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Meeting the Families

After they had eaten lunch, which the house-elf Dobby had brought to them as they had continued to talk after Harry's proposal, they left Harry's room while holding hands and started to make their way towards the sitting room, where their respective parents and Harry's little sister were waiting. As they meandered, Harry started telling her about what was happening in some of the pictures, Fleur laughing or gasping in all the right spots. They had just reached the main staircase when a house-elf appeared in front of them with a small crack. Harry stopped their progress and addressed the elf, "Misty."

Misty bowed low and said, "Missus Bella said to tell yous, Young Master and Young Miss, that the families are waiting in the family dining room."

Fleur watched as Harry smiled, "Thank you, Misty. We'll head there now."

She watched as the house-elf bowed low again and disappeared with another small crack. He turned and smiled at her, "Well, I... uh, guess that we... uh, should get going."

Fleur giggled at her fiancé's inability to complete a sentence when he was nervous around her as they went down the stairs and headed for the informal dining room, "Oui, but first, do you mind telling me why this meeting is in the dining room?"

Harry gave her that same lopsided grin that sent her heart racing and heat to stain her cheeks and chuckled nervously, "Heh, heh, well, if I was a betting man, I would say that after they left us upstairs, my sister set about floo-calling my entire family telling them to come to come to Wyvern's Rock if they wanted to find out something exciting. I would also hazard a guess that my mum invited the rest of your family as well."

Fleur frowned as they approached a pair of stained cherry double doors, "So how big is your family? Surely it cannot be that large."

Harry chuckled again as they stopped just outside of the doors, "Well, let's see: Besides my mum and sister, who you met earlier, there's my four uncles: Remus Lupin, Severus Snape, Sirius Black, and Ted Tonks; Three of whom are married to my three aunts: Amelia Bones-Black, Narcissa Snape nee' Black, and Andromeda Tonks nee' Black; then there are my six cousins: Susan Bones-Black, the eldest daughter of Amelia and Sirius Black, along with her younger siblings: twins Regulus and Circe, boy and girl respectively, then there's Draco Malfoy and his younger half-sister Selene Snape, and finally, the oldest of us, Nymphadora Tonks, again call her either Nym or Dora. So, yeah, a large family."

To say that Fleur was shocked was an understatement. She spoke, "So, between your immediate family, your aunts and uncles, and your cousins, your family could field two full Quidditch teams and have a couple of people left over for referees?"

Harry chuckled, "Well, how else are we supposed to play our annual "Adults Versus Kids" Quidditch Match?"

Fleur frowned again, "You're joking, right?"

Harry shook his head with that same lopsided grin and said, "Nope," making sure to pop the "p".

She shook her head at her fiancé's antics, suddenly nervous, "What are we going to tell them?"

Harry grew serious, "The truth. We'll start from what happened at the World Cup and go from there, all the way to my proposal to you a little bit ago. I just hope that your dad doesn't kill me for proposing without receiving his blessing," he paused for a moment and looked at her, his voice becoming small and timid, "he won't, er kill me for proposing, will he?"

Fleur answered in as serious a voice as she could while still hiding her mirth at her fiancé's nervousness, "That remains to be seen. My last serious suitor," she paused for dramatic effect, "well, let's just say that they still haven't found all of the pieces to his body yet."

Her resolve held until she saw his face turning pale, then she giggled at him. Harry frowned in response, "That wasn't funny."

She giggled at his expense a little more before saying, "It was a little funny."

Harry was about to say something in response when they heard Bellatrix's voice from the other side of the double doors, "HARRY. JAMES. POTTER."

Fleur shuddered involuntarily and said in perfect synch with the small chorus of voices that they heard from the other side of the doors, "All three names."

Harry looked sheepishly at her and asked, "Well, since we have been summoned, shall we?"

Fleur nodded, "Oui."

With that, Harry reached out an opened one of the double doors, holding it open for her to enter first, which Fleur did, flashing Harry a small smile as she moved past him into the room. Fleur was suddenly glad that she had asked how large her fiancé's family was as she now found herself the center of attention for not only her entire family but also fifteen eager faces that comprised Harry's family. She heard the door close and saw out of the corner of her eye that Harry had moved to pull one of the two empty chairs arranged at the head of the table out for her.

Fleur smiled at him as she took the offered seat and let Harry assist her in getting the seat into position before he pulled out the chair next to her and sat as well, being sure to sit close enough to her to convey their relationship. The newly engaged couple noticed that very few people actually looked away from Fleur to look at him. Harry used that moment to speak, "Good afternoon everyone. No doubt, most of you were lured here because a certain someone, who shall remain nameless at this ti-"

Regulus shot to his feet, one of his hands outstretched and pointing shakily at Sabra as he proclaimed loudly, cutting Harry off, "She did it! It was all her! Please, oh most beautiful goddess, let me be yo-"

He was immediately and roughly pulled back down into his seat by a man who seemed to be an older version of him with different colored eyes, "Sit down, Pup, before you hurt yourself or get hurt by your cousin," then turning to Harry, "please continue."

