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1. Good Draco raised by a Narcissa who hates her husband (you will see what happens to him later) and is all about family.

2. Animagus Harry (what kind of animal, you'll have to wait and see).

3. OC character as Harry's younger sister.

4. Fleur will be full Veela.

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Prologue: The Boy Who Lived and the Reading of The Will

The Boy Who Lived

This October 31st had started as any other All Hallows Eve in the little community known as Godric's Hollow, England with children going around trick or treating dressed in all manner of costumes while being escorted by their parents, followed by families settling in for the traditional All Hallows Eve feasts, complete with the unwanted relatives visiting. As the night wore on, the lights in many of the houses were extinguished as their associated families went to bed. This was no different for one house that stood on the main lane in Godric's Hollow that had a waist-high wooden fence that enclosed a small lawn that surrounded a medium-sized quaint two-story cottage. No one in the village had seemed to notice this house, almost as if it had been erased from the memory of all who lived in the village.

Yet, this cottage seemed to be the subject of the gaze of a certain cloaked figure that stood just outside of the waist-high wooden gate, its eyes focused on a house that everyone else in the village would swear wasn't there. The figure was tall, thin, and had an aura of darkness and evil that seemed to radiate from the hooded and cloaked figure, a bone-white hand holding an equally white wand seemed to emerge from within the folds of the cloak and a moment later, a soft click was heard as the gate swung open after the latch had been undone. The cloaked figure paused only long enough to glance around to see if anyone had noticed the sound. After he was certain that no one was responding to the gate's opening, the cloaked figure quickly made his way to the front door of the cottage with purposeful strides, for all intent and purposes disappearing from the view of anyone in the village who happened to be looking in the direction of this cottage.

It is a shame that no one in the village noticed the house because if they had, they would have seen the cloaked figure entering the yard and making his way to the front door, the front door opening nearly silently followed moments later by a man's startled shout cut short by a brilliant flash of green light and the sound of a body falling to the floor. They would have heard a woman's screaming for her husband. Then they would have heard the same woman begging for her child to be spared in a shrill voice full of fear, only for her begging to be cut short by a second brilliant flash of green light. Though no one noticed the cottage before, everyone in the quiet village noticed as a third flash of green light tore part of the second story of the cottage apart accompanied by a piercing scream filled with pain and a deafening explosion that sent pieces of debris in all directions.

A few minutes later, a tall, willow-thin man with sharp features, a hooked nose, twinkling blue eyes, a long wispy beard that seemed to stretch all the way to the man's knees, and matching hair that adorned the man's head in a sort of halo appeared outside of the same cottage with a nearly inaudible crack, his heart suddenly gripped by the cold hand of fear as his eyes took in the damage. The man was none other than Albus Dumbledore, a man with too many titles to list, a man who had defeated a previous dark lord, and the leader of the resistance against the most recent dark lord that had plagued his homeland for decades. He was wearing purple wizarding robes than emphasized his willow-thin frame, half-moon shaped spectacles rested on his nose, and had his wand at the ready in his hand.

Dumbledore swiftly but cautiously moved forward towards the house, concern etched on his weathered features. As he pushed the front door open, Dumbledore felt his heart drop to the pit of his stomach as he took in the wide-eyed figure of James Potter laying face up, unfocused and bespectacled eyes staring at the ceiling, his wand in hand, and his body laying before the bottom of the stairs leading to the second floor. Albus spared a moment to kneel down next to James Potter, stretched out his hand and gently closed the man's eyelids as he whispered, "I am so sorry James. I should have insisted on being your secret-keeper."

After those words, Dumbledore made his way cautiously up the stairs to the second floor and to the nursery that was to his right, the door having been blown off of its hinges and into the room across the hall, the wall next to the door had been obliterated along with the roof over the nursery, debris strewn throughout the second story of the cottage. He slowly eased around the corner of the empty doorframe and felt his heart break as he took in the crumpled and lifeless form of Lily Potter lying before her son's crib, her flaming red hair spread in the shape of a halo around her head, her once vibrant emerald green eyes empty and dull as they stared at where the opposite wall would have been. Dumbledore again knelt down next to the lifeless body of one of his former students and ardent supporter in their fight against the Dark Lord Voldemort and gently closed her eyelids, whispering, "Be at peace Lily. I will find and look after your son."

