the heiress and the warrior @natenino23
Chapter 4

Daphne sat beside Harry in the great hall, trying to focus on her food instead of the dozens of Gryffindor eyes on her, after brief introductions, they had all attempted to eat; there was a slight tension in the air from the new face at the table.

"So…your nickname is the ice queen…how'd you get that name?"

Daphne looked over at the ginger-haired boy that asked her; at that moment she couldn't remember his name, Fred? George? She couldn't tell. "How does anyone come by a nickname?" she asked, keeping as polite and formal as she could.

"So, you acted like an ice queen and they started naming you that?" he asked, looking to his brother, "how come we haven't gotten the name 'prank masters' then?"

"I'm sure that we've proven ourselves over and over George, guess no one recognizes brilliance." Fred said, shaking his head sadly, he looked at Ron hopefully, 'Oh little brother-"

"No," Ron said, "I'm not calling you two the prank masters."

"Oh come on Ronnikins, we call you by your nickname."

"I never asked you two! And that's not my nickname!"

"Oh but we hate to disagree!" George exclaimed.

"We call you that." Fred chimed in.

"So does mum."

"And dad."

"And Ginny."

"Even Errol says it."

"Yeah, and he's a bird."

Daphne started to laugh, covering her mouth as she did.

"Ah! So the ice queens mask chips!" George cheered, "I feel like we deserve an award for that!"

"Yeah, ain't every day we can make a queen of the ice laugh."

"Harry does it every day," Hermione said timidly, looking over to Harry, who blushed at Hermione's words.

"Oh-hoho," George said, wiggling his eyebrows at Harry, "he does, does he?"

Daphne blushed slightly, "he's funny…" she said.

"I assume so." Fred said, "That's the only way he could've gotten a girlfriend."

"At least that's what we believe." George said, "No redeeming qualities this one."

Daphne fixed him with a glare, but he just brushed it off, "I know mum will be happy to know that Harry has himself a lady friend."

"Oh yeah, she's gonna wanna know everything about you, so why don't we get started." George pulled out a note pad and a quill. "What's your favorite color?"

"What's your favorite book?" Fred interjected.

"Do you read 'Witches Weekly'?"

"Do you like home cooked food?"

"What's your sweater size?"

"Sweater size?" Daphne questioned, taken aback.

"Yeah, mum will be wanting to send you one since-'

"alright guy's," Harry interrupted, 'enough questions."

"Yes! Lets get some answers!"

"Okay! Stop!" Harry said again, "She's not sitting here to questioned."

"Harry's right," Ron said, "how'd you like it if we put you guys through the third degree?"

"Please, we're open books." Fred said with a grin.

"Yeah, no secrets here." George said.

"Oh yeah? What happened while we were in that crypt? You know with the mummy and-" he stopped as Fred slapped a hand over his mouth.

"You win this round Ronnikins." Fred said.

"But we know where you sleep."

Everyone laughed, even Daphne allowed herself a small laugh behind her hand.

"So, who's all going to Hogsmeade today?" Fred asked.

As conversation steered on to different topics, Daphne looked at Harry, who was now sitting glumly, poking at his food.

"What's wrong harry?" she asked him.

"Nothing…just…another day stuck in the castle while everyone goes off to Hogsmeade…"

"Not everyone." Daphne said lightly, giving him a small smile.

Harry returned the smile, putting his hand on top of hers.

"Oi, lovebirds," Seamus shouted, making the two look over at Seamus, who had just walked in with Dean at his side, "don't be snoggin' in front of all of us, that'll make Dean sad."

Harry just grinned sheepishly as he leaned back.

Daphne looked at Seamus, then turned to Harry and grabbed the front of his shirt, pulling him in for a deep kiss.

"Honestly." Hermione said in exasperation as the other boys started to wolf whistle and cheer.

Daphne broke the kiss and sat back down, slightly red in the face but still keeping her composure; Harry on the other hand, sat on the bench with a dopey smile.

"So, how's Dean holding up?" Daphne asked seriously.

"He's completely sobbing right now," Seamus said, looking at the laughing Dean.


"I feel so used."

"Oh shut up."

"You used me."

"Did you hate it though."

"Well no…"

Daphne smiled, watching as Gryf flew over them, letting out little puffs of fire as he did, "besides, I wanted to see what would happen."

Harry just laughed, from where he lay on her lap, "A lot of teasing for me once I get back to the common room, that's for sure."

Daphne just giggled quietly, running a hand through his hair, "I'm sure you'll be fine." She said, "tough skin, right?"

'Tough skin." Harry agreed.

Daphne leaned back against the tree as Gryf landed on Harry's stomach, letting out a small growl.

A booming bark made all of them look up as the large dog from before ran over, he looked slightly more fed then the last time they'd seen him. Thanks in part to them sneaking food out to the dog whenever they could.

Gryf took to the sky as the dog got closer, landing on the shaggy dog and roaring into its ear.

The dog barked happily, before settling right at Daphne's feet, looking at her expectantly.

"Harry, be a dear and reach into my satchel." She said.

Harry carefully reached over and pulled a couple of strips of bacon wrapped in napkins out, he unfolded them and tossed the strips over to the dog, who snapped them up quickly, missing only one, which was snapped out of the air by Gryf; who then proceeded to tear the piece of bacon apart with his needle-like teeth.