Harry asked as his eyes swept everyone in the room, noticing that all of his cousins were staring unabashedly at Fleur, "Mum, how much have you told them?"

Bellatrix looked at her son, "All the way up to our conversation a little while ago."

Harry nodded, "That will make things a little easier."

He looked at his fiancé, "Care to help me fill in the blanks?"

Fleur nodded, "Oui."

With that, the two launched into telling their story, including a full recounting of what each had experienced last night. It was a full forty-five minutes later when they finished and again sat silent waiting for everyone's reactions. First to speak was the man with shaggy black hair who had pulled his son back down into his seat earlier, "So, Harry has agreed to marrying you, Fleur, even going so far as to get down on one knee and proposed with the same engagement ring that his father used to propose to his mother, correct?"

Fleur nodded, a little nervous, "I did not know that the ring was a family heirloom, but oui."

Everyone watched as he turned to the hook nosed, black haired man next to him with a familiar lopsided grin on his face as he held out a hand, palm up, and said, satisfaction ringing through his words, "Pay up, Forks."

The other man grumbled incoherently as he fished in a pocket of his robes and dropped a silver sickle into the outstretched palm. The next person to speak was a young man who looked to be around Harry's age with platinum blonde hair and steel gray eyes, "So let me get this straight, Harry, because of your whole 'have to save everyone' thing, you are now engaged to a Veela who is three years older than us?"

Harry rolled his eyes and nodded, "Yes, that is correct, Draco."

Draco grinned, "Just checking. Can't wait to see the Prewitt Banshees' faces when they find out."

The blonde woman next to Draco spoke next, deciding to get the conversation back on track, "When are you planning on having the ceremony?"

Fleur looked at Harry, who answered, "Two weeks from today. That will give us a couple of weeks after the wedding for a honeymoon away from all of you."

The same man that spoke first spoke up again, "Dibs on planning the bachelor party!"

For some reason that caused Harry to groan mournfully. Fleur looked at her fiancé and said, "I don't see a problem with that. After all, who better to plan your bachelor party than one of your uncles?"

Harry shook his head, "If it was any of the other three I would be okay with that. Just not him."

Fleur narrowed her eyes, "Harry, would you like to tell me why you don't want him planning your party?"

Harry looked at her and asked, "Besides the fact that he has the emotional maturity of a ten year old, and that is being generous?"

Fleur's eyes flickered to the man in question and saw a huge grin that promised all kinds of mischief plastered on his face and said, "It surely can't be that bad, can it?"

Harry looked at her, "You're right, it isn't that bad, it's far worse."

Fleur asked, "How so?"

Harry sighed and said, "We're talking about the guy who slipped itching powder into a shipment of adult magazines that he had delivered to the Slytherin dorms in his third year for fun."

She watched as the previously identified Forks turned and looked at his friend, "That was you, Pads?"

Pads nodded, "Yep, that was me. Why else would I warn you and Bella to leave those magazines alone?"

Fleur said slowly, "Okaaay, but that was one incident. It still doesn't explain why you don't want him planning your bachelor party."

Harry didn't answer her directly but looked at one of his uncles, "Uncle Ted, how long did you have to sleep on the couch after you were married to Aunt Andi because of a Sirius-planned stag party?"

The named Uncle Ted, a man of medium height and build with a neatly trimmed and parted head of brown hair with the barest sprinkling of gray at the temples, matching eyes, plain features looked at his wife, who looked remarkably similar to Harry's mother, just a couple of years younger with brown instead of lavender eyes, and said, "How long was it, dear?"

Harry's aunt frowned for a moment and thought before answering, "At least three weeks, starting the night after our wedding night."

Harry then turned to Forks, "Forks, how long were you on the couch?"

Forks looked at Harry and said in a voice laced with pain and depression, "Two months. Two long and miserable months."

Fleur watched as Harry turned back to her with a pleading look on his face and held out and hand towards the assembled families, as if to say "see what I mean?".

She gave her fiancé a wicked grin and said, "Ah, but you are forgetting one very important thing, Harry."

Harry looked at her and inquired in a tentative voice, "And that is?"

Fleur said while still giving him the same wicked grin, "None of their wives are Veela. As my father can attest, we Veela are insatiable for the first couple weeks after marriage while our mating bond is settling."

Harry looked to Dastan, who had a wistful smile and far away look in his eyes as he nodded his agreement to what his daughter just said.

