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Chapter 8

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For all of January, Daphne was sure the year would be as close to normal as one could get at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the relationship between Harry Potter and Daphne Greengrass was old news and the Hogwarts gossip train moved on to other matters. that being said, Daphne still had some problems to focus on; such as helping Harry cope with the loss of his firebolt, it had taken some work to get him to see reason in letting McGonnagall and the other teachers check it to make sure it was fine, and a little longer for him to completely forgive Hermione, even after his talk with Daphne the two were still on Dodgy terms, but he wasn't avoiding her, which was a win in Daphne's book.

The only problem was with Ron, who was still angry at Hermione for turning the firebolt in, to reasons unknown to Daphne, he was adamant about giving Hermione the cold shoulder, which visibly hurt the frizzy haired girl.

"he's not worth it." Daphne told her one day as the two girls walked towards the library, "he's a git who doesn't seem to understand that he has no right to be angry with you."

of course nothing Daphne said would convince her, the brunette would just throw herself in searching for files that could help Buckbeak, Daphne and harry attempting to help her as much as they could, only to be sent away by an irate Hermione.

It wasn't until February that things came to a head, Ron attempted to apologize to Hermione, only for them to fall out once more when Scabbers disappeared, nothing to suggest where he went except for a bit of blood and cat hair, this seemed to drive a even bigger wedge between the two friends.

Which was why Daphne found herself sitting next to Hermione at the Quidditch pitch, watching Harry try out his Firebolt, now back in his possession. Ron was sitting across the pitch, gloomily watching Harry practice with the rest of Gryffindor team.

"guess we were both wrong." Daphne said, smiling as Harry sped through the sky, "the broomstick is completely safe."

Hermione nodded mutely.

"you really must not let him get to you like this." Daphne said, looking at Hermione.

"I know…"

"you know," Daphne mused, "and yet here you sit, looking like someone spit in your breakfast."

Hermione gave a noncommittal grunt.

Daphne smiled, "next Hogsmeade trip, how about you tag along with me and Tracey? We could go shopping, get some dinner."

"and why would you invite me?" Hermione asked.

"because I'd like to think we're at least acquaintances, if not hesitant friends." Daphne said, "Not to mention I still owe you for telling McGonnagall about the firebolt."

"but I was wrong," Hermione said, looking up at Harry, "It wasn't jinxed, or hexed, or cursed."

"but it could've been, and with how Harry is, he would've just continued on without even thinking about the possibility until it was too late."

"he listened to you." she said, "as soon as you talked to him he was quick to see reason and talk it out with you."

"oh he talked with me about it, but he was not quick to see reason, it took a lot of arguing to get him to at least understand." She nudged her, "it takes boys a while to process what we say."

Hermione cracked a smile, "I guess…I could join you two…what about Harry?"

"I'm sure he can manage without me for a day." She said, "I did explicitly tell him he's not allowed in Hogsmeade that day, but knowing him-"

"-knowing him he'll try and sneak out there anyways." Hermione finished for her.

Daphne nodded, "he's hard headed like that." She said.

"we could always tell McGonnagall about the map."

"and get Harry expelled? I don't think so." Daphne said with an eye roll.

Hermione sighed. "why can't he see that map's nothing but trouble."

"i don't know, it's gotten us out of a few jams."

"let you two know when to leave the broom closet?" Hermione asked innocently, making Daphne glare at her.

"your'e not as funny as you think Granger."


Harry slowly made his way towards the one-eyed witch, looking around as he did.

"Mr. Potter." a calm voice said, making Harry jump slightly as he tuned around, eyes widening as he saw a man in a three piece suit walking towards him.

"h-hello sir." he said, looking at the man warily.

"i'm William Greengrass," he said, walking up to him, "Daphne's father."

"oh! How are you sir!" Harry said quickly, holding his hand out, "i-i'm Harry, Harry Potter."

"yes, i know Mr. Potter." William said, shaking his hand, "my daughter talks a lot about you."

"A-All good i hope?"

"quite." he said.

"n-not to be rude sir but…what are you doing here on the third floor?"

"well, in all honesty i was looking for you." William said, letting go of his hand, "I was told by Daphne you usually walk this corridor on Saturdays…I wanted to meet the Famous Harry Potter, who seems to have stolen my daughters heart."

Harry blushed a little.

"So, if you're not too busy, i would like to know if you'll join me for a drink."

"s-sure! yeah i'm…i'm not doing anything today." he said.

"Excellent," William said, "come along then, if i remember. the three broomsticks usually have butterbeer on tap."

"oh…i'm not allowed in hogsmeade sir…never got my waiver signed."

"Hmm…" William hummed thoughtfully, "well then, perhaps we can trouble the house elves for a bit of food down in the kitchens." he started to walk, "come along then."


Harry was in awe as they walked into the kitchen as hundreds of house elves scurried over to them, offering food and drink before they were even fully in the kitchen.