As he straightened from the heart-wrenching task, movement in the crib caught Dumbledore's attention. As the old wizard, who was feeling quite ancient in that moment, turned to face the crib, his blue eyes met the steady gaze of a pair of emerald green eyes that were every bit as vibrant as their owner's mother's had been in life. It was an unconscious decision that propelled Albus forward to lift the toddler Harry Potter out of his crib and look at the child in wonder. No one in the known history of magic had survived being the target of the killing curse, Avada Kedavra, and yet, here in his arms was a boy no more than fifteen months old still alive with nothing more than a lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead to show for it. Dumbledore knew that he would have to research how the child had survived, but that wasn't the priority right now, securing this child's safety was.

Just as he was about to turn and leave the cottage, Dumbledore heard someone step on a piece of debris in the hall and spun fast enough to face the intruder that anyone would have sworn that he wasn't as old as he said he was. When Dumbledore finished his turn, he found his blue eyes locked with a pair of violet eyes that held an immense amount of grief. The eyes belonged to a young woman who was a vision of beauty with her long black hair falling to her narrow waist, an athletic yet alluring build with steel-corded muscles playing below soft porcelain skin, and womanly curves that were almost guaranteed to entrance any male within viewing radius. The woman was Bellatrix Potter and was the adopted older sister of James Potter and the big sister figure to Lily Potter neé Evans and she was wearing dark gray Auror robes that were both formfitting and yet loose enough to allow here complete freedom of movement, boots, and probably no less than four sheathes for throwing knives. As the two looked at each other, Dumbledore offered Bellatrix a small nod, "Bella, I'm sorry for your loss."

Bellatrix nodded in return, her voice full of pain and fear, "Ar-are they all dead? Is H-Harry still alive and where the bloody hell is the bastard that killed little Jaime and Lily?"

The bundle in his arms chose that moment to move, the toddler squirming a little. Dumbledore watched as Bellatrix's eyes flickered to the toddler in his arms and she moved forward to look at her nephew/godson. She reached out and caressed the toddler's face, tears welling up in her eyes as she whispered, "H-h-how is he still-?"

Dumbledore shook his head as he looked down at the toddler in his arms, "I don't know Bella, but as soon as I find out, I will let you know," then a sudden idea came to wizened old wizard, "but my guess is that because Lily sacrificed her life for Harry, her sacrifice protected Harry when Voldemort attempted to use the killing curse on the child, causing the curse to rebound on Riddle."

Bella looked up at the wizened headmaster and said as her Auror instincts kicked in, "We can't stay here."

Dumbledore nodded in agreement, "I put a call out to the Order before I came here. Everyone should be at Headquarters soon."

Bella nodded as she flicked her right wrist, causing her wand to seemingly appear in her hand. She turned to face back the way she came and leading Dumbledore and his precious cargo back out of the house. Neither of them noticing a rat scurrying out of the house with a certain wand held in its jaws.

When they reached the front gate, Bella turned to Dumbledore and said, "You go ahead to Headquarters, Headmaster. I'll follow once I have the Fedelis recast with me as the Secret-Keeper."

Dumbledore nodded, "Very well, Bella. Shall I let Sirius look after Harry until you arrive?"

Bella nodded, "That will be fine, Headmaster. See you soon."

Dumbledore nodded as he fished out the phoenix pendent that all members of their order wore around their necks and gripped it in one hand as he whispered a phrase and vanished in a swirl of colored light as his portkey activated.