Pads grinned an all-too-familiar grin as he looked at Fleur, "So, I have your permission to go full Marauder planning wittle Harry's stag party?"

Fleur matched his grin and said, "Oui," before pausing and raising her right hand palm up a couple of inches above the table, and was about to use her magic to will a tennis ball sized ball of fire into existence hovering a few millimeters above her palm before she remembered what Madam Pomfrey had said earlier and lowered her hand back to the table before she spoke, "with one rule: no sex or you will find out why they say that we Veela are beings of fire. Also, I will ensure that it is very difficult for you to have any sort of enjoyment with your wife. Oui?"

Pads's grin vanished as he gulped and nodded emphatically, "Understood," before the grin returned, "but other than that, I can go full Marauder?"

Fleur nodded, "Oui."

Pads chuckled mischievously as he rubbed his hands together vigorously.

The next moment, Fleur and everyone else jumped as Harry's head hit the table with a loud thud. She could hear him muttering, "My life is over."

Fleur reached out and patted her fiancé on the back and said teasingly, "Oui, your single life is. However, our life together is just beginning."

This caused a round of laughter at Harry's expense. As the laughter was dying down, everyone settled into pleasant conversation, getting to know Fleur and her family and vice versa. During the course of the conversation, she had gotten to match names with faces as far as who was who in Harry's family. While Harry and his cousins were holding a rather animated conversation about the wedding plans, Fleur was wondering why she was teasing someone that she had known for only an hour or two at most, consciously at least, so much.

Also, why did it feel so natural to tease him in such a manner? She knew that they were starting to get to know each other with what they shared with each other earlier, but it almost felt as if they had been together for years, instead of just a couple of hours. Just then, she remembered what she wanted to ask her father and switched to French, "Papa, what color was the aura around Harry and I when you confirmed the life debt last night?"

Her father frowned at her question and responded in the same language, "Dull Gold and it pulsed several times before I canceled the spell. Why are you asking me in our native language?"

Fleur looked shocked for a moment before looking back at Harry for a moment. She watched Harry give her a small nod, telling her that they would talk about it later.

Harry and everyone else watched as the four of them, Fleur included, launched into a rapid fire discussion as to what that meant while the little girl, Gabrielle was her name if he remembered correctly, who looked to be at least a couple of years younger than Sabra sat in her mother's lap, watching the conversation occur with a pensive look on her face, as if trying to absorb what her parents, sister, and grandmother were saying. Harry heard his Uncle Sirius, Pads, whisper to Forks, Uncle Severus, "Bet you that means that her magic's chosen him for her mate."

Severus looked at Sirius and said, "I am not taking that bet."

It was at that point when Bellatrix spoke out loud, gaining everyone's attention, "Maybe we should continue this at a later time," then turning to Dastan and his family, "Dastan, would you, your wife, and mother-in-law, join me in my office? I believe we have some things to discuss, including the location of a wedding."

Dastan nodded, "Of course, Bellatrix."

Bellatrix returned the gesture and then looked at her son, "Harry, take your fiancé back up to your room and get her to bed. I believe Misty has already purchased some sleep wear for her and left it out on the bed. After that, I would like to talk to you privately as well."

A Little While Later

After Harry had guided his fiancé back upstairs and to his room, waited on the other side of the privacy curtain for her to change and get into bed, he entered the curtain and sat at the foot of the bed, leaving a large space between him and Fleur. The two of them were silent for a minute or two before he looked at her and asked, "So, care to tell me what you and your family were talking about, as I have the sneaking feeling that it has to deal with us?"

Fleur sighed tiredly as she got comfortable under the duvet on Harry's bed, for even though she had only been out of bed for an hour at most, she felt completely drained, both physically and emotionally, and looked at her fiancé, who had a look of patience in those emerald green eyes. She bit her lower lip, suddenly worried that he would turn away from her, despite his earlier promise and proposal. As she thought about how to answer his question, Fleur found her eyes drawn to the jagged scar on his right forearm. She asked, in hopes of changing the subject, "Where did you get that scar, Harry?"

He frowned and looked down at his right forearm, his left hand idly tracing the scar before his head snapped up and Fleur saw frustration clearly written across his features, his voice had an edge as he spoke, "Oh, no you don't. You wouldn't let me change the subject earlier, and I am not letting you change it now. A relationship should be based on trust. How can we trust each other if we aren't truthful with each other?"

Fleur knew that he was right but she also felt that if she revealed the nature of the conversation her family had had- The young Veela shook her head to clear those negative thoughts from her mind. In that moment she decided to trust her instincts and not give into her insecurities. She looked at him and said, "My father said that the color of our aura was a dull gold in color and pulsed several times before he canceled the spell."

