the heiress and the warrior @natenino23
Chapter 2

Daphne woke up to Pansy screaming in her ear.

"Daphne wake up!" Pansy shouted, making the blonde heiress jump slightly.

"What the hell Pansy!" Daphne mumbled angrily, "when the drapes are closed you don't disturb me you know that!"

"Lunch is almost over!" Pansy complained, "and you've been sleeping all day…what are you wearing?"

Daphne's eyes shot open, 'Um…my sweater." She said, blindly grabbing the drapes and closing them, "Just go get something to eat Pansy, I'll be out in a bit."


"Don't make me wake up the dragon," she warned, making Pansy give a small squeak and walk off.

Daphne gave a sigh of relief and sat up, she looked down at the sweater, "knew it was a bad idea to wear this to sleep…" she mumbled, before peaking her head out of the drapes, looking around, when she was sure no one was in the room she got out of bed and quickly changed, folding the sweater up and putting it at the bottom of her trunk, then she walked out of the dorm room and into the common room, the small little dragon flying right behind her, trying to land on her shoulder, she stopped, letting the small, tired dragon land on her shoulder. "You need a name," She said, "I wouldn't want you thinking I'm being mean just by calling you 'dragon'…. hmm…what about Max?"

The dragon looked at her, cocking its head to the side.

"Don't like it? Me either…hmm…maybe Draconis?" she shook her head, "never mind, that names already taken by a prat." She walked out of the common room and into the halls, she thought about the name, "Um…I got you from a Gryffindor boy…Gryffindor…Gryf…what about Gryf?"

The small dragon let out a low rumble, before resting it's head against her neck.

She smiled, "alright, Gryf it is then." She walked up the stairs and headed towards the front entrance. She walked out and cringed a little at the cold wind, she brought her coat around her a little more and started walking towards the tree, Gryf quickly nosed his way in between the folds of her scarf, poking his head out every now and then. As she reached the tree she was greeted by Harry asleep against the trunk, his coat covering him, "Harry," she said softly, shaking his shoulder, "Harry."


"Wake up," she said, a little more forcefully.

"Huh…" his eyes slowly fluttered open, "oh an angel is waking me up," he said sleepily, trying to bite back a yawn, "what a great way to wake up."

She blushed slightly, "I-I'm not…not an angel." She stumbled, holding her hand out to help him up.

He took it and stood up, now blushing as much as she was. "Um…so how was your night?"

"Good, slept very comfortably…um...and you? Did you…sleep out here all night?"

"No," he said quickly, "I came out here without eating breakfast…then you didn't show so I went to see professor Lupin…then came back…and I was still tired and …sort of dozed off…"

She looked at him for little while, and then started to laugh, covering her mouth as she did so.

"What's so funny?" Harry asked in confusion.

"Just-just-you're-so-so-awkward!" she stuttered, trying to calm down, but continued to laugh, her laughing brought Gryf out from his hiding place, he looked at Harry, then out Daphne, before letting out a huff and disappearing back into her scarf.

"Dragon's still with you then?" Harry asked.

"Yep, Gryf will be staying with me for however long he chooses to stay."

"Gryf? You named him Gryf?"

"Yes I did." She said, scratching the dragons' head as it peaked out again, "a Gryffindor gave me him, so I assumed it was an appropriate name."

Harry nodded and looked down at her, "are you sure you wouldn't rather be in Hogsmeade right now?"

"Hogsmeade's boring," she said, "Sure you can get candy and drinks, but that's it." She looked at him, "besides, I'd rather hang out with you."

Harry smiled, "same here…I mean…I'd rather hang out with you…not me…hanging out with myself…"

She just smiled, "you really have a way with words potter." She mumbled

Harry sank down until he was sitting beside her, "looks like storm clouds are coming in." he said, "we should probably head inside."

"Lets just stay for a little while longer," Daphne said, looking across the lake, "It's so peaceful out here…"

"Not wrong," he said, closing his eyes slightly.

Daphne slowly laid her head against his shoulder, soon they were in the same position as they were the other day, with Harry's head resting on top of hers and both drifting in and out of sleep, the sound of something drinking at the lake, made Harry open his eyes; he found himself staring at a large, black shaggy dog, Harry's breath got caught in his throat, "the Grimm…" he whispered.