A Little While Later

The Potter Will

A little while later, Bella with her nephew Harry in her arms was sitting in the corner of the kitchen/informal dinning area, was amongst the other members of the Order of the Phoenix, who had been roused from their sleep by the urgent call from Dumbledore, her cousin, Lord Sirius Black of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black, the house she was born into, sitting between her and the rest of the order with his other brother in all-but-blood, Remus Lupin sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with him, shielding Bellatrix and toddler Harry from the rest of the order with their wands in hand. At the moment, the loudest, and in the Marauders' shared opinion most-useless, member of the order, one Molly Weasley, was speaking out about what she obviously saw as the only appropriate course of action from this point forward for toddler Harry's life.

Bellatrix was glad that she had put a small silencing charm on Harry so that he could stay asleep through all of the screeching that the Weasley Matriarch was doing. Bella turned her attention away from her nephew cradled in her arms to pay attention to what was being said by the red headed rotund banshee, "…-nd we could give him a proper upbringing at the Burrow, Professor. We would raise him the right way, teach him about our world, and show him love, Albus. Besides, we also have a son around Harry's age and they could grow up to be best mates, I just know it Albus."

Dumbledore looked at the plump woman with a critical look and said in a disappointed tone, "Molly, placing Harry with your family, though I am sure he would be raised in a loving home, is completely against the wishes of James and Lily. I won't disrespect their wishes when it comes to their son. Not to mention the fact that Bellatrix Potter is his aunt by blood and magic as well as his godmother by choice of his mother."

Molly immediately offered a rebuttal, her voice dripping with venom, "Albus, she's one of them snakes. How do we know that she is even capable of loving little Harry?"

At this obvious attack on her person, Bellatrix stood up, handed Harry to his godfather, Sirius, and spoke up before Albus could respond, the venom in her voice matching that of the other woman, "Excuse me, Molly, have you been asleep for the last seven years, because I am fairly certain that I have been fighting right alongside everyone that has fought against those that you term as "my kind" the "evil snakes". Also, where the hell were you when Lily needed help trying to fit in after she started spending time with my family over the summer breaks after her fifth year? Oh wait, that's right, you were already heavy with your first kid, or was it your second? I can't seem to recall."

Bella paused for a moment as she stared daggers at the red headed woman whose face was doing a fair imitation of her hair, cutting off any forthcoming response as she continued in an icy tone that dropped the temperature of the room by a couple of degrees, "Let me answer that question for you: No you didn't. In fact, as I recall, you were one of the ones calling her a mudblood to her face in front of my family. It took me, a "bloody snake" and former pureblood princess of a dark house to take Little Flower under her wing and protect her. As I recall, you let go of your prized "Gryffindor courage" anytime you saw Lily when the Marauders were anywhere in earshot and would join in with some of the other pureblood idiots in calling her that foul name to try and impress James so that you could grab a share of my family's fortune by appealing to my brother's 'pureblood pride'.

"I wonder how well that would have worked with you already having given at least one son to the House of Weasley. Tell me, Molly, were you planning on using Amorentia to capture his affections? What would you have done about your husband and already born sons? Divorce, or were you planning something fouler for them, an "accident" maybe? Then you could have claimed what little the Weasley family had and then gone after James, following an "appropriate grieving period", of course. With thinking like that, you would have done well in Slytherin."

With her last insult loosed, Bellatrix returned to her corner, taking her nephew back from Sirius as she moved past him to sit down again. Everyone seemed to be waiting for the flash of the infamous Molly Weasley temper, and they were surely not disappointed as said woman shot up from her seat and began screeching in a fair imitation of one of her infamous howlers, "NOW SEE HERE YOU SNAKE WHO-"

Whatever she was going to say was lost when her voice was stolen as someone cast a silencing charm on her. It took a few moments, but when Molly realized that she didn't have her voice anymore, the woman seemed to become even more enraged as she cast incredulous looks around at everyone in the room until her eyes found the culprit, whose wand was still pointed at her. When she saw who it was, the anger seemed to vanish as her eyes met the storm-darkened blue eyes of her husband, Arthur Weasley. Molly had only seen her husband truly enraged a few times in all the years that they have been together, but she knew that when he got like this, there was no going against him. She kept her eyes on his stormy blue eyes as he said in a calm, almost soothing tone that belied his rage, "Molly, go home and wait for me to get there. Leave now before you cause any more problems."