Harry nodded and looked thoughtful for a moment before he spoke, "From what you said earlier, the dull gold color means that our magic is fairly compatible with each other's, and the pulses indicate that our magical compatibility will only increase over time, correct?"

Fleur nodded, "Oui."

Harry looked at her for a moment in silence as he came to his own decision about being truthful with his fiancée. He took a deep breath and said, "Well then, I guess we had better get to work on getting to know each other, shouldn't we?"

Fleur nodded her agreement and was about to ask him a question, but when she opened her mouth, all that came out was a yawn. Harry couldn't help it as he chuckled at her, causing her cheeks to flush slightly, as he said in a voice full of mirth, "Well, I didn't know that my life was so boring that I was putting you to sleep before even starting to tell you some of my more interesting adventures."

The joke caused Fleur to flush an even more brilliant shade of red. Fleur opened her mouth to voice an apology, but only yawned again. This caused Harry to go from chuckling to full-blown belly laughter. Fleur found that she liked the sound of his laughter, even though it was at her expense at the moment. His laughter caused her to pout, "It's not funny."

Harry managed to get control of himself after a few moments and said, a little winded, "It's a little funny."

He paused for a few moments to gain control of himself before continuing, "Get some rest, Fleur. I can tell that you're exhausted. I will have one of the elves check on you around dinner time and see if you are feeling well enough to join the family for dinner or if you would rather take it here in our room."

Fleur was about to fall asleep, but his comment brought her back to full wakefulness, "Our room?"

Harry gave her that same lopsided grin that sent her pulse racing as he said, his voice once again full of mirth, "Of course. You are my fiancée after all, or did you want to give the ring back and forget the whole thing?"

Fleur narrowed her eyes at her fiancée and said in a voice full of mock superiority as possible, "Keep this up Monsieur Potter, and I just might."

Her joke caused him to arch an eyebrow at her as he gave her that same mischievous grin that she had seen earlier, "Oh really? Well, I guess that I will just have to find another beautiful Veela to save and maybe she would be more willing to accept my proposal. Though I guess that I would have to use another of the family rings to propose with and probably have to find a way to make it even more special. You wouldn't happen to have a cousin would you?"

Fleur mock glared at him as she covered the engagement ring protectively with her other hand, "Try it and there will be no more generations of Potters. You have proposed to me, I have accepted, and thus now you are stuck with me."

Both teens held their mock glaring contest for a moment more before both broke down in laughter. The laughter continued until Fleur yawned again. Harry gave her a soft smile and said, mirth still in his voice, "Get some sleep, Fleur. I will be back later tonight."

Fleur gave him an appreciative smile before she asked, "Where are you going?"

Harry gave her a mysterious smile, "I'm going to go flying for a few hours and maybe go visit some of my friends to share the good news. I'll be back this evening."

Fleur asked in a sleepy voice, no longer being able to keep her exhaustion at bay, "Stay with me until I fall asleep, please?"

Harry gave her that same soft smile and shifted on the bed until he was on his pillow next to her, but still on top of the duvet as he said, "Sure."

The two moved closer together as Harry wrapped one arm around her shoulders, which caused an involuntary sigh to escape from Fleur's lips. Harry gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead and said, "Sleep, Fleur."

It didn't take Fleur very long to fall asleep surrounded by Harry's scent and with his arm draped across her shoulders. Harry stayed with her for a few extra minutes to ensure that she was fully asleep before he slowly and carefully slid off the bed and headed for the door.

After he carefully shut the door behind him, Harry walked down the hallway towards the staircase at the opposite end of the corridor from the main staircase that was located in the center of the house. As he walked, Harry said, "Misty."

The house-elf appeared with her customary soft crack and upon seeing her young master walking towards the servants' stairs hurried to catch up to him, "What can Misty do for young Master?"

Harry said as they reached the top of the stairs and stared descending, "Tell my mum that I need to relax and clear my head a bit, so I am going flying and may end up visiting some of my friends. Then I want you to check on Fleur when dinner is ready and ask if she would like to join the rest of the families in the dining room or if she would like to have dinner in the room. She is currently sleeping in our room. I want you and the other elves to start treating her as if she were family."

The house-elf matron nodded and inquired, "When will Young Master be home and where would he like his dinner?"

Harry paused, his hand on the door nob of the door that led from the stairwell outside onto the grounds, "I will be home before the moon reaches it's zenith and I will have one of the night house-elves prepare something for me. Thank you, Misty."

Misty nodded, "Have a good flight, Young Master."

Harry gave her a mischievous smile and nodded as he pushed the door open and exited the house. Misty stood there and watched the door close behind her young master, "Missus Bella won't like this."

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