Things Money Can't Buy @shinygrowlithe12
Chapter 11

It is now the winter holidays, so students are on break for two weeks. Usually, Drew would spend this time partying, but he's working at the office. His family rarely celebrates Christmas. If anything, they go to Christmas parties to show off wealth. When he was a child, he'd wake up to expensive gifts from his parents; although, he's sure these presents weren't picked by his parents.

Drew has visited the orphanage twice a week, but he'd usually just hang around the kids rather than May. He's glad to see that she isn't bothering him either, and he leaves before bedtime to avoid the late night conversations. Betty had told him that Brenden comes a few times a week too, but Drew hasn't ran into the other man yet. Does he want to see Brenden? Why should it bother him if Brenden is helping out May? Drew already told himself to get over her, but his heart still aches.

Sighing at his desk, Drew sees it's Christmas Eve. Betty had invited him to their Christmas party tomorrow, but with the lack of funds, they'll just be a cake and chips. Drew smiles to himself because he knows they'll be gifts tomorrow. He had Solidad help him raise donations and a toy drive for the orphanage because he knows May would never take his money, but she'll take donations from strangers intended for the orphanage.

He sighs again as he stares at his computer. This is also why he likes May. She never takes his money. She doesn't see him as a bank because she sees him as Drew. She's never asked him for anything except for his time. Deciding he should head home for the night, he leaves.

Once at his parents' mansion, he's surprised to see they're still awake. "Drew!" his father exclaims with a grin while motioning for him to sit down with them in the living room.

Drew inwardly groans because his parents only sit with him when they want something. However, he puts on his usual fake smile to them. "Why are you two still awake?"

"We wanted to tell you this in person!" His mother smiles.

"We're going to the Wakana family Christmas Party tomorrow! Brianna has been talking highly of you, and our families believe a merger of the companies will benefit everyone!" Mr. Hayden smiles happily.

"I was going to the orphanage tomorrow to deliver the donations." Drew tells his parents. He'd much rather be awkwardly around May than go to a rich people party.

"Please, Drew. We can send someone else to do that! Although, I really like how involved you are with the orphanage. It's boosted our stocks and support for our company." Mrs. Hayden smiles proudly at her son.

"I promised the orphans that I would be there." It's kind of a lie since he never committed to going whenever Betty would ask.

"Andrew Shu Hayden!" his father glares at him. "This is for business. The orphans will be fine not seeing you for one day. You need to start thinking of your future and find yourself a wife, especially since you won't let your mother and I choose one for you."

Mrs. Hayden nods. "Yes, Ms. Brianna is a very bright and beautiful young woman. I know you've gone on a few dates with her. She likes you a lot, which is good of you to have someone who likes you."

"What if I don't like her?" Drew glares at them. He really does not want to marry the annoying girl.

"Then you better find someone soon, son. Our families are already speaking about the marriage." his father says while sipping his tea.

"You're already planning a marriage without my consent? What about what I want?" exclaims the young man. How can his parents go behind his back like this? He's only 22!

"That's why I'm telling you to find someone respectable. Your mother and I don't mind who you marry as long as she is able to improve the company."

Drew chuckles to himself. His father is just telling him to marry someone rich, but that's not what he wants right now. What does he want right now? The image of a certain brunette pops in his head, which makes him frown.

"Drew, think about it, okay? Brianna likes you a lot, and you can grow to like her too." his mother offers him, but Drew just shakes his head defeatedly.

He always has to do what they want. However, May and him are nothing. He can't even say they're friends anymore after that argument a couple of weeks ago, so he might as well just do what his parents say and take over the company. Sighing, he mumbles, "Fine."

The next day, Drew gets ready for the Christmas party at the Wakana's. He had sent Solidad to deliver the donations since she's the only one he trusts with the task. He also gave her a thornless rose to give to Betty. He told Solidad that the teenage girl would know what to do with it.