Everyone watched in awe as Molly Weasley didn't try to argue with her husband but silently left the kitchen without a backward glance. A few moments later, everyone heard the front door of Number Twelve Grimmauld Place open and shut, signaling that the Weasley Matriarch had decided to use apparition to travel to their home, the Burrow, in Ottery St. Catchpole.

Dumbledore let the silence linger for a few moments longer before he continued, "Now then, James and Lily left very clear instructions that the public part of their will was to be activated immediately upon their death, so as soon as I contacted all of you, I also contacted the Potters' Account Manager, Drakefang, who should be arriving short-."

He was cut off as the sound of the door knocker being used echoed through the house from the front door. Sirius immediately rose and headed out of the kitchen while stating in passing, "I'll get it."

A few moments later, Sirius returned accompanied by a grizzled goblin with a fringe of salt-n-pepper hair that circled the back of his head from pointed ear to pointed ear, a hooked and crooked nose, pointed teeth behind thin lips, bushy eyebrows that matched his hair, beetle black eyes, and a broad frame that still radiated power even while wearing hastily thrown on shirt, trousers, and shoes. The goblin was carrying a square shaped black box that looked to be just over a foot long on each side and stood a good ten inches tall. The goblin immediately undid the four bronze briefcase-style clasps, one adorning each side of the box, removed the top, and carefully lifted a stone bowl a foot across and adorned with a ring of runes around the outer edge out of the box and rested it in the center of the table, which had been cleared for this purpose.

After ensuring the silvery smoke-like liquid had settled properly after the transporting, the goblin looked up and addressed the gathered witches and wizards, his voice full of gravel and grief, "For those of you who do not know me, my name is Drakefang, account manager of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Potter's accounts and vaults, and a close personal friend of Lord James and Lady Lily Potter," he paused for a moment before continuing as he gestured to the stone bowl, "This pensieve contains the public will of Lord and Lady Potter. Before I begin, I would like to know if young Harry Potter survived the event that claimed his parents because that would change the will if he did not."

Bellatrix answered from her seat with a sleeping toddler Harry in her arms, "Yes he did."

Everyone watched as the goblin moved over to where Bella was sitting and looked down at the toddler in her arms, a soft smile causing the corners of his mouth to twitch upwards. He looked up at Bellatrix for a moment before giving her a small nod and after a quiet exchange between the two, he headed back to where the pensieve rested on the table. Drakefang seemed to look over the pensieve for a moment, as if ensuring that it hadn't been tampered with before he tapped three runes around the edge of the bowl causing an ethereal projection of James and Lily Potter to spring upwards from the bowl.

The pensieve image of James spoke first, "This is the last will and testament of myself, Lord James Potter, and my wife, Lady Lily Potter nee' Evans of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Potter, but before we get into the weeds on who gets what out of the will, I must say a few words to those that are gathered to view this will reading. Sirius, if you are here and I hope that you are, neither Lily or I want you to go running off doing something that you will regret. I know that you probably blame yourself for whatever happened to cause this will reading to occur. The reason I tell you this, brother, is that Bellatrix will need your help to raise our son, not to mention a certain Lady Amelia Bones will never forgive you for running off on her and your daughter just to satisfy your lust for revenge."

As he said this, both Sirius and Amelia blushed brilliantly as everyone else cracked a smile at the not-so-secret secret lovers. In fact, unbeknownst to the two of them, there was a pool going on when the two of them would officially announce their marriage instead of sneaking off to unused rooms like a pair of school children. Almost everyone in the room knew that Amelia's "mysterious illness" that had sidelined her last summer was actually caused by her advanced pregnancy and subsequent birth of their first child, but no one was going to say anything about it, except maybe to tease the two. Before the expected teasing could begin, the pensieve image of James Potter continued, "Also, I would like to set the record straight and inform any and all present that Peter Pettigrew was our secret keeper, who is an illegal Animagus that can turn into a rat. The goblins informed us that that would suffice for the Wizengamot to keep from throwing my brother-in-all-but-blood in Azkaban without a trial. Now that I have said my piece and thoroughly embarrassed my best friend and his wife, we can get on with the formal part of this will reading."

