Things Money Can't Buy @shinygrowlithe12
Chapter 14

Chapter 14

"Hey." winks the green haired man as he closes the door to the office before sitting on the desk. May smiles up at him and then resumes the paperwork. "Whatcha doin?"

"Getting ready for taxes. Budgeting. Paperwork. Grant writing." she mutters while deeply focused.

"Take a break." the man grins.

"Can't. I need to get this done."

Drew walks behind her and moves her hair so he can kiss her neck. This makes her shiver as her attention turns away from the papers. Drew and May have been seeing each other for a few weeks now since he comes over everyday. Brenden hasn't dropped by at all, which does sadden May, but she's used to this.

"What?" May giggles as Drew swings her chair around to face him. He pulls her arms up for her to get out of the chair and stand in front of him.

"I just feel a little lonely." he winks as he kisses her.

Unfortunately, May pushes his chest away from her. As much as she likes making out with Drew, she is too stressed today. "Go bother Betty then."

Drew sighs. "I'll help you with the paperwork later, okay? Just please make out with me, May. It's been so long since we made out."

Seeing him pout makes her laugh as she plants a kiss on his lips. They haven't made out since the first time they kissed because they've both been too busy and nervous. Why Drew wants to make out now, she has no idea, but the thrill of the children being awake excites her. "Fine, but you better help me!"

"I don't lie to you, May." he grins while she sits on the desk and he places his arms on either side of her. He leans into those lips he loves. Gosh, he just can't get enough of May. He resists the urge to tug off her shirt because he isn't just here to purely make out with May. Inwardly groaning, he pushes his tongue into her mouth and moans when he feels hers in him.

Eventually, his phone pings, but he ignores it. This is too important right now. Fortunately, May ignores it too as she feels his body beneath his shirt. The phone pinging again makes him place his arms down so that May can't take off the shirt. She pulls away to frown at him.

"How are you going to make out with me and not let me take your shirt off?"

He blushes nervously before looking into her blue eyes. "I want to take it slow, remember? Besides, the kids may knock or something."

Sighing, she knows he's right. May hops off the desk, much to Drew's dismay and sits on her chair to resume her paperwork. Drew's phone pinging again reminds him of why he's here in the first place. He quickly checks the text and smirks before grabbing May out of the chair again.

"Drew, I'm done making out with you. I have things to do." she narrows her eyes at him.

"I know, but come with me to get a snack. I'm sure you're as thirsty as me." He winks while they walk out of the office.

Blushing, she looks away from him. "Fine! But then we're doing the paperwork!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." He grins and they open the doors to the cafeteria.

"Happy Birthday!" the children exclaim.

May looks around in shock as she notices a few balloons and the cake Betty is holding. "Make a wish!" Betty exclaims. The woman can't help but have tears in her eyes when she blows out the candle. She hasn't celebrated her birthday since she was young.

As May hugs the children, Betty approaches Drew with a knowing smirk. "What took you so long?"

He shrugs. "It took awhile to convince her."

"You have lipstick on your face."

This causes Drew to quickly pull out his phone to look at his face, which makes Betty giggle. Drew frowns as he realizes Betty was lying. "Haha very funny." He rolls his eyes at her.


"Is that Tyler looking over here?" Drew points which makes the girl quickly blush as she follows his finger to see nothing. She glares back at the laughing Drew who ruffles her hair. "Gotcha!" he mocks.

That night, Drew is hanging out in May's room where he resumes his usual position on the chair rather than her bed. Sometimes, they'd cuddle and talk, but today, Drew opts for the chair, much to May's dismay. He pulls out a small box from his pocket and nervously hands it to the woman.

"What's this, Drew?" she asks while grabbing it.

"Your birthday gift." He smiles hopefully. When she opens the box, she gasps at the necklace. It's a simple white gold necklace with a small sapphire on it. "It reminds me of you."