"Hmm…" Daphne mumbled, opening her eyes, she immediately flinched at seeing the large dog, who was now staring at them, licking its chops, "it's staring at us…" Daphne whispered.

"Maybe it'll go away…" harry whispered.

The dog slowly stalked towards them, sniffing at Daphne's shoe, Daphne jerked away from the dog, which made the dog jerk back slightly, it slowly walked forward again, sniffing Daphne's leg, it then nuzzled her hand, prompting Daphne to slowly reach up and pet it, the dog gave a booming bark, making Daphne flinch slightly, she squeezed Harry's hand, "Harry…" she whispered hoarsely.

"G-get away!" Harry said to the dog, his voice cracking slightly as he did; trying to shoo it away with his free hand.

The dog cocked its head and barked again, this time tackling Harry and licking him furiously.

Daphne started laughing as Harry was pulled from her grip, "I think he likes you." she chuckled, covering her mouth as she did.

"I couldn't tell!" harry groaned as the dog continued to lick him, 'Help please!"

Daphne shook her head, "oh no I think you got it under control!"

The dog jumped off Harry and wagged its tail, giving another deep bark while bounding around them.

"Playful one isn't he?" Harry muttered, sitting up and wiping slobber off his face.

Daphne held her hand out to Harry and helped him up, the dog continued to bound around them, barking happily.

"Wonder whose dog he is…" Daphne mumbled. 'Maybe someone from the village?"

'I…don't think so…" Harry said looking at the dog that was now digging a hole by the tree, while it's fur was thick, you could still see how painfully thin he was, "I think he's a stray."

"The poor thing." Daphne said, "Do you think we could help him?"

"I don't know how we'd be able too." Harry said, "I doubt we'll be able to take him inside…"

"Maybe we can just bring him food." Daphne suggested, "feed him up a bit.'

"Sounds like a good start," Harry said, looking at Daphne, "I think Fred and George know how to get down into the kitchen, we might be able to get some food."

The dog barked again, stirring Gryf from his hiding place, the small dragon cocked it's head to the side, before climbing out and gliding down to the dogs head, he sniffed the dogs ear, and looked up at Daphne who was watching the dragon curiously, "do…do the small dragons have poison teeth?" she asked apprehensively.

"That…I don't know…" Harry said.

"It shouldn't." a familiar voice said behind Harry, making both teens freeze, the dog took off running while Gryf clutched onto Daphne's scarf, "while the Draconifor spell makes an object into the likeness of a dragon, it will not take on all the aspects, such as poison teeth, however, it may gain some properties such as fire breath, so I wouldn't let that little dragon too close to drapes."

"Hermione…" Harry muttered, "and where Hermione is…" he slowly turned around, seeing the familiar figures of Hermione and Ron, "Ron isn't too far behind.

"Hey mate…' Ron mumbled, looking uncomfortably at Hermione, who was glaring at Daphne, "Um…did you do that essay for Professor McGonagall…"

Harry looked at them, then at Daphne, who was now standing behind Harry with her arms crossed, a cold glare fixed on Hermione. "Why are you two here?" she asked coldly.

"We were looking for our friend Harry." Hermione answered, "what are you doing here, Ms. Greengrass?"

"I'm relaxing on my free day with my friend." Daphne said.

Ron looked at Harry, then looked at Hermione and Daphne, "um…Harry…didn't you say you had to turn in a library book?"

Harry looked at Ron in confusion.

"Yes I remember you telling me too." Daphne said, "Why don't you go return that book."

"Ron go with him." Hermione said, not taking her eyes off Daphne.

"Erm…right…" Ron said before walking away, dragging a confused harry along.

Hermione continued to glare at Daphne, "what's your plot Greengrass." Hermione asked.

"I have no idea what you're talking about Granger." Daphne said, keeping a stoic appearance. Her cold eyes still on Hermione, "I was simply having a relaxing day with Harry, and then you come along to ruin it."