Everyone watched as the pensieve image of Lily Potter picked up from there, "First, we leave our son, Harry James Potter in the loving care of his aunt-slash-second mother-slash-godmother, Bellatrix Potter. We also pass on our titles, assets, and seats in the Wizengamot to the same until such time as Harry is old enough and mature enough to take the responsibility of being the Head of House of a Most Noble and Ancient House. Bella, my sister-in-law and in-all-but-blood, I know that you will do everything you can to raise Harry the right way and ensure that he will be a great wizard and an even greater man."

Bella felt tears well up in her eyes as she heard her sister-in-all-but-blood say these words. She looked down at the sleeping toddler in her arms and realized that she was responsible for two people now. Bella didn't have any more time to think about it as James continued where her sister-in-law had left off, "The only exceptions to what was said are as follows: To Moony, we leave the Potter Hunting Cabin in the Scottish Highlands and all the grounds and house-elves associated with it in hopes that that will provide you a warm bed and a safe harbor in those times when you are down. We also leave you, Remus, the income of five hundred galleons per annum, to be used wisely and assist you in chasing your dreams, my friend, as well as extend the invitation for you to become an official member of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Potter as a vassal. We hope that this will open doors for you, Moony, that otherwise might have been shut."

To say that Remus Lupin was shocked by his friends' generosity was close to being the understatement of the century. Remus could only watch on with the rest with sorrow in his heart as he remembered how he, James, and Sirius had talked about how perfect the same hunting cottage would be for someone like him with its vast acres of wilderness was the perfect property for a werewolf. He also remembered how James had joked that if he liked it so much that he would give it to him as a gift, only for Remus to turn it down because he couldn't pay for it and he didn't want to be a charity case. Remus chuckled at the fact that his friend had found a way to give him the property still and not make it out to be a charity case.

Remus was shaken out of his musings as Lily continued, "To Professor Dumbledore, we leave the sum of twenty thousand galleons to be used to pay for the books, supplies, food, and board of muggleborn witches and wizards who will attend Hogwarts in the future as well as an annual donation of five thousand galleons to continue the fund. You have always sought equality for every young witch and wizard that has passed through the halls of Hogwarts, Professor, and think of this as a way for a muggleborn witch such as myself to repay that kindness in the hopes that you will continue to be the voice of equality in an otherwise bigoted world."

Dumbledore bowed his head so that others wouldn't see the tears that were welling up in his eyes. Lily had truly been one of his brightest students and had always sought to fight against those that would be unkind or prejudiced against those that they saw as being of lesser birth while she was a student and even after she had left Hogwarts. He brought his head back up as Lily continued to speak, "To my favorite professor, Minerva McGonagall, we leave our flat, its contents and house-elf in the magical part of Edinburgh, Scotland in the hopes that she will find it as a nice retreat after each school year."

Minerva gave the pensieve image of her favorite student a watery smile in thanks for the beautiful gesture. From there, the will reading continued for several more minutes as both James and Lily continued to show their generosity to those that they saw as family and their close friends. James had even been able to sneak the single sickle payback to Sirius for "an old bet" that got Sirius to give a single bark in laughter at his brother's humor as well as the return of five pieces of goblin-made armor that had originally been made by one of Drakefang's ancestors in his capacity as the Potter family armorer to Drakefang for being such a good friend and account manager for James and Lily.

Once the will reading was done and the image had faded back into the bowl, causing the previously glowing runes to go dark, Drakefang picked up the bowl and placed it back in its travel case as the rest of the Order filed out with written slips of parchment from Drakefang with dates and times for appointments to finalize their inheritance from the Potters' Will.