She looks back up at him and tackles him in a hug. "I love it!" However, May feels weird getting such an expensive gift. She nervously smiles. "I can't take it."

He grabs the box from her and takes the necklace out. "You deserve it." As he clasps it on her neck, Drew grins into her matching sapphire eyes. "It matches you."

Blushing, she looks at her reflection on her phone. It really does match her eyes. Plus, it's a gift from Drew, so she should accept it to not be rude. Putting her phone on the desk, she meets his sincere green eyes as she plants a kiss on his lips. "Thanks, Drew."

"You're welcome." May always makes his heart flutter and his cheeks flare up, which causes Drew to look away.

"Can I ask for one more thing?"

"Anything." He would do anything for her. She makes him just want to drop everything and run away with him.

"Can I get some birthday cuddles?" The shy request makes him chuckle as he joins her on the bed.

"Okay. Just for a bit, and then I have to go."

She pouts while laying on his chest. "Why don't you spend the night again?"

"If the kids can't, then I shouldn't either." he tells her matter-of-factly, but the real reason is Drew is scared he won't be able to control his desires. He plants a kiss on her head before burying his nose in her hair.

Sighing, she snuggles deeper into his chest. "You're right. I need to be fair. And it's not appropriate." After a few minutes of comfortable silence in each other's arms, May hesitantly asks, "Are you my boyfriend?"

Drew thinks to himself. They have been doing couple-like things, such as cuddling and kissing. They even give each other gifts, but are they really boyfriend and girlfriend now? He inwardly groans as he realizes he can't properly be May's boyfriend when he still goes on dates with other women, even if it's against his will. He can't hurt May like that, but he continues to show affection towards her. How will she react when she finds out? No. She won't find out. He'll end it before it happens again.

"Not yet." he mutters. "I have some things to take care of first, and then I can be your boyfriend."

Hearing the stressful tone in his voice makes May not ask him anymore questions. She knows that Drew's life outside of the orphanage is very different from the Drew she gets to see. Whatever is going on, she can only support him from the sidelines. Hugging him tightly, she says, "I'm here whenever you're ready."

Those words make him sigh relieved as he holds her closer. Her unconditional support is what has been keeping him going. He feels like he can overcome anything with her by his side. He really likes this woman, and he's going to do everything he can to not lose her.

Eventually, he hears her snoring on his chest, which makes him chuckle. May always snores, but he doesn't mind. It's a part of her, and he likes every part of her. Gently removing himself from her hold, he gets off the bed. Fortunately, May is a heavy sleeper, so he never wakes her up. Drew kisses her forehead before leaving.

Weeks Later

Drew has visited the orphanage everyday after work where he brings May a new rose. The children still enjoy seeing him every time, especially now since they can tease him and May. May and Drew still blush whenever this happens, but Drew is getting better at retorting to the kids. Although Drew hasn't spent the night again, he does enjoy his small kisses he gets from the woman.

On this nice spring day, Drew gets called on yet another date with Brianna. He has to see this girl every other week, and it's just so annoying. One time, he stood her up, which resulted in his car being taken away until he saw her and apologized. Gosh, Drew hates this.

"Are you listening, Drew?" Brianna's question breaks him from his thoughts since he was thinking about spending time with May this evening.

"What?" Drew doesn't even try to act interested anymore.

"I like you so much, Drew! Why don't you give me a chance?" whines the woman.

Taking a sip from his glass of water, he shrugs. "I don't like you. You can't force someone to like you just because you like them."

"Money can change that."

Drew chuckles because a year ago, he thought the same thing. He thought money was magical enough to get people what they want, but May proved that he's wrong. "It doesn't."

"I know you like that worker at the orphanage."

Brianna's response makes Drew narrow his eyes seriously at her. While it's no secret that Drew spends his evenings helping at the orphanage, he's kept his and May's relationship professional in the public eye.