"We really oughta come up with a name for him." Harry said, looking at the shaggy dog that was now pouncing after the dragon in an attempt to get his bacon back.

"Hmm…how about fluffy?" Daphne asked.

Harry shook his head, 'no, I have a bad experience with a dog named fluffy."

"Oh come now, it couldn't have been that bad."

"He was three-headed and tried to kill me."

Daphne winced at that, "yeah, I can see why you don't like the name…hmm…"

'I thought you were good at coming up with names." Harry teased.

Daphne shot him a glare, "what about Shaggy?"

"Could work." Harry admitted, looking over at the dog as it ran away from the dragon, piece of torn bacon in its mouth and an indignant dragon roaring at him.

Daphne laughed at the two animals antics, "I think we should get back to the castle." She said, "Almost time for lunch."

"Yeah," Harry agreed, but didn't move from his spot.

Daphne gave a small laugh, "Harry, we need to go."

"But do we really?"

Daphne rolled her eyes and stood up.

'Hey!" Harry objected as his head hit the ground.

"Told you we need to get going," she said with a smile, holding her hand out to him.

"Could've been a little nicer about it." Harry grumbled, accepting her hand.

"I cannot get any nicer." She said, walking towards the castle, still holding Harry's hand.

"I doubt that," harry said, keeping stride with her as Gryf landed on his head, "you were doing great when talking to Fred and George."

"Yes, but they asked too many questions, why would they want to know my sweater size anyways?"

"Probably so Mrs. Weasley could start making a sweater for you, Christmas isn't too far away."

"Why would Mrs. Weasley make me a sweater?" she asked in confusion.

"She makes all of her kids sweaters, she added me and Hermione to the list…and I would assume she'd add you to the family."

"The family." She hummed.

"Y-yeah, the Weasley's, me, and Hermione." Harry said.

"And now Me." she said.

Harry smiled a little nervously, "hehe…yeah…I mean…if you want…"

She gave him a small nudge, smiling, "come on; time for lunch."

The two walked into the castle, and almost immediately met up with Fred and George.

"Harry! Just the man we wanted to see!" the twins chorused. Linking their arms with Harry and Daphne, "do we have a treat for you two."

"Why am I scared?" Daphne asked Harry.

"Oh I'm hurt Ice Queen." George said.

"Yeah, here we are, about to help you two out of the goodness of our hearts, and you're making slights at us."

"Yeah," Fred said, shoving them into a broom closet, "here we go! You two should be comfortable in familiar territory."

"W-w-what!?" Daphne spluttered.

"Righty-o," Fred said happily, "we're about to give you two an early Christmas present."

"Yeah, it really tears us up to part with it, but we think you two need it more."

"What are you two talking about?" Harry asked.

"We are talking about, this." George pulled out a piece of parchment, handing it to Harry.

"A piece of Parchment?" he asked.

"A piece of parchment he says," Fred chuckles, "that there, is the secret to our success; George, would you like to do the honors?"

George whipped out his wand, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

Harry and Daphne both watched in fascination as ink bloomed on the parchment, changing into a map.

"Messrs. Moony, worm-tail, Padfoot and prongs…do proudly present the marauders map." Harry read.

"We owe those four a lot," Fred said fondly.

"How'd you two find this?"

"Well, back in our first year, when we were young and innocent." George said.

Harry snorted.

"Well…more innocent then we were now, we set off a dung bomb in the main entrance."

"And for some reason, filch wasn't too happy about that, so while we were in his office, we saw a drawer marked Dangerous objects,

"-So I set off another dung bomb and George here quickly reached into the cabinet and brought this out."

"It's a complete map of Hogwarts-"

"It also shows everyone-"

"Where they are-"

"What they're doing-"

"Like Dumbledore, pacing in his office, he does that a lot-"

"Peeves is in the trophy room-"

'And there's filch going to go intercept him."

"This is amazing," Daphne whispered, "the magic that went into this map-"

"yes, very great stuff, the blokes knew what they were doing." Fred said, "Now, this map also shows the secret passages that lead out of Hogwarts-"

"There's seven in all," George pointed them out, "we know that Filch knows about these four-"

"Which leaves these three, we used this one until the tunnel collapsed last year-"

"And I don't think anyone uses this one, but you might not want to use it since the whomping willow is right above it-"

"Yeah, so we recommend using-"

'this one-" They said together, "it comes up right into Honeydukes cellar."

"Why are you two doing this?" Daphne asked suspiciously.

"Have to pass on the torch," Fred said.

"Yeah, and Harry's needs are greater then ours," George said, "after all, how much fun can a couple have if they don't even get to have a real date?"

Daphne blushed a little, then nodded, "thanks."

"Oh don't thank us, thank Harry, for being so needy." Fred said, ruffling Harry's already messy hair, "now you two have fun, and we'll see you in Hogsmeade."

The two left the broom closet, leaving Daphne and Harry alone.

"Shall we go?" Harry asked her.

"I…I'm not sure," Daphne said hesitantly, "I mean…what if we get caught."

"You won't get in trouble," Harry said.

"I know that," she said dryly, 'but if you get in trouble-"

"-I'll be fine," harry said, taking her hand, "because we won't get caught." He held up the map, "we have the Marauders map."

Daphne was still hesitant, but nodded with a smile, "lets go then."

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