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Chapter 15

Chapter 15

"Are you sure I look okay?" May asks in the passenger seat of Drew's car. He has seen her outfit a few times already since he was the one who took her shopping for it. And everytime he sees her in that long sparkly blue dress with the slit up the side, he has to fight his blush. She looks absolutely stunning.

"Not as good as me, but good." he smirks, which earns him a playful push on the arm. Drew is wearing a black suit with a blue tie that matches May's dress. His vest underneath is also the same color as her dress. "Thanks for coming." he sincerely says after a while.

"It's our first date, and it's your birthday." She knowingly tells him.

"It's gonna be brutal, okay? There's gonna be a bunch of snobby rich people and people who want to marry me into their families." He had warned May in more detail the other day, but it still worries him.

Rolling her eyes, May says, "I'll be fine, Drew. Plus, I know you'll be with me."

He reaches his right hand over to hold her hand. It helps calm his nerves as he drives, and when she squeezes his hand, he finds himself bringing hers up to kiss. This makes May blush, so she turns her attention to her window.

Of course, when he walks into the giant reception hall, he gets many stares because he is the birthday boy. His parents quickly spot him, which makes them rush over to him. "Who's this, Drew?" His mother asks while referring to the smiling May.

"She's May Maple from the orphanage."

"Ah! Yes, I remember now." Mr. Hayden smiles and extends a hand to May. "Thank you for taking care of our son."

"It's my pleasure." May shakes both parents' hands.

"Please enjoy yourself, May!" Mrs. Hayden tells her before the parents drag Drew off. Drew tries to say something, but can't get a word in over his parents, so he just gives May an apologetic look before he disappears in the crowd.

May sighs as she is now alone in this mass of people she doesn't feel comfortable in. It's very awkward, so she decides to head to a table to wait for Drew, but a shorter woman with salmon colored hair approaches her. "May Maple from the orphanage?" the woman asks her.

"Yes, I am! It's nice to meet you." May now sees why Drew hates these events. There's a lot of socializing.

"I'm Brianna Wakana and I wanted to meet you! Drew spends so much time at the orphanage, so I wanted to know what kind of people he interacts with."

"We are very lucky to have his help." May smiles while thinking about the man she likes.

"As his fiance, I want to thank you too."

What? May now gives this woman a confused look. Drew never mentioned a fiance. Sure, he said he's forced to date right now, but he never mentioned anything more than that. "I'm sorry. Drew never said he had a fiance."

Brianna giggles with a hand in her face. "Of course not. We're not official yet, but our parents are finalizing everything soon. Besides, you and Drew only have a professional relationship, correct?"

May really does not like this girl. Whatever reaction Brianna is trying to get from her, she won't get it. Returning the sweet smile, May replies, "Regardless of what his parents decide, I know Drew will choose his happiness."

This seems to irk Brianna who angrily grabs May's wrist. "Listen, May." The shorter woman seethes. "You know nothing about our world, so I'd be careful who I upset if I were you. That little orphanage of yours might get hurt."

No one threatens the orphanage. May gets ready to ignore all of Drew's warnings about elegance and grace as she opens her mouth to give Brianna a piece of her mind. However, a taller woman quickly approaches them while grabbing Brianna's hand that's on May's arm. "May!" the woman exclaims, and May instantly recognizes her as Solidad from the Christmas party.

"Solidad!" The brunette smiles relieved to be saved.

Solidad then turns her attention to Brianna. "Ms. Wakana, Mr. Drew wouldn't approve of you putting your hands on his guests." Solidad's sweet fake smile along with the passive threat makes Brianna let go of May.

"I'm just giving our guest here a little introduction to our world, Ms. Solidad." Brianna smiles sweetly at them. "I look forward to seeing you later, Ms. Maple." She then slips into the crowd, which causes May to let out a sigh.

"Thanks, Solidad."

The older woman smiles at May. "Drew had asked me to look out for you in case he got caught up. This world is brutal, so I'm sorry about that." She apologizes while leading May to a table.