"I'm warning you if you do anything to harm him-"

"I already told you I have no intention of hurting Harry." Daphne said, gaining a little more attitude in her voice, "Now if you'll excuse me, it's getting late." She pushed past Hermione and walked her way back to Hogwarts, she walked through the entrance and found Harry and Ron waiting, "Daphne," Harry said, standing up and walking towards her, Daphne stopped and Looked at Harry, her cold demeanor melting as he walked up to her.

"I…I'm sorry if…Hermione…laid into you… or…"

"Don't worry about it." Daphne said, giving a small smile, "It's um…it's late so…I'll…I'll be going back to the Slytherin common room…." She looked behind her and saw Hermione walking in, so with a surge of inspiration, Daphne grabbed the front of Harry's shirt and pulled him down for a kiss on the lips, she felt a surge of electricity go up her spine as she did, making her deepen the kiss, Harry happily obliged, putting his arms around her.

"Why you-" Hermione started angrily, Ron just gave Harry a stupid grin, then a confused look.

Daphne broke the kiss, "g-goodnight Harry." She whispered, before disentangling herself from him and walking towards the direction of the Dungeons.

Harry watched her walk away with a grin, Hermione was watching him, shaking her head, "honestly, Harry," she said in exasperation, "out of everyone you could've chose, why her!"

"What's wrong with Daphne?" Harry asked.

"Well," Ron said, "She's a Slytherin…and not a very nice one ya know? She got the nickname ice queen for a reason…and she hasn't exactly been our friend before this, so why is she suddenly so buddy buddy with you? I don't know mate, seems suspicious to me."

Harry looked at Ron, "I can understand that…but Hermione, you're acting like she's about to kill me."

"I'm just being cautious as always," Hermione, said, "I just don't trust someone whose friends with Draco Malfoy."

"Well I do trust her," harry said, heading towards the stairs, "so please, at least try to be courteous."

Daphne stepped out of the shower, drying her hair as best she could as she grabbed her robe and went into the girls dormitory, Millicent was sitting at a small desk, reading over her homework, "you seem chipper tonight." Millicent said without looking up.

"I am," Daphne said with a faint smile, "it was a...a good night."

"Get a kiss from your mysterious Gryffindor lover?" Millicent asked stoically, making Daphne freeze.

"I have no idea what you're on about." Daphne said steadily, her heart racing as she walked over to her trunk and opened it, inside was her school clothes, her nightgown and her undergarments…

…The sweater was nowhere to be seen.

"Looking for this? Madam Heiress?" Millicent drawled, holding up the sweater with one hand, still not looking up from her homework, "saw it peaking out of your trunk this morning, when I pulled it out, I almost couldn't believe it."

"I can explain."

"Don't, please don't," Millicent said, throwing it on Daphne's bed, disturbing Gryf's nap, "Just hide it better, there's no telling how Pansy would act if she found out, or what would happen if she told Draco."

"Y-you're not going to tell?" Daphne asked in relief.

"Of course not, I like peace and quiet, and I'd rather not have to listen to Pansy's shrill talk when she finds out, or Draco's insults from the door, so please, do what you can to keep them from finding out too soon."

Daphne nodded, "I'll try," she said, quickly putting on her undergarments and a pair of shorts, then putting on the sweater, "Goodnight Millicent, and…and thanks."

"Don't mention it," Millicent said, "seriously, don't.'

Daphne shook her head and closed her curtains, lying down under her blankets with Gryf trying to make a nest beside her head in her sheets.

"Goodnight Gryf,' she mumbled, closing her eyes and slowly drifting into sleep, it only felt like a few minutes later when she was being shaken awake.

"Daphne!" Pansy said urgently, "Professor Snape is in the common room, he said we're all supposed to get up and follow him to the great hall!"

"Huh…" Daphne mumbled, slowly turning over.

"Get up now!" Pansy hissed, pulling the covers off of her, then let out a slight gasp, "w-what are you wearing?"

Daphne finally woke up and looked down at her sweater, "Um…a sweater." She said, getting out of bed, Gryf perched on her shoulder, looking around groggily, "what did professor Snape need?"