Drew frowns at his reflection in the mirror as he's in a black suit with a green tie. He's not looking forward to this, but Dawn had texted him that she'd be there, so hopefully he can hide away with her. Maybe he can convince her to marry him and then they see other people? Chuckling to himself, Drew shakes his head. He doesn't want that, and he doesn't want that for Dawn and Paul. Why should they have to hide those they love? Does he love someone though? No. But Dawn does, and he can't do that to his friend, even if it would be an easy way out of this.

Of course, at the party, his parents force him to mingle with top businessmen and women. They eventually bring him over to the Wakana family to fakely compliment the party. Brianna opens her eyes widely at Drew as she tackles him in a hug.

"Drew!" she exclaims, and he begrudgingly hugs her back. She's too clingy for his liking, but his parents and hers love it. They start gushing about how Drew and Brianna will make a perfect couple, which makes Brianna blush more. She then drags Drew onto the dancefloor to slow dance.

Drew sighs. The last time he slow danced was over half a year ago with May. His chest aches again at the thought of her. Gosh he's missed her. He's missed talking to her and joking around and ruffling her hair. He's missed her so much. Even though he's tried to forget about his feelings for her, they're still just as strong if not stronger. Like he has a longing for her.

"Drew?" he looks down at the blushing woman in his arms who is dancing way too close to him.


"Did you hear what I said?" Of course he didn't, but he puts on his signature smirk, which makes her blush more as she lays her head on his chest. She is way too clingy.

Fortunately, a tap on her shoulder removes Brianna's head from the thinking Drew. She looks over to see a bluenette. "May I cut in?"

Brianna scowls at the woman she recognizes from Berlitz Beauties, but before she can decline, Drew quickly grabs Dawn's hand. "Drew Hayden never leaves a lady in waiting." He winks while walking away with Dawn, much to Brianna's dismay. The salmon haired woman glares at Dawn's retreating figure. Brianna will take care of any woman who tries to come between her and Drew.

"Thanks for saving me." Drew breathes while dancing with Dawn.

She giggles at the relieved man. "You looked constipated. I had to help."

Rolling his eyes, Drew says, "I did not."

"You looked so uncomfortable. But you're welcome."

Drew looks around while they dance. "Where's your bodyguard?"

"Paul? By a door somewhere." she answers as he twirls her.

"Why don't you dance with him?"

This question causes Dawn to laugh. "You're funny, Drew. Paul doesn't dance. And even if he did, it's not like we can dance here." She says the last part sadly, which makes Drew sigh.

"It sucks." he agrees.

Dawn curiously gazes into his green eyes where she sees some pain. "What's going on?"

Chuckling again, he responds, "I don't want to be here."


They dance for a few more minutes before he asks her, "Do I like someone if I miss them a lot? Like talking and hanging out?"

Dawn giggles when she sees the blush on his cheeks. "Yes, but they're romantic feelings if you want to touch the person too. Talking and hanging out can just be friendship, but touch. That's sensual." She now blushes as she thinks about her bodyguard who she likes to cling onto, which she does to annoy him and because she likes him.

Drew thinks about what she said. Yes, does he like touching May? His blush gets deeper and he nervously messes up his steps. This causes the two to awkwardly separate, so Drew sheepishly rubs the back of his head while looking at his friend apologetically. "Sorry, Dawn. I, uh, wasn't paying attention."

"No need to worry! I can tell your mind is preoccupied."

He gives her a grateful smile before deciding to check the time on his phone. His parents said he can leave once it's midnight. However, he notices one of many messages on his lock screen. It's from May who hasn't messaged him since the day of the argument. Unlocking the message, it reads, Deliver it yourself, grasshead. And there's a picture of the currently dying rose in her cup of water.

Drew chuckles to himself, which makes Dawn happy to see his mood is lightening up. He then opens the text from Solidad. She won't take the rose. I like her ;) Inwardly groaning, Drew grins at the screen. Screw what his parents want. He's never cared before, so why should he care now? He doesn't need this company.

Looking at the smiling Dawn, he says, "Thanks, Dawn." before running out.

As Dawn watches her friend leave through one of the exits, she spots a familiar purple haired man standing near it. Blushing, she makes her way over to him. "Wanna get out of here?" She can tell he's annoyed with this place. Paul hates crowds. Well, he hates people in general, so he nods.

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