, "Brianna Wakana is here."

May sighs. As much as she doesn't want to see that arrogant woman, she can't leave Betty to deal with the wrath. Getting up, May and Betty walk out to the lobby where they see Drew's fiance and two bodyguards. When Betty sits down behind the counter, May signals to her office. "We can talk in here." She tells the smirking Brianna.

Seeing May Maple in her natural habitat really makes Brianna question even more why Drew is so infatuated with this woman. May obviously doesn't have anything to offer Drew, which confuses Brianna. What does he see in her? Once seated in the office, Brianna says, "I just wanted to make sure you know I'm marrying Drew."

May nods nonchalantly, even though her heart is hurting. "I watch the news."

"Good. You were just some fling he felt bad for, so stay away from him now."

"Is that all you came here for?" May annoyedly asks. The brunette is already trying to get over Drew, so Brianna really has nothing to worry about. Besides, why did this woman feel the need to come all the way here herself when she could've sent someone or even sent an email?

Leaning over the desk, Brianna smirks. "I'm just here to give you a little word of advice: Stay away from Drew if you care about this orphanage."

May glares at her. It's one thing to threaten May, but it's another thing to threaten the orphans. Standing up angrily causes Brianna's bodyguards to put their arms in between the women. "Do whatever you want to me, but leave the children out of it."

Brianna giggles arrogantly as she stands up too. This poor woman is really trying to threaten her? May Maple can do nothing to Brianna Wakana. "You really don't have any power to threaten me. Just heed my advice." With that, the smug Brianna and her bodyguards exit the office, and May soon hears the front doors of the lobby open.

Betty walks in shortly after to give the angry May a worried look. Everyone in the orphanage is aware of Brianna Wakana and her relationship with Drew, which is why Betty is very concerned. Although Betty didn't hear any of the conversation due to the office door being closed, she does have a feeling it didn't go well. Why else would Brianna be here to see May if not to speak about Drew? "Is everything okay, May?"

Sighing before putting on a fake smile, May says, "Yes, Betty."

Betty nods before leaving the office again to sit at her seat behind the counter where she thinks about her green haired friend. Drew. She feels an ache in her chest from thinking about him. Why did he have to leave without a goodbye? Even though she is mad about him leaving May, Betty is also upset about him leaving the orphanage. Do they really mean nothing to him? Does Betty mean nothing to him? She thought they were like siblings and that all their time together was real; however, Drew can just leave like this?

No. The Drew she knows wouldn't do that. Betty needs answers from his mouth directly and not what the news is telling them. When Tyler comes back from his part time job, Betty will ask him for advice. Tyler usually has the better ideas. Thinking about her crush makes her blush as she now looks forward to his return even more.

I'm so hungover as I type this, but I feel like I owe y'all a new chapter. If there are any typos or repetitive stuff, I'm hurting, remember? Ughhhh.

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