After everyone else had left and it was just Bella with toddler Harry in her arms, Sirius, Remus, Drakefang, Amelia Bones, and Albus Dumbledore remaining in the dining area of Number Twelve Grimmauld Place, Albus asked the obvious question, "Bella, where will you go to raise Harry? I think that we can all agree that he should be raised in an environment away from all of the fame of being the "Boy-Who-Lived". In fact, I would go so far as to say that we should do all we can to protect Harry from the public eye as much as possible. However, that is something that we can discuss at a later date. We need to get where you and Harry will be living sorted out."

Bella looked at the old headmaster and bit her lower lip as she thought about it. Before she could answer, Drakefang spoke up, "If I may be so bold as to make a recommendation, Lady Potter?"

Bellatrix nodded, still not used to the fact that she now had that title, "Please do, Drakefang and you know that I don't care for titles between family."

The old goblin nodded and continued, "The Ancestral Potter Home is both large enough and remote enough to provide the privacy that you seek. True, the local community is largely magical, but they have always respected the desire for privacy. Also, the Ancestral Potter Home is unplottable and under the Fidelius Charm with me as its secret keeper due to it being out of use currently."

Bellatrix thought about it for a few minutes, a small smile on her face as she remembered the few times that her family had visited the ancient home that hadn't been changed very much since the ancient Roman times before she nodded, "That sounds perfect Drakefang, thank you. I will ask that you transfer the secret keeper responsibility to me so that I can better control who has access to the property and I request that you arrange for the best ward-forgers possible to check the ancient wards around the property and add any upgrades that they may deem necessary."

She watched as Drakefang bowed to her, "As you wish, Lady Potter. I will make the arrangements as soon as I get back to Gringotts and the ward-forgers will be requesting access to the manor before the sun sets tomorrow. I will deduct the necessary funds from the family vault as per your family's usual arrangement."

After that was settled, the assembled group went through the magical process to transfer the secret keeper responsibilities from Drakefang to Bellatrix, who then immediately shared the secret of the location of the Ancestral Potter Villa with all present.

A New-Old Home

It was a short time later that Bellatrix Potter stepped out of the green flames of the hearth at the large, Roman-style main house of the Edwinsford Estate and called for one of the house-elves, "Misty."

There was a soft crack as the female house-elf apparated in front of Bellatrix and said in her soft voice, "What does missus be needin' from Misty?"

Bellatrix sighed as she said, her voice full of emotion, "Misty, there is no easy way to tell you this but James and Lily were murdered tonight."

Misty looked shocked, tears welling up in her tennis ball sized gray eyes, her mouth becoming a deep frown as she began to wail, "Not Master James and Missus Lily! Whys they have to die?"

Bellatrix let the little house-elf cry out her grief over the loss of James and Lily, silently shedding her own tears over their loss. After both had cried for several minutes, their grieving was interrupted by a certain toddler waking up and announcing with fog-horn loud wails that he needed attention. This startled Misty out of her grieving as she looked up at her new missus, "Little Master Harry is alive? He's alive! Did missus Bella bring him here to live?"

Bellatrix nodded to the elf and before she could say anything, the house-elf stepped forward and silently asked for her to hand Harry to her, which Bella did. As soon as the Misty had toddler Harry in her arms, she immediately led the way through the house to the nursery that had been set up so long ago for Master James when he was a toddler. Once they arrived in the nursery, Bella watched as Misty called for another house-elf, "Makon."

The other house-elf appeared with a crack and said, "What you be needin' Misty?"

Misty spoke, "Go get diapers for little master Harry."

The elf nodded and disapparated with another soft crack. He was only gone for a couple of minutes before he reappeared with everything that Misty would need to change Harry's diaper. Misty then set about showing Bella how to change Harry's diaper and telling Makon to start making the house ready to be lived in. After Harry was changed and put to bed in his crib, Misty showed Bella through the doors on one side of the room and into the master suite. Bella thanked Misty and dismissed her, telling the house-elf that she will call for her in the morning. Misty nodded and disapparated with a crack.

Once the house-elf was gone, Bella allowed herself to collapse onto the king-size bed and cry over the loss of her cousin-turned-brother and a woman who was a third younger sister to her. Many hours later, Bella had finally exhausted herself and drifted into a dreamless sleep.

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