Pansy narrowed her eyes, "he wants all of us out there." She said pointedly, before walking out with a huff.

Millicent got out of bed and looked at Daphne, "I warned you," she said.

"I know," Daphne said with a sigh, grabbing her wand, "it can't be helped though." She stood up straight and took a deep breath, and walked out of the girls dormitory, as soon she stepped into the common room, she felt eyes on her, most of the younger years were looking at her like she were an alien, her own year was looking murderous, same with the older years, though not all had murder in their eyes, some looked slightly amused, Snape just regarded her with a stoic glance. Daphne gave them all a cold glare, which made most look away, except for Draco Malfoy; he continued to glare at her.

"Hurry all of you," Snape said, turning to the entrance, "we have to move now."

"What for Professor?" one-seventh year asked groggily, "What's going on?"

"You will find out when we get to the great hall, now come on!"

Daphne walked alongside her Classmates, feeling Draco's eyes on her back the entire time, "take a picture Malfoy, it'll last longer," She said coldly, making several around her snicker.

"Who'd you swipe that sweater from Greengrass?" Malfoy asked, not taking his eyes off her.

"It doesn't concern you Malfoy," Daphne said without looking back.

"Or was it some kind of payment for having you open your legs?" Malfoy drawled, making Crabbe and Goyle laugh.

Daphne stopped and turned around, pointing her wand at Malfoy, "would you like to say that again Malfoy?" she asked with her eyes narrowed, Gryf ran down her arm and snarled at Draco from her knuckles.

"Daphne," Tracey Davis said, walking up to her side, and guiding her away slowly, "leave it.

"Question my honor again Draco and you won't live to see a quidditch cup." She growled, before following Tracey, their small confrontation had lasted only a few moments, not near long enough for anyone to even acknowledge it.

"Don't let any of them get to you Daphne." Tracey said.

"I know," Daphne mumbled, "that last one was just a low blow."

"It's Draco, what do you expect?"

Daphne sat in the great hall, eating her breakfast quietly as murmurs ran throughout the hall, she knew what they were talking about, they were talking about the fall of the ice queen, they talked about how on the night Sirius Black broke into Hogwarts castle, Daphne Greengrass walked into the great hall in a Gryffindor sweater, some said that she stole it from an older year, others said that she had slept with one of the Gryffindor boys and kept the sweater as a souvenir, one outrageous rumor was that she had gotten it from Sirius Black himself, as a symbol that he would come back for her after he finished off Harry Potter, but no one had come close to even guessing the truth.

No one except for the three other students who knew the truth, the Golden Trio, the ones who knew that she and Harry had something going on, what it was, even they couldn't say, but something was attracting these two to each other.

"Hey Greengrass." Pansy shouted walking over to the blonde heiress, "you're in my spot!"

Daphne didn't say anything; she just kept eating her breakfast and ignoring Pansy.

'Did you not hear me?" Pansy asked smugly, "I said, you're in my-" She stopped as Daphne grabbed her tie and pulled her down.

"I wonder what Draco would say if he found out you were snogging Zabini the other day." She whispered quietly into Pansy's ear.

"You wouldn't…" She whispered.

"Oh but I would Pansy," Daphne said icily, "there's a reason they call me the Ice Queen Pansy, it'd be best that you don't forget that." She let go of Pansy and stood up, walking away, leaving Pansy shaking out of fury, and out of fear,

Daphne walked out of the great hall, looking ahead the entire time.

"So, you had my sweater all along?" Harry asked as Daphne stopped in front of the front entrance, she gave a small smile and turned around.

"I have no idea what you're talking about Potter," she said, slowly walking towards him, "I don't have your sweater, you gave it to me remember? That means its mine now."

Harry gave a big smile, "oh really?"

"Of course." She said, "That is how gifts work Mr. Potter," she said, "you hand them over, and then you don't get the present back."

"I don't ever remember actually giving you my sweater as a present."

"Too bad for you Potter." She said with a smile, walking right up to him, "you'll never see that sweater again.

Harry looked down at her, 'I-I could live with that…" he said.

"You'll have to," she said, stepping away from him, "now come on, classes start soon, and I'm not going to wind up late because of you

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