"It's not your fault. I appreciate your help, though!" May likes Solidad. The older woman is easy to talk to and doesn't judge her. She sees why Drew is friends with Solidad.

Solidad stops at a table with a bluenette and her purple haired bodyguard standing behind her. "This is Dawn Berlitz of-"

"Berlitz Beauty!" May exclaims with her eyes wide, which makes Dawn giggle as she stands up to extend a hand to May.

"And Drew's friend." Dawn smiles.

"I'm May Maple and a huge fan!"

Solidad grins at the interaction before saying, "I need to go help manage this party, but Dawn will take care of you. Drew and I trust her."

"Yup! No need to worry, Solidad!" Dawn tells the older woman who leaves. "Sit here, May! I want to learn all about you!" Dawn grins while pulling out the chair next to her.

May can't help but smile. The people who are Drew's friends are really kind and genuine, just like him. "Thank you, Ms. Berlitz."

"Just call me Dawn." the bluenette giggles.

"Oh, uh, okay, Dawn." May nervously says.

Leaning on her elbows, Dawn smirks at the brunette. "So tell me about Drew." Although Drew had never told her about the woman he likes, Dawn knows she isn't from a wealthy family. Plus, Drew brought May here, and he's matching with her, so Dawn figures the mystery woman is May.

Blushing, May nervously looks down at her hands. "Uh, what do you want to know exactly?"

"Do you like him?" This makes May's face heat up more while she nods. Grinning, Dawn adds, "What do you like about him?" May closes her eyes in embarrassment. Yes, Dawn is nice, but these questions are too much.

"Stop being troublesome." She looks up to see the bodyguard sternly looking at them. That was a male voice, and he's the only male paying attention. It must be him right? But are bodyguards allowed to talk?

Her questions are answered when Dawn turns around to glare at him. "Mind your own business, Paul."

"Unfortunately, you are my business." sighs the stoic man.

She sticks her tongue out at him before returning her attention to May. "Sorry. He's my annoying bodyguard."

May giggles as she sees Paul roll his eyes, but this makes Dawn irate while turning back to him. "We both know who's the more annoying one." He mutters.

"Why do I even like you?"

Shrugging, Paul gives her a small smirk. "I wonder that too."

May watches the two banter, and she is confused by their relationship. According to Drew, the rich usually marry each other to build wealth, but Dawn seems to like her bodyguard. And he seems to like her too? Are they also in a tough relationship like her and Drew.

Eventually, Dawn turns back to May and gives her an apologetic smile. "Paul and I argue sometimes. Sorry."

May giggles. "It's okay. Drew and I argue all the time."

"They say you really love someone if you can argue with them and forgive them." Dawn knowingly tells the brunette.

"Can you stop talking about love?" groans the bodyguard, but Dawn ignores him.

"As you may have guessed, May, I love Paul. And yes, he's my bodyguard, so we're currently jumping through some hoops to be together. But unlike with the Haydens, my mom really cares about my happiness." Dawn grins while thinking about her caring mother. "She allows me to be with Paul as my bodyguard, but I have to go on boring dates and such. At least until she can convince the board to let me take over in place of my late father." Dawn then looks over at Paul lovingly. "Then I can marry whoever I want because I'll already be the chairman of the company."

"So is Drew doing that too?" May asks.

Unfortunately, Dawn sadly shakes her head. "His parents want him to marry first, which will grow the company before they give it to him."

The brunette sighs. This world is a lot of work. No wonder why Drew always comes to the orphanage and says it's his escape.

As the two women talk about love and their lives, Drew finally makes his way over to sit next to May. "I'm exhausted." He groans.

"If it wasn't your party, I would've left by now." Dawn tells him, and he gives her a grateful smile.

"I need you here."

"I like feeling needed." She then shoots a sharp look at the annoyed bodyguard.

"Heh. Sorry, Paul." Drew chuckles. The green haired man turns his attention to May and smiles at her. "Wanna dance?" He extends a hand to her.