"if it isn't too much trouble, can we get a table?" William asked one house elf, who instantly conjured one and urged them to sit. putting food on the table.

"first time in the kitchens?" William asked.

'yes sir…i didn't know there was so many house elves in Hogwarts." Harry said, slowly picking up a bottle of Butter beer and taking a small swig.

"Hogwarts is run by house elves." he said, smiling as one of the house elves quickly ran over and placed a cup of firewhiskey in his hands, "yes, little buggers love to work."

"do they?"

" of course," William said, looking at Harry, "house elves thrive when there's work to do, and what place has more work then Hogwarts?"

"But they're slaves." Harry said, thinking of Dobbie.

"Hmm yes, but let me ask, do these house elves seem to mind?" he asked, gesturing over to the hundreds getting the food ready for lunch.

"No…i suppose they don't."

"most house elves don't see themselves as slaves Harry," William said, sipping his whiskey, "especially when working at a place like Hogwarts, for a man like Dumbledore, now, i'm not so blind as to think every house elf sees themselves as the Hogwarts house elves do, but i do think that even if these amazing little creatures were given their freedom, they'd still choose to work here for free, and under the same conditions."

Harry nodded slightly, "I suppose you're right." he conceded.

the two ate in comfortable silence for a few minutes, until Harry looked up from his plate, "so…are you here to help Hagrid?"

"that i am." William said, "In fact, i was talking with him all morning about his options.'


"yes, as of right now he has two." William leaned forward, "either he can stick to his story and fight the wizengamot, or he can simply roll over and let them kill the hippogriff for harming someone; though he doesn't seem like someone who will roll over, which means he needs to get his facts straight, he needs to find witnesses, and he needs to stay strong, because Lucius Malfoy plays dirty and isn't above blackmail and pay offs."

"Hagrid won't be able to handle that on his own." he said.

"which is why i will be defending him in front of the committee, i'll also be calling on several of your classmates, including you Mr. Potter, to give your account of what happened that day."

"i'll do everything it takes to help Hagrid." Harry said firmly."

William gave a small smirk, "that is an admirably Gryffindor thing to say, Mr. Potter." he said. leaning back. "if things work out the way i'm hoping, then the Hippogriff will get away free."

"brilliant." Harry said with a smile.

"quite." he said, "now, i also wanted to speak with you about my daughter."

"what about?" Harry asked, feeling nervousness creep up on him.

"She's very…taken with you." William said carefully, "she spoke fondly of you when i asked, and she's very keen on keeping this relationship going for as long as she can…however, I can't stop myself for worrying that this isn't what's best for her."

"what do you mean sir?" Harry asked.

"we live in a world of Politics, Mr. Potter," William said, "our every move is watched, calculated, and shown to the rest of the world. even now, with you and her in Hogwarts, people are coming to their own conclusions about your relationship." he motioned to one of the house elves, who quickly scampered over and refilled his firewhiskey, "i've already had to deal with attempts at slandering my daughters name from the Prophet, as well as people refusing to do business with me because they think your relationship is a ploy."

"but it isn't." Harry said, "i truly care about your daughter Mr. Greengrass."

"I know that Mr. Potter." he said, "and she cares for you, which is why i want you to cut contact with my daughter."

"what?" Harry asked with shock written across his face.

"I want you to, i'd love nothing more then for you to go down to the gates of Hogwarts, wait for her to get there, and end this relationship as soon as you see her." he sighed, taking his glasses off and rubbing his eyes, "of course i know you won't, you're too stubborn, much like my daughter is, even if you did, i know you two would find a way to continue seeing each other." he put his glasses back on, "but i want you to know Mr. Potter that, despite what my daughters and you think, i have their best interests at heart. we live in a world of politics, one that is unforgiving to those apart of it. i'm sure you haven't truly seen it, still young and in Hogwarts, but there's already been attempts to slander my daughters name; not just in the halls of Hogwarts, but in the wizarding community as a whole, and things like that have a tendency to stick around, ruin chances and opportunities." he sighed, "perhaps i'm thinking too far into it, perhaps i'm putting too much importance on a teenage relationship, but i still want to give you this word of caution, you are always in he publics eye, even when you don't think so. so please, watch out for my daughter, and don't do anything that could hurt her or her reputation."

"i promise sir," Harry said seriously, "I would never do anything to hurt your daughter, i care too much about her."

he gave a nod, "see that you do, Mr. Potter, unlike most i put importance on the true character of a person, and not your family name, or the deeds that you had done, i think you are a man of your word, but i have been wrong before," he stood and put his hat on, "please Mr. Potter, prove me right." and with that, Mr. Greengrass walked out of the kitchen, leaving Harry alone at the table with much to think about.


Daphne walked alongside Hermione and Tracey as they walked back onto the grounds of Hogwarts, each carrying their own bags full of treats and goods.