Smirking, Brianna signals one of her guards to place an envelope in front of Drew. He eyes Brianna suspiciously before taking the contents out where he glares at the photos. There are multiple ones of him giving May roses, hugs, even one where he pecks her cheek. How had he not noticed he was being followed?

"It'd be a shame if your parents found out this is what you're doing." Her sweet smile makes him sick. Tossing the pictures on the table, Drew stands up and leaves. Brianna isn't worth his time. Who cares if his parents find out? "Drew!" She calls after him, but he briskly walks away.

As Drew angrily drives, he gets a phone call from his mother. Groaning because he suspects Brianna already told them, he picks it up ready for a battle. "What?"

"That's not how you greet your mother!" she snaps.

"Just say what you want to say. I'm not in the mood."

She sighs before telling him, "We're throwing your birthday party this weekend. Invite your friends."

Drew lets out a breath as he realizes his mother isn't calling him about May. "I don't want a party."

"You're having one. I'll see you then." the call then ends and Drew groans. He hates celebrating his birthday with these rich people. It's all so fake and political. He'd rather just spend the day with May and the children at the orphanage.

Speaking of the orphanage, he parks his car outside before walking in to be greeted by Betty. "You're early today!" she exclaims. Since it is spring break, the children are home from school.

Drew gives her his signature smirk and hair flip. "Drew Hayden exceeds expectations."

Since Betty has known Drew for over a year now, she's unfazed by his teasing. Rolling her eyes, she resumes her seat at the back of the counter with her homework. "May's in a meeting."

"What if I came to see you?"

"We all know you come to see May." she tells him.

"Yes, and you guys. I have fun here." he gives her a genuine smile because it's true. He loves it at the orphanage. Drew then sits on the chair next to her while the two catch up. He notices Betty seems a little down. "What's up?"


"You can't fool me, Betty. You're upset. Is it your father?" Drew feels his blood boil thinking about the man who should just stay in prison.

However, Betty quickly shakes her head. She then quickly looks around before sadly whispering, "Tyler leaves in less than a year...I get sad whenever someone has to leave."

Sighing, Drew puts an arm around the girl's shoulders. "I'm sure he'll visit, Betty. Besides, he's bound to get into college with his grades!"

"What if he doesn't go to college here?" she quietly asks.

"Why don't you talk to him?" Drew knows of the girl's feelings for the older teen, but no one ever knows what Tyler is thinking. "Leave with no regrets."

Betty relaxes under Drew's arm as she thinks about the argument she and Tyler witnessed between May and Brenden. According to Tyler, who was here for a few years before Brenden left, Brenden and May had huge crushes on each other, but when Brenden left, he promised to visit. However, he never visited until they all saw him again. Maybe if Brenden had confessed to May before he left, she'd be with him instead? But could May have handled the distance? And May seems very happy with Drew, so if she was with Brenden, she wouldn't be with Drew.

"It's fine. If he cares, he'll visit." Betty mumbles shyly.

Before Drew can try to convince her otherwise, the door to the office opens and out walks an elderly woman with May closely behind. Drew quickly stands up to acknowledge them. "Hello, Ma'am. I'm Drew Hayden." He extends his hand, which the woman shakes.

"I heard about you, Drew. Thank you for your services. I'm the owner, Ms. Lovely." the woman smiles and then looks at May. "He is more handsome in person." This causes May and Drew to blush while they avoid eye contact.

"She knows you're dating." Betty tells Drew who can only blush more when May nods. Gosh, nothing is ever a secret at the orphanage.

The older woman chuckles at Drew. "It's okay. I have nothing against it as long as everyone is responsible, and nothing happens between the children."

"Uh. Yes, ma'am." Drew stammers. Why is he so nervous? Drew Hayden doesn't get nervous.

"Just call me Ms. Lovely. I'm just visiting because I'm starting to feel better. If you and May ever want to leave on a date, I don't mind subbing for a few hours."

"Thank you, Ms. Lovely." Drew blushes and looks back at May. "Actually, are you free this weekend?" He asks the brunette.

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