Blushing, she shyly glances into his eyes. "Aren't you exhausted?"

He winks at her before flicking his hair with a smirk on his lips. "You give me energy." Of course, this makes her blush more, and Dawn berates Paul for not ever saying anything romantic to her, but May takes Drew's hand as they head to the dancefloor.

"Wow. You're a lot better than last summer." Drew smirks at the brunette in his arms.

Rolling her eyes while her head is resting on his chest, May responds, "Or maybe you just learned how to lead."

"I was bred for these events." Chuckles the man even though it is his reality.

May gazes up in his sad emerald eyes, and she gives him a reassuring smile. "It doesn't matter why you were born, Drew. What matters is why you live your life."

Gosh, Drew loves those sapphire eyes of hers. Whenever they look at him, he feels like all of his worries and stresses are gone. So what if they're at this very public event with his parents and the Wakana family? So what if he's supposed to be putting on airs right now? All that he cares about is the woman in front of him and the children she cares for. He finds himself lowering his face towards hers, which makes his heart pound as he notices she inch closer to him.

"May I have this dance?" the voice makes Drew inwardly groan as May quickly separates from him. They were so close to kissing! Blushing, the brunette looks over at the voice when she sees Brianna and frowns.

Drew obviously recognized the voice from the start, so he grabs May's arm to bring her by him. "No. I'm dancing with a guest."

"I am a guest too, Drew." Brianna narrows her eyes at him because she doesn't get why he's challenging her. She has the upper hand here.

"I didn't invite you."

"Your parents said you did."

"Well, I didn't." Drew curtly responds as he walks away with May.

However, Brianna follows them where she quickly grabs Drew's other arm. "I remember you saying how you can't keep a lady waiting." She recalls when Dawn Berlitz had taken Drew from her during Brianna's birthday party.

Drew roughly pulls his arm away as he scowls at the annoying woman. "I already told you. I don't like you, and you can't force me to. Besides, a lady doesn't threaten others."

Before he can walk away again, Brianna blocks his way. "I get what I want, Drew Hayden. And I want you."

Having heard enough, May pulls Drew back so she can face the annoying woman. "Leave him alone."

Brianna scoffs at the poor woman trying to speak like anything she says has power. "Didn't I tell you to think about your orphanage before you speak?"

Drew angrily looks at Brianna and opens his mouth to say something, but May beats him to it. "Don't threaten my orphanage, and that includes my volunteer, Drew Hayden." The women glare daggers at each other since neither one is willing to back down from the other.

After a few seconds, Drew pulls May away and they head to an exit. So what if this is his birthday party? He hates it here, and he hates the way people are treating his guest, May. Plus, Drew would rather spend his birthday at the orphanage with those he loves.

Luckily for them, Brianna doesn't follow. Although the Wakana woman may have lost the battle, she will not lose the war. Looking around for familiar green hair, she spots Mrs. Hayden. Brianna's scowl turns into a mischievous grin as she makes her way over to the older woman. No one disrespects a Wakana and gets away with it, especially a poor woman like May Maple. Drew is going to regret ever bringing her into their world.

Drew's Car

Drew drives May back to the orphanage after the annoying confrontation with Brianna. Even though Drew's phone had started going off many times halfway through the drive, he just turned it off. He already knows its his parents complaining about him leaving the party early, but he doesn't care. He's 24 years old and can do what he wants. Besides, it's his birthday, so they should at least respect his wishes today. "Thanks for coming." Drew breathes out now that he has cooled down.

May smiles at him. "It was fun. I like Dawn and Solidad."

Drew nods while keeping his gaze on the road. "Yeah, Dawn's been in love with Paul for 6 years now. They've been making it work."

"But she also has her mom's support." May reminds him.

"I know." He sadly chuckles. Luckily, his parents didn't question him bringing May too much. They just assume the two are friends, and Drew is being a good host by spending time with her. If they ever found out about the romantic feelings Drew has for her, his parents would forbid him from seeing her again. "Sorry about Brianna."