"I still say we should have browsed the book store more." Hermione said in disappointment. looking at the two or three books she bought herself."

"if we had stayed any longer, we wouldn't have been able to stop by the three broomsticks," Tracey said, "and i had promised Seamus that we were going to meet him and Dean there before we came back."

"and she must keep her promises." Daphne added, "wouldn't want to disappoint Seamus."

"exactly and-you're mocking me aren't you?"

Hermione and Daphne laughed, making Tracey blush.

"you two are mean friends." Tracey mumbled.

"hey, you heckled me about Harry, now i get to Heckle you about Seamus." Daphne said.

"karma." Hermione supplied, making Daphne nod.

"exactly, Karma." Daphne said with another chuckle.

Tracey huffed and looked ahead, squinting slightly, "Daphne…isn't that your father?"

Daphne's smile instantly went away as she watched her father stride towards them.

"Daphne," he greeted.

"Father." she said, straightening her back, "what brings you to Hogwarts?"

"business with Professor Hagrid," he said, "he introduced me to the Hippogriff and i must say, the beast really is a sight to behold." he looked at Tracey and Hermione, "Ms. Davis, nice to see you again." he said, "and who is this?"

"this is Hermione Granger." Daphne said, "Brightest witch in our year."

"Granger, any relation to Hector Dagworth-Granger?" he asked her.

"um…i don't believe so sir, I'm muggleborn." she said awkwardly.

"is that so?" he asked in interest, "and you're known as the brightest witch in your age? i have to say, that is very impressive."

"thank you sir." she said.

he looked back to Daphne, "i'll be back in a few weeks," he said, i need to talk with Dagwood and Fletcher about this case, when i come back, perhaps we can go for a small bite to eat at the Three Broomsticks with young Harry."

"did you speak with him today Father?" she asked, feeling apprehension course through her.

"that i did." he said, "he seemed like a fine young man…though i still have my misgivings…but I know you two won't stop seeing each other just because i disapprove." he sighed, "well, i am off, give Astoria my love," he gave her a small kiss on the forehead, "stay safe."

"good-bye father." she said as he continued on his way.

"that was tense." Tracey muttered.

"is your father always so…formal." Hermione asked.

'Ever since mum left." Daphne said softly. "he used to be worse, much worse…i'd rather not talk about it."

Hermione nodded in understanding, "lets get back to the castle, i'm sure Harry is waiting."


it was a somber meeting that night, Harry and Daphne both met at their tree, neither said anything as they sat down, Daphne sitting between Harry's legs, and harry holding her in his arms. they sat like that for a few moments until Harry spoke.

"your father came to talk with me." Harry said.

"I know." she said quietly, "I saw him on the way in."

"from what i could tell he didn't approve of our relationship."


"have things been…bad?" Harry asked.

she closed her eyes, "it was for a while." she admitted, lying her head against his chest, "but things have calmed down, the only people who harass me anymore is Draco and his thugs."

"what about Snape?" Harry asked.

"all he does is tell me bad things about you." Daphne said, "how you're full of yourself, strutting about the castle like you own it."

"i don't strut." Harry objected, making Daphne laugh into his chest.

"no, but you do seem to have an air of confidence about you, i wouldn't call it a strut though."

Harry chuckled at that, "funny, thought i was a nervous wreck most of the time."

Daphne smiled sadly, "he wants you to break up with me…doesn't he?"

Harry nodded slightly, "he said he's worried about your reputation…'

"i could give two damns about my reputation, my reputation is the Ice Queen of Hogwarts, not exactly something I like."

'but he's saying it's starting to effect you outside of Hogwarts too"

"so i've heard." she said dryly, "harry, people are going to talk, whether we're students, adults, or two nobodies out in the muggle world. if they're going to talk rubbish no matter what, then why should we care?"

Harry nodded slowly, "still, i don't like the thought of people harassing you like that."

she just laughed, "and would my gallant knight defend my honor against all those nasty rumors?" she teased.

Harry grinned, "of course m'lady," He said graciously, standing up with her in his arms, "why i'd ride out at sunrise, slay all these rumors with a mighty swing of my wand."

"oh you charmer," she giggled, her hand habitually going up to her mouth as she did.

"i speak truth!" harry declared, setting her down gently and bowing in front of her, "should it be what m'lady wishes and commands, why, i'd ride out to fight the ministry of magic himself! i'd rope the moon and bring it down for her," he looked up smiling softly as he stood up straight, "i would give her the world if i could." he said softly.

"well, aren't you sweet." she whispered stepping forward as he wrapped his arms around her, she put a hand against his chest and went up on her toes, giving him a soft kiss, "we'll be fine Harry," she murmured.

"i feel better now," he said, touching his forehead against hers, "you're always right…"

Daphne sighed, "i hope i am…"

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