May reaches for his right hand as she squeezes it in her left one. "I'm not scared of her."

"You should be. She has my parents wrapped around her finger." he furrows his brows in frustration because Brianna has made his life so much more worse ever since she came into it.

May looks over at him as he drives, and she notices the stress on his face. "I don't care about them, Drew. I care about you." Drew sighs. Even though he appreciates May's kind words, he already knows the trouble he's going to face when he sees his parents again.

Seeing Drew upset makes May frown. Today is his birthday, but he's feeling this terrible. He doesn't deserve this because he's always trying his best. He cares for so many people, despite everything he endures in his every day life. May wishes she would just take all of his worries away. Facing him with a warm grin, May says, "Happy Birthday, Drew."

He smiles while kissing her hand and thinks about just wanting to kiss all of her. May never has to say anything to make him feel better, but she always says the right things. All Drew ever needs from her is her support; however, with everything she's been providing him, he really doesn't deserve her. Gosh, how he likes her so much.

Soon, they park in front of the orphanage, and Drew walks May inside. They bid Ms. Lovely goodbye once the cab Drew calls for her arrives. It's late, so he doesn't want the older woman to walk home, even if she does live nearby. Of course, Ms. Lovely asked about their date, which they only told her about the positive things.

After locking the front doors, Drew walks with May to her room because she says she has a gift for him there. "Here." May shyly hands him a small wrapped up present.

"Thanks." Drew smiles as he unwraps it. It's a mini notebook of about a few pages, and each page is a different drawing. There are solo drawings of him, some of him and May, and some with the children. The drawings are really good, even though they are small, but Drew can tell what they are.

"Uh. I didn't know what to get you, so I decided to draw some of my favorite memories of you here since we didn't take many pictures." She nervously laughs. On the inside of the back over, is the photo Betty had taken of them almost a year at the orphanage's dance.

Drew smiles warmly at it as he tries not to cry. With this notebook, he won't forget all the happy memories here. His glossy emerald eyes look into May's hopeful sapphire orbs. Placing the gift on the desk, he grins warmly at her. "I love you."

May is shocked by his words because she expected him to talk about the booklet, but his confession makes her heart flutter. After tonight, she's really seen that Drew will do anything for her. He even brought her into his world where he continued to protect her in his own ways. There's just this air about him that makes her fall for him over and over again. She's known it for a while now, but she's been careful to not add anymore stress on him. Thus, she responds with her own tearful smile, "I love you too, Drew."

That's all it takes for his lips to crash on hers. After this stressful day, he savors these lips that he loves. Just being with May relaxes him, and he feels like he can do anything with her by his side. Yes, he really does love her. This must be love, right? Feeling stronger whenever he's with her, feeling happier, feeling like all his worries don't exist.

Drew moans when her tongue explores his mouth as he hovers above her on the bed. She tugs off his tie, and he reached under her to unzip the dress. When he slips the dress over her head, he pauses to admire her body in her black underwear. Of course, this makes the brunette blush, so she pulls his face down to kiss her instead of looking at her body. She pulls off his t-shirt before unfastening his belt.

Drew manages to kiss the nape of her neck, and when she moans, he just wants to do more to her. The moment she unbuttons his pants, he pauses, like reason has finally come back to him. The shirtless man worriedly gazes into those lustful sapphire blue eyes he's dreamed of. He doesn't want to ruin what they have by going too fast.

"Drew." her soft voice snaps his attention as he watches her take off her bra. She gives him a reassuring smile.

"Are you sure?" he nervously asks, which makes her capture his lips in hers.

"I love you, Drew. I'm very sure."

Smiling, Drew resumes making out with the woman in front of him. He loves her so much, and she loves him too. He never knew he could ever be this happy, especially by one person. May has opened his eyes to a new world as well as his heart. Without her, he would never be this happy. Money can't buy a love like this. He kisses the soft nape of her neck before saying in her ear, "I love you too, May."

Why do I have all my characters ask before having sex? Because consent is sexyyyyy.

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